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Friday Night Fanstand 10p Wrapup, 11.08.13

Nov 9, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- Don -- Chevrolet. And the fans are going loudness as Georgetown ISC athletic complex. Thirty minute lightning delay us. Assuming that there's gonna start playing again it's and 25 this is a two point game and it's -- they have to finish his home folks winner goes to the post season. Loser goes home -- east view leaving Cairo 3330 wind before twelve minutes let's go to fourth quarter which got -- I just got an update now final dripping springs -- Cedar Park 49 dripping springs fourteen. Marble falls back on top of Leander 3431. With 652. Left in the game reported -- to lead us. All right so there -- scores seesawing back and forth and you know and it's it's funny because yeah. -- to -- said -- are must wins for either team to either go all or go home. Are coming down to the wire you get Leander marble falls. -- -- foray in the Al east. -- 7480 gradually got as Georgetown he's viewed in hotels in light -- delay. And that we get cut off on page earlier but -- apart now we believe its final stage. -- -- -- -- I'm -- I think the courts are clicking that put it out so -- -- edited yeah. I ought to know I just heard and that he gets -- the broke the Oklahoma winning CNET com winning game. Record putting him I'll -- I thought -- -- not like -- accomplishment ever and how that. I mean honestly just a judge that not all around for everybody. All right we'll see to parts have played in -- impacting they do have a chance to win as interest rates. State title and page in my excellent doubles Twitter FaceBook and everywhere else on the air into a page before we let you go he -- -- -- I wanna get a fat zero and thinking -- India and I'll have on Expedia up. And I am and I get a shot at my parents are making it possible and that my of course. And also you I don't know because -- -- -- out -- Blackberry definitely and we're gonna go back to back I'm really excited. Okay well page and we'll see -- on FaceBook and Twitter this -- great jobs uniting congratulations on a successful first regular season it will do this again in 2014. I've been thinking -- face hi Danny thanks for -- harpercollins that finally it's a bloody EDT. But when nation definitely in control of this one house -- look right now they're gaining. I knew what he does end of the -- quarterfinals far or. The fourteenth you know at the very -- -- -- -- for everybody and you know. Right now you know I -- it earlier they got carted off. And ambulance now put into it we're not sure what the only time. Quite a Democrat or what happened Ed. He added you know big and you're not all seen it great night on the acting like it. OK so Maynor. Play -- down at NYC I think that magnolia west there Ali the it looks like -- gonna be headed out of College Station -- next week or deftly touched base before then but I want to tell you before we let you -- great job this regular season made a football would not be covered. Like it is without your help and existed excellent job announced the Bernanke. I love and I and everybody got at least yet Nazi salute you I don't think I. I want it back up plan naked Ricky -- get up -- game you know it democratic senate seat out there are. You look at the web -- that Ellen Keating I wanna act on it and I didn't you know -- Amazing player all we went and that's -- very unless I'm out you know I'm high and I -- -- -- a lot I think I. Ahmed all the pain that everybody that cannot support our -- -- and you also did not want -- Absolutely what what Danny we get at least one more next week so we'll -- we'll see on FaceBook Twitter this week in tot he next week and on the air. Step -- -- thank you thank you gaining -- -- must say is congratulations. Made this a regular season in the books now big wins in the season. Craziness would dates and -- don't want to really expand on that right now as we don't know the nature of of -- -- -- life. If anybody has debt in guys to step up in those positions it's the main domestic. And that's really sad to hear about days from -- hope he gets to feeling better but yes they're wonderful players out there Tim Harris C one of them. -- Spencer can play running back and and receiver and Eric Fowler can play both sides of the ball. -- win another solid win for them. All right so that's amnesty innocents will be genetic complete breakdown Ali Hewlett -- playoffs -- at 55 a 1658 games are wrapping up. Eleven to 165 days here say they've already in the water burger in the on the playback. Listening on the Smartphones in a car right now but let's talk about what we see thus far this we are gonna say is set in stone until all the gains completely over bit. With what he got so far. Right now it took me a little bit during the commercial break I apologize for earlier right now the division one bracket 1565. Days. Number one seeded belief bulldogs with a 45 to seven win over del -- tonight clinch