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Diamond Know It All, 12/14/2013

Dec 14, 2013|

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It's not come -- feeling today mr. know it all I'm great how are you will then a little cold I have to say. A little cold I was freezing. Yes. What happens to your in your hands. Get Blake they seemed to shrink the size and so you're rings start to roll around you could lose -- -- in weather like see you either serious problems here in Texas. Especially here in Austin you've -- -- extreme Summers where it's hot hot hot so. -- you think is well okay home and he brings it to tell you. And then in the wind do its local call -- they shrink and don't -- me and men know about shrinking the hook -- -- A case could did not go there -- You're right and insightful the Federer the three shrinkage yes. Decorate their -- You know I told -- few weeks back about the -- or who got the promise ring. When she was setting up the Christmas tree at the offense if she walks it like came off from -- and when she's putting ornaments out so. Yet she's kind of sad about and we we figure when she takes it down shall find it. Absolutely yeah. Well we've got a lot of -- my wife always says you know don't worry don't turn up who I hate that expression. Because you have no faith at -- the attack. We have so many fun things to talk about being and then it's the holidays and but we have a a Brian on the phone Brian has been thinking about popping the question. And does he has a practical question for -- -- Brian what would you like to now. I find outer ring -- spotter all in all it. Surprise. -- oil -- that's a really good question we get dressed that a lot. What you need to do is be really sneaky how -- you being snubsie. I hope she doesn't think so -- Which he wanted to do is if she has other rings and addressed or takes a jewelry off at night when she didn't. Goes into the bathroom or whatever you wanna go and and you wanna either the snack during that she isn't wearing. And bring it to the Jewish to make sure it's the one she lives on that from the same finger. And the other thing you can do is you can go online they have charts that you could download. And give you an idea and you can compare the opening to the other and get close. There's a third way which you could do is. Go uncle won her rings on your finger and then take a permanent marker and then market and then go to the jewelry -- don't washing hands. And don't measure your finger up to that line. Effect and if you really unsure of the nineteen you wanna tell would you leave for you don't have any clue at all. It's as she's a bigger girl and has bigger hand you -- -- on that or she's super petite. Because. Will make during a little bigger it's easier to size down honoring than it is to size up Iran. You're welcome thanks for -- great practical advice if you have a question. Give us a call 8327792678. Or you can email David Dave at diamond no at all dot com how can you know all. These media ways to -- tournament and not customers have taught me over the years what they have done. And then my imagination after they -- -- seed -- plant the seed. Then I stuck to think about sneak your way -- -- pathetic and -- guys in our I'm gonna stick together some here. You know I have to say -- I've also listened women talk about how big guy plans the proposal night and you seem really obvious I don't think geyser I think. I think men want credit so badly they don't like to keep that a secret they want they want the credit more than they want to surprise I. I think it's the fear of doing something wrong. I really do I think in their minds they wanna do something romantic I think they wanna do something sexy. And because they wanted to be a momentous occasion. I sometimes just don't have. Film know about -- let's call it to put it altogether or maybe they're not naturally romantic but it took them what would be romantic to a woman might not be. That's right that you know. Might not the top of evict him you know that that's romantic I don't in the bowl game bright girl added. Right right cold pizza Brad -- Well this time of year people are trying to come up with some. Great -- obviously things to come under the tree jewelry is always a winner. -- It's too obvious because it's a small package for the most part. So I suggest. We take you take it. And you take that small box in rapid into a big a box and then put that box into another guy or let them vote yes and so at least this some drama that end up. Okay oh my goodness that's how my dad does all gets out White House at least some major puzzle. Of figuring it out. But don't let. The little tiny jewelry box that's exciting for a woman because she thinks she knows that's got to be jury when they're told you told me last time we did to show that it. That was the exciting -- and you saw that little. Back from the certain jeweler in your hometown right -- yeah that's true. So you're saying you take a little ring boxing but