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Diamond Know It All 11/30/2013

Nov 30, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for the diamond -- and I'll show presented locally by Austin America's diamond in the host -- Jordan and -- the diamond now and all we're answering your questions about diamonds gemstones in case it rains. And they may even help solve your relationship problems exist till 8327792678. Or email your question today that Diamond Hill and all that time and now here's due in days. -- -- Another great show. The diamond LL program -- feeling today Dave. I'm feeling great it's nice to see you came back for more punishment and abuse. Hey we are we how -- it she you know I have in my notes that on November the eighteenth. You referred to yourself as a moron. And the show is called the diamond and also we may need to revise our title I don't know if that would be accurate and we only be dishonest. To -- it was it was an error. OK it was wrong you know when people make mistakes and they say they they withdraw that comment you know they yeah this is this is. It was a typo. And. And so when you itself disclosed to -- you're a moron you're making -- -- while I was trying to give you the edge of the well I used to working with. Now -- more or -- his parents. A lot of experience there. Question for us on the program answer questions about diamonds obviously but any kind of jewelry question. And not -- relationship questions as -- is Dave. They think he understands men and women with which nobody in the -- had a you're a moron after all -- call at 8327792678. We have from questions from Robert. Are they can do my name is Roberts and have a question for your domino and also I wanted to know where that name tennis bracelet can pump. And I also wanted to know I'm in the market for tennis bracelet in my life and I wanted to see. -- -- to -- great -- on the tennis bracelet and has tumbled over some of gold. Incredibly different -- and -- references to get that specific. We shook him -- let's start with the history of it. They were originally called line bracelets. -- which is -- line LI -- yes or Miami it's that. You know New England accent that I had. I -- we -- a lot -- knowing the kind of thing you put in what we put water we put ours in words that don't have ours and we take them out with they are the okay. All right -- long -- is originally called old line bracelet right and then along came Chrissie Everett. And I think it was late late eighties like 87 -- and chi. Or tennis bracelet on to do with tennis match. And she. But what you don't know is though you may know if you saw our. Was that -- mom she asked the line judge to stop the match for a few minutes because she'd lost the bracelet. It fell off so current current and from that day on May be keen tennis bracelets. So she wore it in a match just randomly and John got so much attention. The -- the name of the bracelet changed. -- pretty amazement that she was hot back then I mean is it in the tennis world she knew she was the person there are people today that even bomb. Like come. Serena Williams she wears tennis bracelet. While she plays tennis -- big earrings to get a life and it never outfits that she creates and designs are pretty and I'll bet you didn't know that I know this but -- some very unique is that Nowitzki and the -- US. A diamond bracelet. What you place him. So I hate him back on mark the diamond and. -- -- at all well the tennis snow at all you know I played tennis did you know that guests. And I ain't I have if I'm -- so did Christie Wear it on her right. Are hurt you know that. Dominant hander or any other guard Dominic and she's dead Seattle like having anything jingle on the hand that I'm actually with holding the racquet with my Wear myself on the other side. Because I like that. Jingle link but it tennis bracelet doesn't isn't loose it's kind of fitted a little tighter well. Tennis -- perfect for a person that. Wants to win jewelry and that is active because it does it's very flexible. And it doesn't interfere with anything to you could. You could actually be -- car mechanic and -- Arab diamond bracelet well Robert's question what he said there's gold one silver one seat belts and other different -- -- you know that the funny thing is this all prices in the great it's it's they always talk about diamond bracelets and diamond weight total weight. So that embrace it could have a half carat diamonds total -- can have. One carat total weight nine carries ten carats total weight. Armed and different -- just like you'd buy at any other diamond that you don't wanna buy engagement quality diamonds and tennis bracelet. You would want to buy something a little less than that it's -- wouldn't be so expensive but they range in price the the used to be a couple years back that you could buy -- time a space of for a couple hundred bucks. But today that's not gonna happen something decent. -- a -- -- I was in -- more now it's -- It isn't just a bracelet. And hers are certain style to it that make well tennis for their all in one line. What I what is that aren't I -- one Linehan could mixed them up with rubies and -- as a -- could have also fires all ruby's or all anything you want it. But it is that mechanism that that it's very very flexible. So that it moves freely and you