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Financial Wise 12/7/2013

Dec 7, 2013|

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Good Saturday Austin. Broadcasting from the top thirteen seventy studios you're listening to fight its alliance -- your host and Suzanne Blackburn. Folks there -- -- changes and retire. Preservation. Doesn't mean bearing in my backyard. Thank. Preservation. He's putting a plan together and knowing you're on track. Blackburn and her financial -- specialty. Has also been featured weekly on K view so stay tuned as she brings the same helpful life changing information because talk radios listening audience. Here is your home Suzanne Blackburn. This week we're talking about game changes again both it's football season. And I wanna talk about South Carolina. Did -- and -- do you guys remember. The Outback Bowl last year that hit what -- That hit changed the game for us. You do it's like. Lewis. -- maroon that his favorite -- -- you know it. The ground. Candidate -- all the football. -- -- is spelled with six yards. But he. He's the best single individual defense to play. At a crucial situation got to oversee. That hit changed that game it tastes fit. And the momentum changed when the momentum changes in your life. Things get really good so that's what today's about the game changer in your retirement. And I wanna take cue from the old school big bucks brokerage house. You know business as usual to a new elevation. Man among bullies a whole different game changer for your retirement. Now on the old days. We used to depend on pensions. Social Security. As for income for life that we knew we were not -- -- we knew we can depend on those things. Many of you law. Are not getting a pension many of you all are. You know worried about they're even being Social Security for you are if that increases will be there keeping up with inflation. We have to take responsibility. For our own retirement we've got to take responsibility for only caps. And we need to know what the fees are we -- here with the strategies are it's not just about risk tolerance anymore. You can't bury your head in the ground in hope it's going to be okay. Thumbs up -- is not going to be the way it's can it just it's I don't work. So it could be a game changer means you have to be very aware of fees. Managed money. Find out what's available TU as a financial planner is serious 65. Financial planner before -- can ever make a recommendation. I have to take a look at in come out go spending. Your savings how much you have and the risk. I need to look at her in inflation. Longevity of your life your family's life what are your obligations what are your taxes. We need to plan for long term care we need to make sure we have an escape plan whenever you pass away. All of that rolled together makes it a big change for you it's not accumulation phase I talked about that last week. It's preservation of assets legacy planning. For you and your family and believe me. One missed step and you're going to be tackled just like to -- cloudy. Just tripped -- enough that Michigan guy come -- It's not changed the game. All right you don't want that in your in your retirement. You want things to be steady. And you wanna have. You know what I'll say is it's like -- another childhood without adult supervision that's what you're golden years should be. Not afraid of money afraid of market risk what's gonna happen. I don't like that from my client I want them to to have fun enjoy life. So we've got to have a plan. Now there's some pitfalls that I wanna discuss with you. That are going to really get you we've got to look at the defense as well that's lab brought up to -- and he was a defensive genius in the game. He blocked that the ball popped out big gains all coming just changed it. So I want you to be that same defensive position. In your own retirement. So number one we have to plan for a long life you can't deny that. Whenever Social Security started the average age was 65 years old today reliving all the way -- Qatar eighties. -- your money has to last that long baby boomers are not going to. You know -- we have -- health care issues. That are -- -- just gonna live longer so your money has to live with you. We'll let the average life expectancy. You know women are gonna live about five to six years longer than men. So again you've got to prepare for that number two healthcare expenses -- increase. The inflation -- on health care right now is four and a half to 5%. That's much higher than they expected because the demand is there. All right with Obama care there's a lot of things that are coming along where these preventative medicine -- preventive -- -- are happening. And we've got to make sure we're taking control. Of our own care not to mention. The 250000. Dollars at an average long term care nursing home care state costs 74%. Of Americans. Are going to have some need for long term care late into their 82 big number. Now. The other thing that you have to be sure -- is to realize. That safeties and guarantees. It's got to be part of your planning depending on the stock market to achieve those goals is not going to get -- there. We've got to have some protections in place annuities. Are a way to get -- that's a risk free foundational asset. It will give you what you need in retirement as far as never running out of money now I'm not talk about the kind of annuities. That are going to be just in a point nothing kind of like the CD that's what the brokerage houses offer you in a risk free annuity. None and now now. There are powered lineup annuities on the table I would probably take seven of them thrown in the garbage and catch some on fire. So there's going to be three. Two maybe 34. That are gonna fit for youth that are going to be specific to your needs and I'm talking specifically about the income type. And the changes under way right now on the financial planning retirement I've got forty year old walk and in my office and Shane sees that I don't want any risk. I'm willing to give up a little bit of interest and get 456%. And not have to worry about my money and not worry about overcoming. A 30% loss in the stock market to make sure that I never run out of money. Is a very famous study on Ollie wants reclaiming the