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Let's Get Healthy with Bill Swail, 03/11

Mar 11, 2017|

Co-hosted by Dr. Richard Massey and Meridian Grace, Naturopath. Guests include Danielle Capalino, MSPH, RD, author of "Healthy Gut, Flat Stomach: The Fast and Easy Low-FODMAP Diet Plan"; Dr. Cheryl Burdette, ND, on Xymogen's XymoBolX and how it can help to preserve and build lean muscle mass.

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It's now time for let's get healthy with bills well and talk thirteen seventy yankees taking your calls live at 512643. Life that's 5126435483. And now here's mills whale. And we our lives we are paying. We're yes. We don't. Intel are leading up and do all the stress and in the world today. It was somehow we shall. There may we would do very well last week you should know nothing I can do something I don't and and oh yeah hot hot hot I'm gonna realize that you know. I we look created there mad dash. As too embarrassed to call you know women went and natural doctor get sick you know kind of bigger and you can do it. You took some really good to see you can be isn't it really health forum for those who really grace. His partner in life him a good partner you have there I think so. They won't talk about this is show us an elegant and I wouldn't combined Don't Ask Don't Tell you yeah. And we did a lot with the lindros and we were sick. Enough nonchalant. When Danielle you're are you with us in unison. I'm Lydia don't we bridges we do. At least not yet let's go out what you're going to bury it today and I'm. I know prematurely got the metro they don't listen mostly they're just so Brenda catheters north and so. So well on the European mess I'm assuming that's a masters in its public. Yep Putin's yet certain that things would spend. On top and they come they and he came up with their bull in the. The abbreviation there's another school and you had a yeah. Add another case that's what you gonna do some relations I can think somebody warm and a when my mission my initials bill sway all his BS or got to watch them. Yeah yeah. BS in pharmacy. And so. Uniformity sort of I guess. Grandfather new crew of a pharmacist by the way there's no. Right. So let's meet our estimate junior and got some time. At a motel and actually bend but but to come back act. If you don't believe that you know you can. Which valuable. Who totally knows they're on. You to boost the of this book healthy good flat stomach no. I'm now about a book just from the title and a half. Or. So is in the this is slowed up on them. I think I'd maps to find it. I didn't allow people look at to think about that however they want if they wanna talk about it. Yeah you're nice you can pronouncement you where you would do to him and so I meet. Almost an almost say Todd now the sets I think one OK if you want to look like we may only if clearly had a consensus here. But eyewitness account that show who should know we will we that was a lot of investors in the so. Clearly you know having a conversation. With the intestinal tract seems to be hit challenged these days so it's good to see anybody come out with something that helps us in this conversation. So what would you say about he's given us an overview so in answer to Daniel. I am sure that all the low side mapped I was actually able. Developed in Australia but doctors and dietitians nativity unique in that. Actually very well researched. The room and shown to be clinically effective for treating the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. And so it really help we did symptoms like I have blood. Pay me in altered bowel movements things that are extremely common that people thought a lot of atop them out. But the way that works is if Scott maps which are. You know the terrible acronym that doesn't really tell you anything about the good but I'll conclude that we can go into this little bit more action after the ouster of men double food. Not determined kid defeated but instrument to bomb meaning that bacteria. Like to eat that. And bacteria like to eat these foods and it could happen to be poorly and I just dead. Because they have a lot of firebird because the size of the molecules Spanish. Deep bacteria. And searched and chilling down on the is not map food and producing gas as a bypass act which can't. Lead to to have all of these kind of on the cover terrible hole and then I think symptoms. So in the book what they do is like I didn't drill. An elimination I had to take out all of these possible high but massive food. And then hopefully you're feeling better after having eliminated them. I guide you through casting your tolerance and each of the different categories. That you could figure out which of the foods are bothering you in the first. Logistics where you know and do so expensive we used to counsel food. I was thrown out. Exactly who cannot it cannot. It's not a big undertaking there it's you know it's the you have to detached stated that Matt home so instead of knowing until. A doctor or not and you know having to sit there for a few hours to have black because. Can times I'm saying about in the drink after the call I went. Oh yeah. Yeah. That's nice and cool well let's say it's not what you have to song which you needed to table the social seconds before it has nothing and just I