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Nov 17, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- Welcome to living wealthy radio with your hosts Teresa couldn't. Good afternoon you're listening to living wealthy radio predict every Sunday at the end here on talk radio thirteen 70 AM. Streaming live at -- insanity dot com. I am Teresa can -- -- years little wealthier. Resources are available for you living -- while the radio. Dot com. -- friend this is the founder and former CEO of the world's largest newspaper circulation sales and marketing firm. Circulation promotions and limit dead he's been on various TV shows and radio talk shows and speaker at many major events. Self made. Entrepreneur and millionaire never graduated from high school and has trained thousands of people to effectively approached. And communicate with the public and make the most. Out of this life we're gonna start the show. By introducing. The beginning of the conversation that we had that. And which I think you'll find very very intriguing. No I got my practice and I do the show as. Because I believe -- as much more than just money right and so it's borderline. Sound running I think it's a byproduct of living network the like Zack exact claims that's more the result. It's not the actual. Arbitrator. Well. In fact it's interesting because the Bible talks a lot of about the wisdom and how was the principal saying and of course this this thing you know these days it seems likely run into a whole lot more people with a lot of field. Very little wisdom. And get the key to finding that was still in the process is -- just a number of days that we -- -- it was dumb and so. And we start to realize that we need to make the most of every given day that were worked last week at frank field saying that two days. What was yesterday's history tomorrow's -- -- -- all we have -- is the president or at least that's what I can get turned our world today to get that quote the president or something to that fact and it's very true you know when people start to make the most of every given moment. And the -- opportunities they have whether European business support or friends or with family you're. To serve the community or what have -- bill really start to -- a part of wisdom. -- start to understand. How -- our lives really nor. And they are -- -- Just to send it a little bit with the -- I -- interviewed Tony 30000 people in my years of running my own business and four of the best things about being in the newspaper business was we get a free ad in the paper. -- so people and so. Do we get these three big giant cold stage you know in the newspaper we get thousands of calls and hundreds of interviews every time we start a new market with a new newspaper week. It took actually Brooke -- we -- on the duke -- of people were looking for world. One of the questions. That we would ask on the interview was certainly perplexing to people but it was also very telling that was when you -- How do you wanna be remembered. It's funny I must ask the question though we know to accept 1000 times. And no one had ever asked me that question until one day at a -- meeting what do reps -- how about you how do you wanna be remembered. And it it didn't think he got a second I just kind of came out of my mouth and I guess that's just went over -- life's philosophy if you will that is. I want to be remembered of course is a loving husband good father and all the normal things -- everybody else would save but beyond that level I would just. Like to know that I had a positive. And the profound impact on other people's lives. And of course -- get that from Dale Carnegie didn't you know years ago might have been even. Napoleon hill and think and grow rich. You know who said that if you want to be successful. And help other people be successful or not more you help other people reach their full potential the more you get what you want and and it just kind of always been my life's philosophy is how can help other people reach their full potential. You know you bring up a really good point -- and and a -- the question that's little bit off but as a Christian and there are those that believe that the the thinking of the philosophies of the Dale Carnegie easement Napoleon hill's. Are not. That type of the read dang are thinking that Christians shed. Adhered to -- then the type of philosophy. That we hate. In the rough but I would have to take -- different that when they are Christians. Especially augment Dino and that was probably -- toward our. Dale Carnegie pulling on the in the in in the likes or at least. You know kind of in that same boat with them. You know the Bible talks about money thousands of times so. Yeah -- it's important. Sure boat load of money might be the root of all people. But -- you know as long as we don't break attempt to limit and cut it. -- money. Can be a very powerful and useful resource. And why I believe you know the Bible speaks so. Prominently about money because it is cup probably -- closest competitor right he can't love both on and money so. It's -- god like Maria I guess but it's intrusive. I think money is it's kind of a measure you're. Do you solid commitment that. To better work ethic and their ideals and their morals and their values and what they did with the money also beat you know carried out in the long run. Through their morals and ideals and values like them all the money we have. -- use it commonly to bless other ministries and organizations admissions and you know just all kinds of things and so. I think at that point what your world view is will dictate how you spend your money in what you do with the money but. Too often today I think the thing that people aspire. To have his money and they love money you know do whatever they can to get money and therefore unfortunately. A lot of times they make. Fatal mistakes they ultimately don't make money in the -- lose money because they work hard hitting the -- and so in