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The Del Walmsley Show 2/13/17

Feb 14, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the until one sleeve radio show. Tells him. Questions everything I had to empowers you to return to your call. Make your life. Here they're true. Lifestyle you. The next hour will change your life. Now you're. National award winning investor relief. CEO and founder of white stuff. Welcome to you don't want to live radio show where the hype bend in the hole begins I'm hero still wildly and as always we're working on your financial freedom. Well you know my friends it's something that is always interested me for years I've been doing this for 25 years consulting and helping people his. What is the difference between those people who except for help and become highly successful and those people that read Jennifer helped. They got to think about it you're listening to radio show where it's not a talking head I'm not a political hack. I'm not some guy trying to sell you stocks and bonds and futures and then. Or oh what are other sales pitch thing I wanna sell you how I'm somebody who try to open your eyes to opportunities you can go what to do. Without or with our help and so rolled it to me how the bottom line is that you learn to do writing and you get out there and you do something that's what's important. Sell. Having said that what's difficult for me is that there are still so many people that don't take action. Standard it's hard to understand why until I start getting emails when I start reading emails and becomes. Fairly obvious what the challenges for people whether they're real promise to see most of the emails reads something like this. Gel I understand. What you're saying I realize that what I am doing right now is not producing any results at all. I understand. That if I wouldn't do what you are asking of us to do that I would probably. Be way better off. I understand there's no way for me to retire doing what I'm doing and how I understand that if I keep doing what I'm doing I'm not gonna go to retire. I understand. That. All of these things are true. Still there are some questions I have been some things that I need to know I understand that I understand I can learn that but dealt a real problem is. I'm afraid. That's it for quite simply. I'm afraid. Nothing other that sometimes they rattle off a list of things are afraid of which they've accumulated this Lewis from somewhere they've never done this before maybe they have. Can the sometimes that Ernie and have a list of things go how I'm just afraid that I don't know what I should be afraid of I'm living in this fear it you know and it whenever this comes up. I have an entire. Oh probably hour long and powerful retort foreign. And it's this big long understanding where fear comes from she served just things that are somewhere along time ago about fear is simply in Akron every. False evidence appearing real. Now. The only thing you can do to get rid of false evidence appearing real according to zig ziglar. Is that you have to consider it. Like people are putting garbage in your brain every day constantly loading your brain with garbage and still as sick calls it. You were running around with stink and think and the only way that you're ever going to get rid of that stink and they can use to kill your head would new ideas. That's the secret. OK you have to overcome interfere with the action. And the action. You need to do is investigation. You need to investigate. The information necessary to make good decisions. Now it when you go to do that you have to realize. That. You're going to have new information that's good new information that's wrong in new information that is all over the place conflicting information. But it is that. Going out there looking for this information that will make a difference to help you overcome. That stink and they get there when you do overcome when you filled drip tobacco puts his fresh dirt. Now you're in a position. Where you can plan to the ideas. That can grow you a wonderful life. I mean when you're talking about making. A little bit of money. A lot of money you're talking about having freedom. These are big things in your life. Can't. Keep you don't get them if you don't understand if you held back by fear. And what's going to happen in your life. Is that you are going to live a mediocre life maybe it's already happening for maybe it's been a long time and it's been happening. But in lets you continue to grow and overcome this fear. You're never gonna get there you know what to understand something about your. Theory isn't something that you care irrelevant. You know without thinking about it without caring about you have to actually embrace your fear you have to care about it. Because you've got to bring with you everywhere you go you've got to substantiated. You have to be able to argue with people that your fear makes sense. It here. Only made sense back when we were. In the prehistoric days where we had to worry about fight and flight. Yeah it's important to become fearful. We hear who's staring down the nose of us giant dinosaur. But there's no need to be careful. When you're looking your family's finances. There's a need to understand that there's a need to obtain information. But