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Retirement Planning 12/7/2013

Dec 7, 2013|

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Welcome to the retirement planning Joseph would speedster assist you. Call Steve now at 1800 or 571298. And now here's -- recessed U. You know welcome to Animal Planet show. Sleep monitor stable political and this is Steve's princess few euros to finish at its worst weekend. You know I'm located right here in the Austin area round rock Texas. We've been in round rock now for a. All over thirty years. Who who write your world local and so when you do call and then to your calls somebody a very new neighborhood. That some -- turn neverland. So you're gonna need this number it's 1800. 457129. Days. Soon grab that -- -- from them and give it to you again it's 1804. Pars seven. 12 and I unity to. As a mentioned we've been in the Austin area and are -- over thirty years. We're on thirteen seven DA you know at noon. And at 3 o'clock in every Saturday. We've been on thirteen seventy you know for over five years. So please give us -- call 1804571298. And of course are aware of side to provide you some valuable information. Is www. C. Money texas'. Dot com that seat -- money texas' all typed out dot com. And who have an asset snapshot on the website and take a look at some really some interest him a true I'm shrewdest and -- will have been helping give you some ideas and -- -- little bit about finances sort of make sure -- take a look at the web site. And of course any questions whatsoever. Give me a call -- 1804. -- 71. To nominate. You know I'm licensed by the state taxes I'm an independent agent and a war torn specific companies -- running large corporations that. Tell the representatives what to offer or what not to offer. I'm independent. I want my clients -- work for you. Bring you. The very best products and services. That are available today. So pickup the phone and give me a call at 18047129. And eight. -- my core philosophy news is it Newton is that all wealth does come from. It's my responsibility. To be a good Steward -- gotten trust in me. And good Stewart should terrorists to protect his wealth from loss and second make it work as hard as possible. This philosophy is what I -- all my clients recommendations. So give me a call at 1804571298. Feared you're one of those people out there that are losing sleep. -- stress on wondering. How much in the future retirement dollars are going to be lost forever during this volatile market. Warner about when and who's gonna change course. If -- you're concerned about these that your team in. Charges that your pain and in good times and then. Are you concerned about all of sharks. And for those who view her. In money market accounts and bank CDs and he just wondering how you're gonna build and maintain with the interest rates with the well the main -- suggest an alternative. With my advanced department. It offers guarantees. Bonuses. -- yearly returns. In 100%. Guarantee safety with no fees no charges of any kind. And no old taxes while your money compounds were bright future. And you have liquidity. My number is 1804. Myself and 1298. That's 1800. 457. 1298. Now with you as possible to participate in the upside and a market and be 100%. Protected from the downside. I want to talk to you about how you can achieve. Annual gains. In a program that has contractual guarantees. That you never suffer a loss because -- market decline. You never experience any more of those guaranteed losses to broker treason charge which. He if you could convert some or all your current retirement savings in the something that would never lose value in -- marketplace. And still realize cry every chance you gains. When dispute of interest and if you're money is currently in the market. Are you happy with the huge amounts of risk of volatility that you taken. Reality news. Market goes up in the market goes down. Can you really afford to have all of your -- of savings -- rest. Especially now with everything be in this fall totals were ordered us. Who recently there was a story about 401 season were explain for Lewis retired or near return. No more than 10% of your phone should be at risk. In Starks. And 0% after its over the many of you have the majority of phones -- risk. And you have the majority your phones that none of gambling table. -- -- few weeks ago we discussed Jim Cramer from mad money fame ruled in his book that the average investor. Will lose money in the market and especially the average investor should now enough you mutual funds. And also Suzie Orman one of America's TV favorite partners. And former stockbroker herself. -- has all -- thirty million dollars plus wealth not in the market not in the market at all but it the most extreme save money accounts. You know are -- money programs ensure. That our clients' accounts only continue to grow old and never suffer a loss. -- that never -- and lost. Putting the work which some call the -- wonder the world which is the miracle of compound it. This allows my clients of peace and security. Not only living their retirement they dreamed of but also be -- able to have a legacy for the families after the gone. He'd like to learn more. Please go to phone -- gave me a call. At 1804571298. That's 1800. 457. Twelve. 