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Real Estate Radio Austin, 10.20.13

Oct 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Listening to real estate radio Boston what's legally installed on talk thirteen seventy. Now live in studio -- -- local real estate and finance experts stately and stuff it's. Good afternoon and welcome to real estate radio with stately and -- The most important our radio every Sunday right here on talk thirteen seventy from 45 PM. Our goal is to empower listeners by educating about every aspect of your -- real estate transaction. I am your host Stephen stately buy it in the last numbers 274124. And with supreme lending. I'm sitting here -- my esteemed colleague co host mr. Jason Stubbs now we do adjacent fantastic hello. What's going in your world this week. Oh man we know we still got -- the the remodel gallons. And it's side it's come along it's come along he -- take a little while to get everything demote out of there. Materials have been purchased we've we've tile went in yesterday. At the twelve but 24. It's tough and you know. Which way you wanna angle it and in and -- about India after that decision was made me and it went in and looks great you know it's funny to me is when they aren't you tired of the angles that they we we -- -- bathroom a few years ago. Into eleven when they have to cut a small piece. In a corner. It's somehow they get to the line cities angular tiles and fantastic. It's it's is bizarre it's it's and it's Christine interesting things they do I don't know now. But he just to catch everybody. Jason and his his wife are in the middle of a remodel and every week we're going to be giving you a little update on the stoves -- remodel. And little ins and outs and tricks of the trade of maybe we can help you. When you get into your next remodeling your house that's right under the who'd use and you're not to use that is that is for sure yeah we we had your contractor that shows you shows yesterday -- -- great -- Greg's done a good job. Com -- we got the granite and it's cut it looks great it's and I'm excited to get some some lights above written in relation that stuff off but it. In his struggles so far no not really well actually. They've done everything with my guys that it's the the orange. Home improvement store rule won't tell us sane and incidents to a drug names but -- ordered windows we're gonna bust out a couple holes and enough to master bedroom and and insults and big -- -- bring some light -- needs to live and let there be light it will not yet because the -- -- windows came in in their Allman. And a artwork -- That's technically now that the color of the seas surrounding the window here now now been knocked down when the rest of them are white so it might rooms and goes back. -- to get quicker two and a half weeks and hopefully they progression of four or -- Hopefully not the bedroom will be completely have to bust down freshly painted. You beautiful walls to have to cut holes and so. But after that we would mean in Switzerland -- Brazilian Hardwoods and and they are bringing those and here shortly. And I can't wait to to see that. So that's -- how. They had -- weeks to we have to go now we've got 33 to move him Torre -- suggest that we got three more shows. Of the -- -- remodel until moving let's see ya see if these contractors can make the deadline. Normally everybody says it's gonna take twice as -- cost twice as much. At the end of three weeks -- were were and got him Molly's mom was pregnant so you know we've got to get her in there and all happy -- left -- -- -- -- Anyway so let's talk about you Stephen what though what's going with you this we made him. You know it's it's been a great week have gets. I'm I'm in week two of the of the blue -- Trying to lose a few will be obese. Yeah as as both of us approach forty yes everybody's on the -- that work out Phoenix. Humans from -- it's last week a paternity come back to thirty drew -- from high school with -- got out of that's gonna happen if ABC -- -- -- vote totals over three G where they are comfortable you know. But I do week to -- the soreness has gone away and again -- have been due to boot camp on Cedar Park with sculpt my body fitness. Leo -- out there. And -- she beats the -- and -- tells -- -- here at a a terribly good way -- that. I hater for about eighty minutes even the whole minutes in the in two hours later a field grade molecular and what does that they had eighty minutes that's that you you bring it after you've already brought it. After a rally they give it your forty that is what you typically due to the gym we are added another forty minutes to go halfway there. You don't I think is as all of us approach forty you know we want to. Kind of empower ourselves and and try to age gracefully you know what my dad always says that the first days ago are the years and the ice. Nearly -- -- forty of the future readers I think my ears are on. Here in the middle of the selective listening -- hearing but I think it's happening. I -- -- -- I don't know why have turned it today and stave off the years in the eyes -- due to boot camp. You know. That would have no works whatever works taken vitamin C take my B vitamins but the veterans keep the bones strong. It it's important it is to enforce the do it anyway so let's. Let's move in tube and -- -- that we like to do every week we've got a little bit longer one this time it's called tech. Corner and what tech corner it's it's all the interesting things -- exciting news in the real estate market hasn't. Has to do with tech. And the tech products have come out to help you can do real estate so. We'll start off with a great app that. -- actually been using for awhile and I just found out about it yesterday and I did some research on in this thing is really cool. It's called howls and that's HOU. Disease. Easy all right and what what I what I think about this app has its kinda like. Interest. That the ladies love. It's for your house and senate. It's full of pictures and you can look at. You refrigerators and fencing and be boarding counter tops and kitchens and he injuries. If you're looking to put -- TV but your fireplace. -- tons and tons of pictures of what people have done across the country. To remodel their houses and even cooler part. You can take that picture you can save it to a file or you look at that picture double click on it and it'll tell you the brand. The