don't know a million. Of this ten seconds like if your second helping is being used and you need to think about. They go back day that's really signing of the that candidate you're standing up and. Well I. Really doesn't ethnic and it's. More than a million. So numb. Toes fructose lactose all these affront to tweet and app garlic these things they're from rentable. All right so these these are preserved for hunting things like that are formidable. Lead us Nokia Siemens we Gemma laundry list of them here. And I think it's important to note that so he was. Polio was polio was probably right oh yeah Orioles were understood to his original Ali's artificial tree and I think yeah. The they could now cost O'Connell the compound called yeah it can cause problems Al caution comes from. Yeah I exactly. I think that is. One big thing that people don't necessarily realize that and if anyone got out and got a bag of sugar free candy they may have had to be very unpleasant at. Yeah hope what it feels like afterward there's some pretty and I'm malaria has. That he is Don I'm allowed if you look up like sugar free and got me there there's some banks at. They're they're pretty funny I'll let you of them haven't experienced no picnic you were really sex but. Whether you know there's chocolate bar. Call moaned fruit. A hand themselves over how. To cheat. Two to actually different so. I'm not sure about that particular product may have other (%expletive) out about added. It into this been done often. That's a problem you know the Dow does because I just college disaster pants didn't. And there was alcohol sugars can be really rough the. Yeah I'd like you don't get editing tertiary era is so. You know hello good bad back avoiding shaker and a negotiator training and running into the back. I thought about it I thought. And that they have these loan money so I can go on my injuries to Thomas with the put an act of people say that they say oh wow that must be kind of good maybe a preserved or something right there right to preserve me. And then they are there so her going to tell but usually it's if she can't pronounce and you thought you stay away from that time. Yeah that the pretty good rule I agree with that pressure but one let all sure that is it is it something sugar free age. Look at the lay by and see if it hasn't Sweden has attended so Al. Yeah and they think good and and you are sensitive to share out I'll lend. No and avoid. For the things on your list is avocado. The system through your Goldstone crucial might do us a stone fruit. So avocados. They think they're cute also could cause some problems for people. Yeah and it's easier to pinpoint everyone should that. Laboratory. Has. And my personal the clinical experience do you not agree not very much. So yes and technically acute economic oh and you. They're rushing experiment to see the chemical makeup of the cap but I know he'll find it also contains some Paoli old which are. That seemed category of sugar alcohol. The that. To release the elimination phase of the guy sure if you extended that to them that. It's recommended only have 187 Abbott had out my experience and working with many many people on the is avocado and not a food that most people are very sensitive you. OK good to hear you say about the fermented foods like homemade sour crowd didn't yeah she and things like that. Didn't that there isn't public confusion interment like what's the difference between firm into instrumental ball. Because most people are more familiar the character and at this point because there's a lot I didn't like how Satan popularity around. Our padding can machine that interrogating them. So the difference is. Italy Italian digest of how it's fermented foods. Are great so fermented foods basically me and Kabila term metabolic can't turn it. And I contain bacteria. And maybe problematic bacteria meanings that's living bacteria that give peace settlement helps benefit. Can't slow. The reason that we recommend each and how these tremendous and I'm sure I'll that it still is. Because it gives you good bacteria that have being held the good feel bacteria and you are got this really you know shown to be more and more important for over oh. And specifically also tracked just. Yeah I encourage people should be eating fermented sort of. Sun thank you. And they don't create guess is that Richardson so they're they're safety. I know it depends a little bit of. There's some overlap and then there's the mayor is not come. When you don't overlapping capped a little bit complicated because. Even when you take it should not just cash particularly proud and happy for man down. You don't really having guaranteed. The what you hate that fermented combination and it and it happened to little lab that's going to be low fat lab that's the thing about the that the what is this tricky is at. As a practitioner really rely hand and Beckham got a lot of cannot play. I can just such you know. Put a sticker on it and decide that it smoke try that myself. Weather and also you do was I genetic sometimes. We haven't thought if there's there's so it's hard to do and say well let's ABC in this is and. Yeah imagine there's so many other factors the prices they created the acting to the most common stock maps foods that. Kendrick has problems or people in