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Retirement Planning 12/14/2013

Dec 14, 2013|

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Lou we welcome him. This speech to assess the heroes and extra terrorist -- this weekend. Doing this afternoon. You can also for Christmas. -- you know we're located right here in the Austin area in round rock Texas. Have been in round rock now for over thirty years. Sooner or someone local so when you call -- 800 number and are calling someone on the river when you called someone wrote here in town. So to speak and that number you only your pin and grab a pen and piece of paper. Usually -- is number. It's 180457129. Days that's 1800. For -- 712. Old mining community. You know we're on thirteen seventy every Saturday. At noon. And -- three. -- touches one time the other we've been in thirteen seven you know for over five years. It's and give a suit you give us a call that 1800 for a for a 7129. Million. And of course whoever says it is www. C -- the taxes. Dot com that's C -- the taxes on time dot com. And of course 21800. Four point 71298. My team receptionists are standing by asking callers telling him 24/7. And ask some questions there. Free consultation. With a group -- didn't give us a call 1804. Point 71298. You know I'm an independent agent I'm licensed by the state of Texas. And work through any specific companies or large corporations that -- representatives what to offer and what not to offer. I'll work my clients. To bring you the very best services. And investment. Portfolio of product that is available today. It give me a call at 1804571298. Nurture go to whoops again at WW dot -- money taxes dot com. The president. And an asset allocation. Snapshot on the website as well. Might find some interest. Soon take a look at that and coach you can contact with who have served as well. And or just part of the phone call 1804. 7129. B. You know my core philosophy is and of course it's the backbone around which I approach in which I recommend -- on my clients. The blues all wealth comes from Romans still belongs to get our. Do you trust some of it to me. With that I have to responsibilities. I need to make it work as hard as a kid and and and you do protected against losses. This is my philosophy which are based on my clients recommendations. You know call 1804257129. Days. You know as our news we're gonna be just. -- in the issues which face my listeners who are approaching retirement. And for those who view were already in retirement. My emphasis today in there it is not a very simple concept. And that is whatever money is safe. Our life works better. And for those who you were -- time listeners. Would cover a wide range of retirement investment topics. Including how to define save money places. The difference between equity accounts. That guaranteed. The -- your principal. Bruce is terrible news release from brokerage accounts which involves substantial risk. The advantages that the equity protected accounts payable over banks. CDs. Money market accounts. And of course the benefit of -- compounded. In his steps you can take today to simplify your finances. -- -- safe aren't complicated ways. To handle the rollover. Of your 401K. -- growth would be. You're irony. -- -- to seven deferred compensation plans as well. And even the proceedings. This brief list illustrates. I have the resources. In the experience necessary. To help you secure. You retirement students. Call me today. Let's discuss your concerns. Let me answer your questions. At 18045712982. You know in this rapidly changing financial environment. I'm Bruce -- the very best money state money vehicles. That allows me to show you a black and white. How these excellent strategies. Will greatly accelerate tour economics and today. You know longer have to put your money at risk. You can start being in the sparsely fees and charges. You can receive cash bonuses and each -- -- -- your deposits his -- -- us and and all of this is in tax deferred accounts that have -- historical. Returns. And every week I hear from listeners. Just like yourself say they can't leave the two are never told about the receive money vehicles. However. Somehow their broker. Or advisor. Failed to mention there is a viable alternative. -- -- all of your hard earned money at risk. If you move for a system. That's what -- harder in principle were you money grows at a much higher rate. Where you can take full advantage. Of the -- miracle and the magic triple compound -- also have better liquidity. And most importantly he shielded from today's market declines. Pick up the phone and give me a call. At 1804. For ourselves and 12 point 98 that's 180457129. DA to. It's so important to get the right information and education. Of proper education. About wealth accumulation. And retirement plan and think of it this way I'd start would have bankers and other advisors -- off. I want choose to have all the facts to make an informed decision. The best place for you. To maintain. Your car loans you received money. And discover that over -- time -- consistently earned two to three times the returns it to average investor sells for. -- beginning with the right strategies. You can obtain. Consistent gains. You can begin to enjoy your retirement years without them through that one day that you run on a moment. I charge no fees of any kinds of my review of parts. Of -- my money from the company's ever present. And unlike most bankers and brokers were obligated to represent one company. I revision number of companies. With a wide variety of savings options -- 100% answered and structured to provide consistent growth. The companies I represent are all operators have long well documented. History of exceptional service and satisfaction. So let's put cure yourself on the path to safety. Give me a call at 1804571298. That's 180457. 