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Nov 9, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Along with the -- man has taught -- The lord of the -- Casey Johnson. I am Brandon -- here -- I love that there. Other three guys for -- outs Franco out this week is an El Paso thank you so much for saying cat playing always my pleasure. You wish you were here a couple weeks ago. I think we have had great response the week you were here besides I think the letter -- and from what I heard just the ones that the one person that was literally within a couple of spots they -- today we're going to be hit hard and fast -- tone of the things that went went down the sports world this week. My cowboys say they finally figured out how to win a close game in the final minute. But now they have to go to New Orleans what I think is a must win. That's coming up in fifteen minutes also top ranked Alabama's hosting rival LSU on their quest for an unprecedented. Third national title -- touch on that about 25 minutes. Plus get college basketball is back. And state farm has put together a doozy of a night for us in Chicago on Tuesday night. Talk about that in about forty after the hour and of course we're gonna and the show what my famous six back and eroded. But let's get to the top headlines last night to top ten matchups in college football. And a shocker as Stanford took down organ yet again. 2618. While Baylor. Beats Oklahoma 41 -- while that wasn't a big shock for me we got it once we got to hit star with the Baylor Stanford game RC's -- organ Stanford game what did you make of that. Well. I guess a couple of barbed observations first of all when organ comes up against a really strong defense. It makes it just really difficult dilemma I just don't think that. That they are. As prepared. For a team that can just defend them well especially shutting down on the Ryan. And the option reader with a quarterback especially. And you know that they had great. Corner play. From Stanford. You know really the game two tomorrow and way of thinking number two wasn't even his closest score. Lot of scoring late for org. They scored twenty straight points after being down 26 -- and it is you know I do believe though that's Marcus marionette with his yet. He came on after the game I don't know if you noticed the new bracelet he had on but he had a and believe it was a sprained MCL. I think that battle somebody do it because he didn't run the ball at all like he has been all season long now -- some of that has to go to stands Stanford's defense bucks. I think Mormon goes that injury because otherwise -- if if he plays at all like he has throughout the course the year I think this gives a little different. Well I also think that or Ginn is still one of the top teams in the country -- that didn't change my mind necessarily. I just think Stanford can play with Oregon you're sleep when you're playing basketball you know you've got you've come across that team that can just defend you well. I don't even think it makes Stanford necessarily. An elite team I just think they played well they know how to defend against Oregon and they played them well they match up well. Believe this is the third time now in the last three or four years the Stanford has -- do you -- Oregon says chances towards a national title you have to give it up. For David Shaw head coach of Stanford. When Jim Harbaugh left and went to the NFL went to the 49ers. And then Andrew Luck is there in -- another I know he left the same time his arm off. David chalk comes in everyone is saying why don't think Stanford's gonna keep going to do the same work out. And they just keep when he. How did not been for that little blip against Utah all right we be talking about that as the national title contender right now. Well at another point on that game is I think that was your part of the reason for the loss for -- was the failure of their defense. And you know that there's not really being talked about quite as much but. Now they they just failed on defense to it to stop and you know did pretty good Stanford offense but a great one. Now and it's a thing of it is of Stanford controlled the ball they kept it out of met Mary -- hands they kept it out out of organs offenses against. And that's how you beat them Stanford has the blueprint I mean obviously done a three years now in the last in the last three or four years which no one else can say they've done now against organ so. Yet given up for Stanford on that. Well let's move on to the Baylor Oklahoma game. That I look I I fully expected Baylor. To beat Oklahoma I didn't but I did not expected to be forty once it's well. And even the way it started out really ugly as you it was three to 21 point then five to three and then finally Baylor started putting some points on the -- in all reality. They put up 41 points but -- -- their quarterback and had an off game I think he threw for 250 yards which for -- -- is awful compared to what he's been doing all. Season that was not a great Baylor game but they who hold. The top ten thing they did now is Oklahoma are really top ten team I don't think so. But -- that's what the rankings say so what what you have to do of