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Dec 14, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's delicious mischief Boston's food and wide radio group. Presentation of specs wines spirits and find her dues and now he's the guy who loves to talk with a smile -- John did very. Hello everybody welcome to another edition of delicious mischief included line radio program port Texas. As always delicious -- is the presentation of specs wines spirits and finer foods. While you don't think today that special edition of delicious mischief well I can't help you because we're -- we actually broadcasting today from the Greek island of Crete so I don't know if you a lot of you I'm sure have been to create if you haven't you've probably seen the movie sort of the Greek well then you've been to -- because that's where is this the place where it's -- about hung out. And is a wonderful place and and you know if if you come to -- there's a lot of different versions of -- you can come see you can catch a ferry or fly from Athens. And you can head straight to some beach resort and you can stay there and is smaller bathing suit as you there. And it. Get sun gets the have a wonderful time in and catch the shuttle back to the whatever and go away but. I think. I'm sitting here now in a way that you might mess you might not think of you might never experiences as experienced as long as you live and that is I mean of. A village called a escapee farming village. Agricultural world. Of the immense amounts of history just not the kind produces cathedrals and groans and all that. But simple people doing simple things and we're in the municipality. That's a way of measuring space around create a pair saudis cells. And I'm here with two guys with very different kinds of names very different kinds of accents. And who both whom each in his own way knows a great deal about a -- the village and the life of these people. And may be the opportunities we all might have to come and make some of this life are around to experience it to feel it think it. To -- -- spoken and not just you know most -- or something like that although there is a good deal of ballistic how to be adult -- no -- about that so let's start let's let's give up preference to the guy with the Greek accent here I might know -- -- -- lackeys you're also Mike Fuller will get this get to Mike in a second and Mike -- is not the -- -- guy you're likely to -- But he knows a lot about this and he's been here for thirteen years and have some great ideas but. Monopolies you know. You spent forty years and happens a place where certainly Americans if we come -- -- at all I mean good times or bad times but we come agrees. We trudged to the clock that we get up on the Acropolis we see all the great things in the buildings -- that and the columns in the doric in the corinthians that in this. And then maybe we go away that's that is our agrees. But you're here in a place that you you were born here and escapee. What do you see as why Americans in general and northern Europeans and others. Mean this is something they can't get unless they come here tell me about what special. Say -- spent. My life he won't be out. And now the last few years -- -- writes that -- -- -- army guys in the Mike Gundy I decided to equal but in my movies. I have spent my breasts but the life. In one. Stupid. Donald. And now when. I think is -- and while Kate it's looked open opposite the big house -- it's been debated between now. I told myself but I am happy because I was blown. In line bedding Betty Buick people and and it's. An idea and so I decide -- -- but maybe it's because the bad. I feel safe because I kind of -- evident in -- Because the courts have even -- Betty Betty we'll residents -- got out everything. All of it's even of Islam. -- we -- rolled alarmed with Scott how everything. And so I feel safe here at a I don't need money I don't -- laughing I count how evident in every day. And I -- -- and without this kid and and solar hadn't spent latest life here. Well I'll tell me -- monopolies talking about the gifts of the gods I mean the climate here is beautiful the soil here is great we took us today. -- to visit your garden in the house you're building. And there would squash in egg plant in tomatoes and cucumbers surrounded by olives and why I mean I could live here forever. That I don't get the voice of the architect of you to vote in the market packed up everything for quite got it. Evident in Kentucky without you spent money without him I blocking two hours might doubt them and I cut everything. You know it's it's really I mean. We've talked about this a lot on the program because so many -- back in Texas. Are arguing farm to table it is what what it's called and -- meeting fresher and local organic sounds like you sound like your farm to table. If that day they cut outs to get it. It means you'll be four outs amounts. Did you pay steep labels track. You know and -- -- -- -- your mother's absence. Yes but Michael books. Right right I got it. Now it's it's hilarious that I posted a photo of of baton moves back out on on FaceBook and and I chef I -- back in Texas said. I make that a lot and I used to living Greece and I bet it was the ingredients and I I said yes we were talking about that. How it's not really always the recipe the trick it's about what you're using and yes it was amazing. If you use human. With proposals to -- -- but it would be a sets. And Kia would have that was too big it that the -- that basically means. That best meets -- of course. I it was two methods forty years and now I at this than what I mean I mean what -- mean. Did