129. DA to mr. Steve stress a scheme you're listening to the retirement planning Joan. And all of you back. Thanks for listening to the retirement planning show which seems just ST. If you would like to reduce your future income taxes reduce the amount of your Social Security income included as taxable income. And avoid taking required distributions from your IRA that you may not need. Plus provide -- with a lifetime of income tax free distributions. Steve can help. Pick up the phone calls to Easter recess PM 1804571298. Working with Steve this hassle free there's no sales pressure. Steve has been helping those in or about to retire in the Austin area for years and he can help you as well. Don't wait for more of your hard earned life savings to be lost to the market gobbled up by broker fees or taken by Uncle Sam. Paul Steve she says -- now at 1804571298. That's 1800. 4571298. Welcome back this is the mistress a ski and you listening to the retirement planning show. We'll talk about safe money and save money places. There were located right here in the Austin area in round rock Texas and have been for over thirty years. So we're right here in the immediate area. And now's the time it took the phone and give me a call 1804. Point 71298. My team -- receptions for standing by -- And so you can call any time 24 -- at 1804. By 7129. Days. Take advantage. In consultation. No obligation. For me to my radio listeners. No cost no pressure. Come in my office or I'll continue to place of business resonance. Whichever warrants. So if the take advantage to have free consultation. You -- you tripled him home you're gonna call at 1800. -- 71. To nominate. Your skirts and questions need some answers. Give me a call 1804. 71229. Days. We review opener -- the issue with my receptionist. I will call you back personally and answer those questions for you. The best of my ability. The end. To you know make shrewd to end do do those questions get answered for him. -- If you looked at the consultation religious test impressions. Pleased with the phone and call 1804071109. Days. -- buddy by the name of Patrick Kelly. That's written in numbered from books. -- last on the pat wrote was stress free retirement. That's national bestselling author. He shows that shows you around to these current and current environment. How do we eliminate the -- in the hassles of the investment landscape. In this book answer we'll show you how to. To affect your life savings against laws. -- and income stream that you put in a row of receive unlimited upside -- potential was zero risk of loss. Stop paying those annual management fees to Stockholm stockbrokers and money management's. And is just an exceptional read it's it is a book. Is not a 140 pages long. But there's an exceptional quick read. It's if you like to take the advantage of the free offer I -- ten copies here and -- to send out. Give me a call at 1804571298. There's a number of people have written this book and made some responses to. Bob troopers are -- poses this has to be the simplest and the most informative. Retirement book rent. And Steve Craig. Out of it and Atlanta Georgia he writes Patrick Kelly has against. He's really known. Financial offer. An expert who can make that complex subjects simple and fun. Who have for a only enjoy this quick read and it just might change your financial future forever. -- -- he was very impressed with a -- -- our rights to financial services world. Can be so confusing and intimidating. Actually spoke hope we start understanding my retirement. So if you like to take advantage of the news. That free copy. If you let the book please give me a call 1800. 4571298. Leave you open reporters scrutinized team receptionist. -- give back to personal -- Majerus who make sure that you receive it. And get it out to you soon you can enjoy this. Quick read music through some common sense and good ideas about. Your retirement and how to handle your investments. So give us a call 1804. Pars 71298. If you'd like to take advantage of that book. In addition of that you know -- -- a quick question for those who viewers thinking about retirement and or rolling over your 401 carrier. Diary -- for a preview or any other qualified accounts for that matter. Would you question is would you rather. Me. Preserve your principal and gains. V. Minimize the impact of the risk under any market conditions. Or seen. Secure a guaranteed and Coppola. And you look at those shoes of the tough choices. Well I think really. That you should have mall. And more. Real Warner investment product that gives you all three. Of them and these things and just mention. And that is of course in the index account that you hear me talk about. So give me a call at 1804. Pars 71298. That's 180457. 