terms of symptoms are onion ring Carla. And let other people throw that to. And her friend yeah central to my mom I knew it on the ground. So yeah I mean that's really part of this post actually love fatten up top. If you want ideally given an umbrella that so Connie really be called. Obviously help people. At a difficult time suggesting that could. Give me the bacteria just me and they're hard to adapt and then some people. I don't know I don't and in the middle class like Kenny Ryan in vacant cooked this happened some people's. If it's cooked into a god. That kept him from the world stop mattress factory has. To be. The truck cans the component of unease and to think dialect that fire you know such a cows listen to dumb. Are actually it. I'm fat but they're not hat valuable their water soluble okay. So what that means that if you're the king of paparazzi. Without any and that's considered not to mile flat map but if you're cooking oil and then you're moved into the guy. You know you're left with a flavored lay out the without the fact. Certainly learned well I saw something about powder garlic being OK but fresh garlic knot. He's the got the. Yeah I have also read god but it. And fragility it's not the case. For some reason and that and that information. On kill I don't know how are inundated into the backstop and other Stanford hand out. That maybe what do you shop this and I think they know Alexander the Great school but I don't know that interest nation came around he had ordered. Powder garlic I didn't actually. Be more potent. It was a good thing for them is Saturday because like all right now. William got some really good done. And as your question about powdered gonna gas tent that did the are you got home a true mixes all kinds are great mysteries in here. And we show how don't think. And beautiful pictures to hope. They came out he had had a gun to really get feedback on the but it makes it bad editing people. Even people who have looked for books on this particular topic before I look at books I'm a little stopped up and thought other books. I'm coming back to me and now this wow like meteor but critics speaks in a sometimes people just need to hear in a certain boy it. And it stinks and it. It. I think have been able to make it very approachable for people excited that it's very affordable all you have to go by special ingredients I. Sounds. We've got some Tony smoothie recipes in here we have dollars and historically come to Austin. We'll show you we were kind of and not good weather and a familiar menace and social medicine we sell food and pay half and are afraid to LA and love we can so. Let's drummer elements through the peanut butter but ministers the all are easy to make cream we know these relief to have somebody has some some trouble. When intestinal problems. This should do a good thing to do and throw. Stay outside I would I would suggest and I have a meal plan and the buck. When you can block a recipe that's certain things stolen. Click trio went long do you follow me in the last but there are a lot has been a candy Lipton man. I would suggest trying at Stanford to a three week sticky mass that's okay. We just to try and solid as best as you can and sometimes that's really true. Just a simple is realizing that you have a couple every lunch and you also get the stomach ache in the Afghan time. Course sometimes Italian thing Kyl act. Come and better yet common cult brand there opt in that theory. Gentlemen lactose intolerant. Lord addition to happen Holland and yeah by the combination of things that you may be sensitive to who more than one category but. The idea at the end of the ship that I want each of people have to most of buried at the top of the book is mostly sit there really helped it Shaq and the reason to avoid that if you don't. How stale their wanna be able to help you pinpoint which that would have you can just take note than only those foods out. Well so people know. Move the fundamental authority in my piece. Is firm and an acronym for fructose. Lactose trucked to use collecting news. The poly Austin Carol served in Sweden Russia. So that's what does the trick comes from what you're the elimination diet too can we could clearance to what that involves. I'm sure they'll. The elimination diet and it involved taking out power to cadres and food that you just mention. And and to. You're still upload a whiny about there healthy and delicious things keeping each. These take all of those categories and again it's not until it and you can't tell what food in that category of I think I'll not have an influx can't amp. If I could have been yelling you're gonna restaurant I don't front yeah. And I think about it. It is and what's your language from. You can pan candidate can say. You can't even look at the menu and cheek you know if there is. If the food needed to create and Laura admitted how glad. You know you want to ask about certain foods that I didn't think I can. You're dining pressure and you undertake development issues and taking out all of category is. Revlon where that you mention it intact and it. Just try to avoid them a budget he can for a few weeks to three weeks at. Lou and hopefully your feeling better at that point at which and they know they're really try Treo I'm keel after having. You're tolerant to