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Oct 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Listening into that three guys. Portugal and brought to my third base -- ball. -- and nice and it's all because the Boston Red Sox won last night I -- -- Detroit -- -- -- to go up 32 in the series. The series going back to Boston. Tomorrow being six. We're gonna talk about that -- -- support thirteen fourteen minutes so far what my name brand of my name is -- working on the three -- -- -- actually Alex Frankel is out tonight he is actually in Indianapolis. He's going to be going to the Denver Broncos and now both colts game getting on. And Cory Redding right he this he's voice recorder -- So filling in for Alice Franco tonight you just heard his voice that is Pat Thomas thank you so much for having me I thought at first you reducing pretty good mood. I guess not you know it's always tough when the bosses and here with you do you know are you really gonna it's -- really it's not really that much pressure on mental honestly I will tell you this I I am -- Goodman that you're here because. I love talking sports -- we talk sports a lot outside the office. Outside we all wish we legally run things by you you know kind of you know perhaps have some fun with that -- talk just talk sports just like guys. Whether whether be here in the office or I don't know sport sparked by the way speaking of sports bars third base ports were I will be there tomorrow night. -- yeah. And why did party now vs Auburn come out Simi downtown I'll be there but we're but what times that starts. 230 Arnold either of 130 -- everybody's got to be there tomorrow. But it's. Cat like -- said we love to talk sports ended and it we're gonna talk baseball and in thirteen minutes also. We're gonna talk the cowboys and the Texans in 26 minutes. And are of course we always in the show with that with my six McEnroe he. But there's more than that. -- top story the week we gotta talk about this. Peyton Manning don't want home to Indy this season on August Andrew Luck in the colts and there's been a lot that went down this week. Colts owner Jim Irsay. Coming out and saying quiet bits and in really it the way they came off. -- it was it didn't it didn't sound very favorable towards Peyton Manning what can -- recap for me what he said. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So what he said was hey look we changed our model little bit because we wanted to more than one of these any points at his championship aren't. Brady had consistent not never had consistent numbers. But he has three of these Pittsburgh had two giants had to Baltimore in two. We had one and that leaves you frustrated. Like you we made the playoffs eleven times you're in and outs in the first round seven of those eleven times. -- he's a dig at many big time there won't yeah. No question about that it's a backhanded slap at -- especially since titans coming into town -- I thought it was on for another of him to say but you know what. Everybody I don't care how rich you are how Smart you are everybody will say stupid things occasionally and that was -- real dumb thing for him to say. You know. As if it's all to blame on Peyton Manning that they didn't win those more games of course he was. Among the best quarterbacks in the league at that point if not the best. So there was a lot on his shoulders and Indianapolis but it was not completely on him that they didn't win. -- and that's actually one of the things -- wanna say is like you love to have the Star Wars numbers from Payton and Mormon Reggie. You know but mostly love this and he pointed at the ring again you know I. Think that's a defensive posture that he's taken. But because he made the decision really it was his decision decision not to sign Peyton Manning right now -- is over they're just kick in detail in Denver. He he really made their decision based upon the fact that he probably thought -- career was over. And look and I don't blame him at all for making decision that he did I mean even after the doctors came back and said you know. He's gonna have a least another year maybe two maybe three in a four. But you take the chance on a talent like Andrew Luck and -- we knew coming out that draft there were two quarterbacks for sure. That -- top notch that was RG three. And Andrew Luck now of course we've seen Russell Wilson also succeed but those with a two run and he took that chance and Andrew Luck and what he said was look. I'd rather have a shot at twelve years. I'm a guy that's going to be a top notch quarterback as opposed or guidance at the tail -- of his career and. Can't blame him you can't say he made the wrong decision even if even Peyton Manning wins the Super Bowl in Denver this year. I still don't necessarily think Irsay made the wrong decision because you know he was he was kind of struck at that point. OK you know why you roll the dice and those circumstances I can't say that he made. A bad decision. By -- Peyton Manning go because. There was a chance that Peyton Manning either one would never play again or would never be as good as he was right and nobody knew at that point what that was. Not you know