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Oct 22, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is Sunday October 20 Tony thirteen and you're listening to inside Austin. Sitting down with me today is lung cancer survivor -- -- and Dan Bartlett organizer of the freedom -- Austin five K run walk and one mile walk. You can share their stories with you and how you can get involved in the movement to double lung cancer survival. I'm also talking with Trenton Foster development manager of the national MS society and done Kempner has been living with multiple sclerosis for 33 years. Not moving toward the world free and that's. That and more coming up in just a moment on inside Austin. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Despite recent trends America probably isn't becoming a nation of part timers. I'm Geoff -- of fortune magazine with inside business many of the jobs lost during the recession were full time gigs. More than four years after -- and were nowhere near recovering all of those lost jobs. The ones we've gained have mostly been part time offering less pay and benefits than full time work. Some people worried that this is a long term shift in employment patterns. But economists say it probably isn't the most likely just reflects a very slow economic recovery. This year a part timers in the workforce rose sharply to almost 20% shortly after the recession ended. That series 18%. Today which is still higher than before the recession started. But we've been here before this year part timers actually peaked at a little over 20%. Some thirty years ago. A job search site called indeed reports that the bulk of its part time postings are for positions were employees typically work fewer hours. Such as customer service representative receptionist bank tellers and retail sales associates that suggest employers aren't converting full time positions in the part time wants. A potentially important factor that we can't judge. Is the impact of the Affordable Care Act it offers some employers incentives to replace old timers with part timers. But since the so called employer mandate has been postponed until 2015. We don't yet know the effect. Inside business I'm Geoff -- for CBS news. This week Nielsen the TV ratings company launched its Nielsen -- TV ratings service in order to measure what it calls the unique audience of television viewers that used Twitter and in case you're wondering yes this is a pretty big deal. People have always talked about the TV programs that they -- but now we have a Twitter that conversation is instantaneous. Change in many cases takes place during -- -- think of it as social television and naturally networks and advertisers -- take advantage of the conversation take place but the question is how. There is value in knowing the size of the shows Twitter fan base but Twitter users are younger and tend to live in Mexico. College in the -- so the data will be -- still knowing which shows have a strong we're following does hold huge potential the theory goes that if fans are engaged and Twitter means are also paying attention to these advertising. I'm Steven page and I'll be back again next week with another TV dot com and. You're listening to inside fan and I'm so happy to have with me here in the studio some participants in this year's free to -- Austin offense. They're here to bravely shared their personal journeys with this Austin community in the hopes of inspiring others to take action against lung cancer. I have with me Betty dual who is a two year lung cancer survivor and your participating in this year's event frank adding yes and that is an effect and then Dan will let. You have a personal story to share pitcher also the event organizer is that right that's right let's start with a discussion about. Lung cancer what are the things that we need to know that that we don't know we're not hearing about on an everyday basis. I've -- with the biggest things is the amount of people are expected by every day. It is as far as being diagnosed it's about one in thirteen and fourteen people not just male or female it diagnosed every every day. It's such a huge spinning in the biggest thing is really survival rate that we're so lucky to have -- -- with us today because of its -- prayer to buying one yeah. There's only about a 16%. Now survivor after after five years. -- -- around it and -- it just takes more lives than breast cancer colon cancer melanoma cancers combined. Is that because it's difficult to diagnose. That by the time people go in in their feeling that it's it's an advanced stage. Yet there's no nerve endings in your lungs so you don't. -- so that's a big -- a lot of people around like a monster mom and mother in law went in because she thought she had bronchitis Cuban coffee and for a month and like this is ridiculous and you know going to care is now. And that's how -- -- now. And how is it diagnosed as it with and they start with a chest X or. And yes I did alien or an X ray and -- ammonia. And they treated the pneumonia. And it just would not go away gains persisted I kept going back to the doctors they kept telling me that takes time for the ammonia cute. The key world. That I kept saying there's something out strongly something Ron and chip timing of these tech and CT scan and once they take that ski in the concede the man some. And once they see the man's and there are. It. More hit you know. Went up -- now what's going on -- matter at that point they sent me to Iran specialist he did biopsy and then they Kate. Clearly see that it was on team. And what were your symptoms Betty -- coughing Islam I had a little nagging cough and I would show very easily and it wouldn't have to be anything really. Much I mean just -- swallowing it show. And I was tired and it's AT. I had headaches that day and I just dismissed a lot of it because it. Other things that'd been going on in my life I had that cervical fusion and I it's because of that notes because it did and and I send them -- -- there is something wrong here right. -- talent do