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Dec 1, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Today's Sunday December 1 and you're listening to -- inside Austin. On today's show I'll be speaking with prince and the tried to Humphries. The founders of healing our heroes project. -- a nonprofit that serves our military community in very different way. They provide recreational therapeutic retreats that are designed to provide support through relaxation and recreational activities and that's for active duty military veterans and their spouses and children. All of a mission to help keep families together. After completing their military service is innocent military families who are struggling after a service member has returned home. Killing our heroes project my chest what they mean. I'll also be talking with Tracy Gibbons -- Dixon and Kerry Collins about the American Lung Association plains and gulf region. And their mission to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease. Education research and advocacy. And there's a fun opportunity for everyone in the family to get involved in the upcoming. Fight for -- climbed at the roster -- -- That's all coming up on inside Austin. And. They vary -- -- the point. I'm having a stroke he gonna -- my handle it I'm having a stroke. While you do not even moving your arm I'm having a stroke are you okay I'm having a stroke your face looks weird to I'm having a stroke. You had a -- -- something I'm having a stroke when someone is having a stroke they may not be able to say it with words but their body language we'll tell you loud and clear. I'm having a stroke. You just need to know the sudden signs look for fast F eight best team. S face -- any arm weakness or this speech difficulty then T. Time time to call 911. Immediately because the sooner they get to the hospital the sooner they'll get treatment and that can make a remarkable difference in their recovery until the sudden science face armed speech time spot a stroke fast. Visit stroke association -- court. Brought you by the American stroke association and -- it comes. And. And my -- very pleased. It breaks my heart to tell my granddaughter now. But I -- give them books last year because if -- related macular degeneration. Or any MT. It's an eye disease that can lead to blindness and affects lots of baby boomers like me as we get older. I wish I'd known there are ways to help prevent dame team and about the warning signs like blind spot or blurry vision. I regret not seeing my and I doctor sooner because early detection is seeking your site. And -- clinically approved treatment for its advanced form. If you think you may have -- -- the foundation fighting blindness to gain at 1800. Blindness for free packet on preventing and managing and team. Series turn just isn't the same without him green teeny. He just breaks my heart. That number again he's 1800. -- Don't wait -- -- -- doesn't. You know it's time now. I'm cleaning division tank. You can always come up -- an excuse for not visiting the long term care and I -- got a skull and yoga class studs content before. It's even nice. Perfectly understandable since going to long term care dot -- means you actually acknowledged that one day you will be. And dare we say it only. -- -- grows beyond this -- I don't. And 70% of older Americans will need some form of long term care services as they age and if you're fifty plus time to create your strategy for aging. She can stay in charge you know fifty's. The -- there. Storm long term care dot gov makes it easier to figure out where you wanna live who'll care for you and the newest wasting cover the costs and long term care doctor up. Find your own path forward. It is -- and a new gray hair way to. -- Do. -- Joining me right now on inside us and it's prince Humphries and much Rhonda Humphries. The director of operations and executive director of healing our heroes project. Thank you both so much for being here and I am very excited to learn about healing our heroes project and the work they do. Thank you so much I have honestly at the things tell us about healing our heroes project. Well hill my newest project it's a nonprofit organization and their animal life found it. Some years ago with running catch the ball rolling -- than last year and half. And what we like to do we cater specifically to. Military. Families. And the soldiers is will you have a lot of organizations out there at that really cater to the soldier of my own. But what we elected to use actually focus on the whole family unit. Because as you know when he when he soldiers deploys. These owls who stays back home they've become the the core. I -- me -- once the soldier deploys. You know they become the mom that day at the person who handles finances and things like that. And so what we like to do. Exactly support them support the whole family you know once he returned home and so we can be they can be active duty. Soldiers they can be. Veterans of any past war pass conflict and so we just really like decayed -- -- children like you we appreciate what you do. And Regis and we just love won a regional council is all you. The comeback from a combat situation and then try to integrate in daily only -- Must be really hard as they're there it -- very difficult transition. I just coming in coming back home. Mean I've been in a couple of conflicts. Over in the Middle East and the biggest thing for me is just being normal thinking. You know -- anything fabulous but I just want to interact with ma am and want to be a husband he -- and want to be bothered keen interest to normal everyday things. Know the impacts are a lot to please is there appeared -- It's it's it's -- matter how long were you overseas parent. I spent close to three years total active to tour is back to back. In in 2000. -- 2000 by 2007. -- -- have a prolonged time away from your family I'll definitely -- him. And so what -- coming back that was hit when you talk about just -- to feel normal. How tough was that how long it take you to get there. I don't think you'd ever completely. Get past it he's just always so when going process of getting better day by day you know getting treatment. Doing counseling doing group sessions and things like that. And have been a strong support system. Just. Throughout the whole process so it is always gradually gets better I don't think when my opinion. I don't think a person can ever be completely heal a -- PT SD ranked -- my. Such an ironic situation -- You know the family is at home waiting for you come on you come home. Of course surveys