different foods that might think parity is sometimes. Yeah I'm like let me go back to and I had said before about drinking glass of milk or you're testing your time and two it. Could affect potential triggers. And in the end of the day you end up with a really personalized diet plan that works three out. So yeah you actually it might be Palo they have very little about five mapped not realize they can't buy it not happening onion and a. She's well enough so nomination would be pretty easily just tell what you we should know you pick up. And you got a great recipes you're just trying to enjoy recipes. And then you'll be okay. Right. And then checking this book out at me it's just so beautifully done and I appreciate all the hard work that you did to put this together in such an easy to understand and beautifully illustrated grave. Our room you come to Austin move sure appreciation. I would love and you know I have a place to sell your books like the people. That's how we found it and look like you're muhtar this in the storm to come in the you have some problems to some people do today. Are you happy they had a problem you. Tips and. The number that estimate that one and I want to drive one and ten people also auditioned for. Malan was crazy diagnose it duchess of Disco where you're watching TV you see the F from the cat food you get hungry. And I'm no good to change your diet. Doesn't tough diet completely. I hadn't really. So this is easy to do and then dump and we just tried to used to illuminate things you can save money. And mice ever caught those. As such such good rolls and contrast are using O'Connell could grip. The that's when I don't personally I'd probably like no current DeLia OK so he took home soon can yeah. He's got a good all by the way. You can love us. Auto oil and the good oil and it has a higher smoke point. Then an oil like all of boy I hope you know you could be higher temperature has actually been better for the good. When it's safe that's really get all of loyalists to Salam yeah Jack yeah. Well then you you got to comebacks in two. Lashing out you come to Austin will treat you right OK okay and guaranteed. What do you go to the store officially Christian religion guns in the book I am at a computer but it was OK because when you can motor out ordering the if you're not learning experience. You activation. Don't eat at you they are allergic jail. FF FF that's also talk about a specific athlete toxins from your recipients that. I guess individuals for Easter. And then Leo there's been such a pleasure talking to you we could reach people going though. I'm from getting. Signals here that we can land this open than what a great book in the book musical healthy gut. Flat stomach both of them winner by almost don't think yes. Yeah do the opponent of the current title. Okay Daniel you don't give up Q and then you can see how are you kidding you're adding namely gas. Oh yeah. Listing broker who. Can't help it feels whale presented by people's Boston Globe ballistic pharmacy. Slowly back with more cutting edge. Thanks for listings and let's get helping the bills well on top thirteen seven deep breaths you fight peoples' Boston's favor pharmacy. All of our lives. I'm 26 point three lives and that's why once you six point three times already during the the way. Well welcome back to the show folks how could enjoy the show we we try to have ruled he were to cause us some best medicine and seeing that. The best medicine is always humor. Sometimes Easter music what's. I'm sure you do and that's why to. The documentary you recently on. He Korea. That a little island there between Greece and Turkey where people. From among the longest lived on the planet. And on that little island that's one of the things they say. Helps them live longer see maintain his sense of humor me and they and they all live together in big families and they keep their own. Fresh vegetables they can't are isolated from the rest of civilization may have a lot of festivals and parties. Who when they ideologue around a publisher coveted right yeah roundup I didn't see him. Pesticides herbicides or fake food or anything like that in Kathy says seem pretty happy. Welcome no criminal Camaro muscle as bishop pollution that's he's fun to go with. And you see the people not years old outer skirts the issue they've taken into the village and all you people know people they respect all people whom. Yeah yeah you know us as we get older you don't get so much respect. It's a thought that's part of our western culture now she's beautiful and Cristiano canola. Could hook I'm sure British Open doctor for medical facilities and do you agree you get older you know you look older. And hello Cheryl L young men by at all. I'm I thought I love and well a couple of gray haired guy and I've got married now for sheriff that he thought a couple gray hairs might feel a little marks a little more wise. Yeah. I just I just had you must be really wise and doctor as we today. Notre messy and I both agree in our peers we moved to her and I don't editors we we hope that. After darkness from Plano road trip and I want to get you run away because you don't agree I want to talk about and your. Mum before I do own natural health week doctor Cheryl Burnett. Are you very different natural health. And you know