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Nov 17, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Sunday November 17 and you're listening to inside Austin. My guests today include Julie frost founder and director of music moves mountains. Nonprofit organization that offers music as a means of therapy and recovery. I'll also be talking to David Plotkin chairman and founder of the Max cure foundation. And the be brave race with her best. He's gonna share his son's victory over pediatric cancer as well as his challenge to get pharmaceutical companies to begin formulating drugs especially for children. That's coming up on inside Austin. I'm Keith -- the Swedish medical issues so. You told the sheriff's you're watching to Nebraska. Short to your -- and are in Nebraska to new film by Alexander Payne director of the descendants -- sideways Bruce Dern plays Oscar grant a cantankerous old man who believes he's won a million dollar sweepstakes in order to claim his prize he convinces his son played by Saturday Night Live -- Will -- to drive him from Billings Montana to Lincoln Nebraska. He didn't win. -- Stops today arm out. The -- or 81. This darkly comedic -- and we look at -- -- -- America's heartland as earning almost universal praise from critics to -- -- Nebraska one team's best films and your perfect amalgam of the -- -- great local color and -- residences that run through his work New Yorker Magazine believes -- a triumph -- -- especially satisfying kind -- -- and Friday in prison -- terrific career -- performance Nebraska isn't -- -- now tremendous personal new releases there's a -- dot com. I'm Keith Campbell. You're listening to inside Austin and my guest right now as a founder and director of the music moves mountains foundation. Julie frosts in Chile and I think he summons for making time says that chat with me and I'm self interest it. To learn about the music means mountains foundation I mean I guess maybe we should start with. What was the inspiration -- -- delegates started. I think you by the -- they're hoping it out earned. And I -- the short version -- really gets started is. In response to the lack of resource in the securities to access music therapy and related services especially for her. That to -- or mental or physical illness disability. Or hills are underserved. Firm. -- -- personal background story and you know my -- Culture school. For parents to -- life I wrote that wanted to use school that you. Make a change and lasting contribution. Will help. -- we can create such a big -- -- courage I think out her -- this something that opened. So many windows in Bahrain and let me get cases heart during. Aren't they ended up working in music -- -- in street for over fifteen years. And it -- -- have -- -- that I had to sort of read the -- that. And our capabilities. -- and he was diagnosed with a handful of neurological disorders including aspirin or questions or less oxygen. Firm he would. -- insurance pool that are looking to have commercial ability to -- as early read their personalities. Early next to treat complicated stop and likely -- it had access to music instruments and I notice published rules. Playing and seeing. Help for error as others -- in your arms sadly so are different brain embodies sort together but it. -- -- -- Q&A sense of control -- learned intellectual hand experience. It was like we're finally seeing candy. Complete and Haiti Chile will. Very eye opening burn. -- has with The Beatles in the hidden and used. They need tickets Madison. It wasn't. Until -- can't -- Song. At eight to fortify that actually kind of impact who had a giving them. How -- -- with the world -- little case and who wouldn't otherwise have been able to express so. Cherry -- the therapy after reading the same as I neurologist doctor Oliver Sacks. -- scientific data that was clear and music physiological. Facts and healing powers. Term. Also if and that the facility that terrorists occupational therapy in Austin. -- that -- and stop -- and are they need to therapists and help kids -- looked -- each issues that are. Are looking okay I feel it turned out that consistently and clearly recognizable to therapy as a sport that skate board certified medical. All the yeah it's it's -- national and international practice for years but. Starting. After world war burned. When they -- using music. In VA hospitals and that's when they they started it actually has a practice but each state has cute. You know we recognize that and support it and Texas doesn't. So that rule that's in strip we're covering it but it's where they regulate it. -- you know. Some possibility. Of various. Facilities -- -- bigger budget. -- -- All that they're -- -- aspect from the other situations like for my turn. It wouldn't you very hard accession of -- and discretely -- that this statistic overt. -- he says. Tool that Eric. -- sometimes. You know state budget that is that skinny little. You know kind of when it -- -- that. Actually -- benefits usually -- interest because. Arm. And then you look at order cut full public schools and other state funded organizations sent me how cool picture arts programs. Or -- uninteresting -- -- transformed my parents need to teach your Parametric club. She is -- and a fifty dollar budget for resources transient here. -- you know -- there. Can't handle keyboard for there are cheap. This has to relax I'm neither. A trying to grant from her -- her our culture you know help from the community here. In I. Hey I'd. This is blocked or maybe do something about it and