excited to be reunited felt like I can imagine the intense joy that must be and what follows then. Isn't that happy ever after that you think Keller brings home safe and sound. But instead it's work of a different kind totally totally when he came back his First Solar. We had at that time maybe -- such endless and maybe ten in six or something like -- until course they remembered day so it was learned toilets a sixteen month seeing me he whose parent. I can I had that. Conflict -- it really wasn't day -- you know this is not the same -- Atlanta you know now he doesn't wanna be apart of mass where activities now he didn't wanna go to apart. Didn't wanna go sack me he doesn't wanna go to the movies -- -- -- do anything -- sit in the house so how do you explain that to children. Net okay yes this stat but that is different and when he was a full hour. So then the whole family has to go to the process of counseling. Because now we need to fix the family as a home and right in the middle of China speaks to family as a whole oh he gives lawyers again. And now he's. And new training 36 months later and then in the year he's got another year and a -- So and that's exactly what happened with as prince was time three years two and a half years old where in Afghanistan and Iraq. Until the second time they came back and Afghanistan. Wholly different -- Totally different feeling. So hard to diet -- and that's why I started my research in psychology. Because I need to figure out how could add -- Helped him -- at best serve camp how can I keep my children. Has this plane and it started just with taken -- at class at the community college and I went on and then went on to your. I just received my master's degree in me and and cast in psychology and so that's what I do and there's no better I sat still backing use my knowledge my experience in my education and -- what I know bands which is military family. So your precious China away. You saw the need and you and you just went for it yeah we have to work on that's all together and -- -- different today than it was worth three years ago the whole family is if not just him yeah everyone in the family unit it's totally different yeah. That -- form and he said that I'm guessing with the inspiration for healing our heroes project yes born out of your work when did it get it county like in a flash we work and I noodling it over for -- -- -- And what I know wanted to do counseling and that act -- -- Didn't reach as many people as Alan -- -- doing counseling is in itself since then SI research organization seeing what other organizations where it's only for a family. And there's only one organization which is tragic sanctuary and -- around that I came across it actually. What holes here PD retreats my system keeps. And so are researching researching name we actually signed. Or -- a deer and trees and we actually sort last year. To their facility. And it was amazing. It was amazing -- surprised at the -- -- and so it's an ongoing thing with him just trying to -- a chance with the mainly you know he -- counseling we went to counseling as a alienate. And some progress made and that as much as we would have liked to see so after a week and went to retreat in Colorado. It was amazing for her. Because it's like -- -- to -- in nature I mean he was out in the opium which is nothing but trees. And it wasn't so much he had to watch his back like he was usually to do you know we both -- around the books and movies he has to sit in the same spot where he can see everything while we're out there he really wasn't paying attention to. He was an -- when nature you did horseback riding I mean it was colored the second negative twelve degrees. -- now I'm saying this I. He enjoyed it you know him the -- they won't -- -- back -- my parents. Of -- you can really relax it sounds like in that environment. Yea it was it was a situation to where we were secluded from everyday society and being named the camaraderie amongst other soldiers of course that was one of the positive things about being in the military. And so you there with other people who deal with some of the same symptoms and attributes of coming back from a combat. And so I feel comfortable. A feel comfortable and it was healing from me because it was in a non clinical setting you know no one likes to be especially my position. We don't like to be classified as a patient and this being sick or what have you. -- -- that they loved him so much and we had there was counselors the year there will social workers the year. There therapeutic recreation specialists -- year. That when patents mocks him in doctor smarts anything like that they would just communicating with this. Eleven us you know of course someone couldn't relate specifically to what. We've been through but it was Steelers don't support lightly sweet low which you and I couldn't do -- do you do which you've done and thank you so much state fed us. You know they cooked our flew by hand you know wasn't -- and that. It just -- so much. It was really good and my whole family was there I am and it just showed appreciation and has really put us on on a pedestal. And it was like I've gained it was like a five day when I retreat in it was yes it was actually had this experience. Since I've been military and we slept. It sounds so unique and what you're saying about you know somebody you know make in human meal from scratch I mean. And being outside being outdoors. There's something about it makes us all feel better you know that the connection with nature and the Chinese have like he saw the difference immediately he has different trends. And because there is no cellphones there -- -- computers they are no TVs. So everything and we do we have to do list of Ian Ian. And you know we -- do things maybe you know a couple of hours to beat you at home but we're talking six days. You know where we have to do everything together -- -- -- I mean my -- just enjoy playing monopoly with him clean check I mean that was so relaxes -- This is keenly you know they are now. And it was so much for. Dead bat an accompanying Colorado's a but it was really that I had -- right idea to did you come back from that experience thinking. I need to create -- actually here in central Texas absolutely no idea and we connect -- with Heather easily which is the executive director Antarctic sanctuary and she has in its court has only. Out all the support she's given that is right yeah and so she's encouraged says she's helped that's -- the way tennis where we need to do what not to do. What. Direction going and -- Thanks