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Nov 4, 2013|

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Well hey folks this is bill soil -- always say we're so lucky enough we are lucky to have with me today. My cohost doctor -- -- good evening and I'm -- there. Tobacco Tyler too. Where your children and take. But it's just a pleasure to have you -- -- -- favorite people I think can. At least in this building. There's only three people here that I could benefit tougher opponent. And then just the citizens of humor where you have a baby on the way. Yup DO four months yet got a two year old Agassi is now officially toddler registering to and then another baby coming along and the end of February 2. So that tallies in. DC and at Delhi and cynical -- I and still the ability to pressure -- Another beautiful. -- would do such -- well we have with this dip the cracker. -- I welcome to the shooting of the deep BI. KR AK. ER. Harry KER. They are my goodness they got you are here and away as they are. I tell you what we should edit content about the spells and like to be cracker. With 100 dollars. Could be argued to the WD BS -- -- here with the Austin dog reliance. Right so tell how the Soto got -- the show would. Should it go was restarted my. And let's Saturday night a lot of the we have -- turn out and that had a great time. Good. Nervous at all here because of the radio show -- a great show. You. Got some who -- And Singapore. So let's talk about your talk about this the we showed this or not or talk about what you do every day. And let's talk about how early do every day -- what's that. 'cause you're you're executive director and trainer Richard. Little yet I'm not found error and while internal. Well Obama which or some other people that are helping you had at their directors trainer. -- punishment. The show Munson. Tournament director trainer. Jesus trainer -- train dogs is is so per particular. You have to goes to that got you going. You'd have to go to school and you have to do is keeping an education -- and there's a certain amount of -- that comes with that. Can -- them. Then she -- -- yes sir is it CPA DT and -- Certified professional dog trainer to bed to get that designate you need to -- you classes there's. About twenty -- that you need to get through. And then you have to -- had -- first 300 hours yeah he's he's got past that takes about five hours to take. Well a skirt Puerto. Because it's important to have a good -- for you don't know Susan -- -- -- she's also CP. GT. And she'd leave act isn't associate editor who volunteer for -- five years or five years. Julie McCarthy. -- adoption program director. Of the Jewish and -- it GM Jews or the restaurant. And cricket. He's the most were constructive and I don't know you can tell what that is both were destructive. It says it you can't work where Dodd to use their instinct I mean it's -- -- sent to either in boxes and buildings burning cars. And it basically taken things like that that search and rescue dogs duke and turned it into a sport. Well you know they have -- so -- -- -- -- we don't like this a good dog because but that's good for long distance cents. But there's certain dogs. That can detect cancer and there's little -- but I'm sure this from -- Restore the Breslin can and so there they're trying -- trenches when they smell it. -- barker decide what to do but -- -- and let the let people know. And then you got -- you know TJ. -- -- -- -- -- -- Robby Taylor. Ross -- folks I just think these people and secret mission because they're most -- volunteers in and I'll tell you. Is so we're so grateful that people most of them do the children which you don't. Did you get this organization going. Through. And Albert Einstein could pass the crescent Santana get a feel fair. -- organization does he do. Individual. Dot chaining their classes allure and looks like he also adopt out so and do. Pet there'd be -- work with autistic. Tim and children and their families and. Great core of our mission is programs that focus and help them Stanley. By the power dot. And what that translates into. Our biggest two programs right now are. Pet therapy dog and we have a hundred of them that are in schools nursing homes capital and library. And then we brought doesn't programme we work with kids six to fourteen and social skilled it. Using board certified -- -- -- therapy dog and special education teachers. And then we also work and which kids too young adults that have not been done and we teach stand dog handling skills so that they can get out. Working in the -- industry. So little combining our Alley cat dog with and Alex of children have a shot his son. And providing them opportunities to learn and grow and -- but that hasn't mentioned. So so your rescue dogs that show. Its own doctor all right. We -- that really at this point of very small percentage of -- killed. It'll always be there will always glad they can be passionate about it but it it could be -- and smaller the year. Usually isn't this. Well because really our focus is working with acute I think an attack their big dog because no one else does pat yeah hundreds of rescue group. We're the only ones. That combined therapy dogs with therapy for children who have opted them. Gruesome examples of what what you do you're you're little reward just to get as you work with these these students. Examples of things it comes to the kids. I -- completely get to make a remarkable progress. Am and our backyard event over the weekend we have a lot of parents command and talk about how old the program has changed her life and her daughter's life. And curb the best story that I like is that she talked about her daughter who has autism does not like to be touched and we need -- -- Freezes up and get scared and she described the intention. As being hugged by a prickly -- she really does look like yeah. And the mom -- -- and then at that point in the story got all choked up thinking that she brought her to our canine club there. Program is what we -- social scope program. And that's first black analyst I didn't cost and she said her daughter came home numbers up on her lap and started the pressure thicker. And the mom at that point cannot carry I didn't she say she didn't want them to attack and she had never. And able to hug and touch her daughter like that and -- -- it was truly remarkable. And so that's can absolutely deals. Well there's there's also -- thought and Hogan. Has horses. In these -- got a harsh for the first in their lives in the luscious changes. Is that people don't want to. -- -- junior laden and canine therapy how buried some are and that. They animals are able to -- these kids burn it to these children and a wave that humans cannot always. Lastly -- particulate animals and it opens the door for -- to -- develop those skills with him and. And -- -- if say there's apparent listening who've had a the child is an aspect of it is interested. It is something that individuals can Colin start establishing such held as of march 2 organizations like schools and how does that work. Now usually it's parent and initiated and then we'll call the school to verify that the child is a good fit for the program. Okay great. And you target directly the. Yes apparently nine times out there and that and I had access first and then we reach out to their therapist and for the school. To verify that the child isn't appropriate set. This doesn't -- input analysts -- number to call for that we're view that price. Am five point 23357100. Our website is got lots of information and that is I've been -- a line in that ORG. Austin dog alliance. Or GR. 3357100. Isn't -- -- -- want to let us not forget the second or two but I think this is such a great program. You're so lucky to have these these vultures -- I don't know how to turn it back at many of -- We're Debbie thanks again we -- respect don't sometimes and -- future to reduce the I -- disagree and think it's heavy into nova thank you can't -- the right. All right we're going to do -- let's go into work mark. You can look at -- -- -- mark with their fantastic. Now -- -- you're more you do don't let's talk about the and the weather just a little bit curry six to seven degrees. Thought it was sheriff -- likely lows in the low sixty sells these winds rather general prior to answering 70%. It's gonna crash by the oil well 30000 chase drivers treat Hot Springs road and your fellow drivers. And also move directly north of arbitrary. Cooper drive run regularly. So if you're not about probably public health and health adjusted for the would you -- I want you -- to reverend a can go over the wrecks or. Even know. And yeah well it won't let the other direction or the other side. Yeah well listen -- don't have any any flood warnings to moderates thanks so we history but Maurice last month -- last week's Newsweek. So what is -- -- -- hears talk about a month to its athletic and water standing around the house to do as a. Whether there's gonna be literally probably about -- to hold it not oh you know the central Texas that have some kind. -- water column is if you left a window open and -- -- actually. Got a -- And that they can't. Challenge it's how you get rid of that musty smell even when you do all the lightning cut sheet rock try it everything. If you could be impossible here that -- slipped out so. That's where air fantastic company and art technology actually -- -- has we take that moisture. Because of that machine and it makes -- process. Just like a robot urgent proximate. So I don't rock