what would buy and what I mean to class while he buys them out but without you -- your typical -- And now like how about -- than me. And I have sixty yes -- though it's too late what I got out of the. Will talk about what you called drop by and a mom and I think we were calling it Iraqi last night and it it's an amazing product that that is any set kept showing up with food too with that which is kind of amazing -- now Mike Fuller I mean with a name like Mike well I think people have gathered with couldn't gather that. You weren't probably born in this village but what here's what's kind of your story visa -- at this could be this beautiful village inland here increase. Well it a ton. Condense this story. A long time in 1962. Being and they -- -- for some of excellence. On this challenge. And you're not from Texas let's just kind of define that right now. Not from Texas and a -- from Britain and England. And I'm proud to -- and publisher. I'm very English middle close. Of straight. And a K great well I finale came here for all -- three month -- We state near Athens but we came to countries who have three arms. And you don't have to live or come on -- -- through. Greece. To fall in love for. Everybody. Falls in love with -- for different reasons but it's a wonderful -- And they're wonderful people. On the two reasons like it is the climate. A -- -- like warm climates like on a broad -- like the British parliament the cold from down in the or is grade and flu that was wrong reason and then on the walls with -- net people like. My nose area. -- and thousands of art. But didn't do know he goes from this village of this group did. Both. A fund -- And to cut long story short it's a row for -- those live I didn't know where to go role to do what separates it from low life. Osama. I came here for all of the rest is simple -- -- house. In living if that's in his. I cannot just go back -- one thing on the -- was saying and stressing the the protesters to the vegetables soon. It is six or that I grow my and vegetables. I was -- and don't I make my own line. And Rourke you torque -- problem. Also have some olive trees and not produced and all of rule. It's Mosul that is set him off the domestic front offices and they'll have morals -- good crow laws just on moment built missiles on. But I just need to be the cause life very crawl out pleasant slow. Lots of friends. And the -- -- And what we know guys stay when it. Because we need to take a break here and malicious mischief increase how many times I get a chance to say that usually am in some radio studio somewhere and it's a whole lot less beautiful whole lot -- perfect and a whole lot less friendly than with friends like. And -- several lackeys and Mike Fuller. Two guys here in the village of the -- the which is an amazing. He's an amazing place and more and more Americans without paying more and more of all that and more. Don't -- that it'll spoil your dinner. Instead here's more delicious mischief with your host -- to murder us. And now from the -- the suspect's -- experience. And minor dude this is great thing -- as you may have noticed and I hope you have noted we're in greens this week. And and you know it only makes sense -- a country that has so much of a wind traditions so much of a -- traditions so much -- lose that tradition. With all of these different traditions going back hundreds yep thousands of years I bet that that -- kind of cocktail Renaissance is going on here too. I'm and I'm sitting here with a guy who knows who can tell us a lot about it I guess name is Yani is part of Macy's I'm also known as bitter blue. Food dot com he has the blog -- kind of a web site thing going on here in grief talking about the cocktail. That he's making and of course a lot of issues and answers have you cocktails. We are actually at a bar restaurant called -- man right here in happens right now we're tasting cocktails we're gonna take some food before all that the over. And and and Yani and here with the help us help but -- now. Now that -- -- what's you know you know in the states there's a lot of excitement about cocktail which is kind of ironic. Because it just seems like thirty years ago people were predicting the death of the cocktail that's like -- it'll all be -- neighbor for a long. And now people that drinking more cocktails made than ever. On what's going on hearing greens in terms of the cocktail and the excitement. -- -- -- It -- got on the states in the states so many years ago and now they're and a sense. Is coming also from the states. It was. Inevitable that Greece. Four look that way. So we have it's huge boom here in today's. Inco facing. All over agrees not only got consent to someone you. That they tendencies that. We have some. Mediterranean products that we work we have. And we have created and their innocence based actually on Mediterranean but ending. You know Yani said -- went when I first heard your name -- started you know researching a little bit I heard your name in the concept of Mediterranean bar tending. Now what makes bar tending Mediterranean what happens with Mediterranean bar tending that might not happen in in Texas for instance. But first. On I think it's the Mediterranean. Temperament. I think that. We used to. Be proud of so many years ago. PCs. One. All of our weapons. That we Jews who took two plus an age that customer. We use -- to beat. Perfect holds we we base so many things on the hospitality. In bars and restaurants so we we tend to customer we've we've -- only create some things and that's it. You don't just say they drink get shut out now. Not an. This is very difficult because. So many