to approach what not so it's it's been great and in the past year which it hasn't even been a year because we started in -- paper over it. You know Brady -- December 22 and so hasn't even been a four year and the progress we've made it to me so you had a -- retreats this past year and we had a -- -- here insist and then dinner and we just want the community to be aware of who we ER right. And I first street is actually in March attacked our first issue would be in my aren't. And our potential site will be in China the Texas which is three hours away. So either a four iron and soldiers that are close -- can't main -- or. -- before -- it like they're still giving away from the every day Livni right because it's a three hour. You know track Bryant so is that in the CD. And then disconnecting from Mikey says the -- PDAs cell phones and all that making sure that you can kind of be present in the moment right there yeah and that until about how to take place so are you. So -- is the name of the project if you're just now joining us from inside Austin is healing our heroes project the web site. Is -- HOH project or kind of OK so that's -- get more information -- If somebody wants to attend this retreat in March is they're so ram to it to get and that retreat as a full yet. It's not falling ad because we can't on the web -- we have our days where the retreats and so. And there's also where you can China. You know there's application in the -- -- -- the date that she preferred content as a number of retreat to area you're number -- trees and we have six plant and they cheer packet that mr. -- sincerely pray. So you can look at the website and HRH project dot org and see which retreat -- Which retreat date might -- past and then got an application and go from there -- swing OK and that's exciting. This this idea of Gingrich treats I think is so and so healing just like the name says because you are talking about the whole family. You wanna keep the whole family together. And that's as I understand -- one of the problems when you come back and you're trying to move forward together. If you can't do it it just breaks that the entire family unit dance and one loss because. -- next year the member. That the service member in your family whether it was on now the husband of the wife the mother the father has opulence and -- So important for this country and then to come back -- have to sacrifice. The family unit for that it seems to me wrong and so many ways. Yes yes and you know say it's 9/11. Is actually being two point nine million soldiers that have a totally. It's are you thinking about all of these people they seem so much. How I process and it's how are they deal with that spat at the same when they come to our tree and it sounds -- NB a 100% -- because they won't. But it's it's and starred in the past as well I didn't healing started you know you know just for them -- in their -- may mean waste they haven't -- years. -- -- in the press -- of Italy skiing and then sold to Al sat. Best days of depression that he may he or she may be going through. You know it's estimated -- -- 100000 of those soldiers had ET EST. Did they know it now at some moment I have no idea. That -- came if this depression when Michael went through then the nightmares what is it. But sometimes they're not comfortable enough to go and sit you know I talked to someone like prince sick eating wanna BC he just wanted to be normal or are you happy he's almost a million people. Has PT SD. How -- touching them. And everyone who loves those people exactly EST I mean do you think about those numbers it's almost overwhelming it is an it is so hard. I mean. I've experienced. Like everybody else mild depression -- you know up and sad at times and getting up off the couch to go to the fridge seems like a big deal so I don't know how you begin to move forward. Piece by piece when you come back from being in a combat situation when you've been away from your family you know and it is about healing overtime right return because there's no magical cure. No quick fix but. Working at it over time. To get to where you are in the moment and you can you -- and let your loved ones right thanks for its current and that's that's this time. Well carpet you know of doing what we do just to let them know that paint pins some more here -- -- You know -- And excuse me we don't have all the answers but we have a ton of resources. You know if we don't happy if we can help you directly and we kind of pitching in the hands of someone that can help you know is this that say that. Every in every hour. -- sold to commit suicide I'm. -- thinking and a date yes when he four. I heroes. That has protected this great country for that -- like I can't do this anymore I'm just -- into. That's just so amazing to me because. You're you're sitting on the side of the fence hoping and praying may return from harm's way. And then they. It shouldn't happen it's just. It's just absolutely wrong. So thank goodness that you're here with healing our heroes project I mean this is extremely important work. Born out of your own situation so you can relate to every person. That they -- into contact with infants hey we're struggling we -- know what to do and I'm feeling really lost and it's tough on the kids and am I -- all been beaten. And that's why we used the technique of diversion air. I'm here in this time but wait a minute -- on this with my family you know. And that's touching yeah and -- -- way. Out and it must be so. I just think it's so hard on the soldier coming back trance because. You know your year in a situation where you gotta be tariffs he got a handle things and then you come home and where she still feel like that you know I got it got naked together and Hamels stuff and so opening up and communicating your vulnerabilities. Must be you know -- feel almost impossible to do. Here when you soldiers you when you monks who ranks this. There is a bit of his control factor. You know when this discipline and control factor. Being in part of the tang you know all of the soon what have you. And then you come back home you transition. To me uncontrollable. Environment. In which. There's so many variables are so many things coming -- team. You know noncombat related but -- just a readjustment process that's his beard -- difficult. -- form meaning meaning people not coming back. Even if you even if you have situations to where you have soldiers that may mean not specifically. Handle the weapon over there but just effected in -- now environment. Even coming back home to the states. -- steal