do you tomahawks and thus they'll deal predicts a progression in port facilities. Just desert test like that did you can run parks and does. Does that eastern semifinal so I got to start watching some things. Yeah I had a good morning. Most feared that that we are about hair and Georgia had done what he lab bench and integrate want to look at because. Their research talks about it being seventeen times more predictive Burkhardt they'd been cholesterol. And in addition to bat the way you treat an oxidized LDL and glanced. Things like co Q ten something natural nutrient at the heart need to mention though. Not only as a predictor of Medicare that are able I'm formation in terms of treatment trip. Does it. You're absolutely right you can go to someplace like any lab now. And even without a docs shorter you can go and and get an oxidized LDL and figure out. Are you getting the right anti oxidant co Q ten the right level for your heart. The various storm bearing sand. I take up if I turn Arafat about thirty minutes I've read almost all year I delays in which you do all the different ground can which you die until. To get where you are today. Your doctor and throw everything. How are you went to last year a brazen. Act. In 2001. You don't losses have graduated to. He worked in labs from unless we learned about. The fact you don't do not think his columns and I love. Where you can learn to look at and predict and look at the let people. The continued patience lab work can determine. Whether there. They have problems because this is not easy to use them. District. If there is doubly. Yes Kapono got lucky and got a little work with a lot of great people and has certainly picked up things over Beers and and that's also a nice thing about broadband connection and marking on the lab guide. And flat. At the same time I'm getting out on on one with patient also. Really being an immense amounts of data and what's working and what are people feeling better go. Says they asked earlier torture at that I've gotten goofy kind of both sides of things. Who. Well and a million door to the book where have you been he ought to write a book because all this information you have to share. It's a petition with the PLO thanks for having me on the radio show Marian green but I have checked but could liken that six. Yeah. I could see the cool you're cool uncle lose a lot of balls for aircraft and extra bit to go through now. Do you why do will be OLX. Is right John homeowner at our Molex. Let's that's a great product. You DD year and most of the surge Texas period yeah yeah you know what it was she does for breakfast. Some of boom and then that's yeah in the she goes to work out because of you when you work out it's it works real well it looks like he's. I've been a stretch to imagine that flying my morning cocktail for sure ever because. We all understand the importance of exercise for me I mean we know that element of that data and how meaningful it and through maintaining my muscle mass. But that's the first up after you exercise the thing that makes us stronger action peeling those micro chairs are muffled spoke. He got I have the right nutrition to do that enough for the anabolic that those amino last served particularly designed to block drive into the muscle. I'll build you back out he never right into the up mitochondria. The part of the bell and make energy and ATP so. From enhancing exercise compared. Lifting energy act climate to veer really is sort product. Well as you get older too you know you you have sort competing and you know yourself we have so. I don't know thanks to our site you will lose your earlier comment I. This will be this Lucas and you. Yeah how they're great studies in terms of stark Piniella just. Not a lot so we get older and it's interesting that number one Maria and women and up the nursing hounded because. They can't eat you can't go to the bathroom. Just dead and having enough muscle strength to move around. What becomes very important not searched our quality of life that longevity will vote vote for sir. We're in trouble occasionally does your limit later in the show. And one of the things that is so used to about it it allows you to two could you be fastened to Muster and he's doing. The issue sort of thanks to move it to. When you do that no we wouldn't arrest a longer when they fast. I'm Nash you want to know most restaurants. You're extremely well they are what are motionless and without so I'm I'm paid to people like you don't let people think John Airbus so they would put drive anybody. Traditional government. But anyway you look at this so Mario we're starting and that program and warmer stores. And one of the problems is that do you do you learn gain weight when you go and I have this truth it is does. Pretty much I think they simply do you think. So so I think that. People need to know that they need the Christian amino acids which I think this product has been and yes it does. Really healthy helped me and thanks chain athlete. A little sore and we were there. He you can poetic and man helps keep you from being overly younger age. Three bill every building muscle math giving energy and then you mentioned. You know here are some of our best matter planet as well you bought you actually mean being the mean I'll ask this not only could