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Oct 20, 2013|

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Good afternoon in -- listening to living wealthy radio -- every Sunday at noon here on talk radio thirteen 70 AM. Streaming live concerts insanity dot com us. I am Teresa -- in helping you -- little well here. Resources are available for you living well the radio. Dot com. A few weeks ago I asked my listeners what it would take for you to feel as if you've achieved. Truly achieved greatness. Would it be a more successful. Lucrative career. More wealth creation for you and your -- -- losing weight getting in shape feeling better about yourself your body. I yourself esteem. Art do you not want to feel great necessarily -- achieved true brain aspect. Just improve where you -- in life. Well -- now -- come along bestselling author entrepreneur greatness coach returns to living multi radio today. To share more about her life mission. To help individuals. Teens organizations. Revealed their great mass. And she does best and has done this by setting successful people and recreating the status. They have to achieve their results. She's taken this vision and is traveling around the world with her family to learn and share her findings with -- today. -- how cool is that you aren't literally going around the world with your husband. Your two kids. And just having people and chairing. What you do so well. Yep that's what we're doing. -- the talent and that it can greatly. Been on the road now Kyrgyz government about six weeks. And the lead. We've got an amazing amount of people like me and penetration of unique. Perspective if we came across unbelievable hospitality and and really our kids -- -- you know what it's just been amazing their eyes have been open sort of speech. What what do you think they've learned so far Mike what 23 key things have happened aren't. Well you know did you think I think I think that the price of the most is that I don't even know kids are. Did different times and they have a language barrier that they got that same week you're lucky enough to be invited into the home of the planet via. You know members in. El Salvador that we after the event they're you know without their hospitality was incredible. That's entrepreneurs organization mine which is in our organization. From. Entrepreneurs that have the TS certain love ball in their business in order to. Participate in the NB a member of the grand. Outside speak to them and they're kicking it out aren't they added extra dinner in Munich at their home and -- -- -- very different from -- Roman -- My -- very dedicated to the fact that they had. In their entryway they had to. Well what I call the Hulk and -- I -- big kind of garden fountain I would open to that guy. And so the rain would come down to little reining in would come down the chains and other things and -- down the drain but this is beautiful lush. Can haven't had a little emotional. And everywhere that you really unique home. And yet when our kids you know friendly kind of felt that in every letter to play. They are just saying however that you know Hezbollah ever wanted to and it would think you know exactly the same. And so they anywhere has -- from home and -- -- didn't get the -- you know they can't find BitTorrent incorporated parent talking and they want to go outside and play. And I definitely didn't show. I think that is starting to notice -- that you know people appear to be very different camped down at what -- -- ultimately -- And what about for you and I you probably. I know when I travel and I mean people on different cultures. Deep down we -- want the same thing don't play. Yes we wanna you don't feed our kids didn't have populations. Let people be laughed pretty much. That (%expletive) And obviously that come in different forms in different packages at the end of today human beings are fairly uncomplicated. Bunch. And you know even -- -- into the poorer countries that we've been on this trip. And -- are obviously people trying to sell things all over the place and different it but orderly account structured different and we're used to at home and found. I can really get happy people are. Are selling and what they're telling her if she can't think they're trying to. You know they're just trying to do what we're trying to do trying to put food on the table and traditional route from their -- -- And maybe the way that the regulator the tactics that they do better than predicting that there are telling America you know we're interested in but ultimately yet. They're just trying to do the -- -- area trying to get. There are certain universal. Truths principles. -- -- -- better true here and they you know in United States and sent America South America and the world right. Any of those any of those specific principles are truths that Beverly. Been highlighted it in your adventure. The thing that I find fascinating when I get my talks around the world is this notion. Managing distressed. So you know we get a good laugh -- never actually but I everybody has stressed. And and I give my funny little wheel -- thing and I offer to take a shift away from Calabria who put in my group. Clinton what's the real yeah he did. Well I can't predict economic means I you know -- -- And it sits -- and I should be able to put it in the -- -- so. Template and later -- massacred in a wheelbarrow. I had operated pay it we'll just bring your if you had so much that you get into your home and how do you make -- -- little bit stunned. And you know they can't obviously give it to me. I'm so don't start discussing it let