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Retirement Destiny 12/7/2013

Dec 7, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to retirement just inebriated. Percentage but I -- we can retirement planning group retirement income specialists. Providing solutions to all aspects of your retirement needs wants and dreams including the -- and Medicare as security planning. This is retirement just an every day. Some folks may have to work well into their eighties if they wanted to provide for any kind of golden here. Few people have enough money to retire. It's going to want to save save save save things that they know I think you're gonna need that money to supplement their retirement what we can't let that. This is retirement -- radio when he was -- -- welcome to show. And your retirement destiny advisors have the knowledge and capability to help many people with a variety of financial situations. Some advisors only plan for retirement they're one trick ponies. We retirement destiny advisors can help -- all aspects of your financial future retirement planning estate planning. Medicare planning. And Social Security planning. And now let's -- the traders -- retirement destiny radio and Steve Conte president of the deacon retirement planning group policies -- -- -- very well and Kelley Carter CEO of the beacon retirement plan anchor Kelly how are you. Doing wonderful I just can't -- Andrea we've got a great show for folks I -- let you know that you can find out more about it online and find out about some great seminars that are coming out and retirement destiny dot com you can throw us an email at info at retirement destiny dot com and keep this number -- because you're gonna need it for an amazing offer. Coming up very shortly 8887672122. That's 88876721. Tweets you. Now how long did you gentleman -- in the industry let's start with Steve. -- in any industry for about thirteen years now -- McCain killing -- joined forces about that that time. We've been together and about two years ago we decided to kind of expand the operation. And every couple that with some family issues and needs. For myself. And picked Austin because -- just all of this -- been here before him various business trips and formal life. And we -- -- late going. Which is a great community. And lots of people love were -- and love doing business here and helping people out. And Kelly nobody who -- Well we have the luxury of being in Carlsbad California and we've been there have been Israel 123 years now. Stephen I have -- worked together now for thirteen of those he's also a client that's now this whole thing started. And I'm sure we'll get more of that later we service about 800 clients. Currently and again it's it's a daily. A relationship that goes deeper than just these these topics are gonna talk about that day. In this -- Steve it's Sunday afternoon you get a wide open afternoon what kind of things he's doing is playing golf. -- playing golf. It's going to the new libraries there in the Lake Travis. And maybe going to the movie it's if it gets too hot. Contact renowned Internet and it's been known to do that but we have the privilege really in the luxury of having some great golf courses. -- in various. Close proximity of the house and both my wife and I enjoy doing that very much that's fantastic and Kelly what do you. Sundays are typically a baseball day in our house -- twelve year old please north -- mavericks. And we spent a lot of time on a baseball field I'm retired from coaching I can honestly say thank god and but -- on to bigger better things just in joints -- -- my family and get ready for Monday and Sunday afternoons are pretty lazy around here and you know we -- in the for the beach on a Sunday afternoon. Not bad nobody complaining now iron -- That is a great place real -- on the beach and lessons. And today gentlemen we're going to uncover those myths about indexed annuities. There are many misconceptions about index annuities most people don't realize they are in fact a save money financial vehicle. But only you guys can help break it down because it's a little bit more complicated today than it has been in years past because there's so many different options thief. How well you know I think people recommend to think about a -- -- -- had a bad taste in your -- to begin with. Because what they hear about as high fees very complicated. I'm gonna lose money -- sector and what they're talking about. Is a veritable new. Today and that's -- -- a terrible knew he variable annuity is a mutual fund account really that will fluctuate as the market goes up and down. And the value go up and down that you need. What we're gonna talk about today is what we call -- fixed indexed annuity totally different animal here. Today designed differently does different things offers protection yet upside growth with none of the market risk. Yeah -- you know it's important to understand that your -- been around long time and it's a key element. Especially today given what we've just come to -- -- for the last thirteen years in the markets. To where we are now an understanding why should she used a fixed index annuity is party you're planning tool. And it's really an issue of understanding and education. And once the Indy we talk about a contract for retirement income once the clients understand. The value of that asset as an asset class in the overall picture. This is not an overnight situation is is not one size fits all type of a solution it's really designed to provide principal