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Nov 30, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's delicious mischief Boston's food and -- radio group. The presentation of specs wines spirits and finer foods and now he's the guy who loves to talk with a -- -- John -- mirrors. We are broadcasting this week. And if you're tempted to think Athens Texas well there is such a plays but it's not. And it's not Athens Georgia either this is like the Athens Athens the one increase and so in this program. Not only are we can have a blast meeting people tasting things trying things and tooling around the Greek capital of Athens but we're gonna learn some interesting new things to do and a very old culture new things to do that include where we're sitting right now. I am that this that this that this is called. That train at roof don't worry about the -- the train at roof roof being an area here in Athens. And this as well. It's it's right it's the it's in a train station I'm here with two people who know a great deal about this. Pat piano legally is here she being and then believe me that's places theatrical oh trust me on that and she is an actress also. Dmitry let me have a running start at this tolerate -- and Dmitri is an actor so both people here. Know about food know about wine and cocktails they know apparently they know trains. And then but they also understand the intrinsic. Theater. That's involved and all those things now that Tatiana you know as the owner of this place has the vision as you might in say the director of this place. What what is going on with train him the dairy and food and drink and in that in a part of Athens that I've never heard of called roof I mean what -- -- Okay Lee Lee had variance same belief eight person that -- Steam machine. As she added that growth and believe. I have -- pharmacies and musical performances this -- -- -- -- associate the fatigue an exposition as. And -- -- I left for young people are footing Yahoo! all of isn't putting young. -- -- Of course -- and lighting and everybody and embargoed press. So so of course they're in line yes of course -- aside this is malicious mischief now. How how did this get here what is the story heavy did you start doing this yesterday did you start doing this years and years and years ago I mean I don't know. It can't that he ended the change he Amazon about 1616. Yes. -- and Saddam that was the trains you can take a train somewhere but we did this when did this idea of theater start. Yes they have an idea that they had been made yet to move to making it the full immerse it in about them. So I took about them and says it starts there -- with a lot of vibrant and off their. An American success stories that with a one wagon now you have eight wagons. Plus one from about what orient express as we headed about -- Philip and the mother and a foot in accidents. Is that they -- boggling because this those talks that took it. Greek culture and people and gold to bet today and opted to close the -- to stumble. It was news that a video that and -- ardent expense and often if it did it better use -- so base. That is really great so so that the people of Athens because this is not your typical. Marry out hotel restaurant I mean this yeah this is an amazing discovery that like our listeners back home in Texas to get get an idea about. I mean this is a very well what if only everything that's Greek about this for one thing it happened late at night that's very -- But the idea of mixing food and that alcohol. And music is very -- as well. Yes of course because they'll against that after the it after the performance. -- about 11 o'clock eleven -- And they stay in there about gun. Let them rest and eat that they -- on all on they stadium and by a combined didn't they Luke. All day weekend as they can -- eat. In the meat of the performance. In the Olympics fans who day in that aren't into that in them out of the eat well well. Dmitry what is -- when -- when it comes time for dinner here and when it comes time to this food and drink because that Tatiana was so good -- talking about some of that. Theatrical and cultural but you know me I'm basically hungry all the time. What what happens here and and how does that happen I mean is one of these -- the kitchen is there a chef hidden away somewhere tell me how that how it all takes place. In the main wagons we have restaurant and bar at the F. And as a separate them based way the kids in the -- and the patriots and that -- -- there with all the stuff and that's -- of whether the pails of food. The food bum consists of found several bases be free to choose from silence to bag is since forget sees. And like the -- It's generally with speed -- light come. To tastes since taking so late this thing out. Tough day -- night. That's right that's on it never stopped you Greeks before you know that you're staying up so late on. So what are what are a couple of your personal favorite foods here at at the train at roof. -- if you -- -- order your favorite dishes right now what we have what would be we be having. Well before the Greeks I think that the Greeks -- lackeys affects them a basic