Teradata Chileans -- well. Because -- -- on the scale of the energy chairman put it might be other early in my -- the other girl -- it would take all here now under way from me. And when they really nice but it's not necessarily -- -- rather it nominal and patient which is technically a bird. Which has been me frozen in time -- week so that we can contemplate what it yeah. I think realistically stress and not actually know that to -- her sister -- that something you had -- do a stress response. It's something you do something you have. Yeah actually it can hurt your doing. It is doing stretches Fontana. And -- that's the case in the conversation very different -- that are coming in and around. You know. Complaining that you have -- Accenture. Answer that you had an extra. And then getting Kentucky -- don't worry you know look at those guys -- don't worry -- don't know -- don't worry actually trying to Monday. Are you -- that are really you can't. I'm doing -- stressed that they had to keep doing doing doing it over and over again. And the response by determined in your immediate going to be able to already keep doing it it's not Russian Trisha. And an actress power back into it -- -- you -- -- And so. I -- parakeet secret technique can in being able to hold your instructor -- so you can't be able to recognize your children. Usually get recognized -- -- stress response. Trinity North American safe to say you're pretty much in a stress response most of the -- Most of the -- -- intentions. Some form even it's minor character or not. But it is they're not in the opposite of the trousers -- so they're further -- -- And the way to fix that is something we've all around and we were kids. And -- the same everywhere in the world it doesn't make a difference at all. Basically. Let me ask you -- actually tell you -- you straight up and you'll notice that he's -- an answer you were hit in Europe that you had a grandmother grandfather somebody -- would -- -- They would tell you just stop and it'll look deeper. I deeper and it kind of council ten. So they're aware of them anyway thank you for not failing me because I was making quite a contreras. This wisdom is the same everywhere I go in the world that I mean everywhere from the top of the globe. -- -- Canada to the bottom of the in Australia. I eat less. In the Middle East and Europe in America Central America and everywhere I've been in Africa and everywhere I'm going into this thing. So grandmother told you to take a deeper. Between you need to do -- perhaps not just -- deep threat with your diaphragm. And -- delegate count to ten. And don't you -- take a breath. Inhale and exhale pretend -- that would be Aaron -- count on the inside count on him. And so wonderful -- cycle OK 102. And one minute. -- would be expressed cycle. And if you really pretty much any book I'm reading the anchor of enlightenment or. -- management Polynesia where you'll notice that the way to halt any -- -- just a pretty sick for a minute. And BLE greeting. For one minute. And so we acknowledge and her kids how to manage our own responsive and -- choices they've just forgotten who's in charge transit. And so universally everybody got to piggy -- -- ten and if you -- excellent and the -- spot and he -- for ten -- in a -- Straight. You actually switch from the stress response to the other response to the parent content addiction and to the rest and I guess. -- apple. Creativity and access to all of your faculties. So this is the same everywhere in the world. And I kinda fascinating because -- -- different obviously different people experience different events different Lee and different stress level. But for the most part to remedy is saying. So again it doesn't matter what's going on at -- you already have a incited you to make your choices and furniture and carriers document. So you know that's -- That's very calm and so. In El Salvador and Mexico and Australia and China and everywhere in the world somewhere before the the scientists in the researchers and the doctors figured out how this works we knew it. That if we took deep breaths we can't control our stress. Yeah and we can put ourselves in a better state indifferent about her state we can -- make better choices. And it can be better life. What yeah -- it's it's so it sounds so simple yet itself rebounds. Because you forgot because of the incident grandmother. Right. Who remembers to listen to their grandmother. And so. I did -- I did terrible around the world reminding people. What. Ticket and then. They and you can't get it later they had -- you know we Irish occasion today. Security there is no try. And they have -- telling people are just showing that. Even though. They think. Make over that they tried and failed that's done it's now. And the question is how badly do you monitor you're willing to do you never gotten there to have you'd never -- So. That is ultimately you know what's also good image pretty much the design of the human beings and saint -- -- -- We want to think was me. Try and fail or trying to see that we attempts to get it. And then you know human -- and I can't you can't some one like about him and adopt. And that's it and -- -- also -- same everywhere in the world you can every group or you can ever vote. But I'm gonna guess that the results are satisfied. Even that there even is really -- -- and I and believe we have heard some great -- Still at the end of the day most people would rather have presumption -- and why they don't have problems. So here in this country. Well overall -- you know you US Canada. There is the percentage of the population. That