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Nov 9, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's delicious mischief Boston's food and -- radio group. A presentation of specs wines spirits and finer foods and now he's the guy who loves to talk with a -- -- John -- mirrors. Hello everybody welcome to another edition I'm delicious miss him the boot in line radio program board Texas. As always delicious -- for the presentation -- -- wines spirits and of course finer foods we are in Austin this week and while there's lots and lots and lots of great food in Boston red wine too I might add. And great cocktails yes indeed but you know if I had awaken 1 morning in Austin and somebody said today you're going to a place called taco Delhi. I think I would have guiding gonna happen I can't imagine anything better than eight taco -- or or a -- devoted to the art and science of tacos. And down where you're at taco -- one of the three locations with Jill freed one of the guys behind this whole operation. Who was there at the beginning and then is back now has been back for several years. And and and and jolted me a little bit about. The story of this place I mean other than living and breathing to make me really happy. Why why and how is there a taco -- back relocation that it. I think back in 1999 Robert. It was the east side. And the diamond doesn't Tex mex and he had some visions from his childhood he wanted to bring to Austen and -- -- the heat that -- to a new new realm of existence. What you say visions from his childhood tell me a little bit about where and how that was because. I mean if if if for instance he's grown up here in Austin with the same talk goes all the time he wouldn't that needed and he must've come here from somewhere else. Began his -- in Mexico City up until the age of twelve when there was a talk Korea around them. Corner promise how's that they would win -- things -- -- melted Keyes did when dealers now or verify gets out wouldn't need it becomes who in the air that's what you do. We do when veto the tacos. And that's very get. Inspiration for some over classics the frontier and -- we evidence chickens are -- shrimp and portabella. We you know you know Joseph -- in incoming here I mean I told so many Austin nights that was coming at taco dalliance like OMG I mean I'm here every day of the year. You know people love this Petraeus explained that the relocations. And tell me. Little -- now we're not in that same old same -- really I mean there's a lot of great and even interesting talk shows being served here in the air around -- that -- and around Texas that matter. I'm with you guys go keep on keeping on doing great stuff what do you think you all do what is. Sort of the the elemental secrets slash -- slash whatever. To doing what you do at -- -- I don't think it's a secret I just think it's passion for making something that taste excellent every time and pushing yourself to make it better. We're always innovating or trading it happens every every month. It's really just caring about what you serve people and it's shocking healthy people realize the importance of that. You know being nice and serve good -- Attendance of book a successful restaurant. So let's talk about the concept here I was amazed I mean certainly one of the things you guys do that not everybody even quit do. Can do or will do is have a whole bunch of different tacos and and and I am now that I'm tasting them it's not only a whole bunch of different menu items. But but there really made shall we say separately they're not all of this this with battle on top and you know the panel like three items done 27 different way these are 27 or whatever kind of different items. Tell me about what you have. -- why you think it's important. To have so many choices. I think flexibility. When you -- and our restaurant. At least when I go under arrest on wanna have a lot of different choices I wanna go there more than once a month and I wanna see new things every time -- -- -- a place. I think when we do offer that you can come here for a whole year in ninety meaning everything on the menu. That's amazing and I only get here come here today at maybe I'll be back -- but but it's it's just an amazing place and quite -- loving kinda guy like me. Com it's sort of like a dream fulfilled let's talk about -- that here because. You know a lot of places have their salsa and maybe one or two assaulted I'm looking at well -- is used in the broadest sense there 123456. Different things you can get the chip bag which is what -- something to get the chip and would tell me about each of these you know kind of go through them and tell me what makes this interesting and why you guys have it on that. On the on the salsa bar. Well I'll start off with their most mild salsa that's their -- CEO. And it sometimes is an overlooks also because it doesn't have the heat level that's one -- -- respect about Texans we'd like to burn our mouth a lot. It's just a straight ahead rendition of atomic -- -- Hamachi on in -- -- darling it's beautiful straightforward. -- Next won't be the -- -- that's our. Our reds also we grill everything from the tomatoes onions garlic Toronto on the flat top village shard. Is it a nice earthy flavor a lot of flavor undertones. That takes distort Sonia and that is our signature it's Allah being a garlic sauce it's wonderful it's high. It's singing right now more than usual the reason Fredericksburg Albanians he. You know I was surprised because a lot of restaurants in the text next world we'll have a green -- And it's even the ones used to cool you down after let's say there -- the red is hot. In this case it packs a punch it does -- luncheon. Not gonna say that this is comical but it is interesting to watch people who think it's avocado. And put a lot on the clock going get the surprise for the for their introduction to the onion is. Interesting why didn't -- I guess means lady or something LA and Spanish what's what's the story why is it called Sonia. We have. That works horse -- going to America going -- don't you know term of respect and like the elegant mr. and -- against Hewitt today. And three months into our existence our owner Robert had a contest everybody bring in your best salsa. That's what she brought in and it just blew him away and it's been blowing our customers away for the past thirteen years. So -- two things here are very beloved among Texans back everything you do is very little of the month exit but. There's -- guacamole and there's the case so I mean. How can you go wrong with those by the same token you guys have a way of doing it your way to tell me about -- -- and in -- so done not to put deli style. -- -- guacamole is interesting because we made something called the block made switches here hates him and he has onions -- on us on trial and it's. Almost like it's also -- crude it's it's also in its own right. And we mashed avocados into that not only does it keep the green vibrant and stop it from oxidized and it hasn't really nice secrecy is seen to it that I think makes -- guacamole unique and it's no big chunks of onions to freak people out we don't wanna freak people out. And in the case that was great I would have to say that on a scale of K so it's it's lighter in in wait then some and I like that I. I'm not a big fan of like that that the -- BEK so that we here in Texas Utah and allowed. Mean this is almost -- a little bit later a little a little bit more and you're able to enjoy it more readily than just lapping it up. It's a lot of that I think he did the color we are not involved are not true keys we do use the case of Monaco and easy now. The other thing that makes their case that it is -- -- hot -- and it. That would explain a lot. Now there are so one -- two -- here on the one I wanted to try is mine and my DNA that's I believe it's called. But. How much time yeah I mean that's not like that but. You know forget what it's called it's a great tortilla soup and I'm loving -- tell me what makes a great tortilla soup down your way. We make this. -- lead. Boiled chicken guys with garlic onions talking on the -- block and I think that's where you start a lot of people are gonna use that. Barack Obama can or concentrate. We make it fresh every day. -- you out. It's heated up in order we don't have a batch of -- sitting around getting soggy losing quality. That's why you'll see a little bit of an elevated to get time when you are in the -- And then we spike it with fresh farm fresh tomatoes jalapeno onions so that they carry it texture and a vibrancy. That really helped to -- its flavor. You know we have about a minute left in this segment -- but back here at at taco -- I mean. This is the place that cares a lot about the food quality as well as. Food origin that you will very Austin that way very armed table for being at a taco joints you know that never would have happened in the past. How do you see what that's about and what drives you guys to be so so careful and thoughtful about what goes in the year edition that well that's how they come out. Yeah we're we're getting old now. And we care about where we put our bodies and the better sources that we can provide for ourselves and our customers the better restaurant we're gonna have. And when he farm to table with the name of the produce company here in town run by John lash. Who connects farmers and restaurant rulers and shafts has a lot of us don't have time about the markets and and source RRR evening's menu. And he's done a great job of using the traditional purveyor model to bring -- fresh produce to Austin restaurants. That's great will Jill -- anyway that's where -- -- -- -- -- next up on malicious mischief are great ingrained tasting segment you know wine spirits beer all the about. And then put before the hours now will be back here in Austin at a place. I'll talk a daily and I'm love minute how come I got back and already but will be here and take them -- and all -- and more when delicious but few returns. Don't -- that it'll spoil your dinner. Instead here's more delicious mischief with your host -- to murder us. And now from the -- of -- wines they read them by -- -- that's it. It's great and rain. You know a lot of times on this segment I like to say we're going traveling this week and we are going traveling this week in search of some wonderful wonderful lines but we're actually going traveling to three places at once which is kind of -- first with a company and a guy who's kind of created kind of a first -- going to Spain which I'm always willing and happy to do at any time but we're also heading south from Texas to South America. To go to both or either if you prefer Argentina and she lay all countries Spain Argentina and Chile if you think about it if you love wine. These are all places that have some excellent wines coming from them either traditionally to gay or especially tomorrow very exciting things are going on it. One of those exciting things. Is a new way of looking at a wine company winery if you will. It has operations in all three places which which I haven't actually encountered