essence if you just look at. But my mind once again my kind of my life's mission or might I might overall business objective was. Not to make a lot of money not to sell a lot of newspapers. Not to do really anything other than the very best what I did. Because I don't know anybody who is the best at what they do the best doctors -- best lawyers to their insurance people the best you know radio people what does it matter. It's the best at what they do could be in high demand in the also make a lot of money. It just kind of comes with the territory you know less does the -- celebrity. If they're making a lot of money of course they are but I don't think they go into it. With the idea that I am gonna make a lot of money if you do then I think you're you're -- wrong because even if your fortunes have. To make a lot of money you motivations and has lost once you have the -- And so that you got to find something that's for reaching import deeper. Then the money itself and even what the money gets you -- fortune. You know luxury -- -- does whatever. To focus on those things if you really wanna be successful focus on two predominant things the very best at what you do. Whether it's kind of shooter -- your wife took the best you can. And be the best dad and then that calls for hard work determination self sacrifice and so on and the other is help other people restore full potential. So yeah I think if your focus is on yourself. In what you're gonna gain to -- all of those. Characteristic that come from our sin nature rule manifest themselves and you'll start to saying and doing things you -- you would have said or done out of greed. And you know which takes down road you don't wanna go to them. Said -- you didn't graduate from ice golf yet -- and so success fund business tell tell me why didn't graduate from high school. Well look at because it wasn't Smart it was because like many kids still to this state -- may be even more so into this state. -- -- and the -- the united curriculum. And the pace by which things were taught that I just did reluctantly been -- class and so. I was at school my junior year in joined up with the -- crew. Travel around the -- door knocking on doors and you know make things we've all. I don't kids knock on the door and -- trip somewhere or go produced by a magazine get some points and yeah I get placed first in the nation for years straightened. -- couple trips and it was great. Because it gave me what I didn't get from school with help me develop my god given. Gift of gab. You know even in second grade. They had everybody in the classroom stand up and just talking to the senate he couldn't talk to anybody else but just talk. And you'll never guess who won that contest but I was kind of blessed with a gift of gab but at the same time. The magazine crew really. It's like -- in the military you know they bring what you not necessarily to -- soldier. But to -- themselves so it was eat sleep drink. Positive all the time you know get your -- get the sales go win the contest experts are now with the foundation for what led me later in life to go on in to do so many other things successfully I think we don't gonna have. That foundation of discipline and hard work and sacrifice without which you're not gonna get very far. And how did you come up with your newspaper subscription business model. Well it's kind of interesting that and and it's a great example for the most people are looking for something better out of life maybe one run their own business but they just don't know what it is they don't want to overdo it and the investment the risk that guru so commonly associated with. And your business. I had a guy who lived next door to me it was selling 3-D T security systems. And I was doing okay this was back in the so what eighties and so I was I was you know make it to -- Portland a year and doing okay. And he was. This kind of thing was wait till he had a starter so you winning introduced and so you think he jumped. Global global Waco and I -- -- a couple of thousand dollars a week. Taking kids around the living and so on subscriptions to the Houston Chronicle. And you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- let me just right around in the -- which can see if I can do this having. On -- for two years selling magazines so. I wouldn't put him one night outsold everybody in the van and the next day went to Houston Chronicle. And unbeknownst to me that actually had and the paper to hire contractors is so subscriptions to go and ordered a war. And so I got a contract and -- -- about three kids into it and I was about five and and take that next step. Win it dawned on me you know there's a better way to do -- you don't have to take kids to order to work. And you don't have to bug people at home on the phone you know what if we do what I used to do in the magazine business my most. You know the -- ways to sell magazines. What did what we do what we call stemming where you'd walk around in their parking lots of portrait stores in malls and trying to stop people as they came and went. And -- now Dayton Texas market -- if you walk to the heritage yeah he's been. That it but I would I thought well you know wonder. If we sat up in front of these grocery stores and we -- gift certificates from the stores to. Constantly having contests to see how many gift card in the in this can expect and it was just certificates. And you know perhaps -- be launched -- -- missed by a couple thousand though were the gift certificates and sit at the table up front. And give away to people as -- -- and women subscribe to the paper. So I approached the local grocery store they said yeah give it Sean and I guess like they're saying. The rest is history we -- Houston with the card table and hand -- signs and if you. Dollars in our pocket to buy some gift certificates and you know just kind of expanded from there perfected it remain annual. Kimmel put some easy from the middle steps on the tennis so