98. He knows the difference between ordinary planning with banks and brokers and others and our advanced planning news. Visit with our advance planning. I replaced market uncertainty. And volatility. With principal guarantees. Your money is guaranteed. Replace all -- all permissions with no fees and no commissions. I'm maximize my client's returns with actually proven historically garner returns that are. A lot of my clients to earn two to three times sometimes as much as four times the ordinary results everyone else is forced to accept. We do you asset protection. Liquidity. And tax deferment to. Are you currently get an advanced planning where you are now. Is your current advisor. Providing you. Didn't. Plan in that you want. Give me a call at 1804. Pars and 1298. -- our advanced planning incorporates estate planning for your beneficiaries. As well make sure that your money is passed on to humorous as you wish. With a minimum delay and then on taxation. Give me a call 1804471298. 1804. Pars 71209. You listening to retirement plan and show. And solved. Be back thanks for listening to the retirement planning show with Steve's -- If you would like to reduce your future income taxes reduced the amount of your Social Security income included this taxable income. And avoid taking required distributions from your IRA that she may not need. Plus provide -- of a lifetime of income tax free distributions. Steve can help. Pick up the phone calls to Easter recess 1804571298. Working with Steve -- hassle free there's no sales pressure. Steve has been helping those in or about to retire in the Austin area for years and he can help you as well. Don't wait for more of your hard earned life savings to be lost to the market gobbled up by broker fees or taken by Uncle Sam. Call Steve success team now at 1800. 4571298. That's 180457129. -- Welcome back misses the -- to assess ski and you're listening to the retirement plan and show we talk about serious money and save money places. In appreciate you taking the time to listen in today and you know we're located right during the round rock area. Have been for over thirty years. So we're local parade here are so. -- to take advantage of our free consultation no obligation leave future looked at home. Were close by in the convenient to get to. Or if the Warren's view like. Will come to Yahoo!. The free consultation. And future place of business for your residency if you're unable to make it. To my office. So. If you'd like to take advantage of them of one hour free consultation. Give me a call. At 1804571298. And again that consultation is free to my radio listeners. By calling 1804. Pars 7129. DA. In addition that I got about and copies. Of stress free in retirement. Are the viability of mine. But catcher Kelly in that's -- the number of different books. This one stress free retirement. -- All of and shows you -- in today's. Correction. Potentially. Do you -- when you retire how to eliminate the pain in the and a hassles of the investment landscape. In this local also are talks about how to protect your life savings against loss. Obviously something very important. Could read an income stream you never can all live. Receive our limited. Receive unlimited. Upside gain potential would zero risk of loss. Solution he explains in talks about how you can protect. Your gains who's who knows how to protect your principal. And stop opinions. Of the management duties to your brokerage to money managers. Explains you can eliminate those fees as well. Couple people who read the book -- -- review rates at this has to be the simplest and most informative retirement OK ever. And didn't Steve Craig writes it factor Carolina has a gift. He is from renowned financial author and an expert who can make a complex subject simple and foreign. Who -- enjoyed. This quick read and it just might change your financial future. In addition that show currents the financial services world can be so confusing and intimidating. That you walk. Help me start understanding my retirement. So if he'd like to copy of this. Both but there can only stress free retirement. Umi call 1804571298. Let's take a few minutes star in the office of the -- that would be great. From just review it. -- time and with my. -- news team receptionist and set that up accordingly. War if it needs to be mailed out to use -- appropriate preparation of these make sure that you receive a one way should perform. So again in about ten copies of there books stress free retirement if you'd like corn give us a call. 1804. Pars 712298. You know the thing with him as a free consultation or obligation to my radio listeners. You learn to just come in and take advantage of free consultation. Again this is my radio listeners personal cost there's no pressure. The -- -- Cook at home. Come to my office or awards so pumped you. -- close of business for your residents should whichever way who's just give us call 1804. Pars 71298. Take advantage of this free book free consultation or discussion questions. In the chorus don't forget our web site. It's his WW dot safe money taxes it's a money to taxes -- arm. Check our website our -- take a look at that are so there rotator. My instinct that that might be some interest you issues depth chart your investments. So far as volatility and risk. So go ahead and take advantage of that -- and then again that's it's safe money taxes dot com. To take advantage of that as well. So now's a good time to give us a call 