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The Del Walmsley Show 2/14/17

Feb 14, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the motel while asleep radio show. Tell challenges the status quo who questions everything. Empowers you to return to your core belief still make your life. Here they're true it's true. Like style you really want the next hour we'll change your life. I know you are going. National award winning investor wrote that. CEO and founder of lifestyles are limited Joseph warms my. I have Dave Fisher sitting in for. Dell 1 silly I am the life changer my goal is retired people in five years or less real estate investing. I screwed up tomorrow night in two years today is more of those great days everybody always talks about Valentine's Day. About what you think about it how are you prepared because you know what. I'm always for dinner prepare for holidays like this because you know the three magical words that every woman wants to hear do what they are. Think about your head just mention what doctorate I sure don't FaceBook I'd like three in a replies already a different things. But the three words everyone wants to hear it's not what you're seeking. You'd think they wanna say I love you it's not the most important women it's a must have to cash flow. Basically I have to Dini must have cash flow. I should don't have a way to solve all problems from all you guys to forget all these holidays you know if you forget. Christmas or you forget your anniversary or you forget valentines day like iced all the time. This is how you solve the problem you buy one get for your wife or girlfriend of one time I'm would you buy her house. How would you buy a house so she is money coming at every month upon whatever she wants. In the study you know. If you could go out there in my house in this what I teach English settlers how to buy a house like 101000 dollars cash out of pocket he excellent investment and it seemed to have gout arthritis house. But that house after all the expenses from that letter. Let's leave make 500 bucks a month. Do you think about at least listening out there. If you're I would buy you house. It would make you 500 dollars a month and you can use at the Bible every 1500 largely paired and get your nails did. Go out your frenzies sushi do you buy a pair shoes every month you can do whatever he won't put up 500 dollars. Would that be better. And getting flowers what's awhile for thirty or fifty bucks or ninety commute dinner 500 dollars to have the freedom to do whatever you want. So on this holiday on this Valentine's Day I what you think about realistic I want you think about what if I get by one little thing that would buy backs up our most important thing is all right. And for the ones are allowed to make him happy every decent it to buy whatever they want how where they want with well whoever they want. Which having the money and financial freedom to do that today is a special day though because what I wanna do. Is that what you think that protect cash flow to bash your head duel money coming in with that. So today I have a special guest is gonna be Philip and his wife if harassment and they have not to be on line but Philip will be on the line he is a lifestyles member. This school sweetheart himself and tiger less real estate investing. And that's we're gonna talk about today because this is one of the students who went out there and actually did it this is somebody who actually stepped up. And solve the map. Kindle single family multi coming dissing you actually did. This is somebody who actually acquired apartment complex is not even in the city they'd been. And you can do that as well it doesn't matter if you have no real estate experience. That's why we're here to talk about today this is a live call in show as well also give any questions about real estate related. You may call 8777115211. That's 877. 7-Eleven 5211 but I wanna go to fill right away I don't what do you hear his story. How he got involved how he stepped up and how he changes like so what abort they still how we don't day. They're doing fine texting it's been talked he can't. Awesome so for the folks up there listening you know they sit there it's a well paid this guy's done it but what about me or whatever. I want you give a background of your background what do you do in your life be lifestyle what what kind of background did you have coming in here. Still located. Not a usual really. Just go to college to become a nineteen each day and I spent 25 you're sick or could computer systems. So the last problems. And confusions and managerial position sort of overseeing the other computer guys. In my life issue pro engine more divorced Bagram and Martin the chief. Did some project management work really for the government. She branched out Kuwait from that construed doing you know. Quality assurance and work full bell helicopter. And I mentioned this. Still kind of dealing with contractors and so what can exchange in history she used. Foolish you know very passionate about making sure that two. That the folks in military and best helicopter equipment to take it jambalaya or actually looked good serving your nation should talk trash about that. She was laid off. Big role in tweak or change Shia particular job pretty quickly fortunately for us because I'd been laid off we twelfth. Calm and peaceful so they will find anything in the end of marketed as soon as the market has been falling over the past and a few years. So would go to a certain way also Wahlberg that's what. I got