subscriptions. And retail grocery stores. So I think it's it's a great example for people that. You don't have to I didn't invent the newspaper article in the paper I didn't produce the newspaper. I didn't distributed newspaper -- due -- customer service for the subscriptions that we told. We just found a better way to do it so. You don't necessarily have to go to new product or new. Even concept just kind of trying to better way to do and then comes back to my overall. Opinion kind of business philosophy has been the -- what I do so. We'd just been one of those guys saying well it was a good way to do it. And and you couldn't get an easier does a -- are simpler business model and apparently you had contracts all over the country. Well yes we started in Houston and by the time I was -- selling the company into Felton I mean. There were more you know I think disclosed -- -- of the non disclosure but for several million dollars and we basically. Had worked for every major newspaper in America between the only times New York Times Washington Post. And mile under the ticker is probably never even heard of so. It was that you know what every business model has to -- -- it's going to be successful. And that is a win win win or mutually beneficial situation and that. The newspapers obviously they need to subscribers most people don't realize that they think all packaged making when he -- the newspaper subscription but. Newspaper urged the public in publication makes their money in advertising. Talk radio show. For -- to get do you have the signal on your radio. You know radio shows to make money on the air contact constant sound broadcast. How they make the -- mr. advertising and so in the same -- newspapers didn't like shortly old subscription and get paid forty. And people there actually some scratch their head how can you get paid more than what you actually pull apart for. That was because the newspaper -- subscribers can he do that and in order to justify the cost of those and so and so. Once again we'd we want. Do anything new and recently we were just trying to better way to do it and you know it was but it was mutually beneficial because stores created sailed -- to purchase of those gift cards by the time we're done. We shall accompany you for millions of dollars a week created tens of millions of dollars in sales for the likes of important target and Safeway in every other major regional longer resourceful we would sit up or kiosk. Inside the store and then when people would come and go -- -- for people loved it because they didn't have to -- market. They didn't have to cold cold -- utilized to traffic flow of the people come and another store in the post consumer likes and because once again -- up in the middle and -- walk into -- regional grocery store you're kind of expecting. It not open to you know some promotional thing going wrong. So much like symptoms don't just taste testing. Different products and things like that -- -- -- -- concept we just kind of took it to a new place. And and while you were running this business you also had other businesses going and. We've done a lot of different things over the years. You know one thing happened along the way -- Ultimately why I didn't show my company it wasn't because I wanted to cash didn't. They wanna do it anymore or anything like that. About all over ten years ago now -- is gonna hold my heart. And it was a looking for -- just seems the last thing on my analyst. As far as I was concerned people would approach and saying well you know god got this wonderful playing for your life -- You know I've always believed in god but -- put -- -- -- -- even exist it was probably yeah yet. You know good profit hurt you better have some historical figure but some of dark risen from the dead you know thanks but. God. You know and -- -- whole -- story today to take the rest of the show so. God this couple in my -- one day on Easter Sunday. And I went to church on a process -- my wife and radically changed it on the spot kind of assault poll situation going into the road to Damascus I was on the road. A success and everything to -- offer. Great point great kids pointing among famous friends can go anywhere in the world. You know 6000 square foot helps with everything you could ever imagine and it. You know -- the last thing I was looking -- -- just but -- dug a hole in my heart you know one of the telltale signs of someone truly had an encounter with Christ. Isn't. Really much of of outward stuff that is what he does inside someone's part. And worked on changes a person park then everything else we'll change afterwards and so. About a year after -- hole in my heart I put them up quickly comfort and Kirk Cameron to let people know from. -- and you know. What kind of peace and fireproof and of course Mike Seaver from growing pains and stuck with the kids so. They had a TV show all the way to may actually -- people share their fate to the end. So I can partner with them and we did what we called -- to boot camp and we would take people who watched -- shows out on the streets impeachment of the approach people and share the gospel with himself. That kind of morphed into doing what we are doing now today. In world we crashed off and it's much like with the newspapers. We wanted to -- -- -- -- solution for churches that was not offensive and yet. -- -- -- owned and so we created equal professionally printed full color kiosk that people. Along with -- dvd can setup in the public square. And approach people they were did people stop and -- you know what we pray for you about today and what kind of teach -- -- -- Gonna go from the natural into the spiritual and share the gospel to make it simple and easy and it it will cool and as effective as possible. Speaking of the Bible shared with us a little bit about what kind. And Jesus talk about when it comes to money and that's dig deep bond and money casino like monopoly financial news is my practice and it's about