there is no need to be fearful. But yet we still have this fear this fighter flight syndrome so what happens is we care read these fears around to get back on track. It's almost like you've got to with you everywhere you go. Hey what about this whole scared to death for another rule can't do that. See that's the thing. You're carrying around a backpack full of fierce. Now today what I wanna do is a wanna talk to you about where those fears are coming from. Wider there the end and how can you overcome them. Dangerously enough so it was covering this topic but another radio station. Earlier in the day. And I had a color calling. It was interesting because this gentleman had gone through all the topics that I just did he defense through them. So I asked him to call back today. Then I will be introducing him to use that I'm gonna let him tell you restored because she broke through all of those fears did the very same fears you have. The very same fears everybody has. And yet she broke through the mall now after he explains how it broke through them then what the outcome of that was. Then I'm gonna go ahead and lemon to share with you. Before the legs helped pass to the fore legs and got hold of the table of fear in your life where you got them. Value chain of what you need to do to get rid of them. There why is so important to understand that they're really there because until you understand where your fears are coming from. You're not going to be able to number one stop them from giving you more of them. And number two you're not to be overcome the what you already have. So we're going to work today. On your fears. And as we glut into this world of fear what should understand. That the first and very most important. One of these links of past. The legs of fear that all of the table fear. The very first one that's important is education. And the fact that people aren't educating us into gear. Ever since tour child. Consulate through our lives we've been told to be afraid to think we start you out as a child. Don't we start out with you're you're not good to Santa Claus won't bring you anything. We didn't bring up the point that hey if you are good you might get something percent of good up your bed. You'll get something comes at a cost. We moved from the Santa Claus saying it into other realms of childhood fear fright. Of if you're not good we won't give you dinner will make you stay in your room will peddle you. Everything is about fear when your child and why. Because it's a well known fact that you people pulled do. A hundred times more to avoid it could change. A loss. Into the fear of the pain of loss is Doug even actually have to be a lot but just the fear of lost. Then they will do to create a positive movement in their life. If I surely was story as an example it buckled to look at 3 o'clock in the morning and told you hey. I have an opportunity for you to make about 200 bucks if you're willing to get to listen to me right now you'd probably slammed the phone got on me. On the other hand if I called her up at 3 o'clock in the morning Sid and I just saw this guy walking down the street with your son is brand new bike. I bet you'd get your blood up ahead run in your underwear down the street to try to get back to bite can. Because why does that fear of pain. That fear of loss. Is much greater. And the potential. Of something positive. Suez today we go through. All these different places that fear comes from. Understand you're there because people want to control. Our number here eight. 776556755. Will be right back. We just don't want to radio show. You're listening to the joke once we radio. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles and just a few minutes. Lifestyle some limited is the real estate investor education and mentoring group that is taking people by the hand and taught them how to invest in real estate for over 24 years our students have been so successful in creating wealth and passing thing come that they want local state and international investor in the year awards nine of the last nine years it's easy to see my personal real estate investor magazine named as the best in the US if you're ready to add real estate to your portfolio go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to access our free live training events scheduled. 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Now here's some more unconventional wisdom to set you free the men on a mission to retire road America one for. No one's. With us holding Helm this Indy candies from clearly carrier believe you know I'm sorry. Sure remote western views and I believe the end endear their. Weird yeah. I appreciate your call an end I'm just a little background here folks are is she doing earlier showed today. And and we called it an unannounced. And hits such an interesting story that I wanted to share it. Stand so I ask him to call in. And it's gonna kind of club disrupted the presentation I have but I. It was so good this morning I thought that'd be good for you guys secured this afternoon again. So any Elisa let's start about with the this story did you start with today I thought there was interest you for the reason you called. Close to share with a something fabulous because we're talking about fear and