in and bigger bucks and a bigger bikes and a -- -- right then there's a surprise close at least some kind of sort. -- you buy some clothing article and you put it in the pocket. Well that's clever idea. -- yes I did a thing that my kids once com. Where we. We did clues. So there was there are all these clues again in the first clone and sent him to the second Clinton -- all throughout the house and on the last clue. With an ornament on the tree that they had -- and it was up. An ornament there was a dog bowl because we -- getting a month up on -- power that's. Do you it was I think they'll never forget that and that's. Yeah yeah very creative still hottest gifts for Christmas this year -- as well right now diamond -- some real big this year. But what's what is really big is on college it's gemstones. People now are trying to match clothing and with colors and and there's a lot of good designers out there and and -- Richard Covert Austin America's diamond at the -- walked -- he has that. Unbelievable what our idea I venture to say is the nicest. Colored gemstone collection anywhere in the city. And you're talking ruby and sapphire and -- let me topaz and calm all kinds of courts and MFS and whom this this this just. It's analyst with the with them. But if there had tuned in to the colors and they even that they even have a whole series of -- over the if that's the cause of the UT and they can even do. What's the name of the of the school and -- AM with a purple. The fact that the deficit I forgot that her words it Marino and Botswana tomorrow and I am confident they have that also -- great. And down so that would be a good idea for a guy he's not really ready to give her a diamond. But he wants to get her jewelry is it safe to get a -- -- does it it's not as a serious of a commitment well no but if you if you marry than charity has. It dime in the hearings charity has an engagement ring so you wanted to go to something. That's functional. That's important I think people. You know sometimes guys tend to get something that's too dressy because it's too flashy and she can't Wear it -- and I. Yeah exactly exactly. We got an email question about diamonds by the yard. What's that oh that's very cool. What a lot of times what happens is people have a lot of -- jewelry that don't Wear any longer it's a slain in the jewelry box and and there are diamonds -- -- around so you needed down the story either got to riches in new turnaround new. You have. -- you -- diamonds by the yard. He'll sell you sell them the gold. -- the platinum or whatever but the diamond UK. And you pick out a chain and design of a chain and every so many inches are every half and she puts a diamond so -- so we're around. And you get it as long as you want -- -- to tell my tell customers. That. There every time that I -- and show with my Wi-Fi at a diamond -- Diamonds by the yard and she usually when she -- me she says that's not true because if that was. That she'd be jury indictment but except that the. Miles and miles and it pretty good at it -- I'm about buying jewelry online. I personally not because. I'm involved in reach you know what they called brick and mortar. But I. I think it's you can't see you can't touch it you can't feel it. You know obviously one of those so commercials with the that restaurant chain that doomed the dozens of mouth watering seafood. Bolivia have gone to that restaurant and that this I don't -- much that there's nothing it looks like this picture. It's not paint shrimp but at the kind of yeah. Yes that unlock it. Yeah you right so same thing with the jury days. I'm lighting in a background to make it look really beautiful and they're exactly come into the store doesn't look like that you're right but if you -- do it and you can feel it -- touch it. And you know even sometimes -- a different people working in the stores and one of the young ladies are one of the -- more mature ladies would try and onto the you can visualize -- you can see it on a real person's hand -- moved. And I think that's and that's really important. I don't know how people buy jewelry are mine I just don't know that stuff. I am the stand by and apparel Levi's. Jeans Levis jeans of that you know. The same no matter what Clinton and but I can't something that you need to see and field -- team. Let's get a nice. -- question for -- No matter what it's about to be about what kind gift to -- for Christmas or you have some jewelry that you have questions about how to care for your jewelry we sure would love to answer your questions. Call and leave your question at 832779. 