cited is chase through older less. And it'll take Democrats to go out in about three days three to ten days. And if you got a flat. Situation your house and you're crying out cleaning up -- ticket that's -- as people's pharmacy and getting an -- task Christine because. Whatever -- has wanted to show the whole house. And it makes such a difference. They should -- house if you put it -- aren't yes six rooms. This is I gonna work largely the door open. Don't mean to put it one group because. Everybody thinks terms of air you're presently Peru because. For example if it out and -- anywhere up to shoot out that's where -- I hope so just put the central if your house there to secure of all all extra -- -- that. Yeah I can put in the military literally on top cap understand -- and -- -- and -- are. Process actually breaks down. A -- percent of airborne microbes actually airborne -- In about re engaged in or just 97%. Does this statistic. An -- protester gunships again it -- air contestant -- American tussle it about how this machine is defendants to standard. Have the filters until link that in terms of how it works. Well most most air purifier that there are happy to have a base which is basically a paper filters so. Homes there sector that's very. Usually you have smell odor -- I won't really get rid of that older coaches of people shelter so in arguing it's worked pretty -- -- I'm actually rate slows down the order. And the micro -- that's in the air show. -- and that's typical air sultry exchange itself -- Machine -- there's no change circle it has changed every year. The -- -- -- 40600. Dollars but the average cost you use the machine that is anywhere between 68 dollars a. Dick has everything. The filter of these lectures you know. So for. All kinds of that you ought not -- you take to that -- Europe. We have we have employees and this little Julien who as we can conduct the other that beautiful home. At least -- these pharmacists and he's -- -- -- dirty sock older coming out of your compassion you know talk about what you. Will always is you know like that. There are coming out that if you bet that there stock is putting it mildly I would save mortgage -- like. -- -- -- -- What gives you -- others OK so you -- about there. I used OK there was -- so I want it to go away. He's that literally we put. This can actually either Richard or counselors AC units so we do whatever -- he throws an air literally within half an hour now let's. Like hit 2% gone and then -- -- gates -- of course him it was totally gone to the but the problem is fighting for cute. A year -- looped over and sell your house to give one of these and putting has built a house. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so. Stunt sent encouragement lightness of it doesn't how to fill her how is -- converting. -- -- -- -- -- Like to -- is basically what happened there's there's there's a delight in the air. That works where they white substance so. As its state of the moisture which is water H two though and sticking oxygen and that -- through the air actually HQ OQ which are urgent talks. And those I don't let it just like if you have a cut outs at hasn't senate certainly here it's it's breaking down the voters. It's Kabul also if you have a lot of pollen issues because of the particles -- neutralizes Alter the ground. Okay and what's the -- substance the mystery substance. Did you -- there is something that catalyst on the lamp that. Yet skeletons are inside the laps we don't have to worry about that it's it's it's it's the last -- -- that they're able to. Create tiger -- Mode always sure this is only -- commercial -- -- commercial and other places carry this to your hope. We don't we're honest we don't need exclusivity. Just think there's a breach of hard -- -- too soon. And it's it's an eight. Becky is accurate to act as a and that it record -- let's turn it -- for us. Okay well we quick here because we're on the health business and you know to be honest review you know we've got to sell these products -- allergies group. Under the saw this machine and the -- so often that just vigilant as things right. And have a good smelling house. Yeah it's just people that. Cited cited strong credit problem. And after -- Lot of people that had flood issues afterwards and told me go after at the article we -- eat. We had to put it over slow in my house got sicker and sicker. Says. They -- art technology and they noticed we just recently did a house in Cedar Park. Force that's where particularly the -- pros and -- That -- could barely stand out more is that kids are sick can't take the child under the hospital because it couldn't breathe -- that's so bad. We purchase -- card that -- to -- inside -- air condition system this is within one week they're out is great. And them actually there are some people that don't seem to have a great sense of smell ravens' sense of something going on their house got there it. Methods even planned for testing to see that quite a son does have a mild moldaschi that might -- to their health and they would benefit from. The fantastic is that there -- That's that's a great question because. Impact site open all four. Stores off for people are used to work. Based sell or air fantastic Specter animal test it. It costs five dollars I make -- -- on purpose -- these side. Ticket home that can deliver -- this -- is that. We've been exposed or more hours so polished. Bacteria mold or slowing air follow whatever they're all those air. Close it out. Take a walk to keep that feel it would hurt draw or so anything that's so -- in -- Petri dish while -- experts in the air that mr. Corrado. And within five -- do you. What kind of what -- years so it's not a bet you don't have a lot of home and there. You want you -- have a lot of cold air if they resolved in fact the owner of ABC vacuum. He went -- his house. And hear it or could not believe what it looked like it got it looks horrible. -- -- hope they ran a machine and it didn't give initiatives almost completely cleared up. Okay and so just deal visually see the colonies of mold or bacteria growing on the -- Exactly what I look for all people pharmacy bill does a great deal lets people take a machine ultra ten days -- skeptical. Then. They can -- find. Source for ten days particular deposits. It would I would do is allocate just freed before I ask her casket so before external or she moved to test the air for an hour. And then you typically traditionally run the machine in there about five or 68 career. It's the second test -- airy give and you will be surprised what each different. Okay just the scope. We'll mark thank you so much for being aren't churns through the -- don't go thinking in the we have our stores so. Yeah. I -- a treasury thank disorder commercial okay. I shot should charges of the cockpit. Are -- basic cable products are we are going to not take a break to take a break. I was going Lauren Lauren Lauren Henderson get hurt and appeared we're talk about her fantastic. I know you're you're off so the homer to the consumer home someplace. Right now view of so you. Ask well which you might you might think about that you know the Jabar when these are statistics. Could boy who who who helped. You know any older gentleman. You know you you don't recognize your orders that there's -- voters' -- are here because you have a dog I do you know. Yeah well. You know it's a -- -- about appeals that so. The CU or we know -- -- theme song. Johnson would have to what you're seeing soldiers to measure. What planet -- -- the regularly you know we gotta we gotta get to root your phone number. 707. But double blow so soon yeah me Poland's I think I don't think so much exempt from. -- change change law trade law. Yes. OK. Okay so so let's talk about what you do. For a living. Well I am classical relief -- And I work with people that find. Homeopathic remedy elites masses. Who they are on the deep core level. And help them understand how to use that remedy to get to the highest level of health thinking. You know what you said a lot to insult true. A lot of people brain or -- healthy that's that's right this very safe. And. He's one particular kind of alternative -- there it's been around for about 200 years. It is both safe and effective in its principal day. And it. Does not have and the need side effects or drug interaction. And it it's interesting because it -- dilute solutions of things that cause problems. -- -- And onions. -- you're -- tear up right. Yeah yeah I'm sure people to Europe for their -- and that's okay so what happens when -- -- its head down. There's two Socialist Party can measure you can measure this really difficult to measure so what happens in. -- And -- hands. That's only have to -- -- manufacturing process. But then you can bring up the therapeutic value of the onion. Or many other substances. Just the other half is is that the pounding her. -- we ours -- the scene. Cussing sentencing. Guys. You know you need to. A little light catching it. Well. Yes it is -- adding kinetic energy. Where it. You know if EU's. Talked to. Content and content types and the subject. Is dead heat nano particle. Then you know they have some ideas -- what. Adding kinetic energy means in terms of the substance. -- You know it started to come close. To let it might be an explanation as to how -- -- -- you work. Well. Positioned them that whatever it does work and it can work very quickly right. I know we have a crying baby in the store was an ear problem and I was just screaming the baby discreetly. Not