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Dec 7, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Everybody welcome to another edition of delicious mystery of the food and -- radio program for Texas. As always delicious -- is a presentation aspects wines spirits and finer foods. What we want to thank specs and all of you for listening even more than usual this week because of the show we are in Greece and we're traveling around Greece -- app. Athens the capital or any of the islands are or the beautiful and the mayor region famous for. Incredible wines and meet the winds of Saint George in particular the -- your -- to go great. All that will be a part of today's show but in this opening segment we wanted to get kind of a general idea of what's going on what's happening in in Greek food because. A lot of that's frankly in the states. If we have access to regress front if we go to Greek restaurant. We kind of get the same thing over and over and over again and and it's kind of wondered two things and that's it. But when you come agrees. When you go to the seashore or the islands and you see all this wonderful seat thirty go to the mountains and you see. All of this wonderful -- you go to the valleys use the all this incredible proteins fruits and vegetables. It kind of hits you in the face -- there's a whole lot more to Greek cooking. And of course great drinking than you ever ever thought so I'm I'm here with the the food editor of a magazine called real taste and style I can read that because they need the actual name of the magazine. Is in. English language and everything else I can't read a word out so to interpret to give us a sense I'm here with the food editor -- SEC and and and -- I mean -- What kind it is going on in the food world in Greece right now because it's obviously an incredibly old country. But there seems to be a lot of new things happening. Yes hello hello from and American -- From peace. And Al mud so interesting -- that -- joining your so. And I -- tools to present -- -- me traditionally -- -- some very specifically Indians. And some months of the foods and on so -- I won't. Tools. To pass some -- delete black rain and excellent wind is my favorite super fruit but beat you'll hit. What's it -- that day didn't. You know -- of course about the neglected in the NPC -- and that the creaky -- and the fame will sic at -- diet. And our especially previous first of all on deploy it on leaves. I asked them and a huge and almost the sole color -- made. -- -- Have faith belief that face this and playbook. And almost single B nation we've some. It's. -- -- campuses. Like what they get them like FEMA like there. The space -- Clive -- And we have. Ferried at least use. Or visit thousands and -- fruit the and net emotionally and some of -- they afraid access fees because you know pretty good. Hey it's all of followed close sounded -- moxie and does so on. Also updated the pieces that I have faced this and we can combine two weeks -- thugs. Or. Or should weaken cool crew we've applying we've special buying. And I like to cook I like to cook with -- and as the T shirt says sometimes some of the evening gets in the food most of -- gets in the park yes. It it's very expensive because. All of our lines are afraid to indicate that. And that is afraid if -- -- -- combined its base in and make that. That barrel from a lying in the other food that. It's very indicate that we'll let. Let me ask you about a little more about but the magazine because I am a former newspaper food editor and so we would put out the food section. And and this actually comes out in and in a newspaper called real news in in Athens and beyond and beyond and beyond. What do you think your readers of of real taste and style what do they most need from me what do they look TU to supply them. We -- of the most defeat was saying -- -- Mason city of new looks and as opposed to like fake news or pseudo news. And in the power right -- -- wait. I'm very interesting about the he gives them on the thinks and that gets thrown only in the wind. Because for so guess learn on the east -- position. He's been April 2 -- then I'll Laura asked entry. It's it's that way you'll find leaving. It's something they've -- that -- -- for us of the cozy you know Greeks matter of vanity and very famous for. It is the three called lean 58 they've through Rania hour. Homeland apparently and I learned the new word it's -- -- any act which is like friendliness to strangers arch friends strangers. And in dissident in his way we make some they -- -- snatch -- four defeat most today. And it -- and then die yet so so what. Is he did the diet from Crete but what what do what it would be to -- two or three things that's him that are important about the sweetened diet there at that that's maybe not. Part of another diet somewhere out yes it it it -- -- it done. One school -- Victory at then that you listen to. Lol. Is to -- -- am. Wonderfully. -- -- And this some favorite space center campus. It cut its public