you think it is taking it from experiencing those symptoms and sort of feeling like well that's one of the things I have going on in my life toll finally win. Well Eileen and I am well actually my employers is they. At promote wellness in the accompanying show they have let drugs annual blood -- and I went in for that. And they Sonnen had high likely account and told me he seek out. And more professional. Opinion on now and that's when I get goes to my regular doctor. Wow that's a great service by -- where it really -- I have to credit them why. And then from the point that they discovered the masked what was what was the treatment what was -- what was the recommendation. From that from that biopsy. At that point my. Specialist told me that he inherited contacted as surgeon. Surgeon and leaning on him like a week later. And within. I think it was six days I was in the hospital. And it was actually Halloween day. Sad anniversary of your surgeries cannot get -- areas and they -- two thirds in direct line and along with the cancer. And Nana what's cancer Ernie is very very lucky. That it had not and spread the in the -- notes they did take thirty line. I believe talent notes and testing each one of them to make sure that I. -- -- Semite goodness -- that's great means -- yes I. I'm I'm struck by two thirds of your lung removed how does that how does that affect you today in your in your daily life. Thank you are shorter breath eat and right and that at and that I mean I think I do quite well I mean. I still work out I go in and I do my exercises I can't quite keep up the way I used to. That IQ given a good -- and dad it's worked out really. Did you have any follow up radiation or chemotherapy -- I -- them an idea to have him out there these days suggested that anchoring yankees at peak it's the and closeness TV. Upper lobe of my lungs. And she said that would it help. Prevented. -- make the risk much less. Likely headed during the key outside it -- -- -- And that does Wear you out to me and then I did not resolve my hair that I lost a lot of it. That is I'll come back and and gaining my strength back. He certainly looked the picture of health with this and this was a couple of years ago as a when the time this being my ninety year anniversary coming up them. Yes well and so it just strikes me what. What a frightening diagnosis -- -- personal I mean it's just this is rural hit your -- type stuff. What are some of the tools that he used to coming through something like -- It's just forge ahead scientists went ahead I mean I would say that because of my friends and I am only encouraging me and that really helps alive and one of the things that it's it's really bad is that I had to go -- -- and that -- had -- on cancer. And she had lost her sister in 2005. To thank you sir I'm sad to see it was very hard to tell her. And went three out of it and CNET again taking care -- and and it just happened and it I was Barry is there an eight. Is there a genetic precursor to lung cancer. Is wrong or there. There a moment where there's. Not that I'm aware of that's par there is Margaret your raising money is that we fund research. To find out if there it's right so that's really count up. Our goal is that we're still young still growing. -- really need to raise the monies that we can have assigned to to do that comes right it makes me think of. Years ago Dana Reeve who was not a smoker mysteries -- And two years after his death she was diagnosed with lung cancer and it it took her life quite quickly. So it's interesting that whether you have a -- at previous pattern of smoking I don't know if you are smoker and a nanny actually atlas -- turbulent -- yes but it -- and you could be a nonsmoker. And you could end up with a diagnosis. Of lung cancer seems just as easily so. I think that research that you mentioned Dan is very necessary to determine. Why you know -- not risk behaviors associated with that type of cancer at some development can't. Yeah and it's -- it's about 50% from the last time I read that it lung cancer that -- never -- I think it's 20% have never smoked an entire lives on a cigarette. There are lots of things out there -- -- Raid on which raid on his belief in all of that stage something has grain which is pretty much most United States house sitting on granite. So -- there's just a lot of things that people don't think about that cause lung cancer and that's part and portion of -- beat the stigma of smoking. And that's your first question people ask is aware smoker. Doesn't really matter rank in on it by a breast cancer which smoking causes returning cancer from this home -- reinforcing because you breathing belongs. It's associated with us from. Where -- your was your mother in -- experience. Different from -- in terms of her diagnosis and treatment. From the time she was of the main things at times she was diagnosed -- until she passed away three months Pat Quinn yes it was. It was like a -- when she had a cough. This was about three months after we got an engagement life. In it was literally. I remember being it was Valentine's Day you comment like it was like -- diagnosed with lung cancer. In ways. It she'd just start her chemo treatment in three months later she passed one gestures party stage for about time he caught. So at that stage with him was virtually impossible for the chemotherapy to shrink tumors and not impossible I don't think anything's impossible but it was extraordinary. Unlikely she had one entire Thomas ball and -- -- -- was about half to three quarters full. It was it was pretty much. As a -- that Newton says she had a long time not realizing thinking she just had a bad case of bronchitis. Yet. She and she'd actually she had she was a smoker and younger years. And I believe every like five to ten years she would get CT scan as a precaution convince you how -- -- before you completely clear. So here's someone who was even trying to stay know what we're trying to stand -- right. Is because of the timing when she did it just -- the right time right well -- what this