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House Talk Radio 12/01/2013

Dec 1, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good Sunday central Texans get ready for the latest real estate and mortgage news. House talk radio John cheap seat and -- dug us. And -- and house talk radio it's Sunday December 1 each week we're live at five -- thirteen 7 AM. We discussed central Texas real estate answer your questions about the market John Q2 local mortgage banker wanna walk from my coach who was killed Douglas. Hey thank you John. So explain how this works. Super listeners out there we field questions from buyers sellers every day we will share some of those concerns throughout our show house talk radio dot com particular of the pros do it. But feel free calls with your own stories in your own questions. On -- talk radio 5127756320. This the call -- show so if you real -- concerned we weren't here for me. So write this there were down 5123. Merrill thirteen seven minutes three -- -- thirteen seven you could also some 56820 if you want but. That's that's another number that's been an ever -- here are three out of their conservative base so. -- But you love loss and we were caught off a fantastic. Week -- -- little vacation and even real excuse to you. Not work. It's been one busy busy busy cycle and I was careful to. Just relax. And the weather but a crazy weather we had kind of so if you were more reasons. I only -- the fireplace. Absolutely you know via you know what's going on right now. Public there's of people listening to us right now are on the way down to -- park. We try to a tree lighting that's right after thanks if that's right the first -- Thanksgiving so a little research so. I'm sure most posters. No and loves Oak Park but there is a -- it's been the big giant -- that they like every year and stays -- most of December in fact it's usually after Christmas case you missed it before Christmas. Com and those of us that were born here. Or been in Austin more than a year know about this and it's a really cool place to go take your kids. There's usually even when it's busy it's such a big area that it's usually not too. You know bumping elbows with folks and but what it is it's a it's a bit of justice giant tree that's built around one of the original. Million towers. That lit Austin. Years ago arm amateur amendment -- -- MacArthur like the original street like -- was before 19100 actually doubted it or -- out I was only twelve or leaning right now yeah I'm so before yet realize this is a way that. The city at some point built these things and and one of comes down at the park and they in 1967. The city created this way of putting. 39 strands of lights around it. And -- about a mile per year from endowments you can see it from all over town and you can get under and twirl what's cool is it from a lecture about -- is also mean that the trail of lights which is -- -- -- as well. Is being. Under -- now it starts December -- great great question because you know there were -- for the trilogy showdown. Lack of funding in the downtown economy -- it's coming back. And interest being used to be it's always pre but now others are you can't park down there and you have to pay. To park. And you have to go online and that the website but it you have to gear warm. Google it you know but it's from will do it bring in on the show a moment and has some as a trumpet. You have to pay you pretty. They're funding -- no longer have to pay about it a lot wonder if it's with different and yes they're making are always like park neighborhood walking over. You have they registers ring in the SE you can't partner on the anymore you have to park some routes into your boss or something to do down there. And you know Austin's growing and people love living here and if crates. Traffic jams of all sorts and one of those is now. That's such a hot. You know plays to get odor in the holidays that I an editor trying to think of more creative ways to get people down there in and out of there without. You know parking all the grass -- Killington. And -- -- -- -- -- -- you know cordial forgot to introduce her to test. -- our health and that's all right. -- Deaver with us sky realty thank you so much taken time to condemn her and this beautiful weather you know -- coming down in the studio here. Thank you for having me absolutely. We're gonna talk 00 walked. You know more specifically with you -- and then it in your area of expertise which is the Colin Butte area it's -- for listeners out there if you own property or thinking about moving -- to count either area today is a great data call. Not this -- -- not just about moving to -- of if you -- -- moving to Austin, Texas. Collar -- it should be on your map absolutely. No idea that it's not you're going to be missing something absolutely column meters. Probably -- the least expensive places to live he knew more house for your money others. And so the numbers 5123 and a thirteen seventy. In following your comment Alan I think that was great as what I wanted to talk about is a list. That Austin. Is not -- we're on a lot of lists. Here in Austin you know every week -- couple days almost. If you're on FaceBook you're seeing somebody posts -- about our roster at the top five cities through XY or Z. And on this week we didn't make it for something what was that we didn't make it out they want an image of this list was for the most