could even tell some of them that are made badly they get hung up on themselves when -- chart showed that come. Move them whom you know like you at a swanky moon right. You know death or it's the same I've pat I've a setup pearls that doesn't know very well and then I'm I have another sad that is -- fluid -- that is that in the broke the way they taught the way they tell them not some you know what that. So. That they they string pros on when -- tight in the beginning an issue we have them. They loosen up a little bit. So are getting back to. The bracelet to what he's saying is Silber is a white gold probably more than likely -- okay so -- white gold. And then there's yellow gold and -- -- combat by the way. So you would turn around and say he's so -- Said the budget he -- -- I always think people should set budgets I wanna spend 2000 dollars I wanna spend you know ten dollars whatever it is. And that way when you go win you can see 1000 dollars buys -- what 500 dollars buys so. And and that way you can make an intelligent decision and once again as they always say you wanna go to somebody that an independent jeweler. That is gonna tell you the truth that is gonna say this two carat bracelet is X amount of dollars in these the benefits -- the features of it. And then this one's 2500. Dollars and. Different is AB CD. And if that is BCD means something the year and you. Can afford it and you -- And our presenting sponsor Austin America's diamonds I would imagine has tennis bracelet for sale they have a whole show peaceful. Is this summer is. Is tennis bracelet. A gift that is common for Christmas absolutely perfect Christmas. But we find in the -- is -- we never know until the season's over this year could be tennis bracelets. Next year compete diamond earrings. All it never at the same year -- -- -- -- won't -- any but sometimes it's huge in one and not the other what drives that. I I think kids need and how much are celebrities what they're wearing elaborate interactive abs absolutely effective but I also think it's a man's mouth that affects -- -- -- -- when he says something wrong and then just goes up -- price what the gift this you know. And that there's a guaranteed market just. Men being how they are. Good but that's the church people lucky. Look Christmas shopping lot of people are looking for gift ideas tennis bracelets. Get one what else. Plus you know elbow -- what what the price of gold and diamonds right now being on the high side. What I would what I would tend to tell people do list colored gemstones so beauty of -- so many beautiful things out there right now. That have filled that void in that. 500 to a thousand dollar price range that you think you can fill. With a beautiful colored gemstone which have very very hot in the fashion world right now in inner ring or a ring and necklace and bracelet. Pendant. Hearings. And a gemstone. For. I mean there're a lot of guys that don't even know what that means even in the business a long time you assume people know that would be Arabia sapphire at. I hope. And they come in such a variety of beautiful colors that go with whatever the that that trend is this year food for the woman's fashion clothes which seems to be very earthy right now and -- oranges lots of greens. So you would recommend they they purchase a collar. That's tied into fashion rather than whatever her favorite color -- Absolutely what's gonna look complement current complement our clothing and I've got to tell you that I was over it riches story the other day and he is gonna selections they don't knock your socks off well that's a glowing endorsement. From -- that Ayman -- at all and you're listening to the Diamond Hill at all program on talk thirteen seventy we'll be back right up presents. Don't forget to shop this Christmas at Austin America's diamond in the harbor -- -- breaker in Mo pac. A lot of people think that we only have diamonds -- -- what the name of our store is -- America's -- we do have a huge selection of beautiful diamond and I'm sure people we carried the -- spectrum of colored stones -- its parent -- polls Alexander right I can just go on and -- and the selection we have now is better than -- -- had and the prices -- more than we've ever had a few years -- a lot of the designers started working back consumer -- that's what I started in forty years ago and it's just some incredible pieces and very inexpensive -- you know -- store it's fun -- Christmas just to really special time. At Austin America's diamond you'll never feel awkward or intimidated when -- into browse that's their promise to you and why are still in business after more than thirty years so does -- Richard Crawford and the whole staff at Austin America's diamonds in the armor lock ammo pack him breaker. Your -- of the diamond no at all on talk thirteen 79 -- Jordan with David diamond no at all. Anything going on in the world and jewelry. Celebrity news history. Well you commented last week there was nothing in this week. I wanted to -- know it's unbelievable pink diamond that was 59 point six -- vivid pink. The one that was gonna auction off for 35 million dollars. Actually sold for 83. Point two million dollars. And the person I guess he figured he had he paid that much money could -- name it it was called the pink star. It's now called the teen dream in it