trying to wait for me. -- Other people returned to conventional. And so. Last year I started by making -- as simple campaign video -- let's turn. And which we arrested Pete -- from the here. Two gave us condition he is one of their foreign country that's called joined together so it was very exciting. Turn ordinary for their -- -- a finalist he read little profit in Italy. That's incredible. Word of the name music moves mountains and. Aaron you know. Am -- telling. What that. Myself chances. As being -- mountain. To get better every day this simple thing that we can't take for granted this simple. You know I'm actually able to process they're looking rules for terror group -- six. What until I told analysts like an authority. Has -- yet over there and in effect at that and of course -- look a little creations it is just because altogether. It really. And love I love the title because it says exactly what it is. Or that -- they can't. Yeah especially you know when you talk about the power of music. We're all deeply affected by music and then you know -- yes exactly. And then for some when he passed the challenges that your son had and to be -- you used music to make a power Macs and it's you know I was listening to you talk about your your journey with us and it's something that should be readily accessible for every when he needs it or. I think you know I think the biggest terrorist so far has then. I think we take that for granted. Because we think it is except for example it's it is. Our commercial level term. And I you know -- always attached people process. You know I think it quite get it. How. Music therapy at the practices used but that. Really. All -- real access to whether -- years in law and order. Entrenched -- to -- wouldn't hurt vehicles he would take normal. Currently to question as far as extra heart pretend you are go out of the public. Until it out it will. Call the overwhelming. Century issues you know arm. Of the -- Program that started with -- this list called for all abilities not program which. And -- crafted fortunes of century issues there's a school. Or there's lots of them Specter who are. Or other issues affect Cutera firm. In accessing music. Or any other way. Which we'll bring it to banner week in our church. You know lesson to -- corporate -- shops or or contrary Patterson's actually. And it stayed square. You know I think a couple isn't aren't taken -- like they wouldn't. Be able to other. Makes a difference. In what what are some of the programs and services. You provide and the median home. -- legacy and ability -- program was list. And the first we're really held on to. Because I -- at my -- and the example you and I kind of actual content what works for and then okay. And this school. Carter really right after the program. And we had some -- because. From there international Laura and I. Potentially where you reached out eventually it would love to be able -- -- -- -- That -- confused go into schools will be available in schools more firm. And the -- -- first actual. Aren't effect can't. And try to -- -- kicked out last year during Thanksgiving list defeating missile theory which is. Political reform our hospital's initial. Eric the -- okay we have debilitated and there's process and -- thing. Look at people who are not able to an acceptable and I don't rule yes you know. I hired her. Green a little music or interest if you ask I want human. Element hack into computers. And I think. And so it's sacred word has been set up the environments. And yes. How do you can actually didn't hit it just so glad so where. You know the little term. Play at forward is another way to achieve -- -- as ashtray is all donated political instrument. And listen to choose. Hello incur more risk individuals to commit to it in the tank in the air time and territory next candidate and it's true that. Where -- keep it wasn't -- world. Terms and in general program I would like to upgrade term which we haven't tried outcry has. Is some reading workshop locations. List. Rescue is our war veteran. Exclusive island -- depression addiction. Support its shirt. Non life altering that he could -- interest or is -- or won't he cool that special. That. You wouldn't otherwise screw you be ready referral if someone else didn't want him. Yeah most definitely I'm I'm really struck by how broad reaching. Music therapy is you know reading about some of the things. That you -- your program Julie. You know it one of the things I noticed was recovery and development of speech and memory and motor coordination. Or victims of stroke or brain injury -- people suffering from alzheimer's and and today it mean. You know when you talk about autism and Asperger's I think are right -- immediate action but I'm not thinking oh yeah this applies to folks who also had. ADHD. Board down and tremors through profit and just. Today and -- it into particular thought since then you know it's just. It's just days -- like a little man from various age is it -- hard forward. People -- attention is directly communicate. And -- some personal. You asked earlier music and it's it's just achieve their kind of breaks down. That barrier you know that makes it tough for those. Aren't. The -- it. The more that I started researching it was just it just assists snowball effect you know it was just a -- but there's connects. We're not that I don't think it can move how -- Italy. And I think when they're really earned a really -- -- tablet woman noticed I think a couple years to Caroline. Trying to -- Gabby Giffords. Since. And