a transition process is to re integration process. And needs to be healing process. And so that can be very very difficult and -- -- is sometimes hard to identify. You know in nineteen you do deal with depressive moment Tino how door handle. -- door handle things maybe in the deals that Tino had door handle discipline my Keats. But Q without going over port you know. This is very very difficult. Is -- very difficult and there are. You know. You know when you know military -- you know -- -- at soldier. EU QQ borders and take what is in newspapers city. We come back home. It's not you know is not be very specific because you just do we get from person dies when at its transition is -- weird if that the military counterpoint you in the right direction to help greener greater with -- not really. Much support there. Well actually the military and VA has been has named Mary it to me me you know literally help in helped us out even before we come back home is like a debriefing process. You know trying to beat you mean agreed to let them. I wish it was even a way where this is actually best tool to actually -- to go made in India efforts right now. To help that process you know as a matter of fact. Missile bombing dark by -- done in these -- and actually bring awareness to support this leave for family members. And other soldiers you know they have a program called joining forces to actually launch in 2011. And the program it actually incurs a society to give him much you support to our military families. So they actually -- being a floor runner in actually helping. You know organizations like this to help in that transition process claim is just you just have a lot of soldiers we talk about going back to Vietnam War Korean War. He -- government can only do so much and actually could mean their efforts litigate they can only do so much. So what they doing turn is help organizations like ask and encourage organizations. Like us to push. I division of humor it was project. And so that's one reason why we -- to China and Kurds even in civilian people people who just have a low when. Local military into more patriotic. To help when a process. And how can folks involved and help a team that can create a way. Actually what they can do they can go to our web site and they can actually sign up to be volunteers. Who now. All of our retreats that we have set up to military gators are we doing you don't have to be a soldier. To help -- and I it was project he is going -- -- was called and go to H a witch project at war. And sign up to be volunteered. And he will talk and we -- you -- out there you can definitely get Leo 1%. Let's get to know that because there's opportunities for volunteers to help but I think that's that would inspire a lot of people who feel indebted to our military. And are looking for a way to get back in May be they can't militarily. On -- of course you can imagine you're always looking for funds. Absolutely so -- can also make a donation at HOH project out of work right directly currents and -- not correct. So Winamp when a family ensures that the healing our heroes project and get involved what's the process. Well what we have we have a plan and we have a strategy and we like to customize team. Kind of what the weather is going on and indeed the whatever happens far as to whether. And that teams we have lined up so. Within this forty retreat. We have to do we have a couple of financial. Sessions. We have a couple of O'Meara tools sessions. And then of course we have activities in the keys when they come. It won't be a situation to with the children ages being babies act as a snack here peek at all. They actually have activities to where experience is required to interact with the family and well things we have all class -- that are. In the -- in. You know in the family activities and -- happy. So we actually do have a deep and plan you know comprised of those are things that we would have the -- the -- Pete would have acupuncture. We have again council was short counseling session it won't be in the hard. Deep counts we won't be like that because again. We don't want to soldiers to film -- why aren't there. A while the idea did not 100% required to participate. But he gained just me secluded and being amongst other soldiers that -- -- itself. Sure that you're just meeting them wherever they're at and meeting them at their level and when you feel comfortable. Go ahead. And if you don't feel comfortable you know Sharon's right and you know pressure because you lord knows have been under enough pressure he's grown hometown and that counts though. So important. OK and I know you'll have a fund raising event coming up this is the first annual Christmas in the barn is sorry that's correct. And that's taking place Thursday December 12 that's at the green red barn at heritage park include her though I'm not familiar with that. EA is it we'd like to -- communities can close and it. It's is kind of funny because of the last year we we hadn't been there was an event there Christians -- -- -- it was is so -- we -- elect a right. And Santa Claus he was out there. And it's it's just that is a big read green bar. My name is caddie and me it's it's outdoors Z. That the you know of course in May be a little chilly. But we we anticipate and haven't made the small choir singing some Christmas carols will I have. But they have food out here when analog designers like Indy. And we actually toy trapped between now Venus wail because. On that night and give kiss to all of our young ones also on yet so you would get -- welcome to. Even donate or bring toys we gonna wrap Marleau and given to the key. Guys know who no requirement on them and they show up and was let us know you coming. Half so we can make sure that we comedy -- will be really exciting time. We just gonna feed him. Stuff from real good no -- and have a mixture of things. We were thinking not to go the traditional Christmas in around so we may have. -- key mode also may have enchiladas and tacos you just never know I have. Also we we just -- kind of mix it up but we just when you -- -- come out. And and support you know mainly -- enemies and to see earnings came in Christmas. Level with 29 appreciate what you. Yeah if -- concert again last Thursday December 12 at 6 PM. The first annual Christmas in the barn and is it an -- that raises the green red -- yeah heritage park and -- just the nature. I think the Harrisburg can enter now. It sounds like a wonderful event to be left up punished so different violence if that's dramatic. This is prince Humphreys