not. Ers say -- anybody. Even at that point you didn't know what to expect from the Indian Indianapolis Colts overall because your talk about a team that was what. Two and 143 and thirteen the year before they were terrible I -- and it you can eat you don't think that one guy. Can really cause that big of an influence on your team now Peyton Manning has that kind of guy that could do that -- Notwithstanding it was a stupid thing person to say yes I'm sure that's probably what everybody has been saying this week about it. And you know getting into the game what do you think's gonna happen. Well I won't without revealing my pick because we are gonna that is included in the six pack and eroding this week with our -- I think that is going to be. A high scoring affair. Just like all of the Broncos games have been -- -- you know even even lasted -- Jacksonville. They Jacksonville looked pretty good I mean I know Jackson always -- -- towards when he what's the that's a lot for them well how old do the colts fans treat -- coming in there that's a good question and and and I think I think they're gonna treat him. With the utmost respect and they will be -- show him from. From the start to the finish broke from. The video montage that they're gonna show -- the other there is there is it a little tribute to him before the game starts all I was unaware that so they're -- tribute to him before the colts -- -- was but he is not involved in the NFL has as strict rules they're they've mandated the you can not. Give any sort of special introduction to a visiting employer right so they will have a video montage friend they'll do some they do something. But they're organized they're gonna show respect the entire game but the same time. They're gonna they're gonna root for Andrew Luck and and their team and as you expect them to. An -- I think that this is going to be a I don't think it's gonna be like the cowboys suddenly 5140 yet. But it's gonna be up in the thirties. And and without revealing my -- a because. -- I definitely feel one way for sure. I think it's -- it's. It's gonna be tight. For. It. Least three quarters for at least three quarters what will say I mean I it's going to be a very interest again. You know you've got to really well you've got wind of the top quarterbacks. Ever yeah he's got an a real strong up and -- it just depends on who who has the best players around the this question for me. Is -- which Indianapolis team shows up the team to beat San Francisco and Seattle. For the team that lost to Miami and San Diego although it's thought that that's a great point -- because India now. This is still not one of those complete teams yet. They can win on any given Sunday and they may -- one on any given Sunday -- you know clearly Denver is is. Highly peak and already yeah as a -- me out there -- elite teams are well oiled machine on offense. Yeah and Diane Von Miller comes back this week by the way on these -- that's it that's gonna be a huge addition so you don't either you not not really for sure what aspect he's going to bring there's an indoor game matter. Now to them I don't I I think I actually I think it favors paid man in and that and that sense I think it favors -- I'm just not sure about the rest of the players well -- that's a good question now. One thing we have to bring overly quick before we go to break. Alex Franco will be out this game. He is for those of you don't know. His wife is very good friends with Cory -- his wife who plays for the Indian Indianapolis Colts. So they were able to get tickets to this game and this is a wants a lifetime experience I mean that -- this is right now on paper the biggest game in the NFL this year. I'm not even sure. Even though may be does not even sure he realizes how big this is going to be for him that's going to be an electorate. Experience. Inside that stadium. Yeah maybe it is an and I hope I hope that he's able to take it all and and really appreciate everything that goes on. While he's there -- there's no way you won't crowd's going to be crazy. That I Alex's thesis on those guys hey he's he loves his sports but. You just an -- I never know how much you really appreciate it I think. I think this is the one time he's going to and it's all going to be because the more you -- -- right I'm sure well we are gonna come back here in a few minutes. When we come back we're talking Major League Baseball Red Sox up 32 going back to Boston tomorrow. The St. Louis Cardinals -- up 32 on the Dodgers thanking us tonight after we get off there also coming up the cowboys. We're gonna talk them the Texans what are they gonna do without Matt Shawn and of course we're gonna have a six pack and running plus college football and -- -- this weekend we'll see in a couple minutes. Listening to that three guys sports show brought to my third. Based sports ball. Have gotten over that summertime sadness old TV. As it's playoff time. Major League Baseball or -- Boston red -- -- I there's anything worse than the Yankees plan. It's a cardinal -- of Boston Red Sox have triggered -- by the way I had to give a shout outs of Leslie. Who is my friend in Chicago she is she lives in Chicago when -- cards. Why