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Retirement Planning Show, 11.09.13

Nov 9, 2013|

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Welcome to the retirement planning Joseph would Steve's to assist you. Call Steve now at 18045712. Uniting. And now. Here's the extra -- you. A little -- and I'm planning show. We talked about save money -- if money places. Assist Easter recess he euros and thanks for tuning in on this glorious week Dan. Hope you're enjoying your Saturday and opium -- fantastic way. You know I'm located right here in the Austin area in round rock Texas. And we've been in round rock Syrian -- over thirty years. In room thirteen 70 AM every Saturday at noon and at 3 o'clock. But of thirteen seventy four over five years so Warner businesses are -- the band were Tuesday and and in total we have enjoyed -- you issue with thirteen seventy. You know -- that -- to grab them and get that piece of paper route and you did you on this number. That's one he pondered for pars and 1298. That's 1804571209. VA. And of course our web -- it is www. Seat. Money taxes. Dot. That receive money taxes dot com. I'm sure you enjoy the web site and greet his beautiful to me as well. So we will -- ago to seize money taxes dot com. And of course the 200 news 104. Pars seven. 1298. You know I'm licensed by the stated taxes. I'm an independent nation. The work from any specific company or any large corporation. That all the representatives want to offer not Roberto. I'm independent. I work for you. My client. And provide you the best services and vice that is available today. Excuse me if you want more than just -- change. And the standard of licenses and let's put everything in the market. Hope it goes and if it falls lets you sit tight and wait -- to come back. If you aren't happy with that philosophy. And moves like solid. Dependable. Predictable. In understandable. Advice and knowledge. Mean give me -- call 1800. Four stars 129. Day. If you want something that is simple and easy to understand. And something that's gonna do you do for you what you want to happen and that is to make money. They give me a call. 1800. 4571. To nominate. You know my core philosophy is that all wealth comes from. And it's my responsibility. To be a good -- what god in Charleston a good stewards should first. Protect his wealth from loss. And second to make it work as hard as possible. This philosophy. Is what I base all of my clients recommendations. Who knows it is time as the need to pick up that phone gave me a call. At 1804571298. My team receptionists are standing by. You can call 24/7. Call any time we -- appropriate information via some questions. You know call you there personally. 1804. Pars 111209. The -- -- not a -- one of those people Alter its losing sleep. Because you're stressed out and wondering how much you future retirement dollars are going to be lost during this volatile market. And at the same time living with fees and charges in good times and and a and for those who view money market accounts from bank CDs. You -- think this interest rates to change. No message just an alternative. With my advanced planning. For you guarantees. Offers you first your bonuses. And 100%. Guaranteed safety with no fees no charges of any parent. No taxes when you money compounds were bright future. And you have the liquidity in the end. My number is. 1804. Pars 12 -- Now it is possible to participate. In the upside and a market and be 100%. Protected from the downside. -- -- -- And Cuba -- you can achieve. Annual returns. In a program that has -- -- twelve guarantees. That you'll never suffer a loss because of market decline. Who never experience anymore of those guaranteed losses due to brokerage fees and commissions. And in addition of that -- -- also the view on the tax and as well. If you could convert some or all of your current retirement dollars in -- something that would never lose value in the marketplace. And still realize high average annual gains. When -- of interest to him. If your money is currently in the market review of everything in the market. -- to a little hair -- with all the the huge amount of risk picture taken all the volatility. You know the reality used market goes up in a market goes down. You weren't an all time high. You so when this time. Would you still wanna slow. Can you really afford to have all of -- lives dangerous. Especially now. -- -- Give me a call 1800. Four pars and 129. That's 1800. Four pars and 129. Day to you know there was a recent -- -- restoring order form committees. That explain for those retired or near retirement no more than 10% of your foreign should be addressed. In Starks and 0% after its. Many views of the majority of phones wrist. In a few weeks ago we discussed and Jim Cramer pre -- money fame -- both to the average investor would -- money in the market. And especially the tea which investors should know that -- mutual funds. The dorsal Suzie Orman one of America's TV's favorites. She's a former -- and former star of course now. As all over thirty million poss well not in the market at all. The -- all in the most extreme -- when he attempts. In north -- money programs. In insurers in our clients' accounts only continue to grow. And never sought parole loss in the market declines. His putting which some called Heath Warner world which is the miracle