year sort of. Your health protocol now with your doctor in terms of under regular attack that's what those intervals for you. I carry every -- At C east team. In any pain. At normal. -- in the right way. Well that makes sense is it is it a very. Fast growing cancer hour. Mine in case yet. And it. Of course there are different types of -- -- -- tie. I don't know the technical names -- Can't carry out it. And yet -- one that was a very fast growing. Now and then yet in its current interest in and you have to different types of in fact my brother and it's -- -- types -- cancer it's time. Unfortunately his battle of our our whole lot more. Serious because it and let me in its kind. He and my wounds so he's a Spider-Man he's given he's back again and he's he's doing quite well now -- anything's possible. And I guess that once it reaches the influence that's where it spreads. Throughout the body like like wild fires that swearing in your case that he. You were fortunate that nothing's in. Everything. Indeed do things different with your diet today and then before your cancer. Actually I view him and we have a dietitian network as well and I -- -- her. And any -- that they can show it pretty much they can hide out. And says did you eat things that they wreck mean it might. Back off. You can still have him -- -- maybe some some small sacrifices her way race and how did you hear about free to -- Austin well. Actuaries. In Recovery Act -- surgery and signed it into. Law. And day out and decent thing next year -- Sign up and actually did them. And Mary's eyes. Because at 9 o'clock in the breast cancer. And it just -- people. And and I showed up and cancer why it. May be 18100 people. And maybe. -- people wearing my pressure. And I think at that point we really hit me just how lucky. -- and help people as much as anything else where people can. That makes a lot of sense tonight I I think you're right there's other types of cancers that gets so much more awareness. So much more marketing -- more publicity other organizations deeply involved and and I can't think of October without. You know. And seeing pink everywhere I mean they've that's really come along way in terms of of how they're winning since. Dan how did you get involved with -- your -- Austin how did you hear about it. I actually started in created Austin branch tinted so I was I started that one in Providence I started back to start with the organization and -- those seven years ago. I'm from the Boston areas living near Providence. And started there in 2000. 20082009. Believes might. Would that have been right after law passed away yet it was right after I started when she was diagnosed. And she passed -- push you into doing. I've never even told them -- to the race or. And it really started off there how I think that was the tenth person in the country start with -- to -- -- one on -- -- people kind of helped create it. I'm not create an appointment actual race itself. In the field. -- And pepper straight -- forty people and I was so excited -- we raised I think 3000 dollars on my this is the greatest thing ever. I really I just started it because. There was nothing out there. Am I used to be a runner. In each Prescott diagnosed sounds like you know like to help us what can I do. How is gonna run -- -- let me try to find a five or ten K for lung cancer and not run in just pat people give me money and support me in and race. And it was not in New England. I was like what it would mean there's nothing a slight relative tree debris -- which which started the year before. Now that you know looking for race my mother in -- diagnosed. We here's the closest one -- -- a couple of states have to. Like well there isn't oneself public you to start it. I'm like OK well why not like they're being hired and then I realize that would that not real good day eleven and a half months a year of playing a one event -- And that kind of grew Harlem when -- left probably. Since three years ago there was a third race. And we had. 500 people and raised over 50000 dollars. An ounce so in three years it was just incredible amount of growth -- an -- when I moved here. I couldn't just let it die in you know in there was nothing -- -- -- not in time in Texas. I was the first one start an all Texas which is African -- like wow that's really surprising actually it is inside moved here announcement well. Kitten started -- did not get something going and I looked at as you know as many people said in the past and -- not -- and who there's nobody we have to start some ice -- that was California. That was three years this year is a third race in Austin six race told their cost and how much are hoping to raise the share. I'll last year we did so about 26000. Dollars I'd love to hit the 30000 on Markham were -- in total. From all my races up to vote under 20000. Agreement hit the 150 Tuesday. So let's talk about the specifics. Of the event this year than it's taking place its next Sunday September 27 ranked. And where is -- it's in old settlers parked in the lake view pavilion -- registration opens up at seven Perry in the actual. The announcements that race starts around. And it's a five K run walk and also a one mile long in contempt -- Yet we do that especially because for lung cancer survivors. Walked five K -- -- days is pretty much impossible to physically can't do it right on this we -- the little -- it's about one moment to -- them in the this -- around actual sleek compact. And what is of course like it sounds like it's for the picturesque. It's really nice sound unfortunately have only walked at once like we years ago for him and noted that I've been doing the actual race itself. Buffalo what I remember it was a really nice. Almost all of its paid its couple small sections of the soccer field so -- that. -- it's -- pre designed by a round -- the city of round rock to be actual five Ainsley. And it's certainly not too late if you know if you're just hearing about this today to get involved because the event is happening next Sunday October 27 what would be. The