typically it credit. She's going to therapy. -- As a way to help recover her memory and your speech and -- speech therapy is one thing but that's that's. You know -- That particular part of your brain that. You know if that isn't a completely different areas then the primary. So basically they. Used kind of -- prayers hear the music. Memory and muscle. To her and what they can that's simple. He never actually it -- hit. She could even say expect and they neglect they would point -- -- and they would say. -- full right and she can sing chickens at a time that because I hit. So what they did is they use the song this little item Lyon and let it shine. And that was something she hit -- that they would seem that close seriously it's practically. She couldn't stay late ain't it cool -- it's -- -- They would point to lie every time is to get its significance. And -- She's recovered the word lie and demeaning -- -- And it has just you know silly news. You keep people who are or are hopeful that they'll that your captain Larry can't move you know help -- recover at all. That's and it's an incredible testament to what music can accomplish and it's something as simple -- -- powerful. I -- to do. All that you do with these wonderful for our -- Julie do you need a lot of resource so. What are some of the ways. That you're able to. To -- resources from France that somebody wants to get involved and -- or music and now. Well truthfully clarified that earlier music therapy as say. This is quite different where you just -- elephant who is that. So which in itself has benefits as well but are you. Seven different areas that aren't. Yeah actually is and what in the heck is critical base medical practice uses music to achieve -- -- musical goals. -- Or they have to get it to create. Get a verification. Law and order setting a doctor. Prescribes a patient therapy -- has. There are differences -- pool since its goals. -- -- You know like if -- -- I had. -- -- And just listen close now to volunteer attorney whether it's praying -- -- And performance alert people involved at a workshop. Urban. We're getting reaction this or mentoring program. Term and you know also has had a lot of people reach out to our. Are needed to atmospheric tests in our counselors shoot you could. And a lot more like -- I would like to get firm. You know. Bigger. Community workshop where every little turnover -- together. Her. -- You know and very then you anywhere else Pontiac with it pretty much equivalent to -- you should have. -- buy -- it and and you -- a benefit coming up later this month. And that is you know. We Linda Austin myself as Firefox and that we -- -- cute. Her uncle Herb Greenberg is -- -- Washington times -- Started you know a quarter also noticed is that doesn't -- -- -- -- therapy and escape for a certification process in had a lot of work to be here as well so are. Her and thirty certain programs he rarely -- our home. The pharmacist cannot stand last year which itself as powerful series. Aren't really get. We're being in Austin area and show earned run that put an end to terror. That's a perfect so we're getting the whole community we're all. This particular group. Term -- critics actually you know -- it definitely is has sort of need to theme to it such -- as well. And refer. Lean back there at the pretty good contributions firms see Monterey international pop festival foundation. -- the shroud what actually sixty and then was actually at street eight charity events. -- -- -- it was. Actually Paul McCartney little bored or. Is worse than pop says we're out of there isn't a producers. Refer to has actually you know it didn't authorities will -- Or you know to help the community. Give them better name -- name yes actually they are getting a commitment that name. Oral. They've really reached out and -- it was also live pictures hassles you've. Our parish in the international and interracial. Does from the same state where there's like -- 67. You know. It just -- for the Koreans show. All of the artists played for free -- -- including. Big -- to kind of struck out. That's acceptable. Belly -- to pay tribute to them since. All there was. Is -- roundabout way -- helped foundation. Help others and so where they will several community early -- You -- Protestant cat to see somebody temperament can rule when it generals and where -- -- -- -- doctor -- rich. Robert asked why are following on there -- learning in each sure really represent. All in different artist his credit -- that they couldn't have been. -- -- -- can be found at a pretty exciting tribute concert. Who and I think. There are different for me -- this definitely is -- -- for -- try to hit. Ultimate favorite. Not a yeah and this is happening Sunday November 24. And that's at the ones who won bar here in Austin. Windows -- -- now and Derek and also contrary by a parent I'm very couple of you are. Really. You know. There's an artist friendly and they're. Both of really great thing rule that's. Spreading. Lies cool -- that you can pay. This ecstatic about it being there with the pressures placed Howell. And I like that some. You know as people -- into war it's sort of donations. A week on -- you can rest a donation of fifteen dollars. Right out Oprah and the parents but again -- it's a celebration of music as well and it's just another Olympics says. Get people together as a -- taking so that's the fists raised money for local press and so you know. What does -- -- can just you know became more you can actually you know what every -- in