protection. Upside growth. And guaranteed income for life and the ability to have that growth and net income keep pace with inflation. That's really what we're trying to accomplish now for those dollars that we know we need income that's -- fixed index annuity can be a very powerful tool again. We always talk about the financial tools. And he fixed index annuities another tool in the toolbox that we use to help. Build that foundation for the retirement planning for that exit or or distribution faces we call you know. I tell folks you have to take a look at a fixed index annuity in this matter. I asked him a question do you have insurance on your home case something happens to it. And they say yes they say yes do you have insurance on your car in case something happens to -- is the law it's law. Why don't you have an insurance policy and your money. And they look at me and they say wow I never thought about that is that what this is all about I think exactly. This is what this is all about it's. You know it's a guaranteed. A -- principal. We're asking you get this this is what these particular strategies do as Kelly said -- get the opportunity of participating in the markets -- up. K not participating when the markets go down. So your -- are secured your wins is -- -- -- danger always locked in. OK you don't have to sell anything home by the way okay. It's at triple compound a factor you get interest on your principal interest on the interest and interest on tax deferred growth. This is a phenomenal strategy. And I personally I think it's the best strategy ever designed for seniors today and for folks approaching. Retirement why isn't everybody diving in right now to -- index. Ironically. If it's a hot topic and and clients are coming in want to understand how they -- they think they're complicated. You know it's no different then and buying mutual fund or reading some other perspectives for another investment. 90% of the time our clients as you folks are coming in never read those prospectuses. So they don't even understand how their current assets are structured so the fixed index annuity. -- may sound like -- complicated. Tool but it actually is not when you break it down. But mostly what we're finding is that most other firms out there that are those one trick ponies that we talk about. Don't really have the ability or the interest in providing their clients to complete solution. Using the fixed index annuity is an asset class with any overall allocation model. And I think that's why most of the time we're really educating our our clients on. Why is that a new work where does that fit in your overall portfolio for the money that we talked about before that money three money what safe money. Are you what dollars -- have available to provide guaranteed income and let the money grow tax deferred and have no risk on your principal. Yeah we're talking about balance here Achilles alluding to is a balance. Having that balance between the red money Andy -- -- today. Having it all in one sector can be disastrous. Perry especially when you took you take a look at. That needs analysis and we do that needs analysis with them. How much money do you need we force people to go through that exercise what your wants needs and goals absolutely. Okay in your desires whatever the case may be. So trying to create that balance so that they can accomplish. Okay the the financial results that they wanted to accomplish. -- there's really four. Stages of retirement you've got your pre retirement which is at ten to fifteen years leading up to retirement. The initial retirement where in how we don't know what that -- can you really is at the time people will stop working or not quite sure what to do themselves. And 70% of their current income is what they really need for the basic needs and that's adjusted for inflation. You've got the next morning to thirty years that's what we call your season retirement you're going to be in retirement for a long time. So as you approach those retirement years you typically one -- reduce that risk and you wanna make sure the risk of not running out of money. You don't have undue market exposure with the assets -- really income because that sequence of returns. When you take the money out for example if you retired in 2008 with the nine dollar retirement plan. All in the market no no structure around it and the market went down 50% and he just lost after money that means your income. Went down -- 50% how he made their money back. Especially if you're right on retirement if you're retired -- it -- did you go back to retire I mean go back to work. Change your lifestyle you gonna have to change your lifestyle you gonna have to make some changes to compensate that. You know people here well in a way they'll come back do you have the time to wait. That's the other question how much time is necessary. Howling you're gonna live longevity comes in all those factors that we talked on proceeding shows okay. You know we alluded to that that has the be figured into the overall plan. Fixed index and there is great way to sure up and make sure that doesn't happen. I mean think about that ladies and gentlemen you've worked forty years fifty years of your life you're moving in and retirement because your money is not positioned right. Half of what you've saved is just gone overnight gone. Think about the feeling that would cause you. You don't ever have to worry about act. Like get in touch with Steve in Cali. They can protect your money you can give you