2678. Or you can email day -- day at diamond no -- not come. That's the name of the show what's the diamond no I'll show and your listening to -- on talk thirteen seventy ground. We'll bring it. Don't forget to shop this Christmas at Austin America's diamond in the harbor lock at breaker in Mo pac one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At Austin America's diamond you'll never feel awkward or intimidated when UConn into browse that's their promise TU and why are still in business after more than thirty years so does she Richard Crawford and the whole staff that Austin -- assignment in the armor lock ammo -- can break -- You're listening to be -- -- -- show on talk thirteen seventy. Presented by Austin America's diamonds. You talked about gemstones and the last segment Dave and we have a new month it's December. What's the new birth stone there's. There's actually three of them for the month of December there is a -- turquoise. -- -- among the oldest known -- it's been -- since 3200. BC. -- -- It's great that next of oh Egyptian pharaohs. And it -- by ceremonial dresses -- early in the native American Indians as well it's really popular here in Austin it's kind of like it would remember it was really hot in the seventies and went away for -- announcing to be back. Yes. Those. It because it goes really well that question look how that's -- area and the bits and the turquoise half the other gemstone is the zircon. And that one is been around since the middle wages are economists -- 288. June -- sleeping. Bringing prosperity and promoting -- Honda in wisdom to its owner. Who the name. Support the Persian name. That comes in all kinds of colors and affordability is very there it comes in greens sky blues. And the earth tones and so some people like to collect them because there's so many variety colors. Then the big one the big one which is the most modern. On them most recent fine of a new gemstone. Is ten tonight ten tonight is also December what colors Kansan has it is a bluish purple. Okay and -- technical name is always wait and it was discovered actually amount the Tiffany's would like to take credit for it. But they were the first ones to promote it. And 1968. And the rumor is that the first. -- tonight was sold at Tiffany's for a quarter of a million dollar in my goodness back in the sixtieth yes mom. And come. It's. It's had its negative about. The country of Tanzania. About the way they treat their workers and so on and so forth has been over the years. But it's a beautiful stone. It doesn't come out of the crown blue. Or purple it comes out of the ground brown. And -- naked purple heat treated. The heat treated until it turns a vibrant. Blew -- purple and depending on how you cut it is whether the purple stays over the blues prominent. And the person that discovered that he thought he found settlers. But he did not. To -- with that but it it is really gorgeous gorgeous it's been the hot stone the last but it was added as a Bridgestone on. Only if vacuum the seventies. In the 1970s this. Every year there's usually some. Item -- involved with Christmas that's expensive -- -- and other Victoria's Secret under brawl with the diamonds is there anything in the news. That you know that's for Christmas that's. It's -- funny you ask that but that's okay because I've got the thing of all things you reef. -- Christmas trees that cost four point six million dollars you heard me right. Four point six million dollars set up a and it is filled with diamonds in room movies. And I looked it up in the intent is they. Ugly -- thing you ever seen they have court. A 138. Point. 83 carats of rubies and diamonds while how many stones with happy about it actually 77 -- You didn't think I had I know that hit a record trying to -- not Casablanca cook. It's interesting the jewel of the this worked with the forest to make this street. On the floor so that. Forces involved that Mena house greenery unit -- -- not just out of -- so now it's cut in the what they did in the flowers that they put into it in the seminary of the flowers where they put the gemstones loose. I'm sure they glued demoted you know stopped them and pray around. But it is for the fleet ugly. And mean that for at least you have that kind of money do something good with that she put that on the outside of your how well I'm glad he told everybody because now I've secret in town knows what time is trying to -- other kind of proven that. The anything else in the news involving two or you're done well there was raised -- zillion air. And we like to call in the east that could billionaire. Toiling -- billionaire -- what -- blew -- when your kids you know when your little kid to two billion you know you know so. I still have that kid in me so I. I want called it could I would say pavilion. Okay. Could get you that ferry -- -- at the Truman through word is it gazillion here. OK on Jesse -- you know though from way back in the thirty Olympic -- with Iran if he wasn't banned from. His uncle -- went up for auction on this last week. They expected to get around 200000 dollars. It brought one point five million dollars. By a person that has more money than he knows what to do it and he also owns -- William fought the Nobel Prize for literature. And the amount surpassed the very first. So lookup that was awarded. The first Olympics. So that went 385000. Dollars and Jesse Jones medal went for a million and half that was kind of cool but. I just wish some of these rich people would do something good with them and. Yeah how they might be the end they might have so much slain around and we -- formulating and -- -- when -- two billion you know there's zillions of Brazilian player around that's right the if you have a question for us on our show you can call the number 832. 