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Oct 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's delicious mischief Boston's food and -- radio group. Our presentation. Of specs wines spirits and finer foods and now he's the guy who loves to talk with a -- -- John -- mirrors. Hello everybody welcome to another edition of delicious missed him the -- my radio program port Texas. As always delicious -- is the presentation -- -- wines spirits and finer foods. Well we have a terrific show a little bit later will be doing great ingrained tasting and as you know that means that behind that door over there. There is waiting all wine or spirits -- beer occasionally all of the above and that makes for really great radio but right now we're in Houston this week. At a restaurant that I have known about any experience often on over several years now out creation of the core duo family. And the restaurant is a fast casual comfortable fun place called Amazon grill. And one of the reasons we're here today besides that meeting up with that David court do -- -- captain you know proprietor and all that with his dad Michael. Is is that a whole bunch of new stuff is is coming off the -- the grills and everything else here -- Amazon grill so so for starters David I mean. This is. When Eminem is playing well and say not in Europe Americas restaurants here to arrest those restaurants -- Artie is the restaurant and hobbies tenor of the performing arts. Yeah. You definitely hear the echoes of the casual as nation that took over the restaurant in AKA. Making things casual making gains comfortable make it easy to come here often. Come talk to me about the the beginning the original inspiration of Amazon grill before we talk about some of the new inspirations. The concept I was first behind. The original America's in the gallery so it it really was an alternative to the -- experiences was the statement. I was I was about. Stanley family gathering. And it's always it's always have that element of fun of whimsy appealing to to children. Doing to ladies who are launching. But we've always maintained. You know our our criteria of any of the -- that we put it at our restaurants it has to be dumbing. Artistic Latin and -- value at Amazon we add to that equation. Has to be wholesome. And it has is fast so it's just expansion. Of a lot of things that you are you get that trust is America's -- just so so as a shaft and. As a as and operator of -- restaurant when you have all these great flavors let's just look at America's friends -- you have all those great flavors and I mean I can see some of those elements that you were applying that but I mean fast is not necessarily part of the equation and any kind any version of a fine dining restaurant people just. Are accustomed economists celebratory days. How do you how do you even begin to basically speed up. A ditch. They can be by replacing approaching for example. It can be. Formats. You know whether something that worked very wells -- has an entree. Doing it as a sandwich it's it's more approachable accessible at launch. It's it's not a it's not a huge step it's more you know it's it's it's making it affordable and and fast it's probably the biggest. So what kind of ED imaging kids. Letting and I know that's true because several times and I've eaten here and Amazon grill I've I think I've been in Iraq Chanel and and a lot of that rush on lunch or dinner sometimes. Is is young people mean be it you know ten year old twelve year old fifteen year old whatever -- even me MIT and the young sometimes. I -- but what do you what do you think makes young people let's say kids real children. What what makes children love a restaurant as much they love Amazon -- I think has recently had some powerful. Memorable and all the senses. When you -- -- -- -- my children you're not they don't necessarily understand. What's going on that what's happening to them because now I like it. -- has it has to be something that. It's unforgettable as he walked in the door and Amazon you get the smell of of popcorn from our popcorn chicken. The smell of a funnel cake -- deserves here. And immediately hit with a carnival like experience. -- -- hand it you know cotton candy after their meal. And I think all those things just make it completely memorable. And one of the kind. So so one of the things that's exciting of course here is is that you know now that you're taking a larger and larger role I am thinking in the family business in the family kitchen you might say. You finally after working on several of your restaurants working new my new menu items -- finally turned Amazon grill. What what did you most want a marine to Amazon that maybe was here maybe not so -- before it's definitely here now in the new items. I think. Our approach for several years -- Making Amazon kind of according to a light. Where it was a lot of our offerings. From trust is an America -- -- slightly different names. At a slightly lower price. What we've done with this new menus is really