best way for someone to to find out about it is that the website free to breeze dot org for such Austen. Yes on -- go to freebies dot org and picked -- and drop down menu board would slash Austin's fine. And that has all the information about registration and location. How to get involved in fundraising I guess you know obviously this is this is what you're trying to do so in terms of how to get involved and raise money. Yes online registrations open till I believe next Wednesday next Tuesday or Wednesday and that's the east 25 dollars and free -- or -- that. And yet there's a sleek and just you boundaries and you don't want to compete and it's like to still donate. You can donate to -- he is seen Tony online at for your -- -- Iraq. And all of the proceeds are gonna benefit the national lung cancer partnership -- Yes it would all national cancer partnership -- base via our mother company in free debris is the athletic fundraising division. The world goes to national lung cancer partnership on on freedom reasoning. And we spun it on national went into partnership is one of the I think it's the only. Charity organization started by doctors and physicians. That specific goal was to raise money to fund research. At the end of the day we find out from breast cancer every other kind of cancer that. What cures cancer is money and you have to pay people to work on Hastings. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Money. Well that makes -- the sense I mean. Money equals resources and -- Steve you find out about that so that makes this fundraiser all that more important. I am I loved the mission of national lung cancer partnership. Which is just very clear that they wanted to double lung cancer survival by 20/20 two you couldn't be more specific. Yes that was on the heck were you at the email -- -- -- six months ago and I was like wow that's. That's aggressive which is great -- in there really they're really going after. Because it it makes me think that we said earlier Dan with your mother in -- diagnosis aegis felt helpless and Betty Hampshire vote your family and friends feel the same -- what can -- -- happen. Bakley and there's just. Just as finest people in to get out there and happier will check. Make sure that you go to the doctor if there's something minutes a nagging you know a little bit. Go and check it out. And if you still feel like there's something in the doctor's not listening go again and tell -- -- -- doctor that will listen and that's exactly what I -- That makes sense because you had this intuitive voice inside you that was saying OK I've been diagnosed with pneumonia but it doesn't feel right -- I just kept being thick and kept being tired and friends and family -- team. There's something wrong with you keep go ahead tad bit and churn out there -- yeah I had not done it. I would be one of those that did not. The story can have been very different at a very different ending. Well that is an important reminder for assault to to monitor health and not take so I feel fine I'm not gonna go for the check this year. My parents to something I think it's a great idea they go on or near their birthday and that waiting now. When their -- an -- track of it or when their overdue I should say it isn't news which can be the case. So talking about national lung cancer partnership you mentioned the researched their. -- really raising money to fund research that's gonna have the greatest potential to save lives. They wanna double the number of lung cancer patients participating in clinical trials so that makes me wonder if there are more clinical trials for other types of cancer. Make sense to what you said Dan about money money -- cancer if you have the money that's that's for the people go -- My bread or not he actually. Was trying to balance here -- -- their research. Them things that he did not quote because of the brain you. That if he hadn't had the brain tumors are ready. They would have put him in their research program so. Yeah I mean there's. There are volunteers out there and -- sometimes they did he do it because it something. And how do you find out about this clinical trials -- think it's rude and I mean here's doctor approached you know icing I've kind of out of college it's. Approach can't. And so you know qualify -- and then when they check it out and it it was in Kosovo and Asia brother mom living here in Texas in this in New Braunfels. Couldn't. And he's he's getting very caring and perhaps. -- and room which in the past and absolutely. So if you would like to get involved. In some activity that is gonna benefit the national lung cancer partnership. October 27 next Sunday is your opportunity to participate in the freedom breeds cost and five K run walk and one mile block. The website to get more information is freedom briefed dot org and you can click on Austin and trying to all the information. About registration. And the location is old settlers park in round -- that's at 1001. Herald parkway. I wish you the very best with this event couldn't before a better -- and I thank you Dan -- and Betty tool for being here to share your experience and. It was our pleasure and thank you it's it's for people like you that allow us to have the coverage and -- the media that we're able to get a word out there and it's. Mean -- -- helping save lives as Mexican money you're not what you're doing helping massive -- Thanks thanks for being here Dan thanks for your hard work with this that. And any it's an honor to meet you and have -- lung cancer survivor. I thank you very -- I say yes and I hope that we can say newborn Marla. We'll be back in a few minutes. It's with more inside Austin. Why I'm Jim -- BC BS news if you take your Dennis advise you brush your teeth after each meal at typically that would mean about four minutes of brushing every day. If you did do a better job of cleaning their teeth and do it in just six seconds. It's called the -- a -- brush and the word brushes where the similarity with traditional toothbrushes ends the -- today and looks more like a