seeks I believe seeks -- -- And there's a percentage of the population that are really into it and proving -- state improving their life and proving themselves. -- with that percentage betrayal and other countries. Well look for a candidate that what I know human beings are ultimately the same regardless of what it is they block they weren't complete. Regardless of whether they know. Contacts if you will -- intellectually. Grounded my demeanor changed or not. They still have to particularly in the same way and I really good example and it probably -- an illustrious show the -- learning how to unlock. The human beings here at saint. Human beings everywhere on the planet or neurological creatures. And so their father machinery is exactly the -- sure. In Mexico. Human being might look different and in Canada or in China or India but. I -- it didn't work at the same -- like a car. You know all the cars are different colors and somebody teach but on the inside. Combustion engine combustion engine. There are a lot of contractual -- So desire is what. -- propelled a human being change. And then. That change must take place at the neurological level must take place. In from the -- coached to the body parts so that they can move around. And do everything -- get what they want so that never change it doesn't matter where you -- -- -- matter if you read self help books or you don't. Desire -- change. And usually. Early situation really human being can change your pain. And unfortunately. Most people prefer to be motivated by any pain not prefer consciously just that's how the condition. Burton Burton being led by they're great because they don't trust. That they're being. Led. You know that they can trust themselves to most people really don't. Capitulate to big change in my life until they have to. In Central America and in Mexico as we know there's a lot of poverty. Our the individuals that you connect when do they come from this kind of the you know that that the poverty -- they. Typically -- -- rich people. Bomb do you see any connection between bear -- all economic. Status in that country as compared to the United States turn Canada. Yeah I do however you have to sort out who's been burned provision who's actually created. Until that does change things that. What I know is that if you are able to move. -- in the process. Getting something that you want change and very available to repeat actually a bit -- -- lift yourself out of country. Because you used the same process again and again and again that's another thing Cameron in poverty. Necessarily. On that note and not the attention we need to be mindful. Of -- happy that people on the planet earned some of the -- country -- And I would say that inner peace and happiness and things like that are. Hard to combined for ten people in affluent countries so it doesn't necessarily go hand in hand it not better then or worsen. But it can tell you that if someone is in poverty and they don't watch TV. And they need to learn skills can manifest what they want and that's the difference -- you have to you have to first. -- have a problem before you're gonna incentives so that and you can't always do that because somebody had threatened that they had a problem. -- they -- And it may be more likely but it's not a given. Her happy people on -- find it quite a lot of satisfaction in their lives in regard to conditions standing. So what I do know is that -- human being how the problem that will seek a solution. You know you you make such great points there is that. Story of you know the very wealthy. Retired. Gentleman who is looking. You know on and in some little town. And then somewhere in the world and seizes fishermen who appears report just you know outside the dock fishing. Right and it's. He approaches a man and says hey you know Latin canal I got an opportunity for years you know would you like -- You know expand your business has -- extend your life and you know maybe -- parents travel and you know and do whatever. Com you know maybe we could do something went -- with you know the fishing and you're dying and -- -- examined says you know this is exactly what I wanna be dying. Why are you -- and he says 'cause I'm Molly you've got south. Is that funny. Give it everything it can have different. It's kind of different. -- -- After he can't assume and so I'm. You know they had not editing it is it not for me to judge when -- the problem however as someone to have a problem. So they say it clear that they have a problem and you -- I've talked to you about distracting. Is when you have a problem and you want a solid and I can -- yes well that's added. That is what I do but you've got a problem for the way that no motivation to work. Well I've got. I've got to have a problem that I recognize is a problem and I want to change -- circumstances or want to change our problem I -- solve my problem. How he got you have to be you have to wanted to teach you can't even let. You can't even do it at least somewhat. -- you know I argued example grange hawkish. Because. People have a lot of opinions or honest I have known I have no opinion about it because it's. Quite frankly you can't jungle where the other so whatever it is what it is like trail on the detractors but to be a 105 o'clock to -- a dangerous for. So you can't tell me one way or another that you can't. You can't say that if somebody company into I want to quit smoking get hit a problem for me that it's a done deal they'll quit smoking. But they come here and I wanna quit smoking in the motivation because my mother lucky German has been -- German. Why aren't