terms. Or if you weren't you pre movie. Usage went to that they believe is who who are we get an -- entrapment eat. To have. Recently -- donated. Yes thank. Hello so it kind of random stop. You know. It's normal kids it is where it states it decides it can't get program may be at their school. You know they can't afford this picture and eventually it possibly. You know it can help there we -- you know. -- that you -- -- that happens a lot I think. You don't often realize how expensive an instrument or any instrument really does that mean that. You're you're up and -- that it was. That you're pet and split the a lot of organization that. You know -- Answer parents that you have to have. A group of people behind it -- to be teaching awards is. And I don't like for instance I contacted the hospitals. Here in the city is he said there -- organization that donated all the entry answer. But it didn't matter if it. You program your and they don't they are a -- excellent answer to distance hitting collect will ask. You know perhaps harboring he has that's kind of what I wanna come and then see where they don't need anywhere. It can be very -- like you know maybe we need to task. -- it didn't -- therapist didn't parent or even efficient to part with people that are. And that's as saying. Every alternative. Without or inequality there just pretty much spent the past year you know that. -- -- in a foreign substance. Is people is an initial building English and you know. I have to partner with other organizations as well this is broaden our reach oral. Clearly Israeli. It's funny I think I've got more. Of fire for -- in the air so on air so. Ticket didn't have a political. And recently. Had to -- certainly firm. There's eight or that they didn't. -- reference the passion after he passed away at Felix started a foundation. Term cultural rebels. And they basically firing or -- they reach areas. Might not have access to a set in error and present Patrick you know. -- third. There's so we seeing an error in. That we actually married we're we're gonna do this. -- early in the summer of next year. Larry -- provide. Eighty. Scottish says. More like the street music scholarship where where you have to actually goes to right. University. Arum. Always. -- -- -- provide them the resources and artists you mean. Other resources. And and I look at someone like. We might term. You know if you. He's he's learning to be able to really -- scenic. Less than an awareness. And rural setting or or possibly -- university to study but it political something he wanted to is. This could be that sort of scholarship. Or -- current. He has special rule jury just has no access or resources -- -- -- it. Tailored to where it. There's so many areas that we were covered with -- and I know it. -- -- -- Or are big mission here but. Yeah -- -- the possibilities everywhere. Gotta start somewhere right and I love the idea that -- you're creating opportunity today whether his. And that's. That's huge I mean that's gonna that's a change someone's life without. And inside there there are some situations where we -- -- there he had been deported to a third term. Presence here that could hurt her earned there as if they weren. How rare four -- it was a pro for her developmental disabilities. And they had a huge hit -- -- program where they had the -- state. Funded into therapy -- firm Ernst. And with Samuel budget -- so -- All her own child care and there's there's. -- -- At all so. You know there's. There's that kid that would -- or help or built back -- as well. Absolutely. -- someone wanted to making gifts to music -- mounds that they. Hand Viet tribute concert November 24 at 121 -- what would be the best way for them to make their tax deductible and. Handled this with the red flag is that -- as parents -- forward and you can move -- patriotic and a donation. -- -- -- -- Our situation -- is or they're yelling at him as he Twitter and consistently. Turn. I'm going to sure I looked over the holidays -- we are where we'll have more drop off locations as people were accused. Any instruments. And you patrol car title directly and discuss how maybe they can hope for what we can do works out there and I'm always up and. I imagine you can use me I'll help that you can get. Yeah so we get out of moral board as our senator Obama's turn taxes but. Merrill and printer chanting that and it's in our there's. So it's an electric says that you learned -- the very -- again -- People are attacking it starts blue or need and -- so. Our. Good time to look in your claws that are out and that's an assortment that you have forgotten about. And he is making huge difference. And you know it even that -- Kerry -- Terry and I really feel. Laura firm trend. They're playing for these people is just. Beneficial -- them until they get a lot more of that -- they -- Sure -- that makes a lot of sense. Can spoiling your when you're playing as assistants they're proud or -- -- his theory and I like it paid and that sort of this couple every effort appreciated that can turn and Jerry or some. Torture cruel to. Her audience to human error as having a direct impact since he -- almost on -- level. You know. Access gratification right there you know what better -- -- -- to -- the event that the date keep in mind is November 24. That's the Sunday. At 7 PM the tribute concert. For music moves mountains foundation is taking place. That's at the one to one bar in Austin there at 5915. -- nine south Lamar and this isn't when he went over venue but for this particular