three over its dominant Daffy EU what what is back. -- -- -- It is fair to say -- -- bomb -- off beat them in and the -- -- deep and that the hoaxes and so on. It's all good things. They've database Pakistan and and there is something connected eyes -- Connecticut that I use connect and ninety -- It also high end of it be cool news that visa. Eat there all -- it theme and monarchy you know we that they apply the yield for the -- so why he. Am hopeful of connect -- mountains. And told soul is the they used to eat their feet ship. The -- -- -- he shook and and the debate came combination of what fees -- that they established. That's a little different -- is it very difficult -- low because they eat it if they they quote to eat there. And move is Pat McAfee -- feet -- Or. -- so we feast. It's something they've raised this. That is so so let's let's talk about one thing because I was a surprising part of this visit to Greece. Was to find all the young -- -- -- some of them not necessarily all that young but but the young minded -- if you will. Looking at the traditional Greek items I mean everything from -- 22 goal modest to kept that it's you know whatever it may be. And then to kind of reinvent these things dislike chefs are doing say -- in in in the US certainly in California for twenty years or in you know all over the world -- Are excited to be kind of rethinking the feel freedom. To do that I take it that's what's happening Greece's well with some of the shafts. Yes of course we very famous. -- which have Fay moves and then also. It initial stops it says even increase that allow the French people would give you guys Michelin stars they're they're hard pressed to give starts to anybody but France yes yes. And -- -- they they have -- -- in these -- of strategy you have heard that about them yet. And and now would have many ships of that the city you plan to that about the -- ligaments and before. And I'll our keys CNET and that they make and if they look pretty keys that they -- it. Actually -- Access to it a decent not a recipe -- -- -- thinks that they make it that they don't do so it do we. Tool tool and it they don't you lose. And it is so much. But. The cream and that thinks that. Our -- -- and they don't. And 42 weeks. Didn't get an increase seen in the Greek cuisine there. And and move they make it may make it fox put. He sent. And we have also. They were snatched from abroad. Even from my England and France and -- units stay there that the these two Greek it's just the two -- That is some of the green if they -- the secrets of a lot of casino. That sounds great -- if you decide you need another I'm not quite famous. Technique SEC thank you for joining us on behalf of real taste and style magazine. -- food and wine that is to say -- astronomy magazine publishing Greece and very popular and as soon as I'm master reading -- I'm in -- region may be even sample every single recipe well -- when we come back delicious this. Having her great great segment. Who lined the famously came in the mail all part of the valley winery. -- Don't -- that it'll spoil your dinner. Instead here's more delicious mischief with your host John good murderers. And now from the shelves expects wines spirits and finer foods this is great ingrained. As you know we have come to Greece for this week show. And we've come to a very special part special section special region of -- called them may have. To learn about and keeping the words special going here to learn about a great that I've heard about and heard about and never really had a chance to kind of get my arms around and that is well here here's -- here's here's a quote this'll put things in perspective. A German traveler through this region I'm the man in the mid eighteen hundreds wrote this. And when the -- the wind of the region finds the road to other places -- -- Saint George certainly hasn't even brighter future before him the -- line of Saint George surely deserves to become known to the whole world well it's a safe bet that the -- -- PT -- gray AKA Saint George -- is now known to more and more pieces and parts of the whole world and we come here to -- to the -- winery to talk with manager man no -- Yeah -- he had jockeys. Now nominee and always tell us a little bit about. As you travel the world because I mean you're here in the states here in Europe here in China every time I turn around you're someplace else. Talking about the winds -- similarly. And in particular most often the winds of the -- -- get to go great what do you hope that we can learn and appreciate about this great what makes it's special. Plates it. Amazing question about that because I can talk about powers and on port if you means about that but. What the special about all -- create frightens you so they have been -- exploding around us. Whatever you think about -- widens there is these exploding you put your nose in the last and you find out you don't just -- In the nature -- -- on most in the nature especially regular you -- he keeps you in