and have which is like come. -- stick with that -- some pieces. That is that typically say you haven't. Chunks -- cubes of pork put on a on a secure and then that usually olive oil -- you know all those who. May be some garlic if we're really if we beg you really nicely led some garlic if you make it's nice because we don't to -- them not thoughts at home. And Arctic but for you could do something special. Like yes and I was I was I was also struck that you mentioned -- -- I mean hey is this part of the international burger vacation of the universe that mean I think so I think so because of B. And I am making that's kind of not giant food but you know that in the and the international food nowadays. And especially young people and they fear having. The drinks and spirits. Effective accompanied with about -- so. And I saw that. -- so you -- drinking food. Drinking fruit yes. Some things are international -- and and I guess burgers that the the physiological capability of a burger wild drinking. Alcohol -- varieties this is it does cross borders and make friends everywhere. So what what is what is there to drink here you I was surprised when you said. I was all set for you to say some sort of -- or whatever you said. -- my Ito's I mean what what the heck -- -- -- -- -- you know who so is this in three sets what electric tingle over the world. But nowadays more pizzas and the -- as sunrise and tequila Sandra I think. Is there are no border left Ted in Amman. It through that nowadays. We're happy to say that that's. But also fumbled line. Those of different neck and winds. Even the Greeks that seem to put and stick to condition. Right so so deep I don't know I'm gonna take a wild guess and so whether you actually you yourself love -- Null or not but. How to Greeks loved to drink -- though because. The -- often involves water you get a clear glass and you drizzle some water NN many it's -- cloudy and then apparently it's ready. Expense in the case you can't have it was nice. So it was nice -- straight. -- wolf and I -- -- actual. But also come what we do at home and nowadays we do it at places like base as well as we said it was a piece of thumb. Hum that that over -- still and they say we say which is like here. A week to be if they the first -- material. And order kind of thing basically -- say you know the starter thing. It -- -- how about how about -- here just from from what you know I mean is there an emphasis on Greek lines or are you mostly drinking wines from -- You know he he was playing -- you say -- the wine expert instantly you are the line expert. Do you do you guys here at the trains their -- Greek lions or all winds from all over the world. I think that the baby fat Greek flag and it goes within a good break like this yeah. And it's good. Worked with this are so good price so they could that wind a red flag. Most of them won't be still my -- red wine well that's what we're having next -- and delicious -- we wanna think. At Deanna -- -- and to meet three pound out an attack piece for joining us at a very theatrical restaurant and bar that also involves music also involves performance involves theater. -- just about oh it involves train for us not forget the train that's called. That that train at roof and if you come to Athens and ask for the for the wagon restaurant if you will at the train at -- Your hotel figure it out they will get -- here by taxi okay thank you so this and. Had a program coming you from. Movies by bands and capital of the known world. So stay with us we'll have more delicious -- -- -- right after -- Welcome back everybody we are hearing it happens this week and having a wonderful. Full time in the wonderful country of greens and I'm looking out right now from one hillside to another and gonna talk. But those hillsides in this in this particular segment while also talking about Greek food in Greek wine and all kinds of good Greek things. Because you know if you -- Athens or if you come here next week or next year. You know that there -- two hillsides that really dominate the horizon in the city itself. The one I'm looking -- of course across the way is the one with the Acropolis on it the one with the park and on the one that some all the postcards. And them. But you know if you happen to be on the Acropolis and you look for another hill equally interesting looking. You'll surely find they hillside called lick of that goes there's it's a tall rocky kind of oh I don't know structure without -- old looking church on top. And -- I'm I'm here to tell -- these kind of define a lot of the Athens landscape. I'm here at the Saint George with the -- has boutique hotel. With that money well Lim who who who works at the hotel who runs a lot of these things and who's here to tell us about some of the food and wine aspects of the hotel but first Manuel. What -- what about the history because this is a really really interesting hotel property. In and four Athens -- listening what's the story here. And this countless them -- -- family apartment in 1973. It's a comedy based hotel which has been around. Them. So so. What you know -- families. Bass hotels are unusual in the