that spot. They'll take on the cedar -- raiders. And 82 out of 155 days the -- -- congratulations on making the playoffs. They won't get the round rock dragons. And in division to Lake Travis -- played westward. And Wesley will play Hendricks and heavy Neptune field because Hendrickson won the coin toss last year. They chose calories athletic complex. Wesley get in the drawn the -- there they'll play it every now to our. If -- get -- and repeated quickly and also we're gonna posted on FaceBook and Twitter just wanna make sure all these games are finals in case of any kind of where scenarios popping up. Division alignment. I -- cedar ridge ranger raiders congratulations today -- program this their first ever postseason trip. And just her second varsity seasons they're going to be playing those believe bulldogs I'm not sure Medicare will be available for the games. But how will see here in a week also Akins vs Iran Iraq acres with Al some skilled players tonight. That contributed delegates Anderson and -- -- -- -- Iraq team it's hopes to make a lengthy playoff run venture division one -- -- division to between 16581558. These gains will start next week. The former Lake Travis as a freshman quarterback bare frame and more will be his chance I -- the Lake Travis cavaliers next week. It's a rematch of when not if your game earlier this season and Dixon hostile place at AB net to field. Having this we got we saw pictures of -- Friday on is to grandest Illinois. Chance was enjoying his birthday today with Islam girlfriend objects enjoying themselves but they got. Big business and next week they got to come here to west -- to take on the ship -- -- not some -- point of four go to like Julian are simply don't know really. Really huge matchup for Wesley can Hendricks then I Hendricks and kind of stomped on -- in the first half. But. This (%expletive) came back with a great rushing attack and finished that game 33 to thirteen. And with the hawks power this year snoop battlefield -- better matchup. For our atlas it's going to go -- silly saint Michael's. I lots of noise being made out there how the crusaders say they're selling. RA the school nor is there. I would according -- second but in the fourth quarter. Pick your ball back it down -- -- edit game and can't hear any idea occasionally over the next keep it was easier for a moment. I'd -- models is trailing currently correct -- didn't -- they are. They are a leading. Italian dirty I pesos or so they're running up the clock here okay are so although we're gonna put -- for just a moment -- -- -- -- Bush dissing another close gamely and dirt in marble falls on your score and time please. All right now -- -- -- -- and I. Need a touch for a -- On duty. And ball on an honor I had 37 to 34 -- humid and very skilled. The fourth quarter. Right you you hear the the excitement into heavy breathing from Julie days he's in the middle of a very passionate and emotional game. Winner moves on. Loser goes home to 32 left to -- in her leading marble falls 3734. Juliet and it puts a hole for a quick moment I'm gonna come back TC to stand by -- go to our reporter McCalebb barker. She's our cedar ridge raiders went last night. AK rank in -- routed around run game tonight -- McCalebb. Yet that they around I'd -- went into I think great old plot doesn't really god that's really I think you know Fred get playoff spot. Thank Lampard -- regulate even though it is their last -- that they -- patent fight tonight. It definitely how a lot of really get it and you're having it wrapped up with Ebert I got a running game with great night's. Delegate count outlines for a bit different -- every different experience I didn't have a week on his -- -- -- and at big game over with the trainers that you need it wrapped up and yet I find that have been a lot of clean up what happened at that next week back -- all the big breaking a lot. And I can be up there with a -- and Lawrence by -- not Arab quarter and that sat yeah lacks led and and round doctor really has yet playoff spot he eats up about -- -- keen to meet Friday. Are there to go -- thorough and -- in the hearing the news of junior Colin Hansen in pain right now. -- did he he's one of the ten games this into the semi two yard touchdown run to do have -- bill bill as a back of the Woolsey had that progress is -- a whole week. Before round rock has to take on -- is out -- real quick before we go to silly say much of getting status report. As that he not -- yet. We're figure out I didn't have a stress fracture in my but it didn't rain at us I didn't ever got into the game without -- out. Add that in theory graders idiots I've got an opt again you let sit around not making the play out night. -- about -- -- -- and when he got Lawrence bike and that. -- out to god everything. Are we kill the next week will see this weekend -- a great FaceBook video by the -- right now -- -- weeks in video is on FaceBook and Twitter at Friday fans stand it will see you next week vs -- we okay. I