we do they don't have the motivation is not because they want to look at someone else or to -- -- there but they don't have the problem ever a problem. So if you're. -- don't have your own problem. You can call it what -- I -- penthouse and so it -- it -- Peter let people up there trying to fix a broken world. And I'm not saying you shouldn't do what you believe -- but don't assume that just because you could have broken and everything broke -- necessarily grant. Well we're going to take a quick break this is Teresa can living multi radio if what you're looking foreign your life is to be -- How do you plan to achieve that's XX. The answer is really right in front of you and you don't wanna go away with will be back in just a few minutes -- Gina Martin. Has joined us to talk about success greatness. And her journey around the world machines aren't. Recently in the thing on your radio you're right that's. Welcome to call us yeah. Welcome you Rio -- Teresa com. Welcome back we are talking with bestselling author entrepreneur greatness coach Gina -- come along today. You know has made it her life mission to help others. Achieve success through a proven system which she's spent years studying. Study successful people on sorting through the clues they've left on their path to six -- To create a pathway for others to follow now she is traveling around the world with her family has been to kids. And -- sharing what she's flirting with her followers. Let's let's find out how you can rate ran the barriers to success. So Regina it is. October and I'm you know on my business in my life right now I'm thinking about -- the end of this year. And what I need to do to gear down for the year I have a really successful year not just professionally but personally. That the goals that I set out for myself and dumb also preparing for 2014. What. Shots of wiz down -- you have regarding. What. What we should be thinking about what we should be doing at this time a year. Well you know didn't entertain facts and interest in Canadian Thanksgiving and can't actually can -- things didn't. So. Under the weight of gratitude crashing through that country and then you know overcoming an American and it kept getting. That. Thanksgiving creepy the end of the year looks like. It's almost like we should be thankful and grateful for what we had a reflect upon her last year inserted. Cultivate that attitude. Attitude of gratitude. Incoming into the kingdom of the year and I always say -- people and that's a good time to clean everything out and I don't just mean you're caught it could mean. Until -- he'd been holding onto that. All of negative emotions have been going on to of that resentment toward whenever it's a good time because you wouldn't want to start here. In the cleanup stayed -- possible. That means a lot of people do Clinton in the new year. To kick lend out what went in the way and we got in the -- here are saying that the -- is coming -- brutally take care of her emotional. I didn't spiritual body has been coming here as well so it's a wanting to think about it you know. One attitude to look toward everything -- you reflect on the year it is what you have to be grateful for and if you look for that he will. Set in motion your focus. Can be programmed -- looking for more and more public working for you. I met with a client today his last name happens to be -- saying. And we've not tackled how what a great name -- And and she's got the most amazing beautiful spirit and to so great -- painful and all our conversations. And you know I mention that -- Harris Janelle how cool is it to have the last in a blessing because you're always reminded. If your classic. And anybody. -- -- see she agreed she -- -- -- that was a name that she took time and she totally agreed and and she's just a beautiful spirit. And she blessed me greatly in my conversation with her today but it's. You know you've taken on. I think the -- a car -- with your family going around the world seeking gratitude you're the gratitude seekers right that's that's a little the -- for your -- -- -- yeah yeah and how do you see other people -- seek. Gratitude or or be grateful. I mean I don't really pay attention to other people are doing it's more like what are we noticing. That. And -- you know when we sit together eat a meal together really reflect on what we're grateful for cash and done it's amazing to watch my kids. You know be grateful for the color of the water. -- -- Or grateful for the great -- of the new people or whatever it is it's really amazing and and you know sometimes it's kind of overwhelming because isolating -- secret for a target to pick one. And so I don't know it seemed like a good way to clean out all crack and it's definitely a focus shifter there's no question. Let me start to focus on what you're thankful for he stopped worrying about what's petty. And what's not working for you can tell it's an interesting I it's an interesting exercise in focus adjustment -- -- well. And you made me -- having your talking about your client Indian blessing gonna have a friend a very different. Many here and on -- particularly -- Should've kept saying you know -- -- and Labrador in my life -- -- -- -- it is common for people to think that. As they need to get something outside of them -- and -- You know. 1 morning she was walking with her husband and hatred young young daughter and her daughter a little time. And she beat writer friend of mine made manner and just walking Czech hockey -- -- young daughter and they're just walking the beaches. Trotted out and done. The -- of the going by the the trial