our. The interest going in the direction one of the things can we do. I think it's good. The number of years thinking about alternative is my wife should we are told us saying we should know we wish we should be looking into commercial from the state that's where. She taught to we can make it. More inroads in the war improved our lot traditions we haven't come across sliced also important that we are. So so you know you're there were in the corporate job short term corporate job is done everything society ever told do do you know you've got to agree to a ecology right I decreased. You get that 2030 year career he thinks hey everything's still be okay. But you really just picked an apple for them you know you can be let go any day you're really not control your dependent on somebody else that job. And that's what we are all your lifestyle talk about yeah. So so you decided you know you would get away from that how did you actually hear about lifestyles of first time was to radio show was her friend how do you hear about lets us. It was story emotional love my wife came home and yes no doubt it will try to probably flush out my attention should what I picked them up where he noted in a listen injury extreme truly. Of course we we decide to go in and see what it was about we had been to there. Centers Anderson and arson and still a lot of that very lacking. We had. They're gone into these things and sit there and listened to your credit hour to. Realize that government extremely useful British giving too little and what may really be out here. But at all leads back to take some of this book to walk by the CT so. Sign up for this for the class we have mobile to choose. Everything except I don't actually eating it also pleaded come like salsa initially was skeptical but as we sat through the clash we should do. Actually present some information which you fought in that picture that distinction to take action if we can go do some of the stock and it would make a difference. So yeah I wish third person to us and so we decided to sign up you know. Can step up and do it soaks so you realized the book and CD and all that information out there and trying to dodge through all that could take years to learn everything you need you what did that hand holding that actual mentoring to walk you through that process suit you guys can be successful in this end and your wife originally where she from. She's from Taiwan and she hasn't a Chinese background settles to get. It's kind of interest can be married to someone who has a different perspective she also told me that we in America took care of the we don't we don't realize what we have here in between cheese's opportunities abound everywhere you just have to be able to recognize from the start and take my often. Thumb so it's itself in the I think to open my eyes would be a little bit more aware of my surroundings and my opportunity. So does she speak Mandarin as well. She does as she's out my daughter's in England as well been in discussions did attempt actually are compared with little chicken and boats to. What's that like didn't. That there. So our position Porsche brings other Christian cultural well being into the mix as well I mean. We did have that corporate job and we did do the mind flying than we did. You know try to struggle making ends meet so much and in Russia even put money back and then we're talking about. You know we we thought we are pretty low life up until. I want styles because my wife being Asian culturally they don't have this boost from school mentality in the single on an island chased book. The impression that Americans so age or went 6% of the income something in Japanese saying it's up to around a creature increased 3% during country. The my crazy life to get like 42% of our income and an abortion so much a back and soaked clearly that we would do well of course also in Asia through. Between washed thousand just. Our eyes open to it while we can be doing so much more the book he. Yeah I think that's very powerful you know most of the people who joined lifestyle so we're very frugal. You know were very fiscally conservative and has led to a pile politics it has to do with being fiscally conservative were good sabres but we realize you know you can't see if you wait millions of dollars and in upstate try to teach you the financial institutions but that. Doesn't actually were kept learning how to W way to retirement to retire quickly and that's what I guess you learned it. Lifestyle through could tell seminars to my seminar what not and critical into the step by step as you bought these apartment complex as he stepped up. As she took action after this next break up with teach you guys listening out there how you can do just what bill. An AM did actually walk through it look at their background you know they've been IT background they have a government job background but guess what. They stepped up and didn't and you can do so what do what you do digital lifestyles of one dot com what do you call in life right now 877. 7-Eleven 5211. That's 8777115211. Award gonna go into this step by step of how he'd done it. Did your lifestyle. A limited real statement that serene your show. You're listening to the Joseph wants leading radio. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles and just a few minutes. 