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Presidential Press Conference, 2/16

Feb 16, 2017|

CBS News White House Correspondent Steven Portnoy anchors our coverage of an often contentious Presidential news conference. Also contributing -- CBS News Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger and Correspondent Steve Dorsey.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

CBS news special report a presidential news conference I'm Steven Portnoy the White House were for the third time this week president trump is expected to take questions from reporters. It's east room event however was rather hastily arranged a late add to the day's schedule it would be the first time the president is set to take questions at a proper White House news conference by himself. Without a foreign leader standing nearby he's had four prior joint news conferences with the leaders of the UK Japan Canada and Israel just yesterday. The last solo news conference by the president was on January 11 the trump tower in New York palace before the inauguration. One announcement we expect the president to make his second choice for labor secretary. Hardee's and Carl's junior CEO Andrew postured dropped out of the running yesterday after several Republicans in the senate said they would not support his nomination. From New York CBS news business analyst Jill Schlesinger joins us Joseph there are reports today the president willing Alexander Acosta a law school dean what do we know about him. Well we know that he's comes from a storied background a former member of the National Labor Relations Board. And pretty awesome resume by the way he went to Harvard Law School he had seen clerks. For judge Samuel Alito when Alito was on the court of appeals for the third circuit. He then went to a white you law firm quote called Kirkland and Ellis up. It's almost feels quite the contrary type of appointee and Custer who was just a businessman. I think this really to show that they wanna have some street cred when they go to the confirmation process and say hey look this guy has real labor relations experience he is more than capable of managing the wealthy Arab. Job seekers wage earners and retirees at the laps. All things that would attend to that helped him with the confirmation process says Alexander Acosta also if confirmed would be the first Hispanic member. Of Donald Trump's cabinet. That this news conference was a bit of a surprise mr. trump only announced that it would be occurring a couple of hours ago as he met with some of his closest allies in congress some Republicans in the house who were first to endorse him first to get on board the trumped trip train. And at that meeting reporters who had covered it asked him. What about these lakers he's been tweeting about today he called them low lives. And mr. trump said we're gonna find the leaguers they're gonna pay a big price for leaking this of course about the controversy involving. As the former national security advisor general Michael Flynn president fired earlier this week then again just yesterday in the east room of the White House. The president blamed the media for the whole episode saying that the press had treated general Flynn very very unfairly. As we speak here at the White House answering these rumors and senior members of the president's. Staff might IC all the Rosa. Taking a seat in the second row and since senior press aides taking their seats in the front rows. As CBS news correspondent Steve Dorsey joins us here in Washington Steve you've been covering. Some development set up on Capitol Hill today and at the president's pick for the Office of Management and Budget. This can yes. Nick. Mill vein he he was just confirmed. Largely along party lines on the senate floor just about. Maybe an hour or a goat though Democrats. Had really been speaking out forcefully against him over any concern. That will especially target Obama care and strip away protections for things like Social Security. Medicare. Medicaid. But that was up fruitless for Democrats and he deed earned confirmation. On the senate floor. With the support of nearly every if not all Republicans in the senate now he's set to be sworn in. By the trumpet administration though no time for that has yet been sent. Nick molding a former south for now soon to be former south Carolina Republican member of the House of Representatives. One of the earlier members of the house freedom caucus. Who posed so much trouble for the former house speaker John Boehner back in 2015. Jason chase for two chairs the house oversight committee. Tweets today that the ball weeny confirmed it OMB is a huge plus calls more than any troop conservative. Who formerly served on the house oversight committee. Mall mania as head of the Office of Management and Budget would. Have oversight over all the regulations across the federal government those things first emanate percolate through the agencies that where they originate but also have to get approval here at the White House and that approval takes place. At the office of management and budget and what the regulations that will be watching to see how the Obama administration asserted trump administration handles. And I involves. Have ruled that the Obama administration did put in place last year and that's a rule regarding overtime protection. What a turn quickly back to CBS news business analyst chills less injured with respect to the NASA we expect the president here to make about his labor secretary. And Ed jail as we see vice president pence entering the room and has rights previously chief of staff. Along with nick mall they needed new confirmed OMB head when I ask you very quickly about what we expect what kind of regulatory changes mr. trump and his new labor secretary might make. Well we already know that there is an order signed about a week and a half ago. Reach the in which the president instructed the Department of Labor to review a rule that we set to go into effect in April. That's called the fiduciary standard which would apply to all retirement accounts this essentially said that you must put the interest save your client before. It interest of you or your company that's gonna come under big scrutiny. Jill Schlesinger are CBS news business analyst entering east room of the White House president drops. This is live coverage from CBS and it was to begin by. Mentioning that. The nominee for secretary of the department. Of labor. Will be missed Alex. Acosta. He has a law degree from Harvard Law School great student. Former clerk for justice Samuel Alito. And that he has had a tremendous career. He's a member and has been a member of the National Labor Relations Board. And has been through the senate can confirmation. Three times confirmed it very very well. And so Alex. Have wished him. The best we just spoke and he's going to be I think you'll be a tremendous. Secretary of labor. And also as you've probably heard just a little while ago Mick mulled any former congressman. Has just been approved two weeks late I have to say that weeks weeks late. Office of Management and Budget. And he will be. I think a fantastic condition. And also engages left as you know we'll always very much involved with the anti trump or as they say never trump. And Paul just left and he's given us is total support. And it's all about unification we unifying. The party and hopefully we're going to be able to unify the country. It's very important to me I've been talking about that for a long time but very very important to me. So one thing Paul singer for being here in for coming up to the office he was. Very strong opponent and now he's a very strong ally. And I appreciate that I think I'll say a few words and they'll take some questions. And I had this time we were we've been negotiating a lot of different transactions to save money and contracts that were terrible. Including airplane contracts or out of control and late terrible just absolutely. Catastrophic in terms of what was happening. And we've done some really good work we're very proud of that. And then right after that you prepare yourselves we'll do some questions unless you have no question says so is upon us. I'm here today to update the American people. On the incredible progress that has been made in the last four weeks since my inauguration we have made incredible progress. I don't think there's ever been a president. Elected in the short period of time has done what we've done. A new Rasmussen poll in fact because the people get it much of the media doesn't. Get it and they actually get it but they don't write it let's put it that way but a new Rasmussen poll just came out just a very short while ago. And it has our approval rating at 55%. And going up to stock market has hit record numbers as you know. And did there has been a tremendous surge of optimism. In the business world which is it to me means something much different than they used to accused of Maine oh that's good now it means that's good for jobs. Very different. Plants and factories are already starting to move back into the United States and big league forward. General Motors so many of my making this presentation directly to the American people. With the media present which is an honor to have you. This morning because many of our nation's. Reporters and folks. Will not tell you the fifth. And will not treat the wonderful people of our country with the respect that they do is there. And I hope going forward we can be a little bit. A little bit different and maybe get along a little bit better if that's possible maybe it's not and that's OK too. Unfortunately much of the media and Washington DC along with New York Los Angeles in particular speaks. Not to the people. But for the special interests. And for those profiting off a very very. Obviously