well. And there's so much that the Bible and god says about money. Absolutely and I think that this is significant guns chiefs competitor is money and perhaps that's why the Bible speaks so much a tunnel -- and that's why I think. It if we're not careful money can become an all consuming passion. And I know there's probably people out there saying what are all the TV producing -- multimillionaire. Security a lot of -- you know. But no honestly I. Money is any measure of your hard work your determination your sacrifice and so one. It's not -- -- mining entity is what are you gonna do -- -- if god should bless you -- itself. I mean you know one of those guys where every -- you get it from -- he's pretty much going to be coming straight from what -- says. Everything else we'll take a distant second to -- -- I don't love money and no make that clear right now what I do love this couple other people. And by helping other people. If it helps me make money your target. People find that the value of the net and therefore don't you know they anybody's been so -- it -- just what newspaper business. I didn't go into it I think you know wanna make a lot of money. Went into it thinking helped and I teach other people how to start their own business without the overhead the endorsement of the rest can help and I helped him. Utilized the traffic flow in the east doors open and open stores up until the newspaper I mean that on the middle. Basic business principles that they teach at Harvard Business School is -- in the neutral and and I think that's where you start as you say okay. Is there a need for this and if you do then and do it well. Particularly money I mean that's propagandist by product of hard work determination and commitment. So sacrifice just. There's really no substitute for hard work so I think dependent on people's morals values and standards they're ideal. The world view if you will that'll determine. How would go about making the money here as well is what they do with the money. From Meehan my house would support. So what are people's. You think I'm the biggest misconception when it comes to money and the Bible and property. And. Didn't need to claim a crown but the lack of a better word today you -- a -- televangelists on TV. You know -- and hey give me 101000 dollars to run ministry and got to give you can concept -- They speak is at the -- But in that sense they're just charlatans. And I think that's a huge misconception that a lot of people. You know as you may or may not be aware of reproduced and -- -- successful television show called. Or stop and -- name is a ministry and you know but it never and that show will usually ask for donations -- extra money here you know what have you. And one of the things that will do is coming don't do the man on the street interviews and then one of those. We actually just give people can work twenty truly -- Christians and I didn't meet most of what atheist and leaving gun. And his student -- words that would kind of Christian. Words you know like Bible god Jesus and so one. And the -- and -- Christian and we just did board association sit and -- to say the first thing that comes your mind and take Bible Jesus sort. We got the Christian and believe it or not I believe some 88%. 84% somewhere in the eighties. All responded with the same one word answered you know would have us. Now I do not. -- And it thinks that's the biggest misconception that stems from shows like. Those that are constantly trying to push their -- the CD the dvd and some additions in the were regarding the truth regarding do and it. Because they loved the lord Jesus Christ saved them and freely they've been they've received so -- they give. Instead they're constantly trying to get money from people and I think the big misconception has. That's not Christian. You know. You know that that's not what is representative of a true Christ follower AKA. Crushed -- well let's -- honor Matt -- you know we've got a lot of pretenders not contenders I'd like to -- olympians. You know Jesus had a lot of -- in his day but very few followers. And I think it's still this state especially in the modern American church we have a lot of fans there if you follow. Well was Gandhi who said I like your Christ I do not like your Christians. There's certainly like to -- This misconception right there is that to people look to -- and then and I did this myself before gonna -- it's my heart and radically changed. My heart was my first example of -- Christian -- an example was my father who left when I was. And never paid child support and yet he was a -- and left -- home for another moment. So that was played during first example what a Christian was so it. So what does that taste in my around this and and unfortunately through -- that Kerry carried that through. To borrow my first marriage where I married a girl to would you rate of southern Baptist and yet was the most angry deliver. Hateful. He's got guts finally got a really shape and now she's changed put. You know back then I was like well this is what the Christian is that the last thing I want to beat. I think what people forget is what Gandhi was saying in essence is that. I don't look to the Christian. Looked at Christ apps. -- the inning of a Christian is a hypocrite. You know and it when he worked -- doing it for lack of a better way to put that friendship evangelism where we're. Constantly telling people. They come over to my house and check out my blessings and help -- look at my marriage look at my job look at my money you look at my. This we keep people focused on the Christian and when they ultimately. Tripped or -- or -- -- you do something -- -- imperfect person that they are. The world looks at that -- -- policy you're not better than me. You know like everybody else and the truth is Christians are like everybody careful and shouldn't be -- the message that. You know they come you know followed Jesus and held true to life. Because the truth of