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House Talk Radio 11/17/2013

Nov 17, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good Sunday central Texas get ready for the latest real estate and mortgage news. Tell us talk radio Jon shoots -- and shoulder -- Head -- -- and how -- radio it's Sunday November 17. Seventeenth. Each week we're here live at five and thirteen 7 AM we discussed at a Texas real say -- answer your questions about the market I'm John -- symbol of the mortgage banker. And I want to welcome my cohost Joseph Douglas. Thank you John thank you John itself wheat field questions from Marcellus every single day and use the show to share some of the concerns. You can also go to house talk radio and dot com you can also see what people are saying. Am and what -- are discussing. So here you can learn how to pros do it. Or appeal for -- -- -- stories in questions. A house talk radio at 5123 and -- thirteen seventy that is 51239. Though. Thirteen seven it's called show and set your realistic concern. Would like to hear from -- to help would love to answer your question on air and you know Joseph get a lot of feedback. On our website at cost a -- dot com lot of questions are coming in during the week. So continue to do that if you if you're if you're driving and don't wanna talk on the phone and that traffic. A -- for the number house talk radio sinister question. Later this week we will talk about it next week on air that's right all John -- thanks. First off policy banks for not ditching the show today. In exchange of for going to F one and that was a big deal field. Four. Until I was keep it I was really really. Kind of jealous today I mean I've. I got our FaceBook course. What every other day coast with people -- -- in the morning raising event they have here. Joseph let's -- -- -- -- introduce our guest we have today that Josh Josh -- with Ari atx thanks for joining us today -- just a minute here John shall thank you so much as well yeah absolutely. So. What about F one -- you did you -- go next year. I don't know Toledo next year I have I what I'm most impressed about. Is -- -- last year Nam this year and didn't really want to go -- really the authorities is but what I was most impressed about is the traffic. If they figured it out may have figured out is really impressive in fact I was I was on. Come and come to the show today I was worried about traffic. You know what it was -- -- -- pack them in your head down into the studio and as such got on Google Maps and I pulled up the traffic where it'll. Overlay the map with the traffic Booth there was no red anywhere around central Austin -- only read. There is just around the track. That was just that was an hour ago so -- Pretty impressive we have is that we have worst traffic Monday through Friday. -- we do between four and sixty and I'm 35 the only part that was read was just that you know apart we are going north in -- hill towards the bridge right. -- the river -- always bothered you ought presidential red. Now it's Greg. Well I was. Testing to see an act kicks in the local TV network. Had an interest story about values. What's happening with -- values near an F one track and out east Austin is. Just. Read it is growing like crazy in fact they had one interesting Fella that they that they interviewed did you catch that. -- -- But that guy he's older Feller about a house out of but for study 500 bucks. Yeah I it's currently listed right now he has a listed for sale did you catch on to -- -- the -- -- Sony's -- and -- so it's five acre spot app makers. And their listing it. For close I think it's actually four million. But that is snicker it's almost 7780008. Here yeah. That's awesome and a great story -- guys is beside himself -- to track up north from -- We bring it out one I was really let alone is gonna go and consider part of their -- -- and -- built trump the real got a hand. Not that they're -- excellent Obama's -- not confusing blisters but there's another ploy isn't caught -- -- what you is another water per order footer real big one and that's great week we need it we can use at around here we need it -- mean that's what we know there's not a lot of water only Travis right now. So I haven't haven't been some hurdles is all that for everybody -- so you know I mean. We -- thinking about today's show and what inch from listeners are always inch today and I would say witnessed in -- east Austin. What is going on over there I mean. I've got a lot of buyers are about you buy houses and subsequently it was neat about it is. There they're they're actually I have one up over there and they're praising which he now trails into NATO and that was a big issue that they were not. That before yeah -- have these this little diamond in the rough for somebody went in there and fixed up this house -- of other houses that were older graphics have and they were appraising and now there's enough property of their selling that. You know they're praising and and guys are starting so we have a new segment -- I wanna kick off today and it is call. What's it worth. Was this -- it work you