broken system. The press has become. So dishonest. That we don't talk about it we are doing a tremendous. Disservice to the American people tremendous disservice we have to talk about. To find out what's going on because depressed honestly is out of control the level of dishonesty is out of control. I read for president to represent the citizens of our country. I am here to change the broken system. So it serves their families and their communities well. I am talking and and really talking on this very entrenched. Power structure and what we're doing is we're talking about the power structure. We're talking about it's entrench him. As a result. The media is going through what they have to go through. Too often times distort not all the time and some of the media is fantastic I have to say they're honest and it is. That much of it is not the the distortion. And we'll talk about it you'll be able to ask me questions about it. But we're not gonna let it happen because I'm here again. To take my message straight to the people as you know our administration inherited many problems. Across government and across the economy. To be honest. I inherited. A mess to mess. At home and abroad a mess. Jobs are pouring out of the country. See what's going on with all of the companies leaving our country going to Mexico and other places. Low pay low wages. Masks. Instability overseas no matter where you look the Middle East the disaster North Korea. We'll take care of it votes would take care of at all I just one election now and inherited a mess. Beginning on day one our administration went to work. To tackle these. Challenges. One foreign affairs we've already begun enormously productive talks with many foreign leaders much of it you've covered. To move forward towards stability security and peace. In the most troubled regions of the world which there are many. We have had great conversations with the United Kingdom and meetings. Israel Mexico Japan China. And Canada really really productive. Conversations I would say far more productive than you would understand. We've even developed a new council. With Canada to promote women's business leaders and entrepreneurs who are important to me very important to my daughter Monica. I have directed. At defense community headed by. Our great general now secretary Mattis. He's over there now working very hard. To submit a plan for the defeat of vices. A group that celebrates the murder and torture of innocent people. In large sections of the world used to be a small group now it's in large. Sections. Of the world they've spread like cancer. I Asus has spread. Like cancer. Another mess I inherited. And we've imposed new sanctions on the nation of Iran is totally taken advantage of our previous administration. And that the world's top sponsor of terrorism. And we're not gonna stop. Until that problem is properly solved and it's not properly solve now one of the worst agreements and a missing drawn by anybody. I've ordered plans to begin for the massive rebuilding of the united states military. Had great support. From the senate I've had great support from congress generally. We've pursued this rebuilding. In the hopes that we will never have to use this military. And I will tell you. That is my. I would be so happy if we never had to use. But our country will never have had a military like the military. Were about. To build and rebuild. We have the greatest people on earth and our military. But they don't have the right equipment and their equipment is old. I used that I talked about it and every step depleted. Its depleted won't be depleted for long. And I think one of the reasons I'm standing here instead of other people is that. Frankly I talked about we have to have a strong military yet to have strong law enforcement rules. So we do not go. Abroad are in the search of war. We really are searching for peace but it's peace through strength and home. We have begun the monumental task of returning to government back to the people on the scale not seen in many many years. In each of these actions I'm keeping my promises. To the American people these campaign promise of some people are so surprised that we're having strong borders well that's what I've been talking about for. A year and a half strong borders the so surprised though he's having strong border as well that's what I've been talking about. To the press and everybody else. One promise after another after years of politicians. Lying to you. To get elected. I like to the American people and wanted to get elected some of the things I'm doing probably are popular but there are necessary for security and for other reasons. And then coming to Washington and pursuing. Their own interest which is more important to many politicians. I'm here following through on what I pledged to do to a bill. I put it out before the American people got 306. Electoral College votes. I wasn't supposed to get to 22. They said there's no way to get 220 to two hundred thirties impossible. 270 what you need that was laughable. We got 300 music's. Because people came out and voted like they've never seen before so that's the way guns. I guess it was the biggest Electoral College. Win since Ronald Reagan. In other words the media is trying to attack our administration because they know. We are following through. On pledges that we made. And then not happy about it for what memories. And but a lot of people happy about it fact I'll be in Melbourne Florida at 5 o'clock on Saturday. And I heard just heard that the crowds are massive. That would be there. I turn on the TV open the newspapers and see stories of chaos. Chaos. Yet it is the exact opposite. This administration. He's running like a fine tuned machine. Despite the fact. That I can't get my cabinet approved. And there are outstanding people. Like senator Dan Coates who is there one of the most respected men in the sense. He can't get. Approved. How do you not approve him he's been a colleague highly respect. Brilliant guy great guy everybody is waiting proposal. So we have a wonderful. Group of people that's working very hard. That's being. Very much. Misrepresented about and we can't let that. So if the Democrats. Who have what you have to do is look at where they are right now. The only thing they can do is delay. Because they screw things up royally but leave me. Let me list you some of the things we've done and just a short period of time. Just got here. I got you would know cabinet. Again each of these actions is a promise I made to the American people sold over just some of on The Who have a lot happening next week and in the weeks. In the weeks coming. We've withdrawn from the job killing disaster. Noticed for a specific broad issue we're gonna make trade deals but we're gonna have one on one deals bilateral we're gonna have one on one deals. We've directed the elimination. Of regulations. That undermine manufacturing. And called for expedited approval. Of the permits needed. For America. And American infrastructure. And that means plant equipment roads bridges factories. People take 101520. Years to get disapproved refractive ignored for a permit to many many years. And then at the end of the process is spent tens of millions of dollars on nonsense. And at the end of the processing get rejected. And they may be rejected with me but it's gonna be quick rejection. I'm gonna take years but mostly it's going to be an acceptance we want plants built that we want factories built. And we want the jobs. We don't want the job going to other countries. We've imposed a hiring freeze on non essential federal workers. We've imposed a temporary moratorium. On new. Federal regulation. We've issued a game changing new rule. That's raised for each one new regulation. Too old regulations must be eliminated. Make sense. Nobody's ever seen regulations like we have he go to the countries and you look at indices they have and you see let me see regulations. And there are a fraction just a tiny fraction of what we have. And I want regulations because I want safety I want environmental. All environmental. Situations to be taken properly care it's very important to him. But you don't need. Four or five or six regulations to take care of the same thing. We've stood up for the men and women of law enforcement. Directing federal agencies to ensure they are protected. From crimes. Of violence. We've directed the creation of a task force for reducing violent crime in America including. The horrendous situation. Take a look at Chicago and others. Taking place right now in our inner cities. Horrible. We've ordered the department of homeland security and justice to coordinate and plan to destroy criminal cartels coming into the United States with drugs. We're becoming a drug infested nation. Drugs are becoming cheaper than candy bars. We're not gonna let it happen any longer. We've undertaken the most substantial border security measures in a generation. To keep our nation and our tax dollars safe. And are now on the process of beginning to build a promised wall on the southern border met with. General now secretary Kelly. Yesterday. And we're starting that process. And the wall is going to be. A great wall. And it's going to be awhile negotiated by me prices gonna come down just like it has on everything else I've negotiated for the government. And we haven't been able all the work's gonna have a war like to have now which is either nonexistent or joke. We've ordered a crackdown on Sanctuary Cities that refuse to comply with federal law. That harbor criminal aliens and we've ordered an end to the policy of catch and release on the border no more release. No matter we are release. We've begun a nationwide effort to remove criminal aliens gang members. Drug dealers and others who pose a threat. To public safety