make and model and where to find it in the stores that you can I get him. Order fatigue -- cooler yeah. Sell I think important addition on this app is the ability just to take a peek at different color schemes yeah. Mean if you -- you think dark cabinet to mean that's that's rug out from you know sickened in real life floor toolbar cabinets and I know what was going all the tunnel colors that. Coupled up -- house and you we went dark floors like cabinets. Like granite are back splash in all of that is on there I mean which not reinvent the wheel that's the beauty about it you don't need to spend tons of dollars getting some you know. Professionally and to pick out colors for its all there is still solid it was -- -- -- to. It is bitter about fifteen minutes every night where she makes me look at pictures from interest is that a couple for a couldn't. -- still call. This picture of this mountain ski equipment Deere and let us play at the Kennedy the levels of fidelity feel like Luke at this cabin. In the woods surrounded by these creek and east accepts this is what we need to be attributed to the system -- additions to -- good Giuliani got a check out this app again it's HOU. ZZ. Or you can go to house HUZZ. Dot com. Man use this thing it's free happens and really really need to think -- help you as you move -- to -- potentially your next. Remodel. So all right steps school that would other cool tech items that we had this week and you know we've had. What we talked about last week it was I don't know whether nest and nest which was the the Smart thermostat which you can you can work from your iPhone which is pretty neat in Sonoma -- and you know 203 outside August you can actually future -- -- -- -- you -- that board NS extra. It's just ridiculous cold front that tell you we have last week and think -- heaters yet but if you do you can do that from -- -- -- this last week in the windows and two were so now he's ice is special because I think another thing is you get older. Closer to forty -- department of the weather blower right. You'd think it would follow up appointments -- -- -- -- always -- or other whether those niggardly. Opening advertisement. And here we are right we do little weather update every week -- welcome -- from two outdoorsman Stephen knob and been doing on hunt and fish and think for awhile but. I think the housing market kind of brought in a -- product it's a it's a motion activated security camera these are cool so you know it's it's outside them it's kind of the vacationers dream and you -- kind of hot and and with the security system. It's different so you have motion activated cameras didn't you also have an addition to that. You can also have the security system so there actually two separate. Units but. All can I mean they can all be controlled. From a -- Europe for a real one of the makers of this I believe is its lower taxes that right elbow or -- except. In the cool thing is it's a self contained unit he could put this thing anywhere you want to around the house and totally broadcasting. Three -- qualified to your computer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's going on in my front -- This is this -- a cool tech product for. That is I mean I'm we're looking at a picture right now its sights on an iPad and you got four cameras in four different quadrant and you see somebody in in in the rooms outside patio probably -- as easy product to get addicted to. Yeah you see a lot of those those older gentleman that walk around with scanners. They just love listening to all the stuff that's going around the fire department of at least they have got to. An -- out George taxes that. As a skater -- next is next to his lounge chair. He sits there on nine listens -- that Skinner watched the ships. For Catholics. Did -- hear it all the way we got a -- at 219 on highways will be right there just to Lebanon. Feel like car broke down -- it and if so for you we talk about. The tech corps for those you just join in this ever we -- segment could call -- corner and we're still look cool stuff that. Has to do with your homes and technology and all that. Got a -- sprinkle. So you know you can just leaguer you cat in your house right you know just put a bunch of food -- water. All that stuff up litter box I don't know how that goes below what most people just pile in like three bowls of food it's most of their fat cats only drivers to bulls Earth Day is empty. You're right -- that now there's actually a pet feeder that -- can also tie and to your mobile by -- It's it's pretty neat I mean if you're on vacation you can hit feed in you'll drop through -- can -- water and there was water in your bulls if you're watching your cat. On your on your digital here and a security system. It's water around a little little woozy or forgot to -- the cat that's right earlier iPhone owner or your phone and -- in. And feed that darn cat and Sophie that's what it is you can't have been that's TO feed it to feed. And that's that's that's definitely in the -- I'm would have to get that -- to go this year what salute what what else we get. It's -- we've got. Well this is company deal. You it's. New improved lighting that's you know electoral place LEV users taken over and -- hopes of making a Smart likable cold few. It allows you to easily control or light bulbs in your house from your fellow. So fairly interesting and kind of walking and I guess he says. Thailand or set the mood and you know that the government's decided to tell me what libel -- you can't buy -- Initial buy some really nice low energy like totally in control with my phone just didn't give me one more thing to do a couple of sixteen -- like 25 dollars appease. Yeah bush. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Corner for today. We've got mortgage matters coming up after the break we're gonna give you the ten biggest fees you'll see in your mortgage quotes from your lender. What they are what they mean to you you won't want to miss this stay tuned. You're listening to a real state radio off the 57. Welcome back Austin, Texas you're listening to realistic radio with stately and -- From every it always -- for questions are off -- hotline. At 512900. 