states I mean you know at you every hotel is marry after a share or ten or whatever it is. This is the family that has devoted a lot of its life to making this place wonderful I mean how how does. How has the family worked here in and what does that bring to the experience I guess. I'm not it's a third ten generation. Of their family who's running the hotel the ditch their kids -- new generation of caused the -- to -- those of the brand new ideas and Malden. Concept in the hotel so obviously it's changed over the years I've been here for fifteen his passionate in. So -- I've seen enough to changed. So so one of the things that really struck me here and and we're sitting out on on a kind of balcony veranda looking out as I say at the Acropolis at the single most famous piece of real estate and I'm sure all of Greece and probably most of the Mediterranean world. You know this place this hotel the Saint George look at that us has attracted celebrities I was. I was looking at photos on the law and Andy you know there was cap cap Brendan nerve who still hasn't fallen in love with me the last time I checked. But also Kevin Spacey and Daniel Day-Lewis and so what are what are some others that come -- mind and especially if you've gotten to meet them or see them know that they were here over your time here at the hotel. Yet there's been Jeremy Irons I remember maintained there's been Harvey Keitel. But due to that a -- -- just killed as many concerts have we saw my -- we thought many singers coming from all over the place they've had killed we've had to. I am Gloria -- now. We've had that. Or photos to people you'd be faulty picture -- -- -- tab nine but NASA may and it goes on and on and on. Well let's let's talk a little bit about the neighborhood because. You know a lot of people -- been Athens briefly Tom over the years I know this is where I started often get to know the clock at first it's like the old section of the city that's right at their base of the Acropolis and it's. Colorful and now and certainly tourists ate wild wow what -- we're doing that that word again. But I am but with a back to -- is a neighborhood unto itself here the hillside is filled with what seemed to be fairly affluent apartments what seemed to be. Boutique you like shops and some some I cafes mean people like did sit and drink and talk here in grades it. Yes all day long tell me about with about -- as a neighborhood since you have spent the last fifteen years with the hotel here right in the middle of everything. Encampment just as a very residential area and it's like you -- foot of sidewalk cafes for cheap hotels it's exclusive it's very expensive. Am it's good old high end boutiques it's got amazing and apartments it's a nice restaurants it's. It's a very chic and trendy area and Athens. And so your your guests come from all over the world and when they do choose to stay here at the saint Georgian and of course I presume that's named after the church up up up the way right saint -- that church. You know. What do you feel. You know in your role with the hotel what do you feel they get here. That maybe they couldn't get in another section of the city -- -- busier -- more tourists the section and I mean it seems like it's I mean whether. You know it seems more authentically a -- and in some ways what do you what do people tell you with their favorite thing about the Saint George -- about a hotel. Because like I said -- family basic get a lot more passion Obama while I'm treatment this. And they have an exclusive and they America to central Athens but they are and it -- its exclusive area they failed to advance. And one of the best areas of thousands of schools which and they have everything at their feet. And it's all -- I had quiet if you can't -- that -- for all those people eating and drinking and all those -- restaurants and all that there's there's nobody -- shouting oh by at 3 in the morning so so that's it that can be a good thing if you're resting up from a day of chomping around the Acropolis now. Now armed had dinner here at the restaurant the other night and I got to hear from my chef -- Leo's Amelio spicy least. -- and I'm intrigued by a program concept that you guys have going on here. Right on the balcony looking out over everything and it's home made in Greece and and you know coming from the states were farm to table is big where local and seasonal a big. I think this -- Greece program will will sound you know very very home -- familiar to a lot of Americans but of course not everything in every place what is made in Greece. How about major increases that she's made use his new project that you sought to this some. Which is based on Greek ingredients from his second -- of Greece. Each station has got some am ingredient. Fresh and -- local from a -- Qaeda and -- region increase for him. 01 of the -- basically says the island of -- dresses cherry Tamoxifen stability and he -- very well known as local cheeses for a month on her sea island about Honduras. That's feta -- that pretty much everyone knows and has international novice whose jobs. In the foods must steep from she else it's a 23 increase basic