we are saving American lives every single day. Court system has now made it easy for us. In or even created new office. In Homeland Security. Dedicated to the forgotten American victims. Of illegal. Immigrant. Violence which there are many. We've taken decisive action to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of our country. No parts are necessary and constitutional actions were blocked by judges in my opinion incorrect. And unsafe ruling. Our administration is working night and day. To keep you safe. Including reporters said. And is vigorously defending this lawful order. I will not back down from defending our country got elected on defense of our country. I keep my campaign promises. And our citizens will. Be very happy when they see the result they already are I can tell you that. Extreme betting will be put in place that are already is in place in many places to check we had to go quicker than. We thought because of the bad decision we receive from me. Circuit that has been overturned. Had a record number. I've heard 80% I find that hard to believe that just a number I heard that there overturned 80% of the time I think that circuit is. That circuit is in chaos and that's circuit is frankly in turmoil. But we are appealing that and we are going further. We're issuing a new executive action next week. That will comprehensively. Protect. Our country so will be going along the one path. And hopefully winning that at the same time we will be issuing a new and very comprehensive. Order to protect our people and that'll be done some time. Next week toward the beginning or middle to latest power. We've also taken steps to begin construction of the Keystone Pipeline. And decode access pipelines thousands and thousands Georgia ups. And put new buy American measures in place to require American steel for American pipelines. In other words they build a pipeline in this country. And we use the powers of government to make that pipeline happened. We want them to use. American. Steel. And they're willing to do that but nobody ever asked before I came along. Even disorder was drawn and they didn't say that and I'm reading the order of say why are we using American steel. And they sit that's a good idea it would put it and. To drain the swamp of corruption in Washington DC. I've started by imposing a five year lobbying ban on White House officials. In his lifetime ban on lobbying. For a foreign government. We've begun preparing to repeal and replace Obama aka. Obama care is a disaster for talks to desist. You can sail on the care I mean they they fill up our rallies with. People that you wonder how they get there but. Not the Republican people that are representatives are represented. So we've begun preparing to repeal and replace obamacare and our deepest. In the midst of negotiations. On a very historic. Tax reform. To bring our jobs back to bring jobs back to this country badly. Torre happening. Basically. I've also worked to install a cabinet over the delays and obstruction. A senate Democrats you've seen what they've done over the last. Long number of years that will be one of the great cabinets ever assembled in American history. You look at Rex Tillerson. Set they're negotiating right now. General Mattis I mentioned before general Kelley. We have great great people make is with us now we have great people. Among their responsibilities. Will be ending the bleeding. Of jobs from our country. And negotiating. Fair trade deals. For ARRIS it is now look fair trade. A free fair. If a country is taking advantage of us can let that happen anymore. Every country takes advantage of us almost. I may be able to find a couple. They don't but for the most part that would be a very tough job for meted. Jobs have already started listeners since my election Ford announced it will abandon its plans to build a new factory in Mexico. And will instead invest 700 million dollars in Michigan. Creating many many (%expletive) Fiat Chrysler announced it will invest one billion dollars in Ohio and Michigan creating 2002 American jabs you with me. A week ago in you hear General Motors likewise committed to a best. Billions of dollars. In its American manufacturing operations. Keeping many jobs here that we're going to leave inviting get elected believe me they would of left. And these jobs these things at him announcing would never compare. Intel just announced that it will move ahead with a new plant in Arizona that. Probably was never going to move ahead. And that will result in at least 101000 American jobs. Wal-Mart announced it will create 101000 jobs in the United States just this year because of our. Our various plans and issues. They'll be many many more many of these are few that would name. Other countries have been taken advantage of us. For decades decades and decades and decades talks. And what not to let that happen and I can. One more thing I have kept my promise to the American people. By nominating a justice of the United States Supreme Court. She age neo Gore's speech. Who is from my list of one. And it will be a true defender of our laws and their constitution. Highly respected. Should get the votes with the Democrats remain at CNET. Get there one way or the other. But he should get there the old fashioned way. And he should get those votes. This last month has represented an unprecedented degree of action on behalf of the great citizens in our country. Again saying it has never been a presidency. That's done so much in such a short period of time. And we haven't even started the big war that starts early next week. Some very big things are gonna be announced next week. So we're just getting started we will be giving a speech as I said in Melbourne Florida. And try PMI hope to see is there. And with that I just say god bless America and let's take some questions. Mara Mara go ahead. You were cut off pretty violently that I last news conference. Mike Flynn is a fine person. And I asked for his resignation. He respectfully game that. He is a man who. There is a certain amount of information given to vice president pence as witnessed today. And I was not happy with the way that information was given. And he. Didn't have to do that because what he did. Was it wrong what he did in terms of the information. He saw what was wrong was the way that other people including yourselves. In this room we're given that information. Chris that was classified information was given illegally that's the real problem. And you know you could talk what you want about Russia. Which is all up you know fake news. Fabricated deal to try and make up for the loss of the Democrats and the plus press plays right into it. Fact I saw a couple of the people that was supposedly involved with all this that they know nothing about that they weren't in Russia they never made a phone call to Russia they've never received a phone call. It's all thickness. So fake news. The nice thing is I see it starting to chair where people are now looking at the illegal. All right I think it's very important the illegal. Giving out classified. Information. It was Anna and let me just say it was given out like so much I give you an example. I called. As you know Mexico. It was a very. Very confidential classified call but I called Mexico. An ankle in Mexico figured let's and spoke to the president of Mexico had a good call. All of sudden it's out the for the world to see. What's the secret. Supposed to be. Either confidential or classified in that case same thing with Australia. All of a sudden people are. Finding out exactly what took place the same thing happened. With respect to general. Let everybody says this as saying. The first thing I thought when I heard about is how does the press get this information that's classified. Had they do look. You know why because it's an illegal process and the press should be ashamed of themselves but more importantly the people they gave out the information to the press. Should be ashamed of themselves really issue yes go ahead. Because when I looked at the information. I said I don't think he did anything wrong and that you did something right he is coming into office he looked at the information. He said. That's fine as with the supposed to do this supposed to be here you can just call Russia he called and and spoke to both ways. I think it was thirty some odd countries. So job you know he was just doing his job. That thing is he didn't tell our vice president. Properly and that he said he didn't remember. So by the way it was and very satisfactory to me. And I have. Somebody that I think will be outstanding for the position. That also helps I think in the make it in my decision but. He didn't. Tell. The vice president of the United States. The facts and then. He didn't remember and it just wasn't acceptable to me it's. Clear victory here you're under him. Anyone who heard team community members of the Russian government Iraqi intelligent he's so that he. True feeling that your time sort of big long front. Insurance. And it would is very much discredited as you know. It will it's a joke and the people mentioned this story I noticed they were on television today saying they never even spoke to Russia. They weren't even apart really admitted there was such a minor part they hadn't spoken to them. I think the one person I don't think I've ever spoken to him I don't think I've ever met him. And he actually said he was a very low level member of I think it committee for a short period of time. I don't think I government as possible that I walked into room and he was sitting there but I don't think ever matter. I didn't talk to ever. And he thought it was a joke. The other person said he never spoke to Russia never received a call look at his phone records etc. etc. And the other person people knew that he represented