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Retirement 101 with Sonny Ackerman, 10/20/13

Oct 21, 2013|

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Sunny Ackerman and managing partner from Texas retirement services and so what will educate central time. -- parents across Texas and Atlanta credential. Streaming of the and also looked at his clients and becoming. Online and take control of their financial lives. I also think now what 3449768. That's 3449768. Good Sunday afternoon folks this is your -- sunny Ackerman. My show retirement 101 can be heard every Sunday afternoon from 1 o'clock until 130. On the -- talk radio thirteen seventy. So we just first -- by saying a little bit about myself -- a retirement -- not only just to retirement planner but I do college planning as well. And the retirement planner can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people but basically I show people ways of number one and most importantly getting out of debt. Which is the problem for a lot of of Americans cannot get into that just few moments. And also show people how to grow their asset base and a safe and easy to understand way. When I say safe and easy what I mean is a way that they understand. It is not complicated. That they just when they walk away from the from either I think in weather that cut just say. I also show people how to playing for their college education for the children. Which close let's face it the two largest expenses if you have children in your lifetime is going to be the mortgage -- your house. In your kids' college education now if you're one of those a small percentage. Of individuals that's wealthy. This doesn't apply to the I also assist my client seemed to go win you want to get there. They say the most constant currency in life is change. And folks let me just say this. Of all the peoples and I've got over 300 clients here in this can be in this of Texas area. The most constant thing -- change in the most fearful thing that people to experience. It's changed. Because they get into the the first thing they think I was. I don't know I don't know if I don't do that. That's knew him and I'm afraid -- that that that's scary but that's the most constant thing in life is checked. So like I said if you sit still to the same old thing regarding your finances. Or regarding anything in life. That you wishing -- hoping that things union better. I've got some ideas for you today. Let me just say this I would like way but I spend most of my time in my card -- and make house calls. I go to people's places and -- of the employment. I go to their homes. I mean I'll meet people anywhere just to sit down and make the experience of working with me. And talking to mean discuss their problems with -- is easiest possible. I'm gonna make this so convenient for you that you know from from the for the most part most people have to travel to -- -- there advisor. I traveled to you now you may not even be close to retirement age and of course that each is different for everyone. But -- fewer life. Is just like a large percentage of people I seen you may not even know where a 100% of your dollars. When your investment dollars are invested in more importantly how they're performing. How much of that of of that investment dollars. What's costing you in fees. If you don't know that folks that's a problem. Here's what I look at their financial plan hey you know I've not played football in high school in also played baseball. In house easy analogy in financial planning. Of football baseball any sport is very similar. Too -- to plan it's it's very similar to life. You have to have a plan and you have to have to use that plan and you if you look if -- if you're football -- if you. And I know lovely listening audience UT fans you don't think Mack Brown has a plan for every week for his office in his defense and special teams. Of course he does he has a plan to wind to that particular game and execute that plan. You gotta do the same thing in the in your financial life. Most people in life only saved about 3%. Of their earnings. Now based on your debt. How long do you think it's gonna take. To get free of that financial burden. Now if you talk -- -- is saving 3%. Of viewer earnings. Where does do remainder in 97%. Go well at least give you an idea and its effect. 34% of those interest payments we all finance. Things in our life and again folks I'm not talking about the wealthy. I'm talking about the every day individual we know finance things in life so 34% typically goes to interest. 40%. Goes to taxes. So if you do the math the remainder of that is 24%. And 24% is what we live off. With. Everything that's going on in Washington. How long do you think so securities cadillacs. Can you depend on that. It's a fact that 65%. Of all baby boomers today in America. Cannot retire. Debt it is the biggest problem and I can show you way to free yourself from that worry him from that really from the prison. Call -- 512. 