needs on a plate. Now know I'm guessing just from my experience with chefs that this is quite -- for your shaft. Quite a research project I mean you know he's been here for many years on working at that the Saint George with a -- us cooking and making wonderful meals. To do this you have to go out and find everything I mean it how. It just from your experience how how difficult is that to to both identify like hey we need to use the tomatoes from centering for instance. And then secondly to to get to actually procure it didn't -- the those mean how that's like a job unto itself. Of course it is and the -- is it -- market every morning get to the freshest ingredients. But it's an experiment -- experiment and do a -- in fact he's been here for years but every single season home saying listen experiment and. -- you guys are not only local not only -- in Greece but seasonal to as as well I mean I people think of -- being like eternal sunshine almost eternal summer but but we know it's not exactly that having been here in the winter. You know easily it's interesting and important you guys to be seasonal yes of course because she's coming fresh. -- that so so I would ask you what is one of your favorite starters are salads here you know I in the -- Greece menu just you personally. That way. And tell me why. I would say it's a wild mountain greens with grilled mushrooms and she's committed meany and a basket of fresh country style bread. Because it has all the tastes of -- the greens are wild greens from the mountains and -- -- -- the refresh Greek. Taste of what a grilled mushroomed which is very -- his -- him. It dissipate Greek dish served in the married. Country style fashion a -- order from the mating Greece Manuel wanted to if -- -- -- that's absolutely. Yes how about well how about a passer first let me -- how we doing for time your one main dish on main dish that sea bass. -- That Greek phrase called speedy Darren. Which is comes from fresh of course fresh from Nancy and you can actually smell the sea salt on it it's percent to smoked all of Regina which is a separate Greek ingredients. So that's would be eggplant in American speak so it has smoked eggplant. Yes smoke smoked at. And that's great so and and then finally what about what would be your favorite dessert here I mean everybody loves desert right. Where if you if it was dessert time here at Catholic abet those hotel with Saint George. What would you -- Me -- me I would go for the typical Greek Greek yoga which is famous now over the twelve behind me in -- months. Hot and it's healthy to -- no matter what else you eat you get like instantly healthy when you eat cookies yet okay well we want to thank come -- -- went they move for joining us here from the Saint George with a -- -- hotel in happens all part of our special. Broadcast. Rob Evans from -- and from -- you so we'll be back one more segment of a little bit more distilled down here. I'm delicious it's just right after this. Here's another helping of delicious mischief which are host John -- Welcome back. Everybody and thanks for joining us for this very special broadcast commute from Athens the capital of Greece and if you ask if you ask anybody on the street it's kind of the capital of the world and I'm in a good mood to agree. And in addition to all the wonderful foods that we think. As being Greek foods and that of course is a very interesting thing always -- -- from any country what we think of in the states as being Greek court Chinese or Mexican. But here we are in the real place serving the real thing and we're in a restaurant called. -- area that is doing some not only some traditional great foods but some creative spends on Greek food and that's always very interesting. And am I hit the guy behind it all the owner of the restaurant and I'm gonna do your name here -- -- photos K I eight -- not so bad -- But the -- for -- to tell me what is the story behind. Malaria and and how how are you and your family came to have this restaurant this time in this city. And and that's David nice to have you here. When the idea behind us there is basically and you know the local food especially in the low for Greek food. We he opened here like seven years ago in 2006. -- have the name actually came for a home. Room on an idea we had it that the -- face them on. I Greeks it she'd be in Corsica assume there was found them by Greek. Ages ago. And it was initially called the -- and then it was cold millennia. And then. It's what we -- about the name. Was that. How you know how home. The food. And the knowledge of the trial moved mom. I'll I'll outside Greece. And how Greeks who Wear a bullet that's going to like. Even teeth Corsica and how to get use of this land. So. That's very would like to look to pursue the remaining. And basically what we do here is creek creative cuisine so. We serve a manual which is no more than twenty pieces you'll get there. You know I'm I noticed that that that you know if you go around town and you go into a lot of the more a lot of notoriously places. You'll see like pages and pages and pages of this with that in that with this and and here it's it's it's