7792678. Doesn't matter what it is son. Just leave your question and I you can also in holiday if you gravity got David domino at all dot com. Even relationship questions -- and we've got some relationship advice coming up next this is the -- at all fell on top thirteen seven. -- Crawford from Boston Americans dying men understands the channel. Does that Christmas gift buying. Guys are guys you know under the Maggie start advertising six month before Christmas to all like me two days before Christmas -- go that its Christmas. I I've got to get something that really helps if the women -- men and -- make of what wish list and they can pick out this is number ones number two is directory we put on the wish list so then the guy -- do is command and say her name makes it so much easier -- and it's not pushing us around we really appreciate being told. What kind of gift you would like some of our designers we're using now -- 74 Paulie Shaw and Cordoba they are just the most spectacular pieces you've ever seen and the prices are the best I've ever saying they think you -- -- must must America's diamond the -- -- free the chain is not the right -- anything like that just come back Campbell take care of you. This Christmas shop Austin America -- diamond in the armor lock -- -- can break her. The dining out on top thirteen seventy -- that's true guide. Doesn't matter how much time they have they seemed to be shot -- at the last minute that's a big difference between the way women shop around the holidays a lot of women start buying throughout the year and -- the closet where they put big gifts you know they can start in the summer and other differences this time a year between men and women you see in majority business. Well men do wait to last minute. That's only because they're they're really frightened they gonna buy the wrong thing and who know me and once that's a big rejection women one. When a person of buys a gift for someone and they go. I don't like it well what about when they return it does that even worse. What that that's even more towards the okay. Like don't say I don't like that but did you notice the differences and what a man has to do is become a little bit of -- detective. And he seems to fail to realize that he's got to look at what she's wearing. Look through her jewelry box and see what kind of jewelry she has maybe she has a pro. A -- to propose what she doesn't have -- hearings. But you know maybe she's -- you know you see that she is a lot of certain colors so you'd wanna generous and gemstones that goes with the -- it. Seem to compliment to her. Just to feel little -- gonna watch those signals those subtle signals that women. You know they fold over the catalog on the Nordstrom's catalog of the Jewish store catalog they fold over the page. With that that there interest -- what about your at a party with your wife and she goes oh my gosh that necklace that. Jill is wearing is gorgeous that would be a clue that would vehicle and remove most men wouldn't see that yeah they don't pay -- that's right. Well it you know that of that. Maurice is that men do multitask. Okay. What they were under the impression that men can't multitask but if that statement that never thinking about sex. Once all the time all the time and that means they are multitasking. Because they're thinking about sex and then whatever else they do affect. Very -- clients. I just I know in the past I've wanted to have returned things. You know clothes jewelry whatever because. You know a lot of times demand for small they might have bad taste to begin went on their own. And -- involved they didn't pay attention to what you liked and didn't like and to me it's so insulting to get something. That isn't your taste. If if it -- that you have to Hindu. -- that was kid gloves is who I think the woman has still not necessarily go. I hate. OK but. You know Ralph it's just isn't my taste I can appreciate. What should did. But this is not something I would weir and I would not wanna. Put in the jewelry box and not Wear it so your advice to women is to be honest if they opened the box and they you don't really like -- Yes I think this I think it's important but in a nice way. You're -- as a compliment first thank you you know. I really appreciate which it did it. It's pretty is it is it's not my taste them. You know that so we'll have to mice away well and you guys wanna take it so personally so what session doesn't like and you know well yeah they don't catch ending world. But also if you're not sure don't have any work done on the peace because once you've done work on the