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House Talk Radio 10/20/2013

Oct 20, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It really for the -- this real estate and mortgage news house talk radio John -- -- And jewel Douglas. Sunday October 20 it's. You listen to your kids until -- on house talk radio. We're every Sunday we're live at five were her thirteen 70 we're to discuss central Texas real estate answer questions about the market I'm John -- -- again. The local mortgage banker. And I Norwalk micros told Douglas welcome -- Hey thank you John it is Sunday. This is real state this is the real -- hour on how to -- peso. -- out there we -- questions from Marcellus every day and we will share some of their concerns. Throughout the show. -- talk about our on our website host a pretty dot com. You can learn how to pros do it but we what you feel free to call us right now with your -- questions. But house talk radio at 51239013. Seven hits 51239. Of thirteen Seve this is a call in shows that he do a realistic concern. We would love to hear him. Still -- -- hot today and you're just like. Hotter wouldn't matter pissed. About this a fist pets should not -- -- houses for your client couldn't second that there. How low you know means for the microphone -- front most of it not been programme. Here's here's the here's the dilemma out there. Is that you know. In in looking at some of this week's headlines there's a great -- that just came out -- -- gonna get to later in the in that it in the forecast that talks about the -- and and the bidding war is for house is are starting to fade in we're starting to -- market slowdown in blob all blocked. I am not seen a year exactly in Austin, Texas or is -- to Texas for for that matter and it has been. Pretty crazy week. The weather. I really don't know just rain ends academies be the way in my could be to -- -- over in in now folks are feeling OK now now I've got my weakens and order let's go figure out our housing situation. I think that you're just seeing. You know -- It's hard to say it's hard to say reliability they were I feel I feel for for agents out there of acute because I know it's a lot of drive around look and and and not find the right house and can be fun and its multiple offers its. This stuff and here's the number one thing that I tell folks these days that it's almost comical is that I've my role has turned into being. More of a coach or or better yet I'm I'm I'm more of being a therapists. Slash cheerleader just to keep people. Motivated to his win you are a home buyer in your making your this offer and you're going. Let's just buy this house. -- largest. Defeated. In their. And they're angry and -- feel like they just can't get it. Did you make your first offering her first house and all boarded a lot of this is it there's hello happy they're they thinking at his house. And they're one of six offers or in my case I've gone like one of three this past week. And there's it did it just lets the air out of that that emotionally high balloon and a bit bit. Buyers have such different personnel it's -- there's some buyers that they become like that they wanted excitement of let's get our offer and looked compete in the sum it probably really turns off a but it is back out just as. Obviously one. And we were -- is that as well I think I get that in in that the psyche of a buyer out there they -- that offer. They write it for five grand less whether a full price offer they think that they're gonna get the deal there just because they think that their right there right now and offer. I would say firm folks -- that when and if folks are trying to help. Manage. That expectation that there's a 5050 shot that you're gonna get almost any health right now. -- hopefully if you're buying a home you buying a home that's -- good home. It's a good so division. It's in has good schools there's good attributes to it. If you're looking beyond the middle of nowhere or you went to live in a very very that part of town and -- -- further on the market for. 142 days -- -- -- -- be deposited -- right trying to consume applause any reason that you like to house other other blunders and -- stuff. Sounds like you talked in -- and there's only convince you that it could -- you saw -- -- I mean there's there's probably I don't know what that in the number is. But I would say. For every home seller out there there's three home buyers -- by your house Friday that your home is. In good shape however if your home buyer out there. Even after sharp elbows this it it is tough but the main thing is to not to get this not feel defeated don't say this -- Atlantic. Here's the main message. Keep going. Keep pushing forward. If you if you give up and say you know there were new at least for another six months guess what prices are probably going to be. Higher come march on Beijing and we're gonna have a whole new slew of buyers hitting the market in the spring in the spring. And what's gonna happen interest rates between now and spraying