1988 or find us on the web at real estate radio atx dot com. I -- here we moved into segment to. The segment that has to do with Jason that we both are employees of supreme. Lindy and where your mortgage guys where the guys you call to get a mortgage to get preapproved for a mortgage to ask questions about mortgages. We we are actually running -- a little bit of a special today for anyone who calls the hotline today we're gonna throw in a free. Appraisal Sarah if you move forward with us in your next loan mortgage process -- and an appraisal. That's a four -- 500 dollar value right there folks -- Give us a call off air hotline five point 291988. -- real estate radial atx dot com are Soria talk about now. That here in the mortgage and fee related terms you need to know when buying a house. I these are lighter items on the estimates that you'll see from your lender literature broker or your mortgage bank or you were actual bank and -- retail bank. These are the big fees that you're gonna see they're gonna catch your -- and you're gonna go what in the world is that how page is so exclusive us. Yeah everybody's -- out of buying a house is not -- and yea I -- you're down payment the average dramatic closing costs that most mortgages have is anywhere between three and 4% and in the smaller. Your mortgages. And more those fees are amplified and what I mean is a 2000 dollar mortgage. Out -- compared with that. The fees they go into that the set fees like your appraisal -- you're serving in whatever. Is not gonna have a high ratio as a 100000 dollar markets were. 1% of a 100000 is a thousand. And you got an appraisal it's 500 so the simulate it in half a point -- for the appraisals so anyway. These are the big fees that are gonna shock yet but we'll take a little bit about what they -- or so number one. And this is the one and everybody likes to talk about the very first line on your on yours and you're -- a statement or your good -- estimate. The loan origination -- And what a lot of people realize that the loan origination fee is is. Kind of in the same ballpark as weights painkillers. The discount right you're your typical loan origination -- gonna be 1%. Or you can ask your lender to make sure you give you -- quote of -- 1% and 0%. Origination fee. And that's gonna get you. If you -- 1% origination fees should -- to to the floor rate. And then if you paid discount points he can get a little bit below that that we don't ever recommend people just go out and pay discount points because it takes. -- 678. Sometimes even in years to breakeven. I'm paying more for your mortgage but. Make sure talk to your -- it's an expert advice call us anytime five point 291980. It will walk you through the process again giving the ins and outs of origination fees and discount points that's. That's the two that's the first big ones that Stephen. We think so let's just a situation to where someone would it would make sense to pay -- Well. Burst often in this is your for upper house and you know keep your. If you're in your fifties or sixties entered into or you're buying your big dream house to raise your great kids in and you know you're going to be in this house for thirty years. You're gonna pass that breakeven point and with rates -- not a historic lows it. Super low. We're still in the threes and force. -- -- got under fire it's it's worth it to pay a little bit more to save 25 or thirty dollars a month or even fifty or sixty dollars a month depending on how many points you pay. If you're stretching that out over thirty years in this again is U four ever house. A good idea. I'm just wanna make sure in your heart of hearts that you're going to be in the air for ten plus years. So -- -- -- unless the next big feeding you'll always senior settlement statement is a processing feet. And what processing -- is is it's -- feed it to make charges for your loan. Processors the two people you're going to be in contact with at the banker at the broker is going to be the loan officer number one which is what I am. Or you were loan processor and loan processor job is to get together all statements on the bank statements and tax returns pace steps all that stuff which is gonna put up it. In a nice tidy file and paint. The picture. If you paint the picture of your financial security and she's the ones in charge of getting that in from the underwriter in making you look. Your best at that speculative trade agreement that think it's a -- and ready should be in your tuxedo. And an affront your Lexus. I read this evening downloaded sharks that I took that that we don't like the color painting the picture. So that's what that processing fee is a healthy range for a processing fee is anywhere between 550 and 70700. High end. But those are pretty standard and all lenders will typically have processing the Angeles he moved to a new fee mortgage which will -- a little bit later. So number three didn't the next big fee which is always right under processing is you're underwriting fee. What an underwriting -- is this the bank hires an underwriter these are licensed. By the state. They're licensed by -- main FHA and VA in all the big debate lending group's guidelines specialist and in these are the people that make or break the transaction. And some banks. We'll go skinny on underwriting some banks will go heavy on what they charge for underwriting. It. It's my attitude going heavy on under -- is a little bit more important -- you want qualified underwriter who takes a little bit outside the box. Maybe they can help pew. Paint a better picture for your buyer it just really just ensures that your clients get in the house they get in the house on time when you're not tied up. In underwriting year but here's the horror stories of underwriting where you're under -- for two and three weeks and our office at supreme winning the Texas team it's -- lending. We -- 24 hours and underwriting when he forest the second -- so literally to underwrite your -- for the loan. And your your -- -- that I -- -- we're good at one thing I mean it's it's early in the week we -- have a ray of good things do you underwriting is it's a big deal I would have to that hands down that we are probably. The fastest in town when it comes under I don't know of any of the bank it has when he for a turn times in entering. That a Cyndi Bailey mile yeah city dailies -- girls at the bit anyway so -- healthy range for your underwriting fees. It's gonna be anywhere between 96 and 7060700. So if it's more than that you might question if it's less than that. You know good for you with some some banks will will charge less but a healthy range is going to be