conducive to that. You're looking for next door to -- -- store from the clinic. This baby was screaming with the American we're we're getting the prescription ready and all the sudden it's tough could. The cynic in the -- A product that you can give to the baby was your -- problems. I don't work every case because is so it is so particular. Well it does work in every case in if you make the right election. OK so -- right so what he -- us a -- you think she made. Canada our can be moved from. This could have -- the house and accountability just for lots of -- If you have young children it is spectacular and have our house. And even if he is just have old fart like me. They apparently is different different things but he's still a good thing to have aren't asleep. Yeah. Yeah you know in adult. People are probing into you cannot afford digestion district. It helped us get to keeping witches -- really colorful. The way you describe yourself while ago -- different fuels are protesting X that would. So so it was -- totally. Look. Like -- like. Pretty much right is that what you call -- like Chandler can classical -- task and we. Are. Me and he used. One vanity. And you treat the whole person. It means a little more of that but. It started to get really technical analyst that I don't think they're very and he -- -- -- -- -- -- Arsenal progesterone from a company. That said they played classical music of other analyst classical hormones are good that they're the -- play Beethoven because Beethoven. You know there's a different Mercury in all this goodness -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- from -- reportedly urged them. Android. Yet they -- so absolutely Beethoven. And I said well when we compound the stuff folks let's play Elvis Presley music. The fact check this is this is for women that of the days they'll load that was -- So assisting him and totally go thought here so well this won't talk much about. Well I wanted to talk a little bit about whiplash. Whiplash is what happened. There are a few things that can Condit but the most common things. Is clean your rear ended in a car accident hands. Your neck and here and just go back incidents forward very quickly. Over extending. The muscles and tendons ligaments in -- -- and creating an injury. Through that process. But if you sleep you couldn't. -- -- Even though that certainly an uncomfortable -- and might be something. That we wouldn't want to. Pay some attention to return to tells the count me out -- but that's not likely he is. And the mysterious hit and -- is that likely to pass up on that when they do something or not. With breast typically. Means a little bit of a Christian sticky off. And it it really. This sort of situation is one of the reasons. That's hardly -- say you should always scary part eternally -- And actually got a -- in your pocket and you get leery ended. Then you can take have right away and it really is a situation where the sooner you take it. Relative to his time of the injury. Better your chances. It's complete -- -- pretty quickly. -- Well that's interesting you say that so. So yeah I think we're in your pocket is if you like me the -- security department to critical component. Well oh did you get to yes in the panic time. Yet in the summertime and check it. That your article probably get. Outbid. It'll probably be kind of an -- okay because Suzuki in the car. You know in many. Women -- purchase. And so you put your credit. On your car he hasn't given -- and Peterson and her it's a good reason to stare at them in Paris this time the -- and Italy didn't -- -- he sent you an absolute. The senate YouTube for Christmas. But you could if you put your -- he -- Carson like -- They allowed just an in person so so if you put on your car seat that's pretty a pretty cool and -- some of them within the work you can't. Even and even if you have did. You know even if you don't have -- -- you that you added you know on the kitchen -- when you get home. In in this sooner he can take into the planetary. Those batters his chances to. That. You can get complete healing and it just get a -- You know and you know with bush certainly isn't fatal. But it can be very cost at all. And if you don't aid -- some healing around it in eight Kansas. Stir up problems. For a long period of time -- and a few doses -- are apparently you haven't actually it. Can. You know take Carrie at the end back into -- OK so let's say for stress does this article also worked for stress. -- understand. You know. -- you know one of the things. That I might use. For whiplash other than -- Annika. Would be a homeopathic sell all tallied font. Kelly Todd is wonderful for anything. Having to do -- dessert. And you know if you had firm lead blanched. It's flying could easily be compressed to dinner there could be there changed. Associated with this thing might put some -- -- screens and lobbyist. And that's. Is given not only take care of your -- problems from -- -- that that's just great first half. Well the reason I bring up some college costs and Monica or -- that you could both use those for sure is trying to bring that up there's a new study showing that. A new trigger for a ton rouge. Didn't. It's called stress. Under trigger -- which. Because we don't know what stress does you know and food can be stressful election actually you know but. -- tomorrow. It causes the release of course all right right -- barred for fighter flight. Your heart rate increases your -- stick and -- in your blood flow increases. And parts of you'd be assistant to British press. Which reduces your your inflammatory response to passages and other foreign competitors so stress. Tickles -- -- bush who -- himself taken everything we can give the home office of the courteous thing to lower your stress. Well and I think that they think they're telling us the excellent command and Rick I really do you. In. So you know sell many things -- stress Barry you know -- sound any different kinds. There's the physical cat. An injury like whiplash. There's the physical stress. Chronic illness. There's the mental stress of chronic illness. In there is stress for people who don't like public seeking. It has days there then there's the list just goes on and on. I I think. That is agree and schema that that's. You know all stressed. Lead too busy. You know. Whether it's a trigger for alzheimer's. Or its pumping -- somebody's blood pressure. Or is burning through the plan B vitamins in your body. You know I think that we need to see is that each has individuals finally -- -- -- -- -- You know which helps to reduce -- over Albert. Otherwise we end up with acute and chronic -- did you. We deplete our reserve. And you know -- you diminish our vitality. So -- -- Kelly source CA a -- the issue is really sexy. Okay. What SL is that because tests and yet market -- flawless. Historic right to. And you know I -- all I don't love the coming eight. Anytime you've got a mechanical injury. The -- -- and fast they contain the tell fox that -- They also have an overall anti inflammatory. And anti -- -- And -- costs would be considered in China around sixty hasn't changed also the land can't hit. Though if you're stressed it shouldn't get decent color that. It'll it'll cost an actual. -- There's any kind of mechanical. And suggestions he can't clean Kerry Wood that you have whiplash. Or are. It took up. Our whole Larry humanity -- something in. Lockett in the greens now and to -- a -- are you know it any kind of mechanical injury usually involved. Information and console that has made involved her hands. And the biochemist last phase. Where -- not a thing. You know they're really easy way. And he put continued drinking water. And you just think -- liar which is also good sport in general and certainly good -- we're trying to heal. And so it kid. Benefit on top of benefit and have a medical. Right exactly well listen this has been very beneficial -- Monica are keeping a part of this shall enjoy it what six say daughters and -- -- money and -- they're not responsive. And the cut its losses and -- Let -- tell us. Is trying to cut about dollars more can you get a great big battle. I brought you pour that water puts her work out some order to get. Could super and then make -- CU's were to need to do right. Absolutely if you have you know of course there are a lot of other remedies from whiplash things that are more sophisticated individual. And -- -- connect getting enough peeling or if your concern. That you line. A -- answer. Then -- -- individually find the thing that matches you. This -- personalized medicine at Pratt and this were true particularly. In medicine so world. Inexpensive. Very safe. Yep I'm a big fan of it -- and glory can use is down to fair. But two hours affairs timing with Erik there. And learn everything about student so you know who -- it's mental. Emotional physical all the different realms so. The process itself can be really I think they're cute it's for people and to just get to that one remedy that helps Hillary arrived at the one. Remedy it to see you as a as a whole. The Tyler is carrying a baby that you would with Jews who can't -- Oh yeah I use hung up the scenes daring and conservative with pregnancy that. Very comfortable using it while pregnant while -- -- children's small children my son has been taken it. Since he was probably team until -- very different things here and there are so. I've found it to be super helpful and agree tool fair game please everyone that. -- Mamas who don't have a lot of other options what they can safely take. Yet -- empathy is generally. Agreed to be the war on modality. In health care which is safe enough to be used. During pregnancy. So it really does. Help a lot of Mamas and protected government. When you know something and there are options are limited. May literally glory not a pleasure always a pleasure. 