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Dec 4, 2013|

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Welcome to let's get healthy with bills whale on talk thirteen seven. He's here to take your call -- 39013. Seven. And now here's -- way. What they post good evening we really believe this is coach royal welcome for the show. We're going to start it was something a little unusual for. They'll show here -- Part of health is having fun right right yeah that was my cohost today is that so she's not to say that I think they'll note that realism it. Really we you know we walk and she is in the Omniture test doctor Blake Gordon. Hello Austin. -- Iran had a great things different he's secure a long ways away from fellow Boston that the doesn't whether downturn most of them. -- you're you've been UN -- is for Thanksgiving -- -- so affecting east Texas to tell area of tiny tiny list of east Texas we got the secret family. The school this do that when Owens. And a nice yes they're not always my -- that I had a nice that -- was much. Well you worked at the US licks tour yes sir I didn't. -- patients healing the sick and who do I am yes I definitely see clients. Out of 10 boy it. Bases as needed them also have been out on the floor as well you have to brother. She's just spend the holidays this year looked out. You have we had this been a little time and emergency room on Thursday he had severe case again out. That's flared up most of us this this is something exciting for the real excited just excited to if you have to. -- we do do do do. Six. It's got bill does not have the way. And Chris Davis thanks to the fact it is so important to the to. 15 this morning but at 5303541. O'clock -- -- back. Attacked everything I don't like yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- And ran back channel partner that god I would not -- -- about it yeah. Didn't handle it well back. It adds up and a lot eyeball. It and like yeah I love. Unbelievable -- -- I cannot live at the -- aren't -- We thought apparently Geithner and. When anyone that your -- you. -- the spot that was actually don't station to radio station. So to -- yet I -- they would write it but I think that one of the things they're asking you your race this year there's no -- you're gonna you know get that done. -- you know only time she's had nobody guarding her or Bob lord in heaven oh my goodness yeah it's. Have people have been ordered name in -- uses the he was just that -- -- this excited. I -- assuming -- prices get excited to think when they get healed to they -- excited to. Oh I had inherited him proclaimed -- like dead but. With that gives most of that yes they did. -- -- my lord in heaven well the way. That's good health you know that sounds of good health commissioner. We used to getting you know they say that when your team wins it is it's just. That boosted just how true that can tell you distill it. Knowledge of our friends and everything changed just took great. IQ -- -- game something. Well maybe your -- football game and restore their -- -- You run across historic -- You know -- of Austin okay. Don't get a chance for a month now. -- -- up in the -- he could coaches you know yeah. You can't Allman and it is our. This open campus there years ago. -- twenty years ago against. And sometimes through people that guys coming to the par or to quibble with the locomotives stored. Answerable in the store something during. Much are you know they decide all this energy and some. -- so there are parts of football and they had a good team back to two in the got a good -- -- opened. At number two or something. Nadia and then -- to consolidated net they're still very. Once we got our ticket is -- they do every year on Osama Osama always goes to people's coliseum in there anyway you got. Only got a great team who -- contact -- at at a containment to. Well also. You'll be happy to know. That this. Who was -- that they used to play in this soccer games you know that. Harm we're you know it. Made that noise you hear again just to look at -- in the dismissal segments about. A minute longer so the third and now they're going to something different. -- -- -- the components -- the cultural -- like -- such -- out there are cut. She'll look. Cultural okay well if you don't -- isn't very good. -- and I think OK well. It's healthy Eric DNA at IR OL two is a new little device to come up with student this -- There's no benefit. We'll talk about just a minute but no children here. At the very user using his so this is when you lost to -- again he. This is what you publicly. -- good at the end that was horns with the play if you. So yet which what did you like Tibet's first rule him devices and you check of -- you don't talk to attempt to -- -- -- What they're shaken that I slow people didn't care for the orange to which is very disruptive for the players and look you just -- like to hear and rule. You know like. They have much rhythm to it better -- the state. Thank you ought to move forward. The other horse tested the devices and they think they're my love do you know with the jobless them it looked like hundreds sort you know. So what happens is that the fans you know if they're not winning the attendance from around the field you know. That this should throw those longhorns are out there a year you know so that. Because they've offered elect to sentence that was you know especially for its own cocaine narrow. So -- so I don't know will -- see what happens. It away you can put pressure friends with a little Brazilian Portuguese they speak Portuguese -- their -- X is not endorsed -- Michigan should masters tennis has worked. -- sure. Sure doesn't acoustical. And even easier Colleen and tell us how to pronounce this courtesy LAX. Are -- Cultural. So -- so that's what we think it's which attendance we've switched -- for you so when you hear it now and your friends and you'll be ready. You -- went to the horror -- orange. -- the horse to put the horrors they play during these soccer games. And -- -- really. You really you know. Move to -- people. So good here's an interesting -- More people are -- likely to be murdered deduct for food allergies. Early -- food allergens and more people like to be murdered them down from food allergy some say very few people doubt what you'll. Are murdered so -- -- dust for food allergies so. Own. I did have an employee at the -- six or were you were condemn her portal for lunch. Views. He was allergic to shellfish and he'd he'd do it. But he never came back. He had some -- at home against or something you may be needed notional finchem put in a way. So it best I had a -- probably up late twenties collect you know. -- Connect case you always have to have -- in 1990 have any type a severe food out its. Are any type delicate period at least there you go as much what you say because tepid effort. And can you can do that we can to get to interpret singing superstition and forget -- -- -- government so don't think that just were caused this headline comes up that you can't dotted. No food allergy or severe reductions. In I don't think you -- from them. Oh -- like to begin Dieter or something like -- -- -- -- -- community recently or whatever correct you know that that could cause problems or you're. But maybe some that estimate -- and to. Well but the shellfish can be very severe -- has some times actually if you -- conditions. You know I just -- your computer problem. It -- if you know a problem with. Certain things like gluten. Gluten intolerance -- you know you have a condition. A disease that this person -- -- didn't and Mexico's problem could. Yes definitely especially if you have a silly addicts I think similar to that -- you big problem status of the Clinton. So I think that the bottom line is I think that most people with them. With. Food allergies. It's more -- and conditions. Could -- some major -- some major problems for right. -- -- you regret a lot of discomfort but he -- -- didn't. Yeah well that's an interesting energy critics might Alter and do Walter -- production. The study shows that alters -- fortune. -- -- -- A nobody seek -- so I was caffeine and note well that I just can't -- to according to -- all these things have -- -- but you know they all synergistic work. The -- -- -- -- -- energy you know what you can say. -- -- -- If we can -- Being a big issue of people especially if they consume and a lot. You know Bordeaux wine a day or so it can -- because of a lot of heart problems anxiety. Things like that as well. What are -- trying to -- multibillion dollar industry. Continues to grow. And you historic and so another my storage -- a little bit because. Significantly increased heart contraction rates an hour after you can have to drink and if you're young you can target through that you don't put no football players generally get out there electric factory Comerica. Look there a problem in order you know yeah you can't over tax or even if you don't. -- so. And make Cisco is just a -- how many people. All complain of being fatigued now. As well you know they have the loath to let that they they take immediate -- -- -- entity right 2007. To 2011 in the US energy drinks related emergency department visits doubled. From 2068. -- 3073. Just from 20072011. So let me just aren't -- right this is just so. You know if you have our problems or whatever you know something about don't just take energy drinks. That's an assumption that we can and can cause -- abuse you know really pretty -- probably just legislator for your heart so. If you talk about that you -- we can talks more about that to pierce on pick for cyclists or pedestrians the distracted driving deaths. Pedestrians -- cyclists is up in the US the study showed. To depart predict tech couldn't. You know people on their