if that summer they don't go up -- down well. They're probably gonna be up six months -- numbers. Meantime the -- double talk about the so let's just say look at the -- look at this I told you were hot and you're not doing what I felt that it is hurt your hot today it. Just play the south. You and you don't get the house today. You -- You end up going instincts you know but my at least since then thirty days I just need to placed a little ominous -- -- at least another six months -- to -- I think that's the you know made just for the question the -- who did it. You missed the house you give up you -- to restart the sin. After the holidays. Prices are higher interest rates are probably higher what you could have afforded is now higher. And you're still in the same multiple off at the same environment its. It is what it is so keep -- and buyers keep fighting out there. Purified and if you need some emotional support give us a call give us a call. We are here and let us get through it that's exactly why we're here we are lives not recorded shows and a scholar at 39 of thirteen seventy. -- out of the video you're -- FaceBook you go to FaceBook if you can't call a -- house talk radio. And you'll find us and you can comment there we are monitoring that. I cannot also tweet us at how stock Austin has to our house across and. So what is going on -- why -- you so far what actually happened this week today even. And he's been just too busy week has been busy week and you know I I I loved the show I love being able to it kind of spread the gospel and and share. Things that buyers and sellers you know work for -- -- get in there the the real data the real picture of what's happening out there and I think that for. Well you must -- you have no concept of what does -- does he really can't believe. How crazy of a market this is like take it for example -- -- today. Some really kind folks young couple when he relocate here from California and we're winning and be in a certain area and let's say that certain area is. -- passed prop possibly three to 40000 homes it's massive we're talking between 183. I 35 south of fourteenth there -- in the north of interstate 45 in its massive -- there's. It's there's probably two dozen elementary school -- so. They're like look real and keep our budget manageable we don't want about a more we can you we'd like to keep things around 200 or less. What's out there and and so of the 27 homes that they then met twice -- homes. That are priced in -- 200 in the bigger in west round rock east Cedar Park north Austin. Fourteen. Kind of sort of made sits there and good schools and it looked okay and a partner creche here was the schools the rating at this you have to repeat we -- yes if you can't factor schools into the equation. It's not really sure -- About Powell -- of an investment there making. And bit just in the short and it just a property may be just wanted to look at renal. But for. An owner occupant with a young family you have to factor schools and for two reasons the first of dubs sure have good schools what's the second reason don't. Resell resell. Regular right you -- hot I think a -- and often you hear so. -- of those if you can imagine all the cool. Say three or 4000 homes. Fourteen. Fourteen. We're all only available. And of those fourteen. Probably one maybe two might. Could work for this -- failing. So you know -- kind of -- where it is going crystal announced and now meaning you know and that's fine if you'll find -- you like wait that -- don't give up. No don't put yourself out and say let's try this again in March when we'll have more to choose from. You might that the pricing is going to be higher you to be paying more for it is to be much more competitive. So right -- to fight the fight that's what that's that's the main message. Well because it reminds me we talked -- a lot about you wanna buy a house in 2000 view within the range of Austin a tough tough tough tough. In effect in many at school overly down there. And they're going to coalition drove it all right well and here's this is this a couple said look. When we are still look at palaces with you. And we started looking three or four months ago. Oppressive ruler that we were looking at what 7180 Wear those homes moon and the point. They're gone -- always go to a break but we want to talk to you can sculpt three and a thirteen 73 and a thirteen seventy give us the house talk radio -- John you've -- -- let us. In central Texas get ready for the latest real estate and mortgage news. -- talk radio Jon shoots him. And -- -- -- radio. This is -- to -- you folks. Before he died and another topic. John -- he's going to do. Boring belied some very very interesting news on what's happening in the mortgage market these days and you -- tuning right now. So I have -- awesome -- report and so rates. Are continuing to trend lower. I think you know I think I I think I set this up when Cedric can be fives have been in the year. Few weeks ago. Satellite and passion of separately to that