707 double -- so certain and you let's say I stand -- honey path. I can -- -- -- that -- absolutely UB it is tour. I think it's a tough on my part Thursday morning -- be -- play. Friday evening. And back -- tomorrow on Saturday and your sort of connection to this group says all right let's tell James solo forests. I think. We talked to send me another -- and I -- -- like I. During. James Bond James Bond there. British there was so much so let's take a break let's do that if I were to take a break folks. And it is. This the most time. We're -- now after the hour. No -- -- we concede if there are rotator after the break so let's take a break we'll be right back. What is going to be good night. No more wrecked ship. We don't we don't run across an emotional to -- -- particular point. Beautiful weather 67 housekeeper and that's perfect assessment -- -- -- visit. He could -- like Austin is so let it course wore blue screen from -- Both to the water pressure to send the lake is actually pretty warm and as it yet. Once warm enough similar to go skiing and literally. Trajectory -- -- so let's talk about stress just to Lucas of Mexico Austria says -- will you be surprised. To learn the sugar. Probably sugar. Including. Excessive sugar in excess of gluten -- you -- consumption can call stress on the body. Pushing for a toast and so you don't know that they say first and so. You need to keep it between 25 grams of bonus of five grams entities and so let's just five teaspoons of that group of five to sprint. Or as low as fifteen grams per day. If you have been some resistance are you related disorders and is -- total senate to Kosher -- -- industry -- from the east finisher with each meal. Great so that's eye opening -- people it's a typical. Coke greed and achieves that -- buy a and a vending machine could have up to forty Graham and I just -- inserting a lot of people are having triple or quadruple that every day plus other adage that there's so. It's very eye opening. Oh boy don't this is going to be like a summary of what we're getting the details and is this because I think it's essential to construct you say a lot of moving up. Of course the lord our case and community this -- he -- -- creek CA SE I -- this week pasteurized dairy. Not very fair -- this good -- -- -- not there's -- -- And I play. So you know those those things are good for you optimize your gut flora eating fermented foods such -- sauerkraut charters -- that are good for you. You -- robotics to. Decrease consumption of health success attorney general voice and make a three beneficial. That's like and I like coconut at all because America's treatment. Little bit -- a little back in my personal favorite it's a good clean fish oil disaster bigotry and. And really reduce your overall calorie consumption. They say that the overall now they're saying that's the contrary Parker believes the ideal fuel. For your brain is not glucose but -- Which is of which is the fact that your body mobilizes. When you start feeding and cards and introduce company I don't know the source of -- fasten to your diet you can lose weight could control. They can reverse out parish to it was for -- to grow taller version completely. Helped it to potential -- a -- -- can kinda. Upset. Accretion magnesium levels you can take my -- of settlements. Optimize your vitamin. Yes except he won't get credits not to in the summer but it's important especially in the winter when there's not. The sun isn't the tie in rates so. You know they they we've got something here we can -- in my talk deliberately so that show how some practitioners talking. That is in the tracks. And they're just wanted to serve first descent stop at. In the tracks we are -- reported like that where we've measured. Blood glucose. UNC in the -- of our program could take our thanks to our process as a program and -- -- They do they do it and I think that's a condition where it does take a lot of initiative. Attitude changes and exercise. I think all of us have seen people who have been able traverse either Pete Davies even actual diabetes take -- -- talk about so. You know it's it's definitely. In many cases the disease of lifestyle -- a genetic component -- to have two people Clinton -- stale. And one that has ravaged -- his positions that may be more likely to develop that. But it's something that people can definitely feel empowered says change. Keeping your session -- but those below street. Testing some levels closer -- this for you testified that I don't beat twelfth. Is also and found them and rich because roots. Efforts have a lot of room. Almost like he can say broccoli. Spinach and you know you get right. Anything right -- especially couldn't possibly commercial cabal among you can do that. -- legally under the -- and that seems to be a good way to get between. It is tired when you swallow it -- next step in her stomach hit the right to observe it and so a lot of people don't do that very well. And so do not enter your tongue and getting an injection as a way to bypass the stomachs Roland. Twelve for each unit decrease. In a marker of -- -- because of the wrist and broken out camera traditional 2%. So you reduced the risk. It's an easy easy folate is also good vegetables without question the World War -- is pretty quicker or an element -- -- from your body don't embargoes. Our own them you know breathing or discredit briefing against. You can't or who don't know such a cent -- first nonstick cookware faxing. It. Adjustments. All these things are armed and precious set record of course has seemed to always be the -- to direct me. Avoid true Russian relations as they can make contain Mercury aluminum Romo and her toxic. Squealing. Exceptional if you count me out here -- -- controlled now. Take due to flu vaccine if you feel like you really need to. But it does those things you can do. -- -- I don't Bobby -- I Hebrew -- it's -- bird river -- about the -- of alteration to be either. And overcoming new trees and small birds. But we're very small blueberry especially. Are rich and amp T silence. Challenger -- daily mental simulation. Learn science. Avoid anti -- can stand drugs so. Because they can they can cause problems. Can institute deplete Omega threes. Took ten primarily I mean I can so -- just doesn't -- -- -- thing is just -- religious tone. -- -- -- They can now. Yeah about through their two tournament now operate. Well there's also the others -- new research showing that and they with really good restorative sleep does that process by which the brain -- a lot of toxins that can. Lead to alzheimer's and so. There's actually been does that beta amyloid proteins so there's a few new study says one in jam and one in science recently. Discussing the role that restorative sleep hasn't prevention of alzheimer's so lap times. We get back to these basic principles. Eating well exercising every day getting good quality sleep and see if we can. Do those things finally connects avoid this cascade of warm -- my medicines and my health issues -- -- side effects from the medications and. -- -- talk about just maybe after the break the studies exams robotics to prevent or treat excessive -- -- Robotics. I went out -- -- a lot of babies some you know for instance if they're born -- C -- they don't get their. Colonization with the beneficial bacteria that happens when they've would consume the birth canal. So a lot of babies born to C section don't set up with that advantage and then. If that child which -- often happens that an ear infection they get some of the other sort of illness they're given in to bad except further compromises that are good bacteria. Which leads to digestive issues and pain. And then a fussy infant who's crying a lot and uncomfortable. So it's an easy thing that we do have. Peoples Luke would you carry miniature elsewhere they -- as well. Friendly combat acts that are designed to have their extremes turnaround dance before -- vote. The strength that they thought our two best was like to Vassilis. -- Terry RE UT ER. Two -- check to see if we haven't. Luigi to anger the idea we have -- An honest and ending semi massive and into the -- them. And Haley did have been one or two infant cute products. Right away if you can assure you treat -- can -- -- -- babies so. You can put in formula what are you would do but it does -- Was collect. Gifts. So you tell us how did you get a baby coming on the way via your and you do -- horse. She certainly had a player. That structure to take a break right now you'll take a break it is top of the hour. Hernando thirteen seven is number call 5123. -- -- Just don't -- to give thanks so you'll take two we -- about. You're informed and entertained on talk thirteen seventy GCE -- Austin streaming. And it's all thirteen seven lead on your voice heard at 5123295523512329. Okay. Welcome welcome welcome back for the show. We're gonna -- go faster because I wanted to be gala on the phone right away but before I do Gerri -- I am -- here -- you know Austin are you. So -- journal put on Ellen no I in a suburb and they buried -- -- okay. Well look at the traffic right now in Austin, Texas so you just need to come to undersea enjoy this record -- problems you know -- -- I would love