a very smooth. Read the fruits date instant it and smells Ramos and tastes that rule pleasant -- All the kinds of food that you can imagine all the of people that we can match. And healthy certainly plays a role in the Mediterranean diet which is keep the demise by the food of so much agree it's really. Now now let's talk a little bit about you these great -- idols because. You know that's one thing that I won't say turns people on turns people off but I mean it's we are so accustomed when we look at other countries be it she -- or wherever. That that whatever else they do that's weird and wonderful the grapes are Chardonnay cabernet in my low you know almost always really these days. And yet -- says what we would say in Texas stuck to its guns. And stuck to its great variety holes which are sometimes hard to renounce. But really easy to drink I mean what is the sort of philosophy. Now the good record behind. -- emphasizing and and and staying true to the Greek varieties. Rather than automatically doing going with something that you figure you could sell much easier. -- He's tough to imagine that we have 300 and -- -- script rankings. That means each -- announce a -- than the other that's right that it's just like my last name people trying to down the Iraqis can say and that's that. You'll you'll what do cases so -- finest line because you said -- up for the -- But right now. When we want to expose. Out creek creek practice we have to theme that people come out. Accept -- so easy it's just like. Cover narrower shoving them down or shut them know whatever comes. International cricket practice still having 300 we'd have to choose suites at the beginning because people want to promote each one. Well the grip Friday's forty here there will be taken three -- three centuries for last promotes. -- -- -- -- one year outbreak practice which of course in Greece is no time at all because everybody talks about things 2003000. Years ago. I guess you and I have to stick around longer. That's right he re no man. From. Known from the references we know that we produce and almost 3000 years ago. We know from the books that people treatment that diamond from the storytellers that they were -- that are red wine was. The dead. What abandon the black wolf than I -- -- -- -- list. Soul by that time they know that they would treat red wines in the let's hope they were drinking red wine and not like lions applied -- No sacrifice of that dive right back at and it's certainly no sacrifice to bring these wonderful -- I'm. And and and and so let's talk a little bit about because you guys hear it at some -- wines and winery in the -- have certainly taken a leadership role in this movement. That for a very long time people think of wine is being very ancient. Increase. But -- it seems like them the Greek maligned industry that we know of he's relatively recent more recent than say California -- a lot of places. What what is going on here right over the last ten or fifteen years that has earned so much more respect so much more appreciation. And reaching them wider and wider audience in the in the larger world all the time. You must not to chains people -- about the requirements we have to name now. Forty often because wineries. Increase we now saying much about the winds we called him they knew warrants creates. Because we -- -- new perspective to news -- people that. Now we make our winds shouldn't and national very acceptable from everybody. Oh wait we be defiant and in no way that. There everybody. Couldn't. Not -- bearing we fought Mediterranean. Of course create -- and whatever comes with a healthy food because we have. Made wines from the very natural way. Sophisticated but they're natural it will -- very well with all the pollutants with -- talks with India theater Hamas with whatever comes to. But to for our -- Brilliant you know mono is Sam when people think of agriculture -- general say they picture you know long flat valleys of dark dark earth very Maurice two very fertile kind of thing going back to the tigris and Euphrates exposed. I'm that is not some -- this this area around here is gorgeous it's beautiful it's mountainous. Tell me about describe for -- listeners if you will. What the world that the the natural world that gives us these wonderful rapes and these wonderful wines is like because. It doesn't feel like farm country feels like mountain climbing country. Exactly. Greece's mountain country we got up so much volleys. Sold the book king when anything about wine producing and he's at the don't want you create to get so much water. Not so fertile soil and not so. Easy they contend nutrition from the ground that vineyards. So what you need -- hot so -- sold opinions produced. They concentrated juice to keep you -- set produced. Winds with a very. Reits play of course in Romulus shall -- what we covering their man. You three examples Tuscan landscape but -- hired heels. I could save mountains. But also and very Healy and so we have to struggle our minds have to