found dead or else no problem let's got the silly thing like -- Michael's film reveals only I think he'll reveal the three. Right so to say much as crusaders got decent chances on Ali Andrews pledged in the air and the microphone silly -- a good religion do you post game interviews -- -- before you do you get any sat out. I'm I'm out there. And they Ogden and indeed try to help bring even get yet. And that aren't here aren't the united. All right -- -- yet great -- nice silly you promised at least one more. I enjoy the win we'll touch and later tonight okay. I don't like okay we'll see all faced with its littlest okay gone back gad yeah I reporter -- -- bush Leander marble falls and -- was the situation on the field right now. But why now marble ball on the ball they -- -- thirty yard lines. And -- -- the -- are heading towards the end of in there and I'm sorry aren't quite right now and Beckett now it's cute has been picking second the quiet. And it would be very different takes just caught the ball on and equally I thought why they're getting out -- why aren't. Case and as a part nail with a brand. OK once again here's a situation folks for those who are at home there's one more slot left up for the playoffs and when he file for -- is gonna come down between -- in here. In marble falls both of them with three district wins. This one -- nail it for them but. Three point game right elite into leading 3734. Marble falls is now driving approaching mid field with just over two minutes left to go. In the fourth quarter Julie it was going to announce it right now being. And the idea that you are all called it and right now there are 840 at a yard line is down one minute at each expect. Okay as Julie we're gonna puts a hole quickly. All right -- fourteen. Casey wanna try to squeeze in -- -- -- -- -- -- before we go back to Juliette with action marble falls Leander lions' leading by three marble falls driving this is Friday night fans stand. -- snacks were who heard this. Is good. Bagels so elusive romanticize men never -- on their -- Jordan since March in the near side. They ended up -- game began to jump in the bag did an. Six yard touchdown run. Cody game games made one man -- the bank still anywhere all the way for the storm minute when you go hey he's now at 3428. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you Casey -- time -- 1016 easy -- Pat Hill has resumed play -- old ball they -- -- -- full twelve minutes left to go in the fourth quarter Leander. And marble falls coming down to the wire winners go into the playoffs our reporter Julio on the same Julio what's the situation. Right now. We -- all right Juliet you line which again. And -- -- now. I want to nineteen. I'm calling you completely different point it's very aren't mind think -- -- could -- you know -- -- -- And I don't I. Think I what that thirty. And twenty yard line I mean it's the council the. OK I don't know -- OK so Thomas had a recap let's just say so marble falls deep pass to Tim intercepted by a leader. Brady and the referees overturned -- city incomplete so they're gonna give marble falls the ball back. How much time has -- -- his fourth ranked third is it 38 to 34 of the or is it 3734. All now been treated. And good melodic and not all. All the books. I've been. -- Well not only be -- and good ball and -- and very long and -- or -- 3834. OK there we go Julie I'm -- if she Beckel hold our -- emotional battle field right now. Now marble falls Leander marble falls scrapping for play out this could be decided. We're gonna come back to you time has seen eighteen listen let's quickly go to Jason fills up Austin high Westlake cash app browser. -- business in Nigeria Jason what did you see. Case here you know it's like finishing appeared evident -- seal that border genetic victory over the prayers. Donna there's been a bunch -- and god are all game and it got lagged a bit but I had to sort of -- to get the -- Obama scored. AJ senate Soledad just wanna -- on a great job all season and I appreciate your help sad to hear them -- salute to finish the season last thank you throwing your contributions over the last four years. Thank you oh yeah you know lashed out. Our Jason foolish to get the shadows to god that Teradata -- you guys. You know start predicting this program grow. Now three years ago and why not stop -- just amazed is that your radio. And I asked why it is now over -- -- outlook there's so many parents so I -- you are moderate part of it I can't thank you got out. All right Jason well you know will will look at it that water burgers sons and and set -- FaceBook into what it is we can thank you Jason's. Sorry but you're right Jason felt there shut -- -- all Phil's family Jason is older brother Andrew yes started. I reporting with us in 2010 in -- just carried the torch. And and honored to have a mortar teams before we go back to -- a -- I hope I'm not missing anything we're gonna try to sneak in the candidates out there is she covering Anderson. Verses