cellphones -- -- cycle much. I've -- to give me a motorcycle. Now. I don't rather in the car and get nice safe to say go to. But I do still had a lot cyclists around which it's great that he deftly at the -- have a -- Right. You're so right so. So you've got to be very careful I'm more cautious I used to run were cycles you know I'm so as a result when I see it more cyclist. Is like a regional -- such as. A slowdown to get out -- way whatever you what are reckon there again because they. What you think they don't bush and -- the -- -- say either you know the right way to. There -- license to boot the other -- Baylor with elections and all that other. And they can just about cheap by conductor and I don't know the road and -- traffic and we'll -- just don't they test. They're nuisance and must consent that's. That's not -- when they're trying to be healthy. You -- older people trying to re healthy sometimes riding a bicycle business. -- a special day aerospace sixty's yeah lots of people system and we can't assign these are gonna commit or Nazi tons of people cycle in which is great. Well that's the wrong time I was saying that she used the same. The moment not exactly the same but maybe the -- to ruled that -- cyclist she's just -- that she slowdown. And our futures yourself don't just like Uranus -- I think two tests important cobra your -- phone and you're right he said the check or get to adjust to house over just a little bit you know. Target and and your life would be changed. So I just hours -- so. -- OK so row. -- millions. Of treasury note. Patty cherry hit the -- now Westin -- maybe this is their vertebrae Cadillac car. Anti inflammatory problem this -- of college of rheumatology suggests. Ways to ease Napoleon. -- just reproach and -- put anybody used a mobile as simple as possible keep tonight looting and don't go to. I had a shoulder problem dislocated left but this time last year you're going to be completely completely out of socket. And so on I think it's opinions but I had to go through some exercises -- just order freezing. If your next torch freezing and lets us the muscles are joint channels that run. Most arsenic muscles you -- make it through accident that was again the Cayman. This off to war story this morning through to his right at the base of the slick or what the muscles or use violence. Two problems there. So. To which is what by the door. Who's the -- -- treat us like cyclist tonight Melissa at. Then and it worked with that 48 hours of endorsing it and apply ice up to ten minutes at a time. And then after 48 hours. Apply heat. So you additional punitive Pete nice. In the room. Yeah within the 48 -- you -- use our base and -- after the forty hours he -- wanna use more eat any TP use -- like you say to an octane because that way. That which is allow more blood flow more oxygen. More nutrients to flow to that area. Educated from -- -- -- want to break that record. So over the campaign relievers you know can help you say zone cinnamon -- I think I think so whom talked of his fellow that we drew did us with Victor was next door they're closer. Chiropractic care your articles to our director and he talked and talked to him about it statistically he is just -- -- 'cause you don't take it lightly you know you never know. You -- catch it early. As well you don't want it to linger in the cause of the problem so -- early chiropractic care acupuncture. Can be amazing for her. To break is another great barrier. Something people because -- take consists effect shoulder pain and I would recommend maintain that tumor it's another great love for. Shoulder and neck pain. What do we have our an excuse to -- up please. Let's see here. Do we write to. Your always -- by virtue. -- -- these people say that include all the time yeah I don't know what you always try to. In my horizon -- spoil some always a -- -- medicines and Alia. That would take place -- and. The city's I want to say that because that makes it easier river your name Hillary rise to the pre diabetes. Diet diet plan and how reversed -- B agents and prevent diabetes through healthy eating and ocean side so are the first they were reduced to find create diabetes because a lot of people. We don't know what that is. Okay. Well diabetes which we know it epidemic and not just the United States but around the world. Is always. And not always preceded by appeared at times that generally is a year long which someone can be classified setting pre diabetes. Which means their body is struggling to clear glucose or blood sugar. Out of their blood and in itself after they either drink. Primarily the hydrates. To try to regulate their blood sugar so when the body has been is struggling to clear glucose from the blood into cells that. It's got overworked our pancreas which is the organ that makes insulin which does that clearing of the -- around the blood and and -- -- unchecked. Over time eventually your -- can get suckered out and I'm content developed type two diabetes. -- -- Right. Then though the worst thing is it really go on one if you just let it go Marcus. Well type one diabetes actually different cities I actually crap at sailing with two Brothers with type one diabetes and that can actually -- -- Condition where the immune system attacks itself from the pancreas that make insulin. But only counts about 10% of cases of diabetes ninety cent of cases of diabetes. I'm not due to a lack of informed me it doesn't start up that way. Due to the body not utilizing this hormone insulin very efficiently. So that the tanker is set to work overtime. On to produce insulin to cliche -- out of the blood and over time it'll just thought browse. -- so -- so preventing. Diabetes is the way to go because once you get that it is really difficult to reverse that. If the medical hospital. I think you back you know pre diabetes the great thing about it is that it can be cured -- type -- diabetes cannot be cured that can be controlled. So but anybody who developed diabetes has ample opportunity to realize that they're heading down that path if they get. Regular blood glucose testing done in their doctor's office. And can then -- without working on diet lifestyle strategy to reverse that the court has sent at a get the progress on the type two diabetes. You know an officer that you are you go to. Think if if you -- -- hear -- your worst puritan it's the American Dietetic Association. As -- dietitian of the year award. When I was -- young dietitians. Yes I took your card you're just Arianna you've gotten the book too so yeah if you live in Boston. I do. And your your book is. Really good book -- this it's easy to read and understand most well liked about it. I you know and that's terrific to hear you say that because that is the feedback. I'm getting from people you know I refused to believe. After 25 years of counseling thousands of people I refused to believe that people want are not figure out what's going on their body. They get needed explained that a witness they can understand Seoul after over two decades of counseling a variety of different types of people from different cultural backgrounds different educational levels. I think I honed an ability to generate messages and use examples. You know how your body may function if you eat this way or that way whether or not you're exercising which is also its hugely important piece. The first thing pre diabetes. But people just need to have a different visual on their head. What will happen if I change the way I eat it -- start exercising. Because quite frankly -- think most people are trying to start out at just the -- exercise message. They need to have this issue dressed up at a different outfit. So the outfit I'd dress up and -- You know let's use some -- incorporate some diet but the strategies into your life that yes it will help people lose weight. And -- -- to reverse your pre diabetes. But you know -- benefit your health and a lot of -- you know this really in many ways. Not a lot of new information from the standpoint that people know that we can make calorie people who know that we haven't shattered semi refined carbohydrates. And they know that we need to exercise but the more they understand the way their body work. On and every interestingly the genes that currently are now. Resulting in pre diabetes and diabetes where actually -- good genes that have -- that history could they would self preserving. They help people bought stock during conditions of drought and a little problem as a guy -- seven change in about 40000 years. So those same gene that's sort of backfiring has become good -- gone -- what used to be beneficial without detrimental and causing diabetes and other health problems. Well some people think that things -- destiny. And it and I'm just leave management got to move the company have to manage and so management to me is pretty much everything. It is true football is true with. Throughout life you know and how you manage your health is really important because. You can actually manage your health and live healthy and do well if you you can learn things how to manage your office Richard you do this book. Yeah and you know I really honestly most interested -- people living the quality like that they can. -- you know we all know that it's not healthy and exercise and gain weight but you know the biggest tragedy but all of that at present so many people I'm really living a quality life. That they could. You know I think you know the number of years you look on the planet on its important but the quality of their -- -- more important than anything else. No you know I don't know what you but you know I don't -- eliciting nine -- hundred at the last. 3040 years of my life for all of aches and pains to chronic problems that many medications. And diabetes as