know we we've had a lot all of us contact this during the week about how frustrated are common. The last it's about. Consider properties and the thing about selling himself wanted to sort out there for a listeners if you. Would like to you know what your properties worth or get some insight from some real -- experts. Give -- -- call -- 5123 and out of thirteen 75123. And thirteen seventy. I mean come on air. Just wanna give us an address we can address you we get back to your -- -- responding on air she'd rather not be an yourself to sort of -- you're so powerful but. Give -- -- 51239 of thirteen seventy. And we will help. Tell you. -- now at least to be a starting point got this little solace in this -- how to start which -- Today we really don't you're not gonna guarantee to buy their house for the pricing of on air at the I don't know that much money out there. So today -- got a house. This house's twelve blocks. Do you east. But downtown Austin, Texas back to stop him back east Austin and -- so we're kind of keep it. Because east tosses -- a lot of buzz with F one and a lot of the activity. That is. Into the growth of Austin is living in all directions probably east dawson's experiencing the largest. Changing growth from where we were 23 years ago to where we are now. There is a house in this list by -- for a living gets of that right at 2511 -- ago. And this house 24290000. Dollars I know that's something a lot of money that you can be. To have you could have your your point 15 point 14 acres -- think point 15 acres of land. Plus twelve underscored house plus a view of downtown -- -- yeah it's been some view. The tall the buildings get the more review you have that that is correct that or we could see the top of the buildings account or if you want to write to the edge of the street and still stay on your property you looked at left to downtown but I think. Does it any -- don't know about you staying on the stone mystery at clog nutrients you have dispute. There is of but the point is is that you could be twelve blocks from downtown. An -- Dirt. Have a single family home for 290000 dollars and I just that a good deal. And yet it's a cleaned up home if you just by judging what the photos look like it looks pretty good the -- the retained a lot of its regional character a lot of the lot of the just the trim. The base boards the door knobs you know -- so this is more about what is it would you compare what you realtors call traditional a traditionalist is a lot there are homes are at their very moderate. -- that that's that's traditional. All the new modern homes are going to be new construction. I think to answer your question. We had to go back a few years what was that house worth. Four years ago to someone walked in and buy that for -- and probably is worth 290 probably which is what's happening over there especially with all the new developments so 1990. What's that going to be worth and four more years from now. You know I saw a house in 2007 and it was a Butte is it was I want I loved it was a great -- house -- owners and fix it up. And they bought the home console for 220. And Henry is at -- everything is who has guided it -- has guided and but they bought it. In 2000. And two for 7000 box and -- -- it out in the terror put little money into an excellent for 220 years and that her brother. Anyway it will mean -- for teach when he I thought there's not a rare but testing is gonna move who's gonna wanna flip on either side that holds a slow dilapidated and he thought just. It just did not look like home they wanted to live in because of the neighbors and rails that go around it well. Within during his first date is on the market please give it the old you know. College try and it's so -- had public showing that sold immediately that was 2000. Is it just 6007 fast forward to a Redick just thirteenth. That -- would be worth an opponent of Baltimore it's crazy. -- to think where we can't whether some other neighborhoods that that's happening in -- That went on about globally in the show because. And Josh we have some experience variously with with. Some property has gone up. Significantly in value of close and a loss like that. But before we need to take a break but I want to -- our listeners -- we are talking about F Warren and at a summer listeners are probably in that traffic so this is the latest from the -- saying that. It's -- to leave enough once news about 45 minutes to get to. 35. Look in note no major -- director accidents so good news if you're just getting your -- union. Looks like you're gonna -- home fairly quickly we give us call if you're in your party -- some -- the questions were five. Went to three and a thirteen seventy. We'll be right back. And welcome back to how -- radio. It is November 17 we're live at five. And I've got to look at him with us Johnson or are you eighteen X. Welcome to show just what it's done yet thank you I'm John -- -- winning -- Men. -- and I'd love to have specific agents that we know. Bet apple will -- you -- going on. Or have explicit there's special. You know knowledge about the market and you were