course as always is you know you've got three or 45 teams who that are legitimate contenders right and then you've got. Peter ten teams who probably are really good right Oklahoma I think is is a good football team they get they got beat by Texas they get beat by Baylor. So they're not the high quality Oklahoma team we've seen in the past dispersion -- score. Last night against Baylor but it. I'd I would not want to do anything to diminish. Baylor victory that was a big victory for this team to beat Oklahoma. Even though was at home even though there have been a great year may be it's a down year for Oklahoma still. Win for Baylor what are. -- biggest -- and only the second time in history that they've beaten Oklahoma which by the way. Though those two victories have come the last two times that they've come -- to Waco and played Baylor when you remember that the coming out party for of RG three a couple years ago when they beat Oklahoma -- three -- -- show here on talk thirteen seventy. That you brought up a great point. They could be four or five delete teams that there were looking -- in the season. I wanna talk about that now now that -- organs been -- by Stanford Baylor continues to win their undefeated. Who are the legitimate title contenders in the BCS how does the shaken up we know Alabama's there we know Florida State's there. The question I have Ohio State. Baylor. Stanford with one loss. Are they are they legitimate -- and they get there. Can't can't get either one of the Baylor or Baylor or Ohio State can they move up and challenge either Stanford or Alabama. More sure and you know first of all you know one of the teams that you mentioned there at Ohio State. Is he is a Mon star. I didn't -- they just been demolishing people undefeated by the way. In an urban Meyer's. Coaching coaching tenure absolutely I mean that they were doing destroying teams last year when they were ineligible yes. And now young is certainly there there there. Among the two -- three best teams they may be. Two were wide net you know what may be thrilling to see them play Alabama. But then you got -- to stay in there. You know so. -- Florida State is one of those teams I mean again I've watched them just stuff annihilate teams this year specially that Clemson game -- and now -- we -- I think that there are that good. I'm not sure yet the quality. Of team they are if they were to play in Alabama won Ohio State that that's where I might have. -- you know some second thoughts on. Well the good thing for Florida State is they have easy schedule on the way for the rest of season and -- Wake Forest Syracuse Idaho. And then rival Florida who's down this year and and have the ACC championship whereas Alabama saw split LSU this week Ohio State. -- the Big Ten is down. They still have the Big Ten GB issued as well my site right now I think that Ohio State. Losers. In the Big Ten championship game to Michigan State. Miss all based events that that we're with the where would they play. I'm not sure where the game is we can look that up but and where the where the title with a championship game has but. Odd the way that that defense has been rolling for Michigan State and the offense started to get it together they've been strong what do Baylor schedule. Baylor schedule you know the thing is that they still have Oklahoma State they still have Texas Tech they still have Texas so. It we're gonna talk about -- to talk about down here is a little while when we talk college football or a breakdown the big twelve and figure out who we think's gonna win this win this championship. -- but I don't know -- I think stick with that not having the championship game. The Baylor can win the big twelve and can go undefeated. Whether they will or not I'm not gonna tell you -- -- can. -- got a lot about their analog land literally a death I you know what I do it's been backed. I have all these and so I don't know like this later I don't know I don't know if you've met here now but I have all the answers. I'm Tony Romo and the cowboys say they pulled one out late last week. Can they do it again on the road New Orleans plus Aaron Rodgers injured against the bears on Monday night he's up for at least three weeks how was that going to affect the playoff picture in the NFC. And we're gonna talk about what teens in the AFC are for real I think there's only two. NFL's next June the three guys -- -- -- -- -- You're listening to that three guys sports show. What do you my third base sports ball. Texas a and M fans don't forget tomorrow I will be out at third base in round rock. Game time 230 vs Mississippi State come on out have a good time with -- -- if you're not going to the game. Like Alabama LSU big time game postal ball tomorrow after after last night to talk to match up that's the the best in the look for Duke's. And in all reality. That's for the biggest games of the season no matter what these two rivals we're talking about fifteen minutes. Plus college basketball is back in in a big way for in on that 25 minutes from now. The cap before we knew that. We gotta talk about the Dallas Cowboys because we talk about them every week on the show knowledge because I'm a fan of the dolls come with