them and it sun is shining there. Well about right now has got dark -- from the sun was so out quite a bit today you know there's a -- -- excels down. -- it to not be so -- that area a little bit there and all sort crashed about 35 southbound I was branch -- So. -- this is a show about health. So we which in order fresh -- to healthy right. Avoid the wreck sites. -- -- -- -- There right so we'd say we're overdue that we gives its. The weather and all discuss stuff on the show radical and remain there is that it is and you -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- idea thank -- that you haven't good to go. You're a doctor or physician. Nutritional science from Michigan State that's where you go that your undergraduate degree. -- Since she got an undergraduate degree in nutritional science and you want to medical school -- I don't. I intended to use that doesn't let your position it was it was a call -- -- -- that emerged as. Browsers. Yet twelve here at. I and I really didn't use much of it there but maybe the what exactly I wanted to do I want to do everything. Else Indian -- in -- room I -- like I was able to do a little bit out every. Oh yeah because all of -- tree you're trying really good treatment. So on your board certified non family practice. Yeah did you enjoy -- -- he Mercer and I loved it this really looks like you'd be so. So address. I think it and you'll quickly come up with a diagnosis can you fix something new or you admit them or you transfer them. If it could very fast pace. -- -- -- don't get to know he he got to us they say you got real identity because you're you were the patient. And you you did you do you know the passion dies or something happens you gotta go right to an expression. You can stop and think about it. You definitely need to be very good at multitasking. And when you're younger you can do them. More readily. Act as well less so this -- you you you're really got into because -- you actually had a you -- your permission orchard for a while. You're your first mission. I very very patient my outlook when I started getting involved enough identical hormones I had no idea that I had a began trying to efficiency. I eighty I you like public pre menopausal black -- 2000 and -- I say. They're looking to replace that's beginning they're thinking estrogen -- he knows they're the major reason for most of the symptoms. And and it turned out it in the Smart protection. Only -- -- -- -- meeting they -- -- and estrogen just protests around and that wasn't commonly prescribed back that. Well it just proves you're out. There's outsourcing they used to that which Russia progesterone or do they use obstacle to them about it about -- -- -- Go to those -- synthetic hormone. The most -- I didn't separately and together. Who. Our daughter because of we're tortured or just throw it to miscarriages and it would -- just true. I don't and now -- what they give a lot of women today. -- have finished better miscarriage to what they found out they do not give them a Georgia judge -- they give no -- -- We just try. Wonderful just to tell what I'm -- -- infertility is low protests around. A number of my patients prevent me every few years. It could come back and you get the protester on -- -- that they can get again. -- a statistic I've got by the way in my coast today is a doctor also. She's an -- present doctor wants America's cruel to learn to do that Japan. And since doctor Abby Tyler. I don't think she's just she's. She's working her second Chara then -- restrict. Yeah and well one thing I think that's interesting is even today I still see the -- there's pair dined with conventional medicine trip. -- -- -- -- a -- -- that says if a woman. Has the uterus they would always want to. We have to keep estrogen there was a protest along with that that a woman who had a hysterectomy they would consider Justin completely unnecessary. I news. They don't I don't know why -- I. -- iron. Many give me the picture out of body. Yeah I just -- you direct exactly sets. A new numbers in the greens. Pictured there you serotonin and is productive round. Which in the call -- hormone. -- and there's and it's you know it's it's a building block for other things as well like cortisol. But it's. The other interesting thing is that a lot of women have only like you were saying only been taught that medical causes although estrogen. When really protester was a huge players well like you said sleep issues and say idiocy is a lot of those. On things that start coming up there really disrupting Blake even hot flashes can. -- -- the only player for ten years and for our patient enters menopause. But it is they need -- unfair yes. We're just learning so much our -- haven't done a little better now. I wouldn't matter that it it it seemed the more you can argue -- -- unique color too much reporting well. That's why the car -- just -- a -- complex so this so so very rhubarb root. There were a talk about today is really helping a lot of women and it. It definitely it does this is -- -- yes thank you that -- that you -- combination. I would add that I call actually -- and I I do -- that -- -- -- me. Again at a lol I didn't get a lot of reasons why maybe I would like that would that the patient. All right maybe get why -- -- it after they're alone and there's on many women out there cool. I have a history of actually independent cancer he and Horry and immediate family member. With a history. -- penny camp -- Don't want -- -- and -- you are afraid of taking minutes again or not recommended date taken estrogen. But they still have all the app you can deficiency symptoms. Which they need to have results -- noted to live -- functional creative. Life. Julia and so this is a non estrogen but it works like an estrogen. And it's it's a rhubarb root so -- it should be safe. It -- ate it at the special extract from the if you think -- the robot that you said it called hyperion group after it. You have to be computer literate relatives said and variety grew tired boy everybody used in traditional Chinese -- He and after -- -- is it didn't seem to think it chemical structure is similar to ask you again. I'm able to buying after -- sectors that I'm I'm assuming without. He and act to kind of packaging recaptured -- -- to -- -- after Al. And actually genuinely after they eat out. And without going into a lot of chemistry very important point here. When you stimulate. You -- tester and -- the potential for cancer increases. When you stimulate to give me after beat -- the potential cancer do increase. Now actually Barack battle actively stimulate -- -- recess gives the media. -- to do all these things the potential for cancer. He's got new what is couldn't. There's only if you can do something specifically. To reduce cancer. By stimulating server sector's. Employment. I agree why -- so Michigan about the medical mission. What happens is that you can -- it -- about political estimate both for the better yet done so this way that's where you can bottom. You give substance to list the beta. And then you -- something that. So you YouTube you -- -- you push to have the customers of the beta. -- flavor of -- roof you try to reduce cancer yet. The school. So is a non hormone non issue urgent that you know this call mr. Rivera by the way after the phone call you we. We had it with some like Colin. Last week when you were talking to us on the show I -- Sharon yes. What she said just a question what does does that have elevator in -- because it doesn't Vera. No Internet news. A look at it looked as well your appetite and did you wish you would think that -- questions didn't. So on. -- and natural option or natural. Safe for the body for sure. A selective estrogen receptor beta I can solar storm that just didn't we just talked about it is this is we will get receptive. And actively stimulate action. We kept their date. And then they get another way. When you stimulate something you can -- there. Regulate the activity or can't regulate the activity there -- one think -- stimulative but it's important -- get up regulate. In the case of out of reach after beta you would write down regulate. Particularly after -- Could contain. Senator validation lots of studies. Yeah laughter daddy first one of the within 2008 sticks and that this is where. Pretty much surprised he's telling -- Stringent and being utilized -- or are the problem -- down my hand and -- typical symptoms making it hot flashes and night flat. -- -- -- -- There when and underwent a twelve week study involving -- 109 paramedic -- them out postmenopausal women. This study demonstrated that it -- it's got these 2% reduction. In these hot flashes. -- you can take hormone replacement therapy. Just ask the number of how athletic the women were having per day I'm -- want. -- the master Barack or milligram tablet every day for twelve weeks and then compared the number of hot flashes they weren't having per day. After twelve weeks. Sony -- number of hot -- with thirteen point five per day. And they want. And 2.5 hot flashes per day on the average. After twelve week and it's just there does very effective by the number one green that women will walk in the doctors. Office door do you have treatment for menopause. -- them how long would you typically saying for some. Had tried before they would notice the benefits. I don't like -- anywhere from two week it hit the greens aren't. And hypothetically they -- months. Because. Many panicked -- this product and it deep sadness in I -- three months. And -- you don't eat -- you