somebody with -- adolescents are really ready to atomic man thinks I'm I'm excited about this today. Yeah you're you're one of the neat things about your your company is that Europe -- Brooke Brooke -- a book. Can't -- up towards a boutique. Downtown firm that a good way to describe how we sure are and then we need a very small. That's we specialize in downtown and modern homes and green standards. Nothing that we cater to a lot of the until that are moving to Austin. Well even when your offices located at such a cool place or are in what's the building -- -- a Condo building right in the first four we are we're in the short condominiums and we have a live workspace on the first floor and we are. Smack dab in the middle of the rainy street districts so lots of development right outside her door step and it's really exciting to see. Everything that's changing in Austin can you live and -- eastern anymore is it this business is now. You can't they're actually. Two Condo buildings and so there are also two apartment buildings now so you can live and raining and walked all those. Shops and eateries in the super close to downtown. What -- what's going on over there rather than we have the two in the short was built what. Five years ago in two -- addition some real men -- what is the buzz about range I hear about it and I kind of a Mormon north Boston guy don't make it. -- far south to just you know as of for recreational purposes anyway so what's going on down there essentially. It was kinda forgot. And piece of land just south of downtown and had a lot of zoning issues between commercial and residential so what do dilapidated house's. And some of -- zoning change and essentially now it's turned into a hip. Mean it's a place to be is a very small street and it's just filled with eateries and bars and a lot of people are going there instead of some of the downtown merchants of Coke and south Lamar areas. Italy has its own revive its own identity as far as like what it's carved out and it's it's not to stay. Place she kind of common. You come one time you really it's just really. Attracts a certain type of person I would agree with that and even the look instead of some of the slick modern buildings and some of the and other types of construction it's kind of catering to you off the authentic Austin. School. Then new luster -- for example was made to look like -- dilapidated house for new construction. Great karma. For the -- and -- on the complaint -- one of them like old like walk down -- on the street yeah go to this little. Cool little bar feels very familiar -- it's definitely when you're in rainy spring street area you and you live there you go out there you just. It's a place where everybody is -- -- so belong there so our people in those condos near their debate is that is that where they're going. His demeanor there condos -- young crowd a hip crowd. It's just there's a lot of walking out the door of the -- to these two race street for example or. I think it's a mixed crowd in with. Rainey street is just off the beaten path of downtown so. It's right on the water so their quiet spots if you wanna have a view of the lake I have clients personally -- that are writers. And they're older and I like to sit in the attacks have younger clients that enjoys riding the bicycles down to you. Their favorite pub so it's very very much both. You -- a lot of folks. Will. Appreciate. You being on the trail itself for the sports for their dorm on the trail of course mean. Would that make you want to get out there and run that he Hillary's whoever I love and I have to say that you have a pair of running she's at the office. I don't know we use them but they stare at me and tell me to get on the sure. It's not that when it's right there it's very motivating you can also be huge distraction related on opens you know one of things justice that circle by you is it. You're you're not if you're just not a standard roker thank you and the method that if I can you say that again John I have a very that you got. You you motorcycles you bicycle. Iran. You play in bands I mean you're you know like the cool guy having done a trucks -- clientele I mean that. I'm really fortunate -- have clients that I identify with and today -- -- with me tune. We just have a great time so it's not just look at it house's it's an experience and we have a great time will probably gives you a great perspective. With you this kind of Austin lifestyle. Where you can possibly. -- bike to work core. You know go to the trail or dipped -- -- radio show but you do a lot of that so when your talking your clients and they wanna have that stock livestock and help got a problem -- live because. You know it it it probably will be joining him what do you guys think of immunity if you live in us is some some neighborhoods -- -- axis that. And some aren't certain right and to say especially on the bike riding. Some areas of town are more bike friendly than others although Austin's a great job of trying to make everyone more aware. As a cyclists I know some of the streets I would prefer to rent an icon group of