marathon to go through it started that this city and the permanent really struggling. You know walking. Crying really struggling in the course and my friend is quite an enthusiastic person you very confident understood want to help him and urged. Started him cheering on the let me go there you can you ensure that kind of walking that tighter and it kind of walking along with her. And then you know and the woman didn't have it coming out of her. Trunk and paying attention to nurture the cheering. And then she -- kind of shuttle. I think if you've got to know I'll run you know trying to attract an apple already. We kids as she she got I think you can go around the corner at this woman. You know she started kind of struggling with her running with -- she -- He's kind of run another marathon. With this line and they're coming towards the finish line. And didn't they don't have I don't realize that I just run the majority of the -- America and copy in my hand and task. And get tough opponent you know get to the next hole kind of thing and she does not really considering that I have a number. -- -- currently running -- -- finish line which congress and a conducted by hearing you know you're going -- -- it -- -- in the. And the women cannot thank you so much has ever been able to do it. They exchange here and paying and military and I am sure -- -- -- -- -- And I think -- And by the trying to run pretty much like you know -- -- content to -- -- I was shocked at what had come from her willingness to give. Right went exactly ninety obviously -- A bit of a metaphor but it was exactly she had been searching for it to have been literally right in front of a change. And the way that she got access to it was by giving up service somehow to others like I. I just helping them. You know in the moment. Adoration and planned it wasn't like Sheikh signed up to do that. Charity -- You know she didn't -- too many hitters that they actually she made it happen in the moment and she did so quickly and that are ordered the very -- looking for. Because I find fascinating. So. We have one of -- -- count my friend and my kids and anybody -- election. It just go BW RJR and I thought -- -- but you don't have to have a formal. You know. A formal. Weeklong trip planned to go down this school it. Nicaragua. To make a difference. You can talk to the person sitting next -- in the pool and help them somehow given -- information. Give -- can't. Government joke. Who now. -- no idea what kind of impact you're making for people but I can tell -- that when you're being who you are authentically. The chances are gonna get access to the hurting me -- looking for and so that's stereo it warmed me that ten year because you know she. -- -- -- shocking you do what I did the first competitor but a lot of golf. What what an amazing and they -- deputy she came across. I don't know what can and should do anything. And managing it kind of -- a -- because that woman but it -- exactly she needs to be doing. 88. Took my breath away and it and I know sometimes because it's such a great story and and I I don't blame coincidences I think it's got rain at Scott communicating to us. Through people through circumstances. At all times. So -- is -- for the end of the year what what is is that. I get I'm big and forgiveness. I I don't know how well I forget that I'm big about forgiveness and focusing on forgiving others I just had this conversation with my son yesterday. So forgive -- Is it going back over the year and looking at you know who we need to forgive or what issues we've got that we need to let go out -- -- taking inventory. What is that preparation for the end of the year did you know. Look like. Well first -- all. All forget -- that -- it costs so no longer if you're having trouble forgiving someone in the -- really didn't execute. In terms of letting go of -- yourself. I'm and you and I have talked about protectionist prediction I felt. So what we. Are unable to proceed in herself to project on to others so that we can truly content. That's an interactive and cannot do I get it and earlier in the cold light switch and dedicated to that concept but it also. Forgive -- to self forgiveness and everyone were interacting with really we're seeing through the -- of ourselves. Then you can understand how -- in the -- forget that could there's really no one else forget. I -- it's -- little bit there to set and -- yeah so yeah in the Bible god talks about forgiveness is really or apps. Right we're doing in this war asked not for the other person. -- -- in not just for us. So. You'll find reference to letting. They neighbor at myself for example. All our. I enemy. Great and and you -- outside of the biblical references. Goodyear are particularly as -- -- that I did learn tolerance. From the intolerant. Kinda. From the -- and these teachers that should not be ungrateful. You if you recognize that all human beings have a call. Components if you will in fact it -- human being. Intermediate hole in another -- And therefore you can experience anything that you don't hold that same. Potential. Or could they express and I hit. You know because. I mean I went made this statement in a crowded room and only took offense to that thing I have are violent and totally against and I dare you to get that I have any violent. I had -- And I said I'm not suggesting that you -- I'm just suggesting that all human beings have the potential for acting. I -- definitely getting tank and I like fighting against it and so pretty against it. -- first -- and different and got it after quickly added what you would do it -- -- like