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Retirement 101 12.01.2013

Dec 1, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sunny Ackerman the managing partner from Texas retirement services and so what will. Central Texas area sinus -- parents across Texas and Atlanta credential. -- -- -- -- -- and also it's is going to become. Online and take control of their financial lives. Also think now what 34. -- -- hundreds of fixing that story foreign born 9768. Good Sunday afternoon folks this is your host sunny Ackerman. Welcome to my show retirement 101 that can be heard every Sunday afternoon. From 1 o'clock until 130. On the new talk radio thirteen seventy. Folks every week you'll hear me discuss different topics that senator primarily Iran assists you as I do my clients. How to navigate through the sometimes difficult and often times a worrisome thoughts. About how you're handling your finances. The show is not just about retirement a cover all types of topics whether it's getting out of debt. Without declaring bankruptcy. Since I'm a certified college planner. This is also subject -- frequently talk about because let's face it about 90% of the parents that I talked to. And my initial consultations with them have really no idea how the process. And folks believe me. Getting your children through college without spending your retirement dollars and knowing how to do it is a process. Let me just ask you this if you if if any of you listeners out their parents of freshman sophomores. Or juniors in high school. And you've talked to your high schools. Student guidance counselor about college can't they ever mentioned the phrase student loan default rate. Or -- they ever talk to you about a conversion rate but colleges use. These are all things that I talk to my clients about. I work with the American college foundation. And also work with a company called college funding solutions. Bottom line I can typically shave anywhere between forty to 60%. Of your college. Tuition that you could -- for your child's education. That's one of the services that provide and I successfully play and for that and more importantly. If you want to tackle this yourself that's fine. Save thousands of dollars look at other ways of funding your child's education and I can help you. I've shown parents the thought they could only afford to send their student to a state school because that's all the money they had or all that's all they thought they could afford. How to begin to understand the process sometimes depending primarily on the student. How to get that child into a private school. For less out of pocket expense. The state school folks that's what the services -- provide. If your son or daughter is a freshman or sophomore believe me and high school. You literally have no time to waste call me at 512. 3449768. Folks I'm not a fee based advisors so my visit with you won't cost you a dime. But listen to tell -- this down the road. If you wanna tackle this. How awesome. Responsibility. Of applying for college education for your child do you -- this yourself. It could cost you like us in a moment ago thousands of -- on your hard earned dollars. -- other services that provide for my client to show them how to safely grow their asset base in a way that they understand. Let me just say a couple things about myself I would like quite but I primary travel all over Texas because you see I don't require my clients traveled to me. Especially on bad weather takes. I'd make it convenient for my clients because I travel to them whether it's to their home to their office or just to meet for a cup of coffee. And to be honest I do this for two reasons number one like has had to do with my clients convenience. And number two I do for selfish reasons because I nearly five visits someone at their home. There's a good chance that they're gonna have all their financial paperwork right there at home. So there's something that's hurt it to their needs and they're gonna have a home. And that's why one of the reasons why I go Obama go by their home or their office to visit them. Folks is we all know let's face it. Our country's financial picture is at the brightest. Are in national debt has increased over 200%. In the last ten years. And common sense would tell you if you still do the same old thing. Day after day in your planning strategies in this global economy that we're now living on. And it can let me also say this this all really depends upon your debt worth. If you're a multimillionaire if you if you have a net worth of of of over five million dollars this conversation does not apply to you. But in any event. If you were net worth is that. This is not a conversation view but if it's not some of you may be having some sleepless nights. And most constant occurrence that I find in life in everybody. Is the fear of change. And a lot of people voted and avoid it like it's the plague. If you it was and if you're one of these people was out there wishing and hoping. The things and get better fees without looking at new strategies for your family's financial future. Think about 2008. Think about the thousands of people and you may be -- them out there listening right now the lost anywhere between sixty to 65%. Of your total net worth in the market. If you don't make some changes your life. That will benefit you down the road. Things may not be given where you want to be when you wanna retire and for some people who want to retire. Retirement is not even an option for some baby boomers now you know a few 6263. Years old. Me and you've faced that 2008. Tsunami that we all face in the market. You know are almost starting over. Now if you -- your thirties or forties and you and you were maybe your significant other are worried about your financial future. And it may be just recently were blessed with a child. And here concerned and you should be. About what higher education is gonna cost the next sixteen to seventeen years. Fear not folks I can show you Safeway used to playing for that necessary expense without having to rely upon. Your 401K. Your your IRA. Are dipping into savings accounts. I can show you win a piece of paying for that college education but she never thought was possible. -- -- -- way when I mentioned for Irwin case as I've mentioned in the show a couple of weeks ago I thought that was terribly failed experiment but that's for another conversation. Now if you one of those folks that's invested in the stock market year again and hoping and wishing that your stock broker choose. For use. The right stocks you're gonna hit a home run. You know sometimes that just doesn't work out. Ladies and gentlemen if you are looking for a safe and more reliable way to accumulate funds that's his retirement. But really tough financial life. Without the typical worries associated with post financial instruments give me a call. Five went to. 344. 