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That's going to speed city. Sunday night seven day on talk thirteen seventy talk. Thirteen seventy. Welcome back now here's some more unconventional wisdom to set you free. The men on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. No one's doing. Hi this is David Fisher sitting in for my mentored Dell wants week. Our goal is to retire you went five years or less I am the life change I retired myself in two years real estate investing. Today is a special day it's Valentine's Day to remember three words that every woman wants to hear. Must have cash food is not I love you tell you got to change your life today my guest is Phil Harris. He is a realistic gosh he's got several apartment car. Current and come back to fill up really quick Phillip how we doing today. You did tell us a little bit about your first apartment complex she did. What I'm doing great and he had taught mostly but first complex forget. X we we've been looking for something around fifty units but to that's what turned out to restricting your niche social smaller than what we were looking for a bit. In the orchestra under the numbers right so if they don't should be financially. What we were looking for. I was on the plus side for work in the cultural district. Very established and in a very personable neighborhood where he won't maintained. The end. We've pulled together a team for guys and we've. Did purchase. Loose in the period during your first child junior was you know cherished area but two I had my mentor. It might also hold me until he threw it in. Sure what he'd be done and we are successful. You know that's what's so important about it you know we show you not only all the knowledge how to do this the law actually take you by the hand go out there and actually. Help you do this project is well. So you've got technology once they're treating it like such a working which you mentors. You brought in some partnership learnt how to do all this and your background. How much music experience you have prior lifestyle just hope folks out there listening to that you put themselves in your shoes because they're like why never born apartment complex before. What was your situation before you start to still as far as real estate experience. Thought we had no none zero London time signal or personal residence did we ever going bought these things become bloated we bought a couple of I can watch I mean that was. Our concept of real estate listing I guess what only watched Obama actually taken auction here in the middle of nowhere to building housing developments helped action and we can you know. So those offered a talker and they're very worked up to force but does. Yeah but none at all speaker of. Right now Echostar what rule number two we teach is must have cash flow is to doesn't put what are your pocket Zuma quarter here. It's not a good investment that's what we don't just actually investing in land but that's what you learn to lifestyles you learn. Hey how plaintiffs and assets are actually put in coming in silicon buy back my time so I can retire myself early. Through this real estate investing so. Just freaks folks out there listening so you understand you know what you'll put this deal together and had some other duchess she's on several of the instances one of this first one K that's a scary one why it's his very first warned. And he bought that and he had a team together to actually teach you how to do it at held his hand every step of the way. And that's what still talk about right now see what this little fifteen you know apartment complex. You know it was running pretty good didn't make you guys good money. It did we get term expected the first Q would first be. Around. Control and they and we you know first you earning about 14% so it did well. We'll we'll put you actually at a market right now it's still trying to. We offer our books loyal someone else to take over or won't we won't let this thing. End quote fortunately absolutely yeah woo. They are forecasting a colleague that he would turn would be possible and Sunnis are similar but about their. Wow that's an awesome returning folks Wilson out there you know phils rejecting the return of 75% that's like. You know you buy your stocks do you like 75% return not only that you should let you know you went from a 10% return you end up. It's very conservatively that's how we run our numbers you end up making about a rep approximately 14%. Return on this property. But what you got to listen to what you got to understand folks out there if you took correct legal way that I teach it to win it don't want to teach it's all of our mentors at like self teach it. That income will be tax free your tax deferred. If done properly the right way did you find great tax benefits even on that little fifteen units for you to view and reporters Philip. And yes we did. In fact being small what I had to do more particularly for the property. They end up working wished he had the cap and stay rest and questions that they can't do like my tax returns and should. And how are you doing some of the assumed you didn't do. No this text don't we make sure we take back control and so it worked out real well. We just decide it was amazingly. We don't take our finances in the tone and direction. Yet and that's what good people out there listen I wouldn't understand this it's not like a stock where you get a dividend you pay a lot of taxes on it. We have some call depreciation that we can write off and gets it where it makes it virtually tax free if it's done correctly with the right now leverage and I know Philip that's how he does it because. Wouldn't want to taught him how to do we showed him how to do it and now he took action on C bought the small