are gearing cheat to get your money back. See you need to try it and -- around ninety days. It's actually -- loading a -- and how long do you want it doesn't -- you feel. That a centrist think. So by the white -- confused as to do pretty -- -- with estrogen deficiencies. I do not in fact most Matt -- I I don't know. Usually they come and for treatment with kept replacement -- speed because estrogen a little too high yeah. I think increased conversion at and actually and so typically I need to show them liked outweighed me and got kind of -- -- -- -- creek that. Me and -- -- the end signed. So that you let the creek conversion attempt after an adjutant. They're usually not showing a deficit. It is they have done. The -- and they want. Well this is the month of November. November. Is for a matter Goran -- issues. Around the country all over the world actually. This during peak pig pig pig this or that they've grow mustaches. Because for testicular cancer and also. All -- a cancer that they get. Well this to prevent cancer she brought in so it's a nice. Yeah that's news news to me sort of position you can cause that problem correct. Correct it caused cancers the especially off of -- -- person because cancer to an end men prostate cancer it's believed to be a -- there's little. So and would you have married. Go higher than one tablet Saturday at their cases we enactments more than one it is one this one a pretty standard dose. Actually there are time. In in my practice. And I don't know that the bottle itself said one day okay. But I find you've got close they they carry manner possible maybe -- today. After they're after your or your in Humana ponson and the prevention my practice. -- -- wanted to ask you. I'll start with you may even create day and did after a couple of weeks. And again it's a -- -- so I need to load -- deed every masters. I handed down that we can compare to what I -- -- Well we're able to do think that very practically it'd it'd bellowing at long. Where you need you can walkabout or throughout -- certainly Marconi questions. -- they -- just -- Torture Johnson but but it tells these if you walk in the store. You go over -- -- about where this is a pickle ball. You start taking but. This better to have similar work with -- opponent so we can document. What you're doing because used to put -- back characterize it doesn't work did absolutely -- good to have somebody -- Do worry you know anyone -- hot flashes are only. -- efficiency and you'd you'd usually eat out and testing done. It could be -- production on its way out could be cortisol can take -- could be the highway to -- who won't. A lot of recent hot -- Exactly. And I think that's why you did a good practitioner. And we we have some like doctor doctor cantor because. So -- is just as still involvement genetics. I believe he is I eat I I understand -- back. He's so called. This is sixteenth but look I believe -- still had. I hit hit it in the words. Let's anyway he he's cited what I'm really eat and I am now -- once asked about but he can't do this but that's that are. You know whichever merger personally. I met in I don't -- -- in Chicago in handy in bearing in Illinois. Well you get around geneticists. We August coup whether or not coaches. Actually it didn't beautiful spot whether we've been having your -- called yet. Yes some hot weather but it doesn't get dark curly. Q tiger earlier. Doom then let's. Do this move where there were older and less -- to talk about extraordinary EST ROP already -- There's all of period that but it isn't Vera. Mr. Rivera. And I also think that. Well. We're live without my -- nice three -- is that when news. Of. So I did did it did product would practice the United States and you've met organic in 2009. But it actually being used for the successful treatment up an iPod and post menopausal symptoms. In Germany in 1990. Street district. Not a brand new product there's a lot of times. As clinical trial about Mary and that means that they actually it's not gonna eat acted it -- -- In in all of the time that is -- -- -- -- -- -- night. When you're looking at changes. And I eat at doing so on and hormones used sometimes he'll see changes in that and signed this hormone levels. And Sammy and uterine tissue. After -- you don't see any changes in labor and time no changes in hormone levels. Don't think is that -- exams breast tissue or end and to make sure casino beginning. Yeah actually -- mammogram -- changes in vital to the pressure right. Like you have the risk. Of the data come home nor do you have the kind of back up into the clubs. Rules -- this is great great product the end of it you know. Was like so much for being on the show ensured this with a -- partition or a partition -- out. You're you're down the trenches and and does so you season usually the results of this. You have to have four people have -- It ironic taste as big they've got to get good -- And I -- yours are now that is a and well thanks again for being known and we go to Drexel tonight can we do that I would allow -- Thank you think it is looking into recent touching your work that you need instant connection with the right now but like so we're gonna take a break here's a Richmond and unrealistic break Johnson it is. -- -- -- -- 25 after the hour -- 26 point to the -- so let's take a break three and out of Turkey's have you got any questions you -- Kansas the -- to do. The seizure. Doctor -- coming up. You know mr. -- okay let's take a -- would hear about it. Pattern -- pricing and they except HSA and flex plans for big tax savings -- man I institute for your VIP consultation at one of their nine Austin and Houston area centers 1800. My vision and make an investment. In yourself that's 180698. 4746. Discover more at -- high dot com. 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I'm a citizen of this Savage Nation Michael savidge is live every -- today -- thirteen seven. 600 million. Welcome back to let's get help with the -- -- London -- -- thirteen seven and welcome back to the show look I'm going to show we'll dark Sebring. This crusher has really kind of -- -- oil -- -- the theme song for Christ's church and considering SE BR IAG. Doctor Steven welcome to the show learning. Well thank you know that it would don't have much time with -- tonight. You know I retired -- me I didn't look -- is I'm -- accepted. Into analysts rain yes. We we got almost fifteen inches here -- tunnels and two weeks ago. I'm not quite big -- oh we can do that well listen you guys got to Craig Barrett's here. Larger house. A nice video of it is you know within the Fed about twelve hours it was crystal clear that -- the beauty is the -- and NATO country little town just has beautiful water. Well that's -- we took some pictures of. I did tonight videos everything -- put on the web site just kind of show off. And -- didn't -- your restaurant and what it will loosen -- -- out here after it liberally. How -- twelve right. Yes retro twelve. They keep changing the name. Rule road twelve assists. And you know but we're. Which comes straight out of dripping springs or you can paste -- have multiple road for those people who know where that a little bit further north as you just get on actual twelfth. Keep coming out and see if so this is big grandiose gates. And you go through it says Sebring planning Kenya keep on going for about another 600 -- -- Big log cabin type. Clinic and beautiful water far out front and so it just we just made it very nice here it's very cozy we have about a mile and a half walking trails. And you get lost in the woods -- it's pretty hard. When -- but it struck. Well. Dogs we we're on this is still -- health and you can reload. Course for talk about the financial health of the country and you know won't care and all this but this is instant classics thanks to get done before the global that collapse. Europe you're here or protect Georgia you're -- Because they say wanna sanctions can take -- the city and Russian country living skills. And they say see holistic -- get to recruitment from your miles. Costs are covered books -- you can -- to injury from the power grid fails. Group that went I was a big globe was banks affect barrier gold it's over. So you've never heard don't show rhetoric is someplace and their little partly. You can't do it -- keep your problem yeah. I'm still -- But don't dig very deep 15 that was just such an estate CST in and you don't care. There are they got to hope prescription mr. things you can do. You go to the start of salt and Elisabeth since Carlos over her to get items. And it's -- societal it. There are lots of things you can you can just fire. -- put a a solar -- on -- well. Have a really wonderful well a tremendous amounts of water and also very very good water. And so on personal -- on the -- -- because you can't you can't take you can't put a royalty -- Austin probably. And -- Iraq so. Tai chi or yoga to prevent false and injuries and -- people. Monopolies that -- -- Absolutely it's just yet optimum. A muscle problem you know sometimes we can't balance that they're just not strong let's catch themselves well trip. But the problem is that what happened that each trip. If you have good muscle control. And you have good muscle strength you catch yourself. And that's where that exercise can end and that's -- of course they'll improve your ballot to. Well listen there -- three medals they 65 or older suffer falls. Each year. -- 20% of the people of -- suffer moderate to severe injuries including last your relationship structures. Are hit strongly more negative pressure. That's not very good his. Now it's not where -- live better than we used -- to life expectancy after hip fracture. About. 