guidance. And that can make sure you have to retirement that you want they can break down what a fixed indexed annuity is. Don't give you guidance. In the give you peace of mind. Financial serenity here offering right now for folks who called during the show. A no cost no obligation opportunity to -- -- A retirement destiny consultation as we're calling it absolutely. And you we will sit down you can talk about fixed indexed annuities you can also talk about Social Security planning you can talk about make you talk about the full gamut. A financial planning when they said they -- people committed to down what you guys and that's something that not every financial advisor can offer some can offer one or two tanks. You guys offer the full spectrum. A financial planning services and that's an amazing thing that people have the opportunities champions here wealth of knowledge a wealth of experience and your wealth of character. And I encourage folks to call this number right now 8887672122. Teacher retirement destiny consultation. Get the information you need to have the retired that you want to take the worry off the plate. You're also -- your retirement portfolio guide Kelly you can speak on that just for a second. The other time a portfolio -- is designed to. Create. A discussion with the yourself facing a discussion about what the three questions you ask. What do you need to retirement. What do you want retirement and what's currently blocking your progress towards those goals. If you feel like you're not on track then you need to give us a call us at Dallas even helped get you back on track. And if you feel like you're not on track. You're not on track. So called that number right now this is a tremendous no cost no obligation opportunity for you but you need to call before the end of the show. 88876720. Or 22 that's 8887672122. And this is retirement destiny radio I'm Ramsey went along with Steve Conte and also Kelley Carter of the -- retirement planning group. You can find out more about us online retirement destiny dot com email address is info or retirement destiny radio dot com. And make sure you give this number call before the end of the show each -- no cost no obligation retirement destiny consultations. 8887672122. That's 888767. 2122. On today's show or uncovering those myths about indexed annuities. And that guy is you know a lot of people and it made bad financial decisions are chasing yields right now. How can -- help them. Well when you look at historically may look back when he years double our study came out in 2011. The average equity investor trying to do this on his own had an average return 3.4 9% when the market itself a little over seven point eight. So that's a 50%. Flag within the returns so chasing yields doesn't work because most of the time. The investors in the people that we're talking to you. Are are trying to get into the game now and markets already at the peak. And V that in theory is to buy low and sell high but what ends up happening is -- I I and they take a -- yet they -- allow you want to see that bandwagon -- it's too late yes it's way too late and you really can't time the market. So we use the fixed index annuities tool Oprah put a rapper fuel around that principle to provide some guarantees and using. The power and the strength of these large financial institutions companies have been around a 10050 years. To provide these kind of safety nets within the retirement plan within the asset allocation models and using that as a tool to provide guaranteed income. At the end of the day it's about sustainable. Reliable retirement income. And you know I and it's important for the listeners understanding products like fixed indexed annuities. And annuities are only accessible through full service financial planning professionals such as yourself correct that's correct. And you've got a book coming out. It's called. What is your retirement -- and it's coming out in October and some folks can learn more about this within the book Diana book we -- cover the basics with respect to this particular strategy is. As we've been talking here today again it's all about education. -- unfortunately people haven't heard about these things before. So it's more or Steve if they have they what they've heard is not correct yup and it and they get the -- -- misinformation. They get you confused I mean you know you people commit this all my my brother had in the duty twenty years ago is no good. He lost money in the fees were high and I immediately know that individual did not have a fixed index annuity. So again it's our job to take them there. To educate them and put them on the track and say look we're trying to create a balance for you. We're trying to create for you what you want and that is is secured retirement. And this is one of the ways that we can accomplish that for. Well in Iran today we really deal with their there's a whole new set -- risk as we approach retirement -- didn't exist 2030 years ago. Those new -- you know we're we have two phases you have the accumulation phase which your main risk at that point your investment risk. Are the dollar going to keep pace with inflation are you managing your fees are you managing your. Your risk in asset allocation. Then hit the distributions -- getting close to retirement you're in retirement that's the distribution retirement income -- Now investment risk. Sequence of return risk withdrawal rate risk and longevity risk and one of the concerns. With the withdrawal rate risk is that if