various countries but I don't think he represented Russia. But knew that he represented various countries that's what he does it mean people know that. It's missed a metaphor whose by the way who's by the way respected man he's a respected man. But I think he represented the Ukraine Ukraine government somebody. But everybody people know everybody's. So to speak any and he said that he has absolutely. Nothing to do it never has with Russia. He said that very forcefully assert his statement he said he very forcefully most of the papers don't print it because that's not good for this dollars. So the three people that they talked about. All totally denies it and I can tell you speak for myself. I don't nothing in Russia. I have no loans in Russia. I don't have any deals in Russian. President Putin called me up very nicely to congratulate me on the winner of the election. He then called me up extremely nicely to congratulate me on the inauguration which was terrific. But so did many other league is almost all of the leaders from almost all of the country so that seeks at. Russia is fake news rush it this is fake news put out by the media the real news is the fact that. People probably from the Obama administration because they're there because we have our new people going in place right now as you know. Mike Pompeo is is now taken control. Of the CA. James call me an FBI. Dan Coats is waiting to be approved I mean he is a senator and highly respected one. And he still waiting to be approved but our new people are going in and just while you erratic as you mentioned this Wall Street Journal the story today. That was almost as disgraceful as the failing New York Times historians. And it talked about. He's a front page. So Director of National Intelligence just put out acting. A statement any suggestion. That the United States intelligence community this is just given to us is withholding information. And not providing the best possible intelligence. To the president and his national security team. Is not true. So. They took this front page story out of the Wall Street Journal top. And they just wrote the story that's not true and I'll tell you something I'll I'll be honest. Because I sort of enjoy this back and forth and I guess I have all my life but I've never seen more dishonest media then frankly the political media I thought the financial media was much better. Much more honest. But. I will say that. I never get phone calls from the media had they write a story like that the procedure without asking me or how do they write a story. In the New York Times put it on the front page. That was like this story they wrote about the women. In the front page big massive story. And it was nasty. And then they called they said we haven't said that we'd like mr. trump. They called up my office we like mr. trump we deficit that. And it was totally they totally misrepresented. Those very wonderful women. Have to tell you totally misrepresented. I should give us a retraction. They never gave us retraction and frankly I then went on to other things. Okay. Let. One thing that hurt today they didn't like what are. Three or three years. My world Barack Obama got 360. We'll. And particularly. 400 points today. When he won and friends why Americans when I was so I was given that information. I was just giving him very very big margin in plus Americans you. Then for me it was made her provide information we'll have a I was given that it. Wish I was just trying to actually guessing that information. But it was a very substantial victory do you agree with that. OK thank you I it's yes. General plan. When you go wrong with the mind. What evidence which way the US and transcripts of these telephone users like the tools to promote. It he was community. When did you break turned the wrong president Nestor said a couple of locations weren't going to aggressively pursued. The source of the late. If we act what you're going to do and also for review intelligence community and it by Stephen Feinberg looking forward. What about that we now have Dan Coats hopefully soon. Mike Pompeo and James call me and therein position. So I hope that will be able to straighten that out without using anybody else than Germany mentions a very talented and very successful man. And he's offered his services and you know it's something we may take advantage of but I don't think we'll meet that. At all because of the fact that you know I think that we're going to be at the straight and had very easily and it's as far as. The general's concerned when I first heard about it. I said hot that doesn't sound room my council came. Don again white Haskins and he told me and I asked him and he can speak very well for himself he said he doesn't think. Anything is. Wrong don't really didn't think. Was really what happened after that but he didn't think anything was done wrong I didn't either because I waited a period of time and I started to think about it sit well I don't see. To me used in the jet the information was provided by. Who I don't know Sally Yates. And I was a little surprised because. I said doesn't sound like he did anything wrong there. But he did something wrong with respect to the vice president. And I thought that was not acceptable as far as as far as the actual. Making the call fact I've watched various programs and have read various articles. Where he was just doing his job I was very normal Unifirst everybody got excited because they thought he did something wrong after they thought about it. It turned out he was just doing is to sell and I I do and by the way with all of that being said I do think he's a fine man yes. But this car. Not sure what we do what they accuse him twice today yes little inner Paris they're parishioners but aren't you all of the folks from Georgia and various agencies and where I've actually yeah. Called the Justice Department to look into the leaks as a criminal leaks. They put out by people either in agencies. I think you'll see it stopping because now we have our people you know again we don't have people and because we can't get him approved by the senate we just had. Jeff Sessions approved. Injustice as an example. So. We are looking into that very seriously to criminal act. You know what I say what I what I do is called out on Mexico I was shocked. And all this equipment to all this incredible phone equipment when I was called out. On Mexico. I was honestly I was really really surprised. But I said you know it doesn't make sense that won't happen. But that wasn't that important to call most fine I could showed to the world that he could show to the world the president who's a very fine man by the way. Same thing. With a Australia. It's terrible that was sleep but it wasn't gonna put the Spanish cinema so what happens when I'm dealing with the problem of North Korea. What happens when I'm dealing with the problems. In the Middle East. Are you folks can be reported all of that very very. Confidential information very important very you know I mean at the highest level he gonna be reporting about that too. So I don't want classified information. Getting out to the public and in a way that was almost a test. So I'm dealing with. Mexico I'm dealing with Argentina. We were dealing on this case with Mike Flynt well this information gets put into the Washington Post. He gets put into the New York Times. I'm saying what's gonna happen when I'm dealing in the Middle East what's gonna happen when I'm dealing with a really really important subjects like North Korean. We got to step it that's why it's a criminal penalties. Yes John. We're. Music to nobody. He had any with the rough and campaign. And all over the news. Is big news. We'll release a real you the one that wrote about him and reported him into the leaks are real you know what they say that you saw. And leaks are absolutely real to the news is fake. Because so much of the news is takes you one thing that I felt it was very important to do and I hope we can correct it. This is nobody I have more respect former may be but then reporters and good reporters it's very important to me. Especially in this position it's very important. I don't mind bad stories. I I can handle a bad story better than anybody. As long as it's true and you know over of course of time I'll make mistakes and you're right. Deadly animal K with. But I'm not okay win it is fake I mean I watch CNN so much anger and hatred. And just hate it I don't watch it anymore because it's very good he's saying now so pitch him. It's okay accumulated chance but. I watch others to you know at the ailment what's it offer. But I think it should be straight I think it should be I think would be frankly more interest I know how could everybody ratings are right now but I think that actually be. I think that actually be better. People every you have a lower approval rate in congress I think that's right. I don't Peters that one right casino I think they have a lower I heard lower than congress but. Honestly the public would appreciated I'd appreciate it again I don't mind bad stories when it's true. But we have. And administration. With the Democrats are making it very difficult. I think we're setting a record close to a record in the time of approval of the cabinet I mean the numbers are crazy when I'm looking some movement of approved immediately I'm going forever and I still have a lot of people who were waiting for. And that's all they're doing is delaying. And you look at Schumer in the mess that he's got them there. And they have nothing go the only thing they can do is delay in you know I think it be better served by. You know approving and making sure that they're happy and everybody's glued. And sometimes I mean I know President Obama lost three of four and you lose them on the way and that's okay