future. And these are the things that -- the number one most important things. For retirement assets. Stable. Predictable. Retirement standard of living the only way to we're gonna figure out what your standard of living is is if you come in the office. Call me at 5122159030. And you and I'll have a personal conversation. About your money it'll be about. You what do you have when -- spending what are your goals. You wanna travel that we need to put together budgeting money for that yeah finding your personal interest rates we've got to do that votes. And remember some folks are planning to lies and no arrests. Are otherwise. I'm -- that black. Hello and happy holidays I'm -- at Blackburn host of financial lives talk thirteen seventy each and every Saturday at 130. And I want invite you -- listening audience to join me. For Kat stars holiday open house we've got a fabulous open house on Tuesday and Wednesday December 10 and eleventh. Gifts food and fun. Any chance to meet meet your host on financial wise -- Blackburn have a cup of hot cocoa with me. We have time scheduled for both of our locations. So called the office 2159030. Point 512. 215. 9030. And we'll see which location works best. For you season. Investment advisory services offered through global financial private capital LLC. And SEC registered investment advisor. It's. Welcome back to financial alliances with your host Suzanne Blackburn. Hey you welcome back I'm sees it Blackburn with financial life. And listen we are talking about -- teachers. Now this segment is about defensive play. How many do you all remember South Carolina. Against Michigan last year did -- in clowning do you remember that hit 1 AM. That's the hit. That changed that game. Now what we wanna do is change your retirement we want you to be armed with the facts so you can have the information to protect yourself. From market risk inflation and taxes. Longevity risk long term care you've got -- -- fax. So today we're gonna talk about that the new attitude. The new opportunities and retirement. Pokes its not an accumulation model. Okay the old model doesn't work it's broken. You've got to be the man among boys. And the only way to do that if you've got to get with a financial planner that specializes in retirement planning. If you call our office at 5122159030. We will put together your financial plan. We will find out what your interest rate is not the benchmark. -- cares the market's gonna go up and down an up and now I -- Fixing your accounts so that they're doing what you need -- don't run out of money. We've got to make sure that you got a map. My favorite saying is even the dumbest guy in the world has an edge over the smartest guy with a map in a strange land. So retirement is a little strange let's let's face it so called cats are financial at 512215. 9030. Now the new attitudes are very important. We've got to have strategies that minimize the risk about living your assets. I've got to set up guaranteed income in retirement for you these techniques are to help you protect against market volatility. So when the markets going up and down an up and down believe me when you're taken money out of here counts and your market your counter going up and down. It's going to cost you in the end. And your life because you're gonna run out or you could possibly run out. So setting things up so that we don't have to worry about that is gonna give you a healthy. Wonderful. Golden year experience. Now when -- talk about inflation one of my favorites is this and this is pretty dramatic. In November. Of 2008 gasoline was a dollar fifty. Are you know gas costs today folks it's over 350 gallon. I mean if he gets under 34330. Which -- we're getting a deal. Right so it's -- -- percent more largest five years ago that's a 20% increase per year. Did the math. Let's take -- look like 1015 years from now. So what I'm saying is that people are more afraid about living money in retirement and they are of death. Gonna die. But we don't want to live with no money. So the game changer here is planning planning planning. Let's put it together for an all right call us at 5122159030. Will put a plan together for. Now with a longer life expectancies. One of the faxes that when men are got to live five to six years longer than men. As averaged. In life expectancy. So you've got to make sure that you've got that you know everything in place. We are no longer standing on a three legged stool and one of my talking about the pensions. That took up about 30% of your income that was a predictable number Social Security was -- and the other third. And then private investments like four -- k's and 450 seven's. Those were at the old model. That model doesn't it's broken there's a lot of the sitting out here that we're going to be depending on our own investments. To make sure we don't run out of money and you've got a set up things they're going to be income streams for life. So that you can't enjoy your retirement. Now the other thing I wanna talk about is long term care. There is a really good chance that the people listening to me on this radio program. One out of two of -- in your late eighties are gonna have some form of long term care needed so let's talk about the costs in today's dollars. Homemaker services. Eighteen dollars an hour to -- somebody come help you with just taking care of the house. Home health aids those are people that are going to be coming. And making sure that you're taking immense in your ear taking care of your person and all the things that go with few being able to. You know maintain life nineteen dollars an hour. Adult day care is sixty dollars today assisted living is about three to 4000. Dollars a month. All right nursing home care right now has gone bananas I remember when it was a hundred dollars a day it's now close to 200 dollars a day so. You're looking at about 35. To 45000. A year for nursing home on average. And you know it you've got to planned for that. The only other option is Medicaid. Which spend down all of your assets and then kicks in after your broad. So you can obviously see it's better to have a plan. Now one of the things with annuities. New goodies are wonderful because. Many times we can take a chunk of money and put that into an annuity. And let it grow