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Financial Wise 11/30/2013

Nov 30, 2013|

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Good Saturday Austin. Broadcasting from the top thirteen seven these studios. You were listening to a financial wise with your host and Suzanne Blackburn if you are in ten years or less from retirement. Here are the three game changer folks accents. Inflation. And market risk. What is your personal rate of return Blackburn and her financial life specialty has also been featured weekly on -- view so stay tuned. And she brings the same helpful light changing information -- talk radios listening audience. Here's your host and Suzanne Blackburn. Today we're gonna talk about the game change -- And you know with the football season upon us I want you to remember. A beautiful story Austin. Are right remember that 2005. National championship season all my goodness. Just go back to that time remember the rolls bowl game. -- the women's championship no doubt the best way don't from the shotgun -- the world the its looks but the rest of you can look at it. It. Good job. Kids don't. This is the. In young was the game changer. He was a man among boys do you remember that he can look over the field. And over the heads of those other defenders. And know exactly throw the ball it was just like pitching catch I mean it was fun. And then that last final touchdown. And the crowd went wild. Well guess what folks that's what we want to share with you in this segment for your retirement. You need to have all the information. To be head and shoulders above the rest you need to have. These retirement plan. That is the quote unquote man among boys your your own personal financial plan financial planning. Is completely. Different in retirement. It's not the same when you're in your working years so you've got to have that special. Touch just like the Vince Young just like the Johnny football you've got to have those different things in your life. For retirement years verses when you were in your working years. Our -- -- but the game change years. Number one there are three phases of money did you know that three phases. Number one is accumulation phase. That's the phase when you're working and you know between sixteen and 65 or whatever it is you wanna retire. And those are accumulation years your putting money away in the 401K here they retirement accounts. They're tax deferred their set aside for those years when you're going to be living on those monies now let's talk about that and the investment strategies in that face number one. Many of you are using mutual funds that are in that face. Mutual funds are geared to go for it there in their high risk they've got. You know benchmark you're going for the relative return to the market. And if you lose 30% in the market guess what you working -- three earned it -- fill the bucket back up. It doesn't paying nearly as hard it doesn't affect you as much because. You know you're just gonna keep working and put it backing and put it back and put it back and right. So you know that bucket of money is important for later in life but you have time to build that if you lose some of that. Did the pain is not so bad now. The other thing Hillary talked about his taxes. When -- working many of you all have little deductions running around my house called children. Taxes -- not so bad because you have. Credit exclusions. And deductions that are in your working. You own businesses. -- gotten mortgage credit deductions you've got all kinds of things that are set up in your tax base. So that. Your earnings are not tax them and putting money away in tax deferred. Environments such as -- -- adamant. So you know if you make some states. In the working years. Fifteen is not so bad. Because you're working needed three -- Here's another big deal. I don't know if you guys have realized it but gasoline with the dollar 50. November of 2008. A dollar fifty. We're pan over 350. A gallon today that's over a 100% more five years later. Are a 100%. More as 20% increase per year. Are you filed on May inflation. Is a really big deal in retirement. Now if you're working. It's not quite as big a big deal why is that because we're getting raises -- make in bonuses were earning more. -- try you know we're doing everything we can't get that bigger paycheck. You're getting paid by a company. Are right so. Inflation and taxes and market risk is not quite its biggest gain when it affects you in your working to get that. Now if you are within ten years retiring. It's that game changer it is -- total game changer and you gotta think differently folks wake up. You're in a different place in your life preservation of Bassett has to be your focus in those last ten years of working. Your broker and the retail big box brokerage house they've helped you get to where you are. But they're not -- take it to the next level they're not going to be the right choice. For this next phase these high fees the management fees twelve B one feet -- don't work. In retirement. Because you get paid the least amount of each you've got to have the most managed funds you've got to be very nimble in your investment choices. Are right it's a different game. So just like I told you about the Vince Young a man among boys he got to start thinking like that a retirement ten years out. Ten years out in the benchmark he got a really pay attention. And if you're not. Please call caps are financial and we will help you get there a number of our offices 512215. 9030. -- call us 215. 