that's fine but. I think and I think there would be much better served John if they just went through the process quickly this is pure delay tactics. And they say it and everybody understands it ya go ahead. You went nobody I have to do it. Gosh I told you. I have no deals. I have noted that now when WikiLeaks which I had nothing to do it. Comes out and happens to give then not giving classified information. They're giving stuff what was said at an office about Hillary cheating on the debates which by the way nobody mentions nobody mentions that Hillary. Received. The questions to the debates. Can you imagine serious. Can you imagine if I received the questions. It would be. The electric chair. Can he shoot people. In the elect you would even call for the re institution of the death penalty okay. Maybe not huge yes will be in action talking. My. Excuse me. Fine because of what he said to Mike Pence very simple. Mike was doing his job he was calling countries and his counterparts. So what certainly would have been OK with me he did it. I wouldn't directed him to do would have I thought he wasn't doing it. I didn't direct him but I would have directed him because that's his job. And it came out that way and it often and as I watched. Doctor. Charles Krauthammer the other night saying. He was doing his job. And I agreed with him and since then I've watched many other people say that no and director but I would have directed him if he didn't okay Jim. And here's. Follow the question of the players are. Well we might normally do it. You do about the people you ratings aren't as good as some of the other people that way. Okay good job. Yes sir. You said earlier that that we keep these rules and reviewing information. About the. During the election cycle. Welcome back everyone I was a careless and use it well it's. The campaign press conference you you've called on Russians to. Find missing 30000. Emails I'm wondering sir if you bush is actually missing 33 and then that got extended. With that whole pile of awful to not know what I did say thirty but it was actually I'm asked to answer it sounds as though you do not have. Much credibility here when it comes to leaking if that is something that you heard OK and again to their question ready I ask you know nobody who led me to wonder if I ask you might want Yasser. I'm so. In one case you're talking about highly classified information. In the other case you're talking about John Podesta saying bad things about the bush I will say this John Podesta said that about me and he was working for me I would've fired himself as you had what is. He said terrible things about it. But it wasn't classified information. But what Casey talking replacement regardless if you look at the RNC we had a very strong at my suggestion and give writes great credit for. At my suggestion. Is they know something about this world. I said I won a very strong defensive. Mechanisms. I don't wanna be hacked. And we did that and you have seen that they tried to hackers and they failed. The DNC. Did not do that. And if they did that they could not have been hacked. But they were hacked and terrible things came in and you know the only thing that I do think his own shares some of the things were so they were. When I heard some of those things nice I picked up the papers and exported so there's going to be front page was an even in the papers. Again if I had that happen to me. It would be the biggest story in the history of publishing looked ahead of newspapers I would have been the headline and every newspaper. I mean think of it. They gave her the question to a debate and she and she showed a reporter herself. Why didn't Hillary Clinton announce that I'm sorry. But I have been given the questions to a debate or town hall. And I feel that. It's inappropriate. And I wanna turn and CNN for not doing a good yeah. Follow up on that it just something that Jonathan Karl was asked you about you said that the leaks are real but the news is fake I guess I don't understand. It seems that there's a disconnect there if the information coming from those leaks is real that how in the stories you know giving putting his thing and I look at what I just wanna get in order to. This kid isn't. The public isn't you know they read newspapers or see television they watch. They don't know if it's true or false. Because then that involved I'm involved have been involved with the stuff for my life. What I'm involved. So I know when you're telling the truth or when you're not. I just see many many untruthful things in a total Ceci icy tone you know the we're tone. The tone is such hatred. I'm really not a bad person luckily no but the tone is such I do get good ratings yet to admit that the tone. Is such hatred. I watched this morning a couple of them net and I have to say FOX & Friends in the morning. They're very honorable people they're very not because it good because they hit me also when. I do something. But they have the most honest morning show. Until it gets to most honest but the tone jam it if you look hate it. The mean sometimes. Sometimes somebody gets well you look at your show that goes on at 10 o'clock in the evening. You just take a look at the action that is a constant hit the panel is almost always exclusive anti shop. The good news is he doesn't have good ratings but the panel is almost exclusive. Anti trump and hatred and venom coming from his mouth. The hatred coming from other people on your network now I will say this. I watch it I see it. I'm amazed by it. And I just think you'd be a lot better if I honestly do the public gets. Look when I go to rallies a turnaround they start screaming at CNN wanna throw their placards at CNN Quetta. I I think you would do much better by being. Different but you just take a look take a look at some of your shows in the morning in the evening. If a guest comes out and says something positive about me it's it's brutal. Now they'll take this news conference I'm actually having a very good time but they'll take this news now for don't forget that's the way Iowa. Number used to give you a news conference every time I made a speech which was like every day. OK now I just tell won I won with news conference and probably speeches I certainly didn't win by people listening to you people that's for sure. But I am having a good time tomorrow they will say. Donald Trump rants and raves at the press renting it I'm just telling you gonna be dishonest people but but. I'm not granting race I loved this I'm having a good time doing it but tomorrow the headlines are going to be Donald Trump rants and if I'm not resting him. I have it is 11 more follow and I let him have a little bit more what he thinks Peterson us. Peter should have a let him have a limitless sit down. Sit down we'll just because well against us because the attack if they use in and attacking our network card at a wanna ask you sir I'm changing it from Clinton's now. That doesn't that under very effective I would aren't you. God real news rooms and you're not related to our new well I am not related sir about. I do like the sound so I look at cost them. You know I looked at that name as a way to amenities tyranny relation there Alex news I'm sure you check that out it's not checked it nice that they said no sir -- do if ever go back and check the family tree. But I. Aren't you arching concerns are that you are undermining the people's faith in the First Amendment. Freedom of the press the press in this country when you call stories you don't like fake news. Why not just say it's a story I don't like I do that a fake inaugural undermining confidence in our news media. It's nothing important I understand we do and you're right about that except. CI know where she gets pregnant when she did. Sometimes us wow that's going to be great story and I'll get killed I know what's good and I'd be a pretty good report and that is good news you. But I know what's good. I know what's it. And when they change it and make it really get something that should be positive sometimes something it should be very positive they'll make okay. He'll even make it negative so I understand so because I'm there I knew what was said I know who saying it. I'm there so it's very important to me look. I want to see an honest press but I started off today by saying. That it's so important to the public to get in this press the press the public doesn't believe you people anymore. Now maybe had something to do with that I don't know what they don't believe you if you were straight. And and really. Hold it like it is is Howard Cosell used to say it right. Where's he had two questions so but if you weren't straight. I would be your biggest boost would be your biggest band in the world including bad stories about me. But if you go as an example you're CNN. News story after story after this story is bad. I want. I want. And the other thing KS zero KS. We are running this is a fine tuned machine. And rights happens to be doing a good job behalf of his job is putting out lies. By the pressure and I said to him yesterday that you know this whole Russia's scam that you guys are building so that you don't talk about the real subject which is illegal leaks but. I watched him instantly working. So hard. To try and. Get that story proper terms and his chief of staff a really good guy did a phenomenal job at arch of any one election. I won the presidency. We got some senators we got some all over the country take a look he's done a great job. Such an assessment and said to somebody that was in us that you take a look at writes. He's what can shall I just putting out fires. That a fake fighters committed fake. It not true. And isn't that a shame because he'd rather be working on health care he'd rather be working on tax reform gem I mean that. I would be your