hello Leslie she's a little. He survived all these years. Cardinals there guys you introduce you to our backs you real quick before we get into the sides tell you one funny sort OK so I I talked Alice Frankel earlier today. Before you is going to Indianapolis he's actually in Chicago right now he flew to Chicago because it was cheaper and you can't blame America and spent a couple days so there they're gonna go out tonight to watch the game and the cardinals Dodgers and he was a little nervous about wearing Dodgers gear. In Chicago. What are you kidding me they're playing the cardinals you're gonna go to Wrigley Dylan watch this game. Of course are your doctors -- do they hate the cardinal absolutely. Tired really quick before we get into -- -- Major League Baseball talked to our mind you I will be out at third base downtown tomorrow they're based sports bar for the Texas -- watch party you've got to go to that you have to their -- number 44 all -- And both teams are 51 right now as a huge conference game and it's a great party to you guys throw a party down my oh my gosh if we do an animal house thing that's those three things -- These are the best. I and I saw the other fans of -- Red Sox fans. Compared to Red Sox fans I don't know. You know I -- say the so they definitely party a whole lot more for those couple hours that the -- affable games on. Then what Red Sox fans -- while my game's going well Red Sox fans and the whole game wringing their hands even if it's like ten enough. Just be part of their Red Sox fans are used to losing amounts are they ended the regular -- you know that I'm a cubs and a Red Sox fans have been used to losing for most of my life. -- -- outside -- obviously the Red Sox 10407. And we have we have an opportunity to see a rematch. From 2000 set our 2004 excuse me. The Red Sox vs the cardinals well and that's a classic World Series by the way it is those two battled it out way back him. My younger days suggest the economy and then pay cuts and talk to Gary without giving away your age when -- gonna do that are nothing -- -- Yeah but I don't remember exactly. I think if we -- we get to the Red Sox tigers series but let's talk about the game tonight. Game six. LA. Is in saint Louis the Dodgers vs the cardinals Clayton Kershaw who in my opinion the best pitcher in the game. Going against rookie Michael walker of who beat him in game one who exactly are you already do you -- -- game two -- meaning game two. He's already beaten him once and and and walker has been outstanding in the post season he's allowed just one run and eight hits. Or 22 and two thirds innings do you use do you really see the cardinals beat him again. No. I just I don't either I do not know even -- another was breaking news here before we before we came on air that's -- Hanley were -- -- -- the Los Angeles Dodgers will not be playing tonight. Which you know he had a he had a rib injury he he he played through it for a gamer too he's not going to play tonight even with that. I I'm gonna go with the Dodgers I'm a little later on and have been Andrea I think he pulled in my career this -- you do. Got to be a no show -- -- minute I don't well but he's but I tell you what outside Yasuo plea to mean he has definitely been their best hitter he won't play today here ball that's not the problem no problems in his right. Now Clayton Kershaw. Has been was unbelievable assured his record may not show I mean he had like a thirteen and 914 and nine record. Here race strikeouts led the league how many games we lose the beginning of the -- yeah when they were losing when they were bad. He -- when -- -- Taylor he did and any -- it he is like I said in my opinion the best pitcher in the game. And finally cardinals this year vs lefties. Under 500. You know it some of that you have to throw out when you get into the playoffs because teams really do change. In the playoffs they do you concede teams go on runs like your Red Sox did you know you know years ago. You can see that happen when it looks like everything is lost they catch fire you never know in the play. And holiday season then the managerial style changes now because -- leave guys in a whole lot longer than what they're used to. EU and we saw that I want to transition well actually before a transitional equipped. Who are you taking in this series you are you're gonna take the Dodgers tonight which is gonna push into a game seven. Which is tomorrow. I see the cardinals win and it. So the cardinals who I think the Dodgers win but I'd like to see it go seven and I think the cardinals went. And the cardinals in the pitchers are yet to be determined we don't know who's gonna start tomorrow if it goes that far. And I and I and you like to see the cardinals went I hate the cardinals on a cubs fan I wanna see the Dodgers and it. And also for somewhat selfish reasons because Alex is a Dodgers fan I'm a Red Sox fan I wanna see them match up. In the World Series because it gives us more talk -- next week. Yeah -- -- tell you why it -- you know this is it this is it necessarily. Completely the entire reason but I think that the Dodgers are still a year to away. I -- that's all I just I mean