we know it's largely preventable to those know how to do it. Exactly like the way you usually -- to your book here with this great chapter -- about zero play you a pretty w.s does plan. You talk about how -- helped your body works. You know it seems simple but if people don't realize that you're genes -- different somebody else you reject copyright now itself. Later in but -- what time is -- where you are. Thirty locate two or 730 put people go right now go to Hendrick cup car for two cups of coffee. And cigarettes that. You know that's what you can't militants had that gene allows him do that lot of Hispanics. When they grow sugar for instance. There are genetic makeup that doesn't allow that to help because they get to -- never released because that gene to get to try and -- -- clo sure. A live -- aggravate and -- resistance which can lead to diabetes. There you go. Just your attitude that I would be he does seem there's -- to reduce stress -- Well I think many people are so used to not being successful would -- Try to make behavior changes. That they sort of throw with there -- and they fail why bother. Why try it one more time -- -- likely to be successful and I know I spent a lot of my time with my clients. Tried to encourage them to forgive themselves for past indiscretions. That they believe that nobody could be made it to -- and we got the last felt when it comes to looking at the things we think we should be doing but -- So when it comes to behavior change people need him to try to shake up the absolute thinking. That healthy eating are healthy lifestyle it's about being a 100% -- your game all the time. And like is not like that no life is not static it changes dated date. And so we all have days that we don't need that we would like to we don't get exercise would like to. Rather than saying well I'm just not capable of this. You have to have willing to get the next morning as they are another day you know let me try again. But the third thing is it's it's so -- to cope with keeping a food journal it was as good you look back and also. But what does avoid overeating at night to. Yes. I'd I'd been saying for over twenty years just from talking to thousands of people about how they eat. That the people I've worked with this struggle with their -- about. -- -- -- enough during the day and it actually kind of backfired them blow up about 45 in the afternoon. So you're backing for the vending machine. Followed by a very large dinner followed by eating a private television. And I observed that patterns could be what we would call it in the nutrition world -- suggest that encourages obesity. And -- -- to report that in recent times that finally got to look at food distribution. Not just calorie intake such as how much -- reading but how are you eating the benefit of keeping a food journal that allowed to actually take a hard look. How am I eating that keeping a food journal that -- the tiny leader drink something. What it was the amount and any other relevant information. Helped you get sent to your food distribution. But they have been studies coming out -- more recently that are suggesting that when people eat a larger percentage of their calories and the latter part of the day. Big baby less likely to lose weight on the same calorie intake if someone suspected over the day and they you know the whole discussion of the Canadian regiment. And you know how does the fad dieting and setting potentially affect -- metabolic rate all the things that make a lot of sense and you think about it. You know about shedding some light of that what you think really still important -- You know that the Americans have a greatest challenge is to stop any. On a regular basis throughout the day and -- waiting to -- our. Because when human beings are starving human beings eat too much we get around food. It's not a lack of will power it is fact primitive cave person -- On that want to make sure that food hasn't been available for awhile and now it's available I get a stock up now and that frequently happened that night. We hadn't cardinals Astros malicious problem and show her but I don't want to go. And does this hour reflux problem because people when they're sleeping they eat after 8 o'clock. Think it's a sour reflex you know in the esophagus. Who do they don't know it. And she says that that's. You know one of the fastest growing cancers whose cultures it is soft material. And she's at her and she says the circles of. Work to data we get the data traffic incidents in Boston. And done a significant risk factor for south kills cancer is. Years of information on the lower traffic -- from reflux disease. And when you eat a lot at night and then you go when you led light out -- no longer had the benefit of gravity help and eat the food and the Africans summit. Anybody with significant reflux problems we'll tell you that eating. Night late at night in particular is a disaster for their condition. On and it's not just about pain it's about those that -- lighting air traffic is being chronically inflamed. Any patient that chronically inflamed has had an ability to convert it Serb precancerous or potentially cancerous. Issue and you know -- -- -- that's when you look at that the commercials on television when they. Suggest you know they'll start out saying now. -- they grossly overeating and then failed just place your you know your -- still basketball whatever. I think that reflux problem goes hand in hand with the overeating the obesity and a lot of chronic health problems so you know -- You do one thing depravity one problem and get healthy or not but a lot of other things get better at the same times. It also probably have order what do you do at night to go out to Peterson that you know -- do you eat slowly intricate wanna know this and so. There's a dozen spicy foods procedure watch -- football at one of these and -- -- sport more original but it didn't serve the bus routes and -- So I. Growth so the alcohol really -- The reflux that it loosened up that felt that the -- is subject. What did you budget time for self care manager we're got to go to your manage your hunger to control portions all the she's going to vote. Like losing weight a priority that's this is not a difficult you can do that -- did a little bit manage your expectations. Don't try look -- -- -- -- -- exactly as you mentioned in us where the book comes in two things to last two things don't go it alone. We have a major preferable to the doctor. And she she wished she would you know the toxic pizza you want to you don't go a long -- partner to work -- to a -- It did it great leaving the statistics we'll tell you -- greatly -- the -- of successive somebody is supported. By health care provider I have friends. By a colleague. You know -- exercise buddy should. A registered dietitian you know anybody go to C -- eat right dot org web site and pleasant there's the crowd will be able to find a registered dietitian in their area. On this is what we do we help people you know stop with where they are and such develop their own plans to better help I'm. Awards at the website for your book -- diabetic. Diet Coke diet book dot com run. Street that pre diabetes diet pop the door be closed the pieces yeah look it's a small prudent. As there are linked to by the book as well as some excerpts from poverty -- of the book on the web site. Then you're less won't be patient. It. It's so different cult like you know Rome wasn't built to the date and you know when people need to change their behavior to get it it -- to be it for the long haul. Understand that -- -- opportunities to learn not evidence of weakness and failure he just kept -- a willingness to get out dust yourself off. And get back to settle. It's just who just keep going don't don't give up. Don't give up don't give up if you just keep. Plugging away you know I'll say to people if you're in your -- your job and you. You work project of the project doesn't go practically you quit your job every time things don't go perfectly. -- you try to learn from why it didn't work out the way you wanted to send that -- I'd be glad it was a different. But get you have to be willing to give itself I guess. Who you're right then and don't -- I think a lot of people they get. Distressed date they get well one thing that causes the the problem is business. The strategy of -- just being stressed all the time. You you don't took militia stressed. Right yeah that's why exercise is -- a big piece site devoted whole chapter about. In my book and refer to which frequently you know human bodies -- said to be in motion. A lot of the on. Chemistry Beckett checking throughout -- there was we're stressed though that fighter like response. You know the fighting other running -- but the work off that chemistry that makes it feel anxious all the time. On but we don't do that we get at you know anxious and stressed that it we still -- chemical though. Getting up -- even taking a walk or just getting some sort of physical activity itself ideologically normal where -- relieving stress this human body. So Hillary have you seen my -- a ferret it patience to a certain type of exercise Becker wrote big races weightlifting guard as a matter. Just the main thing in that and exercising. I I think ultimately they need to do vote because they both provide support functions. He aerobic activity. And actually except the production of a protein inside -- called glucose transporter for us. It's a protein that pulled glucose or blood sugar out of the blood into the cell. A little Alicia blood sugar and improved sense of emphasis on the spot. So the -- exercise helped to actually -- local credit your blood. When you build up your lean body mass you know build up some powerful muscle that's big glucose sponges Belmont