it is they're gonna have trial still they're gonna have tribulations still. They're gonna have you know a lot of problems in fact. Do you consider becoming a Christian and make your life more difficult. In that you may lose friends and -- relationships in support and so. Ideally what we ought to be sure it is the truth and the truth is you don't come to Christ for a better life. You come to Christ. To be saved from your sentences. And that we're all sinners saved by grace if you'll just turned from here to sit there and turned -- and in fact the -- and seven of those there's ample. Did it take you turn towards Christ and then go straight. -- strength. We are going to take a quick break here if you're looking for ways to be creative and live life to the solid state to -- I have to break. We're going to talk about how you can become more effective communique there and successful entrepreneur. Living wealthy radio visit Teresa's team online -- living wealthy radio dot com. 1803820830. Now call 1803820830. Welcome to call us. Welcome you Rio -- Teresa com. If you're just now joining us for speaking with south main dining -- dear -- it's about taking life Einhorn speaking out there until -- well relationships. His successfully built and sold them multimillion dollar business from the ground up. Now launch we knew this past and in addition to its unique ministry ideas he believes that god wants -- to be. Financially creative and successful by serving others so -- you're a self made man what do you think about its. The government's. Position today that. You didn't build that. Say they're welcome to come do all the things I've done and then say that I mean. Well I think that was the forty and slipped by Obama and it just goes to show you produce more view you know one of many examples of this world do you expect believe. They end justifies the means will we see that throughout the political system. Over and over so much to the point where we all laughed at the joke because we know it's true that had -- you know politicians are -- close -- to -- them. And I mean look we don't go to extreme. While we tolerated a whole other story I don't know put. It just seems to mean that. Hard work determination dedication sacrifice all of those things don't claim it in context Obama was. Alluding to the fact that it takes a team to make things happen and album -- certainly all in agreement to that. I know wouldn't be where I am today had it not first and foremost in the -- And since technically with the wife that was very supportive very encouraging. Are. Over arching philosophy in marriages -- do what I need. Need to what I have to do whatever people to to be -- he -- and she therefore my biggest -- And I think that's kind of what every guy wants from his wife. It is proper to do either charitable evidence to support him and to encourage them especially when life is tough and on the flip side I think every woman wants to be married to her in Europe. Yeah. And I you know did -- build it. Yeah I mean having never graduated high school having to kind of self education read a lot of books and listened and lower. Some others that older wiser and sharper and smarter. It and then once again I don't even know how many hundred hour workweek there was a -- and -- my business. I literally travel so much in a nationwide and ultimately international corporation. I stayed in the hotel holes more than I did in my own home for two years straight and five times in eight years because that's what the cold. Court to build the business so. Did not build it but I had a lot of help along the. What don't you think that the -- Obama was making it was the fact that hey you need us government do you need. Asks an order for you to be successful. And yeah. In fact it's it will -- that we want to get -- -- it's a Freudian slip. You know that's just his worldview -- world -- it is you know big government. -- -- Over taxation mean if people only knew. It was an obamacare to really -- now seen the tip of the iceberg. Given that the threw for five years when big corporations in the coming online and they're canceling people's policy and -- they like it they're definitely not to get to keep it. And I think people were really. As we've seen throughout history the truth ultimately comes to the circus. The big question is what are you gonna do about it we can yell and cry and complain and and protest we can do a lot of things or we can fix it. And that's what I think we kept it to do his. Focus on the problem. Then you're gonna continue to get mired down in the problem focus on the solution and you move forward let's say this -- always been more the solutions oriented -- And it's good to analyze the problem but more in the most productive thing induced has called. So what is the solution. I think the solutions simply wanting that you know you got to talk to -- out. And you've really got to go do what needed to be done and that's just like tort reform for an example. You know malpractice suits you know some kind of limitations on those things. You know. Sure there's good aspects of Obama here in a crucial Europe. The liberals constantly pounding the pulpit within it like everybody he's pre existing conditions -- now no longer count against him. And almost -- that I don't think somebody should have the policy. They've been -- known for years also they find out they need it now. Because they've been diagnosed -- some disease and in the insurance company can cancel. You know things like that need to be fixed need to be adjusted but you don't need government health care. I mean there's not one good example I would challenge anybody anytime anywhere anyplace to give me one. -- good solid example what are the government did it better. Then an individual or else free enterprise. So who do you think is behind obamacare. Insurance company. Better yeah that's just another. Mainstream media propaganda line that they. Constantly spew out to the masses is that the