biggest fan in the world if he treated me I sort of understand there's a certain bias may be by Jeff for somebody you know what you know whatever reason but. And I understand. That you've got to be at least a little bit fair and that's why the public sees that they see it they see it's not. Take a look at some of these shows and you see the bias and hatred. And the public is Smart they understand it. OK yeah go ahead and. Hewitt is there anything. That you have learned over these last. Fees that you might expert you know that might ease their concerns. That second I think you don't believe it I don't think the public really does like the rest isn't. Paul just has me through the roof I said I don't think they believe it. Well I guess one of the reasons I'm here today is to tag you. The whole Russian thing that's a ruse it's a ruse. And by the way. It would be great. If we could get along with Russia just so you understand. That tomorrow used to Donald Trump wants to get along with Russia at this is terrible. Such terrible it's good. We had Hillary Clinton trying to do a reset. We had Hillary Clinton give Russia 20%. Of the uranium. In our country. You know what uranium is right single nuclear weapons and other things like lots of things are done with uranium including some bad things. Nobody talks about that. I didn't do anything for rush I've done nothing for Russia. Hillary Clinton getting 20% of uranium. Hillary Clinton did or reset remember with the stupid plastic button that made us all look like a bunch of jerks here take a look he looked at her like. What the hell is she doing with that cheap plastic button. Hillary that was a recent rivers said recent. Now I do that all I'm a bad guy if we could get along with ration that's a positive thing we have a very talented man. Rex Tillerson is going to be meeting with them shortly. And I told them I said I know politically it's probably not good for me hit the greatest thing I could do. He shoots that chip that's thirty miles offshore right out of the water everywhere in this country is. It's children. Going. The sacrament. I would love to be able to get along with Russian. Now you've had and lot of presidents. Haven't taken that attack look what we are now look what we are now. So if I kept up. I love to negotiate things. Do look really way all that stuff. But it's possible I won't be able to get along with put maybe it is but I want to just tell you. The false reporting. By the media by you people a false horrible fake report makes it much hotter. To make a deal with Russia and probably potent said you know. He's sitting behind his desk saying you know you see what's going on in the United States followed closely it's gonna be impossible for president trump. To ever get along with Russia because of all the pressure he's got with this fake story okay. And that's a shame because if we could get along with Russia and by the way China. Japan and everywhere if we could get along it would be a positive thing not a negative. It hurts you attacks before that happened fairly quickly we're doing obamacare warned final stages we should be submitting the initial plan I am in March early march. I would say. And we have to as you know statutorily and for reasons of budget we have to go first it's not like it frankly. That tax would be easier in my opinion but. For statutory reasons and for budgetary reasons we have to submit the health care sooner. So will be submitting health care sometime in early march mid march and after that we're gonna come up and we're doing very well on tax reform. Yes to present you mentioned Russia let's talk about some serious issues have come up in the last week that you had to deal with is pressing and I stands. You mentioned the vessels by vessel off the coast and I knew not good there was a ballistic missile test that many interpreted not violation of not not read between the two countries and a Russian plane but the US does not good. I was news excuse me during the excuse. When did it happen it happened way if you Wear boat right now you would say. Hey we're back to the old games with the United States is no way trump can ever do a deal with us because the puck you have to understand. If I was just brutal on rush right now just from. People who say you would say always that wonderful but I know you well enough then you would say he was too tough he shouldn't have done it looked. All of the liquidity and to those chairs adjustments and all of those things that you mentioned. I'm very recent. Because probably potent assumes that he's not going to be able to make a deal with me because it's politically. Not popular for me to make a deal. So Hillary Clinton tries a reset it failed they all tried. But I'm different than those people cut power you interpreting those moves and what you intend to do but I just US Rex Tillerson any advice or account I have to deal I have and I am so beautifully represented himself honored that the senate approved him. He's going to be fantastic. Yes I think that I've sort of been testing he believes there. No I don't think so I think Putin's. Probably assumes they can't make a deal with me anymore because politically it would be unpopular for a politician to make a guy like him believe in second politician but I guess that's what I am now. Because. What will be much easier for me to be tough and Russia but then when academic now I don't know the we're gonna make it I don't know we might we might now. But it would be much easier for me to be so tough the tough for I am in Russia the better you know what I wanna do the right thing for the American people. And to be honest secondarily. How would do the right thing for the world if Russia and the United States actually got to get. And got a law and don't forget we're a very powerful nuclear country and so that way there's no upside. We're very powerful nuclear country. And so today I'd been briefed I can tell you one thing about a briefing that we're allowed to say because anybody that ever read the most basic book and say it. Nuclear holocaust. Would be like no other. They're very powerful nuclear country and similarly. If we have a good relationship with Russia believe me that's a good thing not a. So when you say they're not good. Do you mean that we are so it's not a lot when I read off a three things that are recently happening license and I happen but they damage the relationship they all have mine is at the bounds countries who liked to work. With Russia they all happened recently and I understand what they're doing because they're doing the same thing now again maybe I'm not gonna be able to do a deal with it but at least I will have tried. And if I don't does anybody really think. That Hillary Clinton. Would be tougher on Russia than Donald Trump does anybody in this room really believes that OK but I tell you one thing. She tried to make a deal she had the recent. She gave all that valuable uranium when she did other things you know they say I'm close to rush. Hillary Clinton gave Roy 20% of the uranium in the United States she's close to rush. Can we I gave it ought to get to rush it. You know I gave that they can we conclude that we know response to these particular provocations. I'm not gonna tell you anything about what response that you I don't talk about military response I don't say I'm going to Mosul in four months. We are going to attack Mosul informants than three months like we're going to attack but also in one month. Next week we are going to attack us meantime muscles very very difficult you know why because I don't talk about military. And I don't talk about certain things you'd be surprised to hear that and by the way my whole campaign ads and so I don't have to tell you I don't wanna be one of these guys say yes here's what we're going to do. There I have to tell you what I would do not go away. I don't have to tell you what I'm gonna do when North Korea. And I don't have to tell you what I'm gonna do with Iran. You know why because they shouldn't now. And eventually you guys to get to get tired of asking that question so when you ask me what am I gonna do with the ship. The relationship as an example I'm not gonna tell you. But hopefully I won't have to do I think I'm not gonna tell you okay thanks. Just ask you think you're much as president. That's where you from at BBC. Is another beauty. It's a good line but impartial preempt that yeah here. At this president just like CNN. All of the travel ban that we could have to vote on the tropical bind it. Would you accept that that was a good example of the smooth running of cuff yeah I feel like I don't let me tell about the whatever it takes to win. When I know who you like just let me tell you about the travel. We had a very smooth. Rollout of the travel. But we had a big court going to be a decision record that's been overturned again may be wrong but I think it's 80% to a lot. We had a bad decision that they keep go with a decision we're gonna put him in new. A new executive order next week sometime. But we had a bit decision Cilic and it was wrong with the travel you had delta with a message that yes a problem with their computer system at the airports. You had some people that were put out there brought I've organized buses and they put added various locations. Despite that the only problem that we had is we had a bad court we had a court. It gave us what I consider to be with great respect a very bad decision very bad for the safety and security of our country the role that was part now. What I wanted to do was to the exact same executive order puts it when things and I said this to make people give them a one month period of time. But general Kelley now secretary Kelly said. If you do that. All these people will command in the month the bad ones you don't agree they're bad