focused on what's really working here in what was working is the street food items -- -- -- are. Error. Ski fish tacos Amazon -- We expanded those categories. So we have six new burgers. That six talkers on the menu. But then he still can get we're doing a signature entrees. From. Trust is in America's of people known for so many years so so. What is the fascination of street food since we're not actually eating it on the street and Amazon grill. And yet food people love street I mean hopefully we love it when we goto Mexico or Singapore or whatever. No matter what the jokes are you now about about what you know I have the hospital number closer and whatever. I love street food everywhere I've ever travelled -- As as a -- what do you think is our our food -- fascination with with street food -- and the kinds of foods that turn up on the street. I think first of all people automatically. Sense that they're enjoying their meal. Warren having a better time in the meeting with their hands I think when you when you're eating their hands all of a sudden you're relaxed. Right and then Egypt's great vessels. That are that are comfort treatment for chefs are great vessels to show. Technique that you wouldn't typically see and us amateur burger taco and so there's there's a way that you kind of under so never delivered yet if an opportunity for some surprises. I love -- Allen over deliver I get the alternatives quite often so that's the way to go now one of the things that that I really mean. I love everything in front of us in this table is groaning I think it's safe to say with stuff. But I there's something with a really interesting name. Locke who mommy course we we know the word mommy and we know the court blocked this being Texas what happens when you get a block -- money. -- you know mommy mommy's. That's that case sense of savory. A lot of fruits -- -- -- -- as a tenant who mommy. Parmesan. Mushrooms. And -- is -- mouth feel like none of those things typically turn up in block my way. They don't and we have one. So we want it was a o'clock only that waited linger in the amount -- a large. Presence. -- and feel like something more than. The sum of its parts so it's the welcome -- made up some dried tomato. Which is similar to catch up -- -- mommy flavor. There's mushrooms. Roast garlic roasted garlic has that little note. Parmesan. Which has long lingering sense. Tong. Its stake to date guacamole it's also finished with to -- on concedes Force Protection. A lot of things have different times the types of cooking at times the cooking. And all kicking in what amounts to kind of the complexity but it delicious complexity of flavors and and thank you David techsters. -- great stuff now one of the things that I couldn't resist and maybe I'm just a sucker for a pretty bar or something I don't know -- but the chicken teamed -- Fries now I'm not promising I'll ever get totally wasted again minute but. Should I ever. This is it a -- call the doctor in order this this'll be my prescription to -- -- -- prescription project and being apprised of what the heck is going on the back. Yet to create great late night through your football through these kind of our version of chili cheese Fries. Or -- team. So it's it's it's a better Fries neither choice. French Fries -- -- -- are you surprised -- with chicken -- go which is a chipotle -- pulled chicken. With a white book on a case so you go to guy though and case of fresco. And and while we're talking about that kind of food -- about a minute before our break but you guys have like you said six burgers here I think you for that. But I was immediately drawn to -- annual -- -- since I love -- -- hoppers and they're just an amazing kind of like. Junk food thrilled thrilled -- out. And did how did you go about to what what happens when that becomes a burger. I I was. -- led to reduced or have a fresh take -- around the hollow and improper because I think it evokes such good memories for so many people. And the burger. Let's itself perfectly to it has. Slice of cream cheese. Grilled Paula menu mix with some grilled onions and two slices of bacon with a -- -- Nigel -- -- -- the bacon thing going on David could do it stay with us. Delicious -- will be back with our great -- segment eventually morphed from Amazon grill right after. Don't -- that it'll spoil your dinner. Instead here's more delicious mischief with your host -- to -- us. And now from the -- suspect's -- spirit. And finer -- that it's great that rain. We're going to a place today and you say well we're always going. -- but I'm kind of excited because we're going to a place that sadly I've never been in person and as best I can remember over the last 23 years of doing this show pretty crazy out. I don't believe we've been here been there on the radio either and that -- -- -- now if -- -- wine lover -- -- way I am you know all about or you've probably had the one line that is made their time and time and time again it happens to be my favorite wine made from my favorite