football players mouthpiece. It requires a trip to a dentist office to have an impression made then the president is form fitted to your teeth. Lined with 400 soft -- bristles you merely -- down repeatedly and grinder teeth into the blizzard and to complete the cleaning. It takes an average of six seconds and its developers say it does a better job of cleaning that either and the space underneath the gum line. Having the latest to technology's not cheap however blizzard and cost about 200 bucks and can last ten times longer than a traditional toothbrush. And that's for your information I Jim Genovese CBS news. It's here the first flex screen Smartphone I'm Brian Cooley in search of the next big thing. We've been hearing -- flexible screens are coming but no I've called this one a flex screen. It's on the news Samsung galaxy round Smartphone and it's concave so when you hold the phone vertically it is slightly dished left to right. In fact the entire phone is also concave following the contour of the screen. But notice the screen nor the overall phone actually flax that's still something stuck in the -- Samsung says this five point seven inch dished phone makes for a different kind of interaction. Mostly because the phone body is current allowing you to tilt it when it's on a table to say check the time more changed music tracks. Rumors abound that LG and apple are hot on Samsung's deals with curved screen devices. And the Smart watch category is really gonna explode was such designs were really make sense that. Find me at cnet.com slash next big thing I'm Brian Cooley. -- you're error. Many -- scary movie night this is sound bites and intends and pop the political and dim the lights and invite you all friends I am. But I couldn't nothing says Halloween like at night -- the really scary movies and to help our new evening had for a fifth full films dot com. It's a clearing house the reviews of fantastic cinema horrible kinds from the classic monsters of the communities to the -- in the Jason's of more recent times. Everything's categorized by subject if you are looking for the -- which is on the -- ghosts just click on the link. If -- interest in mountain heart modest as -- was craven Clive -- or Stephen King the may have categories of their in two. So stop channel surfing and that fearful films don't come plan annual Halloween movie polity. But to get the dole the already -- Soundbites I engines -- the CBS news. You're listening to -- Austin and joining me in the studio today is trend Foster. Development manager of the national MS society and also Doug Kempner. A volunteer and someone who was diagnosed with and that's in 1990 I'm so glad to have you both here to talk about your experiences. And how folks can get involved and helping the society and more research of course for acumen. Let's get started if we could -- in Trenton with the mission the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. But for the short version of that is we're hair. Here how individuals living with multiple sclerosis. And -- their lives toward. This disease can stop people and BC MS stops people in their tracks. And we sent people can. Keep moving keep meaningful way. Her thigh programs and services for him to test means that they may have as a journalist on an important scene -- search. You better understand this disease and ultimately -- to hear from multiple parents. How many people would -- say in Texas are affected by an interesting you should ask and you figure just came out last week and end this is an estimate that there is now national registry. Plan that reports. The number of cases. People who are diagnosed with a massive. This number is based on our. And surveys and people that reached out the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. But currently it's -- 3000 people on -- -- taxes. That's a significant number yes. Of those people you know it's it's experience I understand it individual kind of disease and you really don't know how it's gonna progress or. If it's in -- aggressor -- Steve offer a number -- Bahrain yes accurately and you know I think and -- Being a mother to market and done I think about -- -- spokesman said. -- -- and not knowing when my day to day that nine thank you care for him. My children I can get them off to school if I could go to work -- like a perfect from a gambling. And I think that's probably sentiments. XP to this it how unpredictable than diseases that you definitely. Your symptoms are gonna look like. Today what are some what are some perhaps examples of first symptoms that people my goodness. Yeah. So it sort of comes -- -- influence it's gotten an answer is that how it was for you. Measures -- in London. At some news new symptoms go one. American at that time. And how will not what might be the time period that they think he would disappear and then return. -- percent but it disputes ground. By Jim sudden might just have been the better it is to go and how long ago he died last. 1990. Had a bad diagnosis come about with the process of eliminating. Other issues that could be what was recognized quite quickly. I was hoping it wasn't him that's -- went to. Partner card which is. There -- Are hoping that pinched nerve. I think it's effortless and. And so we -- we even refer directly to general. It is. And at the time what was treatment. Back in there's no no him mister X times and they treated the symptoms. I didn't have enough -- separate and they give me something to give -- energy. Course -- me awake at nights of them have been coming in other. Jernigan and there are -- treating the symptoms range and then work with the. And are there different types and -- us. Again. And -- few few different types. And then -- annum and likely said -- and TP column. At present the same plane and an end in it's interesting when I was diagnosed headed neurologists tell me. And then he countdown -- and thinking man the test results that person had elements before. -- treatment options he would saint Agnes an audience. His -- not seen that he committed her bow to these