there's. Probably nothing more fearful than getting a bad can it handle having a Tennessee about a new in what she could tell me a story about what happened with you this week. Well yeah pay a candidate that did give and I and I how often do your engine that and it's actually my night rental properties. It's very largest 46 footers are created applauded just or I'd join lock out. And I had this honest to god I was a little bit my enduring and and when you're 4600 square feet in the market terms six dollars a good guess what Europe are down low. The next guy great idea I would cure and it cannot. Actually. Started out okay. I've held on to it'd shoot out and just kind of held on hand and a great guess lower. Good. It was on three early sign of thirty years ago they yeah. And two years the market I'm fairly dramatically well. And I am that good that I'm on the Internet. Police slipping baby gators were not a book. An hour later I got a theme now an hour later I met a very nice couple. And error. No little older they've they've got a but bill daughter. They'd seen and know very very clean cut it. And a dish flabbergasted me. Our plan until the yesterday's. You know they gave me 123000. Dollar cashier's check or a year to rant. And another jail for a 3200. Dollars and deposits. And you know I noticed. There's quite a bit pessimists out there this is yet they must be vocal mark let's look at bay creditor. He may look clean up but he kind of got out of federal energy and you know certain I don't credit incredible long and slow the they have a spotless record under criminal. Now they did have a job to worry about poor. And I use of the base score 600 it's caused a month for an equal to. I usually get a month arena. It is scores 600 or higher per deposit. In the end it was about Tony product so movement has charger car to populate. Cannot they had little doll charging 3200 dollars to populate. They gave you that again you. I cannot let up on arena. That's another kind legitimate no doubt the market does so well. A real you isn't endorsing him are you did you need to charge mullah. Our razor had 250 dollars. And I I did didn't believe it is ready to grant you 150 dollars. And the last time and it just a year ago the only. They can beat box maybe would help me out at 250. Dollar increase. These 17195. Dollar grant. Any technical paid twelve months of trial. I'm about to go to plot the twenties over 26000 dollars in my mind. You know to get a story they've built like I told Al not ring and it helps. If you plug it down the road I can still go out. And I. I just. A bit and very very excited and and they can. You know I'm I'm happy about the way thank you go and then. It sure did you just look at not even that it even banged bitter back and turn out pretty good even went around. Every can't they were thinking you know darn it. Yeah which this well actually yeah. Yeah well I'm not recruited somebody comes along. Despite signing and I can tell you this good. And they're gonna make people really taken their money don't always bringing people calling wanted to come say that now. They drove I just saw out of new York. And they're anxious you are. And they're like oh my goodness. Enthusiasm to get somebody else their money. Not only to. And that's what she's talking to me is all this is about reining in not only. And yet people are knocked on the door down and try and argued picture phone ever going to do. Round about way to get your email address to bring in an email you know they can Egypt and then I don't know integration oh yeah we can make an hour. And then you find out it all they don't. Ever criminal record so they don't have. They're not terrible people are very clean but very nicely dressed drop and I are playing. You while I you don't speak trashing their legal immunity to really really. Unbelievable he made and now I'm I'm just shop built. Well it's been very enthusiastic Harris good dude do you appear before. You know who are proud under real estate will look. That she'd just extra yeah. Probably Mormon millionaire terminator really didn't need the other dormant industry. Is doing a lot if you don't mind being taken if you are sure and so they are quick story. Protesters seminar. I guess it was about six years ago. I was dating. A young woman you're much younger than they did have a daughter. Would like eleven or twelve years old and I came. Your skin and our our horror man hands and don't take my pretty. So it started in birdie I was sure and don't tell you know what would be a millionaire in five years. And it that I'm I didn't have too much money you know all of this is a window divorce. It can be either Al. Under that I had my heart and must still in my mind you he's got away from me. And I told I told my girlfriend her daughter you know probably a million or five years. And a girl laughed at me and I never forget that little girl LAPD manual eleven year old girl laughed and still that proportional financial statements the other day. And you know not be acquired or any kind but it and way better than Max. And so you know every golden city goes what you see you your seminar I have to go written on my best premiere right now. And I can't go look for and my son and I have made those bills and take advantage put up and they go. I this can't. Sure enough I guess it's hard for me to get across the with a bonus thing clothing. I guardian is just see your little man. And I talked a bunker yes you did not give me alone are about my apartment. And he could well we could probably do a smaller dealer this Latin. You know maybe she got back maybe she'd just gotten more single family held a puppet no you don't understand you. And you have got back into shoe store would have to take a break and will be back. With the del Walters radio show. You're listening to the Joseph wants leading radio. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles of justice. Long time lifestyles member Curtis. It's a real choice for me looking back. Is helping others and I wouldn't be able to have done it without the support of lifestyle ladies can't please thank you enough still for that's. If he were to ask people if they could vote on the top ten guys. That help other people you'd be one of them there's no doubt about it if you have. This road mass of cold and success stories on this one I'm just. One person out of that thousands fantastic success stories that each and every person can learn from that's my life. Hey Curtis Haines advice. Come meet felt like minded successful investors who are helping others just like Dell helped him. I attend the workshop. Get your map. Safely and quickly build wealth and passive income so you never have to worry about working till you drop losing your job or retiring in poverty. Call 18669718974. Due to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com that's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to register for the workshop or change your life. CBS news update. The situation at the north Carroll California damn northern California Dan that prompted the immediate evacuation of nearly 200000. People has improved. No waters passed over the damage still way since yesterday but no one's going home yet I wanna make it clear. The evacuation is still in effect. Butte county sheriff courting Korey Mahoney didn't offer a timetable for repairing the damage or when people might be able to return to their home. This is still a dynamic situation. Is still situation we're trying to assess. The damage. CBS a John Blackstone is watching the situation an aura bill Wear more rain in the forecast. The main objects here is to reduce the level of the lake by about fifty feet. 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Who know the steps to taken the calls to make the fix identity issues whether it happens during tax season or any other time of course no and to prevent all identity theft a monitor all transactional businesses join now and get tempers in north by using promo code savage. Call 1800 life blocker had to life flocked dot com troubled goats averaged. That's average and you save 10% now at life flocked dot com. Yeah yeah yeah. The. Happy in your life but did he present on the arm and a great deal is just the way we. Dot com and to our website today to see great deals on oh yeah. It's okay forced animals and kids are coming into the forest and it's up dust to make or is it a good one sparrow petty practice the most popular bird songs for the year. Thanks. Catchy high like river house the temperatures are refreshing 62 degrees nano Lubbock turtle he's not here yet man. He's late every morning okay swirl of. Forrest has been preparing just for you to learn more about cool things to do in the forest visit discovered the forest dot org brought to you by the US Forest Service and the ad council. This use both Savage Nation. Every co. Culture every society no matter where if they could they would find relief from every day vicissitudes existence mortem people freaked out everyday is a can't take it easy and look for a way how are you looking for a way after listening to me I'm addicted from a drug my voice is a drug talk radio is a very addictive media this is an addictive drug dispute that US. Michael Savage almost like no other. When did you become a part of the Savage Nation weeknight eight to eleven on talk thirteen seventy. Breaking news and talk. Planned speech by a controversial Brice Clark entered her on the Berkeley him out of the crowd tonight for this campus. The home of the free speech we'll stay informed throughout the day with top thirteen seven the right choice. You've made the right choice top thirteen seventy. Now here's some more on conventional wisdom just set you free. The men on a mission to retire road America one. Once. Welcome back you don't want to radio show on your hosts don't want sleep. And would witness today's Indy Webster lifestyles remember that just happened to call off the radio as a guest. What to have him share with you. His most but I guess phenomenal results in his in his life and what he's learned from being a member and investing in real state. If you'd like to talk and if you like asking a question because he is it interesting individuals. You can give us a call at 8776556755. Again 8776556755. You just call you can ask Russell Brand questions. Hi Andy as we go back industry got a couple different areas and directions only take the conversation Cushing brought up so much stuff blasphemous quote you. But I don't wanna leave any of it out so we're talking about here today let's