3449768. Will set up a simple thirty minute consultation. Obama could be there to sell anything because we don't know yet. Let's talk about your situation let's see if what I do. Can help you in your lifetime -- your family's lifetime. -- you think you're going to have a great retirement. -- about directing again and directing this question soared towards the very small percentage of people that are wealthy. Again do you have a plan. Is there clean -- place that's been working. Out if you do have a plan in place. And it's not working. Then -- this kind of like a little bit of insanity you that you doing the same thing over and over again. And you know asleep and I knew worrying about their playing you've gotten place it's not work and that your opening prayer in its Sunday it'll turnaround and it will work. Folks this is not but who it works. Let me let me talk a little bit about hiring -- for a second because that's a large percentage. Of the people I call on have ironies. Now most have you know an irony means -- individual retirement account. I call it an Internal Revenue Service account because that's basically what it is. You know Larry started in 1980 in. It was basically instituted to help Americans. Save. For their future will back in 1980 Texas were a heck of a lot lower than they are now. A lot of clients that I work with today. That are taking their power and he's their required minimum distributions. That you have to take you seven and a half. They don't need the money but to being taxed on it. I can show you -- to convert those ironies. By using the simple strategy that most people. These are not aware of you know the old saying goes you don't know what you don't know him there's a lot of things that a lot of people don't know about converting ironies. And basically what I'm talking about is converting an -- maroth. You can do that in over time. And -- -- -- taxes on that don't don't get me wrong about how do you left in the taxes. I can show you -- that over a very short period of time you can pay those taxes back. Have very simple and easy way. I can show you had to take that tax burden a weight can be. Because today I guess it's is just not the case that you have to hold onto an IRA. Or even a 401K. And -- obligated to 41 case -- let's just do that right now. 401 k.s were instituted to begin to help people save for retirement. What are the issues and one of the many issues with for a one -- are feast. High fees and most people have no idea. What their fees are. I've got clients that take their warranties. On their diaries. That they've converted from their 401 case. Him and what to take as their minimum distribution. And they don't need the money. If you think the current tax rate is gonna remain the same the indigenous and you're just not living on this planet you know living in the real world. I can show you way to convert that internal revenue account. Into a much more friendly instrument and it's like a set -- -- rough. Yes you'll pay the taxes on like I just mentioned but on the conversion amount only. But if you repositioned into what I call -- -- well. Which isn't indexed universal life policy. You can use the cash values to pay yourself back. What you paid in taxes. Folks these strategies is your broker is simply not going to show you. He's more concerned with -- 3% I just discussed a few minutes ago -- you have. In savings and what to do with that -- every brokers gonna show you -- analyst I can I can take that 3% and he won't use the term. Where the percentage 3% he's gonna take. I can use that percentage and do better than what your current advisor is doing. I talked to a lot of people it is just simply. They don't know how to get out of debt. And dinners strategies that I can show you. Did she not only out of debt. But convert some of these qualified plans -- what I say but qualified plans I mean -- arrange for a one case those type of plants. I can show you how to convert those into a much more friendly strategy. This gonna benefit you and your family over the long one. Call -- at 5123449768. And let me show you how this benefit -- -- -- quick break here folks you're listening to sunny Ackerman. And my show retirement -- -- one can be heard every Sunday afternoon from 1 o'clock until 130. On the new top rated -- seventy. Stay tuned folks I'll be right back. Sunny Ackerman the managing partner from Texas retirements are resistant to what will. Central Texas there. He -- parents across Texas in the planning credential. Streaming of the -- also coaches is going to -- -- line and take control of their financial lives. Also think now at 3149768. -- 3449768. Okay folks were back. If you just now tuning in you're listening to sunny Ackerman. In my show retirement 101 can be heard every Sunday afternoon. From 1 o'clock until 130 on the -- talk radio. Thirteen seventy. Let's let's change the strategy for a little bit this set and second segment let's talk a little bit about college planning because in my first segment. I mentioned that probably for those of you that have children the two largest expense is you're gonna have in your lifetime. You're gonna be your mortgage and your kids' college education. And for the most part. 95%. Of the people that I discussed and by the way folks I'm a certified college planner. But 95% of the people that I talk to -- me about college planning. Just simply don't know the process. They think they have to pay sticker price for college educations. And folks that's just not that the case. Like I said your mortgage in your kids' college education are going to be the two largest expenses. Pitcher ever gonna have. I mean let's face it when you go by car or you even when you go by house. You -- -- pay sticker price for that you're gonna have either you're real estate agent or even have your views someone. Help you negotiate a better price. That's when I do for college education for my clients. One of the services I provide is because the fact I am a certified college