that because we're here in central Texas. Lot of people in Dallas Cowboys fans also a huge. Pre season drills in Austin they didn't go back in the Tom Landry does justice. This is cowboys country on knows -- pretty sure Tom Landry got fired in this city at the -- -- airport that little airport SE or did he flew in Florida them. All the cowboys and last Sunday vs the vikings got they got a while a win late Tony Romo lead in the monitor on a drive which is something that as cowboy fans. We haven't seen much of as I would Tony Romo remote what we've seen as. Is either hit -- he blows it down a stretch the defense clothes or whatever they can't figure out a way to win. I know is against the vikings who now have won two games this year after after beating the Redskins last night. Either way it's a big win to win late like that and I am wondering how much. It's going to carry over to this week because this week is a huge game on the road. At New Orleans facing the saints in Drew Brees and -- which I know they got beat last week against the jets. Well in order for that to happen. It's got to be a close game. Yes right it's gotta be close absolutely because if you know if in order for for them to what was good about this past week is exactly what you just said Brandon. Very 11 of those games I'm not that they have in the past but really lately they've been losing all of those close games they won when they got a taste of it. And you know you. Winning. Is a habit yet you've got to learn how to do it and they did last week they figured it out even though they always put yeah. They did they all the both they did almost -- again. But you're right it is something that has learned and -- if you when you said lately. When I think lately with this with this team and I think back -- history of of of losing laying games. It goes back not just this season but last season and the season before all you know when their eight -- and an 88 again and and -- last week going in foreign four. Nothing but mediocre losing these close games and when you look at begins at -- blossom season. Outside of that San Diego game every game has been close and even in that game they were up at halftime. So for them to come through in the clutch. To me is huge now they know now they have it I think they know what it's like to win there. Now going on the road to New Orleans is a whole different beast -- -- that I know they lost last week to the jets. It doesn't matter that the New Orleans Saints have always been they've been notoriously bad outdoors. And you make that you make that trip up there with a team that you're not really sure what what's gonna happen. With the jets -- geno Smith he's been up and down all year but they found their running game and existing land it. They game planned well you pay anybody. That is. Watching the New Orleans Saints on tape no -- You have to shorten the game you have to run the ball -- get in a shootout with them chances are. You lose chances are Drew Brees especially at home throws for 350 yards yet. Easy he does every game at least every home game right. And you know the Dallas has got to resist the urge. To get into -- -- now. If New Orleans scores quick early. So load the game down keep it to a touchdown. Keep it did you know six points a field goals something like that you know it that they they can't want to get into a shoot out. Because again the real chances are you'll lose especially you lose in the dome the. Obviously you talked about this earlier. You've got Tony Romo who loves nothing he's quarterback not going to crawl off not eat eat eat and and he checks awful lot to doesn't do checks that there are these the only quarterback in NFL that I that I see would that kill kill kill kill. Ever -- and it seems like every other point. When you've got a former quarterback is your coach and then you've got Callahan. Who. Even if the raiders with the raiders he was he was a throwing he tried to bring he tried to bring the passing game and Nebraska. I would name you know he loves to throw so. And they tried to do it against Denver early in the season and it didn't work in almost did but they didn't quite get it done. And there you go you've got a quarterback in Peyton Manning you've got another league quarterback in Drew Brees and Tony Romo is really good he's not quite at their level. And you know again chances are you'll -- she get into -- -- children's. Yeah I I absolutely agree and they they cannot do that now moving onto a little something else with the NFC the Redskins Washington Redskins lose last night the vikings. Thank goodness. Because I after after they had that that last minute when he has the chargers are thought maybe they were -- they were on the right path luckily they blew last I don't think they'll sell but. The Philadelphia Eagles -- last week seven touchdowns. That's right the same nick pulls it went that -- -- -- high school right across street from where we're sitting right now Brandon Brandon had their fourth. By the early game back the only reason we're talking about the Philadelphia Eagles is because of the cowboys I know that's the only reason. Otherwise I mean that the vision stakes the giants can win it. They could win