before certainly a lot of wine companies wind corporations. You know have have start or by wineries in different parts of the world to see that as a portfolio kind of thing but a company called 040 day. Is is actually it was created just a few years ago as a way of combining them of pulling together these. Three very different yet hopefully. Very very you know very very complimentary wine traditions I'm here with a guy who has a wonderful name and I wanna say every last syllable. Okay Jose Manuel Ortega he moved forward in the game. And and Jose what is the story on 04 and EA in a in Spain certainly but you guys had a very interesting idea. I mean sort of globalization was it was written in your bloodstream. Well for so thank you for having me on -- the show -- or plan to see him industry country forward and yes video -- two to start something innovative something new. To concede there. The world -- for from a growth perspective and also from a tour perspective so we are local angle at the same time. We were pro party pioneers on and that there are -- several of the constable or yes growing grapes in a particular region with its own. But director directory stinks and this is why we we started the predicting in -- colliding Mendoza in Argentina. Then we've we've found is go to property and a bit as good on Spain which is the most prestigious Landry in the country -- up a lot of Spain. We -- this lovely being there and then in 2007 will move step back. To South America and we started there with an overly predicting. In Chile in both -- They San Antonio for whites. And motive body forests. So so from -- wine business perspective I mean. How does this -- you mention -- lobbying really really important and certainly these are very different terror wise plural. How does that kind of affect change or design your approach to two to the whole business because. Like I say this is not the normal model to have at least three different visions of of your own brand if you will mean how. How the how does that affect things and how do you go about mastering if you will -- a lot of such different places. Well for -- we did a total for all work ahead of -- of time to to look at. Disloyal. Whether directories -- rainfall quantity of water. To make sure that that particular area it the style. In concert that -- -- lines and lines -- announcement also empower. Once finance. And so -- go to CDs hole with its freshness may mean in markets like. At Texas world. It's pretty -- all throughout the year. So and we wanted tools so low black. The basics -- to the reason why why are you -- us. For more and 8000 years and -- to share to drink you know tools to have a family friends drink it in the two pace once we we I think we lost. Truck on the ball with so many sort of -- KB. You know all lines and man people would actually enjoy them for a couple -- Our style was his goal to wines that people can drink -- passed -- to you know get -- cigarettes and and -- and with that dep -- to remind we yes look for the right areas. Is but they were -- -- it happens to me that it is in every country will always. Bidding on the coldest region in the country anymore. Risk was the pros from harassed on concern that but. You know when we get it right that once secret. So so for the layman to describe why your philosophy your mission about wines that aren't just for two -- but may be two glasses why that sort of rescue to the coldest region in the country -- mean that. I I gather from different interviews that that has to do with the nature of the wines at the grapes that make the wind in those areas but. What's that about mean why you always looking for cold weather. Well. You know -- all the city has to do with that with the fact that the greatest -- in the way that that you have more. In more -- -- more -- in the lines because all's well that. That extreme temperatures. In the night. And you know and he creates also Maureen did it in the if they were going to -- India or northeast are. In -- -- martyrs and I'm not I'm not an expert course. Analyze what's gonna Miss America reports -- -- -- lines all these things are are pretty new to mean beautiful parrots. Yes. Telling what I hear from winemakers but. -- is this is what happens when you wrote noting rates but when you grow any vegetable and fruit he called region where you have extreme temperature between day and night. You get that extra flavors extra and laid down six CDT on on many any product -- always the -- well. You know since the five lines I'm looking -- here all from South America let's talk a little bit about your ribera -- where -- operation in Spain I mean what what is the basic idea of that I mean it's -- -- say it's the most famous and and certainly I know it I know the name Rivera they'll -- well. On what do you do there are in terms of -- new wines and then we'll know we've covered it -- we can start drinking. Well -- -- and Reza what do we will be something that was very unique -- regret that a proper diction which is to be able to secure under personal part rates. -- obedience that's the exception of the rule over there it goes most lanes actually yes buys it so. For us it's a philosophy. If we don't control a 100% -- significant part of our grapes we cannot guarantee equality. On every vintage and for troubled this year. -- prevent auto industry news harvesting a couple of days ago and he's been in jail very core a week ago -- vintage. Quite -- ways but I'm very excited as we think we can do something. -- it is very unique because of the fact that we do control -- yes and we can work the -- some sexually that. -- can make a better ones. Did the -- just fantastic is next there -- the complexity of this or what's the experts always look for because he brings total. Different they were -- remarks to the graves. Is yes I mean seeing the city man's. From millions of years how many different Ayers underground groups actually feeding from those little different. Components for and sentiment. And I sitting in our case we we always look for an -- NY has not so it'll be another group bones that people were more used to and I think. The future wind today is moving towards baton to a normal two or more -- -- more financed. I said before Morrissey the and will be -- also very good reviews colonel Parker's selector wanna for alliance that's one of the top four -- In Spain -- spectator. In the same thing. What was being crossings and the in the best value category which are rendering an alliance. You know speak out Austria has been beaten. -- for importing business class so many airlines of course the awards number four. In the top 100 -- -- lineman who's here last year so. We managed to achieve great -- what did the and also very affordable prices something that is part of the philosophy -- -- -- we. After the lever exceptional wines and exceptional prices we yes don't believe -- concert that. You know only it is the lead here to drink -- -- winds coming into wanna pass. 25 dollars thirty dollars to spirit of -- line or fifty dollars are going to that one of the top forwards in the world. So we just had about a minute left before the break so we'll end it in that area in Spain or are we in -- neo country or some other great what are you guys growing and making -- front. That's standard you've grown tree almost under -- tomorrow affect. The rules of the depredations stated that. That. 7%. Lines there to be in any. The other varieties that you may encounter which is animals. -- two to -- I just covered so you know on arm Google. And we actually pioneers in the region with my -- and make you sexually allowed. Legally allowed to plant and we are doing our first -- with making progress go to Russell in the big enough to premium -- which was seen. In and indeed I don't work very well all we hope. That will work very well in progress there. That's good news -- we're about to taste a mile back some serious smell bad but it won't be from Spain -- the -- from Argentina among. Among perhaps other places and also one of my favorite white line on the face of the earth. With the -- what contents all of that and more when that was as this year's returns. Still hungry. Here's another helping of delicious mischief which are host John Denver us. Welcome back -- things -- joining us here on delicious mr. we're doing. Our great ingrained tasting segment and we're talking about and of course tasting the lines of old forty DA which is a very interesting intriguing innovative wine company concept. With without operations if you will in Spain Argentina and she lay and the winds were looking at here are all from the south American side of the family if you well I'm here with Jose Manuel Ortega -- -- UK and and let's talk to -- -- here because in -- I -- until. I don't know five years ago most Americans had never heard of -- -- Many of them still can't pronounce it with the accent on the last syllable but that's how it's done. What's the story on -- -- that day you're 2011 torrent case. Well -- cities of the queen off. Well -- but I -- Argentina. Or two days ago the you -- eco light that -- extremely well with with a solid foods and I actually. If she called tool too much blocked such ads. For example in oriental food spicy food. You know think Mexican food and these are difficult. Difficult foods to eat too much -- with anything -- automatics and the freshness. All of that torrent as or are artists are shelf that total food marching. These warnings actually the only wind that would produce an Indian and that is not from new collective is prone. It beautiful. Particularly. In the province of something in the north of Argentina. The seniors are -- -- almost 6000 feet flat too so I accepted that the things in the world. Making the you know this altitude and these subtle. And the conditions. And -- for -- Weiner. -- come from right that is yes you know exciting and an intriguing. It is I love -- -- you know in this country we've had this kind of I mean it's often called ABC anything but Chardonnay -- -- -- -- Chardonnay but. You know we've been sort of looking for a white wine to drink that wasn't just the same old same mall and -- -- has really jumped right into that opening that need if you will and it's been it's been great so also in the I think the corporate dateline from Argentina is amount back. Acting if there's one grape varietal that I think most people associate with -- with Argentina it is the -- bat great I mean in France used here in the air for sure but it truly came into its own so how is that what happened. Two mile back when it cease to be a kind of so called blending grape and friends and became the star of the show in Argentina. Well I think you know we're blessed with you know I mean -- -- -- I team in the country. Actually well said melodic what sort of idea originated in France and he was always conscious -- that idea. At 3% but I -- it occurs most of the unions -- -- personal politics I mean there. And at some point and this is a wonderful thing a vote to vote -- so well W cloture. And I have an idea there was more Chinese at all in one country yes was moved to