go back and loose talk about the years you might ahead in the beginning you know we've got these four Beers. How that we have been one of them is your education what amidst fear from your past experience is what I'm is here from other people's past experiences. Can the last what is your social pressure. Now and you were talking when we last spoke. About when you first started out working there and that's factory around blue collar people bet. They didn't look Boris but steel currently about what you were about to do can you going to them. Yeah if it's a persona they they hear judicious in its hard to describe the ledger in that Eddie. Bush who who nominated dignity act because I am I wanna talk about how in the shot the ball game. Last night or whatever in the news your. What's going on this week in third girl you had met at the bar last time sort of saw it. Haven't tried to talk about. Yeah all the help they did a great deal what are usually you know our income and a bite the bullet to jump in there. You get destroyed shoulder and quiet and people just change this subject your turn the other way you know what are your blow you off. And yeah. It did not let not just be ended the Cold War Bertans booted them the monster at the very end hourly worker and a mentality. You wanna call it that it can also be educated and only days. It pretty well no way to get a hit it and get education. Like an agreement that. Yeah I get education. Foot and demanded they get a job. Working as a school picture it or something like in thirty plus 40000 dollars a year. And they and today still thirty years later. Don't understand. Well are realists say it a lot I work on our real estate and why did not only any income source political hobby for me. And it's this source of excitement and slug. And I can't relate and so the people. Pitcher around discount yeah. Shrug your shoulders and play our ages he's crazy he's just another case she's on its own and now I don't really pretty enter your Buchanan out there. Without without a home so to speak. And even though you got the only problem you're out there without a home because. You know this social. Well that built up. And I lack of understanding. And the city easy in my situation you don't have to overcome that and when people at this year's. Not fire back at him that's just didn't mean it there if there are situation and you can't tell other people look this British girl lost really because. You know you hear about their horror stories. There're negative slide then the girls were put the other day. Worried about the job market drop from 470 point during the day she's competent than they get a lot of mail us 30000 dollar mosque or one jaded bailout. And it's like a lot didn't. You know I made. 300 dollar today it is Murray energy energy to play and I'm making about 300 today already and you know. So is this guy like you can't. Relate to some of the people can't relate these two ladies gonna blow you off when you let you out of left field but me. It's just not a decision. Did not let my guard down or not. Lose my enthusiasm. And not be negative it and give up and say oh well it. I present I can't borrow the money end maybe Archie Kermode. My goals down and let them and happens. Sometimes that is not let me have my honest (%expletive) is a double. You know true big news now aren't you had to teach yourself then you're around people lit up pretty bitter GG. This thanks a lot Lee is it you know. Speaking of that speaking of that ended up. When you first joined lifestyles you know you went there first class a two day okay do. I don't know if you went to the first case study that we also or maybe later but once you've gone to a case study and you salt. Type of people the year now surrounded by. What did you think of that compared to us you know compared to your conversation with these people who just think you're insane. What's it like to be in this type of environment. Well it's it's like bill feeling. Enjoy it because you learn that you're not alone Roger you're not this one little. Person out there in the stratosphere by yourself all alone just float around out there there's other people. And there are hundreds of them and that you can come together and that's pretty. You feel more comfortable. Where year on the plane malevolent hey meg not playing on an all over the place and we get the different pledge lovers have a little bit more enthusiasm and opera and keep it under some other. It's harder for some people. Do. Yeah. Exponentially grow there have been others because their personal. Release more on the same page humility. Warning to achieve more and better and have a good airlock. Either our family our. You know their handling because right now are actually have a fear of blood at the future holds a lot on in this country and all that and I'm sure other people actually. But what are ready for me is this heaven whole bit. Believing something that he's not. Strap. The burden a financial burden that you know our government could not assume everything in hell I was the people I'm around. I think they got it please the people it didn't Casey birdies on the road trip and everything later. Today. I have grandchildren are it might be interest in German other gonna check it out and they don't want