muscular body will have more the issue that's really out. -- -- up the blue coat Saudi your blood but I you know I'll tell people start with what most likely to happen. On and that for most people exercise provide the due to obstacles alienated you know it could parachute and a few minutes. But just because some people just need to gain confidence that they can be exercises. That they jump into the deep end you know they might get discouraged but if they just opened the door. You know walk out I pretend minister read a lot back. Eclectic -- exact count. We're seeing a lot of children with this problem -- I -- say you have a child. -- want to see. This -- test indicated that to us it's all over town. -- primary care doctors who came the company wants to set now much more commonly because you can use them the green. The pre diabetes. Well of diabetes so any -- -- probably had the cable company once he tests on every 36 months. Up by their doctor but is now criteria to say -- -- it in the -- they want to see that five point 7%. The six point 4%. That classify you as pre diabetes. On and that it's simple test that have a doctor's office. Yeah you can get this LeBron would need to carry this in our stores probably because well people. That -- is be very valuable they just -- they just diagnosed Chenault also to create diabetes diet plan this is available at. We have a from the stores thus we have a loaner program this tree if you -- To carry the book but the other thing is so. It's available bars and lower right. Yet it should it get any -- all major bookseller that's available at any online seller. At my pre diabetes diet book dot com there are links to multiple online sellers. On it and libraries. You know this is a huge problem affecting one in three adults but it just -- so I'll tell people if you don't need this book yourself you undoubtedly -- somebody else who -- On anyone went critique of the book which really look at a critique at all. On said they wished that the title was more. Which would -- like the facts be healthy -- for anybody not just somebody with pre diabetes. -- Mission larger picture too because you want to -- you gotta. Cook so I appreciate your help -- -- -- -- -- specially. The print -- it is so -- room in you know for different any program mean anything with the with the hornets were all of our health today you know you can. Dealt the with the you could take got diabetes is to look at the book because for preventing many media conditions. Today. It's actually very good player and her helping people to lose weight because when when you get the -- strategies -- -- You risk pre diabetes if they're out strategies to help you manage your hunger and appetite. So anybody actually -- -- losing weight would benefit from this because anybody absolute -- actually at risk for diabetes. -- anyway there's only a threat. It was tough job. Exactly where Hillary thank you so much and go by the book people who pre diabetes diet is a great little book can it's fun to read. And it's so. It's tactical it's very practical. Thank you -- you know acute water. Ever ever okay you too hard we're gonna take a break here with new brick devotional that we fits the thanks -- that -- well need to give the weather here in just a little bit in the traffic so. Yes -- we'll hear about it. -- -- Yes yes OK this is just. I told you detection testosterone low they're trying to. That's OK. This is just one. OK so. We -- we do is so do you remember your number your your office -- -- indeed soon. Further advice on boom boom -- health. Because my brother who either got cedar fever or whatever you could have -- Let's try the by the way the temperature and a 66 degrees. So sweater weather you can after. You know do something because it's low fifties to a few government was pressured to mop. There's a crash by the way -- you want to avoid is so good wife and below process. I don't know were they don't pass is broad -- its -- and -- there's also pressure on was more Luther king boulevard. And set the tone your road. And a fender Bender in south way drive -- banished to learn so we just got all kinds of lot of little problems -- her memoir. The wedding night if you -- they're trying to ran smooth like. Yes it's nice weather for only around because you gotta run because -- a -- again soon. You know I don't think is silly. Gorgeous day and does your -- Richard I nanny she there was no trust that's okay. No that's what can we. Reload them all and by the way -- three got -- You have with who's today's. Doctor Blake -- -- you are yet I'm going to show up she she's she's dishonorable she says you know like lowering. You can't carry anything now they are familiar -- anything at this. Okay about it though not very much so. Well highlight great hero thing. That's all of that out of the fun time we have that Wesley -- Friday night we hasn't hurt -- We've got cameras or know what you do with the fact that. When you're used to eat we got the alcohol and pharmacy you know Cynthia Wesley and with this announcement. They're popular now everybody. You know when -- -- can really has -- -- and I learned from pejorative. So so what are we go talk about today. This very timely and yeah. Oh it's like let's see appeared. You know last week and I. My favorite and meg cricket easy solutions and is now idea who. Love that product that Tyrone square mile and they have a combination product segment to. But I wanted to give people. But she can -- trying and I genocide something would get more individualized towards targeted. -- there specific brand. Peter Peter expands so let's first choice would be Valium seat. And that's the remedy made from the red -- A lot of people. Know what that's -- is if you chopped onions you can't send it change stinging burning near it and you know he proudly hand -- hand from watering from isn't maybe your nose diluted earnings. That's step coming out of here you know this. Live running threat. You know is it fat they're lying in. You know you might have a little red admired. You know between your and -- -- And old. If that's the kind that symptom that you had. It during this Cedar -- received and then Italian T Bob. It is great cast -- -- choice for. And you know and I only had longevity could Peter Peter. It could be. For -- for Clinton if you don't appear campaigns. As we keep track and -- that I remedy. That sounds like you then Eileen seat that is the good side. Some cracked this -- all cheap tour that there dollars or something -- diet and trying and I. In they taste good due to vote to -- your mouth throwing right. -- security. Well I don't know that I get that Smart you know there's omelet unshakable at a steady. Officials -- might get lotion purse is or Jerusalem. Well in -- cap. Comes not and then you -- -- that didn't. You know but. And I carry. Does it and maybe all the time. And Astro traveling so you go someplace and you know all the sudden you'd just doesn't have a lot of times. The air you -- -- said the plane is not a good. You know you're exposed to as soon so you're not used to being exposed to -- YouTube. You have to drill. Yeah this after a -- eastern -- and I should say that the new. -- -- you know -- in there eating and listening to. You know they wanna turn some now. What would you say you should beat this you should be legislation right. -- it is well published. But it seemed to enact a less advertising. Defected and it just so we got a couple of -- go to there recent. Dead this second. Big hitter. Q now in humanity content and -- can -- and that can change. This is lovely evening and I am a plan to bring it to. The middle of carrying this is sounding. Area. Euphrates. EU PH. RA and dying and it kind of the opt instead and then telling people. He changed so that it -- burning in and it. But he here rather than the nasal discharge speeding -- burns the skin. Can -- -- tears that -- and and then -- -- decided I didn't mean blame. All of so if he's afraid it is filling you need you're gonna feel worse in the open there. Telling him feel better in the open and worked in our program. So again you afraid it is perhaps that a help him. You played him and I also have a little bit of a pop. Or communicate in the upper airway and maybe a little -- So those are a big to ignore having. And then I get too big neither. It's neat thing is going to be tired. The way she's she's -- content that preempt. Then you line -- line. He very non Islamic thought. -- it is. -- dry -- claims greed being sensation in the amount. Simpson can't kind of slow leak. At first your nose is dry and sassy. But added to these get a discharge. Is stepping -- and the running and it's -- alternate. Many in the morning and Manny and warm man but stepping unite and step yet fat. This is big -- You know -- anything connected -- mean being -- And you look at that tried to think creeping sensation then campaign decided to alternating. That's content digitally class. My other big mean there is no remedy carved out immediate pullout. GI LP. HIM. -- and and you know that. Six did they should be able to find a remedy for you at that -- Meaning of the big part of the picture. You got lots. Britney. -- -- -- -- Sending and here -- although you can membrane in a concrete. Maybe a little bit and it has to -- Send them your eyelids probably. Slow -- If you might you might even has some corruption on years lit. If you get that kind of pictured out -- -- glad that. Needing a big part of it. Dipping Manning from an and swollen eyelids. And think about captivity. -- we know its interest. If you can't control and by the way if you go to our website gives -- to come. Will have will have is that if you're driving use -- my gosh general this channel. But but we'll have our website so so you can write it down the next time you have