stay strong physically and musculoskeletal. But your brain pair helped you make things like should still remain there not been up front and up enough friends so uplifting may it. Making a scale left the crowd having a good energy age. Keep an apple leaned out I mean that's that's checked a lot of blocker but bank. My roommate does beginning in the fourth decade of life. I'll be best for you run. We sure of course you right now I'm very crazed passionate. Not too late though there's a natural and gradual decline in muscle mass. Coca metabolism. So this should be great for somebody over forty. He's worried about. Muscle mass and keeping the so looking goes and tells you flat bellies and the Clinton. We think well hormone public I'm not so accurate you know hormones begin to drop off and we don't have the same muscle mass or energy direction. Yet again the hormone like the hammer and you still need the mailed to. The hormone won't help you to death to. But the nailed those amino lacquered like Lima politics that they're able to act on and done not only. Multiple math up one trying to connect to Toshiba Canada another type of connective pitchers so. Even keeping us from going to track gangs. We got a houseboat to really get too rainy to gauge. She always does these beautiful things sure sounds good enough we just throw to get an error in the mail. No because I knew that I can get that you know from southeast Texas I contending that they can compete. I think the economy with a hammer and nail you are now I'm. A look like someone would go. Then yeah. That's amazing. Well to do with the real people who attention now because in my life to be sagging. Apparently he's got a Turkey necks and talk about TV united corporate owner of the term Turkey neck and tossed her watch and so these daytime talk show for just a lot to hundred no obviously stuff. I just heard that's I think I heard that and I thought oh my goodness Turkey and the screws with the development. Because you get older and issues you're next Irsay for something more than numbers against them yeah. So this went over that too and. Absolutely happy pill like barrack. He contends underneath your triceps spare on your arm and it's a little. To match up exactly the kind indication that you're not getting enough thirteen not getting enough amino out there and spoke. I think the anabolic and really helps filter out to be minor speech. You performing at a time very. Arab candidates up Howard Phillips really eager to put it in the water I like the strip and I were a lot Shannon surge is really mediators. WZLX Elaine. For Mark Turgeon yeah defend how to have a music and play and where there was an older girls who don't drink it's of an old soul food for thought. So William graces you runway. It's your brain and let Canada as well they when you wrote your book I'll do did you report to him. Their parents couldn't tell a joke you can do so I think. And sympathetic but I. Okay additional jokes and a nutrition jokes. But don't we we use this product Gosling I noticed that it doesn't dissolve grew quickly like some time some some of the published in conjunction. There's all Colombians and so you have to wait destroyed and about thirty seconds and you can stir things like this isn't just near. Term. I think you're I gotta you gotta give it a bigger Serbs turned Serb let. You don't visit her we'll dissolve themselves pretty well looking back on track like yeah. The attorneys contend Finley it is good because if you're like do you have a little hand held. Immersion blender in them just you know hit it without first and only lose to them and it didn't happen I can afford those like you you know. They're not a true. Let them and they great peril millions of things Z thanks Wyatt must ZXY. You know. GO. LAX right and it's an you know we can't Bullock's Nana. Yeah I am on Larry and I was like to capitalize on some insurance. It's a great a great product. And as well as these Muslims in the did you agree Kwon do. Well you're learning about these two so. And not their parents that are just yeah in fact Gloria you're alliances there. I was we love to have you showed I drew well with some with them believe. Do we have our regular band hair yeah. I'm still you have to pay them to be in my shoes and run come out and I thought and prayer card every credit pressure. Its effect is a good telling me it's sort out from it mattered at that you know. You understand but I people who show the written twenty books when Carlos last week was a it was a person shouldn't we know there's your most of my goodness I have taught camera torn masks. And they're pretty consumers to print books but what are someone who likes direct popular children's books me. But it's just a child in my run. But but seriously this is so it takes effort to write books and and they're hard to sell two books aren't selling like these two don't think. Yeah. You have mount will work that we'll have more attention from there to energy or not aren't set bail at 500 surged. Quickening advantage skipped into the muscle gets another shot helped you out sobbed so well. Invitation to return is good and somehow give fuel fulfilling. To imagine our national. Take that with robotics and you use hugest Lou forever probably. And I can't or aren't enough. Well I don't see turn