25 years ago and was it was about six months. It's an old. First this is this is just a -- Because I fell earlier there was -- There was there was an interest in -- wasn't lack of Cornish -- things just so we have to act of freak thing that happened but. But I tell you why there was it was not pretty thousand hospital for about three or four days. And I could what you I just love the rest Christian for breakfast I was -- effort -- a -- But but anyway you know fallen so I think exercise -- as part of what you do -- your medicine. Wasn't your record over people. Is probably exercised options. Absolutely it is it is a big part of what we do here that there -- clinic and I'm I was in -- fans -- dale died as everyone knows there have been around me more than two minutes. And so I -- I thought that really was. It was so powerful that it correctly so many things. It's ten have a good friends is also personal trainer and a lot more it was a zen master by the time it was thirty invited to Japan is that through that bit -- body builder for almost fifty years. And so it is very knowledgeable about. Exercises so you can start right pushing me. And and size and and I and I would got back in this exercise from an old athlete and and that is very helpful. And what I found was that the exercise. Can. You know it it would try to think -- we can exercise -- -- we can these -- but that's the workflow halts. That's that's really a mistaken and some mistake in your banking. And then on the other hand if you eat right you don't have to exercise and I can almost believe that that he really showed me that the exercisable takes some of these tests level. There's a lot more to be had you can eat perfect. And if you don't exercise you're not gonna be anywhere near what all you can see it is and you just feels so much better. Your brain worked better you'll detoxify. That are. You know he'll maintain your functionality. As much more of a square waves through life if you combine proper eating and good exercise I tend to emphasize the muscle. Building exercises I like my patients -- -- on a little bit of muscle even the women and make him do that. I don't mean like the body building women I don't I'm not looking combatants and they certainly aren't either. But when American put on muscle and it's very helpful for their metabolism. It's fantastic for their songs so I'm a real fan of the exercise. -- as you do -- -- oh no I system -- -- as mentioned a -- -- the falling and there's a steady selling. Deficient haven TSX -- risk factors for falling. And -- exactly why whether -- some somehow influencing account service to this function that. So it's again another way of that had a low vitamin. Compromise someone's. Skeletal system they -- more prone to falling and and you don't have an affinity to begin with. Right and and you know we always listen we talk about people that they fell and broke her hip. But more often than not there yet broken a -- -- You just walking nominated she just broke. And and so. People don't fallen -- hit as often as we say quit -- -- it breaks. Here's a web site to show like. Odyssey re. Green -- info dot com. If it contains a list overturn health problems with Celia disease at the top. In the war on associated with gluten intolerance. What -- waitress it's. Include include toxicity. And they're properly torque goes left Drexel clinical study recorded in middle class is ninety simply want. So there talking about the damage they're concurrent to the body. From. Clear and proteins that have it's been. The cause damage and just tried to -- so people are such great look where is morning. -- Like your favorite. -- bright and likes to listen rice rice. Can cause problems. Special virus. Well -- hit it he and and brown rice is incredibly acidic. And people don't appreciate having his way to a city for our diet and we do attendant to lose Boehner everything else when you're back to come to city. Here's the problem fifty years ago fifty years or short -- they say that we contain only 5% gluten. Today is 50%. That -- when I was a child. When I was twenty years old look we'd eight. Was 5% gluten now will you be weeks -- 2% gluten. Yeah that's crazy as it provides -- to debate. So they've been selecting for that. Should the tribe because of the Trenton New York City the articles have a house you. Amount of gluten is an event effective their best tasting of any day of the world food and it's not a conclusion. Look so ordinary. Date spirited sands. And and makes me sick. A. Now here's here's a -- -- -- cardiologist is saying this century threats. Role in heart disease as it builds. I have Soledad just got to remain on this background our Soledad great article woods who -- -- located on our side. -- -- -- Yeah -- better time to end the nonsense and Kuroda probably was insisting. Yeah because it's. We look at look at. Coconut oil. Reversing reversing out to English. -- -- -- You know it's it's. If you if -- agencies say that history of where we came up with the idea of what's healthy and what's not. It's very suspects. And that's why I'm so happy with this government and the about it because it gives you. It gives you a paradigm it gives you a protocol -- -- way of thinking about helped -- and you can evaluate so many address these. Claims about what's healthy and what's not so it's. You know it's been part of our traditional human diet and -- you know 101000 years ago plus. And it's going to be good for you were designed for that biologically -- genes are expecting next act and we don't do well when we don't get it. And so that's a way you can you can evaluate and that's how you can notice when they start talking about saturated fats. As being bad for -- that's nonsense with deserves very much part of a natural diet. Hunter gatherer diet is just as detailed ideas that's we're supposed to be getting had a right guys -- some -- as. That that's bad -- they're wrong. You can know that when you understand how we're designed and -- that diet is that we -- bodies are expected. EMS -- to -- their article on one thing he talks about things you. Would agree this is by taking -- the fat of the day which you saw in the eighties and nineties and even instill a lot of people thinking both sets a week ago. A -- in her to make the food more palatable and tasty sensor the in the fat their pack can't solicitor. And there's. You know a huge. Problem there increasing the risk of metabolic syndrome and type two diabetes. Say so you know that's that's supposed to help people think that the server is going to be better for them to the ice -- But that's not true. And that if you're looking at blood sugar exact. That's been there -- -- more protein also indebted and Denise. Milk based some are kind of melt but they're they're is that in the very. And it slows it down and so there's this is it unique we just need to know more about yes. And and think about it and it -- different way there's only really you know three major. Classes -- relation classified saluted by carbohydrate. Fat and protein and and that's really all there is. And that classification. So if you're if you're taking out the facts. Then what you also tend to take out with that is proteins because those -- come together thing he says. The damage they do -- it was leftist carbohydrates so -- pushing people become fact. And diabetic. And weak and depleted their translators of the brain and you know just stress they're immune system and I'm not happy and these booms and bust with their blood sugar is what happened down and up and down. And promote certain faction from C east this system up and cannot and and really I know that you know that's what we treat all day long -- And so we see coming into the -- these people are sick. Well you're right found. And what was also interesting is that so bulging bellies and false truce are linked to kidney disease kidney diseases. Is becoming a big problem in this country now. It's -- common side effect of that suited this regulation of the vessels the into the kidneys become compromised and there. They don't filters will -- so. This of phosphorus they say this really calls and lots of problems in -- soft drinks and prepared we'll talk to purchasers or -- percent. Peter Odom and Bryant preservatives and so -- hormones I know you -- car bombs and and you do -- hormone or corrections. Well here's I say the hormone levels might predict serve our right -- an older patients with acute illness. In hospitals. I would certainly have another talk apparently about to Muster grants are -- reflections of their normal institutional. If you're the hospital chances your survival of our greater. Display issued just hours until you're -- Celtic bench. Chair and and the problem -- the thyroid is treated by at most positions it is. That's the range that we considered normal things to do is estimate the number way to access to thyroid diseases due date is from cal point. I have 25. So you'd have a range of tender -- it's just one person has that there's -- level is ten times higher than another. Person that they're both normal and that's absolutely. Really. Poorly thought out research. And so what we now know is that healthy people are between one and two. And so what I find is that when I'm replaced I related my -- I try to get it below two. And in many cases -- -- adjusted to the person feels is best sleeping well energy's created they