probably you know you're -- What they should come see you sometimes you're at the south of more store. I think -- without my third Thursday morning but. Tomorrow. Afternoon. And wind this afternoon I'll be at Westlake. -- -- Yeah continents -- left quite an -- hands. Took it to herself remembering your back so that I app and then sent today have this to -- -- to -- -- -- -- to tie. Yeah so you just pop in there and -- and again which you sent teams we didn't run yes. Do you do -- cloudy and find me at let say. Saturday and Sunday and find me -- compromise. -- I mean my private practice. I want to use seven here at seven gear here at 77. On the mummy passed dot com. And you guys out there if you can't control. Your coughing you can't control room. You know are yours you're whatever you're doing you know. These are reflexes and just tell your -- you say you know. I can't control how much I love you so this is just another reflects -- -- just not just like what I can control myself to show my love to you. -- time you heard her mommy and have an Iranian saying we're always in favor of better out in the end. That are subsidies there will be this really -- I -- that would -- money but you'd get your point exactly. Mr. Russert I yelled do have some -- -- consumed so -- Have. No we have more fun you know is more our favorite customer came -- and credit. Yes that's definitely -- feel a host of others and if you report to me the fun they're having you know maybe what to do all the Stewart I don't yeah. It's a -- -- doesn't lose away certain jobs in the future. -- thank you so much glory that apparently you -- Larry -- Let's take a break you know will be back in about five minutes. Come back to let's get healthy yeah. Wheels -- on the new thirteen seventy. -- a perfect introduction to it easy. -- it easier dog knew that right that -- it has done that right easy. Fellas -- I guess you can syndicate to see weakness -- -- room you know half halfback. Your husband says that's OK -- -- you know it's -- the fact that. It is a -- but anyway that's some of pleasure having you back going after what. Three monitors yeah. And hit and -- allowing. -- was moose was as good distance for years for you. Why is it getting out at the -- -- about it they would like at spring day when they greats who didn't. You know it's lovely actually expected work outside a little bit low can we garden. That's -- great -- -- -- to be in the garden actually this is the souls -- you too because you we have laws are running through my day so I don't ban and and that could go to this is cool weather achy knees cycled the greens have a fresh greens are less. In the guards like fiction tales that tired and Collard greens all by itself. Well I just never gave it gives a list of the tonight I'm healthy. Which -- truce to crooner -- Brussels sprouts leaks beats cable program can reflect. He referred which you can grow. Today asks I can't pomegranate cheat -- Gobi -- go somewhere else. Apple app and I -- -- -- can he get don't get that Mike -- wonderful and exciting and it had thousands. Well pomegranate girls and takes yet yeah I have a pomegranate. Happened. No current account credits. And it's a pretty good candidate and it on other people's property that's. That takes a while to feel. They need to fight at Taylor definitely should be and that top -- act outside that number one don't you think. Others have -- as the horse apples that go for a while it's oak tree. And you -- gaga lady to work with us it's got some leader in Florida and Michigan who today it'll you keep -- Roaches or would you put it you're in your house for once yeah. Is that don't smoke -- ignorant. So I thought -- I don't know. It's it's not a very pretty fruit. Our topic for your ideas horse will there be some took a look at me to show stuck and most where they seized by the voice -- -- and Rosemary extraction -- memory that go to to the study. Absolutely. I'll just ask you do that -- I think I bit that's stimulating there isn't good commando -- -- Blood flow to the brain and then throughout the rest of the body -- particularly good at circulatory system. And that's flavor to me foods and new research have to -- they say news for you a Smart move. And they potentially improve learning and memory in the wake of age related decline had so. So you put you can't -- well you -- addition a Petit with a right. You can definitely make a case for me there airmen and has changed. And of course encrypting like Ted Richard look there he's ten. -- He actually has come by and it combines everything that shares kid that I make I think club. Or. Then I mean -- -- need help with any mental confusion in grade content had a place. And so amazing though which you can grow right you're in central Texas certain. Do you have any classes coming up and if you could learn how to do this. I do have and low in February a couple of special classes coming up. One of them dealing with trapped in the 21 century until all under so much stress levels he says they haven't. Have a two week class for women seeing positive change for women. Call it a very different lifestyle and -- haven't had them on -- Therapeutic. The knowledge you know -- -- test itself felt good and then starting in teams -- can't begin based -- things I'd be coming in -- -- program again. -- -- Sixteen pension program we do it happened this spring it happened at all. And people really learn how to come home the list -- community here glad I just graduated. I just told. Some far left domestic program about the community and there Megyn. This strain that was good word in helping people. Create formula that Saddam -- learning that he drained a helpful proceed -- the you can make a distinction isn't and so it can really good program and all -- on my website which is WW. Dot CC very different. Types. So Allen about the glass. Who isn't open today as it open to everybody like who do you reckon man. Consider coming because somebody would think you know you you need to know something about our prayers are. Team coming in as an office up. They're really in command and -- not -- the open entry anyone who had an injured and national healing. And wait intimidation and working with with herbs and plants that. We split starting from the very beginning -- fell in love that if there's a very appropriate Sadr -- Yeah. Seventy plus I get you know but I I can't talk to people come into the program have marked. Game very much beginners and some have an incredible amount of -- so it is that we all have something to share. -- the people great Gardner and confront people's. I have acupuncture. And doesn't understand their offense didn't. You know people from different -- who want to learn that the western shirt the -- visitors center and and I am meant. That there really interest statement that can do acupuncture has since the hilt yeah we're able to hit. You can't a lot of -- -- -- -- mean -- -- and then cut the way -- an -- that kind of went along with these issues rather than. Going to China yeah they're franchise that is now is really. A great combination. Story. Assistant even -- militant group that over fears that Leesburg who prefer if you wanna work on UW's. It -- very -- And what if I could hold on the when he could have a commercial and assumptions. And had a good this definitely did at. You about it at her bruised but they quit selling so. Here we have a couple of laughs thanks I say -- and we'll turn to Michael of their sons and -- a long time. But some lazy which you can grow Rutgers into Texas and. It is amazing and really really lucky when asked how long growing season killed. It -- in LA. We we can grow a lot of and then we have a lot of made excuse that just great student. There's no there's no -- until learning what we. Have to land planted. And we learn more about the horizontal portal for. -- -- Episode we. But it's good some big market big up Mobutu who I don't think you know you can move over to do -- is supposed problems benefit -- -- the other roaches they didn't have room. So Celtic element whether it was a favorite like native Texan -- Favorite. Leader. Which is pretty easy to grow to react that's the -- well I. Captain -- and -- you know picketed native and it's scary unity cabinet. Use. Paul cousins in and -- the world's most popular I think it is the world's most popular herbal medicine and and it made escaped actress says well and other places starts -- -- allowed. It's a beautiful plant that can actually beautiful and I used the whole plant and movies. Flowers and of course -- -- and they -- -- from the whole plan. So I need a lot as my goodness my immune systems all the time because I think it's good -- -- and the containment around that. I was. People over Thanksgiving a couple of -- grain into effect highly doubt in my example of lack. Just say yeah. I let it out there at all holiday weekend to a great well and he didn't let -- you took people who don't like to teachers from the can be the clintons. I -- teach people and they had pictures we have one class unmet and making. And -- let -- -- -- -- you know infusions and that option and so -- and the different parts of the plan. And then -- I think that they can -- academy -- Lil confused oil. Comprehensive -- forces. All of these wonderful terrible. Preparation center you know took home medicine he's in what you're out in the garden and what -- could easily -- And so it's very simple very logical and very effective task. But I agree to me has to be fiscal reform. Java and other countries so we can't grow that you can. Now. Now the students who -- -- Have. And I happen -- them because. Haven't tried to get an election trying to -- and we have lots of also one of our terrible schedule you can go to camp and fifth at the main thing that we would you give back