scenario it's like do the rain dances -- -- right -- Reverend Wright so I thought rates are gonna go up in Iraq is still that chance but there's a growing. Chatter. Time and you know of the Internet out there with some of these experts. About if -- -- the -- where England and it's true. No no idea of these are the people that really know what's gonna really know you gotta you business CNBC -- you read the statement. I had to point the statement are you reading you in your seat articles that are month old like you're talking about are we don't have the data is not fresh but. On a daily basis -- some -- some mortgage specific. You know sites out there that are tracked in the market our databases on what traders are doing and there's been there's chatter out there these are the real experts. The rates might go to so personal where -- rates today thirty year fixed rates around for a quarter percent. Fifteen years down low three's reports -- five -- that range. I've talked a little bit about arms -- folks are starting to consider arms again because. And arm is just for a mortgage since thirty year fixed rates went from the three's net -- on the fourth of -- for -- Some folks really wants to be in the threes and they're not -- alone keep -- house or they'll look consider five your arm if they 3% today. -- the -- still allowed us. So you are lower -- he said racer at 3% for five year arm you know because the situation I -- I was at the cloth on the radio beaches. I can't quote you -- and -- to have a situation but. That's that's a good you know middle ground and so they get locked in at 3% for five years and then at fighters the note. Believes there's a -- -- -- -- an independent it just -- -- weapons on. Got what's what children don't need it right now there are a lot of folks are making decisions that are short term but the big question is. That my -- rest and edited and written -- daily basis says what are they gonna do in the next thirty days because. They are buying -- they have a house and contract and they're gonna close in thirty days and they're debating a woman. Won that race but he didn't -- question let me try to answer that question and what the chatters about is. First of all the government resolution is is it is good debt -- the resolution. Of the debt ceiling is is done and the crisis is is averted for at least remove it and I say it's a burly right temporarily but that's -- the markets a bit. -- the jobs report it's coming up next week and that's probably gonna disappoint because. Of the government shut down that probably negative -- we expected. Some hiring out there. Obviously government workers were out. -- were expecting or members of that again as it's improbably. Disappoint the market a little bit which cause rates to improve actually get better usually when you have negative economic news so that that's kind of the real short term. But what's gonna what's happening right now as the government is still. At this point saying they're gonna continue to support the mortgage market by buying mortgage bonds of him by around forty billion dollars a month more response. And their reinvesting the bonds are paid -- some people it. That bit but got more just two or three years ago sometimes they sell. When they sell and the government paid back their reinvest and that's a really they're buying almost sixty billion dollars when you actually look at it. That when a six billion argued that this would mean much but what's. We just told a number -- sixty billion dollars a -- What's also happening is rates have gone up which means refinancing going down and so there's less new mortgages out there right right that are being generated. And so you have the Fed. Continuing to provide the same amount of supply. If they're not there have backed off what their buying were Barroso with the market and continue to buy sixty billion. But the demand is going to count is is not as -- new mortgages so there's. Plenty of investment dollars out there the Fed being one of the biggest buyers for a smaller number of organs so. Of the net effectiveness were able to. We're beginning to be able to lower the rates that were offered our clients because -- to find buyers to -- those mortgages on the road. And -- Sort of well. If it's like economics 101 would supplies high in demand is low prices go down that's the problem. -- -- My my back -- neck arteries -- I talk about some area. So bottom line is there is chatter that rates might be heading does images to -- and so here's here's that here's the take away. It is one. For your -- right now to do -- eight. Final property and I let's say four point. 