director of operations for healing our heroes project we've also been talking too much Rhonda -- -- the executive director. The website H and H project dot org if you wanna get involved to visit the web site. -- can become a volunteer if you don't have time to volunteer but you wanna give up your hard earned dollars to help. The men and women of our armed services to come back to you. America and reintegrate successfully with their families. Website again it's. I checked the board thank you both so much for being here and this and it's. Back in a moment with more insight Austin. Back in his school and that's when I started smoking. Almost everybody in -- crowd didn't. Leave go to parties could feel awkward and cigarettes became an easy way to deal with them. That preschoolers ages ago and still small. It's not like I haven't tried to quit and -- after college than I had thirty. You know I have another big birthday coming -- this year. I'd love to be done for ever with smoking -- than most people say they want to quit smoking but it's not easy. It usually takes several tries before you quit for good. So stop thinking your failure because what you really are is just a normal human being up against a very addictive product. This equator and you dot org or call 1800 -- USA for tools tips and support from the American Lung Association. We support to quit -- you back in the day smoking was it is now quitting means so much better. I was facing foreclosure. Some desperate for help I've paid -- 15100 dollars and never got the help they promised. Don't let the fear of losing your home make -- the victim of a loan modification scam. Remember these facts to protect yourself. It's illegal for most companies that charge fees and advance no matter how small. No company can guarantee they can modify your loan or stop a foreclosure. And never send your mortgage payment to anyone but your lender. The easiest way to avoid a scam don't pay for a loan modification. Get free help from Hud approved counseling agency now. To learn more reported scam or find out if you've been a victim. Call 1888995. Hope or visit loan scam alert Dodd award. That's 18889954673. And loan scam alert Dodd -- No disarmament. Get the facts. Do. I guest on inside often heard from the American Lung Association. I'm happy to have that Tracy given his development manager at the American Lung Association plains gulf region. Nothing in me talking with time Dixon a volunteer and co chair for the fight for air climb. And Kate Collins is also here. She's a lung cancer COB she's on the blanket or CO PD leadership council that is as well as this to -- here better readers one of those organizations are gonna learn more about that. Also respiratory therapist thanks so much you all for being here. Thank you for having us and thank you that's left I'd want to learn more about the American Lung Association. What is the mission. Well our mission is to prevent lung disease. We have for the oldest voluntary organization around we we were formed in 1904 -- to fight tuberculosis. So we'd been around a very long time. So. Our signature event is our fight for -- climb and we are. Our goal is to raise a 154000. Dollars it's a national organization it's broken down into regions like our state has nine our our region has nine states and it. I'll laugh so. So we were kind of over just those nine states a car. Where is tobacco use it here and to you well we we have lots of tobacco programs -- freedom from smoking. And we do have a lot of we have a lobbyists that. Is on -- he's kind of on staff is kind of he's. Contract and he he keeps track of what's going on with all the legislation and we keep track of you know all that the that stuff that's coming up to prevent smoking granting into it stops smoking in the restaurants in the local. Bars and things -- That's right when you look back over the history that that's pretty interesting in terms of you know when I was coming of age you could smoke anywhere and I lived in Manhattan for several go around and when they started yesterday. I guess tightening the restraints on smokers. People we're not happy particularly in the winter when you couldn't smoke in bars or restaurant -- -- restaurants would hire limousines. To sit outside and be heated to people had so that -- progress it. When I look around I think has been made toward you know making people aware absolutely nothing and certainly secondhand smoke from. Absolutely. Yes and that that's what that's part of what our program to us what we try to do is try to you know keep an eye on. On how things are going in the in the community to try to stop it and now the big thing is. Can't -- -- -- and that can help me well it's it's really there's not really anything. Out there right now regulating it. And I wanted to have one of our in one of our guys from our let our leadership council want to talk about that he was named -- make it that. It's really in its infancy and there's there's no there's no kind of federal regulation is known FDA's so. There's really nothing to report right now about it we're just trying to get some sort of control over what what isn't figuring and like what went in Yunnan well. But they're talking about now is all these stores are coming up these -- stores its base it's basically vapor and I don't know of Kagan taught more about that kind of stuff. Anything you're inhaling tear -- is. Other than here is not a healthy thing right and I've talked a criminologist. And they do not recommend he would use. Now if it's not they -- that. It's it's so needed it hasn't been a lot of stuff reported on. On you know how it affects you -- They're trying to get some kind of regulations going because you know they have kids that can go on buying it. Wow so it doesn't matter now there's no there's no age limit or anything on it teenager and are younger and it looks cool absolutely cigarette I think I think you can buying non nicotine things is that right flavored -- -- -- plate track failures -- -- -- on 35 brighter around the time Formula One was coming. It was a picture of that very sexy woman with a long cigarette. And it's that got labor. Yeah yeah yeah and so it was it was targeting younger there. Yeah its camera yes exactly. Exactly kitty how did you get involved with the American Lung Association I'd also like to invite your calling to become respiratory there as to which either with -- I've been -- repair this for third set. In years and arm I I apparently went into it not really. Knowing what I was getting into. Just like everybody else with -- gonna become a nurse and