begins McKinnon. Does it have finally get -- what was the score at times. Yes I am so our client outbreak in 47 day. A right so Akins had them much like last year Anderson is there -- -- first win of the season in the last game of the season. Against agents. Yes. Our last year hurt OK are we can hold on what level it's -- shadows in just -- -- don't want to lose. Leander -- marble falls Julius on the scene. How what do you see in time is more -- It. Why what do you think it was like thirty to 34 -- begin -- this time outs. The ball and our duties or any wrecking yard line meandered off. Adding there are all getting into their end -- How many timeouts hasn't -- have to. There are or what not so important that originally -- which he'll hold quickly so -- faucets have a timeout to -- McKenna. Thank you so much -- McKinney came in this is her first night our report for Anderson. In their last for diseases is their season is over but -- will see for the year -- banquet. And a loss of -- for spring football as well over got to ramp up our trojans football coverage over the next year you're going to be a big part of it we appreciate you end up before we live together in Asia announces. I'm lucky also very light or giving me the opportunity act at all. And all right thank you McCain McCain is so swanky resort back at what we'll see hope -- but it's what it is we can -- thank you I think your origins when he won his titles go -- out our reporter -- probably under a marble falls and I think -- just heard that says mistakes just part of their last time out. Yet they -- and Sweden and -- -- Brian -- hot from just seventeen when he ports aren't buying it. Right now they're I cannot I cannot taste so when they can make up that time that will be third -- for leaner. LA yet so they carried out openly and very -- -- and husband 3834. Heartless they put you back on hold their Julio Bush's again winner of this game Ali if you would if you go ahead and look at the playoff scenarios and a discernible Giuliani against. Whoever wins this game I was facing in the first round and 26 more days. Right now there's three different scenarios with marble falls is getting and deployed Crockett and division two if Leander is fan -- appointment talents. In division -- watched -- Aren't we just got a final. Confirmed -- Alamo heights in Haiti's duking it out. Both tied as far as judicial record is concerned but no longer is Alamos high says beast -- it's 35 is 28 or final. Will be here from our reporters at. This -- would establish Kasey just says okay and so and so so we do have a dispute on this course. One scores big claims. Submissive and get this straight 3548 Hayes winning. The other claiming in Alamo heights won this game so -- get the word from our reports Jamie teams officially on the scene you know we've got Hays county radio. Reporting 3028. -- okay. At the statesman reporting Alamo -- won this game so global sorted out here momentarily Joliet was the situation Leander immortal call. Right there on the I think in our luck and they're heading toward -- yeah and gotten red -- carried out you see. There weren't there at seven PR -- They're exporting went back and forty X 39 bucks 38 they've -- Didn't edit content writing down on their typical 3830 or lie ahead. All right so handers it's going to be forced -- Leander correct. I -- pretty serious and it's hard right at the court yeah it worked out okay. So was that his whining and the gonna have to at least either behind or running right off Bryan. -- Bruce and -- I'll like it right now I think I'll acknowledge that I'm not -- -- -- Lab okay it's well reported sound all right Julia on the tried asking -- -- -- current critter back on hold it actually worked okay. Casey did do we want to burn -- right now our. You went OK let's go ahead and take a quick possibly because when we come back. If you're waiting for playoff scenarios wells we basically got -- settled -- still waiting on its Leander marble falls final -- Blame no one else this Friday night fans stand to. Don't want to talk about this playoffs just bang bang but. This Du'Shon felt -- running back is Sean safety type park high school you're listening to a friend that transcend. Some students and it's -- good. Patio got in -- car here. Defense tackle for the very vibrant and you are listening to try and I fans that Don Hewitt Chevrolet. Our kids when. Two minutes away from the full time coach export or with Casey Johnson's new Daniel Ali Andrews. Let's go to our reporter Julia Bush Leander and marble falls do we -- finally at Juliet. Yes -- dearly and it and the wind 38 to 36. And allows these kids aren't worried that pick -- -- -- -- expect any holes that I can end up making it is unique packet. And then take off you as the marble falls -- what's been talked throughout a bad ending the score at 3830. Seconds on the fourth quarter. What Juliette when we got to say one heck of Iran's in this season by the Leander lions that we know a lot of the lions