8755%. Study thing about refinancing well I don't know -- the market I don't know probably go to our I wanna starts in thirty year rates included in the high threes if we get there. And your rate is currently five. Yeah or to today's terms if you wanna go to fifteen year -- one for two titles -- her -- -- rate the low -- now still makes cents. But if you have a thirty year fixed loan. And -- around 5% right now. You must -- million keep that the full thirty years your it's it's tough argument to make that case to refinance now but if he starts in the high threes -- to attract. On that note are our number here is 313 73 and a thirteen seventy hey if you ever refinance near campus call we don't have -- walk rates have been -- but but there are. Still -- up there were makes a lot of time and I talk to folks. They're looking at sell their homes. And I and we'll talk a little about what the rates are. And elect will work like 5% trying to Patterson author does -- what on earth the field and think in what in your -- and they don't know we -- thing about solar home. Last year it never happened like yesterday -- back today well anyway. Now it's time because of a lot of times you can actually do refinance took a no cost refinance. Which those are really interesting -- bit of code doesn't know that's cost lemon -- a caution him now. Well the here's a good transition. Tony doses of -- loss to Texas. And around 6000 you tell me what is your off by 800 X but are 900 is about 6800. And change. Homes aren't currently for sale -- and pretty steady registry stay at that the respect members hold -- state there's 3200. Homes. Currently in a contract are little lesson for 2% -- -- a little over actually. Guzzle. So let us though less so about we have -- here's what's so interesting. Is that Holmes. That's. This number holds steady -- to watch this number week two week there's always about 6860. Set 6067. To 6900 homes. For sale and there's always. 33343500. Homes. Currently under contracts to some falloff -- withdraw their listings and talked to one out of harms the consistency is -- attitude Holmes is on a country so. Coming home to the market this week. Off 580. Tony who went under contract this week. About 480 so the net is is we added about a hundred homes to the market. Where I -- where are going with this is you have a whole home sellers up there if you're not selling your home. Some -- wrong. It's its artists say something is wrong if you sit on the mark because you know you end up we went and -- house and it was not it. Of these are spoke earlier and soft fourteen -- this week in this bustle never had been known as big never admit special Larry it. And of those fourteen house's. All of them have been a market for more than thirty days except. One that one home a dilemma a few days when I called the seller. To say hey we're gonna come and over to see your house when she was the only one that said oh I don't believe this time it. We have showings all day today when -- 930 when a -- would attend the went infinera it would all all through the afternoon they were we showed up. There is just don't want people coming in -- coming up. We didn't see that anywhere else in any of the homes that went to visit. So is it's is it possible. That these homes that are sitting up here this basket of 7000 homes for sale that the majority of these homes just the -- that to stop moving. Right well we know a good portion -- And then you have of the homes that are hitting the market. In this case 90%. Are getting going and going under contract decency well possibly as soon as that the market. And so what do you do with so if you are I would want to know what you do as a buyer right now if you because. You know -- you what do you have to get. Aegis Jesus did does daily emails he has watched your email Sochi watching mount who. What do you noted earlier I still feel like summer climate actually ends up -- opponent does it do -- -- -- university that daily email is a is it is. Supposed to be the latest information in a Daily -- we come -- Susan nuclear deterrent effect but come out to the -- and wheels to its market you get email with an update so an agent it's 1 o'clock folks may hit innards of the Calista and mark some folks get. A dozen or two dozen emails a day of this property the market to thirty Hitler and the market at 245. As soon as they go in the market. People being made -- And actually that's what -- actually doing partially getting to these instant feeds -- -- being. Three hours ahead of the next guy is actually huge headstart to some folks. That can be it's make or break hey lists clearest schedule as it would clear the realtor schedule to get up to get into the house. We made our offer and we said look. We need to have a response tonight. Here's our here's our offer for 110% who addressed to four or whatever yes. Carrot is that it is it is really interest and so if your -- The buyers just have to be. You gotta eat you got sharp elbows you've got to be motivated in you you've got to deal to drop what you're doing to get at his house as if not you can take. That can take the sting and it's just relax and let's wait a bit. Prices -- price go up interest I go out. And that you know at the -- I'd be all right sometimes its users say look we need to clear my head. Refocus. Let's wait. Six months tries again. Was always on ask you bestseller yet on what he's arms I have