evening. Folks under 21 who wanna go with the parent will be allowed in -- -- Yeah. So if you wanna do some fun November 24 Sunday evening at 7 PM. Definitely goes to the one to one part donate a gently used instrument or make when African nation feels right for you. Lots more information on the web site. How he can get involved music moves mountains dot org. To leave the founder and director of the ordinance makes music these mountains foundation think he's a month. -- -- Back in a moment we'll have more insight Austin. For me the real story the National Football League player who is now banned because he has the bully is that he managed to play so long. His history of borrowing goes back over ten years to his college days when he was ejected from a game suspended and charged with -- -- In the pros he fought with -- other players and talk to fans and 2009 he was named the NFL's thirty -- player. He was known for head buddy he admitted to doing drugs and quote everything a professional athletes should not be doing and quote. How he remained in the league this long is a sorry statement about the National Football League standards. Or lack off. I'm Charles growth. Yeah. -- You're listening to insight on Stan and I here right now -- Dean and Clark -- He is the chairman and founder of the -- cure foundation. Now the chairman of the Max you're from -- and found in the next your foundation and founder. Got to be produced wonderful area. The magic of editing. I'm here with David -- he is the chairman of the Max Q -- foundation and also the founder of beam -- 24. A race to fight pediatric cancer David I'm excited to have you here let's start with the Max cure foundation tell us about it. Show it's great to be here thanks for having us on. The next your foundation. Was started in December of 2008. Inspired by our son Max who at the age of four was diagnosed with a rare. Form of pediatric cancer. -- sort of the foundation to raise money for the development of less toxic treatments for children battling cancer. Or in other words for pediatric cancer research but we also support. -- common military families across the country. All of whom will have a child battling cancer. Well that's an important mission I can't imagine what that must have felt like in that moment to discover. Make your five year old child has cancer. Who is devastating. Numbing to say the least we were playing baseball. Back in April 26 2007. As my son Max was rounding first he felt. He cried out in excruciating pain we took them home -- placed his arm the next morning he was favoring his right arm. My wife Emery took in for an X right. And before we knew we were told that we should go to memorial Sloan Kettering. For a biopsy. -- It was the longest 72 hours of my life. Waiting anxiously to go to memorial Sloan Kettering get the biopsy. And then receive. The news that it was. Indeed malignant. And 12 within a fast growing type of cancer what are you dealing with -- that. -- the. The good news is that we caught it orally. The bad news is that the doctors at memorial Sloan Kettering one of the premier cancer institutes in the world had never seen before. It was a rare beast cell lymphoma that had manifested itself in the bone of his right arm lymphoma is are often times found in the lift noise. 42 issues. Max's case it was in the bone in his right arm. And had in the past the size to his left me. In other words it was stage four. Oh my god so he had this for a while. He had it for awhile and had he not fallen when he did. Consequences. Would have been devastating we. We like to think of that fall has the blessing of default yeah I can see why so she wasn't in any sort of pain. Did that he expressed to you. And until the fall. It's amazing you wake up every morning and you go to work and you carry on your daily routine. Like any kids Max was always playing in having good times never. Never complaining about anything so that fall actually. Triggered the tumor in his arm to -- Who broke through the -- and. Kept him from and then he -- them a lot of it is and say given this diagnosis. And five year old son. It's rare form of cancer at Ford and for a fourth time your for a plan has its rare form of cancer. So are. Likely he was diagnosed with cancer on May second 2007. On May third and the next day it was actually his fourth attack. So it was not quite the birthday. That we were expecting to celebrate. The doctors here -- The pediatric oncologists say they recommended a two year. Protocol leukemia protocol. They -- because the cancer had spread from his right arm to his left knee although they didn't see any traces of the cancer in his. Bone marrow where the blood they assume that it was in his blood indeed and he put him on Kimi protocol which was two years. Intense -- Called New York to. So that the and your whole world has been turned upside down and it's now just about doctors' visits and treatment and so forth him. So at the time I was hedge fund trader working in finance industry in. When you're so that your son has cancer and that if he doesn't get treated immediately the consequences would be devastating. You realize quite. Quickly just how real life is in that life discretion of the life -- your child has far bigger. In any one trade so. Decided take a leave of absence from from Wall Street for some time in spent quite a bit of time as you can imagine on the pediatric cancer unit. Sloan Kettering. 