six to 700. So number four. The next big thing you're gonna see is he moved out into the title fees. It's going to be a closing. Closing fee or what they call attorney dot -- These are the attorneys who draw up a sixty to seventy pages with the legal documents that are it's -- secure. The purchase of this house. Between you. And the seller. And then this is what's gonna be filed at the state on record so that have the -- record has your name on it. And it's an important -- -- -- healthy range for. But the attorney dot prep fees can be anywhere between three and 400 remember these are attorneys. This isn't just some intern pressing a button somewhere and producing loan documents. Like you can actually do it in your first set of -- disclosures this is that this is the end this is the legal documents that stick with your house for thirty years if you keep -- them. I think it's important to mention that you of these allies the third party fees I think a lot of folks -- that initial. Sticker shock settings like all taxes to access to barking at you forcing things -- shop this around this is too much money but. -- -- -- There's a lot of other people involved and these are not just your your -- and these are it's important that you that you -- that you educate yourself -- the you know little interferes with a title -- is what property taxes or. And what fees are not gonna change just because you go talk to another lender -- eaten so shopping around with every -- in town is not a good idea. It's gonna take every lender at least -- data due to a good quote every time somebody pulls your credit and it's gonna bring you down just a little bit so just just be careful. You definitely want to. Talked to a few lenders make sure you're ready to deal. Any more than two or three that's -- it's wasting your time and the communities that ask your realtor yep you're realtors always a great person they're gonna work with people. To ensure. That ten you get to that closing on time and that probably of what your best referral sources is year licensed realtor. For those you just -- and I were talking about that ten mortgage -- related terms that you need to know and Stephen what what's next. Mexican number five. We're talking about the appraisal. So -- -- says why don't have to pay you 500 dollars for an appraisal well the bottom line is the appraisal. An expert goes out views the house measures the house expects the house that looks at how that house is represented throughout the neighborhood. And then they come up with an expert value on the house itself so at that value comes in lower. What you're buying that house or you know. That you might be paying too much and you go back and you re negotiate with the seller. About drop in the price down. Because the bank. Is not gonna give you the value of the sales price at that appraisal comes to lower appraisals to protect you also to protect the live -- Who's gonna have a note on this house until he paid off. So -- appraisals are very very important and taxes it's illegal to buy a house without having an appraisal in with you pay cash notes and that's gonna be on the air. Every lender across the board no matter what and a healthy range. For appraisals can be anywhere between 450 and 550. -- you move up into the Jumbo house range which is you know your 67800000. Million plus house -- In those appraisals because of that the size of the house are gonna read anywhere from six to 800. Once you get up that high. Side says the next big -- you're gonna see is gonna be reserves. And -- grows and reserves and Astros are. Your escrow account and your property taxes and your insurance. So lenders have to put it three to four months with the property taxes into an escrow account. Let's just on average at that the average house. Good to say Travis County. You know it's gonna pay anywhere between 355500. Dollars a year. In taxes that China yet somehow similar going to be 121000 to 20000. A year -- taxes but. If you think about it you're collecting three months. And even 500 dollars a month that's 15100 dollars in closing costs that you probably prepared for -- -- you're gonna click for ask us well you do. And the reason they do that is they get a pad your escrow account every month when he wrecked -- that check for your total payment. The lenders gonna put your property taxes and your insurance for that month in two with a -- escrow account and at the end of the year when the bills come out. The leader is going to pay those bills. On time so there's never a risk that any liens can come on your property from the town the county tax collector and so that's gonna be expensive one you in Texas you're paying for years worth of insurance upfront. And in the even after that you're putting in three months -- -- escrow account so between the two that's going to be a hefty hefty feet. You're gonna see any statement and it's gonna be the same no matter what lender you pick and what -- You're talking to the escrow account is going to be the -- to -- Lebanon. Number seven. We'd get says the settlement or closing -- this is going to be a title company charts it's it's gonna be different names some of tons -- -- because an escrow -- and when you sit down at the title company for your power to two hours and you were your. Getting ready to sign 3000 times on 3000 legal the key to success that he can actually -- -- in the end -- it. -- there's a -- but the title company -- you with -- to sit there with your escrow officer in and you get walked through all the pages of the closing documents so. A healthy range for settlement closing fees can be anywhere between probably 275. And 350 all the title companies have a little bit different -- when it comes to that. It's. Your realtor can Latino 'cause they typically picked the title company for you unless you pick your round how much this piece in India for a so liberate the next big B you're gonna see -- your statement is the owner's title policy. -- the -- title policy is so what protects you. And your property boundaries. For the life of the time you own this house and -- but typically it's gonna be paid by the seller you're gonna see it on your estimate -- you're gonna think. You're paying this -- title policy is about. Point 9%. Of a percent salacious using simple math but -- you buy a 100000 dollar house 1000 dollars being 1% the title -- to be about 900 bucks. So that's not an exact figure. That have that statewide the title policies are regulated by the state taxes they're not gonna change from title company the title company. Sometimes you would get a disk in -- -- policy this is your second time might be doing their refining its review cash out. But. How things are gonna be the same so the lender under quotes your title fees. Just know. If they're gonna be about point 9%. 