them. But it -- -- spot real quick do you have any. Statistics you just roll off the top your head for example. When you look at being downtown what. What's the market snapshot look like of homes for sale condos for sale vs condos. Pending because it really that that number really gives acting out. If -- compare what's for -- vs what's under contract. That that really tells spokes -- how fast things are moving so. You don't get an idea -- I think -- do you try to keep current with statistics. And around this area downtown will include Rainey street probably up to eleventh street is on ten is a really. Go past that in my mind as far as realistic concerns -- the last time I checked there were around 80s85. Total units active and that includes one bedrooms twos threes actually -- really awesome for about -- at The W. Hotel. And those I'd say about 35%. Are actually under contract right now on. Similar to ignore him so quit feeding into it. What's happening downtown -- activity downtown. Austin's school placing it into EC all the development taking place how many of those as large cranes that we have. Filling -- the skyline are building. These illustrious for a new condos that are gonna attract people actually interest in facts. Zero. There are none zero current those trains are actually building new that are building confidence. I would really right now C hall will be the first but right now they're not to train status so everything you see our apartments. Or luxury hotels. And then there is IBC bank building as well and so office resell. Does that concern I've seen so much about these new apartments. I don't know a unique talent coming now but the law that there's only a much and apartments downtown end. That's because the good good to Minnesota time of the rent prices are so high right what's gonna happen all those come online. I was gonna -- this cute -- right here is a fear that I had is that -- go from. At the higher end -- -- -- and she bath and suspending. 4000 dollars a month cost you three -- Africa or something like that right now. They're desert good fundamental reason why you know that those cranes are there and -- money -- into the city. We have no supplemental -- let me back up we have the the problem we have an Austin. We have too many jobs. Here that are not filled we of people moving here to take those to -- And that my friend is the reason why we have a supply shortage. And we'll talk about C home they're an oracle have been a paper about the there's a member of -- and eighty units there. From 300000 to a million bucks and it says there. Also. Sold on two days two days two days and yeah well let's let's put to find sold out and the project is roughly two years in the making and so you technically can't. Let alone down on one so what they're doing is putting it deposits. -- deposit was right around 5000 dollars to preserve your units throughout and all 280 within two days were reserved. So that's very -- big distributed -- It was really exciting about it at least in kind of -- -- data kind of way. And those units are going to be price of around 500. Dollars a square foot. And right now averages of around 400 dollar forfeit so it's just a testament to where people expect total market to be an eighteen months from now. -- on up and up. So what happens after so after C home what are we have any other new Condo projects that are even at discussion stage to obviously it if we could sell out of -- Agassi -- 200 some unit Condo project in. 48 hours well pre sell. There's a lot of demand of the downtown so their new Condo there come -- projects there's some rumors for sure. And I'd say that. A great place to get info on. Downtown is that downtown Austin blog I guarantee that they are all over the place and -- the ground. Little projects that have. Speculated about having condos that whether that turns into office apartments and condos. The Waller -- critics ample. To be three buildings it's just south of red river and Cesar Chavez that they're speculating will be all three -- -- departments. An office it's a big deal tee because it's not suggest and again you know there's a lot of stages that folks got to get to before. They can actually say hey we're going to believe condor project and it's going to be the zoning changes that might have to occur. Players financing changes that occur so it's. Community take a year or two before. A developer hassles -- or before and say hey we are not built condos that are is that right that's true and also had to -- doesn't say. -- just the building permits. And the cities behind and just you make sure that the foundation is gonna hold up a sixty story building there's a lot of you know ground were asked to take place let's talk about some of the collateral damages that are happening all the sun news construction let's talk about the three trailers. Where are they going basically get bumped around. All the time we ever gonna lose -- for trailers. Totally. Now they -- right now he needs to be all along south congress I tell congress that little hub kind of across from. That that story called -- them and now they've