times we we used to. Go outside of the bar. And make sure the customer sits comfortably. We think she's cold we don't have other people to do movies. The bartenders. Do these these games so home. We we want to make sure that that the cost America. And it is satisfied a 100%. And it and then we offered him an experience. Based on -- depending on products and France -- but it did NM products which says I think it's. Global brand in that gets -- me two. And you've seen and the defendant dizzying. I think it's something. They have very fascinating. Soul. Inspired from the inspired by this we've we've we've put all of these ingredients. And our -- I want I want to ask you what what ingredients are not must stop and I know any time we spent in grace I would guess I've beaten the most olives. -- cheese and oregano that would win not -- I mean in a bar tending -- what our that the things that are signature Mediterranean gradient as ingredients right -- a testament. We use. Most of the book banning guns found in and remember any and we do so Oregon -- we use save that press say it's. We use march 30. We use this kind of things but those so we -- was allowed. Funny as a not gonna get this who got it we just another -- line and -- I do is land 300. That we use tiny tiny old got all kinds of content and then we use. -- -- Which vetted distinctive. Do it took to the whole world but the betting and lemons and their ordinances we have so so wonderful oranges. And we use audience also and club face only to send on the base. And -- -- believe it then nave and only going. That's good so says sometimes is not just a martini within all of it the dollar with a martini. Yes yes of course yes we -- live via the old lives we've we infuse the is it that our spirits -- -- lives. We're gonna face I have I had -- yeah I tried. An infusion on. There is smoke it's because we -- spoke smoking history. We've. All of it based green olive paste and it was fantastic it was fantastic really. That sounds great we'll tell us a little bit about the experience here does the -- I'm sure people are listen back in Texas. And here there's music playing making here there's a lively crowd you know chatting up then and I don't know of anybody out there speaks Greek enough to understand what all these people are saying. But I mean it's really a great time with a lot of in these a lot of energy in the room so to speak on the on a good night here testament what do you like that happen in in the bar beyond your hand than your glasses. A game. First of all though all the men. I have to say some things about those of an -- and is and like -- Russert you are obese throat. In influenced by day by friends -- throws so we we are at a bar restaurant. Moon and we don't have. So loud music but they're. Wonderful people coming from. -- all over Athens and the they can -- and to have drinks and a invade south loudly yeah like you said and. They're great of course thinks that loudly active. This is that this is one of the things of the other debates. We have wonderful time we have a wonderful time. That is great well let's. Let's talk a little bit about the food because we're gonna do a drink tasting here has always been great -- grain. What are some of your favorite foods that -- better served to hear that kind of -- kind of teach people what those -- is all about because. I mean the menu looks pretty very to me you mentioned brasserie -- stroke. And and sort of a little bit of Paris Central Europe thing that. It it it also kind of wanders around I mean there's a Reuben sandwich forgot today competing in counts but what a couple of your favorite foods here. OK I loved I loved god another -- Actually it's got -- -- pepper sauce which potatoes I loved his peace and to be working on. We thought at that left is really -- plastic. -- so one of my favorite aired pieces is. -- result those. With -- seasons -- -- justice this score this is fantastic Gary Peterson is to -- Well I think I think we will now now we have a couple minutes before our break. But tell me Yani when I. I hear that you are also an instructor a bar tending and in this whole mixology. You know hospitality thing. What what it was the number one thing you try to get across to your students about doing your job to be to beat the guy behind the bar here at -- man. In Athens in Greece what do people need to know that you're trying to teach them. Today. I think that the the most important thing I try to prove who who who would tell my -- my students. Is. A strong personality. I'm not interested and just the regretting something to send us have some customers what they want to be the government -- satisfied and I want my students to. Who signed. Their personality -- there's this is deciding who the public gets hired them to move through the read poetry I had hired them through to other. Well Karbala by attending school you urge them to read -- straight -- yes this is this is all about that a strong personality and charm everyone. You knew you must be charming. I'll have a Byron -- keeps on the -- Please this is great we read outs and -- right on saint Irene square in Athens on that wonderful night. Here in Greece and we're gonna take a break here and delicious bit. When we come back. More with Yani is quote Macy's also known as the Victor boot bitter blue dot com. If you want to learn more about the bitter -- that comment I think you will get a lot more sense of what we're doing here tonight. Anyway -- that you will be back to write them then. Still hungry. Here's another helping of delicious mischief which are host John Denver just. Back everybody thanks for joining us here