56 days a week 678 hours today just. Watching my son. You administered by chemotherapy which is incredibly toxic medicine. Some some would say that the team was even more powerful. And cancer itself. And while I was at Sloan. Meeting the meeting the doctors and talking to various people from around the world that rule there for the same purpose I realize that. Perhaps we were chosen for reason Max was here for a reason and I wondered. Why -- cited that gonna make a big difference in the world in the fight against pediatric cancer. And is that what inspired you to establish. The -- her foundation. Yeah the night I remember how I can remember the night that Max came home from the hospital and he was sleeping in done. Purity he started his treatment has had restarting the formats so we shaved his head down. And I got down on one knee and I whispered an easier -- Something good will come from this going to be a long road. We're gonna get through this for me through it together. You will not have cancer and ran. Who started the -- cure foundation. What started as. Fund raising initiatives to. Fund in immune cell therapy lab that hospital. At the response from so many people from. Tri-State area as well as emails and correspondence is -- came in from around the world we realize that. We were touching others and perhaps we should expand our mission beyond just memorial Sloan Kettering. Raise awareness. Helped fund researchers. Cross country. And then eventually we as I mentioned. Started to support low income military families. Have a child battling cancer right now we support over fifty. -- probably become blowing come pretty quickly. Let me sons and -- treatments are expensive. And there are toxic to the body. Received a phone call from. A woman whose husband was overseas fighting for our country and their child. Is diagnosed with cancer and an eleven month old. We -- while we should expand the mission now to support. Some of our soldiers and Marines that are out there fighting for our country -- child should not be at home fighting for their lives and there. Wives wondering. I didn't put food on the table. So we. -- -- -- Scratch -- we buy gift cards every month for these families. And we support the families to various amounts and from 100 dollars 2000 dollars a month. That's complicated if it's meaningful. In their daily lives. It makes a big difference in money makes a big difference but I think also. When they see people that they have never even met before. Picking Stanton and showing that they care and a lot of people out there and talk to talk very few people walking. You can submit applications to various foundations. And apply for grants and for financial -- and by the time. You get past all the red tape. Months go by. The -- foundation. We read between the lines and and and and we we step up to the plate. -- much faster response time correct interesting that you started out. With a very specific vision you went to fund the slab at the hospital. And over what time period did that vision mission grow. When I started to. And meet other fathers from all over the world overall there were so many. So many different fathers at -- as you can imagine. And and world different walks of life if you I was blessed I was only a block and a half away from the house. So our life will vote. It was turned upside down we still able to provide a sense of normalcy for. Son Alexander who at the time was two and now Max. -- ten years old today thank -- and Alexander -- a daughter violence for. We're able to maintain a sense of normalcy. What I realize that all of these different fathers we all are so many. We're different walks of life yet at the end of the day we we have one thing in common we there. Sees -- child's it's the disease. Now that's an incredible community that immediately understands what you're going through. I can see how you brought nap -- -- perspective. That quickly. It's amazing when you told the child has cancer and everything that you live for and everything -- use. I dreamt about. Literally gets thrown out the window and the only thing that really matters is giving your child well. It's also amazing how communities and friends and even people you've never met before. The rally around you and you'll wanna help most of them wanna help you don't do anything. To help but oftentimes they don't know how to help. And that was another reason why we sort of -- your foundation because. We wanted to create credible platform. That we can actually extend extend our hand out. Communities and wanna get involved and they wanna helped our own. So if someone. Wants to reach out to the Max cure foundation because they need. Assistants. Have a sick child has cancer. What would be the best way to do that. Best way to do would contact our office Max -- were. Up info best way to contact the national foundation would be inflow pat -- cure title -- You can go to our website www. Max cured dot org. What we do is we go into his local communities we partner with hospitals. And we partner with hospitals like we're doing here in Austin, Texas will partner with those Children's Hospital in Houston partner. Texas children. Will put on various events in the community that. Will. Drive donations to the -- your foundation and then the money staying locally. Which is very important has as the chairman of the foundation. For the last six years. -- realize that philanthropy. Is broken. It's broken because while so many people wanna give and they do you often times they don't know where their money -- What the next cure foundation has is doing and we pride ourselves on doing quite well is that we. Show you exactly where the money