moved into in and now you've got a really big trailer after trailer park right near com. When writing in our history and publisher didn't and what's interesting is that's owned by developer could who has submitted plans. Or is in the staging out of wanted to put some -- he's building there so. Mean for him. He's collecting rent money on something that's a piece of -- is perfect. -- now well we've got to go to break. This been really great and a starlets strut their program questions about downtown condos. Circuit is caught 51239 of thirteen seventy. Josh thanks for tourists were you stay around sure -- -- the -- -- to question three or thirteen seven we are alive. At five. We'll be red haired -- talk radio. Phone radio. We have air our guest Josh Centre party atx is joining us today. Thanks Josh for making it and so John following our last segment here we just riddled sort of pick Josh brain about. The downtown happenings. And which include Bailey condos. And one interesting thing it comes into. -- Condo is getting a -- -- some sticky things pop pop up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What do where folks -- -- about well great question it is. A lot of claps and call and -- -- decree qualified and it's important to mention your thinking about buying -- Sometimes we think they asked you know and sometimes I don't know and ask don't think about it because the difference as you still from a credit standpoint in general it. It's kind of the same but Condo. Development is treated defined in single family house there's a little extra. For one thing and that the rates are about an 8% higher in most cases so Rachel -- if you're caught targeting quotes. You wanted to mention -- bigger by a Condo or you're probably gonna -- -- if you haven't picked out yet because the quote of its gonna be able different if it's a condom. The reason is because -- -- Requires and a little extra risk adjustment for Condo averse to -- them and also makes it far. But secondly. As a longer we have to look at the condominium and in development. To see. Make sure it's healthy. And the reason for that is because. If you're buying one unit and there's -- 620 units. Or like -- it and -- -- -- there's two and eighty units the value of your one unit. Is affected. By the building. But at the condition of the building and how well it's managed Howell the physical structures managed. It's also affected by who's living there. Are they mostly investors living in that building a lot of -- and out. Are they paying their -- And if they're not how's that affecting the budget of the project because if the most -- you know have -- -- portion of the -- haven't paid their dues in -- -- The management company -- -- you know a lot of funds to maintain the building as the building. You know might they might slowly put off -- some maintenance paint. Clean the carpets in the hallways whatever. It can affect the value about unit so so that all that plays into us evaluating. So in uprooting a mortgage arm let's walk through listener and so I say a -- what's to -- hey John looking to buy a Condo. And your first question is. We need to make sure that the as one legend BBD what you do well that fire to make sure it's no Rondo you can get a little progress so. Condominium development -- to consider watchable are non -- That's the -- And he wants he's a funny works that makes it sound like there's a warranty on the property -- there are some kind of insurance -- -- but under which it's watchable means that meets faint image -- -- Or Freddie Mac government and that is that some of the key things that make a product weren't Barney to Bakken emphasize. Importance. Of that is company. When you went up. All resource assisting another is that ninety plus percent of all loans up there. We're going to be. Underwritten by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. True so if it's not war irritable you as a home buyer. Are gonna have a problem getting alone you'll have to go get some prior Olympics but -- nothing use at home are you buying it. If you now own US sell it. It down the road if it's not warts will need to sell -- limiting. The amount of buyers out there right right or reason as -- isn't so with -- Fannie matter. But the profits weren't. When you're getting a conventional Fannie Mae Freddie Mac -- through mortgage bank like us then you can proposals 5% down if the project this is not want to bowl. Doesn't meet in an effort and -- gallons oftentimes you put ten or even 20% down to the loan. The end. The terms are usually much shorter so -- a thirty year fixed loan you might be forced to get a five your balloon or a fifteen year loan policing this Joshua some of your clients at the terms just -- -- quite as favorable. If it's not a warrant for project share. And you know part of that want to will guidelines as how much commercial space. Is involved with the building Hendrick has downtown almost all of them have restaurants and you know shops that we go to every day some most of the buildings downtown are not portable. But that being said -- sold four last month and didn't have a problem