1298. You know I've been helping my clients get the right answers for over thirty years. And now for a limited time I am gonna offer a two hour complimentary. Consultation. As a special thank you. For your time. But you need to call now. User I'm only have a few -- of this -- Through thinking about retirement. And you need some answers. Give me a call. At 1804571. To nominate. Them right here in the Austin area or -- post bar. Easy to find. Give me a call 1804571298. You know in this -- Viable in this market the way it is today in. The way everything uses. Would no certainty whatsoever. And in the way the market is you you take a look at this past week that we it was who's up and down lucky you'll deal. All week long and of course dropped it in -- week. It's. With the market the way news with the uncertainty the way it is with everything that is going on with obamacare. And dipped just continuing to climb and climb and climb. Sooner or later. Unfortunately. I believe that things are -- correct itself in the market. And of course. It's news to see you don't wanna get caught in the position were you have. Possible losses of thirty to 40%. You wanna be able to protect yourself against those losses. To make sure that the gains that you do have that you maintain. Then give me a call at 1804. Cars have been 1298. Because there it is a viable alternative that -- boom -- article you don't have to be going through the nightmarish roller coaster wondering whether -- -- wake -- broke in the morning. Yes it is possible to have sustained growth complete safety -- principal. And at this news at the same time. You don't have to be. Concerned and overly concerned about whether or not reforms are going to be there. You know through these equity accounts that are you hear me talk about would provide as high as 10% bonus news. You have high average annual returns. And of course in the illuminates all that uncertainty. Give me a call. 1804571298. That's 18045712. Nine -- to miss Steve's -- can you listening to the retirement planning show. End. All of that bad. Thanks for listening to the retirement planning show with Steve should -- escape. If you're looking for indexed annuities with upside return potential links to the growth of stocks and 100%. Downside protection from stock market declines plus a guaranteed rate of return of the market under performance over the long term and ongoing access to a portion of your money with tax advantages and possibly lower taxes on Social Security income then Steve can help. Pick up the phone calls to used to -- PM 1804571298. Working with Steve this hassle free there's no sales pressure. Steve has been helping those in or about to retire in the Austin area for years and he can help you as well. Don't wait for more of your hard earned life savings to be lost to the market gobbled up by broker fees or taken by Uncle Sam. Call Steve she says -- now at 1804571298. That's 180457129. Weeks. Here Alou and welcome back this is Steve's recess skiing -- listening to the retirement planning show. And where we talk about save millions save money places. You know if you let -- take advantage of this free consultation no obligation. Give me a call 180471298. That's 180457. 1298. Nine depreciation taken time enlisting in this weekend and I hope you're enjoying your Saturday and then hopefully you know. Ready for the holidays and ready for Christmas. Now's a good time to take advantage over free consultation offer to our from our radio listeners. Or refugee discussion questions and let some answers. Give me a call at 1804. -- 71298. And of course if you like to take convention -- broke off her. Mentioned we've got about ten copies to give out. Stress free retirement offer by a friend of mine by the name of Patrick Kelly. That's -- of the number of different books this is an exceptional read. Being offered a preview of pretense -- firsthand. It is a book a 140 pages Wal-Mart. Exceptional Reid talks about protecting their life savings reading income streams receive you know limited upside potential gold wrist. Stopped in those those -- -- management season's start over. Money managers -- Is an exceptional reduced to elect a free copy. Will make sure you receive it by calling 1804. Or 71298. -- -- -- who put my issue with my team receptionist. A staff did that you -- Majerus who make sure that you receive it so give us a call in the the -- to get that book out to you. Or do an expletive free consultation or obligation. You'd give me a call as well or just go to questions cost 800. Ford -- seventh 1290. Day. Well are you ignoring history. And go forward doomed. To reach unity you know. Well. We're you gonna witness another 40% drop in the stock