more it's more like coming this someone's home almost with but with. Some choices. That's correct and -- and that rightly understood why in the restaurant or so men so so. So and so big you know large main news. Com and we'll try to do. It would to return to do everything no pasting. So. Can I have many many things in the menu. But am always the inspiration comes from Greek citizens whose team. However we use them we use our undersea and we use a lot of picked me. And wean. We turns made the traditional flavor. To something that looks more during. By then. But that label is there and the and the and the mentally of the flavors there and that is why I think it will -- so much. Well there's some -- stuff before we start tasting what is -- you have a kind of an interesting story I mean you know you're you're from here but you got out. And now and and you came back. What's your story in terms of how you came to be in the restaurant business because I -- a lot of people in the restaurant business get here by surprising roots and you are one of. Them that's true. What I am basically he's a restaurant over. Nick -- restaurants are low the idea of the restaurant and this is the main reason why choose to. To start to. Mom I don't cook for -- -- the -- for friends. By them through my experience here you know why I'm saying. I am now able to think in terms of oh. From a set like. Because they have a very unique way of you know thinking. So men together with my share if we do ruled the creative work behind the making and behind and assume the concept that. That supports -- work here. So. I consider myself as the person who just loaves. Mom. There -- through everything that -- Christians about. Well let's talk about atmosphere because certainly when people find their way to to -- Larry I mean we're sitting outside right now which is a very Greek thing to do it not a very not always a very Texas thing to do. -- sitting outside this beautiful kind of all I don't know court yard area with with old stones and bricks and all kinds of trees and flowers I mean it's just about perfect out here this evening now now. How how do you see what kind of an experience. Do you want to deliver to the people who come to LA area. The immortal. That places let it may have -- back home and that feeling of course cozy feeling of hospitality. Is something that we him. That we want to -- to transferred to our two division Jews. And them. -- and experiences these. It has do with many things. By them as one of the most important fine. These four -- -- -- the live comfortable. To feel you won't feel warm and it's been a way to feel like Houston. In the placed Nicole. These maximizes the experience. I find. You know I'm I'm looking at the menu and looking at some of the dishes here before us and one of the one of many many things that intrigues me I mean -- I believe the word -- that concept of -- Dodd is is French or even pro won't solve let. You have -- and that involves and then some really interesting stuff going on tell me about that what happens to cod. When it becomes -- died. You have to try and -- But. I told you before everything he's inspired by they've -- -- roots of tradition and you're losing. And sometimes we'd be lent it to with some. Some mean. I mean -- France has that is responsible for all the techniques we can months in the kitchen. So -- about the taken the Greeks were responsible for most of the coast of France almost all those towns were founded by Greeks like two or 3000 years ago so. You know you guys brought them something you can take something out. But the thing it's about exchanging knowledge and and you know and images and leave or is. -- through a very very in this thing game. And and how it develops. And tell me about this ditch what what happens on the plate with you at the -- god dolls and whatever comes -- it. Would underneath the ground a bully you would find this pinstripes. Which is a very they had decent -- didn't think. In the house let's say to me it's from. Its. -- too much rise with spin that's. And but what we have done these we do -- -- we've sincere if it's a little tweaks there. And underneath. The band that born in to these people and that if -- had these little these. That they need these is called we've. Apparently. And he got links us. So. Again inspired from two with during the -- it into -- -- be brand that will which means that it's together it's it's. World together with potato. If that -- like a freighter. It's -- at the end the board but you make you know it's it's fried. And we'll have a spice in nice home Mayo. Com right next -- to which he viewed like that the memory. Of them cold and garlic combination. What's wonderful -- one you have several seafood dishes flag flying through here I mean -- seafood or as a result of that one of them really struck my Adam you know really struck my interest in fancy is it. It's a Croker. And but with green beans which seems to be that some I don't know why that feels very Greek to me but but tell me about this particular -- -- It's it should correct what you say that would it would. -- who have a lot of seafood we do believe that she food -- nice way to start to mean. So we work it took a look with seafood in Greece has many nice -- we. -- With seafood in in case. And that's -- these. It's worked together we've been. Only because of it's it's that time here and we tried to who we are always like a letter. He whacked. What keeps them. It's like this season and she's and then ingredients. Tomb guard in the third -- Mute and -- -- -- a -- there's a little green -- been and then in aren't in our. Everyday lives. Like it's it's it's something that. That. It's it's a -- the if you thing go from. -- from house menu you know. We and you know this is like so many issues here in LA area it's a common -- done uncommonly well and that's kind of the deal that's kind of what you guys are here portal area we -- think -- -- photos K -- -- -- for joining us here to Larry for letting us come into your home. Here in Athens. And we'll have more from -- Right after the and now for one more bite of delicious mischief and future host John good words. But this final segment from Athens yes folks that would be in Greece and if you've missed the show so -- you're just joining us. He missed a lot but I'm glad you're. Here on nonetheless we are in Athens and Greece this week and we're going to be talking about the new tapes of Greece because after all there's a lot of traditional -- a lot of important traditional pace during race. But at the new hotel which is an amazing place to say just a few steps -- -- -- how much square a great center of everything right in that sort of shadow of the Acropolis of you like to come that. Athens to see things this is the place to be. In the new hotel. There is a restaurant called new taste and the figures right and I'm I'm sitting here with Elena please say you who is the band's manager here at the hotel. And also here at new -- -- great host a great guy aid to the good things going on but. But Elena tell me that's -- mean in addition to fruit in addition whining cocktails in addition having great rooms to sleep then you guys are all about art. I mean very contemporary very. Almost cutting edge approach to art ever you look in the hotel there's some kind of art thing going on. It kind of goes back to the original design with the woods in the recycle reuse things tell me about the attitude -- the philosophy. Greek philosophy not a good thing to talk about. Here -- it you know art is everywhere here in the. -- John -- continued a town. I action leave the hotels acted operates in two years ago. The -- of rather's been busy in that -- mountain baritone got this project. And Dan -- we got the hunt Douglas flew with furniture. So they because in their metallic these two recycled. Everything they fine. That's what -- They created it works out and they sat down and thought how we gonna use every furniture refunded the hotel. So they actually need to look. All of the wooden parts. And and they created these amazing Havana laws and prevent the trees in new taste restaurant. And then that should wheelchairs and made at around twenty of their -- different chances but we only reduced. Around video Florence times. And we have different names with the chairs the end peaks of shares that to make it shares that -- chairs that every room has one who. Leather chairs it's like you know stairway to heaven it's the latter that goes up toward the ceiling that I'm not sure where to go on this latter what's that about. It's very useful to tell you close that you think. Well maybe I'm thinking it's I'm over thinking it. And yes I think you can go to -- that it is staying -- it. Well that's always good now that's always good to know so when you when you take when we take move from this wonderful art because -- while in fact we're not moving from the wonderful art I love. The postcards of Athens in in the room and and that that's an amazing thing I mean it's. Different periods of recent you know twentieth century history what was applied and describe those because that's one of my favorite things here in terms of design. That's correct. Because we are -- did that he enters a black the ends in part about things we thought that we have to. Go to the part of confidence in the hotel. All right that this signing is great but we have to have the great concert in their rooms. So they decided to vote one constant is that want to reunite the most parts. Their -- first like real pictures from the -- these authorities the fifties and sixties and how I used to do night. It's very romantic and UC someplace at that -- do that you say damn it shouldn't have -- but it's it's nice I want my happens in black and white and -- be arranged. We have some -- it. Yet some of them -- color but in that kind of historical way that color was like in the 1930s or forties with just slightly it's it's it's an elevated kind of color of those. Photographs and it all is as you say very romantic almost mythical. We try to keep -- Connors. Outfield both cards that you feel like you traveler that's. This is wrong concept would have been their rooms -- have to our concepts that we have that even -- concept weeks I am. They even live that really protects it from the -- I as we say