euros and often times will keep the local. A lot of organizations that do they do great work but they'll come into your home town -- put on a lavish event. Or golf -- in the take the money. Out of state. We wanna do is we wanna create opportunities for communities to rally around their own. Help their community members that are in need and keep the money local. Now running a foundation. Is very difficult canoes. Oftentimes people critique how much goes out how much comes in. Sometimes you have to run profitable foundations and -- that you would run a business. When I realized over the last six years is that is an incredible opportunity right now in the world of health and fitness. With all of the obstacle course. Races taking place in adventure race is taking place across country. Which all -- give back certain percentage. Of entry fees. To the charity of choice. I see an incredible opportunity for us because I've always been into health and fitness. -- see an opportunity to take that model and flip it upside down. Community first. So what I did was I created a new race series with purpose. Created be -- 24. Okay let's talk about that at this idea came TU. Over the past twelve months if it's something that's been percolating know for a little longer than that. So as a so as a social entrepreneur nor. I came over Wisconsin called be great 24. -- -- 24 is a health fitness and endurance race series. Which is specifically. Dedicated. To the fight against pediatric cancer. He -- 24. It is. Going to. Give 24 cents of every dollar. Back to the fight against pediatric cancer and be great 24 comes into your home town. The money's going to stay in your home town there is. In incredible phase right now going on around the country -- in the world with all these adventure races that are taking place all these races gave. And certain amount of money back to certain charities. Which is amazing degree where it is an incredible amount of revenue that comes through the door. I wanna flip the model. Where it's charity first. Sometimes you sign up for race you don't know how much actually goes back. To charity muschamp would be great 2.4 we'll tell you exactly how much is going back 24 cents of every dollar will go back to fight. Against pediatric cancer -- 24. In new race series with purpose inspired by the children. Who have no choice but to be -- 24 hours seven days a week. He -- 24 will be themed race. When he for obstacles no more no less. Each obstacle represents a time of day. The five K to be a ten K to be ultimately. 24 mile race. But the overall theme is that the 24 obstacles each representing. Time today the goal. Yet through the day. When he crossed the finish line of the -- 24 you'll never question your dating again. It takes to an hour and a half to do the five -- -- three ousted. Care. There will be certain times which are represented by the obstacles that you may have an easier time getting through. Or more difficult. But with perseverance. Positive attitude. You can get through anything that you wanna get through and I was like to say that it's how you see how we face obstacles that fine we are new phase sees obstacles of bravery and courage and you will get -- -- If this really a unique concept in terms of developing our race or five came because the focus is is much more on into Lawrence. Then you know and speed or time. Correct so if you do to be great 245 K which were having out of the crucible on November 23. And a world class so we obstacle course. And it's actually debut. Room for us as well as for this course that was to go. -- -- -- Bieber is 24 we partnered with the crucible which. Is a brand new obstacle course it's designed with the military themed challenge. Which provides an opportunity to test everyone strengthen their will as opposed to your speed. There's going to be obstacles such as challenges and take you through tunnels scaling walls and even trenches. It's that shadow -- country club and it was built on the outskirts of the club. And that's that's actually quite close to Austin that's not in the group. What's great about -- Rip Torn for. Launching here in Austin is that it literally is only fifteen minutes from downtown Austin oftentimes you have to get new car and drive an hour plus just to you know get to where the race and this is a permanent obstacle course at the Chris. Correct date they put a lot of hard work blood sweat and tears and a lot of money. -- -- -- world class facility on it sounds like challenged the name itself parents were really really excited and and I'm glad that we're that. The first race to actually. Kickoff there. Grand opening and so this is this is the B rate 24 race is the inaugural race here in Boston had need to on the streets in cities. No this is actually the the first race -- we're going to be doing we chose Boston because. Austin is one of the fittest if not the fittest. Cities in the country. But also. As the chairman of the next your foundation. We are very involved with Washington and we've actually spoken on Capitol Hill. Problem at the pediatric cancer caucus pediatric cancer caucus was founded by the United States congressman Michael McCall. Who lives right here in central Texas. His jurisdictions. Central Texas and he's also chairman of Homeland Security. Of people don't realize about Michael McCall is that while he's out there helping and supporting and defending our country. Against bad guys he's also -- sleeves up and now open in the fight against pediatric cancer. He is a very strong voice down on Capitol