people do you know you can actually on the. Transform. From. Hey idiot or maybe scoot into poverty. In Indiana some people get up there and Getty's case studies. And it's like yeah. They're they're like me they're just like pumped. And he notre give alcohol swallows from the enthusiasm because they come from a job and they dislike. Makes 607080000. Dollars a year and now they feel like this. Well I'm married I got these kids and young being nicer club why could play at all. And if we get a shot 30000 dollar Kirilenko she should do what every better for my kids. Any good until they go out and EEC a low on appeared. Hater can't help is and guess what the next coming to a case city. Are you sure you don't. They they do retire underwater you know end and that's. That's really a busy and they you know they really exciting to see that an NN's my own situation series. Well we've got just about a minute and a half four we're gonna have to go to another hard breakup I want to ask you to very quickly into keeping an eye on the time here. Very quickly just describe the results you've made in the six years you've been a member of so that people get our arms around out before we go to break. What they're not sort of life other thank god had a well yeah maybe 45 how good our data are online and it didn't even better lesser deal. And I started bidding goes the first go look petty and welcome mother I'm not someone's hand he would have an RA. We re better go and eat (%expletive) and you go to heaven according how will. The other time he was twelve. We reached let it go the and he's sixteen now and we never that we got to go after that well your two. They have eighty doors about the Tammy was eighteen. And right now I actually drop houses and D'Amato partner in a small apartment complex who work pretty diligently. You restructure model on my property so lucky get a down payment on small apartment complex is trying to hit it broke the. Wouldn't really take a short break in the second Indy when we come back up for all of you there listening I'm gonna ask can't you tell us how much money they can see that's sort of things about lifestyles is different than everybody else. Has that rule actually share with you the real. Facts behind the deal still results and so forth. So I just went to all to understand out there that you're not gonna want to do during this off you are going to wanna come back in here. This is an unbelievable story and how four person that it is not a member of lifestyles as a white cells member you've probably heard of before but as a not much tells remember what you're going to hear we come back to last signal the show might shock you in fact I'm almost gonna guess it will shock you. So if you like to ask any questions last segment our number here it is 8776556755. Will be right back with the. Dell launches radio show. You're listening to the Joseph wants leading radio. Dell will be right. Our life changing principles are just a few minutes. Did you know that every dollar you put into a piece of real estate makes you money five ways. Cash flow of money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars you create when you have the right team and by the right property using the right map. Appreciation. 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And now and ticking down to the details Indy. Currently last year couple questions so if you just give me the answers then then we'll look to elaborate a little bit after that. How many houses you have now. According dropped the federal are live now at this point prepared home. You can't stand then you have a small apartment also leaves a bitter do I miss here that. Partner what could lead investor where there's a lot out member. Harder in his deal. And catch your partner another visit apartment complex and yes sir in the gallery area. OK very good stand now. Escude don't do you agree this is what everybody wants to hear. Has a net cash flow per month what are you averaging is a monthly net cash flow vault full of your investments. Taken into consideration everything yeah after repairs. I'd say it's around about counting their apartment partnership distribution about 8000 dollars a month. All right good number two quick wrap your 3000 a month period harsh twelve. 96000 dollars a year to bad 30% income taxes and seven for Social Security tax. Thought that up by another all. One point 4%. That's burned in commerce people tour and to come of 130000. Dollars a year. That's pretty impressive six your game and yet you're still working out. Certain certain. Hopefully not much longer. Make about a letter is still under and can't quit my job. Did. In 220 years I'm going oh my twentieth year next year and I really really wanna move away from that and I need just to make myself my at least. Got a few personal things bidder cannot hold me from a deserted the very moment. 