affordable. Suburbs. In the nation. Top ten and Austin's not on that list for rural -- right. And and the reason is it's getting expensive -- -- right -- especially doing close at the end of her closest town. If you're at it let's call a suburb within twenty minutes of downtown. You know. If it's pretty expensive in fifth and especially get fifteen or ten minute what was he scheduled a next show -- looks let's try to. Calculated. The average cost them home. To two and you know -- your your your commute time. A -- test your fat and. Find. Out of the Nevada but here's what's interest and it came out of that report so end which is -- -- these numbers are pretty much spot on. Where we've had home prices have been up. 40%. Since two. Corpus of it's almost impossible to think that home guys have gone up 40%. Since just name. But. And that's where we -- meanwhile. In comes only got 15% other some ambiguity here you know -- -- you know obviously home prices fell in 2008 but. Did our incomes fall in 2008 maybe not as much may be to receive the same but this doesn't really say this -- but what is true. Is that our values are up 40%. Since 2008 the median home price. In Austin 240000 dollars median income is 56. So we do the math. A person's making it -- does not sound like we're at fort -- and it does -- house so. Obviously. Folks -- a lot of equity and so if they want two if their income has not changed. Then there are not going to be able to afford the same house -- half. At 240. Really be up to -- the right house for what 95 right. Well here lies the problem and that's why we have such a strong rental market is part mrs. Part of the reason we have such a strong -- just as folks can't afford a buckeye. Where they would be in a reasonable you know. To meet truck you know driving talents include arm. Or. They're on a budget where they only -- today that say for example 56000 dollars and they want to look closer downtown their job is close to downtown. Where can they live in Austin and buy a home for. In in these numbers while under to a thousand dollars an eleven nice home and wanna be able to have modern conveniences. They're priced out of living in. City about the city aren't so cure lies the question. Allen and you're gonna is you're gonna pull out. -- player crystal ball and give us give us some some recent predictions here as to what's what's gonna happen is that they start looking for areas that are. The next ring out from. Living in Austin we've got good schools you can get new construction in you could still be having all the modern conveniences. For being close downtown where do we find is still reasonable commute time. It's little things that he hit it. And nobody place's out of Austin on I 35 it's called I'll be there absolutely. That's what it can you guys have their shopping they're now we have shopping -- have we have a hospital they're -- mean it's really growing we're gonna get a new Wal-Mart. There's just a whole bunch of things coming in global for a get too deep and Colombia we got to break but we are going to be right back. -- we want to hear about come if I even have a question. About the Kyle -- area we would welcome those phone calls at 5123. -- no thirteen seven it's 5123 and a thirteen 78. It was tough talk radio. Dad welcome back -- talk radio it is Sunday it was. We're live 513 78. I'm John she's it was a dream living and I've. Very glad it's -- that's -- Alan -- welcome to the show. Thank you for having me appreciate it you know and you're with sky realty. A great operation. One of things and those guys were great -- is there great technology and are really great website to yourself. With the sky realty dot com I realty dot com yeah down you know I wanted to have you images. You wouldn't talk -- how expensive loss in his and the rents are -- We have a lot of great things here but. Not everybody can afford to live in Austin and so we wanted to bring an ailment the show of you know thinking outside the box up to the -- speak in some other areas of town folks who live for reasonable price. It's still afford to live. And -- -- and your Europe and little local expert -- Butte area so thank you so much for taking time to commend and thank you appreciate you having me out. So if you had to tell us. Yet to tell us what's the one thing. That you would share about comedy that people Mindanao. I would just say the -- in general all the -- is really good. You know we're getting new markets coming in we're getting new things come and and for example we have -- a lot of shopping thing shopping centers things like that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know onions two big screen TV either so I mean it's it's just the normal whistling -- monster -- that I used to it what did Texas State so. Many years ago I drove. Our director -- -- 500 times when you know and blew -- and live and work in Austin and go to school on and we -- That's a -- I've worked their flex our work to Mercury news Tor worked our political war. So I know the area but you know my my my thought of in I haven't I haven't. -- I have a bit off 35 much so I drive do there and you see houses season shopping centers but. You know I kind of imagine that folks have to come in Austin to do stuff. -- that's not the case anymore they used. I moved out their 21 years ago and and I tell my clients want -- showing houses to people throughout the area. I was jokingly tell him