fans and now. Traveling back from marble falls to get home and we want to wish them all safe travels and Angela wolf one of thank you for and insane. Regular season from -- lion is that we will never forget how we'll see you next week out for the body -- game in his MacCallum but up before let's go Julian he shouted out -- Well I'm I'm only an owner in the course and I mean I want to mop you bid on the way to think they've got. Now -- -- and I'm proud my heart skip -- keep your head got a playoff patio I'm. I'm I'm I am live to Italy and my friend and I emotional -- eyebrow with a Q and and -- -- he'll play it well yeah I. -- the albeit that you -- quietly ended its fair and everywhere and oh yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Would Julio what we -- you for this summer session 2012 we never realized you become such a big part of fans gave family so we'll see your face the contaminant is bad in this week in -- -- Tutsi next week for the -- game. Think it might if you are you know the project giving our rights in thirty that time -- Casey Johnson it's not a six scoreboard. Talk goes next were scored just 1038 Donna -- a Chevrolet is Friday night bandstand Casey Johnson would see -- then soccer -- scoreboard. Almost final we got two games that are still going on right now he's few leads Colorado 33314. Quarter swim early on top of -- 4924. They game in the fourth as well everything else on the board as a final let's run down. Anderson knocks off against one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 3635. The final there it's regions also getting a win over T in my of this -- 5890. In the final there. L get over cedar creek 62 to seven holy cross hands Hyde Park its first loss of the year. 2814. The spinal. Hyde Park still a very impressive six and one in taps division two district three. Turtles -- knocks off Lockhart 5315. Bernie champion getting the win over sixteen tonight 5421. -- Clemens over Kyle -- 49 to seven. And -- he's getting the win over Alamo heights this one is confirmed now 3528. Rebels are the district's 27 or eight chances -- another look at -- -- scoreboard -- with two more finals coming up at 1045 scores online any time Friday night bandstand and -- -- the scoreboard update brought to you by Tucker -- if the power of the breakfast Stucco and wanna talk -- -- nine Austin area locations including their newest one now open highway 620 -- creek village. -- a -- proud to support central Texas high school football. Step aside I think our sponsors and this is consensual sex is number one source -- high school football coverage. You're listening to Don Hewitt Chevrolet Friday night fans fans. What's this is stratus. Play receiver for western high school and you're listening for and I can't -- students and students -- boots didn't. -- Chevrolet. It's 1037. Not eight minutes away -- your -- -- score more with Casey Jones umps knew Daniel is Ali Andrews sets before we break at 165 -- vs 1558. 2648. Vs Tony file foray in in 74 -- none else near you teams. Well goalie Chris Dodd is on the continental collision phone line -- talk about the main mustangs had to get Chris. But you're not still -- the -- and our fans -- spam later let's say. Big lead over always Smart to order fourteen both. It was a little bit lost as well as -- guys went Dallas the pretty serious injury. I highly doubtful we'll see him in the in the playoffs for the must strange. About a thirty minute delay to get mr. -- not the deal. So it was. Over land border must think they're good for guys like code -- -- -- -- -- -- -- stick a deranged. Edit the deep directed well another -- and I know always beat the top off the defense. So I'll -- it -- -- -- -- -- -- but Garrett is bigger every on. Out of College Station actually every art. All right -- -- to return tonight that's a good sign of it the Chris says a great job the update -- -- you shout out to. I show up is no Osama -- well send out the most big media network of guys have to do on -- court to attempt. The Rochester Thibodeau but got a really good job over there and -- out because Jackson. And -- web nation. Yes because Texas alleging concert is neither here nor there have been -- dollars Korea and -- it. Chris good to hear from him in congratulate and Cairo I was even -- playoff. -- -- -- 74 people out here just a moment on the radio 65 neighbors is 155 name it will pass the buck to -- Though top 25 verses 26 for a division one for fifteen -- -- sixteen Friday he got the -- we bulldogs verses -- cedar ridge raiders. Is might we can't vs arson Ashenberg to all of -- your quarterbacks going head to head this is the first ever playoffs for the raiders. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably my favorite matchup added these four there were just about to mention. We'll seat taken verses around Iraq. The Goliath. Offers a line for a rocky great seeking young -- -- -- story great friendship there -- seniors China to let this year into the going to be played an upstart agency was actually lost tonight. But because they own the tiebreaker over Austin -- is the Eagles over the marooned. In this division one -- him division 255 neighbors -- 165 -- almighty Lake Travis cavaliers will go for the sixth overall. State championship and they're gonna have to give has there been a more. And eight the rules they refreshed. Westwood warriors who have different planes in mines in -- plan on beating what they did last year which -- school history going -- -- deep into the playoffs lastly did you -- as Wesley this is a rematch of last -- by the -- matchup as Ali mentioned earlier a coin flip. Got a big game last year some. In Iran Iraq and so -- -- had to play maybe get some field next week. Perfect on the season that take ownership team who's hoping to get back on the slides of pressure facing five neighbors to 65 a match -- so quickly before we go to Ali which went 5481648. Let's go to Sammy sweetheart we just saw her aides rebels -- -- it's 4748 -- championship tonight Sammy -- -- did happen. Hey sorry not hard what are. Asked about Aaron and Jeff Jordan on. I don't want and then have to actually aiming to create an already -- -- -- -- -- and then game and courage and is part and it was just. -- game and I don't aren't. Drink 5288. And -- this state can't quite an army. Intensive passing here it didn't and a -- I had. All right there we go so -- congratulations. You just stay you know just a junior this year you have a hole of the regular season -- in 2014. Very excited to have you on the fancy his team is a phased in a family member enjoy the win tonight -- before we let you go you shout out to. And an -- -- is acting like -- are the games are based. I think ticket is actually got things you. -- you -- he shot brought air and as can friends and my family Mozilla from you and -- and Kayla you -- my. That I gained a lot of. Sorry Samuel convention -- congratulations -- chances. You get at least one more promise next week Samuel Steve Ford we'll see if I did this weekend -- great job tonight. Stay -- and charged him 42 at a time what did you another full brain damage the scoreboard as you're probably looking for finals now the garage area has the football like no one else. As Freddie nineteen C analysts are 264845. For a playoff matchup solid. Yes sir two breaking down two point 74 in momentarily there. But in 246 for a way feel Leander wins tonight division one will look like this Rouse the raiders will play the LBJ jaguars at Nelson field next Thursday night 7:30 PM that was confirmed. And the other match up would be Leander McCallum also next Thursday that'll -- house park and at 7 o'clock in division to Cedar Park the timberwolves we'll play Armando just send us Travis rebels. And the drew Sanders led to an -- of vipers will take on John wants Crockett two leaders neither of those venues had been disclosed at this time. Case -- LBJ at Nelson Leander vs -- and health both those -- or on Thursday a you'll see Friday -- -- in -- reporters in full effect today gaming strategy every tweet and FaceBook games it's CP FB vs Travis. -- -- vs -- in division teams that are bright damn before we talk about seventeen for a case you missed it division 158 -- cedar ridge Akins in round rock division to Lake Travis Westwood Hendrickson at Westlake. Does your matchup next week which guys where it is 748%. But we still -- and I -- factors minutes. Warner undecided factor that's how Sony's few east he scored. Josh -- scored his third touchdown of the night. And to my knowledge it is still forty to 31 with to a 32 left awaiting multiple reports on -- games. But really quickly. Right now it's east few wins it'll be east view and Brent I'm -- and -- -- -- make a decision to OK okay if you bring them. And Lawler vs -- okay. And in division -- that'll be -- magnolia last probably in College Station and Georgetown vs Montgomery. Update on that how to piece the game harder faces a fourth and warning on their own fifteen. Tyler here it comes in at quarterback. All right so that she situations so if -- -- here he's view verses Brendan. Waller vs L game if things shake out like they are shaping up nail main rivers is magnolia. But the game respectively in College Station in Georgetown vs Montgomery selection 1714 matchups so again if you checked FaceBook and Twitter will have the as situations and brackets posted for you as we can continues will be turning up the videos. It also will start previewing these games coming up as and now it's regular season's over. And it's one in downtown. -- was take a quick break endless combat a rapid like no one else they stand. -- goes next who -- -- -- we take a break send 45 isn't. Don Hewitt Chevrolet is Friday night fans and talk a -- scoreboard every fifteen minutes Soto one game going on right now east view over hot though forty to 31. Late fourth quarter there won't get just final before we wrap up tonight everything else on the board as a final. Thursday night action Georgetown got -- win