planner showing families. Had to pay for college without depleting their entire retirement funds. Folks today a college education is not only a necessity. But it's expensive. See I work with a company called the American college foundation and you can do them to school American college foundation dot org. They're probably one of -- most will -- services that. Quite a few high schools across the country utilize. To give information about college planning. Every year. There are over three million. Kids. Entering the college program. In typically about 52%. Of those kids drop out of school and what's the biggest reason Pedro. Funding. Funding is the largest recent. To drop out of school. You see there's there's there's basically there's basically two ways of getting aid or financial assistance. Leaders gift aid and then their self help pay a gift aid is what I helped people it -- it comes in the form of scholarships. Two we issued in grants. Endowments those type things. Self help they need is basically -- that you pay for you work for you pay for comes out of your pocket so I show people. How to minimize. The amount of money that comes out of their pocket. You know something when you do in college planning to -- this called EC. Which is the expected family contribution. Now a lot of people think well that's what I have to pay but that's simply just hard to be the equation. It's it's not the whole thing there's so much more involved. In college planning. And then just looking at the sticker price and saying okay that's what I got to pay and that's on the play. It's just he's just not that's the case is like I said in today's world colleges almost in the sense that he. And it's -- folks let me tell you this it's a business. As I -- I work with the American college foundation. And I just -- -- -- -- limited to one more time it's. American. College foundation dot board. There you can see the services that I provided along with their visionary scholarship program that awards kids across the country. With much needed scholarship dollars. But here it's funding your college Q your kids' college education. Doesn't have to drain your savings. I can show you how to shave anywhere between 25 to 40%. Off of your kids' college education. But let me -- this is to process and it's a long process. That needs to be started early and I mean very early in life. I work with parents that are in elementary school the -- -- kids in elementary school. I work I work with families that have just just had children. Listen let me say this -- the latest -- should start college planning. Is if you were son or your daughter is a freshman in high school. That is the latest he should start this. T have to understand colleges of business and it's a big business can no matter what your net worth news. There's gift -- available. If you know the process. In the process is a very lengthy process. And for the most part folks it's not just parents. That they have to go through the process it's the children because. Here's the thing and most schools have endowment dollars in the millions. Immediately give an example of that Yale University has been down -- fund. Of over 360. Billion dollars. That's not million -- billion. Dollars. Now what are they looking for in terms of gift lead to any particular student well -- looking for student has great crates they have a great GPA. Secondly they look at what this students courses they're taking are they taking pre EP in high school or they just take in the normal classes. Are they doing social activities of the involved in the community. They do in other involved in clubs and I don't mean -- -- involved in five or ten different clubs with -- what college is -- looking for. These people what they believe that once they graduate from high school and they want to go to college. They're looking for the students that are gonna make something of themselves because -- typically have a history in most cases. Of what you do in high school typically follows through. In college because it's it's it's all the -- to personality. It's all about the treats that you have in the week that you live. If in high school wouldn't continue your early years if your parents talk -- he -- you need to get involved in your community. He need to be involved and clubs to help other people because let's face it folks. Life is all about service to our fellow man that's what it's about that's why -- in this business. I mean I put two kids through college. And I finally know now. What I know what I didn't know then it. I would have saved thousands and thousands of dollars but I just simply didn't know I mean is like has had a few minutes ago. You don't know which you don't know in life so if I if I would have known then what I -- now. I would save thousands of dollars on both of my kids' college education. So like -- said colleges are looking for kids that have great scholastic. Careers in high school but looking for kids. That have create social activities. And helping -- communities -- doing something to better their community. And then finally they're looking for with two with a financial where -- for the family. Now let me just say this. A lot of wealthy people that I visited in reference to college education and funding. And Osama could write a check but some -- just don't wanna Ratajczak they wanna get some some some -- the gift today. But they think can have a -- one last week and then has been told me. Looks and there's no way we're gonna get in the gift -- too much money. Well chances are no you're not gonna get any -- -- from the government because this three sources of -- -- Colleges. There's government. In the in the scholarships. And the cut on scholarships. Crime merely come from the private sector. Now if you don't know what the percentage of scholarships that are out there I think I mentioned a few minutes ago. 3% of all college funding. Comes from scholarships. So why would you spend most of your time chasing. 