insurance companies take this thing but the truth of it is doing very little actual broke things that's. The ones who stand to profit more than any other. Anybody over. As we all know when you look you need to look any further -- -- Rockefeller. Who don't want competition between more monopolies so why would make. You know when you've got free enterprise and food for competition in its insurance companies could compete over state lines trying to -- The consumer would benefit from that competition so why all these years. Have they not done that. And they very easily with the kind of money they blog I think the second followed up on the list of total money lobbied you know in congress. -- too easily get that kind of stuff fixed but they don't want that is allegedly trying to make the message believe they won't. Because then they would make less money and let's face it. They have the local money. And therefore at the end justifies the means that they have to lie cheat steal and kill in order to obtain that Cashman nor do -- And that's why I'm so careful what I talked to people about money because I don't want them to love money. Important Oregon and that they love god. And they brought some others didn't you know blessed are those who blessed and much more and more what to begin to lose than to receive and I think. You know what's kind of -- where that two day I don't really. Think it was just selling newspapers I don't think it was just hard work and determination and all the other characteristics I think. Truly it has to do with -- -- pulling people that he knows he can trust that those things to be a blessing to others. And you know those who can be trusted with little were given more -- -- -- -- then there's people like to build it to the world were tenacious and you have lots and lots of money so you can say that. Because -- like what can't be blessed and I'll get a lot of money because it typically work that way. The god knows our hearts and it fit so chosen that he would. Support you because he knows you're gonna take those blessings and be a blessing that it. And that's you know then so be it and I think that. Above all else is what I can attribute my success kids. So some make the connection between the insurance companies an Obama -- President Obama. Yeah has come across as being the man of the people. -- I mean that's sort of the platform he ran on six years ago he's here. I don't I don't know that you could make. You know what smoking gun kind of connection. You know we can certainly take at face value all the promises that have now starting to be broken and ultimately more to come. That can fit into the insurance companies if you really wanted to know you know anybody knows that secure door with the truth it is all of. Love my right. So if you follow all the money -- guarantee insurance companies have been guilty in congress and probably deleted as much or more than you know. Goldman Sachs. Probably didn't even donate as much to the Obama campaign is insurance companies so. You know it it it's nothing happens by chance in politics we know -- that they. Have a plane and the you don't even the government shut down and all these other things that they. These kind of bring Ford -- and it can sort of feel the problem reaction solution just clean itself felt. And and I think that's for the connection is its. You know we've got to create this problem so that they can offer that solution that benefits the politicians is sort of big business and you know and they don't masterfully. To affect Obama's probably the best I've ever seen and convincing the -- that he's something that. Talk about the bankers. Well the Federal Reserve well. You know we can get into JPMorgan and her Bank of America where Goldman Sachs -- Don't any of the people who pretty much run this country but it really don't come back to the Fed. I -- people once -- would would really start to regroup a little bit about -- -- itself not just got to make money. But where does that come from. Why he even -- the Federal Reserve have a private so private for profit banks have a monopoly on the currency of this country and you know what and then imagine just imagine if you have the monopoly. On any country's currency would -- affords you the opportunity to do. And -- do you -- season's most simplistic terms. Let's say -- did you JPMorgan. And on the Fed and then there's the consumer out there and you come to mean. And say hey mister Fred -- one -- -- -- you know trillion dollars a billion dollars payment million dollars does a better. So right now with interest rates at zero for big banks. I give you the money for now. -- and then what do you do. You go buy treasurys aren't -- yet -- continuing you know right now that was at one point 72. Much to sort of almost 3% bill. So two point 7% guaranteed. -- buying government debt basically and it and who comes behind he combines up that debt. Will the Fed is so I'm basically. I was going to premiere use JPMorgan Chase. I would borrow as much money from the Fed and they treated by the treasury is no in the defense just get a bounce right back and then and then stick it to the consumer the taxpayer. With a two point 75 person that guaranteed interest on that alone. And -- you talk about -- -- you talk about a Ponzi scheme I think Bernie Madoff said it best it's like. You know. Wind -- its work around this Ponzi scheme he should go on doing nothing different Social Security. And I mean that's just another hole right there and unfunded liabilities that come across this country with a baby boomers start to retire so. -- that means that countries in the bad way in fact it's. It is one reason why we'll start about not starting a new business which is kind of what I wanted to talk to you about today. So tell us about the new business. Is new dynamic. Creative innovative and exciting in some clean. But I'm gonna give. Did general masses the chance to get a handle on. It's what we call the auto parts and I