that you know when I moved out period had to go to Austin get ice cubes. So but now we really don't have to do that I mean we have Butte has HEB. Kyle has a super HEB we have Wal-Mart or target. Well book like that the quality of life stuff you like parks and recreation types -- in your Tellme. Early this week about how great the parts of. There but we have no wonderful parks in -- and cops now. They -- really hard to keep him maintained. We have a lot of facilities and a lot of people left their like disk golf for example of them we have several disc golf courses there and Colin. And I -- I don't think they have won yet and a disc golf course. There's a news center that supposed to come and and I'm not sure exactly -- this going to be like a forty acre park out there this thing's going to be a monster. It's gonna have. The places to have events it's gonna have a skate park out there. This just is gonna have all kinds of stuff there's this really going to be -- once they get it done to them. Talk talk a little bit about is what Bigelow were from what I see you folks going to Kyle as and it's a strong really strong. Had a really strong Stanley community toilets solar if you're young single bachelor. Even downtown Austin might be a place that you would -- be run around that you know when you get to account Butte area folks deliberately knew there. Four because they have fairways are starting if there was such talk a little about what what what attracts industry down there. But we have families of -- they're a lot of people only about Austin because of the -- what do costly health. Right now for example and Kyle you know you're talking about the median sales price in Austin. Right now as of today up pulled up on the Austin multiple listing service -- median sales price. In power right now as a 149450. So it's almost half almost half yes yes. Well that bite you expert for as far as roughly. Square footage was you know we're looking and I would say between fourteen and eighteen -- square feet ups. Right that's probably what it is in for two or 40000 in Austin it's probably that you actually -- three to exactly -- dinners were fearless in another thing we have is cheaper utilities out there for example you know of the city -- -- I hear people you know have been two and 300 dollar month electric bills -- That's where -- -- a selector and and I don't think my wife now we've never had. A an electric grill over a 180 dollars that's great you know. Little Austin and I actually load the fact that we are on a monopoly where you can't get in an option to get -- I believe you can choose your. Now now we're you have to you have to Halliburton Ellis but it is a co -- so therefore. When you. Whenever you sign up for the him you're actually a member -- you own a small portion of that company. And keep things portable absolutely excellent. One of the neat things about Colin and you know observed some of small towns in the area are around Austin they're not dealing with their growth that's coming. Just kind of it's kind of like Austin vacuum that. Sixties and seventies just you know maybe even the eighties it's not planning for the growth elect if we don't build it they won't come but. Some people anyway if so it's difficult for a city. Especially leadership where you've got. -- -- leaders that -- -- live there'll there'll they're the most their life probably and and I think they like things the way -- and you know. -- they like to do things they know I mean simply don't know. How to plan for big city your friends know that they know how to fix the road and and you know I'm. Great people but they don't know what they don't know. And they have to think differently when you're thinking about tripling the size -- city. In ten years or even five years exactly in. That some cities just on guilt ever weld it. I mean how's -- doing with that. And muted you know to just how they do affect growth seems like that and and welcomed it in you're not reading about a lot of -- papers -- cuts in -- cities. Yeah -- and a pretty good. We have they just built an extension on 1626. I 35 that was. I don't know if were five years ago on the of currently in the process now 1626. Which is a back road get to Austin. You don't know where that is if you go to the and Brodie lane you it did in just 1626. So. They're going to your current process now making that four lane road all the way to about 35. And there's also talk like I spoke this morning briefly with the warmer county commissioners. Mark Jones. And there working on connecting 45 remote back. Too 1626. I don't agree that that would be awesome that great -- -- change everything. Exactly and in you know the people -- shady hollow I'm sure they'd be Beirut because static they're gonna -- They're going to be glad we're not driving through their neighborhood anymore which rightfully so. -- it was to the house talk radio with -- dealers. And if you've got a question about the column Butte area we'd love to hear from you and talked directly here today. Now our phone number -- 5123 and a thirteen seventy. That's 512 -- -- Thirteen. Seven. So you -- in the past. When we talk about being in insists it in central Austin. I think if I was kind of of a barrier where folks to -- -- to -- east of right when you get down the column view that does that outlined this I 35 still curious and stigma. Well from what I understand. Various kind of a statement here