1804. March 7 1229. -- You know -- look at losing money. And is number different ways of you can lose money. It doesn't happen to be just strip people market to -- but that's would pretty much of what he thinks shows ago a parent of who lose -- it's going to be because the market dropped to whatever. Now it might even be from who brokered charge in those fees might be just another way that you lose money in your account. So it's not only Jews from the downturn in the market would be from the fees and charges of commissions that are taken are your count as well all. And in addition of that -- about taxation. It's another way to lose money in the account to suit taxation and in news we feel extremely important to understand. Had no. You funds are going to be paid out to you and these are going to be you know to use the highest tax bracket. The highest taxable when it was going to be you know -- in the lowest taxable. Position. The church Dreamweaver important issues. And things to do have to be dealt with when you retire. At least start looking -- -- that I view -- five to ten years before retirement. Two in the other thing that's that's extremely important is -- is to understand and that's the silent retirement killer. And is this another way how to lose money in your account. And you know who's who knows that you just mentioned who's. Although most of -- he was immediately we think of the market -- Which is the biggest concern in retirement planning. -- and again there's another risk which must be considered. Due to its ability to steadily erode the value of your are such. Year after year. And it's inflation. Which is the increase in the prices of goods services. And commodities. Now we have identified the potential devastating power of inflation. Let's briefly. Examine our current environment to access the potential for another period of -- pollution going forward. And we all remember the Carter years from emotional ones are old enough to. Well the elephant again is in the room. And of course that's our national debt. Which is approaching seventeen trillion dollars or seventeen with -- kinds zeros behind it. You know compound their continued financial issues is national level with. Current and potential military activities overseas. The risk of inflation is certainly upon us. The big question now is how can a person approaching retirement. In need to have fixed income solutions. He effectively. Address the risk of increased increased inflation. What do we do that's the question. Well. The recommendation is something you may not expect. The index accounts and I were requests. For fortunately and -- companies have been adjusting their investments over the years. -- -- wreck we addressed to specific needs of Americans. Who are in or near their retirement. Years. Given the expected rise in inflation by amending. The of course have there have been established investments. Which specifically address. The risk to you. The risk you face if exposed. To periods of rising inflation. In summary. This product that allows retirees to transfer of threat of the rising inflation. To the company. They allowed to Paris -- -- and gives you the opportunity to basically take that monkey off your shoulder and astronaut to the company. Let them deal with it. Wanna learn more how you can accomplish much. Have to meet with you. Pretty consultation. Give me a call 1804571298. 1804571298. The -- mistress -- you listening to move to return. And show it and how old -- Thanks for listening to the retirement planning show with Steve should -- -- If you're looking for indexed annuities with upside return potential links to the growth of stocks and 100%. Downside protection from stock market declines plus a guaranteed rate of return of the market under performance over the long term and ongoing access to a portion of your money with tax advantages and possibly lower taxes on Social Security income then Steve can help. Pick up the phone and calls to Easter recess 1804571298. Working with Steve -- hassle free there's no sales pressure. Steve has been helping those in or about to retire in the Austin area for years and they can help he was well. Don't wait for more of your hard -- life savings to be lost to the market gobbled up by broker fees or taken by Uncle Sam. Call Steve -- -- he now has 1800. 4571298. That's 1804571298. Welcome back this is Steve mistress -- in new listening to the retirement plan and show. Who would talk about save money and save money places. Thanks for -- on this glorious weekend you know hope you're enjoying the show and I hope you're enjoying your Saturday. You know I'm located right here in the Austin area and rounder on taxes. We've been you know around -- for over thirty years. So we're local we're right here if you wanna take advantage of -- services. Free consultation no obligation leave future -- at home sort of provide to my radio listeners. And and you become the my office or I will come to -- close of business or residential whatever warrants. So give us a call at 1804. Pars 712 united. To take advantage of this free consultation. In addition of that if you do you spend some questions give me a call. 1845712. United. Who called you back personally and answer those questions or you. In addition of that -- and then like I mentioned before we got ten books from Patrick Kelly month. Buddy that is that wrote stress free