getting loans and any of them Democrats are happy so it is doable. Rightly -- and Venus are scared of just aware of Vietnam and I would yeah you know so too is long as 20% or less of the product has commercial space. Usually used in Newington -- maverick on most of the developers. Notice. They're actually probably is going into other designed the building. They -- keep it just under 20% commercial on purpose. Or they're also going to line up financing with specific banks friction to have available for those bars determined and so. -- some to be aware of -- you have a lot of clients are surprised especially Tom writes an 8% higher sometimes can be looking remarkably quirks are. One of the -- Changes that happen is that Fannie Mae did relax their guard that you city you'd be that 51% or more had to -- owner occupied. So if you got a hundred units 51 of those units had to be occupied by folks that live there. And not rent it out and there were some buildings especially here -- campus like UT since living there that are two drops in on our front. They relax that if you're buying a house the primary residence. -- continue to live there we don't have to do that calculation Morse of some of those buildings that are closer -- UT. Where there are a lot of since you can argued in. And get a much much more favorable financing. Because that's so a lot of this data is only made available to you what your contractor midway through contract cycle. Right right so so how does this and -- you know jostle spoke a -- into the competition -- How does play out where your midway through and you find out that it's not workable. You have a good realtor and the first thing -- news talk of -- don't get midway through and have that problem right so you look at -- you look it up for strong right exactly you can -- -- banks need in order -- -- -- -- you another question are -- a descendant in in usually -- like that require some -- we have to -- -- forms today -- remain competitive -- charge money to fill out this -- we need. And therefore you don't usually do it to you in a country -- we candor had a time. Is you can look at the recent transactions to see what type of loans the the previous owners got maybe even calls some of the realtors involved in those previous transaction -- Job any trouble getting financing on this property. Some good questions are give you some examples of some some folks who were just completely blown away that they're having bill had trouble getting -- so. If you get a conventional markets that we put 5% and we can minute and a payments 5% in the financial FH AB three and a half percent. And wing of 300 racial Wendell or to 45% -- -- -- American into misty to a pretty aggressive pretty dress. I've had clients who qualified and they were gonna put only 5% down and the debt ratio is pretty hard they would got to property -- contract in Terry town of all places. Small little like ten unit. Property down there and won't hold. 21 -- one person -- -- with a ten units and that's another one of the guidelines that Fannie Mae requires that no more than 10% units can be on by one entity. In this case this man on the owned one and I think his sister looking up one that he on them both. Therefore it's not -- -- every knowledgeable and this fire. Searched and searched and searched and searched for a blunder that would deal on the property she loved it she really wanted could not find anything. She found a winner but they want to attend the 20% down in the window -- aggressive on the debt ratio constraining me. -- more flexible in your local bank in -- as. She and an owner financing portion you know -- -- while ago now. Go about your point. She's now trying to sell it as having the exact same problem you know that guy will not sell it second unit so what Josh said and so it was having trouble selling it now for the same reason. So you gotta be careful what you said was -- spot on -- that is you need do his homework on day one not the fifteenth Equus total but interest rates were quick. I got good news about a -- Only if it's good news for us. At a I'd make an Agile and there are boring you to death with -- talk -- -- -- -- it's it's actually fasting this year that we're going on the front a hole and who's gonna bring up something. Negative. Interest rates -- Like they're gonna it's that you're the one that said they're gonna be a 5% by the end of the year were still fought for our listeners that it Austin -- report. They know. Instant news rates went down it shoots at the four point 35 right now we're -- five C just you read the -- more report while enjoy just saved us the entire talk about and -- also went down four point 375. But let's talk about a -- against -- So where we know what people other if you're interest in -- -- A lot -- -- in the cross about a house in a rates have been moving around it's kind of scaring them. You like a weekly update. About what's going on go to Austin more -- report that's -- blocking sign up right there. No cost. America Spain you. But you can get a daily not a daily but weekly update on interest rates every fried Hamlet you know