on delicious mischief we -- in -- in Athens. On saint Irene I got you we need. Something like that square here in -- And a wonderful busy -- -- part of town and there are so many wonderful busy lives whatever parts of down here in Athens. I'm sitting here with the -- or Macy's. Bartender extraordinary at a bar restaurant called us demand. Who has also a blog website called bitter -- Dot com and if you think that sound like English yet it is bitter foods dot com now -- before we start tasting some drinks here. What do you do on your blog what's that all about what you're trying to get out there on the Internet. Look from the first time. Started this this blog now and now aside. One that I really wanted. Young. People that start bar tending to him. Yet would be more recently for them to get involved in the -- convenience industry because. When I was a kid and we were a -- and -- then that somewhere out in Athens and happened when I began. Working as a bartender you know -- where. The great gurus here enough and send them. They did and Sarah and the thing and then they're like -- beat the old time -- Didn't share anything now modern -- the more likely to share today. So it was. Very difficult for me and that there were no Internet that time you you have to do you -- -- by simple send. In -- school to learn some things. And I wanted to be something different I want it to -- there. And this is this something. Very important for me to know some things and who want to share with other people that don't know anything -- know little. So these was an initiative for me to do that to start the blow. That that's great let's let's bring something shall -- on the I think the first cocktail here I. At the end it with the name all the way is the son. And it has some very distinctive flavors and I would say some some flavors that -- Greek to me it felt great to make tell me about always that's not. Always -- son is. I call then. Actually it's bestselling book and from my immune. Faculties. That is based on -- -- -- -- say is that an addition that is. Do you care what what exactly is that because I'm not sure. But it must be that comes from. The sound of all of a specific to being -- own -- units Pacific island in the whole world this is called a huge assignment. And this is close to the beast that's -- So if you take this -- through this thing lit and one -- this is must be cut. You guys will -- any thing around there yeah. Sosa right what else is happening in the Arab once you get your hands on must speak up from EO. Must -- my I'm -- Two or three years ago used to be him and excellent. They tested -- there. And who's been. Most the investments across the country but then now must think. Is the quality product the last two or three years and used so much so it's used allowed to -- days. -- over Athens and -- in general. So -- call them -- must be found it contains. Greek. I mean from my line pretty. Today it contains. Wounded basically there a -- and be there these are Steve existing -- Some lemon juice and a little bit of soda. Yes really it's really great now now I'm intrigued by the drink called beat me daddy. Be spelled like -- group you know not like well not like beat but that obviously somebody's having fun with the name beat me daddy what's. What what is beat me daddy out about. Again first of all. I think that -- through phase one of the latest trends globally. They accuse of beaten and beaten to same code bases. A fantastic new trend that I I really enjoy. -- home. Beat me daddy comes actually from the name of the sort of a song from under sisters. That the strongest gold beat anybody. Eight to the bar and I. I love hearing these oh so American ideas this hearing you know it's really cool you may know that song. That at that time daddy used to be that the Downey's. So loomed. The single it was calling them down is that the -- To take -- specifically the mound on the piano so a to the -- was a specific rhythm. So what I can't between -- and -- days that that that differently and ordered food group who grew up the -- through the idea. And this is -- daddy. Really really a nice idea so what what about them. I can't you know so many people in the tradition there's almost a cliche. To say people come who acquired -- kind of I'll. Unburdened themselves our our you know you know cry in their beer or whatever. Here's here's here's a drink called the meaning of life as though we come here to -- and we sit down and have you -- constraints and somehow we discover the meaning of life. I I don't know but -- ask you what is the meaning of life that definitely what is the meaning of life cocktail. I actually am strongly influenced by him. Some against the Monty -- Monty Python and the meaning of lie dad. So whom you may have what's the the -- and apply it. And you get no specific answer if there was this movie -- to get knows the Pacific ads are above the meaning of life. But I think did you have become analyzer. Watching this movie and what single -- stuff these crazy guys do. So -- in the Vlad is. Lincecum drink from my release that contains -- that it contains. Got them home. Must think -- They're Jewish I don't know if you are familiar with -- -- -- Fair juice I'll get a yeah I guess it makes I think itself for a bit -- -- the the evicted the Jews from the early graves. Which is the very sour. So it and they inspect zoos. And but the magazine that you magazine. Is another -- productivity it. It's from. It's kind of that's so I've had it with desire. More laughs it's like. -- -- it's really good sign anything with that team as the is OK with me it's very sleek and very sort of the end. -- guy