retirement. If you like your free copy. And would like to come into the office to pick enough -- and simply. You know to do that by calling our team receptionists at 804571298. Or if there's no possible way you're -- an indictment -- sent out to be have to do that is well. And again this can happen by calling 804. Prize 71298. -- -- appropriate information with my team a receptionist. He and we'll do better with the confirmation of call if you weren't sent out to you or if you'd like to come in -- and and we spend a few minutes with us and in Houston. Quick consultation at that time would be great to. 180457129. Dates you -- to take advantage it. Copy of their free book -- give us a call. Free consultation or if you just got some questions. Give us a call at 1804571298. And of course don't -- of our web site. At www. Save money taxes dot com that saves money taxes. Dot com all tied down. Take them to go look at nerves RS it's there should. Telecommuters and then give you some ideas about -- some clarity as far as volatility and risk. Should take advantage of that or you're just gonna -- -- great articles from -- was well. And again that's an excellent way for driving you if you forget 800 more pars 71298. Number. Just remembers save money tax news in -- contact me through the web site. Give us a call 1804. Pars and 1298. I got a quick question for those who view worth thinking about retirement through. Thinking about rule over your 401K your IRA yourself you for a review aren't even qualified accounts. Would you rather. Haiti and preserve your principal and games. The minimize. The impact of risk. Under any market conditions. But he thinks he. Secure. A guaranteed income -- one. There's some pretty tough choices right. Well. I -- that you should have mall. That more. With one product that gives you all three. Which is called an index account which proved -- talk about numerous times. Give me a call at 1804. -- 71298. You know I'm right here in the Austin area were close by. -- 1804. Pars 7129. DA. You know I've been helping clients in the Austin my clients here in the Austin area for over thirty years. -- -- you know right now would have for a limited time when I'm gonna be offering is -- tomorrow. Complimentary consultation. There's a special thank you. We used to take to turn to come in this it. Should give me a call. If you'd like to take advantage of the free consultation. You need to do it now -- because only had a few slots to do with that term available. So if you think you know our retirement. Are already retired. You do need these answers. She give me a call 1804571298. And -- were close bar. 1804. Pars and 12982. You know we've been talking about -- money programs use me. Index accounts and how you can -- market like returns without any of the market risk. And how you can eliminate those high fees and charges and commissions. That you to Britain being charged by your broker. And how you can start feeling secure in knowing that your retirement money is 100% -- norm. But I use save money program is based -- specialize in this accounts to represent less than 1% of the parts that are available today. Would provide. High historical annual gains. Include contractual guarantees. That you'll never suffer loss because of stock market declines. Well locking in new yearly gains that are also guaranty. And also. Immediate cash bonuses. In any wounds from two -- rise 10%. Was zero loans in zero cities. On this program my message is different from what you normally hear financial -- -- largely because of our concepts are different. Our emphasis is on the preservation of capital preservation new money. Not risk tolerance from management to guaranteed low bank -- room turns. -- for retirement. What I do is to ensure that you are harder and moaning his 100%. Series from any at all market losses. Stay away from Starks would stay away from bonds which there was mutual funds and we stay away from variable annuities. You know one -- looked and losing money in the market. It's more than just that value of the fund. It's also an element of time that no one can place a Value Line. The older review at the more valuable work time is simply because we just don't have the same monetary muscle of that is what we addressed in advance planning. So we address that we never put your money in a position to be lost you don't have to spend time getting back to even. Just wanted to strategies that I -- very Smart cards. But was never lose in the event and so the savings or risk free he can't go down. The kings in maker locked in this well. She -- that the teams you -- are locked in as well -- you can't take any losses. They also groups and also gross tax deferred for you reduce taxes or another enemy of growth. And of course those taxes cross wants this to your account. Losses of any kind or choose not allowed in advance planning. With ours save money plans -- game when the market gains which you don't lose when the market goes down. In fact our show you how you can gain even when the market is losing. Give me a call 1804. Pars 71298. That's 1804. -- 71298. Take advantage of the free consultation. Or did pretty comfortable from -- -- -- -- that have wrote from a stress for retirement. Buddy of mine in the end or just cuts -- questions. Give me a call 1804. -- 712 and I ended the Sistine mistress asking you listening to the retirement plan and show.