almost -- just pure rock -- yes coping well what's being -- now. Seen in -- And set really -- shining. And you know which and all of the -- that we have in -- And he became from a through December and I deem the country to. The number one total a red variety. What they do voice that were provided they can the US consumer has appreciated the benefits of of this rise in the past years has become or -- that darting -- -- varieties in the last 440 years in the US market and were very happy with. Those so quickly Jose how would you describe your feet -- -- at de melt back. Perhaps with -- -- toward whatever you may consider the standard the average -- back from Argentina that's out there now. This is just I mean really enjoying this wine out what people love best about. I think you know for sorting oped piece of -- that its exclusive -- anyone who wants a trade it's going to -- because we -- we made his -- yes especially for. Or four expects customers. This modicum but the great -- her house. Extremely lovely. And knows. More flowery by and its. They refine almost like -- like. And then when you voted him -- to social. Being -- that before that that freshness to it that makes you want to continue drinking. Okay I well. And you better. How fortunate to feed so you know when you buy a -- -- why you put food on the table so we appreciate that. So basically when you when you put this in the mouth as well it Tuesday attendance -- -- soft. They're not drop but also I think it's it's a it's very welcoming -- And I think it's also -- -- friendly as well. And it's also where were -- his wife I think her around ten dollar support retail on the sir. Why is that in all. Human airlines from the whining. You know ninety points that anyone important Parker and and went -- this quality that total far score and that -- I think they're very difficult to find. I think that this this wind definitely delivers and way more than around ten dollars and that's of course what you look for I mean. Something that's as good as its price is good something that's tastes better than its prices -- at a now now here's the next flying its interest thing while which we're turning to she -- totally different country with I'm sure a different a lot based on the things you talked about this is called either curve then or or -- and if it's used most Spanish guys that but what's the story when we get over here are what are the -- to says red wine so that would probably imply kind of blend of -- so what's gone on in this bottle. This one actually sick again is -- percent kind and we're brownies are sort offender label -- making its effort to quoted intro but that's the first one on on our wind spearmint. And we have the same brand for -- two country to country for a motive promoted running Gillette. We'll run local from new Gilani in Argentina and run to read up from regret as -- -- in Spain. Describe what they were as you know -- its attitude to show his line. Today. Because is the first time we've we've made these lines and and his social was bought by a specs almost. Exclusive basis. So obviously the name Karen -- on implies that that French the French are involved in there somewhere what what is. Is using carrying on is is it a 100% Arab land that I mean what does that bring to this red wine that may be if they were just admiral lol Shiraz whatever may be that we haven't tasted before. We -- the fair -- honest with with a variety. Canyon. Or you -- Spain. What so a lot of listening to too many French guys then the fraternity or was that the best -- one of them translated into their own language well. Carrying -- Or you mean Spain -- And these days no discussion next time you gonna tell me that grew notches -- -- not -- in disguise. And and and there. Move that is -- So without our share of our inventions in the wine business but there's one there's no there's no confusion because they succeed the in Spain corporate union. Seoul usually. We know where it came from but you know there in the nineteenth century when France went through all these separate looks -- programs and all the all the -- were decimated. We've -- six. These what I deep cross the screenings. To be planted in the subtle problems. And then from from there it moved. Tool. -- Downward though blessed we want to make some exceptional canyons. From 1818100. Year old and having these but do well why is coming from when he two year old lenient. Carrying -- in in the south achieving mileage. And it's yes sucks right now again it's. Is down to start the timer now because this is -- tough assignment for you we have about a minute and a half left we have two lines one Carlson Tori read land from -- the other from Chile as well. With sort of the family name -- for an yea on it what what what happens in these two battles again probably with less time than we than it they deserve but they're wonderful. And -- 2009 it's it's 45% artifact -- at all when he -- you know and think. So lovely wine you know -- me right but they're totally over the -- I would see him that the countries that want to record it coming -- home. 6220. Hurled being aired. Opinion scene in -- knowledge to -- farm I'm grafted almost. Being in your dress part of lines across almost nowhere in the world to know where in the world of finance grafted or -- came in out of running -- A boy in to the last -- -- the hopefully airline that to blend that's 80% that governor frank and 10% -- and on and embers and carrying them. And that's that's and credit line and that was selected by -- this one scene in Chile. This