9030. And we will help navigate those waters and puts you into that next level the man among boys. The pitching in the championship bracket. Okay. Again and -- -- football thing because I love football. I know you -- -- football. It's that these men are right so preservation of assets is what we're talking about were talking about the different phases of money. So taxes inflation and market -- let's look at risks. Now market rifts in the preservation phase has a whole different connotation in in the working years. Wall Street Journal the Wall Street Journal says. Take 4% out each year your asset based in retirement. And that insure that you will last at least 20/20 five years in your retirement accounts. Really. It -- his back up and reviewed that alone. Because if comedies that. Just say you've got a million bucks that's 40000 a year come out for life saying that and last between 20/20 five years. Are -- there's some assumptions that are made there that they don't talk about in the articles. Your big box broker's -- to say. You know we need a steady returns 6% or whatever the numbers are. Their head they have you in risky investments. They go up and -- up and down. Now let's just do the math. If you are taking out 4% of a million dollars and you lose 30% of your assets. All of a sudden you're not taken 4% of assets more you're taking close to six. That meet you just lost earning. Understand. It's a different world. When your retirement your money's got to work for you can't put your money on a bus to Las Vegas. And hope you win in the Vegas table and then it comes back home. You've got to be more diligent about protect and protecting those assets being a preservation mode. But again we're not gonna bury it in the backyard and -- can get point nothing at the bank. We've got to get some good earnings and lower the risk you've got to get with a retirement planners specifically for retirement. So let's just -- and that that steady you know you want that steady -- return. How many he'll have gotten that he would return in the market no one. I don't know anyone that and stock market and comments that each of fun that's gotten it steady and he returned not one single person. If -- that one person call my office. 5122159030. Let me know that your mutual funds have gotten US said he had to return. I'd say what that would be. Crazy to talk to you and no I'm not gonna get that call cell. When you lose money in the market and you're in the accumulation of the vehicles called mutual funds. Mutual funds that buy and hold relative models that tracked the stock market like a dog I don't leaps. Is that right for you and retirement I don't think so. I don't think so. -- right because if we're taking out 45%. You're going to be in trouble yes you're going to be in trouble it's gonna create a nightmare later in life. All right the other compound in problem is that that is inflation. So when gasoline in 2008 was a dollar fifty. And now 20% per year later it's doubled. Let's again look like in the the in the future so -- right now folks that those -- -- that -- listening go back in your life five years ago. Five years ago. Your ear cognitive abilities and the stronger I -- with better you're able to manage more usually do more. -- where you are right now now imagine five years in the future do you think your life's gonna be different. You better believe it's gonna be -- -- do we want to make sure that their assets are going to be. Doing what we need so that we can afford those changes physically. Mentally. Are right you know retirement supposed to be your golden years you're supposed to be a legal play it's -- -- childhood with no supervision. That's the way -- look at retirement. And you don't want these pitfalls hit yet from the outside like market risk why am 30% lot. Blame him inflation gas goes up another 20%. You know taxes on -- -- do you think taxes are gone up you think they're gonna stay the same. I don't know isn't really really good chance that we get it and another debt ceiling change so. You know these kind of things are happening all behind the scenes we've also got in the Wall Street Journal as you know. Budget talks are really puzzling investors the stock market -- in the choppy -- and the volatility. It is affecting your accounts. So call us caps are financial 512215. 9030. And we're etiquette a benchmark number for you. By doing it deep dive analysis of where you are okay. Do you think taxes are gone -- what about inflation. How riskier your investments. Bring that stuff in the office and we'll take a look at it and we will help you navigate those waters. I wanna tell you something this seasonal proverb. Even the dumbest guy in the world has an edge over the smartest guy with a map in a strange land. So let's keep your map for retirement call -- financial at 5122159030. And you and I will have a personal conversation about your retirement issues. So that we can navigate those waters and put a map and place. That you don't have to worry. All right. Remember some people -- financial lies and the rest are otherwise. IC seven month. If you're planning for retirement you have lots of questions how long moment money last would even need them to support long term care I don't I avoid unnecessary taxes. The the most important question is bit. Where can I get retirement planning and advice I can trust. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Come investment advisory services offered through global financial -- Capitol Hill -- SEC registered investment advice. And welcome back to financial wise with your -- who's at Blacksburg. Welcome back folks today we're talking about. Three phases of the money they -- change. Now another against the policies and I'm sorry I love football Lebanese analogy. The Heisman moment. Quarterback Johnny -- now come on survey remembers that Texas AN am against number one Alabama. -- The war. When you have an opportunity it is doubtful playmaker like man so you gotta get up. And this time and Alabama all. -- of the ball that's what kinda threw everybody off on the play. He -- sleuths that he -- just sit and keeps his wits about him. And that's why people would ask -- who. He was -- game changer again. He's a man among boys remember him running around and they -- whittled out of everything in -- word and it was amazing it was many things. All right that's the kind of game changer moments that you need in your retirement plan. Those like kind of planning options. That set you apart. So you don't have to worry about market. Relation. -- steady -- it doesn't matter what happens in the marketplace. They can be playing in the game you're above the game you're a man among bullets. That's what we wanna do for you at caps are financial today's segment is about giving you things that you can use to protect yourself. Call -- are financial. At 5122159030. And we will have a personal conversation with you about your money. Now I mentioned. Accumulation -- A while you're working you have credit fix legions deductions and taxes. Everything. You know why you're working. If you lose money in the market he just don't re -- You're at a high your highest level. Being on the put money away -- -- nest -- -- retirement what you working right. So we put it in mutual fund the big bucks brokerage house has designed for you because if you lose it -- -- said -- just go -- Aaron. It's okay. It's it's really not okay but that's the -- laid -- get you drink the the suggestion. Is to risky -- seeking get the reward in the stock market. Okay most comfortable that. And inflation doesn't really matter why because you get the races covered that. So you know as I sit in that last segment gasoline was -- dollar 15 November 2008. Guest today is over twice that so that means gasoline alone the inflation rates and over 20% per year now. While you were thirteen. You know you're getting raises are covering all that but the next phase of money is called preservation and that's what I wanna talk about folks and they gain changer. The game changer is the recognition. That preservation. Doesn't matter we've got to preserve assets appear within ten years of retirement. You gotta start thinking differently. C'mon folks wake up. -- and a different place than your life. Preservation of assets your brokerage in your retail big box big box brokerage house they've helped you get what you -- now it's time to get with. Real retirement planning. Are right it doesn't mean we're gonna bury in the backyard target point nothing at the bank. Preservation means that we're nimble. That we're lowering the fees that we really understand or statements that we know what we have. The other thing you've got to do and in the preservation mode when you're ten years out is you've got to put together a plan. Again that wonderful proverb even the dumbest guy in the world has an edge over the smartest guy. If he's got a map and a strange land. So let's get a map for your retirement call caps are financial. At 5122159030. Now what is the map look like. Let's take a look at that let's let's really examine what you've got to do when -- ten years out. You've got to know. What your income minutes here out guilt he needed have a budget you need to know how much are you spending. You need to know what you're savings rate is how much you putting away in that bucket for later in life. And we need to evaluate risk. Are you too risky. If you lose 30% of your assets does that mean -- You're gonna run out of money at seventy right when you need it the most we got to evaluate risk we've got to get a true interest rate for you. Okay the big bucks brokerage house generally speaking. They want you to go for the market -- achieved the benchmark of the market. That is baloney and preservation -- I'm sorry it's just -- in the preservation face because if you step back. And you look at how much to be saying. How much are you spending what's your lifestyle choices do you wanna travel at a pay for college for kids. All those variables. We've got to assign an interest rates specifically for you. I don't care what the market does. Well I care about what you -- If we've we've got an X amount dollars and we need to make that last for as long as you live. We need to assign an interest rates and that the only way to do it -- the put together play. As the only way. And then we built for that number. And we lower the risk if we can. We put together some foundation assets and maybe sprinkle up and some high risk to achieve that interest rates for you. Forget the market. Doctoring in the coup late folks. Let's put together a map for you. Call 5122159030. And that. You'll get us and we'll be able to sit down either no charge for that and we'll put a map together. All right as I said even the dumbest guy in the world has an edge of the smartest guy with a map in a strange land. Now the other thing wanna take a look at that's part of the game changer in preservation mode is. How long are we gonna live. How many deal known that the life expectancy when Social Security was designed with 65 years old. All my goodness we've gone into the future and now women are living well into their late eighty's. That's a big jump. You've got to make sure you don't