and what it is. As they're actually from what I've been told. But some folks I think at one world one of those plays into it. There's fault line that runs along I 35 or anything east of I 35 you have the black animal mud clay who who. Not a lot of trees great place grow cotton but. I personalities about 35. There are some people out there that do and I'm not -- and everybody over there. There are some well there are areas that do you have -- issues because of that anything west of I 35 it's going to be more expensive. But they have rocks and treason and in one not so. Can you could you pinpoint where there's supposed to -- happening is rampant everywhere and or it. East and west wars are areas that are just more. West like that new development off of it was STS yeah that's coming in baseman -- things -- -- -- Yeah that's actually I don't actually right before he attributed look at us though but for example we there's a new subdivision one in -- of winning a rotor -- 131 which is 6217. It's meadows -- Kyle. They're gonna have I was talking with a -- the other day they're gonna have route 400 homes tires so. That left them if not mistaken the the home started about a 15060. Thousands. If I can't -- those expressed differently now. Now we're in right now. Most of builders that usually takes about ninety days from start to finish to build a house. Now most of -- take anywhere from 56 maybe seven mar oh wow so which sets I think that's going to be a good thing for some. You know because it's gonna help the resell market. People that are have homes that are established it's gonna help them. Which there's I don't know there's good and bad both so. If you're like renting right now that you almost want to get your. Go to your hat in the mix if you went to buy a brand new home and say look -- at least ends in July bit. If I wanna get a brand new home I might need -- to talk to builder right now. Absolutely yeah -- at least six months. And the good thing about that is -- -- -- -- mortgage business it's always good about six to nine months before you're rated by house talked to a mortgage broker. Get get them to run some numbers for you see if there's anything that money to clean up on a credit. That -- of the united -- that way you're ready I mean you don't care for don't don't start looking for a house thirty days before your least eons. You know as the chances are unless you do he's -- to keep -- -- exactly. There's Kazaa or how is the comparison of you know bringing average price from two or buying hometown where. Actually I think the leases went up about that went up about 200 dollars a month right after the fires of mass drop. And I don't think it was because of the fires in this is I don't have any numbers -- anything to back this up but I think what happened has a lot of people. Before that before the housing bust we refuse to look at the -- Mailing address for the taxes you have mostly a lot of out of state home bars. A lot of these folks from the California that would come in and buyer you know whole block. And I believe a lot of those folks because. About that time we were really one through. Was worked for a lot of short -- we have a lot of foreclosures. And now it kind of weeded those out not that we don't have we still do. But with that. I did everybody mean exactly you -- it was just limited to copy oh yeah absolutely everywhere but out here in a column muted because mostly houses. I would say the majority the house or less than fifteen years old. So. You know a lot of these day they just didn't have an equity and and they had to get rhythms. -- they're renting and so they're yeah exactly excellent lost those tells people came in and bought him. And now you risk on -- considerably up there it's actually cheaper. To buy a house than it is to at least. Offs to list -- John spot junk for a 150 -- 60000 our house I I percent now which is -- a hundred bucks what would be -- -- would have us and them from -- -- and should be pretty close about 1250. Right at 1250 socially to buy a brand new house for 12100 bucks a month which is -- -- Probably there are higher at one of the neat things about column -- to him talk about is the lending options down her better than Austin. Did you get what's called the UST Elan area and that's a zero down loan with no mortgage insurance no monthly or insurance which -- -- Panama -- X 12100 bucks. Was zero down. Really good ratings you have to worry about -- we're telling you. I guess what. You're just went up again exactly they're only -- I think it's I think it's -- you stated that it's taking longer to go I think that probably is a very healthy thing it is. -- You know -- -- flood the house with news flood the market -- new homes eventually. They're gonna catch up and it doesn't hurt the G esteem torn up there. That's me pay so folks want to -- -- collar beer and what do they start with how how would you start looking at that are actually that I just cruised down 35. Do they just take an exit and start governor what would you see how it is just -- solitary. Obviously first call me a collector -- and we're happy to help where they go to my website which is www. -- the EA VEO -- I'm sort of trust in AD EA VER dot com man have this the individual cities broke off and I can actually. Go to Vegas the column page in and put in the numbers where they where they think they wanna live in and little things right there are so took a