several buyers look at in the three to 400 dollar. Market -- three -- 4000 dollar market for. In March it was softening -- little bit and I thought the lowering prices was the -- really tight bit. These folks have had and I have several have had the worst truck committee can not find a house they want about the deal well do you know why. If they do there's multiple offers and it's going above list and they're kind of like I'm not going -- although -- -- -- Obama going twenty grand above list. Just doesn't -- not confident after next year that price will be. Higher where we're not paying too much -- I promise saying that restaurant if it's three -- -- your house and they're gonna have to pay 322 day. You have the will to page return they're not quite confident that that's a good deal -- sort of way of what went Freddie to sell in two years it's been two or 320. You know -- to pay such a premium now. What time what they need to be able to watch. Is where those home prices were. Six months prior. A year prior and be able to see if they were at 278. Another hit 300 and -- and be able to see that people were over you know getting over the price essentially that is what's driving a lot of this value. Is that there's multiple people making offers one person's winning have you had a case of three people -- offers. 200000 our house was the exact. Three people offers wondered it's a hundred extra -- a 102 and they have it's a 105. Two wins it got a 105. Tonight that two guys lost and then they go all right. The Nixon comes and that's they way they concede that the console for a 105. The next door neighbor does. My gosh did you see -- 105000. Dollars. So it. Then these two guys will be there ready to pounce on the next house. When he gets its 410. By -- neighbor Tim. Mark and -- on the market watching it and they're still America watching it. And Tim goes into the thinking this is great and didn't 101000 dollars more than what Charlie listed at four. And so and realize how how the design of the market minutes. We went testing. Given -- right -- is how is that I was a market one it's you ratio. Michael overall market the 300 to a foreign Dell's market carry listings and pinning her Kenny Perry total listings come here and well you know you have about you almost. Business -- -- not almost a 1800. But in her ninety homes currently for sale. -- -- between three point about but here's the thing is that this is a huge range talking about. Ten acres of ranch land in Georgetown to Condo in downtown Austin buyers -- totally different so it's a little. It's a little misleading but what happens when you go to these communities. Like named -- subdivisions. Condos. Built kind of stick together and these price points and. There's meanest player to three or 4000 dollar house is that are out of the country that are having a tough time moving. There's plenty of -- Comdex. Enriching three or 4000 dollars that Libya because a little overpriced but when you get into some of these really neighboring communities Avery ranch circle C. Was picked us to destroy what. Those -- really quick. It you have now for almost 450 homes pending in the same category. -- Tough pin it floats but -- take a break -- I want Vermont our callers are numbers three and a thirteen 73 and a thirteen seventy. We look here for me. You're listening to John -- on house talk radio. Good Sunday central Texas. Get ready for the latest real estate and more. Mortgage news. Who else talk radio. Jon shoots. And -- -- Welcome back to how -- radio. You're gonna -- -- We gotta talk about -- There's a recent change to what we're realtors. -- past oh you're -- us. -- strikeouts but in her -- well. I don't wanna (%expletive) off a real turn on the subject some what you say which if he took a but. It's got it's it's a kind of a big deal and so the decision as. Debt and these when you put Alyssa and MLS. Eight gets pushed out which -- here it gets sent out -- syndicated. Two other website so it's not just an Austin were realtors MLS it's pushed out there can be called -- out to. Zillow and Trulia and homes are common some other sites after the and there also were realtors. For several reasons has to have has decided issue. Stop syndicating this data. With most of specifically so it's not repression announce the date is going to be an Austin last Jackson sector real two or through Austin home search dot com. -- the public sites of they're not taking away from the public completely. They just don't want it on the east third party sites because. -- summarize here but they. You wanna say some euros that are gonna act there I think you're saying incorrectly and it hurt. It is not that the Austin what -- realtors does not want this information August 3 sites. They want. List hub which is the -- is this kind of middlemen. Who tech tool technology. -- to do a better job conveying. Accurate data Erica thanks so it's not a a more vs Trulia and zillow and everybody else out there it is actually a demand. For. Accurate -- Let me -- we've talked