great being pinot -- So I'm very pro are again without ever having been there are being out and I am here with -- Lindsay watered. Of of territorial winery. Which was that accompany a winery founded back in that 2005. That specializes. In and maybe even you know does amazing things with the pinot noir grape and this this wine called retort it's -- offered here at specs now. Not now Lindsay let's talk about. I guess I like to start big picture you know those Disney movies that always start with like the globe and and they kind of -- and are again. I mean you know I know you're somewhere north of California and -- while we're at -- I know your somewhere south of Washington State two places. They have pretty darn good wonderful lines. But what are we need to know to understand our again on. And it and it's wine industry. First of all you need to nip it at that very special place it's definitely right in between the states needle and of course -- temperance of -- And that -- again it's actually. So rich in heritage in terms of being suggest fertile granting region in -- limit valleys specifically. So -- to when he air miles from the coast where my Weiner is located and majority of the wineries we have. Nearly 400 in nineteen wineries and Ari can now also. It's very picturesque vineyard I'll just paint the picture that when your driving three the Willamette valley he can be passing. How -- all. Chickens. You looked at the laps and EC gorgeous vineyard on the hillside we -- -- on the grounds we'd like to go up high because it's a cool -- ten. And -- a week we really need to be on the hillside to maximize that. Use of air land and you -- let it wheat field where actually went to the top producers in the world for crafts and we eat sale at the very rich and agriculture and -- moments as well. So it's almost like your picture and it's really a Cilic foreign setting when you come to -- again a lot different than the Napa Valley when you're looking left right. French forwards backwards then. And all you -- vineyard so. Expensive hassle like any gigs for the most part -- -- Let's talk about the wine industry because. You know on the shell Molly's top and the people who have left who -- from new wine regions are new wine countries. And then it turns out well we started the first grapes were in 1647. And and you know -- allotted to variations on the word new in terms of line and when it started and what -- that the milestones. If you will. What about -- again. I mean is is is the actual fact of wine industry knew or is -- kind of like a sort of revival of something that's been going on and while -- you guys are doing great line. We're doing great line and thank you so much for saying that actually break and clear. And our history gets back to you in 19691970. Have -- it's really special corps at the Rainier -- he gave that these incredible professional position. That they had in life and with -- their families up in the car not knowing what it was flight Greg Keenan who are in Horry again. And with say we are going kind of like on the organ trail we're -- to the product plan we love Burgundy. We think that we can granting an iron or again because it's such a cool place so you have David platform ivory vineyards. Taken Nancy Ponzi leaded up their three children into the back of their car and all their belongings and and left California and their careers behind to you Nate can dance. -- mysterious wind picking into our sale when they planted at me had tick. And Irene. Earth are you need David and let and sticky -- from. Eat -- and parents in the -- killed apple heights Sokol plots are. This very small tight knit group of pretty -- -- and so for several years it really was -- you much of and and industry -- their production in numbers of wineries and a lot of that has changed drastically over the last 1520. Years. So let's talk about the -- -- thing. Because a lot of though the wine regions and I mean certainly in France there is both natural reasons for growing XY but not. You know a B grade but there's also a lot of layers and layers of legal reasons that you know this region only -- this and that -- growth that. What do you know about why. The -- Lamine Valium or again. Grows pinot noir and not a whole lot else I mean I personally don't office ever tasted anything any different wine grape. From the way -- valor from the state of Oregon I mean how how did how did we collectively decide art and oh yeah that's -- Iraq. Well in Burgundy for years it's such a cool great region and so that's what kind of captured. All of these tiny ears to say I think that we can grant subpoena in a -- successfully in Oregon. And it was almost like Russian relax you know they are rolling the dice and giving up a -- and coming and they weren't even sure how to -- so much at that stage where. Some of them had backgrounds and others were looking at other farmers -- on the red when they -- -- -- in the springtime and saying. Maybe we should come back and you know sprayer vineyard because McCrery