I became. Involved with chronic lung disease and the American Lung Association. About. Ten years ago. More more intimately. All right I -- work on a disease management program called pulmonary rehabilitation. And I really got to know people. That we're living with. CO PD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. And -- just how devastating it was and then with. My involvement with those people realizing. How many people aren't aware of how severe that disease -- and that it's it's not well known. And I guess I just it's just become a passion for me I only know about it in reference to their commercials for drugs -- I've seen you know I don't know if you get that it has its where smoking I don't man. Okay it's. 85%. At CO PD is caused by cigarette smoking all right although. That's the case only about. Fifteen to 20% of people who smoke to ballot CO PD. So that means like one and mom went out by people that smoke from the risk of developing CO PD. And other factors that can influence that our occupational exposures. Some of his -- and controlled asthma throughout their life. Can to start seeing people that have never smoked that because they've had -- all their life they hear your lungs go through a re modeling. With non controlled. Asthma and you can develop CO PD and what does that do you to your -- It what it does is well there's two different forms of CO PG that are commonly known chronic bronchitis and emphysema. All right chronic bronchitis is associated with a productive cough up for several months out of the year for several years. Then emphysema is market destruction of the air -- or gas exchange takes place. Both of those will lead to what's called -- trapping. And that air trapping itself. Is what caused the obstructive parked at CO PT so people aren't able to get all the air out of their long. And become disabled they're -- -- this disabling. Even to the plant were talking sometimes. It's a tour. Well well when you say emphysema that brings about my grandfather basement had that I didn't realize that came under the heading into the UPD. A lot of people don't realize there. There. It's a familial disease so it tends to cluster and families. -- so. With. You having a family history if you were a smoker or had occupational exposure. You would be more prone to developing that disease that's. It's sort of genetic predisposition. That is interesting. Now the American Association chest and -- 116 hours keeping campaign yes that's right and and 106. Very specific number -- will. -- have to think I'm curious to narrow Unser as. Why isn't that number is important because lung cancer death rates have risen a 116%. Among women in the past 35 years. So women. Are more susceptible. And yes -- lung cancer kills more women each year than breast cancer and ovarian and uterine cancer together. You mean -- line when am. I think so part of it is just our our our. Our structure because -- -- tend to be smaller then men. And it's just it just. Happens to women more often. I want to Esther and I think hormones anti estrogen does -- well and you know doctor Nader firm cancer treatment centers of America which this year for lunch in a couple weeks ago. And he spoke about that and I was gonna bring some information I didn't think I was gonna get it do much justice but he did talk about how estrogen levels do. Effect that in they have some great treatment at their center. And he was here and he did a great lunch and learn for us and he's hopefully come back next year so maybe we can get. Can get some exposure for that next year for him come back -- he he he was really an amazing. Doctor and -- what they do there's incredible. Interest in thinking so much about. Lung cancer and mean and certainly -- the populist no more but I have an idea that women are more susceptible yes and I a lot of jobs a lot of people don't and that's that's what we're trying to do. We're trying to raise that awareness and were really really. Kind of rolling her campaign more towards women. You know everybody says breast cancer in his breast cancer and they don't know that. How lung cancer affects women so that's part of what we're trying to get out -- and and whether or not smoke. It makes a difference yeah. And in some of his clients he says twice as many women die of lung cancer than breast cancer. And and he's had this really cool slide it says it's timely access more ever women's -- I -- yes yeah did he also advocated you know eating. And more antioxidant rant on him he did talk about some of that stuff as well and I think that. And -- source of all that's part of what they do at their clinic you know they they'd encourage other things besides. Normal cancer treatment they encourage other things as well and that's why I think there's a successful there answers yes. Tracy mentioned that time -- -- a lot of volunteers. Yes please. We are volunteer driven because it's just me. You've got a bit but but but at -- We'll have a two person office right now without your last -- wanted to get involved and become a volunteer would -- best when he tees that they went on to the American mind. But making contact me at -- Gibbons at breathe healthy dot org. They can colony at 5124676753. Or believe picking a line the long dot org website and sign up as a volunteer and they will they that's our national side. And -- for the information to tide is that how you got involved in volunteering for the American Association. Well actually got involved through my work which is -- court and we deal with indoor air purification. For homes and businesses. And we became a corporate sponsor for the lung association and sponsoring the -- climbed two years ago. That's how I got involved with that as serving as the chair of the -- climb. But I also do have a lot of lung disease and lung cancers in my family as well. So your your culture by air climb again this year this'll be my second year running here OK so and so it's going to be really. If you look at the data that -- that as a -- anyway yeah it's a little bit easier every year out about the fight for -- climb when -- is that taking place where now it's gonna take place on April 26 which is a Saturday 2014 in his out of the frost tower downtown simply third 660 steps up. One elevator right down equaled 31 flight sisters. And the typical timeframe we're looking and is about anywhere from five to ten minutes to congress that. From the bottom to the top from that has yet from the bottom of the top finance tennis at the ethical. That's the average. I'm just say that because I Manhattan and I had you know when