struggle to get the what are. Here actually produce high quality grapes to give us the best quality. To produce our -- And the micro payment here repeats an amazing because it has to be different micro payments and seven different sorts sharks who do we have crews here. I asked these same -- we have different places to you cultivate and and keep you different factual lines to please every about every month. So -- if somebody out there has never had Greek liner or you know just that some -- in in the states you know some -- sort of diner that they had some already seen as sitting around somewhere if that was -- what would you tell them about you know -- -- here it's a -- and and that the the more important the more progressive wineries. In almost every part of Greece and you guys are doing some great stuff. The philosophy of should Mandy was making. Great value wagons. In all of them the price trains -- whenever you play. Fifty euros -- ball floor apartment for a -- shoot beat. It really great one for the money that he spent sold up was that change because you have to thing that Kris produces only of very few. The whine complain to the whole production it's only 1%. Of the whole book of -- focal what that means nobody. And expect people -- to -- -- Greek wines right you know every day. So what do you outlook requirements you have to know freshness that keeps you and refreshing freshness actually that keeps you. With a list sulphide that they haven't signed. And very pleasant feeling with -- -- what are we doing so mainly it's we. Escalate that to great. Great great. Great -- items that are remorseful feeling at all for the whites and the -- critical for the red so you can find from very. Easy exploding a Roma wines you. -- -- reds that can last for ten or fifteen years. We nominally seventy gave me -- new concept for this show refreshing press freshness and -- you. All out there one more refreshing freshness not to mention it -- 12345. Different wind. Smelly in the beautiful region in May after they -- because delicious mr. and we'll be right back after. Still hungry. Here's another helping your delicious mischief which are host John Denver. Everybody -- another edition of malicious mischief. The food and wine program for Texas. As always delicious mr. it's a presentation of -- wines spirits and finer foods now you are listening to a very special edition of delicious mischief. And you wonder what that means because I mean all of them -- special after all but this one is coming you from Athens the capital of grace which means the capital of the world of of culture of of literature of theatre and yes folks who. Pretty much the capital -- now if you don't think of it that way if you're more into Europe. Burgundy Bordeaux in Napa Valley or whatever it may be then you're not thinking historically because the first culture on -- to really embrace winemaking and wine drinking. Was of course -- -- so we all the mall every time we take a glass of wine a sip of a bottle of wine. We kind of should -- the Greeks right I mean that makes a lot of sense we -- at a wine bar kind of very special destination right near the Acropolis which puts it in the heart of everything we're doing here and happens. Near the Acropolis museum which is an incredible thing unto itself. I'm a wine bar called -- point and I am here with Martinis and knocking. And down and McNally who call you that for short now that nominally tell me about wind point to me when people come here. What do they do what what is the enjoyment like at at one point. Line on days off that fast wine bars that they -- open the last eight years nothing's. And female we aren't trying to keep that depicting the people that that comes here to face only Greek at least. And today only Greek producers and they're giving him policies to Greek men and I peace. That it's been. The most important then -- could. And it. Think that the we -- didn't -- -- soon communicate the -- to be put that on paper. Where so many things I wanna learn about Greek wines in the in these next two segments. But one of the things that she said was interesting and that is that a lot of you know in the world of wine. A lot of countries have gone over if you will -- change to produce cabernet and Chardonnay and a lot of these. Popular international varietal because why because you can sell them because people understand them all over the world. But Greece is a world of it. Very we would say exotic varietal types of grapes that are found nowhere else on earth some of which are actually in danger of basically being lost team beat becoming extinct because maybe no one will grow the many more. There is kind of a movement believed it to kind of celebrate of those things that are very -- very traditional very native. And it is is that what's going on here when you talk about some of these exotic or less known -- -- that. Then. There -- the things -- play a softening their Hawaiian creaking diseases the last thing it could be the last thing years. It was set to