1%. And it's something that everybody -- again you've got to get a title policy protects you protects the banners -- your house a picture finance. Where your -- sits on your neighbor's property vs your property make sure the -- and over the building lines it shows you. You know they've got to give you. A copy of your survey. From the title company that shows -- the easements that are particular or possibly under your property. Or parent utilities the stuff like that is so it's -- something that you want to have but it is a big fee it's gonna Sheila it's gonna catcher. Some -- down now we're gonna talk about the survey which adjustments in the second again. The survey is illegal page document it looks like an architect's sketch of the slab of your house and how it's it's on your property. It's gonna have probably three. Rectangles. -- one will be your property. Of the boundaries of your property lines and an inside will be the building lines to make sure you made the Miller hasn't met has met all county. In city code as far as says the distance between your house and your neighbor know sharing property don't know sharing property depends on her apartment and in the third. I think it's -- it's gonna be your house can be the slab and how it sits on the property. And that's -- important too because if you recited anything later. But you wanna put in cool are you gonna put trees and maybe to some landscaping. You always get a pool that survey out of your closing packets take a look at it. See where use your utility lines come through the property. You utility lines always come from somewhere somewhere on the street. There's going to be a two foot variants for the the power cables in your ear phone cables in your cable lines and everything come into the property. You wanna make sure you don't have a contractor out there without. -- backhoe digging a -- we're we're here -- -- -- your power lines are so always check your survey and of course if you're putting in a pool you wanna make sure it's out of the building lines. But your contractor should ask you first half and legacy -- serving in the house and remember. -- survey is always tagged in -- closing settlement packet. That you get when you close on the house that you -- in nicely bound packet. The survey you'll always be in -- so referenced that rather than calling the title company in -- -- -- -- survey. It's in the air which is what you do if you cannot find it right right if you -- key and going your title company if you lose that pack it in the move or something like that. Nowadays they give you a CD if you don't want it killed two trees and have a 300 page closing package it's -- but it's it's always in there. It's our last one are actually sorry let's talk about the healthy range the healthy range for a survey is gonna run anywhere between 450. In 500 bucks in -- So the very last week fee that's gonna jump out at Chia you're looking at pure fi estimates from your lender. It's going to be -- a -- transfer fees or the working capital feet. And what those fees are is the -- away. Love or hate them. Charges due to feed to enter the subdivision. You're here it's gonna join in the country club it's right here your initiation fee to get in there and what they do is they put that feed into the general fund. And the journal general fund pays for. The liability insurance in in the community. Pace for upkeep of the pools and the bullet mark in the playgrounds. And they know the common areas and all that's. And -- the common areas that's also part of what they called the the working capital -- that's defeated the two sets aside to make sure they've got money in the accounts to pay for the La -- who hit that that's a division you know twice a week keeping it pretty. And level mermaid on whether you like getting those letters in your mailbox about him leaving your trash cans on the street or not -- your vote on -- driveway it's important for property values to have any two way VH two way. Make sure that you -- neighbor. Doesn't have. A parked car up on blocks in the front yard. They could actually bring down the value of your house and that's no joke folks. A lot of people will do that a lot of people are pack rats and leave a broken down boat in -- side yard and in who wants to look at an -- -- that insider wouldn't. We knew manic here you -- crew come by if house cleaners come by once a year in the roof and then you put a sign in the yard. The purple people driving by your house to see that don't wanna see somebody's broken down vote. In the -- next to. So it's it's an important free. It's always going to be there on there you're in your realtor will tell you if you have NH away yet for the house that you're looking yet it's always ask about that. But says that pretty much wraps it that's of the top ten -- big fees. That your Tennessee on your estimate from your lender if you got any questions about these fees you know what's falsified went to 900. 1988. And coming up after the break we've got a special guest in the studio. Get -- it Israel. He's a local realtor business owner happens to be ready for a state representative. And is endorsed by -- Austin board of realtors. You won't want to miss this stated. You're listening to a real state radio often. -- 57. Welcome back Austin, Texas you're listening to real estate radio with stately and stats. You can always reach out to us on -- off air hotline for questions at five point two. 91988. Bible -- 91988. Or find us on the web. At real -- radio. Atx outcome. Jason yes again we can't complain of being against here we do own very excited we have witnesses -- experts contributor this. Well Sunday I am have introduced we've got that seal it Israel. She is running for state represented we appreciate you being here good to see again how are you doing I'm doing great thank you so much for the opportunity to. To be here -- esteemed company that is an island I'm excited. So what we're here talk about today is. Silly you or. Realtor a business owner of via what's going on election coming up why are we