little one and also I want folks out there understand this as well. So these folks are out there in California some of your knee your summer your you'd like more talk about apartment complex here in Texas. Filipino over your you've got several deals now and that is what people out there listening so they can feel that hey they can get involved as well. Of the several deals that you've done did you take any people from out of state and invested with you in any of these projects. I'm Mike did effected our most recent that we shouldn't western shore of California. One goalies New Mexico Minnesota. So yeah people come together and quality that. Can't even though you know sometimes we reached millions of dollars do these deals a lot of folks out there when I say hey we raced fifteen million dollars in dues deal. Think all that's not me or has fifteen million dollars it's not realistic how can anybody do this. Look everybody has to start out somewhere so filling your deals you know overall them. Let's just take your lowest investor about how much money did your lowest investor put one of these projects in the past. Thought our increase smallest investor would take it or not I believe this in 2000 polished like. So around a route 40000 so that's real people real results its regular folks out there working every single day. But they want a better rate of return than what you're getting obviously in the stock market or simply got to want to see an alternative had a slight changing because you can do it but the difference is is now. Yuri control you actually carved by a physical asset did you oral portion of the so it's kind of powerful that way. So you know you British property it went well now you're looking at hey this is smaller one but. But you can have now UC let -- go what's the second deal you do it how big was the next one. For the second deal we stepped up to a property was 54 units come with actually. Had. They were running if mr. Smith of what the true big community day on as an officer in the officer out of the living with the so when we came in we Scott Hoch we've got to do something about Katyusha shouldn't be they're consuming more than what you know what to do what we noticed that. On the block with this property was in single fairway almost notion of what I want or maybe that would be an awesome place to move the office to. We kind of the same individual or what else so we made. The house and you know contingent portion of the bid made on property and make sure that we've got and tell us. We keep our won't. And we can assume salute opposite basically into their single feel what else. We releasing up swimming in a battle Susan is available minutes so could. Steps. To sort of things that you could didn't know we've learned from lifestyles or does he couldn't. Improve could be the big revenues from Orange properties by using conclude could soon come contents in the moment strategy. Right she learn how to talk what's called a non revenue unit put it back on line. Bringing up he told which brings up to value so what did you ask this next break Philip and I can go through this get you didn't. How the current just scale going bigger is actually easier run how you bought back to even more just kinda kept moving since that. Folks this is a live call in show our numbers 877. 7-Eleven 5211 that's 877. 7-Eleven 5211 give me a call about any subject with real estate bubble covered we'll make sure we ever had just question. Still alive we'll be back after the break. You're listening to the Joseph wants what radio. Dell we'll be right back with more life changing principles and just a few minutes. Long time lifestyles member Curtis. It's a real joy for me looking back. Is helping others and I wouldn't be able to have done it without the support of lifestyle ladies can't please thank you enough still for that's. If you were asked people if they could vote on the top ten guys. That help other people you'd be one of them you're no doubt about it if you have. This road map so coldly success stories on this one I'm just. One person out of left thousands fantastic success stories that each and every person can learn from that's my life. Take Curtis Haines advice. Come meet felt like minded successful investors who are helping others just like dale helped him to attend the workshop getting your map. Safely and quickly build wealth and passive income so you never have to worry about working till you drop losing your job or retiring in poverty. Call 18669718970. Or go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com that's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to register for the workshop or change your life. CBS news updates why did the president fire national security advisor Michael plan the president was very concerned that general plan. Had misled the vice president and other spokesman Sean Spicer should there be a public hearing and I think Flynn should come clean and everywhere in of that involves testifying at a public hearing. Absolutely and minority leader Chuck Schumer calling for attorney general Jeff Sessions to step aside I believe that certain general sessions has no choice but to recuse himself. And then he should and must put an independent. Investigative authority in charge CBS is Major Garrett. Fresh and it's all. Very tidy the president did know anything about these conversations before he became president night states didn't tell. Then his national security advisor designee Michael Flynn to talk to the Russians in any way shape or form about sanctions didn't approve it. But in the remains still doesn't think there was a thing wrong with that. 