for child. She had access to that. A lot of -- and so that a silent. Should definitely -- -- -- -- drilling because I'm pretty sure that anybody who's doing violent have a justification for whatever it is and I think -- it or condone it. And I'm just saying that the capacity is that. -- like that and I don't ever know like to admit that they can be anything that they see. But the reality is that if you can't let it go at it then you are -- subject to the power it has over here. I let them live. And other ancient wisdom. It is it should be able to actually you really are at an attachment. To it being -- rare and other. So if you could look in the eyes of each person that you meet and acknowledged there light. And forget any other shortcomings. As you would forgive yourself. Then move that would be ideally be treated. That most people have the hardest time for giving themselves. But that's an advocate for the person who had a hard time forgiving themselves actually has the hardest time forgetting Sarah. -- They're way out if you well it through forgiveness. And it can be gotten you can you can it can be done and had gotten. The other person they can forgive someone so far whatever they did -- But if you truly let it go -- you'll feel industry giving yourself because -- finally give it up. And yourself you'll give up. That you. Feeling are hurt or help them crooked. But we're here to learn some lessons. Children -- -- feel better and I'm still not a better and -- when you when you truly -- someone else it will it will literally she can be a problem whatever you want change they will change this situation will change it will be -- -- -- And that's when you know it's done. You have to be willing to love yourself and -- to do that and most people don't know how to do that and so it didn't think coming here to reflect on. -- what does it mean -- that you should just let it go. Can you Politico in the Q can you -- we have will power. We had -- well. What did you eat your will power to hold open your heart when you wanted to code in order to protect yourself enjoy yourself -- from being connected. What do you -- your will power for that instead of four or whatever ridiculous pursuit you're trying to prevent yourself from eating. For example. That standoff that -- cultivating our real power around. I think we don't -- will turn keeping her heart open when our protective instincts refine -- to quote. -- closure of the very thing that will separate you from killing connected until it's the opposite of what we should be doing. But it takes will power to keep an open heart when did you feel. -- I made new friends in the last week. Actually it was someone who was referred to me actually by two different people and when we connected it was it was very interest sang we made. I've been fantastic connection and a very very long conversation and this person. Has had a very interesting life not always a very nice person. Hand. It's doesn't himself. And the things that made him not so nice and in a book they wrote. And he will be a future -- -- on the radio but one of the really interesting lessons. He's -- Was when he exposed himself. Completely and totally as authentically as he kind. It filtered out. People that. He really didn't wanna have anything to do it anymore. -- so what came from -- one of the things I think have come from last is that he's more authentic certainly. And the people that he attracts are more authentic. But -- Hispanic -- -- and so I wouldn't say I got that new purple Latin American inherited great purple hat. It can't be any other way that's the only entity. And so -- talk about. Will power to allow ourselves to be more open more authentic in this age of technology. Right there's there's I think. New. -- muscular skeletal. Issues coming up with the way that people are. You know using technology in their founder ipads right with their knack of their lower there at their upper back. We're closing ourselves more and more. And our own little space on little Bobble. And really the more. Authentic we can become and that the technology away and it's exposed who we really car. That's really I think -- going to make better and deeper connections. Right it's not your having 8000 friends and faced back. Now now oh I will say that uses. Using this technology is actually -- change the way we've traveled because you know I'm real problem. As you mentioned earlier. But I also have a FaceBook page. We can have a lot of followers from the book in the time yeah woo whenever great stride post you know -- Picture of where there weren't speaking to Iraq. And I posted we ridiculous issue weeks ago. And somebody who I met at a conference saw the post and responded with just the little that information about the city where he dollar machine didn't. And that she. Furthermore are you know I -- -- -- you wouldn't think going to a conference she says that he can be another message. The symbolic and thirty seconds. You know what I'm going to be at the conference so we wanted to let you my driver that can take -- during her reluctant to actually. With a cast and it. And immaculate watched and that I never thought oh my god it was a good feeling for -- even maybe tomorrow and she didn't realize how close they were saying George work. Threw it out for lunch and had a beautiful Mexican much. And then she -- -- driver crew treated me to get to the tried to resolve the remaining sites. And because I put that -- -- could Wear -- flag. And that and that it could actually provide. And the bridge to the connection. So it can be boat ready I don't send your attention. And what