it you're right. None out of another not but the thing -- in in the -- number again -- full -- well first off the fact they threw seven touchdowns tied -- -- -- record is is amazing and he did in three quarters. Three quarters. No one's ever done that it's amazing raiders obviously I mean I'm very or they were not with it last week but. The Eagles are facing the Packers this week. The Packers loss Aaron Rodgers Monday night to two an injury there with a fractured collarbone. What I wanna know is. How do you think is the Packers are work -- a playoff favorite to win the NFC this year along with a Seahawks or 49ers they really work. How does this how how do you think this affects the NFC playoff picture with Aaron -- been -- they possibly coming back on Thanksgiving when they faced the. Lines were you tell me the name of the baca. Yes Seneca Wallace. And -- come on you know hey. The -- a quarterback in the National Football League -- about it happening and that's really what he is. You have a precipitous. Drop off between Aaron Rodgers and Seneca Wallace. And you -- we're about to find out how good the rest of the Green Bay Packers are aware about -- And I think we start to see the last -- -- of Eddie lacy. And in what he's done really quick before we go to break all verbal call for first -- force which Oreo seek. I I think this affects -- the playoff picture quite a bit because I think this gives an advance a big advance to the Detroit Lions of the Chicago Bears who have Jay Cutler returning this weekend in that division. But the other team that we really need to look out for the Carolina Panthers who. Travel this week to San Francisco. And an ending game of of two potential playoff teams I I that that's a game to watch I think San Francis will you probably haven't your -- I just don't see I think Carolina's open down. CA you know what I don't know I ended the way that defense is playing I think -- -- -- they're they're looking they're going in the right direction it would not shock me if the cowboys somehow pull off the upset against the saints. They Carolina ends up winning nine division the way that that defense is playing right now and they don't really have a tougher schedule really quick before we go to break AFC. I only see two teams that are for real in the AFC -- The Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots now the gronkowski is back healthy. So I don't really believe in Kansas I just don't believe in Kansas City where you don't think Indianapolis. Even after they beat Denver. Okay. What about what I got a good point good point IC three teams -- I don't I don't believe in Cincinnati -- -- up and down I do believe in Indianapolis I believe in three teams in the New England. And Denver and and I but I think that we are we are set for another Brady Manning ball and the AFC championship could be what you really have a -- -- a bunch of teams that were good that -- Houston. -- accused -- -- they're Houston's on I'm done I am I am done with Houston. I -- -- Sosa I however I wanted to root for them -- I'm glad Baltimore's done bush Josh was here so weak so we could run a disgrace. Please -- backup topic coming up top ranked Alabama refusal renews their rivalry that's that was tough for me sick. When LSU will they still be number one in the BCS come Sunday. And we saw the first piece to solving the puzzle that is the big twelve championship last night. We're gonna tell you how we think things are gonna play out. We're discuss that next two or three -- -- You're listening to -- three guys sports journal. What do my third base sports ball. You know for me now. Don't forget you can always go to our FaceBook page and chime in -- yet because search box type in the number 33 guys -- show our FaceBook dot com. Number 33 guys -- show. College basketball is back now there's a potential final four preview coming Tuesday in Chicago what a great a human but were too. That's coming up in fifteen minutes we got a hold it until we get -- that plus we're gonna finish to show the way we do every week with my six back and ready. But right now let's talk some college football. Number one Alabama. -- LSU. Tomorrow. Do the tigers. Stand a chance in this game. Yes but I think Alabama wins. I do think -- will give them a good game they always do which usually a good game I mean it was. A couple of speakers in the past but. -- yeah Alabama wins this game and you know probably going to be. You know outside of me and I am their toughest test of the year. And they've got Auburn still to come Auburn Auburn's been looking good this year Auburn -- in them already this season in the you know anything our brains out in the -- bowl. Anything can happen there here's the thing on to say about Alabama. They lose. At home. They lost last journal they lost your report home and you lost your report that home with their one loss regular season every each season. The last two years they still make the national championship -- -- a little trend here. I'm not gonna tell you who I think wins tomorrow but they've they are prone to losing at home and LSU has a chip on their shoulder after last season. And and -- -- burger quarterback. Jeremy hill the running back especially