individuals. And their treatment options. And the first treatment option Allison 1993. FDA approved. And -- answered -- and injectable. And that means I mean that's. To not think and I really isn't ninety degree count them and just struck by how recent that is that there's been. A lot of progress in the last 1015 hours -- And in nineteen. In the more people understand this dizziness them earlier folks are diagnosed with and am gonna. Yeah. Harder and more active proactively iron about raising money. That to fund research. To better understand the disease. Then. I -- I think that's huge. And a reason line in the past ten years we've just had so much progress. In man. And I he'll be interesting because. MS is thought to be an -- I -- disease it's it's. And I always think if -- -- to hear from multiple sclerosis. In -- need help address some of -- other -- in practice the link on handling -- -- Mainly. Then there -- definitely had an experimental drug treatment. The early days. News approved -- Kenya Britain -- -- not so fast and they still don't know hamas'. Right. It was a attendance or was it helpful team that experimental drug. I don't know not at the time and it made him. -- had a lingering effects to your usual did you get on a drug therapy in the mid ninety's when when. Stuff sort of becoming available as on the way to mr. betaseron. Is like a lottery for them. The draft long ago. And I got on drivers traveling about so I didn't take the first injectable. And waited to combat command did. Another approved drugs chemotherapy. And reality two years'. -- -- most attentive. Who's -- -- -- on the body in Florida it's you know that we captors the worse and. You know -- here. So are you currently on. A drug therapy may be in your current therapy you're not -- Neurologists. After the -- he says that last -- in there. Humans and -- that I would be the poster child for that drug. Because they're really. -- I walked editors. -- -- -- any better but it. I feel better most of the time and so I'm -- sustaining. Stuff over. Cramps and kind and now. OK so that's what works very standard treatment. So how often do you visit your. Your doctor at least twice a year. In the early days observers treatments every quarter as -- Where -- where your sentence changing quickly at that time they were there were I'm actually walking better now than I. An -- he stepped scooter when I work. Uses scooter markers. Since this since the chemotherapy. Drug that you can't really did make a difference in terms of my ability to run into people who haven't seen leaders. -- that's a particular team it just. It speaks to you how important the research -- which speaks to how important the donations are because he need the money even to fund -- researcher Jeanne. Without it its chest. I mean it's it's it's essentially doesn't exist -- about it. So if folks wanted to make a donation. Where would they can Trenton to to do that. Well -- -- make it to -- the national movement means they have a -- -- new national MS society not more. Anthony -- and we have a couple of special talents that we do apparent constant. It to fund -- for him. As well raise some money to fund the programs and services that the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Button forgot it's in their two countries seen. Elements -- off in and we had to walk MS Austin witches the national limit society's signature events. And we have hundreds one. And across the country crappy hair and our local. Lock him -- is taking place on Sunday territories and -- that tune in taxes. So there's a chance for people to you get involved and not only -- donating and along through participation. -- may have won an -- problem. How to manage and an anchor of the BP MS NTT. Which is recycling and then it's. -- he's downtown Austin it's nice day that's gone wild -- announced its atom. The decision -- -- thirteen thousand participants. We've raised eighteen million dollars this racist just. Let my mind and let me -- speaks to how committed are -- talents aren't yet. And so at this event and events. To their fundraising efforts. And pan -- inspires me every time I see. Participation mean 20000 people. And assign a different state capital it's pretty cool yeah film emotional and I heard on the finished. -- -- -- -- Doesn't appear. Yeah. It takes your breath I think and bet for this you are not fact -- and I'm curling can't -- time -- -- -- locked up. Iceland and -- mount. We have the documents and that's next Sunday -- -- -- it is next tax cut over 27 that is coming up what time did not get started frustration and then 9 am in the -- again at ten name and we have an opening Tammany now we'll start. And and 9:50 -- and we have a couple of state who will be part of that opening ceremony. Representative Donna howry in prison and -- and the in that. Speak to the -- to speak to the importance that there. You know those participants have about a thousand participants but they're tuning. In the and -- -- maintenance and ten people on either either one mildly a printer three month that you. Or people can choose not to -- out. And unethical things that we deal that the -- And means we have instant -- expect. Snow we've reached down to cool. Businesses. In resource is outside our organization. And we reach out to excuse him from. A resource to individuals living with them to improve the quality then. We invite them to participate in our -- expense -- the completion. Information about what a what they cute to participants and and just get people. More. Or further connected. To use to help him outside of what we do as an organization. To help. Them right. Resources and tools -- and to better manage their lives and as things change and I think. One of the things that strikes me is the on that so difficult about the disease is is its unpredictability. Of you know that it could go from numbness and tingling to blindness and paralysis and then the whole spectrum. Of issues that can happen between so. It's just stunned you know it's it's a shock to the system. When it happens has to