you're hitting it's far I don't necessarily use -- to withdraw I you to reach out. But it it makes you vulnerable and exposed let me ask you said that it could be you know people know where I have an irregular. And but then it also leads to that really brought about that in our gratitude -- like two days. Because it. You know not only eat it up money that we are beautiful car than you know -- -- contracted electorate all the uncertainty that go to tax credit -- can't. So. That all comes from the intention. And and so again there's nobody that's right Iran he comes out of your intentions are you intending -- are -- intending to make the world a better place. Pretending to take away erratic or taking -- way. And I can't promise you that any kind of ancient cat you'll be added back you have virtual. Oh yeah it's amazing how that works. It is so amazing you cannot out give god you can not run outs give god. French and then let's let's let's talk about -- saying if you recognize the god that is the opinion that can quickly you're giving leadership are. It -- so you have no. Finite. Amount you did you need to give true. -- Mechanism. Already individuality that is your body that issue. But that's not who you are it's just secure the expression in that format. It -- a lot and you recognize that you are. Extracting that that. -- -- -- one minister regarding this if you are you -- and spiritual expression coveted you're an actor who you're like a radio station that some say. And the frequency that all that possible are all around it literally. And the question to which frequency or you can tune into and bring down to the planet shall we can experience. It's like we're all went a little radio boom boxes. And we bring in frequency and that is the frequency that -- you in the figured Meehan how odd. And we can bring anyone -- you to bring what are we gonna bring to the planet ever gonna bring that beautiful music or get a pretty horrible cranky sound. When remembering. Antitrust -- made the commitment to bring -- the most critical that we could bring down. Possibly. And the world leader different. So if we can do that. You know with the more authentic we've become the more we for give. The more wins are great fall the more we focus on what we do have. Did better station -- the better music. Were able to. Project out through our radio station. Got -- brilliant. I love those that you had a. -- Basically by the time people are listening to this recording it'll be coming on you know Thanksgiving in comparison to lunch. They're -- all you know I failed in her even and in the date Asia inherited the day that you don't want to. You know I was I would just speaking at a -- We have to go an integrator and a -- talking -- we are going to already. In Vancouver and I doubt to speech you know that the president very very close friend of mine and I didn't say much but what I did say where they found at all. Scandinavian wisdom. Not like -- you know how much of -- -- -- and I -- never seen before and it said you know attacking them but what it means to be married and and how it's practiced that you know one day. But he does not pitched into the lifelong commitment for less money going you don't feel like it and to let someone even though we don't let yourself and -- old Scandinavian rhythm was. Loved me when I need immediate help wrap me when I did survey released because that's what I needed to -- And you know that's sort of contradictory to the way that the program to operating pilot program to operate she did something this. But that's what I was saying to them -- if you've lived by that paradigm of letting the other person in the desert site. That they need it the most you have a strong strong marriage in -- election. Wonderful words of wisdom and I was going to close with another clip that you got online bet I will save -- far are no -- -- tired. Her yes for another time Gina share with -- asks are your. Web sites. OK I am. Gina. Marla cone GI NN EI MO -- I feel any dot com. Or. That great this group dot com. It is premature to -- to cheer RD GA has since couldn't get my company I can I mean I think due tomorrow some. -- do we -- -- it which I travel blog called guy that you seekers after the lunch and thank you didn't look at the writing on the. Okay now we will post all of these web sites along wind the the recording of this show on the living multi radio dot com website. Again thank you so much for joining us next month we will be back on the air together I'm not sure exactly where are going to be I don't know where you're going to do. But that's that makes this so interesting and exciting. And any any last words it was semi on a share. Now you know unless you went by -- that quote I can't elect people to they would get a -- make it a lot. Now well will leave the other wants the money you've. We do repeater reflect. Let me what I did there at least because that's gonna need -- the most. Beautiful. Beautiful wild. Travel safe godspeed and Kelly -- next month. Thank you are being Katrina had a great yes. This presentation is for educational and informational purposes only. President does not consider your particular financial objectives or situation and does not make personalized recommendations this material is not intended to replace the advice of qualified tax advisor or legal counsel or other professional game should not use the information in place a little personal consultation regarding your specific situation needs prior to taking any action based on this information. Info provided is reliable but we do not guarantee its accuracy timeliness or completeness.