has a chip on his shoulder. Because he had a shot to finish that game out last year against Alabama and -- and win that game -- real issue and he did not he was not able to do it. I really really. And. No I just don't CL issue is playing good defense has not seen them play in the past that's. That's where you're right before you're actually right but there's an and the funny thing is there's still seven into their -- because there's still -- load of talent there no matter what LSU is always gonna have talent. I mean even even when the -- they lost. Quite a bit yeah you're right -- you're right. But is where it is always a little bit of a vacuum between the new guys in the guys that left in and -- are going to be good again. Absolutely and any time at that here's the thing go anytime you have a rivalry game like this and and this started. And you put this up against any rivalry I don't care whether it's Ohio State Michigan or. Dora Florida Florida State Miami who we saw last week -- known I was a blowout at any any rivalries incoming calls for ball. This is right there. Well this is crazy especially great atmosphere especially the last five to ten years have you ever been to a game in Tuscaloosa I know I have it's great now it's not crazy. Like LS -- issue is crazy. Tuscaloosa is tradition. Love their football it's not that wild environment that you would see with the gators and -- Florida State but boy it's just a great place to watch a ball game. -- -- say this about -- issue. They've lost two games as heroes I just under seventy. They lost at Georgia by three. Lost at Ole miss factory. Two losses by three points -- two good teams on the road. Postings about as good as Alabama they're no they're not now on September 28 when he lost to Georgia I think a lot of people in this country what is a Georgia -- brief. Burning pretty good almost a not quite Alabama but they're right there would always say. What don't switch among them Georgia doctor yet so I know in terms of what do you do. I I I don't wanna get my pick because. This is part of the six back Cameron. But I really like LSU's chances and that's. Just because how Alabama. Has altered the it seems like you know -- the -- falsely -- falsely losing to good teams Brussels to -- or your pick and LSU -- -- go ahead admitted. I'm not I'm not going to do that I gotta I gotta say that. Now. With that with that being said. Who if let's say Alabama -- this would you would you go would you like to see them face the national title game. Alabama if if they win that's almost you wanna see Alabama announced it. It's just you don't wanna see Baylor. Well what I want to see then yes. I would like for Baylor to be there but if you're telling me what I think would be a great game I think Alabama Ohio State are too so great football traditions and yeah I mean that's not a knock on Baylor and. I think a lot of people would love to see it a big told Damon and -- it look it's a little late Texas isn't going to be there in the national title game but they still can win the big twelve. You know obviously Austin -- a lot of Texas fans but there's I last night I went out to watch the game. Tons of Baylor fans I think -- no matter what you're gonna root for the big twelve you know you you want to attempt but first there's going to be a big twelve champion right. Right now. Bear it out of all the major conferences that that big get in the BCS the big twelve is the only one. But doesn't have a clear cut favorite to win the conference title in my opinion. When you looked at Baylor. Oklahoma State Texas and even Texas Tech I think Oklahoma's out of -- at this point at Texas Tech maybe saw as a shot in all realities Oklahoma State Baylor Texas. Well Texas Tech is going to be a a challenge for you utility. You know they win that game than it looks like it's going to be Texas Baylor. Yeah that would that -- who will be the jump into another big thing is Texas Texas a tough schedule Texas faces West Virginia on the road decision worst I'm ever traveling to Morgantown it's a night game. Those fans are going to be -- worried atmosphere for football in Morgantown, West Virginia one of the only stadiums that allows you to buy alcohol. -- and you know they're in their drinking pot plus -- that's because -- in West Virginia you know they don't serve water. I don't know -- it's not -- -- -- -- know they're -- they're nine and -- that's why they don't drink water but it -- West Virginia they sold out Oklahoma State they still got Texas Tech and then they have Baylor. Which is on the road. So they've got West Virginia Baylor on the road Oklahoma State Texas second home. Do you think that they're able to make it through unscathed. To face Baylor undefeated in the big twelve you know. I think they've got a great chance I I think that they've they've turned the corner with the team now and they may think they may hit up against -- at Texas Tech that that might beat them by. Again I I think Texas is is is. Is really run and now I I think they did the team is what we thought they might be at the beginning of the year until they got to eviscerate it by BYU. And then lost the other day. All the biggest thing with Texas is that they're