become give emphasis to. Only -- and NASA facts because. Then. The feet to explore and to. To buying and buying these kind of live right this was already the fact. But now it's the new hot exiting new movement as you said than to give that emphasis victory and varieties. And then the people Lang. Embracing. He says -- eight. For the Greek and back east and then. It's really nice for us for us to. -- says that put into that people to come and and so. Quiescent and you know it's it's it is really really interesting for people to come here it especially to wind point. And and it's also interesting that as part of this movement of of emphasizing the grapes that are. Traditionally sort of native Greek grapes if you will. That has not only improve the drinking wine -- in Greece but it's really improved let's say the profile of Greek wines in the world I mean up until this same period this 1015 years ago. I would have -- in the states nobody really thought about recline to mean wine lovers knew that Greek play -- Greece played a role in the history of wine. But in terms of going to a restaurant and ordering a -- even if it was a Greek restaurant there was a general tendency to order something from California for instance. Whereas now I believe in all kinds of restaurants including Americans shaft driven me you know kind of like farm to table type restaurants. More and more Greek wines of the of the high quality variety almost you might say the gourmet you might say high end variety those things didn't exist fifteen years ago in the states they just weren't showing up. Now wine lovers are really ready and ready open minded if you will to appreciate that Greece is making some wonderful wines. Does this have to do I with a lot more Greek winemakers having tasted in travel and studied all over. He -- and whole effort that hopping from their -- saying from the winemakers. Because the needs an -- on -- makers have alerted the study and it being gates gate leading man and it is getting negative basis increased our man other countries. The plan acknowledge there's really great day for the last fifteen years and was done -- sticks in winemaking team. And then nothing older ones that -- -- -- deploring that they. Generally the team compared with. And. Even though and village there lying regions of Europe and nothing then. In the same eleventh. And I can see a lot more emphasis also on looking at the bottles we had there a lot more emphasis on Tarawa. And region maladies so hopefully even American wine lovers who are a long way removed from the world of Greece in the the countryside of Greece will begin to say. -- -- -- -- -- For example laughs it pretty -- nice there's of that wiring and the right but I peace day week like right he's a seat because. Has been already planned meetings say yeah. Soul. Sound great but these -- things up and the next -- seeing an up and coming now for. That is good while before we take some wind here -- Millie let's talk a little bit about some of the food because of course. You know we believe that you should be eating something wild drinking and not for instance here's a very colorful plate of some sort of -- some sort of toppings if you will what give us a quick tour of what's on there -- -- thinks it. Greek. Good bad face for example we have some banks still from Beijing we -- sound man. And it but then thanks so we con man if Rome make. The land. Sells it deepened. Meeks all of these and it covers -- from gab but in from park. And wow that's pretty amazing now. Now what's happening in this played it looks. Kind of like it to me it looks a little like a -- -- of some sort but what is that you can say active but not exactly but they say no it's not a required you know Pat Day let's not speak French here all right it's. She's smoked then and length of today Meeks I actually -- for it mark and today and not. And studies now led decent note in -- And it's -- governments. I've never had -- months before so that is really good now we have kind of a beautiful. Work of art in in in cold cuts -- you know looks like Hammond. Beautiful work of art a Greek is that with some interest in looking breads and things like that what's going on on that plane. -- -- -- -- That's because it a great idea of the frame and it sees things anonymous. Then Sunday friends say good producers from all of its. And these acts and the and then items that you cannot find them easily on the market we. And there have been leaving us from in different regions because red and illness. Replacements as several -- he's eating these things actually and really. Hi brewer on trying to -- the day in new tastes and hi guys except to the -- So -- Since -- they are younger Greek person is that kind of exciting in this sense of discovery that. I mean we all know -- traditional culture like everything from the village you know that if you lived a hundred years ago or even fifty years ago. You view only ate the bread made in the village that she's made in the village the wind made out the