even more we have an election. Well we have in the selection for those of us who were who're. Isn't -- some -- central Texas who are crazy about a lot of not a lot of things you know. Entries about the outdoors and he's about football facility agreement politics here. I'm -- about water a good look at -- Scotch and water which is -- lately I don't think I bet Scott's -- I thought I don't have a -- to -- the military bewilderment I don't we could talk about water it's a big issue this. Then so let's talk about to who you are -- let's talk about your district first what is your district and we would -- bullets let's Letterman outburst by where have. This election because he may be you may not -- they know the name marks drama how much drama was our state representative for northeast and northwest Travis County. He resigned this summer and crash so when you have an open seat the governor calls special election so I am running and one of four candidates that are on the ballot this November the fiscal hole we're going to vote on a variety of things. In those of us who live in northeast and northwest China's -- have to decide who's going to be -- represented ovitz at the Texas State capital and as we know they make. A lot of big decisions that shape our lives professionally and personally so. I'm honored to have the support of the Austin border realtors in the Texas association of realtors and them on the woman on the mission so yes -- -- -- So yeah I think if that's important to note with our with our listeners out there as. Is not only she realtor. She's running for office she's endorsed by the Austin board of realtors and that's important those guys -- guys that know what direction. The most part that the city needs needs to go to. So let's talk about your district said district fifty what is your district made up what areas what neighborhoods who whose whose vote out there for. The this district is very diverse it includes. If you're looking at a map Travis County up to east it's whoever built in -- the west it's the -- country club -- so it's not call -- the -- on topic Travis -- -- just gonna hand right over the top -- took a look at it that's a -- it is the it just hangs there but the neighborhoods that are -- is within the boundaries. You might recognize the names. Wells branch neighborhood and great hills. Millwood got. Outer edges of Flickr they'll provide the toll roads. And a little bit of Maynor nailed and that's within Travis County salutes its hugely diverse. And we've been we've knocked on over 121000 doors at this point until 2000 -- A -- through when -- -- issues already. Know when you Biden -- when you buy new shoes and I didn't realize how bad the old ones where it -- not a Butler New Orleans. And that's what that's what my summer was like so we've been walking since July 4 I realized that it was an open seat and I you know -- My background is. I worked for governor and Richards. That's impressive she was my political mentor the woman who gave birth to meet politically. And it was a tremendous experience at a young age and that's what really inspired me to get involved in. Not only in in Democratic Party politics but also in the community in general so. Have a lot of experience to bring to bear to this job. But I'm. Just been around in Austin for 32 years and have found that at this point in my life. It's it's important to give back in this way in here and feel strongly about the race but -- would look apparently support just awareness about the special election of improved so how many voters are injured district in others about a 100000 voters who could vote while. It what's really naval people's minds is that this election could be decided by as few as 5000 people. How we change. -- the fact that she's got to say well it's a special it's an odd numbered year in 2013. We're used to voting on constitutional amendments and a special items. And that's slower on people's horizon right. Normally we'll be voting in even numbered years for a variety of being next year we're going to be voting on. The governor. Lieutenant governor. And all the state reps go up for reelection because mark resigned this summer now we have to decide if you who's gonna replace marks the world running. To finish out the rest of his term and will be -- again next year to run for reelection. So that's that's what's going on so health how the campaigns and it's going great we've been endorsed by not only the realtors but. The engineers have endorsed. A number of our political leaders have endorsed team members of the community if you go to -- Israel dot com and click on supporters and see who's behind me. Down the reason they're behind me because they've they've known for years since. Working for the governor have been in involved in the group groups and organizations. That some of your listeners -- Find familiar for example I was on the border of the capital area food bank analyst that I was on the -- the light of BCA which has low cost mental health services for women. On -- Austin is a middle and high school girl after school program. I'm currently on the board of the greater Austin Hispanic chamber of commerce. And I am a big transportation advocate. I hear I was on the board I currently on the board of the alliance for public transportation. You know and everybody got an opinion about mass transit. And -- especially president did that -- but I think but everybody can agree on they might disagree on -- on. Round and costs and you know all that kind of stuff but they would agree that with the growth that we've been experiencing. Our -- system should at least keep pace with the growth and we need all kinds of solutions not just roads that also mass transit so. That's the kind of background and experience and hope to bring to account. Hey Stephen -- talking with a one -- much just yesterday's keynote the the amount of models that we've built bicycle lanes compared to actual. Automobile roads is -- mean and that's a different topic I think that we need to and it's a big deal on the traffic coming people are not gonna stop coming here you're right we've we've got to do something. So our talk just for a moment about that the real estate side of of what you do and has has been a real estate agent helped you understand the needs of your district. I believe it has I think anyone out there who's doing real estate. Doing construction. You know how much we grow. And you