they're they're running the ball. Which is -- half the rate of all look at 1 o'clock so now the defense isn't on the field quite as much. They're looking a little bit better when they're looking better. Opens no matter what with great promise and at the moment and I'm not gonna give them all the credit in the world the says that that's what turned their defense around. I think it has to do with the fact that their it's 1 o'clock more and and they're utilizing Malcolm break our Malcolm brown Jonathan great. And in a much different capacity which they're doing because. Case McCoy maybe doesn't have the same -- said that David Ashton. But that being said I don't think Texas. They're four games left I think they lose at least two of those foreign doesn't matter coming down -- Baylor. Well you could be right but I still think today. They -- absolutely have a great chance to run through it. And then take on Baylor in in this Qualls -- championship game. Again don't forget I will be out at third base tomorrow in round rock for the Texas and a large hearted. Brenda knows how to pool party and absolutely their face in Madonna and -- up. -- -- fans come out -- county club capital city game in club they're going to be there. That was what -- you number one vs number two. Number four vs number 58 November final four I'd say college basketball or you don't -- -- plus the pre season all America teams are out can't wait to hear what you have to say you're the biggest calls basketball and I know. That's coming up next two and three guys torture. There. Thing. Listen into that three guys sports -- What do you my third base boards ball. In the studio -- needed. Today command that Thomas. For the -- Casey Jon Casey's doing a great job and then he really is an awesome experience thank you thank you very much he's full of personality guys. Start this. -- Saban and all fans know that that speak to begin a friend I've fancy and those of you that will be tuning in to with a friend and for instance 7 o'clock. You're gonna have to switch over to magic 955 our sister station. Because following us here at seven we're gonna -- -- ambassador Moseley face buffalo. Really quick FaceBook page got a couple comments. From earlier. Question that was asked can you ask me where is the Big Ten championship being held. Thanks to our FaceBook -- FaceBook posters and or blisters. Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis police let us know absolutely that they appreciate chancellor and the sit there at the same guy Brian. You -- only -- Branyan hit right on the head when Michigan State I think they're going to be you know ousted as well. One last comment. Regarding the of Philadelphia Eagles from. Loyal -- Martin. He thinks the Eagles beat Green Bay this week in in the NFC east is about to get very into. Resting is it not already but good point I'm -- we appreciate your comment but. I mean it still is anybody's guess the funny thing is it's gonna get interesting with a bunch of media critiques. You know what you cal arts. Guy I mean I can't I can't stand economic cowboys fan so I was right there. Irons well probably you're talking earlier about the AFC the senate seat. In some ways you can view it as being very wide open absolutely I mean when you think about the NFC and you think about Seattle. I think Seattle's for sure San Francisco is for sure. -- but I believe that's I think Detroit's. But do you not think that Seattle and San Francisco. Our beautiful. They know you just duplicate. The or I I Def player but I definitely think they're beatable the one thing the San Francisco has going form as Michael Crabtree coming back and it's gonna change that passing game a little bit true and -- and I like I like her with what's gonna happen with with with them in the playoffs. -- Seattle San Francisco for sure the other NFC east which you don't know what's gonna happen you have the NFC central you don't know what's gonna happen and in the south. I mean we have the Panthers and the saints. Watched the team that wins and NFC east upsets somebody in the playoffs I and that just being sought. What happened it it would be it TO it would be just any because I think it's gonna be the Dallas Cowboys are we got to get to college basketball. Kat -- were one of the main reasons I love hanging out with a lot of sports. Is that you are a huge college basketball fan. Com Tuesday night season or watching right now are actually watching UConn Maryland right now on on on ESPN two. The season kicked off tonight but Tuesday night. We have. A potential preview. Of the final or never seen anything like to know or how they arranged their -- so I I don't know state farm had to put so much money to this and I'm sure they're paired up with the SP in these games are going to be -- on ESPN. And and speaking of which if you go to UESPN. If you go to their website. They gave him like twice -- -- five basketball cause rescue experts. And they gave their predictions for national champions. Now one person picked anyone outside these four teams. Tuesday at a Chicago you have number one Kentucky. Going to get going up against number two Michigan State and that has followed by number four duke vs number five