and senate in come and there are writers. On those annuities. Debt will double the income stream. For a five year period or for life for it just really depends on the in their income model. Of that annuity and that we've got part of that cost covered. Right you don't necessarily have to buying. Long term care insurance anymore there's ways of covering that with other links. But the only way to know us to investigate that you're not gonna get that from an accumulation specialist folks. It's somebody spent you know they got you there wonderful. The big bucks brokerage house and got you to where you are with the correlation to the market and mutual fund modeled on the fees twelve B one -- Al worked for accumulation. They gain changer is preservation phase of money we've got to start thinking differently folks you've got to start planning. And make sure that you don't even nightmare for yourself fear to your wife your husband and for your loved ones. We caps are funny -- we get it we really get it this is our specialty. -- series 65 financial planner. Before it ever make a recommendation. I've got to sit down with you and market in come. Out bill. What your risks are the inflation of your money along jeopardy of your life. Your family the obligations that you have. Your taxes I don't make any recommendations until I do a deep dive into the news thanks so call me at 512215. 9030. And -- know that your interest in putting together -- plan. And remember what I said even the dumbest guy in the world has an edge of the smartest guy with a man in the street -- I'm sees that Blackburn the financial lives and remember some folks are financial lies and the rest are otherwise. Hello and happy holidays I can see is that Blackburn post a financial lives talk thirteen seventy each and every Saturday at 130. And I -- invite you -- listening audience to join me. For Kat stars holiday open house we've got a fabulous open house on Tuesday and Wednesday December 10 and eleventh. Gifts food and fun. Any chance to meet meet your host on financial wise -- at Blackburn have a cup of hot cocoa with me. We have time scheduled for both of our locations. So called the office. 2159030. -- 510. 215. 9030. And we'll see which location works best for you season. Investment advisory services offered through global financial private capital LLC. And SEC registered investment advisor. Kenny this this is never heard back with financial wise. And if you're returning listener or new listener. I want to thank you for joining me today and also I want to invite you to go to -- financial dot com. We have a website full. Of all of our past radio shows. Now we pride ourselves on giving you topics that deserve a pencil and paper for notes and details. So you can use this information to arm yourself with facts to protect your family. Now in the past we've talked about the difference between actively manage money. And pass to Brian hold back to the really rich topic we've talked about a commission based stockbroker vs. A fee based registered investment advisor and these are topics that you can click on our website -- capstar financial. Dot com. And listen to those also we have television spots that we've done with interviews with open campus from -- view. Couple other topics state planning we had bill -- a resident attorney here in Texas. That talked with -- rich in detail. About the difference. On will's vs trusts you know we're heading into the holiday. Season folks and this is -- time to relax and -- with their families. But it's also a time to reflect. On are you prepared or not. Do you have a planned what is here. Investment philosophy. Can you read your statements. What is inside your mutual funds so you know these are things and you cause with your family and enjoy that -- time. Really start to prepare for next year of taking action. If you wanna call our office call it by 122159030. And we can do a financial review. And really take a look at where you are. Now again I appreciate you listening to financial eyes go to capstar financial dot com for all of our radio shows. My interviews with -- the camp closed the television shows that we've done in the past. A couple of the other topics are. Are you lift an accumulation specialist our retirement specialists are you building a financial house that working for you. Get the real truth about these things. And remember folks -- Some folks if financial lives and -- arrest and are otherwise. I'm season Blackburn CU and I think Christmas party don't forget. December 10 and eleven. No individual tax legal lower investment advice is get investment advisory services offered through global financial private capital. LLC and SEC registered investment advice. Global financial private capital has no affiliation with the news agencies represented here the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of global financial private capital global financial private capital. Makes no representation or warranties about the accuracy reliability. Or timeliness of the contents and do not recommend or endorse any specific information contained therein insurance services and products offered through capstar financial LLC extra insurance and annuity product guarantees are subject to the claims paying ability of the issuing company any comments regarding safe and secure investments. In guaranteed income streams refer only to the fixed insurance products. They do not recur in any way to securities or investment advisory products global financial private capital LLC in capstar financial LLC your unaffiliated companies. Hello and happy holidays I'm -- at Blackburn post of financial lives talk thirteen seventy each and every Saturday at 130. And I want invite you my listening audience to join me. For Kat stars holiday open house we've got a fabulous open house on Tuesday and Wednesday December 10 and eleventh. Gifts food and fun. Any chance to meet meet your host on financial wise -- it black and have a cup of hot cocoa with me. We have time scheduled for both of our locations. So called the office 215. 9030. Backed -- going to. 215. 9030. And we'll see which location works. That's for you season. Investment advisory services offered through global financial private capital LLC. And SEC registered investment advisor.