year. It's yes and wind that would last probably 506070. Years because of the components of the line. And we is very proud you know to have made that line and and you know we just reload 89 dollars and adorable line of this quality. And these exclusive mr. -- produce about 2000 bottles of the swine. Makes us at California are very very proud of this one. I have to tell you say if I -- have a bottle of this line it would not last 67 years years around my house it is so amazing and it's down 048 is the name on the -- the name on the label and it's part of of course feel -- a wine family if you will that -- these incredible -- adventures in Spain and Argentina and -- we've -- we've talked we've enjoyed all part of today's great -- segment from the shells -- -- wines spirits and finer -- and it's worth noting that. Several these lines are very very heavily stocked you know focused on specs and two or actually made. Force specs right you'd think -- thing flying from argent. So bad about that in this segment which has been given IE myself we'll be back right after this. And now for one more bite of delicious mr. Here's your host John emergence. Welcome back to delicious and it's everybody -- off. This week evident good old time as people tend to do here. And we're at a restaurant very very popular almost got crazy popular restaurant with three locations. Call talk go to LA and it's time for some tacos I mean we talked salsa in the opening segment we talk we talk to so plaid -- we talked to bunch of stuff. But but you know Jo-Jo -- is here with us and them let's talk about these here's here's the we wanted before I don't even now seven time code that elected them. It's kind of crazy Joseph you know I can I can only so much but for instance what's this one here what's the story this is the beef taco but more than that. Better than that different from that in some way that's that's my favorite it's an opportunity be it DO detect this blog you -- -- hard Boehner. Japanese beef that direct -- every product extract from them is wonderful just that well -- full flavored beef. So what's the story I mean it's kind of I don't know ground up chopped up but it's not like a big huge kind of thing it's different from Mac -- It's a big video which is. It's not a traditional. And it's it's got a really nice flavor then upon serving we had a little bit of the back to the -- here and we we had a little bit achieves. And -- Elantra and onions and it's been a great seller of course. Here's the question Hamlet question as to -- the now from beef we go it but as far as keeping -- and here's here's an actual real -- vegetarian taco that even more amazing that actually taste like. I tell me about the Heather. The -- wonderful we take a piece of case of fresco or Mexican farmer cheese and we grill and on the flats and our retry black beans lettuce tomato guacamole. It's our fourth best selling taco and named after a very beautiful woman. Well I mean at taco named after a beautiful woman is like two wonderful food groups taking air out right in one place. Now now here's some really gorgeous looking tacos here on this as one of my favorite so wisely to -- -- I don't know if you noticed but. I love the fact it has lots of -- in energy crunch on top but still me I mean -- me after all tell me about this one. This is one of our classic since the frontier of Needham chicken we take chicken -- and seasoning -- it and then tussle -- little bit of moderate -- and we topped that with. Saw tape of 1009 -- so the front -- and Hedo. It's a tribute to the -- terror that order cooking with the big eaters with them but the honest and onions then the Toledo we milk cheese and added on there and. Gotta be that now there's a little bit different and I think this falls under the realm of your -- daily specials you talk goes to your right. Whoever heard of tackled the York tell me about -- New York today on the New York. That there Delhi belly it's there weren't belly that we it's a three day cooking process we. We hear that pork belly for one day and honey in salt and we roasted for five hours on a bed of the bombers onions and sharing. And then -- slice it on -- Serve it with that summit CEO of a cut us Olson want and onions it. Wonderful you know what I like about this today. Venture here today is is I'm I'm turning out tortillas corn tortillas in this case I'm turning tortilla like they're the pages of a book and -- tell me about this chapter -- What's what's up next this looks like shredded wonderful men. It's it's called certain keys that Miller is that shredded or taco with the -- -- -- -- sauce. Sort of similar in that are needed and that we pitched it up on the flat -- up before serving it. And it's up that would avocado slots on nine yeah. I'm I'm out this full and very happy Tom Kelly got back got back at that became so we got. Couple more tacos here and down. Let's go -- this one is that looks a little bit different. And it it kind of comes from that the fish taco tradition and that I mean I know when I first moved to Texas and summons that you wanted to -- stock -- I was kind of horrified that such a thing would exist but they -- what -- I know. Once I tasted fish -- I would I would I became a goner it's one of my favorite -- -- -- Thank you apparently instant not on the Pacific Ocean we're creating the that stock now. Think about how many miles of coastline Mexico and it should be a surprise that we get it back. What is surprising is how many of -- out with a mayonnaise based law. I think this is it different direction of the