11 of those banks so we're sure we're here is you don't wanna give it pays loans for small apartment complex under my belt. I don't wanna rock the boat with my income wanna keep buying some really strong. Kuroda for that alone that I can skip that small apartment complex can get it under my belt and you know indeed it solidified before how big deadly. Now you also shared with me before what your total network what's from this adventure of six years can you share that with us. Well I have. Personal financial shape not filled out for a banker the other days. Do the video he knew it was it was just under two million dollars so. I have a golf course about three. Three series seven maybe I don't don't quote omissions you treat cure or treat urban guerrilla days. But the others there's there are some debt on that real but I just don't know at all three player. Right I have a little Condo that I bought. 829 years ago before joining us. But else. Rather than merit did it's it's got bit on it and I'm trying to restructure that sort yet alone so I can move forward. Well it's going to do to help well. That's our real problem for him that's not going to be a problem for either we're gonna really get that restructured for your band we've actually got some new stuff that just came out that. I don't know if you nobody yet once I got to get off. To show here today and I've got your email now. I'll try to get a hold of the name the company that's doing that for you could they've got some really unique ways to get some of that money in equity out of their. And still get to the loan for those apartment complex. Now as you go into this multifamily you were talking about you can start Gorham road trips and paying attention that you brought up a very uninteresting. Topic. When I ask you about that before you were saying that the road trips were interesting because you were so many different types of people there can you elaborate on that. Well. I wasn't specifically talking about. And you know places or whatever but there's. Married people single people and Meehan and women's. All different nationalities. And backgrounds. It's what alleged financial stature. There's there's there's folks there are already retired. And are looking for a better way to secure their retirement. There are people that are very young. It happened to have you know worst ghetto where they can go on the road trip and are looking for. To do something different than what their parents did or other grandparents did well what their friends or do and. And Randy looked liquid and it looks like we've got a phone call that I'd like to squeeze in between oil goes to a priority. Looks like we have Tom from Plano with a question for Andy tomahawk real punitive. Thanks bill and youngest generation that was average equity in your crop freeze if you're considered a portfolio well recruiters and well why not admit to what's kind of the situation room. I and that is exactly what I'm trying to do so that's what I did spend most of the morning this morning making phone calls the it financials together. And I've been in communication with about six different institutions trying to wait to hear some children who couldn't so you can actually do me a portfolio alone. And if they can't do support oil alone at what germs can weigh in our users what my best friend bill I think we just say in this. They come upon something that a lot so this this probably will be better than he's going out personally ground. You know get on stuff out there. Yet that's what I'm proud to do I'm trying to put a portfolio loan together to pull somebody equity out. Bill. Or the market is built up Bob I bought most of my properties like bill as our joint lobster I'll set the right price. Store I had built their pleas from day one. NL and it has done with the leverage its just compound that equity. There's. Still very excited about that that's why there's a difference in the strip between. You know what oh and what I'm words and you know less there is you know. I already beat this girl. I'll Wear make sure that we have an opportunity to say thank you before we come to the end you're forget about thirty seconds left hand anyone appreciates. You for calling in ensuring all this personal information and everybody and sharing your enthusiasm and I look forward to. Your next great case study where you get up there and talk about your first. Multi million dollar deals an apartment complex I know you can do it. And as we go on here. Just to let everybody know that we are now impact. Many more cities we've just said in San Francisco Orlando. Minneapolis Seattle. Honolulu Sacramento Atlanta. And Miami hello I've been told that. Honolulu it can even be heard in Japan former French remember always throughout doing this for the money we're doing for the last have a great day. From listening to the Joseph wants to break your. The opposite of everything you've ever been soft so you. You can obtain the results. Join us every Monday through Friday they can't get enough this in lifestyles unlimited dot com. Click on the radio to listen to the lifestyles are limited real estate investor radio show access special podcast. Join the conversation. The information and a poignancy here on the Dell wants a radio show or those of the host Al -- sleep is gas and is collars and do not necessarily reflect the opinions at this station its affiliates its management or advertisers that don't want to show is for entertainment purposes only please consult a professional regarding your personal investment needs nothing presented on the Dell wants a show constitutes an endorsement recommendation offer solicitation to buy or sell any product security.