be able to to go to folks who understand what that feels -- and and then saying hey you know here's some other resources and tools and that would help you that you probably didn't know about it. Then suddenly brings in like OK you know my life is gonna continue and they're gonna help me not in Jerusalem and yes and I think that's it. What we care man this is the feeling of being isolated and Latin -- -- this overwhelming means that is my. Altering. And Sen. And just feeling completely overwhelmed. By the information. I ever round by me. What your future. In our client and Japan it changes your whole life and end and that's Clinton this and then tries to do his connections. Eric and canine unit alone. We're living with them to others who are living with and connect there. Groups circle of supporters. You are not personally affected. The disease. And live with someone and someone with it and connect. Connect with others whose car. Indirectly. Impacted me -- to -- Suspicious building of the writers and community for people aren't earning wealth -- -- think it's currently. The best way. For me to describe what we're trying to achieving tube. -- To the society also connect people CU maybe some of the new drug trials. Is that something doctors with -- cancer patient. And -- at. But they've got all the MS society has. Opportunities in -- -- -- on top of what's going on in it and ask your doctor. Have you heard of course right. I wondered because I read all my gosh. A few years ago it's going to be an article. In the newspaper that was talking about 'cause I gather most of the drugs for -- multiple sclerosis are injected. -- because they are I think interferon or proteins they can't do that justice. You're not need him. Yeah I understand that they are extremely expensive so that's a whole other issue with your insurer. And you know and there are willingness or. Ability to carry that with the bombing care coming and that any -- to. But I do you remember reading an instance again a couple of years ago I remember when that they word dealing some trials are experiments with -- -- it would be in the despray. And I am thinking that it's huge difference in an individual's life to go from. You know -- daily or weekly injection whatever might be to suddenly something that's like names and -- mean. Well in the past couple years to new oral care worker. And so. I don't even like getting -- -- -- once a year. Now I can't imagine -- That it's. Every day and actually went to my. Mean in. Impact she psychologically. It. Brian Atkins and have oral care. It's. In that end. And that is lower their fees came just. Like this year. That -- brand name. And that is thanks to the research. And folks willing to keep there their time in their -- to make that happen. That's how important it is seen as as much progress has been made. I'm struck that there could actually be a -- uncovered for us. Like that that's articles I mean I always tell people please let me out of a job. That's lately kept me out of a job. Understanding people that I care about patents disease. And I would laughed it tonight. Have to go to work everyday and ask people to raise money to find a cure for disease because that's not necessary. That was a great -- -- Foster that I used to -- the development manager for the national MS society but I'm not anymore because it they found him yet. -- and the first together ray. But on the other hand Lotta people lose Georgia or can't work because Anderson. I think. We do. As an organization. And there are great mine it's. Come together not my mind I raised money to find. But the programs and services is great minds come up when it. They really like that this disease long term weather person. Who is newly -- We'll need the indictment says it's mean and six months -- the -- that mean she. Means sixty years. In how we as an organization. And her thigh. It's them does mean it's throughout that time line in the progression. Of this disease. Of the short term. Financial assistance and it. People. Having a hard timing can -- mortgage payments weaker financial assistance. And short term short term mean it's short term assistance. We abdicate. Any health care. And disability rights. We have can out. There are kids who aren't living with them attendant you can. Have camps -- linked to. Impacted and it -- him. That's short that's terrific list every certain. That -- that people really should be aware of them. Because as you were saying these medications are so expensive so. I guess. If you're newly diagnosed. And the silver lining is that there are treatment today and that didn't exist as recently as 1990 and so on that's that's the hopeful Manson conflict -- Maybe the punch in the side is that they're really expensive and depending on what your insurance situation and and maybe putting you on a tough spot to be able to you before that medication Kimi intends minerals -- other. Concern for right and so feature you you might be dealing with the shock. And now the grief the sadness everything that comes with the diagnosis like that and then. Thinking well. How can afford treatment. It just doesn't seem right to us. Doesn't make sense that it doesn't seem right which is which is why. Gets to the national MS society I think are so critical. And on his support all those wonderful tools and that's resources that you just mentioned Trenton so let's -- if someone wants to make a donation say that but certainly time to. It's national MS society more. And if you're listening to US and you would like to get involved and help Austin moved toward a world free of multiple sclerosis. He can do so next Sunday October 27. At the walk MS Austin. I like the you have some choices here at that you've got a one mile route around Adele diamond or five K through old settlers park so that's you know. That's already taken measure yet taken as you like and it's kids setting you know you don't even -- sit I mean. Coffey began hanging out with sag and listen to music I -- that good this morning. Yet stags and charge of our live entertainment. -- that