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AC LB one born around 768. You're healthy. Radio. Shouldn't. I'm sorry but it's not the president of the United States duty to make these dreams and wishes of people in other countries come true just not our dependence duty to do that. It's his duty to protect me the United States into defend the constitution and the that's what his job this it's not so good fulfilled dreams and wishes of foreigners I know under bush shocked to hear that that's just not his job as you're healthy radio addiction starts every morning at eight Laura Ingram show on talk thirteen seventy. We're talking thirteen seven it's so great slice. Now here's some more unconventional wisdom to set you free. The men on a mission to retire road America one. No one's really. This is Denise Fisher I'm sitting in the legendary Dell want to lead my goal was to retire you had five years or less real estate investing. I screwed up the model I did in two years myself and now I get back into each others. How to return themselves in five years less real seemed destined to. Today I just by special guest. Philip Harris still Paris is a real estate investor he's bought several apartment complexes that Dallas Fort Worth in the Syrian tuner area we've been covering what we call the economy. Economies of scale he went from a little fifteen unit. Up to now he's bought a 54 unity brought some partnership all across America to be able to bite these deals. Syndicate is not a war talk about right now so still. You would from a little fifteen unit now to a 54 unit you just what's become his skill because it's bigger can afford better steps to run it. And it's about buying back cure what. Time to what can you kinda go people out there listening to them I wanna get involved in real state guessing what we do these apartment complexes. You know you're in the IT career before this new worked twenty hours a short. Could you compare that to once is. Apartment complexes up in running and I you have all your staff to tie commitment difference between that dated date job. And now running more of these apartment complexes. Yeah will I've midnight today is an easy answer. It's like she. Person who did you basically don't have hours and Siskel and Forsett and almost don't need to were weeks literally we need more around the clock but as common Leah. It's cool 607080 hour week job. Or they've stabilized apartment it's I don't know maybe 234 hours. That big week for two weeks it's just not very much taller and store it. Really poster board comes and acquisitions so. That's a pretty. So folks up to listen I was what you understand that that's what my goal of people think money is the most important thing. It's time to 24 hours a day you have to 365 days a week is a 525600. Minutes each year. How are you spending your time are you spending their time working for somebody else. Making their dreams come to are you investing in yourself and buying back that time and that's what kills talk about it until actually stepped up. Bought this apartment complex and he has partners and that he's not the only one doing this he's the one actually in charge he's a syndicator but he has other investors. Also still want to explain to folks out there you know you have other investors in the steel. What is their involvement from somebody who actually and that's what it's quarter Sharon thought of Obama doing one of these deals. Flores for the most part I guess reviewing the financial statements only come out on a monthly basis and about it I didn't support person that. Actually want to be involved and want to contribute content and where I'm able to all of function to them to contribute. Much. I. So the social people want contrary mean they've learned from doing this as well because they don't step up and eventually do it. But this is a live call in show the numbers 8777115211. That's 8777115211. Our calls right now still a few clips in question wants answered Cecilia from California how we would today. From don't find kind of wanted to ask a question about being pre qualifying. I got beat qualifier here. In California. So would I have to in order to come here Pete you and I would need to beat qualifier art someone near all folks. Right so it puts you do to become Houston or San Antonio or Dallas I teaching in San Antonio and Dallas myself. If you come and you decide it's been a gesture here and we'll talk about single Tommy Cecilia we don't know multifamily. Our record we're like yeah. Okay that's that's considered single family yet she. I would get you your your pre qualification letter were Paul I'd be okay from out there but you must walk what did you what the local banks in our area we actually have vendors that handle that. And you know it's really easy it takes less than 24 hours a story called what one. It's very quick to be able to do that so yeah I would I would have you pre qualified here locally just because it makes a much smoother transaction. OK I'll put. One other thing I wanted to ask you. How do you mean is it pre qualify even though we have not got to the property. Absolutely because look when we make offers we have to send pre qualification letter in which the offer. So you have to do that I had at times a year doing the right thing getting qualified first is the first step because Cammie coffers without a pre qualification winner so that's exactly what you wanna do. OK cool all right thank you so much. No problem if you