market. And stock prices. Bring you'll warning. Money experts are calling for a large drop in the stock prices. Will you participate in this destruction. In the year 2000 to begin in the first bear market in recent history many investors were caught off guard. Investors were from gleefully go and celebrate in their 401K statements and -- 2000. -- reading the statements before leaving -- in the oval. Because of their disbelief. Forward. To eight years later in. 2009. Now in 2008. Many of the general markets around there there all time highs again. Many investors were caught off guard as markets started to rapidly declined again. Who's in the end forty to 2% of the value. Investors. Are doing wealth was lost in short order. Now. In deporting thirteen. We'll again find many markets. Are at their all time irons. Many of truth -- tribute to rise and love all of the markets to the Federal Reserve's program of pumping money into the system. What happens. When the Fed stopped. Furthermore. How much longer can the federal government run a seventeen. Billion. There are truly a non story seventeen trillion. And she more than that was seventeen loss. Trillion dollar deficit. Much post work and they do this. How will the government handle this health -- fiasco. How will roll. In the RO. Will the US dollar was it continue to fall how is that gonna affect you as well on how was that into effect everything counts. Do not -- be caught off guard this time. Although nobody knows the future for sure there's no excuse to be caught off guard if markets start to decline. A select few took lessons -- learned in 2000 and protected themselves in 2000 and with the turn of reform. Now again another select group of investors have -- from 2008. And the. Also taken action to protect themselves again. And -- I don't know time. You moved here and protect your hard earned capital. The Euro multitude of -- is used to do so. Wanted to strategies you can news. News build yourself a personal pension plan. That guarantees. You that you will never lose depending. Better yet your pension can lock in stock market profits for the year. It's safe. Uncomplicated. It's a way for you to protect your money. It text you're. Investments. He -- you the opportunity for stock market to go to games to take advantage of the office. And you can't lose and you are possible when the market goes down. Why are we investors in the strategy techniques. We uses the most. Well. The arm personal pension strategy -- hoots who -- investors take advantage of with our. Investors from mole. That they will not lose opinion any of the upcoming market crash regardless of the severity. The investors who warrant a personal pension plan. -- investors who weren't tax deferral. The investors who want better than CD rates with the same level apparent change. There investors who want to ability. Instead -- future income. And their investors who want the games locked in the chair without exception. End. Investors it's still warm -- opportunity for stock market potential returns. Little bottom line is these investors are conservative. Closer to retirement. And can't afford to lose large. Or any percentage of the capital. They want a lock up -- income and not worry about meddling with the stock market. They want income they can rely. If you're worried about the next market decline. That could be in the final blow did anyone considering retirement. I can help. I've been in the retirement financial services business for over thirty years. Helping people who care for a comfortable retirement. This show. -- -- the ridden retirement planning radio show when you're listening to now. Thirteen 7 AM. -- noon on thirteen seventy -- for over five hitters. If there's one thing I've learned over the past three decades it is that you can't. Kill the goose to lose to golden. Your current money saved as your retirement news. Don't let the economy the stock market the politicians are the emotional flow of the market collapse. Destroy your chances forever and income to retire on. Give me a call. At 1804571298. That's 1804571298. You can schedule -- free. No obligation. First deployment to see if I can help you build your own safe reliable guaranteed retirement income. Your own personal pension plan. The investors who have been taken advantage of the strategy you're not worried about a market downturn. And that is a warm welcome that. Stupidity. To schedule. No -- appointment to see if the strategies -- -- give me a call. 1804. 712 varieties. Each week people call them posted here earlier on the radio reviewing thirteen seventy. The call because you want flexibility. Peace of mind confidence. That comes with a sound retirement income. They called to find out why so many people polish radio -- we -- That's 1804571298. Is to use recess period. You listening tour to return. Arm and plunge show. I'll bet. You've been listening to the retirement planning show -- Steve stress -- -- call Steve at 1804571298. And tune in next week for another edition of the retirement planning shows. The preceding -- promotional programming was sponsored by safe money Texas.