more unique enough probably authentic. We take line cut from from the Gulf Coast -- buying pot I mean we're not talking and just go to the store and buy some frozen fish at some time now we're talking and we -- quality seafood that they have their own fleet of fishermen and -- directly to them it's very fresh products delicious wonderful. We season it we really don't. And top that with our mojo garlic sauce which is wonderful. We fried garlic and olive oil with Sinatra lime and salt. I have to hate that writes today's grade anything at least my -- as soon as that on it. And then there's guacamole and -- that it that it -- garnish it. It's probably our third best seller -- I let you keep track of the sales because I mean India I mean you wouldn't be amazed -- may be like at the numbers like people who don't -- you know in their own restaurants out well. -- what sells and what doesn't and that explains a lot of things on menus I'm sure. One more what's this talk all about this is our this is Arabic it is their number one seller the cowboys go how boycott go yum. Cowboy because it's a cowboy -- Brown sugar consultant effort and we use it on beef tenderloin we see here it. We hit it with the -- garlic -- us top but with caramelized onions grilled corn roasted peppers guacamole and caiso fresco so it's a busy -- But at least. Sounds great well I'm I'm looking around the room here -- a little bit describe for our listeners. How taco -- actually works because it's got an interest in everybody's got a variation on some kind of system so -- order every year you pick up over there I -- Tell me how what that really is for coming at taco -- -- that really is. You block and you place your order hopefully the -- going to help you with an order that we do take an interest in every person that watched burglars. And we are happy to guide you through the menu it is extensive. After placing your order we take your name that immediately even names and on numbers. And then you're free to go you know we've been hearing people walk through and say. -- you know so yeah that doesn't work and we wanna get to know you -- our abolished anytime any customer comes in we want to build a regular. As we do love our customers the best thing about this business except for the news. But after your order you get your drink we have this also bar you're allowed to get as much as you want. And we'll call your name. And make sure that you orders dried hopefully we'll check on you like your eating that if you don't like it -- wanna get you something else we do you want you to leave that. 011 of the groups that seems to leave happy and we've been talking primarily about you know savory later in the day kind of stock goes back. But here in Texas of course we love our breakfast tacos we love when breakfast shows up in the -- that would anything shows up and taco frankly. I'm what do you guys is the goal of your breakfast tacos and in what's one or two that kind of embody that culinary go. We take a break stock SP CA sleep especially in Austin I did not realize now. I'm Austin centric doc goes where I mean and they're not how -- -- -- -- DNA that's the case it. We are just featured in a book last week by Armando that that details the history of the breakfast taco it's a wonderful book a lot of local shifts but they're they're they're. Teacher -- in there. We just want you to be able to start your day out right and we've got AM. My favorite doesn't involve a exits the auto accident -- black beans baked in avocados and cheese. Our best selling -- one is -- -- which is fetus which allowed people don't know let me -- -- scrambled eggs with tortilla chips tomatoes onions and Albanians topped with -- And I guess as an avocado on top of that. Sounds good sounds really great now before we let you go I'm intrigued by the notion that he had written on the wall of build your own -- it says she's 23 or four items. How the heck does that work I mean you. I mean -- have like all these -- different. You know mixtures in times and types of tacos but still people coming in -- wanna build their own. I think he should we're talking about flexibility earlier there sixteen things you can choose from from farm fresh tomatoes the case of -- -- black beans are indicates. It has built much money that -- I think it's a good thing for the customers. Q if you want the white stuff up or if you want five bill Ford. -- you -- five go for a while I love that. I'm what you don't you guys have you you're hoping dreaming and planning to expand this concept I hope it comes to. Any place and every place near me let me tell you. What what do you what do you kind of seemed just a minute you know what it's the end and that the hopeful future of taco Delhi. Well one of that if you -- Austin. And then -- really. Really like this we can do outside of Boston Houston Dallas or maybe even outside of Texas Denver Atlanta to me it would be an honor and a privilege to bring. The noble thought two places that are taco deprived and I lived in Nashville for a couple years -- Tucker deprive. Web page that I could deprivation is a serious and horrible thing I have to say. Here that. We -- think -- prayed for joining us here at taco deli in Austin I'm a good time is had by all anytime their tacos to be had been particularly. If their tacos this magnificent -- that I think. This Maggie it go so thanks for joining us here on malicious mischief as always the presentation of -- lying spirit. And finer foods. Until next time I'm your host John the American denial of the EU but the next meal.