976. Say it is my office number. If you if you get a busy signal or if you get -- begin recording it only means among other line with -- another client trying to save them some money to. I can show you ideas that I -- and TV you didn't know existed. Folks let's take a real quick break here. You're listening to sunny Ackerman and my show retirement 101. Can be heard every Sunday afternoon from 1 o'clock. Until 130. On the new talk radio thirteen seventy again I can be reached at 512. 344. 9768. Or if you simply like just to check out some of the services my company provides just go to my website it's WW. W -- Pegasus. Retirement. Dot com. Remember folks changes not also always does have to -- scariest thing and I. Symptoms be best in the -- Stay tuned folks I'll be right back. Sunny Ackerman and managing partner from Texas retirements -- resistant -- what will. Central Texas area sinus -- parents across Texas and when. -- and also because it is going to become. Online and take control of their financial lives. -- -- now 1344976. Thing that's totally foreign born 9768. Okay folks we're back. Thinking she just tuning in you're listening to sunny Ackerman in my show retirement 101 can be heard every Sunday afternoon. From 1 o'clock until 130. On the new talk radio thirteen seventy. Okay in this segment how would like to talk a little bit about annuities. Now before you change that dial I'm not gonna give in to. All the different types. And all the different options. And everything that goes into annuities because that would board the heck out of all of us. I'm not gonna do it obviously gave you a little idea about putting duties are all about. Because other -- securities. Annuities are one of the largest selling financial instruments on the planet. They've done over millions of dollars every single year in in new have been around since the Roman times. I mean back in the into the twenties during the Great Depression the only companies that we're paying out. On and on. Dollars spent where insurance companies. So this particular strategy is very important. It is only important for the right reason. This is off period often misunderstood -- like insurance product. And primarily. It's misunderstood because some insurance agents misrepresent. The whole concept. Of the benefits. Of these type products. Now if you get anything having this discussion over the next let's just say two minutes give this. -- -- ladies -- knocked investments. Let me say that one more time annuities are not investments. And if you were sold one based on that idea. If you were totally misinformed. These types of insurance products are. -- merely in com. What I like to call them in his kitchen type products. So they're basically of income product that can be very useful in your overall financial picture. I do is do -- have analysis from our clients is all the time because for a large portion of people -- visit for the first time. And they show me their financial purchases. I would basically say that oh probably seven out of ten people can't intelligently. Explain to me. How the product they bought from an individual but they admit may be -- high priced restaurant. Who was doing a seminar and that is that the wrong with that to mean this is some of these guys some people that do seminars and they do great work. But worse yet they went so these people that have come in contact with they went to a bank. That they do business with. Can be purchased a product that they really had no idea. How the contract in this what it is. An annuity is a life insurance contract. They had no idea. How the contract was really structured. You see folks nowadays most large banks you probably know like policy chase or Bank of America. They have investment departments inside the branch and typically it's either one or two people that have been licensed. Typically with a series six a 63. Stocks that type thing. But they're licensed so -- tech products. I can't begin to tell you how many people I've worked with over the years the bought one of these types of product of products. I remember referring to a new -- From a bank and didn't even know what. They were buying. -- I talked to a guy -- folks I talked to a guy a few months ago. That went to his local bank and -- a smaller town. And I say the guy was probably. Go anywhere between 75 and 76 years old if memory serves me. And when I went to visit him. And he showed me what he had. He thought he purchased a CD for the bank he didn't know we purchased and nudity. When I showed -- and he what he purchased and what he purchased was called variable annuity and if you don't know at a variable annuity is. In a nutshell basically. It's like buying mutual funds wrapped around an insurance policy. To me why anybody would buy a a variable annuities beyond me. If you wanna buy mutual funds go down about mutual funds it's much easier and a heck of a lot less expensive. But in any event that's what he -- And -- well. When I told him what he purchased. Without using certain language that's not allowed on these types of fairways let's just say he wasn't very happy. But luckily here in the great state of Texas there is what's called a cooling off period it typically is thirty days what that means -- FT side in the insurance contract Weathers and into the life insurance whatever it may be. You got thirty days to change amount and if you wanna change -- -- within that time period. The insurance company's balance by the Texas department. Of insurance to pay you your money back in full without -- surrender charges. So you could cancel that contract. And it sure full amount of money that you placed and get it back and fortunately this gentleman was who said that time period. Now I asked him if the person that the bank discussed if he's that are associated. With these types products. Like a mortality and expense feet and number -- back to variable annuities this gentleman -- but he thought about a CD. A mortality and expense -- -- let me just say real briefly with that is mortality and expense be in the business is called an M eighty feet. And basically what that is is that's a feed that the insurance companies charge you shoot. To pay you were beneficiaries at death benefit -- a sense does that make. He said I was told -- that there would be no fees in this product. Look folks as I mentioned and duties can be a Smart addition to your current financial picture. Because they have the ability to our fee income for life. But a bank ladies and gentlemen would be the last place I would go to to buy one. Look if you're not 100%. Sure of what type the duty you have purchased. Being