of compound in this allows our clients. -- -- Insecurity. Of not only losing their retirement featuring. But also be in the you'll have a legacy for the families. After the if you like to learn more. My number's 1804. Par 71 to nominate. This one is -- for pars and then 129. DH. The difference between ordinary planning. And with banks and brokers and other news and in. Brokers as well. Is that with our advanced planning we replace market uncertainty involved to be with principal guarantees. You Armani is guaranteed. Would replace all fees or commissions with no fees and no commissions. We maximize their clients' returns with actually proven historically -- returns there alone my clients. To earn two to three times on sizes is four times the ordinary results and everyone else is forced to exit. We view view. -- that protection. Liquidity. And tax deferment to. This is Steve's recessed can you listening to the retirement plan and show. It is a break and albeit back. Thanks for listening to the retirement planning show with Steve should -- escape. If you're looking for indexed annuities with upside return potential links to the growth of stocks and 100%. Downside protection from stock market declines plus a guaranteed rate of return of the market under performance over the long term and ongoing access to a portion of your money with tax advantages and possibly lower taxes on Social Security income then Steve can help. Pick up the phone and calls to Easter recess 1804571298. Working with Steve is hassle free there's no sales pressure. Steve has been helping those in or about to retire in the Austin area for years and he can help he was well. Don't wait for more of your hard -- life savings to be lost to the market gobbled up by broker fees or taken by Uncle Sam. Call Steve she -- -- now at 1800. 4571298. That's 18045712981. Welcome back this -- stands recessed the news listening to the retirement plan and show we talk about it's if money places. Now prosecutors times and he picked up the phone and you near call 1804. Pars so -- one -- nine A that's 1045711098. -- and questions we need some answers. Give me a call -- appropriate information. Will call you better personally and answer those questions for you. In addition of that to take advantage over free consultation. This would offer my radio listeners free consultation. No obligation. We've future -- at home. On the -- office. Can be your place of business you resonance whichever you prefer. And again it's no cost to you give you an opportunity to. Have -- consultation. -- your present portfolio review were. Or -- plan and we're presently having them with into the hospital you know. So give me a call 104. Pars 71298. That's 1804. Pars seven world mind you. In addition of that. And books from Patrick Kelly. Buddy of mine that wrote stress. -- retirement. Patrick is. An exceptional -- written numbered from books about retirement. In the this book news -- Is exceptional. It is a book. 230 pages long. It's -- quick read it's. Gives you some exceptional information. Shows you how to eliminate pain in the councils of the investment landscape. In the book shows you how to protect your wife's name means against loss. Read in -- -- income extreme that you can grow. Also received. Limited upside gain potential. Who's -- -- risk of loss. Receive. Limited. Upside potential was -- wrist problems. Sound interesting. It -- or call 1804. Pars 712 idea eight. As for your free copy. And of course you boss talks about stock in those annual management fees to start brokers in the money managers and opinion those -- duties. And addition of that Bob -- rise. This past abuses simplest and most of -- -- retirement book -- Steve -- -- Issue. Which. Was -- Writes Patrick Connolly has again. Yzerman own finance author and expert who can make complex subjects simple and -- The world into this quick read. It just might change your financial future. And positioned Sharaud currents. Of financial services world can be so confusing and intimidating. Report helped me understand my retirement. Exceptional Reid. Says if you like your copy book and books to give way. Perino cost you call my 1804571298. Number of it and leave the appropriate a promotion. Call you back just to confirm address everything else to make sure you receive it. He is and get -- out to -- it is an exceptional -- exceptional book. Again call 1804. Pars 71298. If you have any questions. I'll be going back personally answered Emporia and -- and can you talk about one show next week. And in addition of that. If you would like to take advantage of a free consultation. We've -- permission to do with my receptionist. War if you like to free book. We've that appropriate information with -- as well in with them Richardson is and I will again and make sure that you receive it. So again give me a call 1804. Pars 71298. And again my team receptions for standing by two only forced seven to call any time in the news for driver and should have an accident. Pick him over phone numbers -- forget it then. Look -- -- money taxes. Dot com that -- money taxes all tied to our promise or web -- in contact with whips and as well. -- and be it is union just a and those little operation my phone numbers -- there as well you can call me direct in my office. Which there was more convenient Korea. So again 1804. Pars 712 minded to. You