deeper they -- accomplice. Awesome awesome thanks a differ come on the show. My pleasure. It was is really isn't really informative. Thanks it's Wordock it's plywood and hidden gyms that remains in central Texas right now as far as being a fourth place to be we've got good schools. Good feeling environment close Austin India all the modern conveniences yet you're still deserves a stone's throw it. I've lived there for you -- you know live there for 21 years now sold real state for little rate and a half years. Would just sell all over the place but you know college Kyle's mom backyards reliant on. Her decision and that's -- now I think there's a lot to be said for using an agent that knows an area like that is your chip lost an -- will know. You know. Fifteen minutes around you know under the Serbs closer gossamer until about Kyle. Was just -- -- you know is that when you have things changing so quick. It's really unless you are in the thick of it which you are at its heart it's for the right -- Agents who work all places everywhere to stay on top of all the changes happening -- there's a lot of good. Food for thought when folks -- -- be buying into this community and you can say well you know -- They're actually going to be the highway through here and salute you -- very good point you wonder how many sons bought a house right on the back up to 130 now. They had no idea I had no idea now. And maybe an agent denote the time but the right agent who's talking mechanic mr. -- -- on the region like you are fairly -- will know that stuff. At critical struggle thanks differ come and absolutely a first we got to take a break. -- call 5123 and a thirteen seventy. He continued discussion on our FaceBook page which just look at how to talk radio or website how frustrated com. We'll be right back. Radio live at five. About 540 and we do appreciate you tuning in hockey you have a question for us -- -- find some way to answer it. Maybe not correctly and should be a mystery candidate 5123 at no thirteen 765123. Thirteen seventy. John. We just give up a holiday weekend which means. Interest rates. Went. So a dude you're learning you're learning jolt through I just always tell folks you're getting ready to eat it you're -- -- my house do not liking your rate until after the weekend. The brits the brits are still up. We would have been in the service ten months to start over and stuff and -- mortgage went down and a photo from the incumbent year -- this -- here Esquire and our economists like ninth. Expect. That's a lot better than what I thought -- so see it's -- it's different let's put up a little bit. It's it's it's. It's amazing how in tune. Folks are. When it comes interest rates. It it makes sense but you know when their rapid you know when they're buying a home. I'm just always amazed at how rates can go up 8%. And folks notice I mean like wait a minute. A popular sport reportedly tell me for provisional and they repeat it's it's -- -- stuff and its Internet but. It in the brief summary disservice to his. Bet that my conversations over the last week. All week. -- leading up to cause that happened that were pretty busy right now a lot of clients are trying to make a decision on whether animal to cooperate or cut. And I've disappointed them almost all of a bit of a Sidwell. And throughout this week. You know in and so thirty year fixed rates around four and a half depending on the situation and -- you know they were down around -- quarter incident come up over the last two weeks and that's somewhat temple we head into holiday which is what happens there's. There are literally rate the rate I'm offering a client today is based on them I've. Been trader at Wall Street trading. Mortgage bonds. And what happens is those traders. -- bet on holidays such embryos before they go what did a lot of times -- kind of so -- solar holdings. So the kind of flood the market with mortgages. End note in his -- too much supply. None of buyers. And -- should go way around anyway causes rates ago globe right -- -- and so once those traders come back. Wall Street reopens after -- after the weekend. -- -- -- down so basically. Everybody takes conservative stance during the holiday mortgage banks traders on Wall Street and but it kind of -- irritable because nothing and it is unknown is what kind of major news story it's gonna happen over the -- that might affect long term interest rates. And sure yet along you know usually a 45 day we -- so normally a traitor this trading these things. Only has to worry about the overnight risk you know Monday to Tuesday and maybe even a weekend but when you have a a weekend like you know -- giving plus Friday you know forty weekend that's a lot of time for some sort of -- big news item and if they're holding these mortgages. At a certain price and then written something big happens at rates he grew up or down. There wrist just like if owning a stock at saint picks up whitbeck in any more technical net. Rates are -- -- Just like the fact so it it noticed you jump on him elected doesn't lenders. Email list and listen up the -- updates on Fridays you're saying -- the same thing you get all these this folks a six here here's our rate updates and before holidays. Never give their rate updates to tell you that he gets what. Our rates are a concern holiday -- well well that there'll probably but they also know that rates go up to -- and got information