3% of the dollars. When there's -- 87% of the dollars happen at that you can get. Now like I said if you're if you're wealthy individual you make more than half million dollars year. Chances are you're not gonna get any any gift -- from the government. Which came to shifting from schools from colleges because they've -- that type of an endowment dollars. There's over fifty colleges that could have over 100 million dollars. In gifting need that they're looking to give to kids that they want to attend their schools. Now let me also say this. Most colleges and talk wanna give you -- nickel they just don't. But they will pay kids that have those type of attributes that I just mentioned because like I said. For colleges it's an investment for them. Because they know what's that kid graduates from college. Because of his high school traits when he didn't school his grades is GPA. He's community service the fame is planning to -- -- all they know that she was brought up. In a very. Strict and stringent way of life. So they know that's gonna carry on after college so what happens these kids that got these dollars will typically. -- do you UT alumni you know this. You give back to the school so what's the school doing their investing in their kids feature because they know those dollars are gonna come back to them. In him in many different ways whether it's an endowment. Whether it's healer. Or whatever the case may be they know those dollars -- gonna come back. Now a Lotta -- families think that school guidance counselors. Are gonna help you. Walk you through the process of college planning. They only know so much I mean it's it's effect only knows so much there's so much information out there that I can show you. That you -- college guidance counselors just doesn't know. He's just he's just a fact I talked to too many kids. I've talked to many parents and by the way folks when I when I do discuss. College family planning. That's what it is it's family. Me and I don't just talk to the parents. I make sure the child is there so that they know what's in store for them because there's been a lot of work. This in college is just don't give gift date for nothing you can work -- But if you do folks I promise you you will make you work college education. A lot less expensive. Than the child with a parent that has nothing and just expect to pay sticker price. If you're looking if you got if you got a freshman in this is the latest she should do this -- mean folks I gonna take I've visited family last week. We're in the fame and just had a baby. Iranian. I got a referral from another family that I worked with. They just had a baby and I I went over -- and I started discussing college planning. Because there's ways of doing college planning now. To ensure that at the time you were kids college education comes around which. Like I said for this particular couple this is going to be another eighteen or nineteen years. Who would you think college educations and constantly eighteen or nineteen years. It's going to be key. Astronomical. So I can show you win the ease of funding that college education that are easy and simple to understand. Give me -- call 512. 344. 9768%. To go to my website but website is www. Pegasus. Retirement. Dot com. And that's PT GA. SUS than simply the word retirement dot com. Go there collect the word contact. -- that tab. Just slipping your name in your phone number I don't need your Social Security number your bank account or any of that. On and he's just simple contact number if you are not comfortable give me your phone number but just slip in your email address. I'll give recent information. About how I go about helping families. Pay for that most expensive expense. That we all have to have children. Okay folks if you like more information regarding the topics have discussed today you know whether it's becoming debt free. Or maybe its wealth accumulation. Saving and loan interest payments which for a lot of dislike Hussein we've a lot of as finance life. Maybe your small business owner and you're looking to reduce the high interest that you pain in your business loans for. Whether it's office supplies or maybe it's automobiles for your your employees. I can show you more effective way to fund your business. Now may be hearing your thirties and you're just getting started with a family. It's like I just mentioned how much is college education at a cost -- in another fifteen to eighteen years. Again folks these are all stressful situations that I can help you. My number again is I've won two. 344. 9768. Like -- -- just go to my website. Www. Pegasus retirement dot. Don't continue to put yourself in this worrisome prison. Of debt. Give me a call again at 512344. 976. Today. This is your host sunny Ackerman in my show retirement 101 can be heard every Sunday afternoon. From 1 o'clock until 130. On the -- talk radio. Thirteen seven I hope we have a great Sunday. And good day.

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