in the fees -- involved. Surrender charges the different options that -- and options. What does this particular product -- but had a bonus an agent told you that she would. You would get their bonus and what I mean by bonus those are additional dollars. But the insurance company adds to the policy. Just for you doing business with them. Well if he told you that those dollars. Go immediately into your account value. And normally those are. Typically vested over the life for the contract. I've seen so many people that told -- -- -- I -- 10% bonus. And after looked to contract I showed them in the contract. That that particular 10% was vested over ten years. You didn't get it right away like the agent told cheated. Now I have come across. A small percentage. Of carriers that do allow this to happen in May do. Of -- their particular bonuses immediately. If these facility issues that your face with today. In you're not sure exactly which you have in your confused you don't look Jewish statements. You don't reallocate. If you've got a certain type of the duty call me five went to. 3449768. Listen folks I'm not a fee based advisors so my visit will cost you a dime. And by the way the 75 year old gentleman as I mentioned a few -- minutes ago. It ended up that I got him out of his contract and although I didn't -- -- business with him because I don't sell CDs. Here's here's the beauty about this and here's the beauty about being honest with people his son called me a few weeks after this whole Sheehan was uncovered. And is dead get his money back well his son is now one of my clients. Here's a -- folks. Don't misunderstand me it's not that I don't like these types of products. I -- duties myself but I bought them for future income to supplement my retirement. Again analysts say this that you understand it real simply. Annuities are dot investments. In if you hear from an advisory. That and duties are great investments. I would recommend that you calmly get up and leave his office immediately. Because he's just looking for sale. He is not looking for relationship. And that's when I create with my clients. Folks anywhere between 2530%. Of my annual business. He's done from referrals and I got a -- I'm pretty proud of that. You wouldn't look. Compared to compare it this way you wouldn't go to a car dealership without knowing everything about what that car offers. The price the options. That gas mileage everything. So but -- news. If an annuity is right for you have the person just explaining. This sometimes like I said. Misunderstood product go over everything. And let me give you tips on picking advisors. If he -- she doesn't do when -- call a thorough. Fact finder about you when your family first. Before trying to are for you any type of product. You're -- I can tell you that you're talking to a salesman you're not talk to an advisor. Ask them for referrals. As well as if you don't know that person make sure that you do ask for referrals. Look there's one thing I've learned in the past thirteen years I've been in financial services business and it is a service. And this really applies to any service business. Here's what I know. People in America and people everywhere love to buy things we'd love to buy things. But we hate to be sold things. We didn't nobody wants to be sold something you know -- wants to walk away from some could come true transaction. And think to themselves. How that got repression mean by the South Carolina think about this. I don't do that I don't do that and all look with our country's current financial. Debt. Who knows how long Social Security's really gonna last. Even going to be around in the future. Who knows. That's why in the -- taste of that that's what these types of products. Can be an extra -- year. Of gearing TD incumbent Sunday just might come in handy I mean that's why about a couple of them because look. Who knows what's gonna happen in the next five to ten years. If you have some type instrument this could be -- TCU and income. That she thoroughly understand. When it's gonna come and how much you're gonna get. That sounds like that should be something that you should look at as part of your overall strategy. Now if this sounds like this could be something that would be benefit to you and your family. Down the road call me 512. 344976. Say typically folks my first business -- anywhere between 45 minutes stood to an hour. And all I'm trying to uncover is what your current financial picture looks like. After that if you feel like you wanna set up a second appointment. We can then discuss why but what might be best for you and your family as far as financial products. Look here's the thing. Fighting a tough training is not a cookie cutter situation. Everyone's needs are different that's why I get your facts first before recommending anything because look. If I don't know even if I don't know your current financial situation. How in the world tonight intelligently to try to. Explain something to you that I think he need if I knew nothing about what -- currently doing and what your current needs are. So listen folks if you would like more information regarding these topics are discussed today where there is becoming debt free which I can show you how to do. Or whether it's even wealth accumulation. Saving on interest payments. Maybe you were small business owner and I work with a lot of folks and you're looking to reduce the high interest. You're -- on business loans for office supplies travel. Company cars whatever the case may be I can show you a more efficient way to find your business. Maybe you -- in your thirties over your forties you just starting at a family. And again like I say in the beginning in my presentation. How much do you think colleges who accosted fifteen to twenty years. Again folks these are all stressful situations. That I can help you work. Again my phone number is 512. 344976. Saint or recommend to just -- to go to my website at WWW. Dot take this this retirement. Dot com look ladies and gentlemen you don't have to tackle these -- times. Overwhelming. Situations by yourself. Especially like I mentioned if your kidneys and cause is getting ready to go to college and you're trying to. Figure out. How would it paid for your the tuition for that child's education. Or maybe you're thinking like some people are thinking hey I don't know how long Social Security's gonna last I'm I may need to look at something that's gonna pay being -- TV income. Again I can show you had to do this in a very simple way to folks here's the beauty of -- outcome do you. Give me a call again. Five went to. 344976. Ladies and gentlemen thanks for listening to my show and hopefully have a great Sunday.

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