unions. It's not only do you have four of the most quality. Heritage legendary basketball programs in the country but. Probably. Before best coaches. Oh absolutely when you think about that John cal -- It says everything you've got Izzo you've got K. You got itself I mean unbelievable. And on top of all of that you have the two new top freshman in the country in Andrew -- from Kansas and -- Parker from duke. -- -- What do what is being dubbed the super six. From Kentucky. Who's -- Who many people think are gonna surpass the fab five and they're led by their parents and Brothers Andrew and Aaron. I mean talk about fresh with -- a sense -- -- thorough freshman it's -- so those eight freshman we just talked about that are going to influence this basketball season not. Not for nothing but it's going to be for people to be already saying that about that team that won the national championship for UK for them to be to anybody to think. They're gonna jealous a team like those guys did. I'm doubtful. And we didn't -- last year now didn't help the nearly as Noel got hurt last year but Kentucky was pre season number one last year and they didn't make the NCAA tournament I don't see that happening this year not a those. They have the super six by the way do they have nine total freshman in this class. When they have a lot of talent there I think this is a different team from last year they're gonna really really wreak Havoc among amongst college basketball you know. This is. This is about as good as it gets but I really wish the two winners would play each other when that be great throw. I absolutely when -- still great. -- -- -- -- Know that I'm just glad it's happening in the first place but still. It would be great if the two winning teams play each other then that broke probably there would be no need for college basketball season now the funny thing is yeah you're right there. I think as we're talking about all these young teams Kentucky duke Kansas Michigan -- the one team that's bringing back some veterans. Yeah. Michigan State is going to be there at the end. They are going to be there at the end and you know is low Izzo is to meet a lot like coach K. I think that they build teams not necessarily based on recruiting the best of the best -- They get guys who -- going to be great teams in teammates and that's how they build -- argues after the best that. And we're would you talk about Michigan State you've got three guards that are coming back -- -- sampling Gary Harris and Adrian pain that are just -- I mean. I I think Michigan State dominates that Big Ten I know. You know the the pre season all American team came out and and it and it had Mitch when Gary for Michigan on there whoever once saw last year in the NCAA tournament one he did. But I think Michigan State is able to really run away with hundreds of titles to the worth of these pre season lists now -- -- other -- -- -- -- -- the five. Think as clearly gonna give you one pre season all Americas. Marcus Smart who's this sophomore from Oklahoma State big tall earlier last year on that on the team as well Doug McDermott from Creighton. Who's a two time all American he definitely deserves to be there along with Smart Russ Smith from Louisville is a senior sophomore misery Gary permits for Michigan. And freshman. Start only did they -- trophies for being on the pre season. All of it oh no they don't want a good thing you know freshman Andrew -- a Kansas only -- second time it's ever happened the other time was Harrison Barnes a few years ago. You're North Carolina fan you know how that turned out well. The -- was worthy. But this. Half -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Plus exit your Butler great we'll see what how good they are against against this East Coast competition. And I think they're gonna show they're gonna show people what they're all about all. That they would have been right at home in the big east. -- -- are just a bunch of bullies. I'll try to play basketball and -- a bunch of blow us. Kitty -- think probably tried to break -- arm in a game against Carol oh my goodness I will not believe your saying in this raised me -- to get credit score forty point it's like forty points and a cloud of dust. -- my job is playing outdoors. I asked him why via -- It -- cat your your cell -- those -- is not even while only when it comes to college basketball. Remember only only when it comes a college basketball you like that. -- Alabama Texas Kentucky. Carolina New Orleans and the bears. Were they all have in common. You've got me I don't know they're all part of the six pack and eroding all know. And that's coming up next here on the three guys sports show. Listening to that three guys sports show. What do my third. -- based sports ball. -- reminders for you before we get into the six pack and eroding. If your tuning -- here Friday night fans stand please turn to our sister station at 7 o'clock. Magic 95 point five where you can hear from an -- instead. And following us here on talk thirteen -- -- Texas a and M basketball picking up their season vs buffalo. I catch. You ready for this yup I'm letting you beat me last time you're here. On a UN for a 30134. Plus nothing to brag