right who who can we expect to we have. Their greatest American heroes. And there are a local man they've been together twenty years. And they play all the old. Dick and I mean I think songs well -- action heroes theme song. I love it here all of that some old commercials. That just old blue light rock. Has found sprain missed just very upbeat and incurred -- -- get people moving yeah. -- and are also enhance and compliment married and -- -- 813. In the top ten. They're greet Mexican restaurant there and Atlantis for someone I have them from Houston to stay under me. There. -- no margaritas we'll answer. Delicious ones yet delicious. -- anchor it can't take him telling cops that. You can that the the trick or treating them around. -- -- contests. And it -- It's an -- many tickets cost to Wear it the right. -- -- -- Having another opportunity and to use -- it -- and pay income. You mentioned lock them as a significant and plan to lock in Austin. How much money looking to raise the share this year and in at least some people. It has to paint. And in its -- clearance to send. Instantly went last few days game. It's raised one. Yeah. That -- you'll hit a that would be matched up well and hit it to about some terrific well if you're inspired. After listening to Trenton and get MS does stop people from moving and the national MS society is here to make sure that it doesn't and view. Can be a very important part of that. -- take place in the walk MS Austin that's happening on Sunday October 27. He can get more information -- and walk and that's Texas dot toward. That's happening at the Dell Diamond and it's all about raising funds. To support MS research and programs and services that directly impact individuals and families who are living with the disease. -- Foster development manager of the national MS society and to have dinner. Living with and that's thank you so much to both of you for me again thanks for having -- I'm Steve Greenberg talking about your next job brought to you by lawyers dot com. Your legal solution starts with lawyers dot com. The average worker will change jobs 811 times in their career but while quitting is easy quitting gracefully is not. Too many workers view quitting is it time to get even with their employer. But he handled properly it's a chance to enhance your reputation and can actually create opportunities -- -- the future. With so much mobility in today's workforce some of the people you're leaving -- soon resurface at a future employer to handle the process as respectfully as possible. Make an appointment and tell your supervisor before you tell co workers. Give adequate notice make it clear that you wanna help the employer with the transition and makes a lasting impression. Resist the urge to criticize even if you're leaving because of your boss you could say you're working styles just were not a great fit. Think long term it's not only good manners he can be very good for your career I'm Steve Greenberg your next job sponsored by lawyers dot com. Larry -- -- -- FaceBook announced its killing off a privacy feature that allowed members to prevent themselves through appearing on search results. The move comes as no surprise last year they announced that they intended to remove an old setting called. Who could look up your timeline by name. Now that it's gone anybody who has your name. Can look you up on FaceBook search FaceBook said he said he was created when FaceBook with a simple directory of profiles. But now there are other ways to find you on FaceBook. Including from friends timeline. Or if people search for a subject that you may have posted on the company says that removing it actually removes a false sense of security. Because he would be find -- -- with or without this feature. Of course you still have control over who can see what you post on FaceBook and you do that each time you post by clicking on the box right below your status update. For more visit Larry world dot com I'm Larry -- I'm Keith Campbell with this week's medical -- us. Paul Greengrass director united 93 brings another true story to the big screen with captain Phillips he recounting the 2009 hijacking of the -- Alabama by Somali pirates. Tom Hanks plays captain Richard Phillips who was taken as a hostage and -- covered lifeboat for five days. We've been -- by all the firings. Everything colonial hey look at me look at yourself -- -- Famous person -- seven -- strong critical praise for captain Phillips in circles some emotionally complex usually intelligent dramatization of a real life for -- deal the -- pleased to breathlessly told film is both meticulous and frenetic sweat soaked in methodical. The guardian finds it unbearably tense and the New York Post please it's one of the year's best film. Here yeah and you -- The captain Phillips is in theaters now. Tremendous scorers on all new releases there's a medically dot com I'm Keith Campbell. I hope you enjoyed our guest today on inside Austin and if they've left you feeling inspired. To get involved in your community and give back a little you're a couple of opportunities where you. You can join the movement to double lung cancer survival next Sunday October 27. At freedom -- Austin's five K run walk and one mile walk camel sellers in ground. You can register and finally lots more information -- read a -- dot org forward slash Austin. Proceeds will benefit the national lung cancer partnership nonprofit dedicated to doubling the lung cancer survival like 20/20. If you would like to help the national MS society in their endeavors to move toward a world free of multiple sclerosis. You can participate in the walk MS Austin next Sunday October 27 at the Dell Diamond in round rock. You can -- a one mile route around -- diamond or five K through old settlers -- and enjoy complimentary food and entertainment. Visit walk -- Texas outward to register volunteer or make a donation. Thanks for listening and I hope you'll join me again next Sunday inside Austin. And lose -- -- I'm doing all the pain and pain changing see him remains in --