was bought by Isaac wolf. Mom. And single man married what's up tonight back. You want his phone number I'll I mean if they paid cash -- By the way that diamond wrote only deals in cash and -- transfer knowing they don't take checks tourist thing. So that was incredible. It was a flow internally flawless. Vivid pink that means it was ping ping ping ping. Now is set and this is not enhanced to be paying -- coming out of the ground now white -- he's a diamond cut of the man. A diamond cutter yes has that kind of my. -- he owns the company. -- so he's kind of like like Richard started off and then right. Some. That I -- -- no we didn't have any robberies last week while they made up for it this week they there was. Look Mariah Carey with name was used to -- robbery she didn't do the robbery she was her name was used to call did. Of this person called the jeweler and tell you that you could have Fred. Fred Siegel says that the famous store I have heard of that you know. Okay well you know where apparently it starts at 300 dollars well they they called the store. And they said they were. That he was -- Mariah Carey's husband and they wanted to them to come to the hotel -- -- jewelry. And does so on and so forth and that a security guard would meet them outside the room. And that didn't -- be holed the salesperson grabbed up thousands of dollars with -- -- she brought it to the hotel room in the security man said. I'll take decisions and I'll be back with cash. Yeah. Our right and she gave -- that's his job and it -- like you've seen the guy they haven't seen the value that. -- and she doesn't have a job anymore I would imagine yeah. And and only an -- a jewelry heist five million dollar jewelry heist took one minute. And how did they do smash and -- they know exactly which cases. They swung out sledgehammers underneath thick coats bam bam the dog they were in mountain west -- meant. In southern -- when there was another scam flight that I at this time a year Ers on -- I don't know -- the Christmas does -- giving time. And another person went into the men appointment with the owner are at another hotel another Jewish law. And to get the owner out of the store and then a second person. Called the store and said that there they were husband of an actress which they would not name. And that they were looking. At a new era of 50000 dollar diamond earrings and that he won the command and seat at the exact same time the owner wasn't there any robbed them. And then oh my -- playing a lot of people on Santa's naughty list the other well. Florida had the answer they caught on jewel thief that that -- several stores and it stolen. Over a million dollars with the goods. And the judge. Any they shot somebody -- killer but they shot somebody but the judge thought. That they were career criminals. And sentenced him to life in jail so there is a good end to my. Josh wow that's a big week. All right well if you have a question forests -- good story. Are you know where you can find any event previously mentioned items. But didn't get that the call 83 C news. 779678. You're listening to the diamond know it all on talk thirteen seventy. Richard Crawford from Austin American -- and understands the challenges of Christmas gift buying. Guys are guys you know under the -- you start advertising six months before Christmas they're all like me three days before Christmas ago that it's Christmas. I I've got to get something that really helps if the women come in and we make of what wish list and they can pick out this is number one is number two is number -- we put on the wish list so then the -- realize too is command and say her name makes it so much easier and it's not pushing us around we really appreciate being told the court kind of gift you would like some of our designers we're using now -- 74 Paulie Shaw and Cordoba they are just the most spectacular pieces you've ever seen and the prices are the best I've ever saying anything you purchase must must America's diamond. The so I think it's free the chain is not the right -- anything like that just come back Campbell take care of you. This Christmas shop Austin American diamond in the armor lock Mo pac can breaker. This is the diamond knowing all snow on top thirteen seventy I'm seeing Jordan and we do have question. A caller on line go ahead Carol. My question is. Instead than -- used -- where -- -- live in a room a little apple has gotten enlarged. Except that I -- I don't already get it out of -- and you can't talk about that. You know this this a good question at -- and you know it happens -- did -- don't think much about it. -- people who in the store all the time that day Vietnam baseball accident accident were making get there ring off. And we have a special -- and I would say 99% and wants a 100% 9% of the time every -- store has certainly. And that and most times they do. I know that Richard does it for free the most to -- will do for free. And that is it's a little wheel with a sore comment and you have a little turn things on one side. Use it slips underneath there and very small and you turn off and cuts are often second spoon actually in seconds and then they take a pair of pliers and the open it up from the inside. Pull it out and get over the figured that you have to wait. About six months if I had to do things that go back