about this -- past and there's it's because it's far reaching -- -- syndicates to. I don't know I really don't know the net and the account but probably. Dozens of web sites and not just Trulia and -- Which does of the big you know those electric company's. You have. Lots of companies out there there's -- there's actually are scaring scam artists on one extreme to scam artists that are. Streaking people's listings in posting on these web sites posing as as realtors. Un monitored by list -- or these other shell sites and misrepresenting. The data I actually had a little listing is couple weeks ago of where there's a wonderful. Properties that we manage three -- -- rented and a river trying to re and it and a lady called me screening infuriated. Saying. I've just been scanned or this is -- -- agencies -- took my money. -- Where you send money Nigeria said that they're missionaries and you were managing their property. Is crazy lady -- first off. Coop who you've got this Garmin is the real lives you -- -- saw it who occasionally scheme -- by this I doubt it helped me and what happened actually. So I had a -- happened elsewhere. So the Nigerian. Person was who's posed as the owner had said that this was being managed by us which had all our information on it. But they were the ones that were collecting payment. And if this person was interested that they needed to go through them as convoluted and completely fell for it but. To page. Then directly in it to pay a 200 out -- she wire transfer the money to a Nigerian based Carol. Ultimately. Day. Lost running the Nigerian. Never email these couple again and the couple calls me going where's the money. -- -- Some and that's kind of an extreme example but of what can happen when this data rates is released out there this is where it usually Larry at -- -- -- but at that much but. That is one extreme for the most part where consumers are misled is when you do go to -- Trulia and zillow in the -- number of the what's its list hub does direct you to. You'll find -- that were sold six months ago currently for sale. You'll find homes with the incorrect listing data on -- if that -- price reduction it doesn't reflect current price reduction. Homes that have been withdrawn. You also have home sellers that are trying to sell their homes and they just post our house is on there. For. Ridiculous amounts of money or half strange request when it comes to selling a home and it also is misleading that. This is this is a real -- based listing and not a force them by order listing. I see a lot of those and I have my clients go why is showing us this was this is what's great -- they're looking at it like this isn't even. So a real debate that's a lot of confusion and sounds like what what. One of the issues it's a big we have been -- the -- I see this house in your call you and -- it's really not there is reluctant leader or this that doesn't solo act. Write her a good price has changed in hasn't -- it's updated. In the MLS it's updated on our sponsors our common it's not a bit on the site got a late rally this so little anymore now. I got an email from -- tub. On and this doesn't have a very offer insurance as a direct result from the tapping granite on the seventeenth sort of twentieth it's like -- the Winston Thursday. And it said. -- -- your receiving this email due to a correction that was made on year. 1015 on October 15 online traffic report and zillow experienced a technical issue with their traffic metrics -- inflated the number of property pages that were reported. Well. I don't know if this is a technical issue of this is just the -- zillow does it -- -- trillion deficit. And there's just not but it could stop gap that -- that these companies. In force to prevent. -- try to control the data. So here's well here's where we go big picture. And this is where it opened up the phone lines to get someone. Do you give me a position on it and I really I really don't have a position. But what's -- what's happened -- right now what's happening is that if a bore holes. -- realtors pulls this list of agreement. That means that the general public. Will not be able to go to these major major web sites to find homes for sale. And the general public is there have become go find -- real sure what you're out of state. And you were looking at relocating here how are you gonna follow you even know Austin where realtors. How do you find -- agent tidy front -- an inflation. Well it's going to be it's it's gonna become more control and if your home seller out there. How would do you think you want your home to be displayed two's meaning of such as possible you what your -- to market your property. To as many eyeballs as possible. So that -- -- you king -- pastor for more money. It's going to be it's gonna striking a -- with our nerve with many. Organizations out there aren't we have a scar where -- 39013. Seven intranet thirteen cents for an opinion about just. It's it's you know I think it's a good and bad thing I think that what we're gonna see