to. -- -- -- Yes I would definitely do the exact manner and I think at the beginning Edgar Padilla what. You're content so you still some products that are sophomore store especially. So Casimir Wesley gets -- -- You had on their -- into play late July and then being held by about a lot and not a black men of forty distillers and that's really great. And my do her little ballot because -- look at Apple's iTunes. -- and Arab societies -- -- complicated good side I'm gonna go and have a table until some -- in the morning and the the other people that killing ten made. The topics for around Christmas holiday shopping and thirty got a pre order for some key canal it -- -- -- I'm -- to lose his -- and -- like -- nice -- TV and and then confirm my HIK unit to says the samples. Oh -- chart yeah does -- have don't know if I can I hope you know bring it to put it was 62 deuces and oh it's great. You know the moment -- -- and her bend plan by about popularity and it tasted so great and so yummy okay from Clinton and the special order right now this. When you got to Sweden because it was you know a lot of times you by the -- -- the associate real taste good but my goodness you don't sugar yeah. But we used to be used to bring it to radio show us what did you have to come -- -- trials during the huddle like he had a pretty apparent. There ago we have an -- whether it doesn't you don't get -- room big kick out of which you know like does like to do some things. A little bit did -- -- listen. I had scraped it digestion and it kicked in metabolism. And a wonderful -- and I coriander. And and then hi Laura and I and engineers. Are kept Condit name is changing mood. -- -- Let's look at the black he acted in -- Jim king and it. It's really wonderful. OK LA what time Garcia did the curtains part tomorrow and then by the -- -- -- yeah well let's just look at cattle contract does that. Would visit not immoral actions -- Spokane county after we get to me you. Weren't and the current. Come Mumbai and playing hanging. You know min candidate automatically adjusting. -- there you know kind of all handmade. Sweet little -- -- president consolidation. Yeah it's great news American. Now they -- cosmetic stuff which has been nice little deaf. Yes -- actually comes moisturizer hair and blue water and still have some very different. Not many left and I think the couple treated here like garden though. You know Charlotte and -- it. Trying to clean up the garden low low it is time to -- copies should tell everybody. November and December insist that the crowd happy he's a California poppies which goes really well here that we can't make that have been found. Then. A beautiful. Oriental poppies and different -- canals so bloom in the early screening you know rights. The -- of little -- and maybe just a little left act and it just beautiful just so that. Where's a good source to buy the Caesar and -- -- Pop up PCs -- just that. We have just seen anything quite like them. Different -- faces this that you can -- -- probably. You by the losses syllables the yes that's a gardener had them he needs me again oh wait you can't. And I can fit. Share swap with people and I collect them -- from last year I would have my own. And I collect at poppy seed you know from -- Cellini this year so we do unto you grow the league seasons and while California -- is feeling happy that you can safely use that as. Safe level out collide and it and it's not cost connect. I'd make a change from the whole plant from our route to leave and it -- -- could also make their little piece from poppy seed Paris. We lactation that. You know what to do that to a lot different from regular top -- Flight you know we've been copied bagel or take it. Trying to track kind of. They -- like California poppy into safe stop -- you even fictional and for anxiety frequently little unnecessary ADD. Do you really wonderful relaxing have you you've created man and the storms and -- the -- think. Think back dot and convened last year -- You -- anyone want to -- trying to copy it's like you hit the fan. For relaxation and particularly when you wake up and the middle I need to go back completely and a couple of dropper full of California topic ensuring -- actually. I'm really works well and then that way. Yeah yeah -- That's because he's -- Well thank you so much -- -- don't work we know we have to ruin your book it's it's a pleasure always to talk to you hooked up question at what. You still wouldn't mortgage backed coup for sure and -- And people try to get out there it is -- gardens. -- -- -- only a beautiful day in my active. Doctor Bob Barton springs if you know talent and word is is out there have been -- -- version -- look at it. Good -- for gardens it's beautiful place. It is a beautiful Clinton is. And and the captains and check that you feared that Medicaid and taking -- aircraft -- -- Who can have great okay well thank you sense against forbidding you we talked himself can't thank you quickly provide that paternity but I. OK -- -- -- go talk to Michael Benoit doctor Nichols. Of in the bill believe that you do it okay. You know I'm not give a little extra side element can't score but I wanted to take a break you sank to. Hello -- you and your listeners then and I wish I hope everybody. Had a great Thanksgiving it was just like you just say. I can tell you a lot of carrots and that we you had your Thanksgiving dinner because you -- size so good out there live. As with the lights out against -- And put a pencil and you are a lot like Hingis beat date there you can steal a lot of it is to work is not at -- Now you know it's perfect if you were out here you get now working off some of that thank you -- there have stepped on the enjoy the weather. But -- I'll got Gerri great Thanksgiving well. We did a reputed to. -- it did for sure so don't you give -- a remarkable -- Yeah we barely got actually got shareholder got one coming up tomorrow night. 630 incompetent and we have another one on the well. I believe that well. So we'd like to back years your -- to come out then got -- its title of the lecture stress hormones that help. Thank you you know introduce people to place -- -- it -- very initial -- that in. -- managed almost very and it stressed since. And give -- alternative other than just your garden insert yourself. We -- and actually got to come out and not have a great evening or last. Really investors -- also talk about life expectancy. So you think that you could probably improve people's -- inspectors -- Well you know a lot expansion had a lot to do it lacked all right. And that's what we teachers are great we are just you know -- -- pill we -- to teach you. How to -- correctly how he creek without exercise correctly. And do the things that will improve your lifestyle which which. Our -- -- skipper should be in longevity. You know I recently ran across our steady and unfortunately you know -- the 36 industrialized. Countries that they measured in this study we were like -- 26. In longevity and they attribute most of that a lot -- obesity and then things like gasoline we really. Take extra -- where people -- -- -- you know -- -- why didn't -- -- held accountable. You know -- held accountable so that -- bill follow -- -- Another one tomorrow night is is that what's -- to talks are additional students are really good food. Yeah we've got some grapefruit from -- common. And we we charge sharply at six clocks we ask your right to be here about 615 yourself and just. You know gets settled in and then we'll give our presentation. And then are a lecture and then afterwards. Will have a -- in -- together Houston -- always been leaders. This unit. I don't south second street road. Yeah I 38 -- itself second street. And our phone number is we believe these -- people -- increase it will get beer but he did not many here are draped expects. Our farmers of course I want to. Force force 72420. Kids in need your listeners are early and it would like to come and not see if you we're all about. We would love -- About four force every 4422. Tomorrow night 615 in the gear on the twelfth I think will probably get you another -- anybody in late tomorrow -- not. You treat -- -- give -- -- call -- and Libya for the twelfth. -- -- -- Import it to forward Newton can. Do you arrest there's just a block -- Boone drove through the service rather of that why all south second street just doing -- loop around. To get to it put either way this drug use your honor. By you go to the service total of one detector to a road -- the hospital right. He had some other got a bit -- from the hospital and it's all -- to try to cross the street from the L Galindo elementary school and -- second street and a lot of people think winning here got shaken they think -- can't -- but it's not it's just right off. Peter would have been a lot boulevard. -- it honored disputes over on the -- his side as you're going tourist town hall even once you go that -- And just about a block or so -- -- -- -- you see two cars and at 6 o'clock. Yeah yeah -- really conclude. Yeah we've -- got good very good information we look at. Anybody here can carry out and just not I can guarantee very interesting it's already beat me. -- where you for your I don't know I know people have been two year. Two years seminars and they just love them because they they get information that will help them so much. Exactly and that's what it's all about you know we need to start taking on Dirk -- with people that educated because. These these problems. Are our lifestyle issues they need to be a very people these coaches and of course that's what we did. Rather than just you know draw killed animals -- -- Turn your contractor but you really boring to the tradition when you're an internist I. Yeah you know I'm not my doctrine and