have any other questions series should mean emails that ask you David. Oh you why she dot com let's ask David and you'll ninety dot com okay I'll feel so what. Okay appreciate silly have a great day. So so batch you're apartment complex you've got a little 54 unit could claw back more your time he won a little bit bigger you ran that one for a while 1040 east side. What sets running what do you wanna set your sights on next because this was also the Dallas you're correct. I am correct yes we looked around and don't Syria foursome in the world 250 units. Thought we stood about six months some of the current market was a little tighter appear. But to. Them. Who's having a conversation remains with the brokers doesn't seem totally owns so this is what kind of complain Reynolds and I guess about my situation and kind of holds my anger that. What she called me back to extinction won't look so I think Kalin Lucas just looking for got the ball pretty good solution chi which which continue to dissipate award should only sort of secure Christian support true with the torso. She got my interest since well I'm. I don't generally like a particular plane properly until continue to do so what it would. See that's powerful for you folks out there listening you know he lives in Dallas area and San Antonio took off for five hours drive it's a little bit further but guess what. The economy is killed him going too much larger 170 plus you know apartment complex job full time staff to handle everything. So that he can do it from that distance which is not a problem not his full time job is a real estate investor he sits in a postseason vacations together. But he can have a team to do that she the power lifestyles. He reached out to one of my agents in our San Antonio office and guess what one day later boom here's an opportunity to see that's what's so awesome about lifestyles. We watch you do this. For yourself but don't do it by yourself a big thing I want to get out what Phillips says it's about that team it's got having all these people behind you mantras are being cut. On the side because you decided to us and San Antonio and that's where I live Phil so you know. What some of the great things that you saw out of the area and what attracted you to bind that apartment complex and and where gentlemen who exactly is this one. Clearly puts himself and Antonio Phoenix. And going between cook the downtown area in the loop. And just go to location was great it's it was about a block also major stir up there military tries. He had Mitch located you know it's just a really quite nice neighborhood it's it's not completed since the smaller homes that do well maintained. But in this particular property. Just did they need some loving attention is certainly in did not match to neighborhood because it had been allowed to deteriorate. Contain contaminants. To human bones of the buildings were solid with two. It's. Was below the existing market right. So all we needed to commit when glimpse. Into necessary with Arabs. You know that we. But desirable and it that may be causing trouble for the year and Alison that it's a win win it helps it helps to tell listeners there's what was hoping I assume you mean when Castro. Had this yeah did you even more long time ago how long don't did you actually close and still just so the folks no timeframe Weis has when you do this one. So do the show in January of 2017. Somewhere in there correct. Yes. So folks there are great deals out there all the time I wish you'd just make it should guilt times in a Pew Center. Yes there is. Just keep going at it until you get what you want that's the goal when and that's what still did he was able to work with the team in San Antonio the ministers in San Antonio now. You put 176 you know apartment complex and I know there's something we call due diligence is basically. We go when they're only look at it make sure everything's right for you guys. Did you look at all the units on our property when you bought that property until. Well I had people look at all the units sold bought myself a look at portion doesn't let. Was distressed that I employed to do the due diligence political will the commercial property management. They want to read it on the property. See that folks want to listen that this is something lifestyles dozens of other people who else liberal don't do. We typically will walk every single you know why have eyes on every single think most of ammunition were they work. 1020% of the units and walked 176 huge sums it worked like twenty your thirtieth from. We walked every once so we know what or Barnes we can make sure our numbers will turn out the way that we promised them because. You have to do these action steps because the most important thing that we can July shelters never lose money. If you do it correctly you got to do your due diligence we gotta be strong you don't want to do by yourself. He won a form up a teen pop of the mentors and out staff that'll help to actually walk you through this project goes like Phil said earlier. He had no experience real estate he was counting on the Mets used to teach him how to do and how to assess things. Had a look at it and I'm sure he looked a lot of deals but we match up there right deal for him and his partners so Phil on this deal you obviously had a few more partisan reporter turned this deal. I'm 148. Hundred sorties against an important get a life politics pretty important it's a great show folks what are. Delve into these numbers a little bit more ask this next break Phil and I will be back. I would like you to call and if you have any questions do you think about a dozen apartments or wanna know how to get more involved. 