know if he question -- you have to ask yourself is if you're giving. Advance planning with prism rolled by mr. Let me ask you this as your broker advisor Everest -- What shoe one happened to happen to your money once you -- on one -- Does this one of the as you explained you this is going to be transferred on human pressures. Or even if you've named him -- This is extremely important you don't want this year's state to be going through probate process. We can illuminate that for you to make sure the answers not all kinds of fees and expenses and probably cost in court Austin. Attorneys' fees and what have you involved it's time metered. It is as a very very simple process. Can all be taking Euro would penalties or charges -- -- going on here beneficiaries. It can be passed on to them. Exactly -- that you want it to happen. It's extremely important and something two we probably don't think a lot. Will prevail live forever unfortunately. -- Yeah if that's of some interest in Indians in addition to that the other thing is you have to be concerned about his creditors from predators. To edit -- Lawsuit crazy world everybody -- to -- everybody for it to drop ahead. And to make sure that you have so on the assets that are. Are protected you know that you don't have to worry about anybody else grab and -- -- regardless what happens -- bankruptcy for that matter. They can be protected. So there -- ways of of doing and in doing them properly. From. The main thing is it take to time. Check it -- and pictures that -- it is being done properly. Give me or call 1804. Pars 7129. Nate. That's 1804571298. Let's make sure. That your state. Planning is as well as your financial plan. -- was which we have all the areas taking care. So in this extremely important to make sure that these things are done and done. In addition to that it's so important to keep your money's a and make sure this and that he would need no rights fees and charges Indians lost a taxation. You know even a week reminder field only one or 2% retirement account. And cost you up to 13 of the money you couldn't have for you return. That's conclusion that only lose in the small -- year after year after year but Ross will lose net interest on that -- That would've stayed in could've stayed in your retirement account. Now. When it's maintains and stays in your camp -- restoring the miracle of compound in. You cannot afford to ever lose you can afford to go backwards. -- most people have no ideas of -- especially variable annuities one almost fees and charges are. And speed and begin with mutual funds as well. And complicated. Excuse -- -- I don't understand and -- industries are listed on the various and in numerous and various different points. Let's stick to time to find out what all the cities and cost four. You know I've seen accounts were refusing to go from two arm of the size 7%. Year after year after year no matter what the markets don't. This season and there. Let's just make sure. That you know opinions from ridiculous cost for no reason. You know there is a better way. And if you look retirement savings it has no fees no charges. Upfront bonuses. And accounts that won't shoot shall we -- losses no matter how far market falls. Plus you have -- in high average annual gains. And give me a call at 1804. Pars 71298. That's 1804571298. Misses the mistress asking you listening to the retirement plan and show and will be better. Thanks for listening to the retirement plan in show with Steve's -- -- If you are looking for annual interest rates of seven to 8% guaranteed up to twenty years with income guaranteed for life income they can continue for the life of both spouses and start and stuff as -- -- plus all -- left on your demise go to your errors then Steve can help. Pick up the phone and call Steve's just -- at 180457129. That's 180457129. Working -- -- hassle free there's no sales pressure Steve has been helping those in or about to retire in the Austin area for you. So he can help you as well. Don't wait for more of your hard -- life savings to be lost to the market. Gobbled up by broker fees were taken by uncle same. Call Steve she says -- now at 1804571298. That's 180457129. Welcome back -- -- the -- -- do you news into the retirement plan and show what to. Save money places. You know. Were located right here in the Austin area right here in round rock Texas. -- news when you do colander or 800 number you columns from what -- lawful right here in the immediate area. So please go to the phone do you -- call 1804571298. If you have some questions. Do you have the -- that you personally and answer them for you don't wharf Hewitt taking advantage of free consultation no obligation. There's no pressure. Leave future both at home and come in my office or welcome to your place of business for you resonance. Which it was appropriate. And so give us -- call 18047129. In my team receptions are standing side. They force Evans -- quality time. -- -- appropriate information within the -- some questions and you want to talk to me personally. Via telephone. Or you like to take advantage of free consultation come into the office from me come to you. Whichever you preferred. Simply by calling 1804. Pars and one to die in a war let's take advantage. And copies to stress free retirement by him but he catcher Kelly. Two penalties were numerous books. -- exceptional