jail on so grows so -- I use it must be welcome them home. Better to spit it magazine and some my in the food -- rent. A black eye and this is the meaning of life a -- so so how about -- flying knees up where. This sounds like you have me I don't -- -- he was Greek or Roman I kind of forget that let you know one of those little tiny guys what's the deal what's his name about. Okay nine it was a Roman philosopher you're right and she was the first guy ever winning Greece -- Roman philosophers yard. It was the first guy that talked about bombs and -- to categorize -- So whom. Nine software. Contains one of my favorite spirits -- and. After my own heart and -- there a fund that's the Greek gladly carry additional. That -- great. It's its name it's from other family that produces it and it's called when you got left. OK so one liquor yeah. It's got that cold green -- It's a healthy cocktail yes -- Pacific and I feel better already. And some little bit of -- and -- Terry -- made those from something. From some putting island and they love their cherry tomatoes there are -- -- they just tried to try them. And some -- That's amazing so so in in just we have they have only a minute left but what do you most want people to understand. And about a -- about you about this whole Mediterranean by -- thing I mean. What's the -- what's important for us to know about all that. As long as the as the drinks our. Concerned. I am excited to have some classical -- days. Like. Like and the cronies. Like Manhattan is like brown derby is I am and having a round serving -- right now. And and create some things -- some of updates and borrows our -- virus. But at the same time we tried to whom I tried to. Who made some drinks based on the Dakota and then by bending under the dominion. Ingredients. Well that's -- well. Yani is Cora Macy's thanks for joining us for today's breaking ranks segment from the show the -- Wine spirits and -- -- but actually from Athens Greece that's where we're sitting right now. That's -- drinking right now and that's what we're really really really happy about right now I think whether it's because of the one more taste delicious. Coming up right after the. And now for one more bite of delicious mischief and future host Jon to murderers. Welcome back everybody thanks for joining us here on the -- mr. Khamenei today from the Greek island of Crete. -- the island a lot of wonderful people over. The centuries have come to create had visited creed have relocated to -- and of course -- were born here. And and it's it's an amazing amazing place. Not not secondarily it's a place -- has a lot of uniqueness even within the realm of -- semi -- talk to people from -- And it's kind of like they wanna make sure you know that they're not from up there -- from this island of Crete and Hewitt. Manually stop for Iraqis a guy -- I've been practicing your name for days now to get it right mentally and also Mike Fuller from England. And it who has bought a home here some years ago as really really really. Gone amazingly it's two to become one become a part of the community here in this this yes yes you may might. One thing I decided if you come to live in the foreign country you've got to make a commitment. You cannot have at the back of your mind like ignores government for those in the world wondered about that you have to do is go in with both feet ultimate commitment and everybody's amazed because one looks closely decided it was piece of real it's that it. In the -- In the great job. Quote unquote pro truth as they say you're sticking around. Oh and you know but that's my commitment on on Wednesday here in excellent. And it's code in I think people were related news to the united. That's pretty good and at. Like it now now now -- one of the things you've you've seen here is is a look at the very things that I it seems you value about being in these villages around at escapee and its surrounding villages. Are things that a lot of visitors to -- even it they make it as far as creek from plane from vote. A lot of people miss this I mean if you are talking to somebody back in England and they were planning a holiday or whatever. What would you tell them about your life here. That you would like that you would feel in your heart that they would need that you wish they would see that you wish they would understand. I only really know. But this could be very well all of us visited Athens. Minutes arms and so on -- Having lived here facilitating those of go to another village. And the surrounding countryside and the surrounding villages very world. In the really on the tourists. Aren't summer resident but I'm not Greek you know I've never but I wasn't born here. And I still look at the village like a tourist board except. Looked. I don't go through it like most Taurus if this is an ordinary village is nothing special about it it's a work in village where every vote him. Books for a living. Surprisingly. A large proportion of the population here is have never being a parole. Some of them but never even been salute to directly in the capital assistant concrete. It's very very parochial. And -- it you know what I'd just before his thoughts of this those talking about this project of mine too. Critics of visits a sensor in the village. And this is the things -- -- you showed them I want to show room -- shown some sort of in the real correcting people the way they motive. On the food which is quite different from the furniture kitten of corpus you know in Athens for blow. I want to show them. They won't show in my life I suppose. It's it's a good life. And and we we talked in the states about