877 yeah 7-Eleven 5211 that's our call in number 877. 7-Eleven 5211. Work give us a call at lifestyle together to questions about your free workshops coming up which is. 8669456565. Phil I'll see after the break. You're listening to the Joseph wants what radio. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles are just a few minutes. Did you know that every dollar you put into a piece of real estate makes you money five ways. Cash flow of money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars you create when you have the right team and by the right property using the right man. Appreciation of real estate doubles in value about every ten years. Equity build up. Renters pay down your mortgage each month and finally this tax advantage we pay almost no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains. These are the five ways we make money in real estate. Which is why real estate accounts for more millionaires in the world today than any other investment vehicle you should have some real estate in your portfolio. To learn how attend one of our free workshops or call 18669718974. Go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 866971. 974. Or go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com. Saturday morning's news seven at 730 to use the word of god with Marcia aren't doing martial every week caesar's did good streaks and principles that encouraged listeners to look like. Light and we have done what Marshall irons Saturday mornings it's Evans. 21817. Yeah yeah. I. PM you're like it did he present not. A great deal just went away when. Dot com and enjoy our website today to see great deals on your favorite and this lenient an accident is scary you know. You have the right to choose your auto body channel or don't let anyone make that choice could you. Point collision center we will help you through the process of our certified technicians were only State of New York. You get faster street estimates a lifetime warranty and 24 hours so we're actually collision center this I don't mind. 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Today and protect your mistake call now and ask about -- limited time 15100 dollar new account bonus offer that's 8091481888091481. And 88. What would happen if you didn't show up for work tomorrow. For the next couple of days for a week a couple of months a year how long until you lose everything you workforce in a fraction of the time it took to earn. Keep this fear keeps you up at night it's time to learn the strategies we teach has lifestyles unlimited starts with a free workshop. Go to might pass it didn't come workshop dot com and find your true financial pieces like so many of our members already have. That's my passive income workshop dot com. Talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back now here's some more unconventional wisdom to set you free. The man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. No one's going. This is Dave Fisher sitting in for legendary Dell once we Michael's retire you know five years or less real estate investing I've done in two years. Today my special guests is still Paris he also is his wife and Harris who's now what this today and of course he is a sixteen year old daughter is well. We are talking about this apartment complex used oral for the little fifteen and now he's in on a unit. But he bought and sitting children over 170 units that's what we're talking about right now so still a little bit about your family you know you have a sixteen year old daughter. She play on all this I really wonder teenagers they probably don't wanna hear all this stuff about realistically put. Is she and fodder what does she think about the real estate aspect of it. Relations are involved in contributing to India for at this particular point but I would just hoping to get her educated so that you can. Most are powerful like Al and a lot of different mood in the media and the course of being here the teenager shouldn't be resolved that disinterested got Ivan won't take lifestyles education can choose how. Oh god like or go which it's completely you know not wanting to you to be involved in this study. We continue to do those having an effect we do here if we don't get comfortable from time to time conjure up we'll talk to about being a what are your. College aspirations what he would do would you like countries like go to college that. I want a job like I become mr. vice apartment so we know it's getting in the ocean and. That's right even if subliminally. Keeps surrounding her with people that are doing it. And she's she's the freedom and the time like you said you were a few hours hearing an error while before you'll work is so near 88 notice of cease teenagers that's that's a my kids notice or like. Daddy has daddy time he's not working daddy anymore he's has time to be a follow this all the time Alder events because you have the freedom and you move your schedule. How you do which is awesome you know people always say Phillips it's hard to get these deals out there there's this so much competition I hear it all the time. Why did you hear experience I mean how many offers did you take you to make caught each of these deals until you finally got a deal. That he locked up in contract would would you like to share that experience were still everybody's different but I want to hear your experience. Well yeah we've had out of our usual