author. In this pitchers who have both Q writes about text from time and it's. Explain two retirees and people coming up on retirement how to eliminate the pain and councils of the investment landscape. You know Patrick also talks about how to protect your life savings against loss. -- an income stream you can grow. Receive limited upside gain potential ones who was lost you on limited. And Indians stop in those annual management these business people please. And money manager cities. So if you'd like to copy of the book -- call 18045712. And they. That's 1804. Pars than. Well mind you they -- forgive website. At WW. Dot. So if money taxes dot com that's safe money taxes all typed note dot com and contest with -- -- as well. There's -- -- snapshot in the at the website applaud CNET. Exceptional tool to skew view and understand it about them. -- counts and the risk -- your involved Italy we -- Take advantage of that as well. Again. Www. Seed money to taxes that. So you have on him or call 1804571298. You know with everything going on the world loses nobody knows that Obama. Can do affordable health care. -- -- is here. Is news to. Few matches -- In numerous glitches but. And have to be taking care of us who -- is -- gonna affect. Can affect -- numerous different ways and nothing else has an effect on the most people's cars taxation. You know -- of course shoes increasing premiums and so on and so forth sorts. Ruin -- and so that happens he uses a exactly you know it's been -- back to. But it is public there and the majority of this one which -- reform. So it is Hampton has to be considered. In addition of that of course who don't hear too much about the job market. As Boston's. -- and on the job market and creating jobs. Yeah and uses animals anymore. Whoever most national product that you see was -- the -- excited and happy about that and -- of course Susan. Itself visit him one is actually take advantage of them. The news buying 2013 cars and -- -- -- fourteens that come -- -- taken advantage of the discounts and of course or renewal rates so. Auto companies are happy that the majority of many -- the dessert cart has been sold. In addition of that -- notes is going news. National -- of course continues to grow. It's getting larger and larger and larger. We're not decreasing the deficit news at all. The government courses Stew differences do any money so. With that -- You know our deficit is gonna continue to grow and grow and grow. Needless to say. Sunday it does have to change. When that's going to be its next week next year. Who knows. Bullet when that happens of course is probably going to be -- shock to everyone. So many ideas of course is to make sure you have new things in order. Before all this happens. Absolutely he should do something harder to instead of after. Susan. Now is to time to use it. Have a review. Make sure you're doing as much as you can do to protect yourself. And take advantage of them. Availability of investments that are there today a two picture. Your assets. I don't think anyone who's from. It is -- real happy about trying to protect their retirement savings you do it yourself and keeping track of it during this volatile market. Don't think anybody's really enjoy him. Can be extremely difficult to enjoy realize it is you'd choose don't know that your money's going to be there when -- news to most. Views on decisions -- who. -- -- -- -- phones -- so one so what to do what not to do. You know if you lose some advice on that please give me a call at 1804. Pars 7129. -- That's 1804. Pars 7129. DA. Let's have votes set down in the its growth through your portfolio let's have a review -- a total review everything from. On the tax to be used a plan to Novo to leave you weren't sure investments -- -- today. It's give me a call 1804. R.s 1112 and ideally. You know I'm passionate about -- you aren't used to -- Ariba safe money strategies for peace of mind exceptional growth. -- I've decided to -- there are ways to really help educate people who let him know. That you can. Very good -- many times to -- returns -- is it. Some people experiencing today. And without any of this tremendous progress. I mean there should tax deferral in addition of that and of course guarantees of principal was well. And even return on that principle. Now's the time to -- and take a few minutes you -- call 18045712. Idea. And let's review your circumstances. Again and you can come into the office -- -- prompt you which servers more convenient smoke arsenal pressure. Two -- you an opportunity. Issues have set an opinion. So. Now's the time to go on give me or call 1804. -- 71298. If you like to take advantage of the free consultation. Union call. Just -- and questions. Please give me -- call him and returned to called you personally and will return a call. I'm right here in the Austin area. -- -- to America what ten books like -- mentioned. That -- -- is stress free in retirement. -- Patrick wouldn't you know it is a book -- -- some -- pages. Talks about protecting your savings operating income streams. On limited upside in potential as far as gains zero respect laws. Stop pain in those and you management fees and -- star qualities. Start -- story money managers. Give me a call 1804. -- 7129 -- year and desist Easter recess Pete who listening to. Retirement plan in Chicago and. Call -- back.