Hill -- we actually met. Congressman Michael and call this a few years ago when he invited us down to Capitol Hill when my son Max spoke. On behalf of what is now known as creating hope it. -- calls been trying to pass into law. To creating hope act which. Wouldn't -- device pharmaceutical companies to develop pediatric cancer drugs know that they're not going to make any money because the market isn't big enough for the pharmaceutical companies. To make money. But if you develop these drugs for kids to take it one for the team. These companies will get priority review on their block buster drugs. My son Max spoke on Capitol Hill two years ago when he was eight years old in front of congressman legislators. CEOs and heads of foundations. And but we're glad -- just last year. President Obama signed into law to creating. And it's -- fact -- what a remarkable. My remarkable thing for Max DNA you mentioned he's a thriving ten year old today help how long was the full two years as they expect it in terms of that you know the toxic treatment for him to rid his body cancer. So the reality of pediatric cancers that pediatric cancers the number one leading cause of disease related death amongst children. It's incredibly underfunded. War. For every for every. Dollar that's actually donated to the American Cancer Society less -- three cents goes to pediatric cancer research for every dollar. It's given to the NIH and through the federal government -- and four cents goes to. Fund pediatric cancer. Drugs at kids such as my son Max has to take today are illegal drugs. The level of toxicity is incredibly. High if you bridges we them China. In the short term side effects are harsh. They lose their hair they wake up in the middle of the night and vomiting and then constantly nauseous tired. -- feeling well the long term side effects are -- more harsh. You have ten times mortality greater mortality rate. Having been going through chemotherapy for. Any amount of time that you. We'll sort of more susceptible to. Developing other cancers as well as other diseases such as kidney liver or heart disease must because of your getting your body a very young body. Through such harsh chemical treatment. I always say that chemo therapies like tsunami that takes everything in its path. One day you pray that flowers will come back in and boom boom he's created the weeds down. -- that is that just speaks to how important it is. Two to put money to -- resources. Towards the research and developing. Treatments and drugs that are so much less toxic about it. Yet really it's an eye opener you. I actually have an album out that. Is under iTunes David -- -- when Max is going to his treatment. The doctors told me that you gonna have to teach your son to be brave during the next two years long journey and I'm not really communicate. And my son who at the time was only forty years old so I found myself writing songs and I would never played a musical instrument in my life and I was story concerning -- -- couple glasses of wine. And Preston Parsons. But. -- found myself writing songs specifically just warm Max who's going to lose treatments and going to lose its time and once song with the five with 217 which ultimately. We turn into an album and it actually. Takes us through the whole journey of five months and months on the moon walking through the field about. That sounds like you can via a wonderful resource for other families going through something similar that's available on iTunes available on iTunes and I wrote my first song called poison the night that we learned. Max is diagnosed with cancer. And folks -- that face search David plot can peel -- TK and correcting and the proceeds. Goes to the masters and position. So if you're feeling inspired to get involved and -- your parts you can do that on November 23. In a very big way. The website be brave 24 dot com does that give all the information folks need to know about registration and so forth. It does and Bieber is 24 is going to debut here in Austin. And we are going to. Take it across the country. Potentially 24 cities. The next couple years. Right here in Austin weird partnering with psych which is a fitness. Cycling studio now on the campus. And came gladiators getting involved. And anyone here in Austin. Who thinks considerate is once again out and supported great cause and do your best to overcome the obstacles -- -- -- -- component. Got -- -- effect and that again is taking place acts the crucible. But shadow Glen golf club that's a quick fifteen minute drive from downtown Austin all the d.s health. At -- parade 24 dot com that's happening in November 23 and for folks that aren't able to get out their that would like to make a financial contribution. Where can they go to make a difference. You go to Max cured that Oregon you can go to donate now and hit the button or you can make a donation that he -- when he forward. David Platt and chairman of the Max cure foundation and founder of be -- 24. -- -- this a race to fight pediatric cancer thank you so much for being here and incredible. An incredible cause we can all get behind and I wish you so much success. With this race and thank you for choosing Austin for the inaugural event. Thanks for. Thanks for listening to -- inside Austin. And I -- I'm doing all the pain and -- changing see him remains in Mac. NASDAQ and gadgets irritant in mathematics. And drinking out of mommy's playing some laughs. You know loved singing yeah and the heat. Here. -- Yeah I mean I mean game changing as we zoom range inland.