listen they've they've got the talent. For sure I just don't necessarily believe they've jelled as a team -- that the way the way to Saint Louis they could they could be a year away from dominating from from being beaten a team that wins it two or three times in a row I mean there's -- couple games away from being in the World Series exactly so it's not like they're not great they've -- right I'm just not sure that they can be the cardinals and stuff and -- -- Which it over to the Red Sox tigers. The Boston Red Sox come through a 43 win last night Mike Napoli the star crushing a huge home run early in the game. Off of Annabel Sanchez he has been. Because you look at you look at what's happened here you've had 210 we 821 nothing games. You've had -- but we did have a little bit of offense 65 and a 73 last -- was a 43 Red Sox -- 131 run games. But outside and happily they're knocking all off best this is really come from the -- -- -- the other Grand Slam more teasing game to. Let me you know he hasn't done it he's hit like he's under 100 for the series okay five brand. Understanding that your Red Sox fan but that some of the best pitching in the major leagues are gonna yeah you're right you're talking about right you're talking about for starters that they can strike anyone out -- -- over -- -- Max Scherzer who's who's going to when the AL Cy Young. Justin Verlander who won the -- the American League Cy Young last year and -- really coming into the season the best pitcher. In the game yeah -- the Red Sox bats haven't necessarily gone silent they're facing the best pitchers in the game mean and they're making a making -- look stupid amounts art on I've watched this Red Sox team all year they led the league in scoring and some of the swings they're taking. They look like they're twelve year old is slowing and against a professional side but they're leading the -- there. It's it's it's a common back home. They have two games don't they have to be Max Scherzer. Or Justin Verlander they have to be one of them right. That's it -- -- little -- to -- them both they have to be one I'll tell you your thoughts and you hope it happens tomorrow. Icy Detroit in the World Series. Wow. I cannot believe you're doing that I am going to take -- Red Sox they will win tomorrow they will be insurers are they will be in the World Series and it will be against. The Dodgers who absolute doctor -- winners and against the Dodgers will win two in Saint Louis. -- we got to take a quick break. What we come back we're talking NFL but Dallas Cowboys are taking on the Philadelphia Eagles for the NFC east lead on the line. Also the Texans who are slumping big time match -- no longer -- He is not the start this week. They're gonna get the six and -- chiefs also in about it. Eighteen minutes -- talk because the -- big game Florida State at Clemson. A little Heisman talk and we're gonna and the show of course with our -- American road of American a couple minutes. Listening to that three guys -- Portugal brought you might third. Based sports ball. -- -- me now. You know if you. He's back with a brand new B last week. The Dallas Cowboys. I thought they want they beat the reds all your dreams how much did -- Love it well except for one but they're playing Ohio State tomorrow that's like me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I gotta bring up Friday -- fees and. To show the comes up after us at 7 o'clock we wanted to show it is it's a heck of a show isn't it best high school football show. In the best high school football state absolutely they cover all of central Texas it's not just here in Austin now now they cover all of central Texas we're talking super boy Casey who else is on mentions -- Casey Johnson. Stacy Johns in studio what is right now -- the board Casey thank you for doing this horse and I also had job -- Led to help things -- telling ya gotta gotta spread my tasks around the hill and you can do it and any job of that state JC -- along with -- Daniel and and and costly data -- breath and studio tonight he's a kind of our. Analyst if you will and then of course only Andrews big auto fan asks what's selling and it wouldn't rule out -- high school football you have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're ten. Thousand fans on FaceBook right. And 200000. Are on Twitter on -- -- close again on Twitter or ten footer with a thousand followers on Twitter either you give me and that's the high school football community intensively what are those kids love you all join the club at Friday fans -- -- And Ernest -- the Dallas Cowboys are facing the Philadelphia Eagles this week cat. These are two teams -- hard. Re in the yet they sit atop the NFC east because the Redskins and the giants have been putrid this year Redskins won a five giants on six. This game. I'm not gonna say that it's gonna it is that it's gonna going to decide who wins the NFC east. But I think goes a long life especially considering that the fact that it's in Philadelphia -- cowboys can put this all long way win. Towards winning the NFC east title and make -- playoff. You don't like about think about this brand you don't really like about this I don't really pull for either to me neither Dallas or Philadelphia. But these are two teams that still old school. Hate each other yeah how often do you see that -- -- the teams get along too well nowadays they do east to steal the two cities especially Philadelphia. Some Dallas yes in fact I tell you as a callous and have an account what's Francis I was a little kid. I would tell I would I would be willing to say well ever since they started winning again but I digress all come on now I've been banned. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would be willing to say. That the cowboy eagle rivalry. Is either has surpassed or is very close to surpassing the cowboys Redskins rivalry as far as fans go. Does it does feel like it's gotten soft yes it'll really done and I decided I didn't I didn't sense anything at that game I mean I felt. On Sunday night would -- the cowboys Redskins are playing yes. The crowd was into it and they are getting loud but I did not sense that that that old school. You know hey we can't stand these guys we hate them these this is. Our hugest Campbell I I think because you know neither one of the teams has been great recently probably doesn't help matters however. You'll find more hatred. In Philadelphia and Washington for -- for Dallas than you will in Dallas for the institute yes you're right that's just the way -- and it's always been because you know the people that that. Dallas is the most loved team in America and the most hated yes. Under the they're like the Yankees knew exactly but at an -- what we're gonna hear that on Sunday it's a new kick off you know those Philly fans are gonna be -- by the way. Phillies won the only stadiums in the country that has a drunk tank as it if that's what you wanna call it they actually have. People they have a police station in the stadium to arrest their their drunk patrons right. Mean that's that's that's on that's their fans it's crazy there there there it's nothing it's nothing budget let's get drunken let's let's root against the cowboys. And be loud and you can't blame him canyon. -- -- Five I was an eagle fan items -- well they have for years they have since. What you back me you know that it was back when that division was the toughest division football Brian and I do you know what's coming into the season we thought it might be close to that and it's it's just been -- it's awful like I said earlier the -- he's -- a business -- the ones that have been times -- six I mean gimme a break. Now coming into this game. Nick -- will be starting for Philadelphia. The cowboys last week RS one account latest offerings and Nichols are in place of Michael Vick he looks great they want. You know -- he he's connecting withers it with his receivers the office looked to be insecure and -- chance -- To remind me to play. Who wasn't trying to I don't know Marty losing track your audio audio was -- -- -- a sold sign about this game and excite me out you know I I'm sorry to does that to mr. -- but don't beat Tampa Bay 31 point oh well. Actually picked up the beta game because Tampa Bay that there -- losses have all been close may now mean they had they had lost I gains now. They're coming into this now -- last week. The cowboys suffered some some big injuries they lost DeMarco Murray they lost the markets work. Tony Romo didn't pass for 200 yards last week they have a rusher break thirty yards. But yet there were able to beat the race in -- of their special teams which that's the thing about football it takes all team's offense defense special teams to get it done. The cowboys found a way to get -- -- a -- last week. Without Murray without where. Do you see the cowboys being able to pull off this committee and by the -- don't get don't you pick -- all the way. Well you asked me as our games are good grant of authority but do you think that they could do it because in my opinion there after it goes strictly with the with the passing game. Don't get without giving the pick absolutely. They should go win there and destroyed Philadelphia absolutely they know that they have one of the best quarterbacks in football cure everybody says he I don't know that they're gonna go in there and destroyed -- is this is Dallas and Boston this is this is why you portal listings. I don't think there's your personality and -- -- an -- -- how I think the worst I always think the worst that really quickly I know we're we're up against the graph the figure -- -- but we have to get to Houston. The Houston Texans are going to feel as soon yes real quick they're going to Kansas City they're playing the undefeated six and a Kansas City Chiefs. Houston -- job not started case keep him third stringer dominant season he is starting for them. Kansas City right now their pass defense and he is either number one or number two in the league but they give a lot of yards on the ground. The Texans even standard chains are now. So convinced about Kansas City -- hear what the record is. But. I will say that you know would it be a great story for Houston if the third string quarterback comes in wins but it's gonna be extremely tough I mean just so tough to say about about Houston Texans and their