know I think -- no because were were were traveling in and around central Texas day. How much we've grown you know they say we double in size every ten years and I think our proficiency at more than others not only from personal perspective on the Kosovar. Book filling up -- -- -- paths and that's a touchy issue realtors. But also just. Our clients. They want to be situated. Not only in a good area with good schools also are taking into account of homeowners and dignity yet to my job -- a big -- the program. Horton issue when when you're thinking about you know pursing New Hampshire. So how also. Just be as being an agent help your campaign it'll may not know that also more realtors and endorse you but it seems like you know that that that's helped out as anything else you don't think from the perspective of Islam. I'm I'm I'm progressive I'm a Democrat. The muscles while business person -- Active with the Hispanic chamber of commerce have a good sensibility about small business and a small business advocacy speaking for. Are small businesspeople. You're you're adding a lot to our economy and down. And I think that's important for people to know so I'm happy aware that had to work a lot -- In the community what it sounds like this you sure do. I've loved so to kind of dive right into this I mean let's let's talk infrastructure state local level. Let's start with public education I mean lets keep it wrote in a relative to. To the real stateside but it's you. What we're going to do our schools in the district command -- -- you're not well. Two years ago in the last legislative session it was an economic. It is a difficult economic time pretends to us not as bad as it was for other states that we had we had -- difficult time. In my opinion we did the last thing which which on the legislature cut public education I point. Five billion dollars. -- point five billion dollars so we lost. We lost that of support for public education in 95% of our kids go to public education and public schools. So -- this last session of course the economy got better and we we put Barack. 3.4 billion dollars and a lot of us are asking will where's the rest of the -- that money that we lost its not that doesn't it doesn't even account for growth and we have a lot we have as a result of that class sizes and gotten bigger support staff who have been erased so. It may not be visible to the average parent out there but our schools have taken a hit and they have not yet recovered. And I am -- Well about it but don't stickiness but we won't do we don't go that but I. The bilingual version and edition of the. They're gonna the but. Demographic courses is our Latino children -- make the majority of republics as -- if they are not achieving. And the level of which are we need them to our future economy is is really doomed I've been active in politics for a long long time and I remember business organizations at the capitol. Starting to pay attention after the turn of the century about two to education the -- workforce development and but now I am. The business groups across the border saying public education we've got to pay attention public education so we really need to turn the corner in Texas and say okay we'll. -- he's moved here. Com these are. -- leaders he will without educating our our our younger folks I mean we're we we don't lose -- -- it just. Yeah so we have to make that commitment to to our kids because they are our future economic. Turn to look at let's let's let's pause just for a second we've got to take a really short break. Don't go away really continued chatting with silly it is real about our local Austin real estate market a little bit about politics. You won't want to miss this stay -- You're listening to a real state radio Boston what's -- Welcome back Austin, Texas coast into the state -- with state -- steps -- can always reach us on our off here hotline at 520. 91988. Reach out -- us on the web that real estate radial atx dot com if your your car here at the house and your kitchen up on what we're talking about here. Where we're sitting here with Sylvia is -- talking a little bit about politics a little bit about Austin and how everything is going on out there. Stubbs twenty -- anyway wish -- well -- you were talking about so so public education we're talking about transportation -- water coming up next but. Let's talk transportation. What's the big issue and and and what we can do about it Traficant the the big. The big issue is the everyone knows we're growing. I used I'd like to say were. We're we're loving ourselves to death stuff -- that and our infrastructure has not kept pace with the growth. -- -- Since the year 2000 we have had five point two million people move into the state -- That's like. He shall we talked about that last week a little bit which is the the folks coming from West Coast come from East Coast and and -- America -- the moving south to the politically it's -- -- the third coast all these other corporations across the country know and it's great to do business in Texas independence. So. That with the growth there's. There's a challenge of how do you. Howdy do and how we take -- stuff and we basically it's a surprise in that stuff is isn't un sexy we're called infrastructure. But you know crumbling bridges water systems. Mass transit and are our highways. All of that costs money and we are are letting ourselves to death to the tune of five million people in the last thirteen years in the settlement pattern it's not gonna stop. No it's not it's it's gonna continue to grow. And we can't continue to grow in the way that we've been growing so I'm a big advocate for. You know simply acknowledging the fact that if you can talk about transportation you gotta look at will switch -- agency does that. Text that's a good start tax cut and how was textile -- The gasoline tax -- it gets no other revenues in the gasoline tax. Cut taxes twenty cents a gallon and it was. Last increased in 19901990. So that's a flawed funding model because as everyone knows our cars are getting more and fuel efficient right so -- the funding models flawed. And we -- an essential texas' growing so much we need central Texas leaders who will say. I'm willing to step up to the plate on transportation and be voice for for positive change and moved. -- forward right. So yeah it was as far as. The money for for for funding on let's talk about. The the managed lanes in the