to normal size. Before you get it sized right exactly and then and then they can -- gathering put it back together size it up. So on. But if you have arthritis or something of a large knuckle and you can't get it off you can Kettering often on they have a special device and I -- And and I feel -- come -- I'm continuing unplugged. Plugging rigid but but actually arm he has all the things you need -- out in America down and they have this ring that it's called the thing the main. That turnaround it's hinge so its size to over the knuckle of the regular thing going you have this little stylus you. There's a little dot on the ring and it opens up the ring and swings open like a -- You put it -- in the new -- so you don't have to push it down exactly your finger. While is that a new invention actually it's been on a long time most of us don't carry it they don't know anything about it. And it's a service that you want to extend you know people as they get all the get arthritis you. You know different thing well and the way the baby boomers are there so many more of us I would imagine that this I speak for yourself. Are you are are -- arrangement at the bottom of Larry you and aren't. I'm the top. But a lot you know there's a lot more bus so things like that there's a market for something like that that's why is wondering. If it was a new invention now and it and it's really -- other things too there's a little spring metal horseshoe you can news. That also you can put little humps on the inside the ring. And the different things but if you stop over in Austin America's Dimon talked to -- to show you the options that they range in price. Okay and as there is a solution for the people would have. Arthritic hand and -- -- sounds like she can't get the one that's on now aren't you can just stop by the store and I didn't get a -- Absolutely -- in a -- for. Very great great question you have a question you can call us. And 8327792678. Or you can email your question or comment to David -- -- -- all dot com. I work with a gal Dave to. Recently got a gift from a man that she had been dating a while and she's 28 years old and she got a -- string. Which when she shared that with me. I remember promise rings when I was in middle school I did not know that a promise ring was something that adults could give to each other and so I looked it up online. And I just information and I bet you know about promise strength did you know about promised I. Absolutely did all of pushing it appears that you know well because I'm old. And promise -- have been going on since beaming at time and I was probably -- at the beginning that's true it started in biblical times and you weren't there I understand yes. URG -- jeweler we're not salute. But -- -- actually was a precursor to engage rings yes that looks a unit. -- let me see if I can surprise -- -- started in Europe and sixteenth and seventeenth century. You're right there are right. And at one of the things that there's a thing called up -- an opposing ring that says exactly so that is -- it looks like just a plain wedding band but you would in grave something on the outside a -- steinem and her home or something like that which I remember. That's. The -- and I think he -- to do love poems. On well that's on that's a memo poetic and women well. Dazzled by yes there is a famous Posey rang in my information. Boo at noon October. -- LaRoche -- -- swearing at me again at review and no other. -- the most romantic I think vertical. You and no other a -- today eight modern day promise rings that I seek. This guy is going off to. Two on serve in the military -- they wanted to give her something he's going to be gone for quite awhile. And it almost a year and dumb and so they're not quite ready in the relation to get married so the promise ring is kind of like that middle ground. Project to be careful what finisher Katrina. Really should consume the wrong message to how well count me. Well if you Wear it on Hussein on the left him like you wouldn't engagement ring. People don't think you're engaged but in fact. And all the times in this in the sixteenth seventeenth century people would it did not wanna get married but they wanted to -- monogamous with this person who they would give them a promise -- And nothing else ever after. And a kind. And -- hmm -- so that's interest. You know. I don't know if you know about purity rings that's a big yes. That. It calmed -- and I'm an overall chastity rings yet but I didn't think you understand about chastity. Our abstinence. What do you think I carry such a big key ring with a yes that's true love waits movement going on our kids make a commitment that they're gonna wait. And that it's sort of a form of a promise ring but it's called a purity ring and it has the word purity on net compared and that started back like in the ninety's in the early ninety's south. Well good information there as a young kids wearing those coming user additional information out so late. -- -- Also been -- used for your own self but if you're a home. An alcoholic and you are recovering. You would Wear a promise ring on your own him reminding you that you have to keep your promise of being some of your sobriety. A symbol yeah and the people that Doug Weight problems peacefully. They they do for all sorts of reasons -- Com tit for our own