everybody's thinking I guess it generates are -- part when they know that most likely make that a commando. Well and you know. You could say that you know we tickle -- times as we get on the radio and telling him Lamar -- is just. There's always another lender out there tell -- about pay rates -- fourth quarter Herman Aureus and afford after a ticket I decided. Long before the radio show to just put it out there but the real number out there or not the teaser rate. Operate that only 5% of partly just voted all the ring you know I'm an open and I'm sharing -- with. Agents that I work with so they can give their clients to write data and they're not you're getting this at a client assume they say they were on our -- Took a website. And looking at a VA loans at rates are three point some fire just sought in I'm telling them their you know fourth quarter. And -- -- here -- are still saying I mean I'm. You know you kind of know what's out there arms -- I really don't think treatment some five is out there not for. Well so here's what I did we will we went online we looked and in the small print. Three point some files with that -- I was quoting but there was three discount points. To get that rate -- you're gonna pay 3% of the little -- tells our mortgage their pain and additional 6000 dollars to get that rate. I can actually do the same thing artist never seen anybody won only -- understand present that'd. -- all of by down grind them as abundant as he wouldn't do it anybody it's just that's not really. You know in my act in my twelve here's my -- I'll -- -- -- -- -- reports focused -- user pay that much of -- so again it's kind of a teaser thing when you called a phone they're gonna say well -- that's available but you pro for a quarter. With one point not to report you know so does the coming in my camera put out there. The way it is and -- -- someone that's gonna make me look like a more expensive to -- it knew that the average rate not the best -- you know in the run up. Well and also as a mortgage broker you have had a chance to go after you have different in places you can go. To shop for better right you're not like and probably one of the banks write the words were they only have certain products that they can use. Yeah wells and right insert -- there there's always. There's a client that call me a Marin he's got to certain attribute to that. Down payment credit score at their prior will get four point threesome firing here I am saying it for a half three that's it's what happens that's it that's what kind of average rate that most people give -- call -- -- even more so. That's a -- report bottom line is. We should see him go down this week what was Paul you probably Monday Tuesday disarray today and there are -- -- Here at all. I decided something. -- -- I -- you decided you know we keep talking about the the real estate market I've decided I'm not. You're saying the market is hot in the war. As a good that's it and that is there a fifth fifth. And it goes Paris Hilton -- it's hot. Cup I've heard some -- -- putts went into were -- will help with the next week but we're financially. Any is going to be something different. -- -- to come up with some that this is a replica of an identifier is that the or what is hot anymore. Well here here's what's well when you have a third of homes contract being in the first two weeks that the on the market. -- -- is that true federal numbers. They're the real state company but there. Also -- data aggregators and they came up with and looking at Austin market and the base in California maybe Seattle but there it looked at customer consent. That Austin was one of the top ten markets which we know. Of homes contracting and but he point worth. Less when it's 30%. Of all -- contract less than two weeks. So I decided look to see how packet that data is based on this week and this is -- -- because you kind of -- Thanksgiving how many people to buy a house on the -- before Thanksgiving not many. -- -- people to buy a house on the Thursday Friday county realtors are actually sitting there. Running around eating Turkey and and go back to. Go into the system to up date that numbers say OK I don't -- my cleric electrically Telus the computer that. So we had. 375. Houses it listed in the past two weeks. We've had 92 go pending. Us -- you focus on the last but is knocked out. Four days of data out in include today so let's say. Wincing -- you're singling nine to counsel impending. In the last two out of the house is that went listed as a three -- if I passes were listed. In just two weeks. Of our history 7592. We pinning so little lesson that's about -- her work. You know that's about well -- wanted to three or whatever. Mart for the most local most those world war but we're gonna knock five days off that number. Because you factored Thanksgiving means that there's -- Friday Saturday Sunday there's probably a little bit of -- number price should be able to hire right you know so we have sixty what -- that it. Adds data from himself. Painful to -- also we have several agents from office that a pad. I had offers above list price even people willing to do that now army kids. You know there there's I'll listen to one of the the what toll. Economist from -- won the title company recently he said an average. I believe he says an average of -- 164. People and they are moving to Austin that's a 160 were panelist crazy that is -- Did in -- Austin's a great place to live on -- yeah three of us would probably agree and. Well as a and other companies which are higher in Austin aren't obvious is seeding in the year numbers because. They haven't been him. You know I hire you you look at that in the hiring last year it was. You know a positive number which for a lot of economies from the US wasn't upon us we we we had a net positive. But it wasn't like just mind blowing but I think this year might be different so there. You know we weren't hit as Carter's progress the country either you know housing and also jobs -- on non hostile it's -- it's -- to think about this so that means because. If -- -- my house today. Unexpected and to get an offering the first couple days just -- that's what you hear a mile an hour on the radio saying that. We're seeing that challenge is there's so let. What you what -- scene is like an -- -- institute did your opinion on this. -- goes on the market. One and three are gonna -- in the first two weeks those two out of three that don't sell -- right now we've got 6100 homes for sale. Of this 66 and -- -- if 3200. Under contract so total -- aren't so internal numbers under a total of the 9000 homes out there are currently. Available. While 32 particular market so -- that which is in line with what we're seeing one in three homes. Is under contract with other to the remaining 7% of the market. What what's their deal today to they just lower their price and an excel with in the third or fourth week. Well there's there's five things is gonna sell a house regardless good market that market whatever price terms conditional location and exposure. It's up to the homeowner to you listen to their April -- professional. There's a little challenging Dave paint things like that but also to you. To price the home right -- if it's not rush -- -- -- -- not gonna get anybody can come look at the house. And you know the terms you know how easy is to show the house always tell people when Arab work with the buyer or seller -- Try to make it easiest possible and you're living in the house but try to make it easy as possible for somebody see this house. What a great content we have we've -- you know that's that's -- -- the market's moving so fast. Bet a lot of times folks look at houses and then we can and amateur offer but -- that we -- absolutely it is it that one house. It's overpriced. Yeah lower Orwell's thinking at the access to -- to guy -- Allen Sam you know try to make it easy is democracy of he hosted a house from one this three on a Sunday exactly call something like that makes it. If you're for a well. Consider how the result of an offer now -- right in there's there's times when her -- clients come in from. Other states whatever they their companies -- here's what they were coming in for the weekend we gotta buy houses and we knew how often does that come up you know. Pretty pretty pretty they are not now right now it's really Cullen really have a you have a seller let's turn it really secure. What it is is they usually will do what you trips Celek they just have never an officer for that to show -- a Friday and Saturday that are right offers its use and they came two months ago maybe performance ago -- -- again -- innate. So they can get familiar with where they would be very -- see all of absolutely and then went to kind of establish a K we -- favorite mayor beat. That is a function fine house it's an -- A lot of times folks that are living here for jobs it's kind of confident action around for jobs so they're not big big get the games is there. Third news in fifteen years because companies keep him. I sold -- house in Georgetown for example in the general work for one of the big interest companies here. And they pretty much gave -- three months that I you're moving in three must Austin and so we -- think they contacted me we talk on the phone I gave us some information about different things. And they decided they really liked the Georgetown area so we we focused on the net and at the end of the weekend we based on Michael off from a spouse and they bought it is though. I'm up at that -- well -- And I I really to treat each year I think it's really important impress upon a person is bought a house now the importance. You got a cast there's an absolutely nearly fast Asian you're gonna want to question you house today in your -- six months. Prices -- to be out probably exactly and you've been you're gonna need to be my -- sharp ready to go and you might be wanting to write three or four offers. Not just one because there's a future and fictional offers. Don't materialize because they go to somebody else. Exactly. If people are painful price -- -- or -- or actually in some areas Panama hopeful price so if you go in and you try to low ball at them -- our chances are. The house is gonna go to somebody else. -- how values. What have you seen out Kyle for that let's say that typical Murphy tells our house. 600 square feet -- another two there's a run around 150 years so. Yeah how's that you know what was below what look at it that same house for threw for years ago there. -- that same house turf -- years ago probably -- 13840. Thousands of car. -- -- -- -- Are you 15% and I you smoked and now. In you know supply and demand I mean we have a lot of people wanna move to the area it's awesome to wonderful place you -- you're gonna senior constructions guys instructions are -- In -- My prediction is you're gonna skyrocket. There's what would skyrocket would be go from 178 maybe 20210 to 220 just because folks who bought their home in 2007. Or eight they hate. At 13144. Their house and they -- they want 17180. And a -- gonna Sewell park you know that's my competition should start another. 