there's power outage you have to take the stairs and -- and you can get when it pretty fast. Yeah yeah -- I remember my first year ago we ended on the thought I was gonna double step it up the stairs. No big deal get up there in no time. The second flight out completely -- started to slow jog -- -- -- law that instantly how long it offers first I was actually about eight minutes I think the second year was about five minutes and sent -- are those average numbers are. That's pretty average five to ten minutes EDT people resting ending his deal a lot of people resting. But but but the trick really is just to complete it whether you walk the entire way or -- Brent dishonest. Exactly exactly and some of the guys -- extreme fitness challenge which is. Running up twice in a row. So you literally run -- take the elevator -- stop the clock when you go back down and then when you get to the bottom and restart they restart the clock. Because these are all competitively time and trying to be their first time. Me and improbably so yeah that would be acting after he. Very tough yeah I couldn't but Tracy might. All I can say I'm going to be working -- -- -- singers but it's on the name -- -- -- absolutely. Absolutely -- And we and we have a firefighters challenge any uniformed service. And challenges well in the firefighters will go up with their gear on with their gear off and -- And we'll give -- effort you know the best time -- everybody's time. Regardless so if you don't care about time it doesn't matter of time yesterday because hardest part of their -- added that they ware has a chip and -- also it'll be time or arts so is -- idea for extra register for the fight for -- -- now you know what's taking place not. Absolutely. Because if they register now that we're gonna have in common try to have a -- kinds of contests -- sentenced. For people who -- things and you know things like that so if they're registered and they need to like or FaceBook page are and American Lung Association Austin FaceBook page. And then they can keep up with. All the things you are going on. Is there is there another. Separate web site to register and they can register on no tit for the hyper -- is Danny Danny Danny got Austin climbed on pork. Austin Klein anymore to. Get there. Number I mean funny you can do with your family -- worker absolutely Todd can talk about his. I was involved an -- -- you talk about the family environment the day of the actual event. Knowing it's a lot of fun we have a lot of musical guests they come out. Last year we had the DB TVs hopefully we'll get them again. They're good friends of ours. There's it's also a big family event we've got some some games for the kids it's a lot of food vendors show up. And a lot of activities like that. That's something fun to do and help bring some money. Show your kids it's important to you know what's going on around you little social where national social service exactly had a good time -- around and it doesn't matter the weather right in your debt that's right because most it's covered night. A lot of it happens inside the lobby Witten which is where -- -- gonna have like lounge in there. With other pure fires and things like that. And then with the cover part of the -- building outside we'll have vendors. So a lot of it's going to be it's not an amendment but the weather's. Well if you're just now joining us on inside Austin I'm talking skis and boats from the American Lung Association. Tracy -- type fiction and Collins are all sharing with you he can. Well in the mission to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease. That is certainly a tall order I think we've come along way. With learning about the ills. Tobacco smoke but that must be still one of the toughest because. Nicotine is addictive India you know I have seen people struggle to -- and ultimately conquer it but. -- -- -- on the first round when Natalie takes several times where -- able to successfully. What sort of support does the American Lung Association offered thinks you are trying to quit and struggling. We have a freedom from smoking program we have the freedom from smoking and a freedom of smoking online program so. If they might contact me I can certainly -- him in touch with. We we don't have a we have we have health promotions person in our office but we don't have one right now we're looking for one. In our health promotions people and easily handle all those kind of things does they know more about -- that programs sign I'm more on the events on the fundraising side. That we do have those programs. And we have. America are asthma educating. Has an educator institute. And -- we also have we haven't as med program for kids as well to teach kids how to how to manage their has gotten so that's always an important program for a. And that's a tough disease acute it is it is one of the active -- wanna run and mighty. With her friends and affluent -- yes it does down. Along with their estimates controls they can do pretty much anything that any other kid can can name can outgrow that essentially you know over. I've dentists are parole art classes on -- disease management and they say it went completely out -- Yeah. They -- go through a stage when they get -- where it's it tends to be more dormant. But it's not a mutual effort to come back again. When they become adults later on in life and so that's is that sort of a genetic predisposition coming aboard went. You know I don't know that it's this much genetic as much as well some people in some cases but in in many cases they're finding that. -- people. They're living conditions play a big role in it so children that are living with parents that are smokers and there are exposed to secondhand smoke. Several things inside there their home and sell their home environment. Can also lead to someone developing asthma. OK we read him. And we do have a spokesperson -- an honorary chair for our event -- called him at her house in Austin and he is a pro former pro football hall of Famer he was just inducted in August 2013. He is an asthma suffer and he he also is has gone through -- asthma facilitator program. He's not going to be teaching it that he wanted to go to the program and he wants to help us. You know teach how to properly treat asthma and you know. And manage it. So he's someone he is definitely living with and can -- yet yet exactly he lived through while he was claim. Which is which was really tough. So he yeah. Yeah so he has a lot of fun and it's game. You're at -- yet he does yeah I think time yet he's he's really awesome he came to