what's going on what direction -- going and and I -- but say this I get half a dozen of these things from several different lenders -- a hard analyst Joshua price -- same. And I. No delicate -- you only get -- yeah well I I don't even read yet the lenders because there are seventeen pages long and they have all this economic data and they're making all these analysis. What I like about John is that you actually write your content. It's only about five sentences or -- says this is what's happening this is what's affecting the market this is what you need to know. To -- decision this week in the new Lister rates to expect next it's quick and easy to spend no more than 102 treating it but I it's very dialed in seconds -- -- -- week. Pay industry is good also more to report dot com it's free during -- for so. What you want to but if one. Well I just say that justice segue out. Well how do we talk weapons just your helmet on the way here. And for that you are a regular listeners we have heard especially yesterday Josh center with artery TXK before we go there I think we need to take. One more sick nor can take a set breaker no. So. You tell me -- on the way to show you actually. Road appeared well you -- your writing today where if you Reich if you want you to hold the Oz like he brought a bike in these areas. Well. The bicycling is what you referring to get to that audience and it's been a great day and was able to execute contracts. Met some friends and we went for twenty ish. Smile I cried and we rode through balconies and at Stratford drive and on the costs and boulevards of the deceased and sites that beautiful day yet when he miles and Tsotsi Ross. Yes and that was declining gates. Yeah it was -- back on days ago is up and improve. So that's pretty cool you do that. What's funny that you say that mean besides I like cycling -- Rolling through some of these neighborhoods with. Beautiful homes it was hard not to talk to my fellow writers and say modems for sale which supplement that. Are -- interest in buying a house that eclectic. That's the way it works yeah. Well I think to utilize. Living downtown. Living down to anybody who lives downtown the lives downtown for one reason that is to house. A good lifestyle. You don't want to sit and endure traffic you know what it's -- sit and endure the parking mess that can sometimes happen vs if you went live further out so it. I. I think that by. Living downtown you get to experience and you should experience you need to take advantage. Of all the benefits that come with. In downtown area that is -- mean writing your being being mobile and not in your car is huge. It certainly is and the cities in a great job with by clients tell me about. I don't. Typically among my bicycle or -- time with clients and I -- -- right to handlebars so I have to be in your neck and asked and they get a bus ticket. Now it would not. Be very time efficient. Do you think that that is something that's the Austin's going to invest in and to change -- the next couple years to make it more beneficial. -- we certain talked about it and you know with. You know the chains and the different bus routes and and for sure I think. All the major cities -- amateur action well and that's as. Here's my plug for the delta Austin blog something that I read news was very good to hear. Was up the bicycle share program that's coming up. Really exciting about the bicycle share -- -- -- in Fort Worth and that's really good results with that. -- it's going to be neat because if you wanna get across town. That you don't wanna have to lock up your bicycle. Rent one. And it's -- of the station it's almost like the. Part of your program is that -- like that so is it true that that once you adopt reflects on you really buy into it. Does that make it easier to spend the 500000 dollars entry point to get into a lot of results and recruits. And Smith and governor tells but you can spend more money in your house. Because you're not spending too much in her vehicle in casts and I think self -- that part of the reason that. I think he's been I think you spend less on entertainment you spend less on the things because you wanna be out doing stuff. And just to make that point the 500000 entry point it's not true right now the 360 -- there's a one bedroom for sale for 318. Which is a heck of a deal considering most of those that's the amazing deal for 360s. Yeah that's -- -- -- you can get into downtown furlough lasts that. Thanks for. Correct me. You know with those with -- by action programs the Denver has a really good went to and I was in Denver last year and -- -- -- -- And I made the fatal flaw of driving around a -- that somebody's at a who drove one. Rated it with somebody's house kept there for seven hours and then drove it and parked it and blocked American. And I had to build a 135 dollars and apparently they used -- to check them in so you'd ideally you drive from saint. You Ritalin for south congress and you unibody should go have -- whole foods said any radical -- -- you check in but to say that that's for the British could be. And then -- chicken and and