peace. They won't take about most stores will not ticket back. So that's something to consider but just you know -- have trip girlfriends past from. Other -- that's part of the problem men don't like to ask for help they don't like to ask for directions they don't like to ask they wanna think they know and done. Well I think the rule of thumb is a man has to say to himself. My joy. Is going to be biting her something that she would love. Not that I would love that she would love. In that I'm gonna see the biggest smile on her face when she opens it and that's gonna be my reward. Great we'll be right back. I'm Richard Crawford frost and America's diamond my entire staff is thrilled to be supporting the diamond know it all show. And would like to invite everyone to stop by all American style meant to normal walk and let us assist you with your next to repurchase. Like Dave says I've been in business for over thirty years and have a serious commitment to excellent customer service. Stop by enjoy the most beautiful diverse selection to find jury Austin has to offer. Austin America's -- now -- north OPEC breaker. Dave the diamond LL as a third generation jeweler who personally has over four decades of experience as a manufacture designer buyer and retail jewelry professional. His extensive knowledge in all facets of the jewelry industry is immense. Dave has made it clear he'll work only with Jewelers adhering to the highest of standards and ethics. He said many times there's only one way to do business in this world and that's the honest way. -- only associates with the best. This is why Davis chose an Austin America is dining at the -- walked north smoke -- breaker to present the diamond know what I'll show here in Austin. So -- just thinking about purchasing an engagement ring precious gem jewelry or would like to redesign some old jewelry. We invite you to listen to the diamond no at all on a -- -- know -- I'll show right now on talk thirteen seventy. And now here he had his days at that time. No at all. This is the domino and I'll show on talk thirteen seventy -- sued Jordan. With David -- know it all I was at a Christmas party. And the other day -- and two women at the party came wearing minks mink with embellished with fox. And I is there research of people wearing fur is again I well I. You know you just said that that's really weird when I get off the airplane of the day. Coming and walking towards us going leading somewhere with two women I wanted to -- two women. They were both wearing you know make sure whatever was okay -- I support I haven't seen that in a long time well and I was surprised I lived an option than to just two years this month and. I would think Austin would be the place she would not see -- -- I agree with you and I was really surprised myself. So I I. I actually got curious and I went online and I did some research. And believe it or not they used to be over 2000. Farms. In this country. That raised minks and you know whatever they call those animals and -- boxes and and than that actually use our wrap certain types around and. And grab -- yeah. -- and there you now there are less than 300 of those funds. In -- times and funny enough but a lot of places in Europe. There it's against the war in certain countries like United Kingdom it's intense the water raise. Foxes and and makes two. To make clothing. Also Austria it's against the law but nothing -- United States are really surprised that -- -- advocate. So did I hear that there wouldn't be somebody pushing for what changed you know I think a first with diamonds diamonds and -- -- -- they kinda go hand in hand absolutely no woman and affirmed. I know -- you know buyer for it today may be the only thing she wears tonight I -- I have to tell you had a girlfriend who had a mink and she told me. So you know what you -- -- the bedroom take a fly your clothes and put this new economy will be the most incredible experience you've never had a. Better than it -- it was it was inexperience. At the fact that. I don't know those better than -- they knew they -- that there's something about the the weight of it. That is not that like any other cult. Well some years ago I put that banner up on my own jewelry store. -- which said by Aaron diamond today and will be the only thing she -- is this evening. And I got more calls. And from. Different religious organizations. Making me take it down that's how bad it was established gist -- -- I thought it was cute. It is clear. Get any parting we're about to wrap up the shell parting words of -- dumb not necessarily a joke but of course I can't stop the only no I don't -- and I just I -- Be a little bit of break I'm gonna use. Rita Rudner is she made a statement. About love I love being married she says it's so great to find that special person. You want to annoying for the rest of my life. I think we're okay so I -- outside. I used it -- give credit. Didn't feel very good.

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