203040000. Dollars because they can probably get people always -- a woman for new construction. Up and I talked a lot of the builders and their they're gonna vote on their prices coming up wanting the cost materials is one it's hard to get materials. There are certain you know if you look at like the west Texas area that be able field does not mean they're mimicking build enough counseling and build -- quick enough. So you know just supply and demand. To order requests for your own kids because every you know cows one of those areas of disputes had you know amazing growth which means you've got some big -- that are. Tract homes that are somewhat similar similar builder. -- finished out similarly. How does somebody who bought a house at three years ago and that now they wanna sell. What do they have to do that house to compete with the new construction. Started they need to me is that may have -- and -- -- literally do much. Well you know it -- -- any house I mean I advise my clients you know we need to get this house -- We need to get it unite and keep it in in an orderly fashion as the new models are going to be steady -- oh absolutely they're they have people like pay a lot of money to come in their matter fact if you go to web site. I've got pictures of neighborhoods and in most of the interior pictures. Are actually pictures of the model homes so you -- stages you -- stated it's gotta look good you've got to -- you know. You gotta make sure that can house pill you know when our work time we we start from the curb -- okay. We need to trim the hedges we need to do this -- there's a lot of little things as she can do that really -- will really make house -- one thing is you know for example letting mulch. Mulch is cheap. Yeah and that's what -- you know to back. Landscaping can have automatic result that's one of the few things that that those -- actually do for you so if you can put some sort mean. 15100 dollar -- -- back deck the would go a long way because people for a while. I created this brand new home or -- -- -- -- this awesome. Backyard entertaining space real threats and it's a big champion and it's a lot of money to big chip that homebuyers who don't haven't city. It was actually easier and say -- like big -- have granted data avenue are under no it isn't it's not so much yeah anything like hesitation more than anything. In the in -- the neighbors have -- it was an absolutely have to have granted right I was talking to a friend of mine today he he honestly he has a house in a neighborhood. That -- they only have a few samples he has swimming pool he has this big house he bought at large family always girls are moving away now. And you know Tomas you're probably gonna eat this -- -- that's going to be but -- What we call free gift with purchase so. But if you really he's not forget the value for -- so exactly isn't it people like weightless like. Everybody's this simple let's let's let's -- But you don't wanna put anything in the house with the neighbors don't have you know what they should have done they should've called you before that for the I'd go in and said. Tony this is good guy you're trying to hold an event and anyway it's plated Benedict -- well obviously it -- -- piece -- piece of mind -- that's so. So we've all got a couple minutes left and I want to end our name and find them are fun sort rolled into the holidays here. And one of the neat things about any neighborhood news. Christmas lights right. So I wanna share. Some areas as -- growth through our shows in December were ordered to talk about Samaria that's some pretty neat. Christmas lights. You know. Seems. So there's this one area called. Up in Cedar Park called. Can Arnie -- -- -- -- -- -- record chart report. Go to FaceBook you -- about CH. CH AN IT I think that's. And so this area is are we take our kids there every year it's a cul-de-sac. Diskette. I think at exactly twelve houses. It's what they do is have these date the entire course -- Decorate and they get search crane in the Iran lights across at -- house to house Obama and say you're a market Christmas. Festival. Cave count because you're surrounded by a lot of space -- their candidate and what's the university and an edited twelve days of Christmas so. They have written these big boards. That they collect her feet on Vick told -- -- driving her walking through it he chart has won twelve of the twelve is Christmas. And they collect money -- Kirk was an -- brown -- So it is a mission behind all of us. And a purpose the it's really ruin this or -- court in Cedar Park right off. -- -- the cool place to take your family even if you're running in from Austin. Yesterday I don't define -- -- like that we'll have another one next week for you hate you even -- the -- talk radio with -- -- -- Angel but listen you find us online acts. That he did W. House talk radio dot com we thank all of you for joining us today he's for sky realty is much. -- how to books W thank you can't take me very 5127914543. Super. -- -- -- We'll be back here next week. Sunday live fire.

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