it locks it up there. And you just renewed it for. Four minutes or ten minutes in you paying by the minute. Or -- by. Whatever minutes or become -- are doing here and also some other picture just picture by commemorating a bunch yeah they can't take the -- because the locked up it's helical code that you punch and and you know -- that the credit cards as its electronic. Told various fist against your bike and you know the all the like to listen. First come first serve so it is possible that that's true that is true they may not be something laugh at which point enjoy the downtown lifestyle and walked. He can walk off again. At -- whether your script this service you guzzler like this -- I thought I would like. You were people drive -- you don't -- of course and -- that's it's really it was meant to you know. We're at like the guys do try to hit the bucket with our leaders. -- not -- but when you've got. I mean just for this guy we know yet when you see the legal. FA went fifty barely got a similar have a car final and it gets forty miles a gallon so I'm I'm I'm I'm slowly. -- I'm -- doctor to this this watch them. This way of living. Slowly but surely slow -- but it is time to quick break. We will be back here shortly our numbers 51239013. Seventy. We talked about kind of talked our rainy street we also revenues have called what it's worth so if your interest in and fire -- departure by your house is to this call. We'll tell you on air right now. Plus or minus. -- percent from the sort of what your neighbor -- toward war. -- -- -- Talk radio. We're live -- five. It's quickly approaching six. We're almost -- -- of our our. You know I think what's great about a storm I would look -- that we are. -- managers. We're not marketing people weren't the practitioners on the street. We -- and he's -- -- -- -- not work -- our clients and databases. Up -- -- so cut following like we bring authentic. Situations. And stories that we we think are interesting and we think that we hope that it helped we hope it helps our listeners out there. And it just this past week at a situation. An alligator gets you back on this stimulus her talk about this yet -- -- Josh your your input will be. -- more significant injustice Josh is -- realtor here. So -- -- Feller -- -- me out cut -- did not know him at all. Many cuts do have little listing presentation talked about was home was worth and I get to the house and house straight there is nothing wrong with it is is ended pertinent next backyard you know all the he had everything. Perfect. So I walked in you know -- had kind of an idea of what his home itself -- clearly. He's mean he's raised so's house and Tom. It was very short conversation is almost frustrated that I was their -- and invited me to mountain. Has ruled with that. The -- the story was is that after about three minutes but just having the -- talking and kind of show me around he. Began to. Imply what why why why -- senior realtors saw his house. What's the -- -- -- so's house he's got a great house that should sell quickly. And he'd he kind of sort of knows what the markets. And they want him being put on the spot it was a little. There's a little difficult today because it at that it was also very tense situation he he he he kind of was looking for complications. And ahead of thought it was a really good response but you know Josh -- pride in the situation for John pride that too far. To imagine how this scenario occurs on why people say gosh she's houses Celso quick why don't even need a realtor involved I can do it better myself so. How do you respond to. What would you say to someone up there he says he'd -- real well. But they are they wanting because I get these calls and -- -- -- our clients from us there wanna get a mortgage that they don't worked Majorly they've chosen not to write as they come to me -- One of the problem best scenario is though that person is very likely to get. At least three offers. To give more -- In evaluating those offers in determining and knowing a lot of we're talking the show of types of financing that the buyers have what they're down payment is. There's a lot in the air that you need to know to know how to pick the right offer it's not always has the highest price. Well I could tell -- this is probably commerce issue to have maybe next week. Because I think it's I think it's really interesting there's a lot of value that realtors to provide. Not just ultimate put a yards and art into your household well before take off thank you so much -- senator with. REIT expert Doris how can they get a hold of you. If there should great website RE a TX dot com apparent search sites super easy. And on that note Joseph it's not also what you do before. He put the sign in the yard it's what you do after you have the offer on. Your -- and actually Josh -- what you we will always hear that story are well thanks for joining us will be back next week live at five on Sunday for house talk radio. Join us online how far greater dot com with your questions during the show will be. Back next week.

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