an NCR luncheon a couple weeks ago. And I he's he's really going to be huge advocate for us and -- sort -- about it. While I think it's important or. Have children as well as adults to see someone living in and so having a very active and and healthy lifestyle right he would eat because I think the first thing you think it's so I'm limited when he -- -- I think he's a great role model. Her for children you know that. Think that they keep yeah they're limited that there really not right. -- I mean of course you wanna. Always looking for inspiration. Winners is -- absolutely and -- really -- -- -- and I imagine that American Lung Association also does a lot of research in terms and disease and health and now that you're probably looking for some donations. At salute him and he he -- it could. And we're still looking for sponsors for our clients so I'd be happy to talk to people their interest in. And being a sponsor's. -- traffic at and really just yet and you know a lot of harmony does get a lot of money we get from this kind of gotten on for 2% goes to programs and services and it stays in the community. So that's really important for us to make sure that everybody is -- in the community benefits from it I'm giving locally -- absolutely yeah. -- -- at some folks want to make a donation and know they're not going to be in town maybe for the fiber. Eric Klein. With the website be pretty healthy diet or if Atlanta gets. Yes and excellent innings yes and if you want to volunteer. And they can contact me. And again Tracy is looking for volunteers and what's the best minds Tracy well I'm here in Austin. At 5926 -- drive is our office that they can call me at 5124676753. And what else would you like any listener to now about America Online. Like to mention better breeders or yes absolutely. And there's there's several in the Austin area. And if you go to the web site that Tracy mentioned you can people can find out where it different locations are but there's one. And centralized and there's one in round rock and there's one in costs south cost. An act yet it's -- south Austin yet that. Support group meetings. Our monthly. And there about an hour and a half and it's getting people together at that. Some type of chronic lung disease whether CO PD pulmonary fibrosis or Germany and it. That -- air they're breathing ability to be able to come together. To talk to other people what they're experiencing. Help them learn how to manage. They're diseases while lacking that support we -- -- I mean when your new indictments are acting right. A lot of people aren't aware that those. Those programs are out there -- and there's usually speaker comes and talks about something out. Todd actually has come and spoken my support group meeting at patriot the arboretum. And oh. I know that there's also a pulmonary part ropes part -- support group that is specific -- that particular. Disease that's held at C south last -- top -- you when you speak. Well what I did was I went out there and I talked about the importance of indoor air quality and I've brought with me some tools that could assist you there or not. Cures and any means but they are -- they can help you breathe a little bit better where you spend the most time which is home and it worked. On an -- years struggling to breathe and it's even one reason -- -- he did exactly exactly is such a great group of people -- driven all the other support groups that I went and spoke to just a great group of people. Well I think anytime you're struggling with something that that. Chronic disease that you have to deal on a daily basis all the support that you can yet the -- I love the name better readers. Confidence. It says it is right. More information on that on the website every healthy dot -- if they want it if somebody wants yes kind absolutely their support group close but it can contact me at nine. And I can get him in touch with -- -- heading -- well the fight for air climb will be coming up in. April times or anything else we need to know about that right now. -- what we'd love to have more people sign up -- we've we've grown in great numbers every year and I would love to to keep that tradition going in and keep the the whole Austin. Outdoor activities competitive. Weekend events. So whether. Where their view our -- season and in condition Kathleen early -- one cannot I'm. -- -- the American Association. All levels of fitness -- and -- are all levels are welcome absolutely and it all goes to a good cause. Plus we will have practice climbs to. Starting in February -- in -- announce we will have practice times what a beautiful place to pass the beautiful place and and it's actually like 100 stair steps up. So you have to go up and down like four times to be the equivalent of what the thrust would be well let kids you can pastor. -- And right. Let yet that's that's the whole point is to get people out there testy conditioned to do to do it so I think last year you guys hadn't and had a lot of people -- union. -- a little of people we had probably about fifteen to twenty people on a week on a weekly basis and say do you start to do every week of February leading up to. Doubled in February and march and then we'll do one or two in April as well. And that'll be on the website. Are right lots of good things going on and thank you for coming in and sharing with us the good work you do that the American Lung Association if you wanna get involved. Contact -- events she's the development manager the American lung association for the plains gulf region. And lots more information on how I can get involved to make a donation -- -- healthy diet or. -- Dixon as the ball is a volunteer for the American Lung Association as well as the co chair for the fight for air -- that's coming up in April. You -- sign up for that. You can I have to wait you that right now and Kate Collins is also here. She's on the blanket or CO PD leadership council as well as facilitator. Fit better readers support group and if you would like to find wine in your area that website again is -- healthy diet or. Thank you for having us -- Q and you very much. Thanks for listening to inside Austin. And I Levy story please it breaks my heart to tell my granddaughter now but I -- give them books last year. Because at age related Mac Jeter degeneration. Or AMD into blinding disease Blackstone might be sending an independent. I wish I'd seen my -- doctor -- Because early detection is key to seeking your -- and energy to call the foundation fighting blindness at 1800 blindness. Her free packet on. EMD that's 1800. Lying Nancy.