about a 43 now really -- we -- working on when the NFC east. I -- yes clear right Hewitt. Pilots get a started first game we talked about earlier number ten allies number ten LSU and number ten want to put number ten and number thirteen. I've messed that up on -- LSU at number one Alabama. Twelve and a half point spread who reads there again. I'm taking Alabama I think that -- she might keep it close for awhile but Alabama rolls by to all the matter does something stupid like goes forward on fourth and twenty from his own one. While you heard me talking earlier what I thank. LSU pulls this off this is this out this is Alabama's loss yet. They still find a way to get the national title game because they're Alabama I'm I'm gonna do an intervention -- -- -- next came Texas. Pat West Virginia Texas favored by six and a half. What you think I say you Tebow touchdown pass. I'm telling what this is one of the two games YouTube that Texas loses West Virginia pulls the upset Morgantown they did it earlier earlier this season is Oklahoma State they do it now. Point now let's move on in the college basketball we talked about these two huge games on Tuesday night number four duke vs number five seed Kansas off. This is -- and these teams always know Jabari Parker and her -- against top duke freshman in that game who we take him doubles. I'm gonna take him to. But I made I hate picking duke but I think I I just like coach K and again Mike doesn't Kansas I just think might be -- had your own but -- that's followed up by number one Kentucky vs number two Michigan State -- -- there that's the first game. Number one Kentucky wears number tumors is it -- taken spartans -- taken the spartans. I really like I I I think the first game -- all these freshman together I is that big of a game yeah I'm saying. The elder statesman rule on this what I'm going to early in the year totally with you on that let's move on in the NFL. Big game in the NFC especially for their playoff picture we talked earlier with with the Packers and Aaron Rodgers being out. This is the Detroit Lions at the Chicago Bears. Yeah there's actually something I lied to about Stanford vs Cutler and other college a couple of below pirates go and you know I. That game uptick in Detroit. Really I like the weapons you know what I have to tell you Detroit has now become my new second favorite team really only because I have Matthews. Efforts Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush on weights in my in my fantasy teams right I'm picking Detroit as well I know. He skis coming back fairly quickly from an injury I'm going Detroit. Big game San Francisco Carolina Panthers traveling to San Fran played a 49ers four -- favored by six. Is Cam Newton are Camden and the fans -- for real -- Opinion is San Francisco blows amount by more than six that's that's what I think I think -- -- San Francisco. Runs the ball down their throat throws that it will I just I know what you said about Carolina defense I think San Francisco. I I -- so I totally gripping San Francisco is a better team and I I think not the Carolinas not I'm not a good team but San Francisco once this finally the rotary. I saved the best for last at least in my opinion the Dallas Cowboys. You don't do the song bro you gonna do this -- the New Orleans Saints saw they -- gonna do the saints are favorably by six and a half. And I'm -- Really. I don't want to -- I -- every every person their right mind would pick the saints. And I are you saying you're not you're and I am going to go with my upset trend I've picked LSU I picked West Virginia. We saw so last night was Stanford beating Oregon. I'm gonna go with the Dallas Cowboys you know it's okay -- cowboys and -- home. But it's going to be tough this is going to be tough -- is gonna be tough if if they don't establish a run game -- DeMarco Murray. There they're not going to win you know it'll do the road two or three times and they won't get any yards -- -- Miliband and yet -- and that's older and that's what they do every week it and there's also reports that came out today that Dez Bryant might have a bulging disk in his back if that's the case. There are a lot of trouble. I'm now -- -- not just in this game but. Support for the season well I hope -- right on this one I just can't see but I hope you're right -- -- -- the cowboys -- in this game. Look the cowboys to win the division now that -- that don't want it to be like you know eight men -- I kind of surprises me from you know I really don't cowboy by the like there was a there was a question I want to ask you -- we -- a really quick we got Leo we are just about a minute. Is there a worse place to live as an NFL fan and he to root for your teams than Florida right now all with Jacksonville Tampa Bay and -- asked when I lived their. Is the best via a Jacksonville playoff team winning the division yet Tampa Bay doing well again Miami doing well in the college teams were great. I mean it's a former. It is under Florida State thank you so much for tuning in this week thanks Brandon we cannot thank you for being here Casey Jon or divorced thanks for helping us out. We will see you next week at 6 o'clock thanks for student three guys -- --