over bass drop 41 to seventh cedar ridge over McNeal 54 to thirty. Tonight's action Anderson over -- 2714. Westlake shut out Austin high 42 to nothing really getting the win over del -- 45 to seven -- point -- a win against -- 5414. Westwood getting a win over Libreville 4935. Round rock over stony point 32 to seven. Leander impressive win over marble falls 3836. Cedar Park over dripping springs 4914. Rask getting the win over Vista ridge twenty just send a swimmer league getting the win over Bernie tonight 5631. Seem Michaels pointed out against and Tony impressed 3635. Regents over TMI episcopal 58 to nineteen. -- -- knocks off cedar creek 627. Holy cross hands Hyde Park its first loss of the season's 2814. The final. Panthers though nothing to be ashamed of six and one in district nine and one overall on the year -- type B. Over -- car tonight 5315. Bernie champion over 165421. Church Clemens over Kyle -- 497. And -- rebels they are the undisputed 2748 champs knocking off Alamo heights. 3528. The final there -- six and one in 27 -- now we'll take a pause for the Gaza be right back talk more playoff scenarios so we intend almost in the books this is done Buick Chevrolet Friday -- -- -- -- as I've let -- play my first cedar ridge and you listen to fight in Afghanistan. You -- Chevrolet. Driver. Are examined since 51 -- -- Daniel Casey Johnson's object scoreboard Ali Andrews. Big money Cedric now let's go to the continental collision phone line before I do that -- until -- Ramirez sweetness with several legs let's go to Garrett let's celebrate this saint Michael's district -- Garrett added to happen tonight. Well you will close game Antonio and saint Michael's lake into play for district two. And in the game and I think Michael they went down by thirteen late in the third quarter. But he is a rally Larry Carlton and at 69. Yard punt return for -- that's just. Like he was in Houston beginning at one point lead at thirty he says 35 billion goes on it did and it supplies we -- that's what we got that third. They did it short 47 yard field goal wide left. And then they Michaels they were on the clock out and take it strictly straight. -- already Carlson is in VP type for shared experience and great here Jamison big game James. I have a big game to contribute to that wing Garrett great to hear saint Michael's win tonight wolf we'll hear from you next week in a playoff -- let's go -- -- -- And I'm John battery Carlton and Apple's senior class. Undersized compared to last year and it seems like -- -- -- -- down when it mattered that got medals eager clouds can win at all wants. -- Gary gray call and kudos to came exports thank you. Thank you guys aren't that are you two before we got to get mechanical as quickly go to our reporter Mandy who's just been working all day long. As she's got a rousing pep rally this morning she's getting video she's tweeting she's faced looking calling in and tonight decelerate -- it indemnity. Yeah I'm up to ten covered it -- a bit out of Perry got it everything you knew where things are covered everything. And it written this way out. In the regular feeding it to the aren't in school history they really got to get dropped by. Absolutely and -- raiders will play LBJ Ed Nelson field next Thursday maybe hopefully we'll see there. And great jobless gamble while I can't believe another regular season in the books may -- Even before let's -- -- -- now to. And -- parents that did everywhere and that didn't studio right now Paulina. Big fabulous that this could be your love I'm not factor out. Great job in the bridge -- -- is always yankees. Our rights in the -- OK next foresee another activities like that they're free agent you know he he does all of their biggest gains -- king called the game. It's gonna be a job will ban all world all world give the kind of got to -- makes what -- what was gained speed in night. I did people elsewhere later taken all the -- ridge at the end and get a game 73 and out Barbara alcohol problem. Different type of restoration are really figure out of respect and updating our big running game behind what they -- to life movement. REK well -- into the season but for mr. ridge who won his senior salute all of their seniors out Michael Thomas is going on -- -- at Arkansas State's Allan zeman. -- arrest of four will let you go Katie shout out to. Legislative districts being your third season ended and I figure out what a wonderful season so I thought determined the -- -- water vacant any sort of -- -- -- -- -- big auto project. -- think this -- seemed to do the same thing needed last year. I think they can't tonight with a big game they got the momentum going in their way they are getting better Pavel lack luster first but they put it together -- -- and -- significant -- -- -- I think they can go forward but. They do that if they had. And false start penalties tonight they've got to clean that up before my district. All right well they get talent and different -- will stop her and will noble