then tracking and we helped or you know lots of people with bad but we're also -- -- social mesh and now we hear a lot of lab work and hormone testing and things like -- try to get to drill called little problem then you know people want it. They opera actual audience functional medicine and I'll -- Until management. Still why -- why am -- having these calls -- is -- -- a weak candidate a little bit deeper -- term and find out. Rather than -- turn to the actual -- You know -- it should do what the drug or pill which -- -- find out war like he can't beat you yes problem -- league history to -- organ that did. So it you know you don't you don't need to be on the medications sure Sherlock. Rose just took -- years arrogant about your show all right what I don't -- or another don't talk bad about medicine -- Some reforms is not just teasing you know we're just to do we've we've. You will -- -- guy I. I'd -- good point because medical doctors I used a big -- -- such a great purpose in our society because you know. They're trained and cried -- scared how to help people alleviate strapping -- -- -- A lot on their hands are tied when he can't step. You know your lifestyle advice and they don't have time to do all that. So that's kind of the nature that we killing him so that will do we can't take account actually educated people -- -- and give them alternatives took us. A lot of these medical doctor garden are viewed by bear or don't what they can tell people the Kurdish maybe not too scared to care -- -- will they do a fantastic job and I tell you when you need -- and you only need your chest cracked open that trigger lot that's what unique. Bush and also there -- some -- who were pushing short term you know the Kennedy children you know whatever their -- diet pills and tickle my work a lot of people so. You can't be completely gives just saying that you know throughout our the last 67 years it's been about sick care. And we wishes are working very well so now we're just thinking about health care. Emotionally and. Here charter that drug I ended up about three weeks ago in not -- here with a kidney stone I would never so glad to see the -- -- Well I would never put through judge to order further function I just think it sent Dominic you know I I you give people an alternative. There explore and bullied and -- But if you ride an exercise Little Richard Richard -- tonight out of the tennis court. I don't take your britches now so -- you don't cell -- out of his court. Yeah we just can't I just a big golf for just a few minutes to W -- you -- happy Thanksgiving and then we'll substitute teachers know about our. Children are. Well. You played did you play -- Smart on this show. Also a group Clinton as -- you -- you're in great shape. -- -- -- that he's got a little bit more out there and show us that you were -- comes I'm guessing that brought to -- my goodness. I've not played at about. The school all right well thank you Somalis and -- people on this planet spirit here you have a great program coming up tomorrow night in -- got to go their ports for seven to fourteen to public 2.4 72422. Step you'd -- Cowell be glad that you correction and an extra year there was Jerusalem. It Debian Debian Debian. Got jets tackle dot com they're JE FF. EC HO LF. That -- look at some smoking go you know you have -- not okay that you wouldn't appear to have a good game -- we are okay but after I hit a -- -- about. All right let's take a break and -- Europe. Welcome back to let's get healthy meals whales on the news thirteen -- King approaching. It. -- you know there's they're saying you know. In this own. -- Rudolph read a stranger there's -- mention of another raider. Which that you don't know about. I don't know about. Email. Her name is all of all of the -- they're ready dude. She took lessons -- -- -- tell him not only is this is what this is lovely children totally you know that's their favorite Joseph time here. All of the other Rangers try to Charles to you hit nine she'd ever met or -- off store -- during and that's why you don't hear much about her because she was not a touring -- person. Currently right after the plenary got a christmastime was so if you're missing and you won't use that with your. Grandchildren or anybody you know it's kind of stupid but its interest in nor can I -- What I don't know a woman. Who has migrants. DO TC Mets. Use our departure -- necessarily true obviously. Knew that -- Nor the world to see no more votes. You know Jim -- and teenage years and and the acupuncture help so it's amazing when acupuncture can do can -- area experts say can. Can treat a lot of pain it's. So highly recommend for people -- to a paint. For a study showing that does work they use my departures -- -- For cancer pages done in Houston that have special department where their departures so there's lots of courage to do with acupuncture sort of you know I used to. -- -- You know has such as shingles when way to we can have while hardly. So your brother had. There's talk about kept. In -- about it this little bit because you -- you'd have your bike we do now my medical my diet you're. You know so you that you could have a whole lot of put that so. And I can cause a while ago and yes you joints yes it's usually ear pain and a used to think he was lot of meat as the Richmond has kind of died when Anderson. And it takes a lot of me. The fluids could you think about it -- Sicily in baseball season it's it's if people talking about they would drink a lot of beer he tied to create the hot and everything like that. And next day of personal and have a lot of paying six and joins big -- a lot of times the effect is. In the case of -- -- at a base by game anything -- in assists overall health issues. Different thing in ragged him Hillary writes book. About the free data bitty. -- borrowers have the concrete data be eighties. I -- that does but only create diabetes diet when this when his -- that plane and he's be used to -- will be a great book form three Eden. Take start inclusion. Some of the changes that likes that tainted lettuce in his life. Just an avocado cut whom on her front cover. -- avocados are really good story to. -- And does have. My saturated -- American percent chance of Mediterranean. -- Fill you up to keep -- focused we -- -- -- that so it definitely -- say it that for you. Well anyways so if -- let's talk about to get the -- Because this is this is a joint borrowers who are calling the talk about. You tell you talk about that be fun and we're doing more to Wear this to -- it. And on issues of natural parents saying -- -- -- that your path you go to medical school. If the talking to a four year nature -- medical school before it dead. Did go to undergraduate CD need a bachelor's degree in order to go to an eight at the medical school. They're currently sixth in the nation created about a US Department of Education in with a four year. Doctor program where we focus now only a -- -- day -- but we also focus on natural therapies. As well and we where. So he did prescriptions. Of course is. But in addition we focus on -- up the troops. Acupuncture. At the school would only to the southwest environmental medicine because there -- a lot of environmental toxins that cause a lot of the conditions that we. Have now additionally if my body minutes soon. High to bear the physical manipulation and so we did a lot of training. All who -- so there's a Lawton was -- with this in medicine of the future community. And coaches to -- his toes all about health care -- preparation mentioned. And everybody is individual and just no matter what the disease each person as he can different look at him differently because emotional factors nutritional factors lights out that take all of those things into consideration when looking at that particular person who knows how you -- to help him to get better. So like to fluke let's say we're we're not impose on. -- caloric content try to figure out if -- whose -- -- is something that you can take to reveal it. If you don't -- a flu shot while you don't want to flu shot or whatever shot so that's something that seemed to work pretty well. And a homeopathic remedy influence on and we definitely soda Westlake in the -- outlet stores as well did you take area for Phillips repeatedly. On a month to month basis. And what it is is that diluted. Strain. Influence on -- virus. And who. And sometimes accused Jordan passed by the -- went into described electric torturing his dream come. You know really when you hit -- But when -- hit by the flu -- -- -- -- You know it's been a lot Murray -- doesn't shy about taking vitamin. As. -- Have to say -- -- thrifts in two hours you know just stupid drink lots of blues you know. Who of course coconut waters due to -- yeah cause you need more fluid don't -- We need a definition of fluids and Eric I mean people also do. So snapped in this theory that the -- cream that -- -- likes the ticket says oops some cross that great form to have to. Rehydrate him as well but Reyes is usually important. Who who. Agreed -- to trick us today agreed to say is really good to boost and now has -- so these are all these rural metro worrisome. Own. Took a -- -- water utilized some time tribute for dehydration could you gotta say Patrick. -- you go to and that's something different at the white settings he is as well as make it -- -- their stand. Very hydrated because if they're not hydrated if you go south the lap faster than adults. Lot of muscle -- You know I don't have a hundred -- a long time -- -- -- -- our -- -- often if I can avoid -- will get. But they won't zone known in -- preparing. Two through what -- have a ball doesn't choose -- -- this kind of expensive to do that -- but -- -- you take care of its sister for those you know -- tone