commitments for the of the person for the for themselves what about the Irish -- Is that how you know that's a -- drink that's that's where oh where is the hot the crown in the two hands. I'm not a promise and -- know it's actually it's actually used in wedding ceremonies. -- -- What good information -- a question for us on diamonds are gem stones are any jury -- relationship question. One thing yes good luck with that promise rings. And keep your promises. And give us a call we've got a number you can not call and leave your question at 83 -- Seven -- 9678. With the -- know and also on top thirteen seven. I'm Richard Crawford frost and America's diamond our entire staff is thrilled to be supporting the diamond know it all show. We'd like to invite everyone to stop by Walsh America's dominant normal walk and let us assist you with your next to repurchase. Like Dave says I've been in business for over thirty years and have a serious commitment to excellent customer service. Stop by and enjoy the most beautiful diverse selection of fine jewelry Austin has to offer. Austin America's diamond now -- north OPEC -- breaker. We'll soon this is it time for him. You didn't ask me to do a joke this week so I am and take it upon myself. To do which. Did you hear about the guy who gets engaged on the fourth of July. No I did not hear about the guy gets in data on a fourth of July that was the day he lost his and dependents. Out of an eleven month yeah. And I I did Monica and her funeral but -- I haven't spoken to my wife and eighteen months. You haven't spoken to your wife an eighteen -- issue won't let me get a word in -- to us. I'm sorry honey I -- -- to -- you gotta do three Garrett -- Though funny I was afraid they say I was at a small dinner party with some friends. And one of the one of the couples brought on a friend that was staying with them. And I noticed she had armed. Wedding ring on the wrong thing there. So I played very politely. Mentioned it to organize and to to know that that's not the thing you Wear a wedding the amount. She says I'd do it to remind me that I married the wrong man look at that. -- talked about robbery. And everything else let's talk about those something really great this I -- in New York. Upper state new York and they've been that going into their eighth generation and one family jeweler. They came to this country. At the nineteen years old -- the father. And arm they are celebrating 51 years of -- just in this country alone. But if you -- it altogether it's well over a hundred years that this one family's been in been in the jewelry business tonight and that's just really wonderful and and I hope he has a really good. Christmas show you you've been in the jury business a long time as a family business for you as well on third generation in my third generation him. I I was part of raised and on the Providence, Rhode Island area. And that most people don't know this but it was -- on the -- capital of the world and this two things there that is the mob. And there is the jewelry business so neither neither of them ever told let me teach you what you did from them for a living from you know that ask you your family does for a living -- -- -- -- The mobbed in monotone neither and I thought there are only two things in life and Jewelers and -- you pick the right. One I have to say they've. Got it got kind of a but down here to -- that you strike has annoyed they called monsters and about the. Yes -- the crooked -- cricket I think That's Hollywood that those that are growing again I think crooks looked like to Huey and me. In -- media -- you know they look like normal people who so third generation for you eight generations it was starting the Christmas season. And I and I think that we should talk about gift giving in and what -- hope -- you -- would you like command to -- you. Hot stuff kept -- do you like earrings more I don't deal like. Rings more and probably more rings and you see I don't I'm not wearing any. We'll let you leaving your options only didn't I got -- chances -- just. Weren't -- -- to him the other also wearing those are just stupid and I saw Dell yesterday who had. The inside of her ear to hear it in the whatever that's called the cartilage inside the -- yeah -- -- I personally don't get that done I tell you though getting. Having one of those little jewelry boxes under the tree that's drilling I don't I mean it doesn't matter what's inside it's very romantic I think now. I personally believe it's a token. When you buy gift for the person you love or care about. It's a token from an even you know -- this can give it daughters that first period diamond earrings there. You know the first little rain and and and I think that they they have them their whole life. It's -- my grandmother had a relationship. With a local jeweler in South -- where I grew up. And when I would see the birds jewelry box as a kid I knew it was gonna be the coolest gap sure beautiful mind Graham sayings and so yeah. Jury is it's really special to get jury for Christmas. And if you're looking for guests please patronize our presenting sponsor Austin America's diamond over at job -- lock on you know -- And break her every member when you turn around and you buy. Local money stays and helps your city. --

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