know nobody's ever heard about the fires and the reason we're seeing them -- inflation numbers -- problem. I don't have mutual to have opportunity can go to our FaceBook page or any of that stuff and see what these things -- Well I checked out your your website and to and very interesting tossed back. Well basically it's part I came into contact with no ten years ago and decided to put on the Shelton one of the things which I'm glad it did. And now having so much business sense. And the TV show with a ministry is doing well and kind of on cruise control win one of our other projects that was vulnerable look West Coast don't look now since. So we've put ourselves and we completed -- so -- didn't sit around just praying and asking god what percent. Next thing you know do work. What is it you'd have needed and what can -- do another. Before you know and I'm back I'm of them in this part of our business sense it's the coolest most innovative creative product of proceeding. Basically it's as simple as that. Is the listeners can just picture a two inch paper clip in the combines. In attached to the edges of that paper clip from work. People are being shaped to look like -- butterflies and those wings can look anywhere you want to say. Look like a monarch -- they could say happy birthday. To birthday -- and balloons they could. You'll be camouflage kept playing they could have happy anniversary Merry Christmas whatever you want the program. Preparing the course security standard models for every occasion whether it policies important to these anniversaries -- worked -- yet. But the trick is in the middle of that paper clip attached to the top two wings. Is a little -- Were you wind up to talk to wings and then stick it in the greeting card CD case of the book magazine you know or anything else you can imagine. And that way when people open it up what do you think happens. About a -- finds out. It's like now is the admitted the coolest thing first they scream and they. It it's foreign and it's technically like solar Smart so all the things that were sold to promote leader advertised and marketed. It is -- every. Characteristic of any product you'd ever want. To have an effect I equate it locked in the first iphones when they pushed Immelt. Everybody wanted to see if somebody had an iPhone there -- what it means that one of those delightful to see dead people also couldn't wait to show it to other people. Well as it is you know it turns out this little -- extensive retail for about two dollars and fifty cents. Left in the cost of greeting card. It's something that people won't show the people and what's what I mean by that is sport for an example when one was pushed into me years ago. Became an autographed copy of a book that a friend of mine wrote. -- -- opens the mainland so the conflict comes find out and power and what do you think the Nixon she wanted to do looked winded output in the book into the community. And so it's a self perpetuating kind of product it's one of those cool novelty. Inexpensive items and because it can be custom printed the same thing we want people to use him for promotional. Purposes and wrote the product business -- observers. You know there there special offer whatever it is they can have a custom printed this wouldn't want. And so kind of what tag line if you will lose instead of the institution and a total born Christmas card this year. People can literally make their message fly it. And and it makes his son just looking at it it's its statistics is not. Right it's flying in that in the other thing that I'm. -- god bless so I didn't really need to infect the short look at things I was trying to help. You go can't control what god would -- each unit so blasting a Mike Bliss was stored in the business for a lot of reasons -- the political climate in the taxation. Comments here -- a lot of those complications that are there now but maybe work during the past. And of course you know who would you. Kind of been there done that -- -- and it has credible once more into the -- kind of thing you know I don't wanna go. Do what I don't have to do it didn't seem to get hard work determination and sacrifice and so one. Hours and preparation -- Little birdie -- and just getting this thing to bring to market so. You know -- wasn't really looking forward to that but. I I think the truth of all the products that were promoted this plan is financed it's -- easy to sell people legal like trump. They love poem I've never had anybody -- decency and hope it stinks -- that's too cool or whatever. But this travel around the you know I think you know -- -- you're just some of your total experience -- in my case I definitely believe that's true and so -- can all the things I've learned in ministry as well and business. And I'm thinking wow how can -- -- blessing to other people would just butterflies are saying you know. What can we do to help other people reach their full potential. We endeavor to do our best so. We came up with the systems so simple so clever it's gonna blow your mind and in which it's so easy for the people make money doing this. I think it's gonna revolutionize. The way people do multilevel marketing. We've taken all the best of the multilevel marketing and networking. Which it did in what the pyramid if you will and so would instantly be in -- to cool the Internet. Multilevel marketing your business and where most of trying to get people to buy their products in the ultimately never make any money. What we've done is designed this system by integrating -- into the principles with certain beat the 21 century technology. And in a nutshell it basically works like this and people in Goteborg flowers dot com and check it out regional -- what it means to get you. But we've decided. We would give everybody wants to an application -- your approved just given it to anybody who ultimately will probably have a couple thousand dealers around the country. But what state trees that you signed