people out there right then and everybody that it's like you get some bad people. So Kelly said. You can't do that. He was right as soon as you showed us that while never thought is that how about one week he said no good you gotta do it immediately because if you do it immediately. They don't have time. To comment that no media reports. But that's why we did it quickly now I would've done it a month everything would have been perfect the problem is. We would have wasted. A lot of time in May be a lot of lives because a lot of bad people would've come into our country now in the meantime. With vetting very very strongly. Very very strongly. But we need help and we need help by getting that. Executive order pay just at. Hello good evening so legible I don't think yeah. You yes go ahead. We could get yes or no answer on one of these questions involving Russia. Can you say whether you are aware that anyone who advised her campaign had contacts with Russia during the course of the election. Like I told you general Flynn obviously was dealing so that's one principal who's dealing as he should have been during the election on nobody that I don't know you're not aware of any contact that during the course of the election. How many times have to answer this question can you just Russia is a ruse yeah I know you have to get up and asking questions on port Russia is a ruse. I have nothing to do with cash haven't made a phone call to Russia in years don't speak to people from Russia not that I wouldn't I just have nobody to speak to. I spoke to potent twice he called me on the election I told you this and he called me on the inauguration a few days ago we had a very. Good talk. Especially the second went lasted for pretty long period of time. I'm sure you probably get it because it was classified so I'm sure everybody in this room perhaps as it but. We have very very good talk I have nothing to do with Russian. To the best of my knowledge no person that I deal with us now metaphor has totally denied it he denies it now. People who knew that he was a consultant over in that part of the world for awhile but not for Russia. I think he represented Ukraine or people having to do with Ukraine are people that whoever. But people knew that everybody. But in his capacity as your campaign manager was he in touch with Russian officials I have election you know what he said no. I can only tell you what it now he would replace long before the election you know that kind. Usually place long before the election. Went over the stuffs are coming out came after the election but bulb at a Ford who's a good man also by the way. Well not a foot was replaced long before the election took place in his only that for sure appears to have. How much longer should we stay here folks. Five more minutes is that okay five. Wait let's see who's I wanna find a friendly report. Necessary it was to. Are you a friendly reporter watch out friendly he has went away watch how friendly he is guy. So first on any particular from other magazines act. I guess if I was only colleagues media have been forty I haven't seen anybody in my community. Use it yourself or any other. Does anyone gets out of being honest and it we understand they get those grandchildren who are there they know what. Wolf we are concerned about and we happen to me. Would you address it until they can happen semitism and how the government is planning to take it. There have been reports out that 48. Bomb threat suddenly against Jewish centers all across the country in the last couple of weeks there are people who are committee got into the act would threaten. Cities. He's gonna ask him right absolutely. And it's night or stop now wants us. There's. So here's what. Number 1 I am the least. Anti Semitic person that you've ever seen in your entire life. Number two. Racism. The least racist person fact we did very well relative to other people running as a Republican quiet quiet quiet. So he lied about who's gonna get up and ask a very straight simple question just you know so welcome to the world the media. But let me just tell you something. That. I hate the charge I find it repulsive I hate even to question because people that know me and you heard the prime minister you heard. At Yahoo! yesterday did you hear him BB. He said. And Donald Trump for a long time and then he said to get it. So you should take that instead of having to get up and ask very insulting question. God. Thank you Lisa from the heat and shows you about the press but that's where the press. Susan thank you Mr. President. Lisa date are down from the PBS news hour get. On national security immigration can you give us more details on the executive order you planned for next week even its broad outlines. Yeah we'll be focused on this very fair countries and in addition. On the docket program for immigration. What is your plan you plan to continue that program or two and. We show great heart. Docket is a very very difficult subject for me I want them to me it's one of the most difficult subjects because you have these incredible kids. In many cases not in all cases and some of the cases. They had in Dhaka and gang members in the drug dealers to. But you have some absolutely incredible kids I would say mostly. They were brought here in such a way it's a very it's a very very tough subject we had to deal with duck with heart. I have to do with a lot of politicians don't forget and have to convince them that what I'm saying is. He's. Right and I appreciate your understanding that but. The Dockett situation is a very very it's a very difficult. Thing for me. Because I love these kids and I love kids have kids and grandkids. And I find it very very hard doing what the losses exactly to do and you know the law's rough I'm not talking about no some talk in the existing law. Is very rough it's very fair as far as the new order. The new order is going to be very much tailored to the what I consider to be very bad decision but. And we can tailor the order to that decision and get just about everything in some ways more. But we're tailoring it down to the decision we have some of the best lawyers in the country working on it. And the new. Executive order is being tailored to the decision we get down. From the court can't. Yes it. Where were not treated well. Go for the flag he looked up and everything you're gonna break so I will play. Yes what I call a nice squashed but that is very that we do it. Then there's so much. Thank you very much money is terrific she was here last night we had dinner with senator rubio and his wife who was by the way lovely. And to had a really good discussion about Cuba. As you're very similar views on Cuba. And Cuba was very good to me in the Florida election as you know the Cuban people Americans. And I think that money's going to be outstanding and stretched just opened up the visitor center in other words touring of the lightest. She like. Others that she's working with feel very very strongly about but women's issues. Women's difficulties. Very very strongly that she's a very very strong advocate. I think she's a great representative for this country in a funny thing happens can she gets. She is so unfairly moment things he's saying I've known her for a long time she is a very successful procedures of very successful model. She did really well. She would. Go home at night and didn't even wanna go out with people. She was a very private person she was always the highest quality that you electrified. And the things they say and I've known for a long time to things they say are so unfair. And actually she's apologized it was you know by various music is set things organized I just say this I think she's going to be fantastic firstly. She's going to be a tremendous representative of women and of the people. And helping her and working her will be a vodka who is a fabulous person and they fabulous. Fabulous woman. They're not doing this for money in doing this for paying that doing this because they feel it both of them. And Maloney goes back and forth and after baron finishes school because it's like to take a child out of school with a few months left. She and Barron will be moving over the way they ask me thank you it's a very nice question. But. Yes I know there's going to be a good question that it. What does because I enjoy watching you on television good well thank you so much. Mr. President I need to find out from you I you said something. As it relates to inner cities. That was one of your platforms storing your campaign actually manage cities and fixing the inner cities what will be that fix. And your urban agenda as well as HB CU. Executive order that's coming out this afternoon and see it wasn't bad was. That was very professional and very that's how well we'll be announcing the order a little while and I'd rather let the ought to speak for itself but it could be something I think that we'll be. And very good for everybody concerned but we'll talk about that after we do the announcement. As far as the inner cities as you know I was very strong in the inner cities during the campaign I think it's probably what got me a much higher percentage of the African American vote. And a lot of people thought I was gonna get. We did in much higher than people thought I was gonna get. And I was honored by that including the Hispanic vote which was also much higher and by the way if I might including the women's vote which was much higher than people thought I was gonna get. So we are going to be working very hard on the indices having to do with education having to do with crime. We're going to try and fix as quickly as possibly you know takes along comes take a hundred years or more for some of these places to. Evolved and they evolved to many of them very badly but we're going to be working very