you're pulling out more money. In the portfolio is earning or you're taking big hits in the end the allocation model is not structured properly you're gonna run out of money. And that's a big big issue won't talk about it we told that the tipping point and we're in your portfolio modeling should you have the fixed index annuity. For those of our clients that want to manage money and play the casino game. We did that and we still manage the risk for them so that we can. Make the highs not quite as -- the lows aren't as bad so that we can insulate them somewhat from a down market. Our philosophy. Your retirement dollars for your fixed expenses. Shouldn't be at risk. Bottom line that's that's how I personally feel and I'm sure Kelly would agree with me those must. Have dollars for income to your retirement income should never be at risk that the key is having safe income for your fixed expenses your basic needs. That's where the fixed indexed -- comes into play and we have the ability to have to provide some very powerful. Stories and strategies around that fixed index annuity. Where you're gonna get. 80% of the upside of the market it's not it's sexy if you -- if you roll the dice and play that game. It's gonna work but if you like the risk. Then there's an eternity doesn't work and that's okay. Because we can still man is the asset allocation but the the fixed indexed annuity for the right purpose for the right client and I think that's that's important to understand we -- we try to roof and -- a balanced approach here. Are in some -- wants to hold on to the risk side of things fine. And we get them to really designate exactly how much risk are you willing to take that's fine it's your money. Day you do what you want with your money that your fund money that that that could be your -- I don't blame on your play money. Okay you have to realize you can gain 40%. You can lose 40% in -- nano second. But -- sure your other side of the house. We try to get people who do that take an insurance policy out on your must have dollars that's what -- Nixon who we are all about it might world. How does inflation affect fixed indexed annuities. Or did well this correctly structured fixed index annuity contract will provide an inflation hedge. Because we don't have any of that market risk volatility. We're able to structure these contracts where we can even link the income. This CPI used that that income will be indexed to inflation but again it's got to be done properly. All right ladies and gentlemen the retirees greatest concern is running out of money there are plenty of strategies to help you turn retirement money into a lifetime of income. The only problem. Most of these strategies do not calculate for inflation. We all know that Social Security is adjusted for inflation each year so why wouldn't she won a retirement plan that's also adjusted for inflation. Steve Conte is the president of -- retirement planning group and co creator of retirement -- radio. Steve has helped many individuals and their families plan for the future let him guide you to a safe successful retirement having a guaranteed inflation proof income for the rest of your life can provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones don't let another day go by. Call now to schedule a meeting with Steve Conte right here in Austin that number is 88876721. Point two. Again 88876720. When tweets you. For more information or to register for free upcoming workshop visit us online and retirement destiny dot com. All right ladies and gentlemen or moving into the end of the show we've got a few minutes left -- talking about uncovering the myths about indexed annuities. And -- who should be involved in this who's the ideal client for an index annuities or fixed indexed annuity. Someone who doesn't wanna take risk -- longer. That can be number one someone who is close to retirement and doesn't have the time to play in the stock market you know -- it's intrastate. That's a very difficult question and answer at the end of the day because it depends on risk tolerance age. We got some young clients with a fixed index annuity for long term planning income works great. For our older clients so it's across the board it's gonna be dependent on. You know goals objectives. Risk tolerance means. And we look at these types of issues we look at what's really driving. Their behavior when you again we talked earlier about the downside protection as the number one concern of pre retirees fifteen years out. What happens if I work fifteen years and also that market goes down 50% -- retire if embodies an a for a when -- And nobody's watching the store. While that happens they have absolutely no way to make them money back can you imagine being in that situation which -- either way we see their -- every day every day now. So we can't imagine it because we deal with it. And that's the emotional hurdle. That we have to kind of get over and help that quite understand look. There is a better way. Based on the right structure in the right strategy to provide that protection that guarantee principle that guaranteed income. So we see it all the time and it's a big concern and it's even more concerned now because we're right back where we were. Prior to 2008. And that's scary. It does feel it designated people are talking about the recovery -- -- and happy days are on the way doesn't feel real. He doesn't know it doesn't because you know what's going on today in this is what really baffles me you know there's there's seems to be -- -- they're not -- leading the economy with what's going on in the market. You seem to want a separate these two events and I read an article somewhere that says. Get out the the what's going on the market and what's going on in the economy it's like. Two drunks. Not knowing which way they're going to. And they don't realize that there are tied together by this one big stringer court. And that I think that's a pretty profound statement here it's very profound and I was given a workshop and he local company here in in Austin and then got the opportunity to meet with several young. Young people. Who had just joined this company and had -- dollars and eighty old 401K. That they were his. Thinking about rolling out and that's kind of resonated with them. Semi -- you know I mean. I saw my if my -- lose money. I saw my -- lose money and I got you know 75000. Dollars is so in this particular for once I don't I don't want to lose any money. What can I do -- my solution for them was -- fixed indexed annuity and the beauty about this is that we've got time. We got from 28 years old OK because it is and higher count. Disseminate two years old for this account to grow and when you eliminate the negatives. Every time the market goes down just get a zero so when the market was up to make money when the market goes down you don't lose any money. He's going to be a tremendous value for and for these individuals when they have to take -- required minimum distribution that's a power of these -- Well and I think -- I think one of the issues that's come up is that you know a lot of people have made annuities complicated and in the fixed indexed annuities really very simple concept. You're gonna receive a portion of the market gain in the index whatever that is -- doubt US and the Russell now whatever it is and none of the losses to number rise in a portion of the game so you're gonna get a portion of the upside but none of the downside risk. You're gonna get that credited annually here every few years or whatever the number as. For people to understand this is important weather here and asset allocation models are fixed index annuity it is impossible. To get 100%. Of the game on 100% of your money with no fees and no risk. So if you understand that that it can't be done anywhere except in the backyard in a coffee can. You now got you have the concept of fixed index annuity now where does it did in your overall portfolio. That's why you -- come -- sit down. Get the retirement portfolio guys do the work most people spend more time on planning your vacations. And did you planning for their retirement and it's not that complicated if you have a right to. -- -- By the right team. Our ladies and gentlemen right now you have an opportunity to tapping into the -- that knowledgeable experienced and the wealth of character -- -- Stephen Kelly half. You've been doing this for over twenty years and this is your opportunity to get a no cost no obligation retirement portfolio guide. And also a retirement destiny consultation. They'll also provides you with the financial road map. Now talk about the financial roadmap. Kelly well what what we really walked through in this process is we have to you. Take -- to look inside look that we have to look under the hood if you will and determine what it is you really trying to accomplish. And so we sit down we're gonna walk you through. A discussion really what you want because at the end of the day it doesn't matter just bring us -- -- -- the doctor. And the doctor says what hurts and the patient says he wants you tell me. Can't diagnose silly and you've got to be honest you've got to be prepared to have an honest conversation about where you are. Where you wanna go and watch your roadblock to our and then we will start to lay out that road map. That GPS to a guaranteed pensions commission to be able to do is give you the tools to make those right decisions and remove the emotion. Steve -- Kelley Carter. Think you guys very much for sharing your wealth of knowledge your expertise. And your character. And I wanna encourage anyone listening right now if you had any doubts at all when it comes to your financial future. Pick up the phone right now or at the end of the show call this number 88876720. Who went 22. The retirees greatest concern is running out of money there are plenty of strategies to help you turn retirement money into a lifetime of income the only problem. Most of these strategies do not calculate for inflation. We all know that Social Security is adjusted for inflation each year so why wouldn't she want a retirement plan that's also adjusted for inflation. Steve Conte is the president of -- retirement planning group. And co creator of retirement destiny radio. Steve has helped many individuals and their families plan for the future. Letting guys -- to a safe successful retirement having a guaranteed inflation proof income for the rest of your life can provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones don't let another day go by call now to schedule a meeting with Steve Conte right here in Austin. That number is 88876721. Point two. Again 88876720. When tweets you. And for more information or to register for free upcoming workshop visit us online and retirement destiny dot com. Steve Kelly great show. Thank you anger and a pleasure to play a once again ladies don't make your life and that website. Retirement death -- dot com and call that number right now 8887672122.

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