up and you -- finding you became -- -- and couldn't. These butterflies or something that you're gonna wanna give way to other people to extend your Christmas chords -- -- you just just be you know in the total on European wherever you go whatever you do. At school or whatever. And then when people -- home. You can reduce the dealer is just saying -- Can't check it out the web sites -- geared toward this one's mind you can have it but if you won't want to go to the website and order one on the way you -- -- at all. Use this code you'll save forty to 60% off. And in the people don't realize you're gonna get a commission and off of that and this is what makes it something they didn't kind of creative. And where you don't really sell the product you do assure the product with the people -- the -- -- -- wind -- in the book or whatever. But a compliant social network. And when they fall in love with the and they want one just -- When they order right to code. You don't formally invited on -- free -- that. Keep you give to -- or whatever. And when people make that purchase mean that code that only will they get forty to 60% off you get a commission. Every single company Arafat. So it's very passive and its residual income but it's not a multitude of multilevel marketing things work. It's dependent on you going out and getting tons and tons of people wonder you someone for you. It's just you shouldn't really cool creative and innovative product with the people it's an expensive and so river but he can afford them. And perhaps maybe I don't do you have kids. I do have a seventeen year old boy. OK and so you've probably been through the whole school fundraising cut its -- words there. So let's say you're at it did fundraising thing for the local school into the booster club with a football team Maria whatever it is. And you shall miss butterfly. And you say hey instead of selling cookie -- this year or Christmas wrapping paper in July. You know why don't we saw these butterflies with just so we get forty to 60% off of who's buying in -- and we can double your money. And so part everybody -- since since its new there's no competition everybody sort of got most of the stuff what's what's also to increase revenue and guess what. The administrator of the principal whoever makes that decision just yet let's buy a couple thousand -- and sold fruit you know. 253. Dollars piece we'll take a book a peaceful so therefore they double or triple the money we're speaking of investments having -- -- Told you right now by the end -- this weekend. You could double or triple your money you would think that it was a fantastic investment. -- in with minimal overhead investment risks so. But in the schools don't sell them and they used that code when they protest from knowing -- -- -- the school release phones doing so far and the kids were wiped grandparents' flight to aunt and uncles and friends and classmates who were like. But you'll also -- and fifteen cents on every single one of those fires every time they bark and wouldn't work storm just what they do that for the next fundraiser. Yeah once again and so whether it be in retail stores where -- -- affiliate web sites where the repeat. You know maybe you know some small mom and pop -- convenience stores are greeting cards stored. Toy stores or do you mean that that the possibilities and implications of this Parker practically in the course. So you know maybe. But when my favorite bookstores is more to help the Christian bookstore. -- can never talk to them and they're gonna start tearing in the stores so it probably dealer and I showed it to the manager he's like well that's greatly. Where can I get those. You don't have to purchase from as the dealer you don't have to distribute them if you don't have to you have to do with the customer service I've set this. So that people can do what I did in the paper business. I think it was at my product I didn't minute I didn't make it I didn't mean -- I didn't buy it I didn't have to deal with the customer service for the complaints certain distribution or any other bit. I just -- subscription and got paid same thing that we're doing with the butterflies only -- Kind of -- -- with technology works just you know your coat and then what you logged in. You can see who's used to coat. And I don't know if you've ever -- even buy anything online. -- the time. When you go to buy something online you checked for discount so obviously there's a code for that brought it. I always do -- -- correct or not. We aren't studied. Has the code let's say you have. Diawara you know DOR. 004 -- -- what -- recruited. And and you get that in your FaceBook can you share with your friends and you know other people like that. All they -- do when they go to visit the -- to you know either fire -- -- -- and you'll get thank. And so it's once again very simple straightforward. No risk no investment play for a lot of people to make a lot of money and there are. Clearing -- the -- about these butterflies is still likely to potato chips once it's never -- When as ever and up Darrell it's been great talking with -- today it's so inspiring to see how. You know one man you pointed to front row shrugged off conventional -- down and you're still coming up with. New ideas and new ways to get the most out of life and of course the show's all about living while they and today we've seen how. You can live wealthy and in your relationships in your communications and even your. Financial decisions. So Daryl thank you again for joining us today and we will post. A broadcast of this. Show on our website living wealthy radio dot com along wind and the web sites better fires dot com. And your other web sites. Prayer stop dot -- exact track. Yeah baker and again thank you so much for sharing with us today. Are my pleasure we thank god for you keep up the good work. Thank you so much Cheryl take good care. Atlanta you can. 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