fans. You've you've you've you've showed a match jobs house and you you burn rate him okay that's not all there for then that -- -- this is gorgeous to idiots. Well then -- gets hurt and then the stadium goes nuts last week he gets -- He's gone bring TJ Yates is only want we want TJ Abrams a -- that North Carolina guy right that you're you're familiar -- North Carolina man. -- person yeah yeah yeah. And what does he do he throws a picks it promptly threw the -- -- -- is another interception hey you got what you wanna guess what he was even worse so now we're gonna bring in case keep him. Well there were all thinking about the playoffs when TJ play didn't you know when you know what was it a couple of years ago when he won a couple of guys around whatever an absolutely they thought. Are they don't really quick before we go to break are the Houston Texans. Dawn or do you see them somehow making Iran to get in the playoffs right now they're 214. I'd still don't think it's a very strong division so I -- I think they've got a chance are going to be Jacksonville twice they might be. Tennessee a couple times and you know they've got to. You know Indianapolis who I think is is good that. Is beatable. Now I. I don't know here's like here's Alessio. They. Continue to lose and draft Johnny -- self. We'll talk a little bit more about Johnny -- -- and where he may be in the draft of next year as well as the Heisman contention. When we come back from break. Also when we come back -- a state Clemson we're gonna talk ever -- Heisman Trophy we're also gonna have in about. Seventeen minutes we're gonna have the six McEnroe anywhere we give your predictions for the week in and by the way it. Don't listen to me I've not been good -- attack he knows what he's talking about flew back in a couple minutes. There. Thing. Listening to -- three guys sports journal brought -- you -- third base sports ball. A third -- promo for the act. Aggies are facing off against Auburn tomorrow at 230. I will be a third base sports sports downtown I'll be there 130 weatherproof. With a capital city and -- club. And all those people we aren't. Not to let him -- -- until he was third base of love love love the mag is because they spend the money and drink some beer. And that's -- eleven. They spend all their money on beer. Yeah that's what they do pay -- and they live their card table and go from party to party and drinking when your when your team's that good right now. Did you -- employment canyon. Especially. Estimate they've got a possible Heisman Trophy quarterback. He actually salary back Heisman Trophy winning quarter rule us and we're gonna get an adherence segment before we do we -- us about the big game of the weekend. The cat yearning ACC guy you're from North Carolina you have to have a vested interest in this game this weekend. Only because I know it's not I know it's not your Tar Heels who lost last night to Miami -- you know to bring that up on this show it was heartbreaking fashion. Well yes I do want to bring up all the way tonight midnight madness basketball shot. And on I don't blame is on and -- -- Florida State at Clemson this is number five Florida State. Going to Death Valley to take on number three Clemson neither one. Those teams Brendan -- is as. Good as there are rated and ranked right now feels that and that's what I want to ask you because this this seems to be an opportunity for the ACC breakthrough. Back to where they were probably what words were -- go back 1011 years. When Florida State and Miami were there it even North Carolina was -- really good because they were making kids go to class. Yeah and that's. They have to prove it slow getting laughs -- Com but yet you know he had that it was a strong conference once upon a time and you know of course it's always been huge basketball conference -- always has been a strong football program. They have had sought some ups and downs recently. And of course you know Florida State -- a football power house over the years but I just don't think either one of them a get out the -- both of them play several games I don't think there. As strong as some of the other teams in the country. I don't really even necessarily think that they're gonna wind up in the top ten the one of the -- Really however know how -- said that. I do think this is a great football game because I think the two teams are very evenly matched. I think you know they don't necessarily like each other in that part of the country any of the teams right now they'll hate each as well Alicia are always there always trying to get the other one suspended from being able to play football at any given time are thought that was just the SEC that is that it everywhere in the entire south organic. And it happens in basketball so but this is going to be a really great game to watch on television. I I totally agree with you this obviously this is the game that we can anytime you have a top five matchup it's it's stands out. And when you have two Heisman Trophy quarter or quarterback or I'd interviewed candidates at quarterback in this game we're talking about -- board of Clemson. And and easy might drop -- -- Winston from Florida State toll