hard on health and health care. Very very hard and education and also we're gonna be working in a stringent way in a very good way on crime you go to some of these inner city. Places and it's so sad. When you look at the current yet people who have seen this and I've sort of witnessed it and fact in two cases I have actually witnessed it. They lock themselves into apartments petrified to even leave. In the middle of the day. The living hell we can't let that happen. So we're gonna be very very strong it's a great question and and of it's a very it's a very difficult situation because it's been many many years it's been festering for many many years but we have. Places in this country that we have to fix we have to help. African American people that for the most Puerto stuck there Hispanic. American people we have Hispanic American people that are in the inner cities. And they're living in hell I mean you look at the numbers. In Chicago. There are two Chicago's as you now. This one Chicago that's credible luxurious at all. And safe is another Chicago. That's worse. Then. Almost any of these places in the Middle East that we talk about and that you talk about every night and the newscasts. So we're gonna do a lot of work in the inner cities have great people lined up to help teams can say when you say. And I think I can put up I knew what include the CBC mister president in your conversations with. You're you're urban agenda inner city agenda as well and my goodness it's what you wanna include the Congressional Black Caucus and congressional well I would I can like you wanna set up the meeting you wanna set up the meeting. And on and other browser on your poor credit set up I know some of them but. I'm sure that I set a meeting I would love to meet with the black caucus I think it's great the Congressional Black Caucus I think it's great. I actually thought I had a meeting with the congressman Cummings. And he was all excited. Then he says it. All I can't move that might be bad for me politically can't have that day I was all set to have the meeting you know we called him and called and it was also spoke come of the phone. Very nice guy I hit one meeting with you as he wanted it. But we called COLT called COLT that gimmick a meeting with him. Maybe get a look at this it I would like to meet with because I do want to solve the problem but he probably was told by Schumer or somebody like that. Some other lightweight he was probably totaled. He was probably two don't meet with trump it's bad politics and that's part of the problem in this country to get one more. I don't know one question do we get in this little kid go ahead give me the better you do. All of my colleagues question about that and not about. Pure person. Review or beliefs were talking about life and some of them around the country some of it by supporters your name what you have to. It just behind us. This has to do with racism and horrible things that put up some of it written by our opponents you do know that you understand it. You don't think anybody would do a thing like that some of the signs you'll see. I'm not put up by the people that love or like Donald Trump that put up by the other side and you think it's like. Playing it straight now but you have some of those signs and some of that anger is caused by the at this he'll do signs and you'll do. Drawings that are inappropriate. It won't be my people it will be the people on the other side to anger people like you okay. Right. Please that wears. Instead you can. Are working on homework and it very retro look up and to see you understand we have a totally divided country for eight years and long before that in all fairness to President Obama. Long before President Obama we have had a very divided I didn't come along and divide this country this country was seriously divided before it got here. We gonna work on it very hard one of the questions that was asked if there was a very good question was about the inner cities in this part of it. But would it work and education we're gonna we're going to lack you know wouldn't stop and try and stop the crime we have great law enforcement officials were gonna. Try and stop crime when I'm gonna try answer would stop crime. But it's very important to me but this isn't Donald Trump that divided a nation. We went eight years with President Obama and we went many years before President Obama we lived in a divided. Nation. And I am gonna try I will do everything within my power. To fix that I wanna thank everybody for him. Yeah from the White House president trump taking reporters' questions for more than an hour and fifteen minutes beginning with a lengthy statement would train nearly 25 minutes he. Blasted the press says dishonest and out of control and it continued fruit from there for more than an hour insisted that he. Inherited a mess when he took over as president just about four weeks ago said that jobs are pouring out of the country. An ice is has spread like cancer. He announced he'll implement a new executive order sometime next week on his travel ban insisting his administration is running like a fine tuned machine. But the headline here seems to have been his repeated slams at the press so much of the news is fake he said the tone of the reporting is such hatred. Andy said the public doesn't believe the press anymore. My CBS news colleague Major Garrett asked about recent Russian provocations the president called them not good. Answered maybe he won't be able to do would deal with potent but at least he would have tried. I'm Steven Portnoy at the White House this is CBS news special report. The president in his lamb basting of the press in his insulting a reporter seemed to truly be enjoying himself he said he was having a great time. He called on sixteen reporters by my count. In the end he openly asked them for friendly questions he told one reporter who is from a Jewish magazine. Who even said that he believes the reporters that he believed that the president was not an anti semite. It did that the reporter the president said that reporter was part of the dishonest media when he expressed concern about an uptick in anti Semitic incidents he did not like that. He later suggested the anti Semitic incidents have been perpetrated by his political opponents not his supporters. On general Michael Floyd in the president's that he did not think his former national security advisor did anything wrong. In talking to the Russian ambassador even about sanctions but they're telling a different story to the vice president and then not remembering it was just unacceptable. The other bit of news in this very lengthy our nearly what twenty minute news conference as the president's announcement of law school dean Alexander Acosta. As his pick to be the secretary of labor following yesterday's departure of Andy poster who was the president's first choice for that post. CBS news business analyst Jill slash center is witness in July just one of very briefly go back to something the president mentioned at the very top of the news conference. At which he said that his administration's running out like a fine tuned machine he said he inherited a mess. Testifying today his administration's decisions he said jobs are pouring out of the country. What to make that. Well I think there's no evidence of that in fact one might say that in fact when he walked in to office he inherited an economy that had been out of of this terrible period of the financial crisis. And head found a way to create fifteen million jobs. The unemployment rate dropping below 5%. Mean everything is perfect certainly the growth rate at 2% is not where. We would like it to be but it is simplification. An overstatement to say he inherited a disaster. In many ways the good the data that we have been seeing just the evidence that we saw yesterday of retail sales taking up confidence ticking up. Business spending taking up. All these actually paint a picture of a pretty good economy can't. Not perfect not great but certainly to go back to where we were eight years ago. It's an unbelievable turnaround and probably a better turnaround that most economists would have expected. Considering that we had gone through the worst recession since the Great Depression. CBS news business analyst chills lessons here who studies the economy for a living. With her take on how things are in the nation's economy CBS news correspondent Steve Dorsey is with us here in Washington Steve this really was from more than an hour. President trump doing what decency he loves doing best getting in the mix with reporters and he can tell he was really. In the he is a moment inside the east room really going one on one with reporters and it was exhausting especially for. Folks watching trying to figure out what reporters were actually asking and then. Donald Trump. Ping pounding between praising himself to lashing out at the media to talking about Russia distancing. His ties with the Kremlin and his own. Campaign and administration associates we. Revise the executive order on his traveled into Callista then. See new. Executive order is being tailored to the decision we get down. From the court. And that of course was after a several courts in the US have put a stop to that very controversial travel ban the president trump. Hailed its roll roll out even calling. Smooth and perfect. Though that obviously has been anything but at airports were protesters. And immigrants and refugees have been rallying. Since this order was first enacted. That's right the president said he'll appeal to. Ninth circuit rulings of the ninths recordings and chaos they'll be so much more on this only our. On CBS radio news where she gets just messenger and Steve Dorsey on Steve and we're going to the White House this has been a CBS news special.