down -- -- this kind of taking care of his crap that he's raising as well and -- A lot of -- trials and tribulations but even if you go back to these wines from the seventies and eighty from -- again. I just did -- enemies seeing vertical tasting at pottery vineyards it Brennan's the other night and it was incredible it was. You know at these wind scale back so far and even -- they were still trying to figure out how to Koran and making an -- we. We definitely put ourselves on the map back in the seventies and eighties and it's match her -- region and seeing a lot of great harm that Adam people who work so hard where it never to you and production. -- the number two region in the US in terms of number of wineries that we are fourth when it comes to you with actual. Protection. That we may sentiments producers -- making under 2000 cases of wine media under 5000. Where is in California. Much -- -- That is that's an interesting distinction drawn I think. Last time I checked Texas is number five so in in your list that your four on so we. We see where we're eating your dust I don't I hope that that would we've come a long way to here in Texas in terms of wind now. Now -- what about. You know in in the sense that states and regions of the country have history have have you know like the way that things have come to pass if you will. What about you and your family and and and being an Oregon and making line and are again because on Europe you're my first Guinea pig haven't had anybody else on ask that questions -- what's what's the story. Well I'm actually at sixth generation -- might finally came over and or against trial in 1847. Like the mayflower argue it's kept going it -- -- at that only instead of the it with the kind of stick a wagon with oxen -- says and so with my great grandfather and grandmother six generations ago at their two children and of course they were traveling and you would typically can't whip. Other pioneered at the same time. And it took them six months across front. The candidates all the way to the left and when they arrives they actually. We're very entrepreneur or on any huge part of the -- and development in -- so my grandfather. Actually -- at three towns and break and he built a flour mill lumber mill crest -- he and ahead at how the old fashioned general star. He built several bridges and -- can also served on the legislature. This kind -- in this part of the union. In 1859. So I I just love that rich history and satin and even just the story about my family as well -- started and second winery aside from ritual or. Called manifest destiny that honoring. Mike Finley he came over on the -- can tell them -- it's definitely you know very very deep in Horry again and that's why it's -- to work with old -- In terms of my political trump. Well that that is great well you know you know Lindsay we need to take a break here and malicious mischief our first segment is kind of winding down that. I'm excited to talk more about your wines more about your your story as the wind maker as as a winery owner in the Willamette valley and of course to get around to -- talking about the wind we've been to I've actually been tasting. Quite some time on this program which is the -- no Anwar from mature about 2007 and 2009. But delicious -- have to get -- -- for me and he's a few moments but we'll be back with more right after -- end. Still hungry. Here's another helping a delicious mischief which are host John Denver us. Welcome back everybody back joining I'm your host on terrorism. That you're here this is our great thing -- segment from the shelves of specs and of course we're talking wind today. Not just any old line that pinot noir my actual favorite line if you must now. And and while it's famous and eleven to me and many in Burgundy also in parts of California Russian river and arrows. I have spent a lot of years admiring the pin and wires coming out of the state of Oregon specifically the world Lam -- valley I managed to learn how to say it will -- it. And it and I'm sitting here with a with Lindsay Woodard who is the owner of rich or winery and damned. And and Lindsay before the break we talked about your family gets real bad and and you know six generation while -- the whole kind of cross the country in a wagon thing that's that's pretty amazing. But since I'm thinking you probably didn't do that what about your own story your own journey to Weiner you know you're young so -- -- -- had seventeen careers and other things already like some of the folks but -- how did you know -- there's always something you wondered you just wake up one day doing something else and say I'm I'm I'm in line now. My sophomore year in college and it's attending link field and -- college it's a very small private school commitment Hillary -- -- and her. Wine country in the ever heard of -- the BCS championships or anything. -- and we have a killer killer that I'll track record you knocking Google. Link field college wildcats football and go wildcats allowed cats always -- My sophomore year my advisor invited me -- -- After last Wednesday and that I have an opportunity for you and for that opportunity act not media had done something right and then of course you -- that's -- I would think today if that happens. That's classic and easily -- And heat that I have -- a really great opportunity I think the EU. Would be perfect to help start this internship program between -- a college in the international union -- celebration. And I can't see at Akron him this event that's held every year and July in Horry again. And I was even 21 -- wrestled -- time I was only nineteen and if that is this legal and not 21. He said you just can't during that you can do the work and you'll get paid and you get credit. So this is an event for Q&A half days that people spend nearly 8000 dollars to attend and hey -- I was just absolutely blown away at why people would come on to the Willamette valley there's several producers from Burgundy in New Zealand in California. That kind of enjoying my makers in -- in instead they're lying and people are just smitten and stay charmed spiking in a liar and there's something special and happiness into our vs how. People may react to cabernet. And I went back to campus that fall and it was sitting mass communications and public speaking at Winfield. And I started debates every single one of my papers in. Projects off of the topic of you know why are sad note. After that I went to work for the Ponzi family and live and well live to work since flat. Five years and with their marketing and PR -- nationally and then after that I news. Really felt you can only goes so far there incredible family that eight they have their second generation in all three children running at their homes. And I was eager to leave the Willamette valley for awhile to exploit or working in the different wine region. -- had an opportunity to meet Napa Valley the way I -- down to Saint Helena. And it's like being able to -- and for the first time ever. And I worked for the -- family with their director of wineries sales of rebuilt Tim where I'm gonna say they're they're the -- you don't drink to drink out out of turning out at them. And so I worked at every single winery in California Oregon Washington Idaho is a great weights you look. Just expand my knowledge sales experience all of that and after awhile you start to -- how many -- to -- -- And -- started at a public relations company in that. And time that I was down in the Napa Valley and Nike brand development for wineries in Napa and -- to sign a lot of labels and bill brands from the ground up they've really wanted to take my experience. And turning into something that can be established in Oregon and take it outside of Oregon. So I want to get back home I started this winery -- who are in 2005. And rich -- its -- for the term scaling back our homecoming -- about leaving made. Timing -- and going back home to -- In again. That's not now -- Lindsay you mentioned you know going back to that that intern -- or whatever that you did with pinot noir group you mentioned that people. React so wildly and you know romantically and all that to Peter -- and -- we all know various movies like sideways where that's kind of a major plot device is -- Craziness about you know -- Why do you think that is not that European -- maker of you know you're you're traveling the world selling your pinot -- I mean why why is -- So special. That interesting you bring up that may -- sideways and that it's right at the time 20042005. When it's starting mature. And -- point. And that demand for pain and no Larry went through every hoop with its Levy and in Horry and there -- a lot of vineyards that. Planted at that time but not quite yet pretty thing it takes. For years to be able to produce and harvest rates and make them into line and so I knew I wanted to start this winery. And I -- that well at that takes me five years -- find the vineyards doubled cultivating hunt together to create that's part explains. And that's what it takes that. I would call gray areas and try and inquire about. Getting into their programs and I wanted to work with all of signs of vineyards that they existed when I was a child growing up in -- and -- at the -- had to be older than I am. And as a result I ate into that cultivating a program at six different vineyard. And the average age of fines and 38 to 44 years old. Again -- and I am I wanna I wanna have -- older than I am but somebody's head had to go to like Greece or something. And so we -- -- Thank you -- 28 and that. I see. I put this program together it wasn't just about wanting to work with old pines and from the national standpoint that the complexity character at the you'd get from these older vineyards are. I really exceptional I mean you're talking about major free it's going so fired deep into the -- And bringing me in a reality and complexity in this gorgeous new alliances in all these flavors and so that's exactly why when it's rampant. -- -- their vineyards and -- as