forgot his name for a second on -- But you have these two quarterbacks Judas -- the motto is a freshman he's gonna he's trying to deal would chime in Zelda last year. And if he's going to accomplish that. This is where you start it has to start with this game. Winning in Death Valley against Donald Sweeney the head coach of constant -- Boyd Sammy Watkins the electric wide receiver for Clemson. If if they're going to make a run and he's gonna make a run the Heisman they have to get this game -- have to win. I don't know it's tough third favored by the way and sort of picked listeners expect -- It is. Actually to Clinton's favor in a bigger way than you could imagine but playing at home first of all Death Valley it's tough to play anyway. But for Clemson to have to go to Florida State not only face that team at Florida State but also beginning in the environment and being. College football young man. Playing in front of the best looking women. In college football there Florida State ball. Part time they are it's tough to play there if you can you cannot and it's hard cosmos right I'm I don't care that sound sexist its just happens to be true. Oh absolutely no quick and heard the story this week about you know the rock scene -- Clinton comes down. From the end zone comes down through the fans and it's it's one of the most amazing entrances and cause trouble. And in order for years and how the locker -- the rock there that they all that they all -- a story of the rock. How it got there no I don't know the complete story that it that it that it wasn't it was a Clemson graduate. That's. They had moved to California in its -- -- as the California correct yes but they he had he had group take in this rock from there. Pro Death Valley had brought it to the cut the head coach -- back in the sixties. And said -- I want you to have this you don't do it every -- but I I you know I think I think he could be could be something Obama -- coach putter to putter by the company decide for a couple years. And finally decide to bring out and he told the players is likely. This magical -- If you rob this rock on the way the game we will win one game. And pretty and mark this ever since that -- -- -- it became a tradition that started back in the -- -- look at that Brandon Warrick is just a wealth. Of knowledge I had no idea I didn't know anything about that until this week -- is there -- I don't know clothes while it's one of the one of the great places in college football it really is just terrific environment speaking of triggered environments and possible we have to go back really quick before your break I want I always wanted to touch on. Texas. Beating over you last week I loved it oh my -- I loved the red river river. I could spit it out last week that it's not easy brand Red River Rivalry. The university taxes really. Stepped up put it to the sooners and I for one I need to apologize. You picked Oklahoma I did not only do I pick them I played a parody song. They keep -- Lawrence you -- this list or an apology right now is listening here I I I apologize for what I did last week I was -- -- and that song. -- not apologize for picking number I apologize when the song. Longhorn fans you obviously have something going you know what they have going the coaches seem to have figured out what a great victory and he'll let you know what would we run the ball. We can't win I loved watching Stoops over their -- just it was still and he was so many was a great ever really wants and as a longhorn fan you have to be very happy. Really quick count before we go to break. King in Texas when the big twelve yeah they can win the big twelve will day. -- Boy there's so many factors you -- -- in there but I hope and they do after everything that's happened. And you're talking about a former football coach of North Carolina backgrounds as -- I don't -- -- young and in love and warmth but yeah I -- you know what yeah. I'm not rushing crazier things happen in college football why not I I I think I think it comes down to that's tonight dammit at Baylor. -- That means that while they got a million other would -- time Baylor played this last week against Kansas State I don't know that I don't of the Baylor is all that -- but I thought their work. I mean really I really don't. -- I think out Oklahoma State I think comes on Oklahoma State Baylor to a lot of games left out. Gonna take a quick break. When we come back we're gonna finish the show with my weekly six pack and I wrote you last week outside tied up this week -- a foreign three. We're gonna see out had does this week and up three -- going to be tough division for three have really tough to be worn out and by the way we're despicable -- work -- -- it. How bad Alex and I are there right we're going to be back in about four -- five minutes we're gonna happen we're gonna break that down and hopefully -- does better than we did. We'll be right back. -- went into that three guys Portugal brought to my third. Based sports -- The third base or score will be out there tomorrow. Thirty kick off Texas CNN vs Auburn I'll be there 130 with the roof come on out Aggie fans. Come -- just have some fun with us if you've