is. Somebody I -- -- -- are just too big of companies to not. Come back. And be a power player and just ran off the market -- topples the marks the nation and all of a sudden. We're just kicking up to the largest. You know data aggregators out there of of real state. Lessons and -- it. My take on it it's really about -- it's about integrity that data. Which which. Leads the integrity that agents that are that are have access that data error an out. Sharing of data and other words. If if a consumer client wanted to buy a house calls a realtor they should have the best the most updated data out there. And it shouldn't be addition -- a lot of us. I don't know if that's right or not I mean your check is this you know it it you know imagine. You know it's just not it's losing a little bit order. Because you have these multiple places where the data is kept and it's not also formed it's it's an and I think in truth and fairness Trulia and zillow. From what I've read about this they really try -- you described it. And it sure did they don't have six month old list but it's not actually until let's let's -- and sometimes announced sometimes -- agents. They don't mind that listing sing along -- is that might be getting more phone calls for. Sometimes it happens but the other than that the but it gives you some of these sites don't mind and stay on -- either diesel because what they're they're lead generators -- on notice. There zillow doesn't really want you well -- on -- back after I don't wanna say though let me extra -- -- some of these companies don't really want -- call. The listing agent who put the listing out there -- Joy you -- property. They want the data they want on their website. If they want the Bard to click. More information on that website so that they will then. Go through that web site. So they can resell the information back to another agent who's paid them to buy these leads so instead of them going you who knows the most about property it's your realistic. It's going through another agent who's paid to get your lead. Let me ask you this question record connecting to help the little hole eight that was not explain. How so zillow. And truly are a publicly traded companies right they sell something so what it would they -- Not selling house's. They're selling. Advertising. And who buys that advertising the consumer doesn't. I don't combine the real interest. So that there's been a little bit of backlash also in the real -- community. But they're being written about how they're only there have been rightly. This -- as a realtor that -- -- with a lot of money to have blown off but realtors make sure we have good technology in that it took to publish and market listings. Now. We're having to buyback. That listing and it and the results the deadly -- a couple of listings for these big companies. With such a true Angel looks to do our. It's an interesting. Essentially topic -- a -- -- I think it'll play -- it now this doesn't start are going to -- April 30 2014 so. We'll see how that of a bit to get it -- in -- that's what I -- down now. -- -- So are gonna talk about -- I had to -- this week knew they were buying a property and -- and short. And the reason the appraisal came in short. Was because this is an older part of town -- kind of saint John's north of north of new I think it's a matter -- -- and it's kind of -- an area that's really. -- productivity or their right and doubt that this house had a giant oak tree giant tree. Karadzic and think. And what are -- learning how to mesh repair his Muni just means old right that would hurt as well the protected. And in that regard when you talk about old trees and it's helpful as you know you can I think it was a protected treat -- is a big big to -- it if you -- down -- street. There are some other little -- this particular house and giant tree and it it was cut commitments. The folks buying a house love and that love oak tree and and the price of the house was. Affected by doctor mean that you're doing more money to have the enormity of actually so there so they get to what happens is in critical from the lower debt and the reason as. The appraisers looking at data and it must go let's go back to our with the -- the appraisers going okay SE ten houses are. Let's narrow down a fire houses there were some of -- canceled the last six months. It and they have -- -- trees for a half -- this will be very like. Trees or would -- large train but it it did that dead tree it yeah and you write the comments sometimes it'll say bit. In this case and other compare -- didn't happen. These did this big of an oak tree. So what does that what so -- the -- the point what is -- treat due to a value of house that's what I was kind of curious about two or had to kind of defend the appraiser a little bit. It and comes cooperative the fact that there is no way to compound this because there's no weather and less than their house with a big oak tree collective souls. For the same price. You're comparing its house so there what are -- 400000. There other houses sold for 380s so. It appears that this oak tree is worth of the buyer at least Islamic values -- -- about twenty -- -- gonna pay extra twenty and that's that's roughly the -- members report says that. I sort of a sort of some searches on especially -- of the study. A very detailed study done about -- and contributory values treason residential property in Austin, Texas who wrote -- and there -- -- -- clay. The Maggio had several several contributors there are several this is like. University Texans pieces are some of their you know and a third term papers and down but they did a lot of that did a lot of -- looked at over 600 sales. And enforce the certain cameras around town in HMO up and they said interestingly. -- the average. Cost -- average value that trees add to a lot purses allowed no trees with about 21000 dollars. This kind of matchup. -- finishing at. -- out of the judges I mean -- really got this yet so with perhaps even handedness. Of course. I used to be of horticulture -- your -- and don't buy the house to treat and Africa die no such thing. I do say that that's that's that's part of what is interesting about this what does that tree dies in and I that's getters to point. Idea say to folks is that a lot of. Places around town and not every -- have a tree in -- yard or when you buy in some never had special new construction. They removed a lot of the trees to the house is there or literally -- reasons -- to rid them the number one thing you can do you. When you buy a house. And you've got nothing in your backyard. Is to test is to test immediately start growing trees. You -- and you want to buy the biggest trees you can afford. On day one. You know when it got by region network Fredette today. -- it. There are some organization town. Where -- with ACL looks like that where if you came to dislocation and their there's this organization that partnered up with some tree company in your industry tree. And they connect free treat is going to be to be talk. In a little -- pot. It's a take back twenty years to grow maybe ten of its reached a long time that a lot can happen you made it would be in a house for three. By the biggest. The a big tree -- If you go under a monorail tree. That stance twenty feet tall. Has a canopy. Ten feet wide. Just cost 350 bucks. It's already three and a half year old tree for -- tree I was just looking it up just common answer. A -- -- But I think that that has value what you did to trees in the yard. It can really transform and not to mention -- -- enjoy -- shade. -- -- -- I can see you're looking online and register just to validate is my pricing cracked. Well and we've got to take one last -- for the news show we do have another five minutes to look to talk to do is call. We're at 3013. 73 and 170. Read this real estate and they will be. Is Sunday this is. Real state this is tough talk radio. It was to John cutesy and -- Douglas. 51239013. Seventy we do thank you for tune -- and this afternoon on it actually gorgeous gorgeous. Today. John we are at the bitter end unfortunately. Of our real state. Talk sharp this is given you something that I -- well that things must come to an end. Although getting it done and what do you reporting quote. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Always looking out it was quotes and I rarely. Ever. Repeatedly quotes. You know I do -- Budget -- -- -- quote. I wouldn't know. Where. I tell you what I think is the next market. I was gonna pick a market if I had that to say in two years. What is the next where should I have been bought where should -- have moved where should I be investing. Where is that are you saying -- -- outlook what part of Austin go to cinema article part of central Texas in short order. I'm thinking about them making -- a moving in next few years and then it's like to go back in time. Where that. Question the decision today that for free is no question -- -- -- where is that. And this is to be a personal. Thing. You know the downtown Loveland downtown I'd love Austin a lot of it has to be with Austin. But I would be at dripping springs. Really your call I call it I think and it just from just straight value lies. We're sitting on in dripping springs that's roughly 2000. Dripping springs resident so -- There's 30000 deliver in dripping springs yeah I think you know in state. The court to -- -- two dozen folks. Let that bush remarks on -- but would you -- and hours in which the construction of a -- change happens in the traffic's horrible out there. And I out -- -- -- now what do I I'd I would be there right now but I evening I'm trying to go up through that obvious who's done they'll go out. That's lasted a John all right all right they instituted in. John. My new website is Douglas residential dot com. Can -- to check out there house talk radio. You cannot continue to discussion sinister questions comments. Tells you -- trees. -- I think we'll be diet that I erratic myself.

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