a result rich or. -- and my first vintage within 2006. And make one -- and -- each year at the blends. All six Spaniards and -- ferment and -- than an individual lots. It's all needed feeds and filtered and finds that word talking steeper minimalist. In the cellar but being very hands on in the vineyard are -- grades tonnes per acre -- one point five to one point need. Which means I'm dropping about 60% of that. Grape clusters on the ground. In order to increase the quality and intensity of the line. And it's about making the ultimate union wire each year I'm not trying to say that I'm making that you know -- -- again. I didn't we all are and we all strive. To meet the highest quality that we can't and that's what. Neat -- in such great wine growing region. So in the in the interest of educating me about Oregon and -- in general let's let's turn to -- tour here we have two different years and it 20072009. But two questions come to mind one is in what ways is you were pinot noir you're rich war. A great example a signature if you will of Oregon you know what it what does that have to do to -- to hit -- taste buds as an -- -- And and and dumb and secondly I mean what makes your products stand out from may be the other 400 and something wineries Oregon pinot noir I mean they all of their products we now there lines but. You know starts with -- what is so are again about these lines. -- and it you know it's all of that distinction for knee and back kind of goes back to make spring act experiences being. And someone here helped develop brands from the grand -- and without a story without distinction in in a really great packaging. It's very hard to you -- your products that. Let's jump in on packaging as we have a couple minutes left and I don't wanna miss that this is a very unusual. Label agreement update its metallic -- -- not quite metallic top but it metallic what what what is the story Mitt missed. Packaging. They're -- or it's actually -- very unique point of a kind it's not a paper label and the exterior at the bottle. It's actually a metal label and there. And applied it name machine in the world that will put these on and so I literally at every -- label on to the bottle. And it eats and my production -- 600 cases they're very small planet when your hand labeling line that's a lie and say no it. Some people say it looks like a license plate really it's this kind of got to make a convict joke about it that button. If not people you know imprisoned making its license plate its -- you. And that if they're Canadian US and of course and that's where they're -- -- and then I applied them. Here at the acting but I I would just quickly say in and that's how -- the flavor profile for rich who are. When you play and you get a lot of complexity and various things and and -- all six Spaniards are in different sub populations of the Willamette valley and so. You have the red free it's the strawberries cherries and my strains that come from the sandy hill the Lyle -- the vitamin B in the and it's some lavender from dealing hills. And in the mic man bill APA you have great structure in acidity which is like that back then at the whining create longevity for eating. For collector is. I -- I -- for its horrible age for fifteen to twenty years since someone seller of thinking keep it that line. And then of quite funny and -- Carlton EVA you always get the cherry blossoms the black in the rent free at some really great. Exotic Moroccan and Asian spices so when you imagine all of these flavors into one -- one bottle. And your glass in front of view it's about that experience of watching something appalled -- of the greatest compliment I ever had let's -- as Somalia -- -- in New York. And he sat not only is your line seven choruses. That I can pair it with the and it at dinner here at the -- -- and and what it will go from -- is being used to the finish in the rib by -- with the acidity. Although 83 dessert that I had a bottle of your line watching a movie last night with a new feeling and -- seven choruses in the collapse because. He really got to watch the story evolve and change human -- can speak to -- and the glass. That's coming you'd just say unit for lack of better term here in taxes you just shout you and feel. In there really thrilled that you accomplished something so that's let my distinction it's for a tour alignment of policy and character. That is great well -- thank Lindsay what are -- tour winery in the Lemmon valley of Oregon for joining us on today's to -- it for me to take a break there about. That -- for the great in the ring segment from the shelves next wines spirits that kind of and we'll be right back with a par. And now for one more bite of delicious mischief. Future host John emergence. Welcome back everybody. Thanks for joining us here and we are at Amazon grilling Houston -- wonderful comfortable casual restaurant. Some people call it fast casual quick casual I've heard it called. All kinds of different you know concepts or did distinctions. But