experience I guess in that regard and the idea here and a lot of folks have to make multiple offers to get DO but he walked out. But I mean basically laid off after you are the first to get to three Hilton head so it's it's true. Technically its first deal mr. small when we get actually lose that initially. They didn't the course bit off wouldn't negotiate it looks multiple allfirst try to work so to the best I possibly can get. And we ended up being a big seconds that you got as good the second to the last bitterly they wouldn't someone else but I heard from my broker about two weeks later that. Debt individual had lost their financing in Dodi was coming back to eat table again also ahead my broker sinden. Good recent remarks are offered in effect since and so it's a little bit lower and what we. Spit on and so they didn't bring it back to their. To the market they've been the end of providing this would two an opportunity to actually picked up. Awesome so so you know it's so powerful you know what you say because. I'm hearing negative people around me all the time. And I sit there and I just learned don't listen them it's like crabs in a pot you know what you don't even have to if you put. Put a pot on any crabs and you don't have to put a little because. Once you start climbing out they try to pull you back down does that make sense so I found you know what just keep making offers keep staying focused keep on the gold retiring yourself very quickly through real estate and you just do it and that's what you did you just may offer after offer. And guess what boom boom boom we got three deals in a row so. Folks out there chicken is not a realistic for everyone absolutely there is there's plenty of opportunities out there. Feel really good dynamic job he's reach any changes life started all the little fifteen unit that he went to a 54 unit now original birth. 170 units TC how quickly. How many years did it take you to acquire all these two apartment complexes since a fifteen you know when you start coming years have been. I don't know well but what a year so grown we've enjoyed myself street if yours ago and it took extra. We won't find the first absolutely no doubt we're here. So over 200 units. In three years folks you're out there driving around listening this. Think how powerful that is you know god senior in his IT career and corporate job sit there have been sadistic or red brake lights will be able guess what. Phil doesn't have to do pay more he does have to inch rule boss he became his own. I've neural cell and his investors as well they kick a little lifestyle that they deserved. They stepped up they took action and they've done something so still you're bullish investors from all over the place you've quarterly meetings for them how do you communicate with your gesture she knows from talks to listen just so they understand. How involved your testers are what is your communication line with these investors is so folks out there listening understand that. So we've we get them out and you know. It's a neutral court and smoke along with stand so they. Can't we get a hold quarterly industry leading expert termed that. Courses optional field. Then don't they don't use it to the second and had quarterly investor meetings where nobody bond issue approved that would that stretch are much greater deal right. Yes you know I that's I find it's it's people are very involved in beginning when you first buy something but once those checks start coming in every quarter to like put your money what do I need to see you know. As long as I can see the numbers I get the muffler reports and you wolf while the numbers with me and I have money coming into. K that's good now we want to stay involved when justly and educated as well but. You know the point is we keep growing every year you can buy apartment complex so what do you see yourself five years from now still. I'll still doing you know still sort of an apartment complex six. It's. It's been a wonderful thing for my feeling there we didn't enjoy it even beyond just financial benefit excuse me the opportunity to. Make a difference in the neighborhood provide shelter in 1002 people mom. Maybe just so the challenge for ourselves what can we do something else can we do some more. So. There continue to do I think. Why I really appreciate you coming in today input and sharing your story with us could fill in your wife and hey remember Valentine's Day got to go out and buyers simply right and and sharing your story about all these apartment complex how you've retires so very quickly so we was investing. Folks if you wanna get bogged if you wanna know more about it. Go to lifestyles and Lynda dot com. Give a call the office 8669456565. If you want to send me any question you want to ask David. It tell you why it's C dot com that's nasty didn't let LUYT dot com and remember folks it's not about the money. It's about the lifestyle and buying back your time. Have a blessed day. And radio show. Can obtain the results. Enjoy those seventy. Can't get enough. I. Okay. The information and a poignancy here on the Dell wants a radio show or those of the host Dell wants Lee has guests and is collars and do not necessarily reflect the opinions at this station its affiliates its management or advertisers the Dell wants a show is for entertainment purposes only please consult a professional regarding your personal investment needs nothing presented on the Dell wants a show constitutes an endorsement recommendation offer solicitation to buy or sell any product security.