has got to get the job then next weekend we know coach man that. Bullock get on him and in -- films weekends of kids think he was talking next week. Thought -- -- -- if it before is concerned about six minutes left in the regular season is over Ollie is taken is glances off base in hand. He's view. At this game was a two point game entering the fourth quarter the lights went out a GI ST athletic complex so what's that -- parts of their knowledge. Final. It is final he's you'll advance to play -- next week. And it was a 4731. Final congrats to the patriots muscle in my out of it all right so -- obviously emotional bullies or it's definitely poses a sad to see his team -- also kudos -- to -- few patriots. Much like cedar ridge at this their second varsity season. And he made the playoffs for the first time in program history and now we have this east -- march coming into this season because they bought back their entire. School why they had no one graduate this team was as together. As far as -- chemistry is concern in any though they have little misstep in the middle of the season but kudos to them for beating a very good had a team right now we -- seniors to lose some them -- -- -- dogged. Relent a Ruiz Brian Roberts Breyer wrote Luke Evans. Darryl Harris and just. The -- a close -- -- all the seniors in -- just an emotional night and we -- and it. The seniors playing their last game into more playoffs so let's go -- -- we got a couple minutes left of course again he could check our FaceBook and Twitter at Friday fans stand for playoff matchups -- -- next week regular season is over. Post season next week OK Ali will will -- -- -- warmer time for the folks I get three Mormaset ago that would be shout outs and and -- tonight. A division one for fifteen Friday 65 people who we vs cedar ridge. Akins vs round rock division to Lake Travis cavaliers vs the west would warriors. Magic and hawks have basically a road game to got a plate and be dancing feel which is -- home field. -- -- -- -- Seventeen -- that would be mayor of my magnolia last that'll be it College Station high school at 730 still waiting on Thursday or Friday. Georgetown will play in Montgomery. -- and division to a player Waller and the mighty patriots these few Robert Haiti squad looks to take on. Cortland -- -- Jones and random. -- next Friday to my knowledge. All right -- six for a verse 25 for a -- Thursday games -- as late one of Nelson field one and house park in Greg Nelson getting some playoff action where so we're we're glad about that it's basically a home game. For the LBJ jaguars I would with wrinkled paper -- over matches them but like you said they've been peaking as of late and my -- legit chances. They really do and Rouse gotta love them they made its it's surprising run last year and hoping to start something of a tradition in the playoffs but LBJ stand not so fast. And stay at the home field advantage winter -- will be huge match up with the surging lions taking on the guy Dominique while McCallum nightmare. Cedar Park and Travis will be great matchup for Romano just sent -- to face his team off of Indiana -- Crockett janitor is making a push of themselves. Yet in the -- to Travis direction and go into this game you'll see apart on paper again this is is is timber wolf the advantage. But -- compared to last year were Travis is going to play mr. ridge would -- starting quarterback. Running back safety etc. For the most part this is a healthy rebels team and they'll -- you -- Did the best candidate to possibly get them. So again Twitter FaceBook mr. Graham playoff schedules. Videos galore this weekend. Final shot out. Sharp to snoop Casey's big money says my -- Allen. For put -- last night -- all my fans and fan my -- all this weekend. -- motto -- again man I love you guys and thank you for. A great season to grass he's you -- to Kathleen can anyone in my favor cheerleaders Madison Patrick and today raised. Got a -- out how to and I have an off season with the area and shot out to my family and shout out to everybody make in the playoffs give me something do not cry about -- Okay well Ali -- humanity in BP -- season we'll talk Casey guns. Countless things to thank him for the money -- for consolidating coming here working on -- again and for all the time after -- stated we enjoy and of course -- our reporters don't close my heart and -- for telling this story was incredible and it's not anywhere close to over you -- not understand what we're about this. Embark on with these -- well on 2013 Casey. Shout out to everyone that is made fans than what it is. Think about it for regular seasons now in the books at -- playoffs start next week. Exactly we're gonna talk about playoffs next Friday seven to eleven magic 95 point five talk thirteen seventy. We cover central Texas high school football like no one else this is Don -- Chevrolet. Friday night -- -- Was up. This is good for his thirteenth. Running back Steve Martin Willis and this is right and I can't stand.