I'm sitting here with David court -- -- along with his father Michael Korda. Michael of course when he five years ago started the first Roscoe is and then that became the first America is and that became parties that -- sinner. But through at all there was this kind of feeling that the family needed a casual fun place for families to go. And Amazon grill is such a place now that David we're talking about burgers before we took a break and and we all know burgers are right their stuff with ground meat. You know ground beef arm typically the one of your burgers doesn't have that and I was intrigued because of the fact that so many people are now doing scenes with que -- with that -- -- Pokemon. They have a Latin America in you know continental background as well teeing off the lawful burger I mean that's. Interesting mix of cultures in geography. Yes we wanted to incorporate -- lines of the Amazon menu we had it at that trust because. And Americas and it really makes sense. Have Pascal environment to complete protein it's really feeling. And I -- waffles -- perfect vessel for that. Definitely. Definitely my favorite vegetarian dish. Two with a one on one outnumbered -- Well it's it's really really great grade and -- that if I'm not mistaken king live goes all the way back to what be in because their Peru or something. Something like that so I mean I know you guys have a very Latin approach to food yummy being first in Latin being in on the mix do. But I love it when people you know it's the -- I don't know within their mission statement if you well linking lies definitely it's not. It's not from France is not from Italy it's not from an article it's from the America -- and that makes it really really great now before we kind of forget about you know -- say about sandwiches burgers then and things. I've always loved so called Cuban sandwich him and I think Key West man I may have been the place I had my first Cuban sandwich. Having never been lucky enough to be in Cuba had to get my Cuban sandwiches like ninety miles away. But and CF several of those 2123. I guess. You know pork chicken and also -- -- got I think we're tasting here that -- -- they play go the B chicken -- bottle if you well. And first thought it is the best toasted pressed. I'll I don't know needy types and might have had my life. -- tell me about all the pieces all the steps that make that Camara happened here. What's our weather director development buying -- -- -- press and agreed to an option says. But some pennies on the budget deal how -- we recess so it's an action with -- with equipment offers. And mean he's not really fitting in with -- with the brand we decided to. Cuban inspired. Our sandwiches CF three the first one is -- a traditional. Who -- we've. Braised pork shoulder that strict with a chilly today. Political. Well Coca-Cola. Then this Coca color of their SP -- Asia's drink it to go go with it. Yeah we knew we don't really grow much red wine and Central America so they've raised with. With Coca-Cola and it works great breakdown rates and approaching and -- left it. It's nice sweets raising the court afterwards so you have the the Google raised. Pork shoulder. -- country him. Brooklyn cheese. Pickles spicy pickled onions and smoke mustard moments ago -- Brad. The -- version now we talked about to contain the Fries. And this is basically. You know multiple play chicken and all that good stuff and it's amazing to me what happens. What do you think that -- contained a brings to a Cuban sandwich that may be and then we'll talk about that that they boil after that. Let's acumen with more or Mexican flavors -- have sliced avocado. The the chicken tango. Journalists onion. You know kind of the sweetness of the union bounces out of this heat from the chipotle. And it's it's something really unique challenge it is and an -- like SA today that the play O line is terrific I mean. I don't know whether I mean again I guess it's it's it is Latin it also has some Italian field behind it I mean it's. Basically everything good when you get right down to it a lot of everything goods. Cross borders anyway. But what happens on the coupon -- -- -- So I was grilled chicken if you're not you know don't wanna do work for lunch did you think a lot of people wanna chicken option. But instead of the traditional -- on the Cuban we've done with more to -- More to tell it's kind of the the granddaddy of of Bologna has a lot of us flavors of me -- to -- nicest credible. That really kind of has great balance with a group chicken but it. It's just an amazing thing and then just that. The visual of it yes I am inclined to like things to come with French Fries that. The visual of this beautiful beautiful rustic bread toasted golden brown is is pretty amazing now we've we've got I forgot. To talk about the fish tacos because I am certainly when you go in in Texas when you do Latin and when you do casual and when you do portable. Yeah hopefully you're Smart you'll end up with a taco somewhere all of that -- tell