and now we wary of lies all the time us necklaces or practice -- as seen in Greece. And actually be seeing the lives life up so you have company doing ninety and you have done mind watching you. And that there are constant is the kind of jealousy -- that the that month that the actor. And there's different scenes different stories and not living room is the same. So when you come back to and you -- new book another room you find another. Concept. And another man. Stories are good stories are good now now hearing new -- I mean that's the restaurant that does a lot of duty I mean it has it has breakfast of course in the morning brunch on Sunday but from a culinary standpoint when you come in for say lunch or dinner here at at new taste. What kind. You know it's it's it's interesting to be in in the -- area where. So much of the food is is directly driven by tourism you know you have your basic moves like -- -- ST CO Greeks validated. Bang bang bang -- Biden give us your money you know. But here it is a different thing going on tell us about what you see is the food idea at mutates. You two days you can. Popping at 7 o'clock -- morning. Have some breakfast and it's open to -- and very let's have a look at nine. So when you come in the morning you can have some delicious grandson innocent face that we Baikonur on -- carried. And then they also make our own bread. You don't have a lack it's or for lunch of pulled -- Not that concept behind these things that we -- -- everything in house. We take ingredients. Very good quality -- organic ingredients. And Stephen frost our sense. He says he's very -- in in making everything friends. Achievements by the herbs and spices I noticed there's some containers some like little fat -- of a fresh -- above above the kitchen kind of I mean I guess you reach up and grab what you need exactly so the famous saying is. You smell the Friendster agonize it's perfect in the Greek salads this makes the difference I mean the first ingredient transplant. The cheese and that's -- maintenance the on the -- And the obvious what vote but there -- economic difference you think that if that I absolutely. -- is it was incredible all one of the things that I really loved was kind of starter an appetizer. Of watermelon which we know from the south. And from that now from meeting in the south but also grilled a -- which is some sort of cheese that never had before tell us about that it became kind of a lettuce wrap scenario. Through we use so ingredients from a is the Mediterranean ingredients that we use that covers that Greece Cyprus. -- city's main -- to confronts. So -- Lumia sexually aunts and she's from Cyprus. They use really great -- it's at peak them assault -- But it goes very well -- something -- threats like the wasserman and it was strapping them they examine that to use. And then it was a good whooping miss him something fresh and something of its old. It -- and it really worked wonderfully -- and a little sweetness from the watermelon -- one of my favorite dishes on the menu I can read it in -- it it's Carlson blocking of course that's translated as grilled pork relates to your. But. That was my favorite thing on homemade -- yeah I don't believe I ever had made pita bread in my entire life. What you love best about this particular dish this version of traditional reeks of -- that isn't necessarily traditional. So the -- -- that we did all the time. Using it's very hard we make the -- very soft. And of course they -- now -- Sweden homemade it's releases so we -- combination of herbs and you're out there. It's again friends. I think it gives -- announced a black key. And other tax thing. We you know in addition TV I'm looking at the menu down in addition to the Asian stir fry which does announced its intention to go elsewhere. But a lot of things are by the day here you know our car -- -- the day fish of the day all of the staff. But I couldn't help but notice I just had to known as. Notice mini burgers three way it's not that's a really interesting source of this is our restaurant middle of Greece right. But tell you. You'll love the many burgers down freeways and it it is pretty amazing all the way to the bonds everything three ways that I. We present the -- bag here's we actually baked the bread. And we sees them. Sort of friends this type of red green -- is it's weeks. So because everybody's used to have a very again we've been cheese and tomato and let us it's a bit boring so we say let's make it at another way as well we've -- -- its. Or -- the -- until it -- adjusted timing and it's it's. It's very different and of course the -- is suspicious and -- the -- The proper way -- exactly exactly well this is an amazing place the new taste restaurant in the middle of the wonderful I knew hotel here in Athens Greece to -- about that that gonna thank Scott. And it at least say you for joining us here and aren't malicious mischief always a presentation of specs wine spirits and finer foods. I hate to leave you guys think that was a good -- to all that happens right now but it's that time again of course until next time I'm your host -- America and I'll see you. Next meal.