never been to one of the -- you're not that -- -- -- about -- well absolutely because no one else -- Iowa vs Ohio State will be doing the same time and I know there's a lot of fans and wanna see that. Man I don't know who wants to see that that's I guess it's just me that's gonna get us -- So college football. We -- get -- a six pack and eroding -- Texas a and M is not honor this week -- and the reason is because I've figured to both of us -- picks pick Texas NM the win that game. -- panel's senior reason why they don't. But let's get a starter we have to college football against both the pop stuff top fifteen matchups. UCLA undefeated number nine at number thirteen Stanford was upset last week by you -- Stanford is favored by five at home. What is what is this this is tough pick you know I really like UCLA I like what they're doing out there like the coach. Who may end up and used it answer but. Boy I find it hard to pick against Stanford here and I'm not really sure why. I I think head coach Davis target Stanford going and it and they bounced back here and and and argue steal oil are up against Stanford and north staffers while. Next match -- the big one in college football we -- we talked about it at length here in the last segment. Florida State number five undefeated at number three constant. Florida State's favored by three on the road I'm sorry Knowles I got and I apologize we have got to pick Clinton. That's a tough place to apply. -- -- really tough how weird thing in this along the semis because I'm taking home team as well I'm taking Clinton out there how good Florida State's defense supposedly is or the freshman -- once in a quarterback I think once he gets them -- and you watch and have big games Clemson wins this. On of the NFL. The Cincinnati Bengals four and -- -- -- into Detroit Lions this is the game -- -- pick in this day probably a couple years go deeper on what you do -- net they're both forth to their vote possibly playoff bound Detroit is. Favored by three I think in Cincinnati I think they've got a better overall team. Like the quarterback Colin the receiver. Like the defense Detroit. And to me that they win they lose they win they lose I I can't get a handle on that today. I'm taken the chance for Calvin Johnson is healthy he's gonna play in and NB and really be a factor nominates or destroyed in this game I heard it wrong I am well I'm may be but I'd I'd I'd miss it just I don't know for some reason I have a good feeling about them. Next -- Chicago Bears also pour into it along with Detroit they will -- ten. The Redskins wanna born they're favored by one at home against the bears. You can net you really can never go about what you know -- these points all the time there's it's not like they know something we don't sometimes is just about all the gambling is going on in Vegas. Chicago wins this game. Now really I you know what I said really elements of Chicago to. I am -- like I like color like Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte and her husband and just looks helpless they they do Baltimore. Act the Pittsburgh Steelers this is -- finally got their first win last week there's a huge rivalry game. Pittsburgh they run -- happen home we got and pick and would likely be some Steelers but I'm -- them. -- you know what it's. This is crazy I never agree on -- I go with you on this what do. I like Pittsburgh when this at home a real -- I don't I don't really care much for Baltimore their offense right now I don't think Pittsburgh is as bad as they were playing and I think Baltimore. Is it is certainly not as good as an art cars -- birds so that's why impeachment. All right here real Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia favored by three at home when Nicole started but it's a crazy. IC Dallas -- in this by two touchdowns. Two touchdowns. I was -- -- hey I gotta say part of this is I'm just not into this did he doodle offense. So Philadelphia well I exploring you know I love seven on seven crap that is not gonna work in the NFL to secure New York it's tough LeSean McCoy -- ten and running back DeSean Jackson and at wide receiver stuff to cover. And the cowboys would marine Wear out but I still taken cowboys always figure cowboys those you that was an all time you know this. The last -- Denver at Indianapolis. Denver -- my six and a half that's not enough Denver wins this I'm with you I am taking Denver is while there's no question. I think it's a horse race with -- indoors in that place and -- in you know what Jim -- pissed him off this week comes it comes and it puts into any apple gave him exactly he does it and gets it done like Tom -- that. The senate -- man cannot. Well we had we went after I feel like this wasn't like a half hour we look at what showed little tired today I feel the closer you are you run on time we do not time golfer usually well liked. Over it stick around coming up here in about thirty seconds Friday night fans in what's new Daniel Casey Johnson and they're still the best high school football not in town and of course tune in next -- 6 PM for the three guys were sure Al flew back. -- -- myself friend who work at Thomas thank you thank you.