wake us ready to go. -- and they get terrible little low thyroid symptoms. Dan very often hear that number is actually below one. Hasn't series is quite -- some cases just the way that we've replaced -- and waited to military response and made it. You can -- of what we would consider suppress the title it's. So complicated here but at the point being -- we really as doctors tend to really cheap. Patients out of property -- level. Did they create -- think another problem I've even seen cases where that TSE's looks okay but they're not taking unfair. Antibodies that someone might even have their TC action there are tons of cocaine that. There's evidence that there are creating antibodies against a glance and that's thirty. We know that the destruction has begun and there are having all the symptoms but they're they -- to the cracks. And 95% of the time because I don't know it's taken them. And that is an extremely common I've seen as high as some people -- as high as 40% of people with low thyroid. I have antibodies suitors asks. -- the most you know in the western worlds where we don't have the extreme but I -- deficiency does it concern you but that but. That's not the major reason it's fair to put terrorism as its auto immune. And our and our country that's the main cause of military. -- office then there's reverse. He was spot block -- thyroid receptors and and that's typical of major because this 99% interest sailor but doctors memory bank that. I can't tell you how many times in my earlier career. In private practice that I would see a patient facility is easy -- -- rifle -- -- given every symptom in the book. But mr. picture thyroid rejected TSA agent freaky for. And it looks fine. And I thought well you're not -- I -- I thought you work which -- sure looked at that you're not but this year look at it. Since. You know and so I would investigate further and has -- discovered the -- street -- in -- know that beneath your Honda and the bodies and that sort of thing -- there's there's a lot more to -- me that is very. Sell them investigated by primary care doctors. Re enact some -- and insisting once you cassettes did and it's an adaptive response when your cortisol and Justice Thomas high. Year beer Shan -- more revered. Tired precursor to reverse TT is a way to kind of put the brakes on your metabolism -- don't. Kind of burn out so to speak so. Right to the protective reasons they're really in those cases the coolest some. Modify the cortisol the stress hormones at the end result being that your parents symptoms come back into the rain -- Very interesting and complex. Yeah that is one hormone effects and out of there and -- And you put somebody on good comment get there there I thought I'd like you know trying to after estrogen goes down. Laying -- they metabolize it and it better and faster than they used to and so the value of uncovered a Lola. Estrogen but that's why we need people. Out there who actually like to think. Just a patient's. Needs and aren't aren't intimidated or scared by that and did her arm capable of getting just superior result. Because. Of that. Interest and carrying -- curiosity wanting to help patients successfully do it. -- and it makes tired jobs aren't adjusting to. Well that's where you want to medical school and that you mentioned many times. On the show you'll you'll see a patient -- I get up and leave them. Just when they walk out the door they they give something did you do know about the tell you something. -- -- -- -- -- -- toughness that you know the land on the door at the -- -- you know like you could talk to an hour let's forget. Or whatever but it's about time that you spent with patients so critically about it. Yeah -- real areas and there was anyway that there is being pushed today that's I think. To an absurdly low level they're expecting three minutes per patient here but here's Steve right now at seven. And my my patients get mark my first time patience and patience pretty close to an -- And if we have to go over that we do that but you know I want them to walk out the door with a game plan that makes sense of them. So why we're going to be doing what we're doing and it may take several visits before we get all our guys figured out. They're armed and we get them healing and doing better in Canada it's worth it but if you can't do that. In three minutes you can't do it in seven minutes how they ended fifteen minutes in most cases. -- it would really is going on the person. And not just sort of a cursory exam. And history. Well the good news is the type of medicine that you weren't productive -- -- we're talking out of two lines Sebring. An MD. Who's. What did you crossover UBU. I want to ask two -- fell out of the nest about eighteen years ago I just. -- had a revelation and just decided that. Every time I prescribe to draw that was sort of sort of they have that affects some negative effects. We have enough information and I started looking into nutrition and spent. Several years learning how to do that and using our own chemistry. Rebalancing the body so that it works just the way it's supposed to. They don't need all these -- And it's so much more time. Oh yeah. There's so many people that don't listen to shows that I think there's a Renaissance going on this country and health care. I hope because what -- will refining. Is that if we allow the people who tell us what to do that the government. Parishioners company's. Fiscal -- here. And that's not good health care for jewel. Business model and you needed to -- a doctrine that is -- that can think for themselves to step out of that box. Fine enough to look back out of not abandon my description news that I'd -- I used prescription medications when when appropriate. Sometimes these great people. Into a more natural way but they've been living unknowingly are very unnatural life and lifestyle. And until we couldn't get that correct attitude he's willing to work. I'm oftentimes put them on medication. I'm also very wary of some of the worst medications is that they're not that's not all the same to me and I understand I think a little better. Which ones are more appropriate and safer. And then that we could use its. Dozens and so I do that but my mind goes to get people off their medication and we're pretty pretty amazing was successful doesn't. Most of who have done in the stores as you -- your two choices today and you give education choices. And that's for children to you know with the top Madison Georgia are light years light years ahead of what what's happening in this country do because. Because you give people choices and you know you can exercise you can -- -- you can do this for that to reverse on the conditions. And then you do now some are just least five minutes on insurance. Three minutes to Qatar good -- PA of their right. -- do. You know so it if so -- just -- just the two storms the -- Tomlin just tell us something quick response to a second happened right. Sure right so used to just OK coming. And you put your company but if you drew the which you'd like to do especially I think with anybody older today this this don't have health problems as. What you call concierge medicine right. Okay so explain registry who got a letter to. Out -- your medicine is where where you pay an annual fee. And then we accept your insurance on top of that -- -- we that your insurance costs. So they pay for all your labs and that sort of thing we get about 3000 dollars worth the lab -- down. Each year as part of because they're complete physical that's part that comes off their deductibles still number never get a bill for any of that that just comes off their deductible. And then they have my cellphone -- -- I can they could call me if they needed to have major questions which we get thirty to 45 minute visits. And whatever time we need -- in the same day next day appointments there's just a lot of perks just when you have a doctor rice -- on call. If you if you need it. I gotta say is that they'll know you're talking about. Amy and I got to Tyler being leanings -- but I you know you you run do you have a pharmacy. And yet. Here you are talking about. Doing things demand natural way and I know you have nutritional. Supplements too but that's the integrity. If that. That says about just I -- -- I got told that before but that that is just a huge. -- message to anyone who knows all that you have incredible integrity because. You know you're not question that she could be done that you're trying to get people healthy because you know what's the smartest and most honest thing to do and I really applies to you. I have that in that respect you because that view your position in that and society there and Austin what you're doing. -- your dollar now. I really nice idea that. Boy you know but I think -- people tell me you're trying to drivers of out of business that that would be fun you know if there's this country were. Would turn and seep our through the same way if people turn to -- how else could we need to do something with this with was seven in this country. That's going to be a big portion or. Our -- credentials. Questions that we really haven't. And his incentives are all in the wrong place. Road let's rush for the -- appreciate that. We've actually at running -- more mutually let his son said he thought there goes well we we don't come. The from a tiger -- I think we need to get we got what it about a minute left. Doctors doctor -- Going to give you're going to give your phone number. What I love my phone number is that area -- 512.