Connecticut when you just saw a picture of years so you have to do it right there yeah. I about this one I would say things. Other matters. Always a pleasure journalism in the union allies clash yeah I agree we can become citizens and. Fact check up. I'm all right heresy is going to be anxious and on our lucrative we'll take breaks will be. Morning getting Intel information is right around the corner you're listening let's get healthy we have bills well on top there and he brought to you by you know. Constance favorite pharmacy we'll be right back. Less than helping rebuild well on top thirteen 78. By people's calls since Abraham. Ellis flies five once you get scored three lots that's 5126435483. Well I haven't. OMI alive we're alive okay. Never go from my house. We have. A caller Milan before you take. I won't mention my lovely guest today he goes to Washington doctor Richard mentioned not looking for him. Well let him and his partner can really gracious lovely thought they don't really lovely actually to a color. Free on the slightest don't. Yes. I I would get called in the air I would year's show all the time and others who like unions can't make. The left capped person that you had acting congress Cheryl mining shale and new England and what would I think what was the name of the product XX YMO. Campaign. The OLX. BOL. And gotten they do you resemble boy. That sounds like in politics you know they're playing on that name in some yen fell. YMO VE LY kind of what you can be OL licks like Bali is. OL act okay and I could probably look at that happened time. Information could I would like king in the morning. Yes it looks like I did Belinda me nose and a Wii heightening and that each check out the web site peoples are acts dot com. And I'm anti I'm. Pick up all the sirens that can actually move it's appreciate it called an official listened back the other way thank you do the right. Though you know the Cheryl much today for sure rolls it yes. So. Where people love to listen to show and a by the way we always felt like Jim Collins and if you missed something. Someplace in the show you looked so we should I just don't want Sonoma we need to make sure people don't just an estimate TV as you got a little. Birds along the bottom of the screen that spells words and things like that so propose we do as a yeah I can tell you destroy your name. Can forget. Maria actually archive these shows and probably about Tuesday you can go to our web site purist and come into the our country can listen to show. And it if you if you miss something. He can do is add to but right now we won't talk about. Especially not when let's just talk about notre. First. Announced it's okay you'll first supply when it remind you that you can find out these announcements and all that and information you need at people's RX dot com this wealth. That I'm coming up in that the north Austin. We have been making alternative health care affordable. And issue many events or interest to dinner with him on the baker Monday march 13 at 7 PM. And then we had Amy Nelson doctor Amy Nelson she's talking about the metabolic syndrome and controlling blood sugar naturally on Monday march 20 at 7 PM. And we have Don Welsh. Is talking about design no interpretation of your bio electric field. And that's Tuesday march 21 to 7 PM. And for those of you her sour people south we have when life is hard to swallow. Combining eastern and western viewpoints on digest of health with Jessica. Manson. And that's Tuesday march 17 also home at 7 PM. And then we have the Lyme Disease support group. It's an ongoing group that meets that time people sat out Saturday march 18 at 11 AM. And then there's some wonderful community events happening. Tied James Jesse James Rutherford. Is doing and talk on the movement therapists and massage therapists at Oak Hill wellness clinic. Thursday march 16. And the Texas that's best 2017. Saturday April 1 9 AM to 6 PM. And Arlene silver on arkan bock. I'm meditation facilitator. At the Oak Hill wellness clinic Thursday and up April 6. So they're gonna be talking about heart fullness meditation the simple way to build happiness and well being true foundation of health for all of us. And good entry through an allergy fast Saturday April 8 and Sunday April 9. 10 PM to 4 PM. So that's that's coming up at the Oak Hill wellness clinic. Think she stumped her listening to all of that and you can find that data that's. If you're interested in anything. At the peoples are axed dot com a fantastic source for all kinds of information. It is Henry and thank you so much fun Simon. And we're gonna talk about something now I hate to call a time it's a way of living. The alien and then in the great philosopher in astonishment when she mentioned that. We knew we go to diet and you kind of offense in the brain these fast doesn't it Alpine in Africa to refinance your brain just this Fries you just doesn't. Pushing her willingness of what they said then if that happens. They become a politician. And chuck and I. Are unique threat to carrier burned impressionist as this has plenty of good fast and that's the key is the guys paths had plenty of them. Can Bruce's key to its yes. Through fear and drug pushers who doesn't today. Ultra gruesome sugar we still are exposed it probably two information. So what's what's