tonight to have. You know. Did you do a lot of things to peacefully put a purist -- so. -- -- To dictators are good. And scramble lecture rich in nutrients from the only and most astute to -- exits the south more drones atonement which -- You know some who have -- are more nutritious so if you if you don't go to a declaration won't do that their tactics they go yeah OK and that there. Really really -- pretty rich. Our latest chickens so get a lot of ticket addicts who use that ticket in the -- so students can you do if you think that they are amazing and the only road uniform her shows a house OK so those who say yeah. Sentiment that swept the country forum in Davos. Where you're so lucky to have them it and staff we have made him in the blitz and they have the so the flu can run now attendance. And its interest and industry union attendance. Lyndon. B you know you don't come back to the office and who you're really good right. Duplicate that as a -- from your body to do is to risk that because sleep is so. Important and rents are so important for help the body to heal and a lot of terms he -- The gates they can they try to take always medications. And other things that to suppress the symptoms rather than just taking time off taken a couple of days afterward and just relax and sleep in the wrist and is taken. The right supplements. Poured down and CNN no matter body to heal a lot quicker. -- -- -- -- Here's and here's. We'll talk about research you and -- are researching that shows. Its official. Really that's a total New Yorkers official women's brains are better able to test you haven't. -- a better friend to better for -- They use MRI imaging to scan the brain -- young men and women. -- -- -- -- -- Or desire to make them better carrying a single task. The ball fruitful for her you know while female version designed to carry -- -- tests and rotation when you think about it you know you got a baby. You -- -- -- -- -- all kind of things going to do when your life some times you get the McGill older more than they got to go to. You know soccer practice and all those things to do it takes to get the -- organized for sure -- that it. And also women are better socializing in business situations. -- the business situations or socialist -- I think -- focus on different things haven't gone down. Which is why distortion -- or good busy you know I think. You know your can do better than -- million. -- younger brains have fewer gender differences compared to older Britons. So that's a drop -- sales of both know this for years well OK I don't under this gonna -- from doing. You always felt that women can want to test and we were. OK they're gonna be -- there's compact and -- -- has something to do it -- -- -- step -- -- says this is a scientific study there -- the brain -- him. To the -- -- did it more arsenal are showing you know what happens when people have to multitask. So this is scientific study showing that women -- hard wired. To more tests that are trying to be so. So -- don't Arafat -- to him about that story. We just -- half hearted should've left the football -- Ecuador with football and we want to join you know you're not so great in origin. At least there was a study don't know for a new and younger women. In the biggest investigation of -- to today. Using -- check in all right images so. So are you to say that tone. Lunar interior at all well me and subways you know like lifting weights maybe. So how women interior widgets and maybe it's. A play football may be higher -- -- of FF -- maniac and definitely have the what do you believe that the immune system can play a crucial role of mental health. Yes because if you are immune system is constantly fight not. You know infections. Bacteria and it's will is toxins. Things that are coming into the body. -- how can you how commit. Make your brain more effective when it now is definitely is taken away in AG. That your enthusiasm drops a lot done you know I just do you laying around and do you -- word -- -- you know you can't collect today would have beautiful birdie you know you just on it and I think. It's just like everything else becomes so congested because their immune system has worked him a clean. Environment in a -- out situated China multitask and he can't focus. Own brain this and so you you just oppression will be the right to make it different -- you don't ever you say well you have depression -- Don't you anti depressant. No probably not. Vitamin. Twenty minutes in the sun it's amazing what you can do for your own area on an assault woman in the -- the day. Course not can be too hard with the leftist than. They would have been acquired the state of PS. They really different at the mix and our new cash you know thespian offer that up people's. Locations. We have it spikes and tackle flavors snowed -- you know -- you know your immune system boost in the mood for. Definite support its raw archaic cold -- begin gluten free there freeze anything else that it adds to it. What does she could do. I think is sure to result there's Mosher. I don't Linux I think that would not tasted they used dates and that's what's been chosen not that's where he now knows -- -- and can it really takes the hi -- mean coming in attract some we have a press eight ounces twelve ounces of 32 that -- As well so delicious who. It's there's two Slater road yet -- by slavery and then that tackle tackle. Him. The dissent from the get your free sample we will simple things were just -- because we just came out with a toe which you're gonna run at a couple weeks -- -- direction of the work that holiday. And. So that soon. Together you get tome on victories. And cash used some because some good fats and I definitely have some good offensive. And so tried folks tried it's a new product they just they were Americans aren't in her kitchen it's a gluten free kitchen and this is -- -- -- -- It's healthy that taste good news for kids were like it -- its economy energy drink that you won't you don't want to drinks it just won't. All these Kathleen -- disheartened that you don't. And there we thought we talked earlier Harvick. The connection Carl's heart problems. The director of the -- don't want him can calls. Bone problems and women and men when we get over the economy -- younger yeah. You know in the pro team isn't that sad that a case in. -- -- -- -- right. So that -- substantive. To be aware of some different good alternatives. Counts. Yes. Well for those people that -- you might know someone had a stroke or paralysis there's a new brain training device. Brain training device of gotten around him -- Cabrera all these things tell people. Along better rewards these artificial legs alone. And now this is so Braintree device tonight he's destroy approach each other and that's what. They just don't know it -- overrule -- this is all research credit. Its own list of testing a -- thought controlled device that might want to help people. Move blooms again after their -- paralyzed. By a stroke. -- at home -- for years probably hurts in order so. Own. -- they've got great results within the composite how ticked. Brain computer interface with electrical stimulation of the damaged muscles to help patients who learned how to -- frozen lips. And -- In order to keep an -- -- this when it becomes available. Commercially you refer to notes if you listen to show. You who took care. Or there's a device they from a Costco would make carry this it's it's just point eight dollars yourself there's not too expensive. It's but if you can that you blow it took and you can check -- are callable. So we issued new curriculum bitch you know during the holiday season. That sort Costco. I don't roasted him -- pushed too but but and I thought those blue -- Does it tests like iPhone I know if -- this is like a little device that looks like -- -- emotional but chooses who to coming out in his brief your brief the tuna. You can sure different additional lawyers to -- eight. Yes Texas is device such you know. And I've made his Cisco -- I don't know as some point. Oh victory -- But I think it's ethic is so big big nice -- to present when you're somebody's been. Overall I go out and doing like a little in there what to say it's not for use for your bodies are right. As your buddies. You don't Brooklyn I don't know Uganda -- that and after. Here's here's Larry that tells me the that you probably considerably and stone. This has jeans and air pollution about a decrease what is a risk. They promised how much money used to test and millions probably -- their fifth a fifth. You're different have to price -- tell -- -- commitment escaped a couple of million. I can tell you. But there's this association I don't know sometimes a tanker -- The other so beautifully took the isolation skulls that would have known that keeps combined routine you. Know the things can cause but. We don't know yet. And now but I definitely think it's more of combination -- vaccinations. Cause it I just -- Spain gets -- it's by his. And allow more research is even look at him to elect electromagnetic fields with Soledad. Radiation and we cannot from a cell phones -- Wi-Fi uses or something and has done a lot of -- genetics of -- environmental toxins. You name it. So the idea is that what what should do is you view on. Quality. You try to avoid to if you're darker you know you try to enjoy it throw board majority. -- behind. Cars out you know what they -- where you mug shot military sixty. Busy well into time and most pregnant women. Well when they're in the first trimester they're not showing that much and got energies so -- -- -- just -- just don't enjoy the nice weather what we have today. That maybe grow in the country your born creek or someplace where. Where you're. -- exposed a lot of pollution and that's the key.