me about the fish tacos because when I first came to Texas many many many moons ago. I'd never heard of a fish -- -- -- me I never heard of it and then I tried one and I became like a fanatic for all time and this is this of adding to -- fanaticism. That's a great it's great lunch at him it's -- it's their best seller actually. And it's charity mandated -- to lock yet. -- cabbage. -- a guy. Recruit to cream sauce for coaches. Red pepper from Peru. And serve with salon to rice to welcome -- and black beans keys are pressed him. So so. We're talking about the extra day marinade you know using match of the -- what can you tell me about what that either is or what you think it brings to a dish because it's obviously. It's to me it's most notable for kind of its reddish color that it brings to so many dishes in the Caribbean as well of Latin America. But I -- you know sometimes called a not so as well. On what what what -- like you guys love it so much I guess what I'm asking it's it's particularly great on on white means. Accuse them and her teammates and read it makes rent it. Admit it has an -- do it some city from the -- -- it's a combination. These oranges. Garlic and all well. And it's it's really a staple of with a lot of heart issues. We you know whether it whether it's some as a single a couple -- are a bunch of kids as we say here in Texas. There's going to be a big big desire for dessert I mean I just know it and you guys have been waiting in the wings ready. To satisfy. Over what to call it over and over deliver on the dessert category. I mean starting with one of my great weakness of all time and that's funnel cake I mean I'm kind of like the one that people with that run out and find me -- state fair. And I don't need that more -- come Amazon grayling you've got a state fair worthy -- probably better than most. Funnel cake what would you guys thought about researcher just -- your way through bunch of funnel cakes. What do you identify is what you're funnel cake had to be when I grew up. I think it's not only about the funnel cake but it's also -- goes with the -- okay. First -- -- top part of cinnamon and and powdered sugar. Which makes it different it smells and tastes a little bit more like lecture oh than the normal. State fair that surely funnel cake which is which is kind of like heaven right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's ridiculous slightly -- tell us. At -- hello left out in the backyard for awhile and melted follow it yet in Texas that happens. No one of the things I was pleased but not surprised to see with some version of -- slate today is I mean you guys really. Went the extra mile decades ago in introducing you know -- which dates to Texas to maybe even to America for all I can tell. And and all your restaurants have have traits which is in some form which got kind of quirky one here kind of a fun one here. Not like any -- which isn't fun but it's even more fun here. I think this is the best resources that we haven't in all the restaurants because that milk is contained. At least we serve that -- such as Amazon in Mason jar. Which makes it a portable. You have it here it's ready to take what you. But but secondly all the all the milk is as they're sitting at the bottom. -- at the end of a couple of free bottles and it is. -- it when it's all done. I love it when milk gets to be more than -- that's that's who under evolving. I'm palette that's I mean EU guys I -- talk about -- talk about turning Latin in emphasizing the fun I mean. You know I basically obstacles but with really really great flavors and a bit -- got -- a bit farther than that knee jerk you know strawberry lemon whatever. Mean you guys got left the lack the palette that bought the flavors. And and yeah lots of fun what's the deal until that is why why why did you feel they had to be here in -- in a restaurant in the post like the ice cream man ringing a bell on the street. When he at this at this stage in our development is as a restaurant as the accompanying. We not only put backs are reaching the probable with a -- experiences here and in Houston. You know we've been been around for 25 years and -- disagree part of living in Houston camp from Mexican food stores. Just this really fight for an intense fruit flavors. That you can't find anywhere else and it just it fit the brand perfectly. There's about twelve different flavors can choose from. And I before it's all over David I'm gonna try every damn one of them. We -- think -- chef David core -- for inviting us into this family's heart his family sued in his family's life this time it Amazon grill in Houston. Certainly a restaurant that I hope will turn up more and more and more. Great food great new items. All the same great old items for that matter. All of -- very casual and fun and comfortable atmosphere that about does it -- days malicious mischief. This has always presentation that -- of wines spirits and liner foods until next time. I'm your host on the merits and Ohio CU. The next meal.