the big thing about it because when your body sugar goes after key tones as Iran. We produce these key times. Okay well I mean the bottom line Unionists that. Our hormones. Are brain functions are muscles. All lefty talents and teacher is also have an extraordinary. Gift of reducing inflammation. And as we know because since I think the excessive use of carbohydrates. And the difficulty of that our body hasn't really breaking them down properly using them. We have an unbelievable amount of inflammatory disease plaguing publicly everyone that's in one way or another. And when you go onto the Q did you nick it based diet are slowly start building yourself. Into place for you have marquee tones available to support your brain function and reduce inflammation. Your whole body notices the difference. We start using our own excess fat. As our primary source of energy. And it totally shifts everything because our fuel. Comes from mitochondria. And we can actually make 24. Mitochondria. I ATP molecules and ATP. Instead of four that we kept from carbohydrates 24 quite an enormous amount. A ATP. And it happened that means we have more fuel available. When we are two really eating healthy. IQ Jenny diet trust in each one of us is going to be different. Some people need lots and lots and lots of vegetables. And on simpler forms of protein in the sun do better with eggs or fish others too great with beef and organ meats on news that kind of look at our and test ourselves and see how we feel best. But I'm by including really good quality fats like. Condo or ill and I've. The good olive oil and GM. And grass fed butter. And the cats from healthy animals like. Stocks that are raised naturally duck status amazing I've been loving working with fat. Large from pasture raised pigs all of these things can be amazing. When we add them to our diet. And we just teach remember that we need to do it gently and slowly adding little by little and strengthening our liver and gallbladder during that process that we can break them down effectively. And little by little we'll see that we're using more and marquee talents that are far more affected that producing energy and we start replacing. I'm healthy so low functioning mitochondria with helping Lance. We'll cogan who all two's all absolutely sorry continental doesn't get decline and so it is a palm oil. So we're assists a website people could go on and look at all these fat. You know they are so many I would just Google. Faster Q eugenics diet and he'll find enormous amount of information. On their some folks that are out. I. Ecuador. Could have a beautiful website literally showing. All of the different shafts. And photographing them I am doing a whole video talking you through all the different fats there's a few others that they talk about parent there's things like. I tiger not will that most of us don't know about it time there's been some exotic ones to come in areas where they are like in Ecuador yeah. And it fits a lot of folks the key to Jimmy diet now for everybody benefits a lot of folks it's famous for. Decrease in epilepsy. If you ever watch that old movie with Merrill Streep and Fred Ward call first do no harm. Most of the people in the movie and the camera people all were epileptic who recovered by going on the Peter Jennings diet so it's been. Well known for that. People's is now carrying that product called Quito lo asks. Which if you wanna just do a quick trial and see how you feel. Come in when you haven't had managed to eat and drink them under the Quito OS's and you kind of get to see within about an hour. What are your brain feels like. When it's burning Quito and instead carbohydrates. See if it feels better TF for a lot of people even that first dose of Ki tones. He is a game changer for their brain. And it lets him know to go down that diet path for awhile. At least for this phase of their life. Yeah it's a really wonderful very simple test in that drink is just actually shared key towns. Can beta hydroxy Peter I. In so remote we are thirty seconds left we have thirty seconds left since secrets of the universe are. Bill well I. Wouldn't know that our heels and a half. How do I had a half hearted seconds for a hard bird flu week. We can't leave can we just continue to work as well I don't answer gonna have to tell the Kokomo cleansing action claims Kokomo clues you asked to no interest to. Two twos whose every three members. Can you take that AT&T well it like discount you talked about nobody to help to help you had to. If you are more licensees are so. But this or this powder you just district if you could yes it does. You know he's in pure I know you get to see what you feel like color tone callers to return. And there's blue bonnets and Indian paintbrush is coming out already and we're going to polar bears we all got news so you heard on the show in history. Packet from our last very. Are we got to go and thanks so much. Really if you're welcome great to hear you're back next week may be around when you've got a half a project. And our great weekend. Police say. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy with bills wail on Austin's top thirteen 72 again next week. Saturdays from nine to 10 AM for more cutting edge health news and wellness information from people. Boston's favorite pharmacy.