backyard basically. Now there's a broader understanding that not only should you celebrate what's local because that's important. But you can also discover within your culture all of these different you say you're kind of -- -- as we speak. Things that. And you people like me active enough and I mean it's that today and how we we do realize that today. Just decent he's saying it -- to our nation's doesn't connected to -- these days. So all of these things are and really and caucus states and it's like it's happened to our tradition and to different regions. Set it down listening to played like beast custom it. And we always giving the same -- select -- they say he's he's from horror movies com or edit -- made this. Because the very leak cost and safety that face in lung hanging on spotlights. Well -- stay with us because we have some great wine taste all Greek it's all Greek to me and it's all lying to me it wouldn't be right back here on this -- are one thing. Our breaking -- segment. But this final segment of the show I mean you're from Athens Greece would come to a place. High atop I always wanted to use that words those words high atop the new hotel in Athens. Two to a place called art lounge and for starters a lot of the art is just in the city itself if you look outside you go into the beautiful terrorist. And yes there would be the Acropolis and so if you're looking for famous places famous use of famous places. The and down -- tell us a little bit about art lounge we know. What's so -- about it. Hi John. I mountains is located on the seventh Florida all new hotels. Eight open just in May so often want -- each year and a half of separation of the hotel. And what he's instinctive about act -- is that we have been very nice library. That we host 350. Son contemporary. Design books that they guests can actually. It's like a library with cocktails. Exactly. You see around art works from the company called toilet paper. That's of -- I name -- now all but good I'm glad you realize that. Especially that dining area. But it was create it died two Italians. Did out of that I and then moderates have -- an -- -- they are and sound -- -- that they act. He's a photographer and then painters so it actually combine their art. And then make -- grant very nice I play as saying. Me. -- so in in the evenings and I'm sure this -- -- popular at different times for different reasons but certainly in the evenings the guess here at the hotel I'm sure from all around the the plot that it traditional area here -- happens. Come to perhaps have a drink -- or some small bites or maybe even a full dinner I think all that can be done here. How do you how do you -- this place is really busy the art lounge here at -- at the new hotel. What most people doing here. We he's certain dean after 7 o'clock. Soul people can actually have it's not maybe some wine may be full Diener. But some of them also come -- for dessert with that view. Not me full whiners at two worries people saying guess staying with us but also seen -- time to enjoy the view and the food. We have very nice desserts. They're prepared from hold their strength and I pastry chef. And then. Again everything is -- house and their -- We you know what's interesting about the desserts here in new hotel whether you're downstairs at new taste restaurant or are up up here in the -- lounge. Is that I think. We Americans only come to great so we just go to Greek restaurant in our own city. We think but what about we think a lot of different things like that that that these desserts tend to be very sweet now we love very sweet so not -- -- in -- change of pace maybe you know honing in knots. But it but you have a much broader European pastry view here I guess thanks to the German pastry chef. What what do you see what you like best about the desserts here. I elected dessert but it might sound funny because they're not very sweet. And my favorite one is that you -- to the Italian dessert but he also prepares. Lemon pie tastes. Chocolate tarts lemon tarts. Fresh fruit -- why chocolate tarts. They even prepares me the bucket of hot type but in the different sense not -- very very sweet not. Very honey and side. And you'll get also them accounts in different taste like chocolate than. We fruits. And something more friends. And every day we have and I give extremely alert users every day he prepares new desserts so you can come -- can come back and enjoy -- Are you all to keep us coming back every day like that. So so. Let's talk lose though because you know when you when you come to Athens are you know -- down down on the street where up on the seventh floor and Albert on the street every every place you pass every restaurant every time there and every. Every everything practically since coming in avenues so. I mean Greeks must really love their -- though and here at at -- lounge. Mean how do you like to take who's so as it were mean where does that fit in in -- world that isn't so -- Steve but still very very Greek. I do have those -- time. This secret that we have permission we can have who's so any time we've heard it here first. -- -- excellent secret. -- the use of the circle as always I aides and watch it. And it's suspected to taste that plane. Keep it to -- also but did not put any -- watcher but then it gets -- gets a very bad stomach -- by the -- -- if you think -- -- we're talking -- over folks yes. So you can have was up before being there hour after being there oh we with small by -- surveillance. Are announced. But we also -- black must be. Nixon it's it's sort of -- but it comes from a musty country. And and other -- -- or any other cocktails you waste any time you waste to have them after 7 o'clock. Well you know it's it's it's interesting -- -- as such it's sort of what I would call licorice flavor and then -- are no it's not -- but that I mean in in general terms it is an and it's something that. That I know I know a lot of Americans feel they're going Greek you know when they have a news though and it and it is a wonderfully. Signature kind of taste com for anything that involves the Greek culture are Greek cuisine. Now I'm here at aren't lounge of course we live in what what I like to call the golden major the new golden age of the cocktail a lot of interest and cocktails and mixology. All of that. You guys have some specialty cocktails but before talk about individual ones and do some tasting of course. On the what do you what do you see is sort of like that the vision or the philosophy of cocktails here I mean obviously you have somebody really talented making these things. And it's stupid that lately a -- called diamond makes colleges and it's a convenience has started drinking cocktails I'd say eight years ago pain in. Hotels and restaurants located in hotels. But also after like the last 34 years they go out and they're looking for the best cocktail of the CD at the best price. So rewarding the mission I'm mom come into that. It's very important the quality and that. That this -- to be seen in order to have a practical stance and the mix of men in treatments is very important. So in yet in -- announcing it days you can have some unique cook says that we. Repair or some other cocktails that paralyzed and now but we make the difference. Well you mentioned that must -- must -- before as being a very Greek spirit -- Here's here's a cocktail called the -- these keynotes I'm not sure what I think of that beast Tina amateur that means. But it starts with vodka and goes from there tell us that what what is at least you know it's all about. That becomes on the that there. And genus is that Brandon and last we use so it's -- -- fresh lemon juice pink pepper and then goes to -- It's very -- sound reason not that complicated but it's all very. Equalized. That's balanced that's really balances that we we were I to I have a lot of mix -- just on the show and they all. When in doubt but the right word to say they'll say it's very balanced -- now it's it's good to be balanced apparently one of one of one of the things that sounds very bouncing -- -- is the concept of. Breakfast martini I mean what the heck is -- breakfast martini -- -- we've really having this with our coffee -- light. Breakfast -- have any time though -- has my DBS land. It has bought the aren't Smart man they once felt fresh lemon juice is quiet friends. And the on an orange -- and if it's very good to start your acting and with his lovely view that I'd say it. Two kept -- are companies. Start with that. A breakfast ninety. We know what insisting on looking at the cocktail list whenever I get sunburned I love aloe Vera because it's like miracle drug from some ancients -- something here's a cocktail called aloe aloe Vera and I don't know if I'm supposed to drink it when I'm sunburn here -- happens or what tell me about the aloe Vera. Cocktail. It's a tricky -- it does not -- -- -- battled. It just the color that. Leads you to a -- it has not concede strong men and the care and press lime juice with solid. Again. So it eases that caught up on -- and a that. And the feeling that maybe getting something very natural and it's. -- -- -- -- -- Trying to be more healthy and I'll be sure to have an aloe Vera cocktail now just to show the level of Internet not to. Just internationalism. That but Athens is so plugged in cocktail wise to the larger world of cocktails. I'm whether you're talking friends like the boulevard DA or or socket Japanese sake as we'd like to say. Even that is here in the form of Abbott cucumbers sock it to me what's that I'm all about. Actually. Cucumber is something that we use. Log in sun. So we tried to combine something Mediterranean and we've said that socket. So it actually fresh could compare ball and -- -- refreshing well. I consider me very refreshed. L and have at least say you and thanks for joining us here thank you for being our guest here on delicious -- always presentation is bags of wine spirits and -- their goods. Until next time I'm your host John cars and I'll see you. -- -- --