or what do we do we got no panic here we've got 35 I mean where would send this money go -- mean art or some things over we'll start now. There is -- managing them a pack if you so we were constructing two New Orleans. Those are going to be great for people hearing their behind congestion -- jump into that plane you're gonna pay iffy Gupta told link -- the and I really like it because the it's going to be the first time in our region's history teacher sitting stuck in traffic and the bus flies right by -- fifth or sustenance. I don't like you know let's say you think maybe it is not the answer for everybody -- me some money so I mean it could try it on Fridays. You know Tex Tex tech for -- is hassle. Just because occasionally -- -- the letters in the mail even have a -- tag on my truck -- the to get the letters in the mail but I got a tea for small business owners for realtors. For people who are always just nine to five time is money shirt immediately hop on the told -- get from Cedar Park you Koreans to my office when he three -- the OPEC. In twelve minutes. Is a big east will it itself X folks that did don't wanna take advantage of of these tolled lanes because if if I personnel level elected to and from pretty quick but. I'll be out of your way. Right I mean if you do you think I'm leaving him. I'm obviously gonna tell you love to take what we know -- did you just won't have to will be in front of you anymore I'd be right next you fly myself. So let's talk about -- bus rapid transit also so I mean that is automobiles buses and in everybody's assuming you don't this fast lane in indigo. What about looking to look up and down north Lamar were seeing a high capacity buses -- You know we're grow I think we're all doing what we can at the local level like the state of Texas there can be a partner in that stuff you know we're we're we're being asked to bond ourselves every now and then county the city. ACC. The real partner that's missing there's Austin, Texas wants to be. A partner with our local government so. The answer can't always be our local shoulders weren't real partners to attempt to -- to start how -- how do we get that -- How to get. Partnership started right William -- is trial who's -- a wide range of experience in transportation. You know our and our central Texas delegation got great state reps like Donna Howard expert on public education and eulogies expert on affordable housing. We need someone and that in the regional delegation. Who knows transportation. And those that we need to address it and that we we it's an emergency situation it really is. So you mentioned some of the mayor's a core task force -- so don't know what to what's that about well that's that's code for urban. At this. Let's. But we are looking at urban rail how returner. We're gonna go so we're we're meeting right now and I'd be happy to come back and talk about it there's a lot of good information that we need to be aware of I think the people want. Urban -- but they only wanted to -- and accidents. Or connecting who's gonna ride it. It's an air quality issue but it's also mobility issues and these issues like I was talking we can continue to grow easily been growing but there's there's -- can do that. So. We we don't always acknowledged that we -- major American city yes he's a. A lot bigger than than it it feels that it is that's what we love about it feels like a small city but we'll look around it's not and it is no longer looks at. What I wonder real quick is let's remind listeners that -- talk about voting here broke -- -- you must bring a photo ID to vote now yes he did so make sure that they understand that. In where can listeners vote early and work and they find their polling places. Finalist here with me polling places. The traffic counting the easiest and one that I think most people know the -- county tax office on airport got kind of a central point and will be will be voting in this election for those -- northeast and northwestern was counting the -- on researchers I was real popular place. And the county tax office in the group now. On the -- her shrines that are on rock Woodley and we're voting early starting Monday the 21 also for all constitutional amendments. And for this election in particular. Would ask for your support. And vote because as I was saying so few people are gonna vote that we really need to get the word out I really appreciate you -- opponents -- bad if you have an opinion Katherine -- make your voice heard. So how do listeners in touch with yet. And my website is Sonia CE MIA is Ryan OINSR. Eat eat you know dot com. We're also on the FaceBook my Twitter analyst at etc. it is right now. End zone. You know it is going to be a voice for progress -- a lot of really hot emergency issues and and we need to step up to play in how can listeners help you with your campaign. You know if anybody wants to volunteer -- still young people especially if you wanna meet people. Go volunteer so they can send an email to volunteers Sonya is -- -- common and we'll get them started. It neatly flooding and firing this weekend some big week before early vote starts on Monday yes. In the following week in so. Anybody who wants to would just be involved in seeing gains. I think it's our it's our privilege as Americans to do so let's get updated and. Brilliant points we really appreciate you coming and it's fantastic to see -- -- was -- the best of luck you and well look what will do our best for you have folks politics has a huge handle on everything that is real estate. I think it's really important that. We alternate chapters saying all of us are Austin writes this is our city. Pay attention to what's going on out there get involved go -- vote. You Sicilian mentioned a few minutes ago and can come down to you know a thousand a few thousand votes get out there and vote if you don't vote you can hear it. Talk trash but -- -- They're -- so I think that's a perfect but I felt like they ever leak rates are still low this is the greatest time to buy a house she got again in the market yet again in the game. That's the end of our show. We hope you learned a little more as you move forward in your next phone purchase will be covering much much more in coming weeks always tune in. The real estate radio was -- Williams steps right here on talk thirteen seventy from fortified -- Stay classy Austin, Texas.

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