take away what. What do you what would you most want those visitors to take away from here because you're showing the word real definitely comes to mine -- We who do tourism -- -- who beat who are tourists. Always wonder in whenever we were anywhere -- Paris or where you know are really seeing anything real is it or is this -- just created for us on now I mean that is fear here. I mean I think what you're trying to do is show people something that is absolutely real and kind of each kernel if that doesn't die out. It's -- Tennessee. Everything happened spontaneously. Very little is actually open honest and if you do organize something here it never excel himself the way -- expect -- to -- -- that's lovely thing about living there. Victor gave you know justice surprises but most of whom are groomed. We had two couples might not notice introduce me to mean mostly vehicles -- They came from Scotland and England and and I've just how the -- metal from on the album. Saying look. Well I was only with them for a couple of involves -- -- -- notice was with them a little longer. Real closely route and detained them the few drinks and have little chrome. And but even though says you made no hole there. It was rotunda of rather ordinary all of -- into a very special or just that one. Episode. We were trying and don't always some people I speak English as usual for -- usually a cult monster a tourist if it's another image. And invite them home here for a coffees and tell them and again and again -- in total or your whole -- sounds a bit and it. -- -- where at that moment moves one thing you've forgotten. Where every year ago you take fuel cell for visitors. If they just wouldn't let me again it would be a much better life that that that is amazing and I'm sure people are wowed by that experience now. Now numb and my knowledge -- coming here for for food and wine and Andy and food and rocky basically. Mom let's let's talk a little bit how do you receive the unique aspects of -- mean in terms of food let's let's make it food first I mean. You know a lot of people in different parts of the world have Greek restaurants they can go to. And yet increase people will assure you assure you assure you it's not like that creek is a special place. Got to eat. Or Mike -- Hopkins that what you spit venom from Kia. That's what its people and from its votes on these groups have sort of political steady yet. He -- more in these movies you can't find the idea that people go connect quote. Give something of him going into Saudi source in the -- pestilence. But women and EP hitting my house or in the -- is it up evident in the scorpion that they would be that it. -- him because he if you roll yourself. And if you bowl what crappy duplicate. If you hope what you have you -- but it's the whole report them. Because while the last year at every day I know couple -- percent black like have you might -- Head up the pro tools and evidently. Down from my house. That is -- may want it for me. Let's let's talk Iraqi before we have to get on out of here because. I had heard I mean I've run into rocky elsewhere in Turkey where it's very much kind of -- -- the courage kind of lose -- like products. This is this is not that I almost didn't wanna try it because I already knew I didn't like that. I love rocky tell me about what rocky is and why you people drink so much of it. Yeah yeah. Yeah or that people. But he collect all of the people neglect and Becky it's -- Up from the tapes. When we make that sign says. We pittance from the tapes. We'd make that right and after. That -- grapes we keep that this debate with weakness but what's that called in -- week we call it must have a better and you have a better name is with quote look all of this was popular. It's popular -- -- that we -- this popular. And we get that -- And Iraqi it's on Canadian bidding. The cubs he -- just debating. No headaches no headache at all and no hang over this. -- -- -- It web yesterday because if I did I've noticed it takes several bottles home to get me through the rest of my life may. Well what was yesterday and IQ and it was left on this small bottles let's not make people misunderstand bottled. And and the amazing thing isn't just about out of time that. Every time we ordered another small bottle some new. Grape leaves her or or you know lamb or pork or beef I mean it just the -- kept coming incoming incoming that's on how it's done here. -- UConn which correctly you -- it evidently. You grow up front what you'll and you get credit beats. With immediately for the fees should with the -- that was with evident in Iraqi -- with all of The Beatles. Well I'll tell you something else Iraqi -- very well with and that is it goes well with delicious mischief this radio show because it's amazing stuff the wind hearing -- is terrific the food is somewhere between amazing and and unique in the sense that it is great cooking with olive oil with wine with oregano with lemon with a lot of the things do you think of is being Greek cooking but maybe. Better than all back here on creates a thank you won it all for joining us. In the municipality. Of I'm gonna say it hurts Sony cells are -- us. The village of -- of the and that it sounds a little like bishop in the ancient languages that there's a reason for that there's like 24 churches. -- which should you feel they need to pray at any given moment. And thank you of course to Mike Fuller and manually magnolias that's -- -- has been showing -- around thank you all for joining easier on adjustments just. As always the presentation is back wines spirits and -- business. So -- time I'm John Edwards and I'll --