run out of money in that time frame. So we've got to organize things and make sure that you get things in place that don't run out. All right big buckets of money -- fine as long as they're generating the income unique. Income is the key. Whenever your retirement. Because growth. Is not necessarily the number one thing that's an accumulation model growth. Now we need to take a look at income. So what is your plan. The other thing is that you're counting on the market. To achieve those goals be aware according to The Economist Magazine. The market is over thirty -- 35%. High frequency trading now what does that mean exactly. I'm talking about computer models run and it. That means that you know when there's an event there's an immediate sell off that's what flash crashes or all of now. Do you really want Europe -- subject to something that's that unpredictable. That that's out of control for you. I think in retirement in the preservation mode we've got to take a look at words like protection. Guarantees. Income for life. Longevity. How about we have to deal with the fact that when we get older there's one -- a two people aged eighty and above that it needs some form of long term care in check coming. -- About 40000 a year just to take care somebody. You have that extra. You have a plan. It doesn't necessarily need insurance. It might mean that we just have something set up for that. And there's some wonderful. Income for life annuities that have. Long term care writers. I kept our financial because of our exclusivity. Because of the volume that we have we have contracts available. To give you the very best. It's not available Overtown. On income for life planning. Intel pro life planning is got to be a component of the preservation things just asked him. Growth is not gonna cut the mustard. All right so please call -- financial at 5122159030. And remember. Some folks are financial wise and the rest are otherwise I'm -- Let's -- if you're planning for retirement you have lots of questions. How Long -- my money laughter. Still need them to support long term -- I don't I avoid unnecessary taxes that the most important question is Vince where can I get retirement planning and advice I can trust. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Investor advisory services offered through global financial broad capital Tbilisi and SEC registered -- -- -- Welcome back to financial lives -- you -- who's at Blackburn. Called. 5122159030. In if you want to be a game changer in your own retirement. You wanna take control. Set up your life see you're not afraid of what that longevity is going to be you're not gonna rent money he got income for life. You've got things planned you know your own personal interest rate is for you achieve your goals. You need to know at your bucket of money's gonna last. Call our office 5122159030. And beat the game changer just like the Vince Young in the 2005 national championship season. And then Johnny -- now who won the Heisman last year come on. Number one Alabama they can't touch him and that's what we wanted to do for you we wanna be the game changer for your retirement we don't blame -- continue. We want you to win again. We want -- to win in retirement. Are right so call -- 512215. 903 -- none next week we have got a great show it's that same thing ansari it's football season and I love an. We are talking about a planned for long life. You know your retirement. Should really be like living your childhood again without adult supervision I'm sorry that's what he should be. I don't what she's scared that you're gonna run out of money. I want you afraid of the market I don't like that. -- think about right now on your life how different in like this today than it was five years ago I know on my own life. You know my and my -- not as good you know -- I -- manage a little bit less. You know in a different place -- my life analyst five years ago -- different place and -- five years ago. Now go full word he think is going to be different five years from now ten years from now. You've got to be sure you've got to plan that will accommodate all that are right when you love that opportunity and not worry about money. So college that cats are financial 5122159030. And remember we're going to be talking about gained change -- preservation. Doesn't mean burying it in the backyard or point nothing at the bank. Preservation and means putting a plan in place knowing your contract and never run out of money no matter. What I remember some folks -- financial lies. And you know rest are otherwise. I'm since Atlanta. -- individual tax legal lower investment advice is get an investment advisory services offered through global financial private capital LLC. An SEC registered investment advisor -- global financial private capital. -- has no affiliation with the news agencies represented here the views expressed -- not necessarily. Global financial private capital global financial private capital. Makes no representation or warranties about the accuracy and reliability. Completeness -- -- timeliness of the contents and do not recommend or endorse any specific information contained -- insurance services and products offered through capstar financial LLC -- insurance and annuities are. These are subject to the claims paying ability of the issuing company -- comments regarding safe and secure investments have been guaranteed income streams referring only to the fixed insurance products. They do not recur in any way to securities or investment advisory products. 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