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Feb 13, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the motel one sleeve radio show. Tell challenges the status quo who questions everything. Empowers you to return to your core belief still make your life. You're there true it's your. Lifestyle you really want the next hour will change your life. And now you're going. National award winning investor relief. CEO and founder of lifestyles and limits Joseph warms my it's. I am here. Host today David Fisher sitting in for an alleged Mary Dell wanna sleep. They show special show it's about change your life for the better. It's about achieving the American dream it's about an immigrant that that the right way and achieve financial freedom. Ask you listen to her story today I want to put yourself in her shoes because you also can achieve financial freedom. Too we'll see investing how. She is done in such short period of time she did in under five years my goal is to retire people in five years or less through this real estate. Day you always hear her exact story of how this member actually achieved these goals. It's proved that you were in charge of your future not a loss and how you can achieve success with an effective not quite how to get there. Lifestyles is a real estate investing in mentoring group. That takes spoke by the hair and shows in this map to financial freedom. Each and every step of the way protection monitors do we walking through the whole process they show is about a super warm and she is so powerful hard journey through real investing will blow you guys away today my guess will be Kiley should skip. She was born and raised in new Z wind. She lives in Australia she was a Murti sheet and Mary and she won the national park association award which is equivalent to winning the super bull for apartments. Acquired over a thousand units a short period of time. That is a leader to action and will tell you her story how how she was able to double folks money and investing apartments. Could you imagine that literally doubling your money. By investing in apartments I know you're out there doing stock market for one K the IRA and all that other stuff you're not doing that don't consistent basis. Just keep their winning Crocodile Dundee how nothing on this lady she is the real deal so welcome aboard my guess they Kiley should Scott. Carly welcome aboard today how you doing. And doing really well thank you limit David. All I love that accent it's so awesome so. I don't know a little bit about Joseph what the folks out there listening. To know hey this a real person out there just like them you know you start off with that normal kind of job. Tell folks what were you born born and brought up and cut your background was in the beginning. It still but still I would owning Galen and apple and embrace the new deal and that I live theater and we could go there and I'm Nate seat. It might be married to create New Zealand and then we can debate me raining need you on the court at six month. The pool making it straight if the sixtieth and get it right click its image as an independent critical he would experience but yeah. Just where at least eight. She started out New Zealand in new New Zealand's you know most of us it's foreign to us but I'm all about New Zealand because. New Zealand is where the coolest thing in the world happened you know what happened in New Zealand super cool. They they feel now. There The Lord of the Rings. So when are growing up with that beautiful countryside and all that TC Hobbits or worse. No I did not. I think actually being an area we had that ordering that but in the south island you know the thing with said that knowing down and bigger topic in the fall stakes clean. Being and it actually beautiful. So he deliberately letting it still so you just huddle leave New Zealand that beautiful country full of earthquakes and a hustler squeaks are too. You know you you deal left that beautiful and you moved to Australia. And that's where he decided to move practice your career you decided to go out there and I guess. To ensure that Mary did you like Cassidy -- wallop bears and you know kangaroos what do you do as a veterinarian in Australia. Well basically I slipped zero priced at sixty outlets in spite of them really we had a wonderful things quite. We did his campaign Yuriko very special meetings all of these that it being hit by higher importance. So occasionally clarity air. I have that little green tree snake that once got what it only seemed to guide and yet I hated being. Attacking and I had been taking it any day. That the current term just played from the K and economic guy at large itself on this thing yet and I hit movies that make up either because I guess with the. So that's pretty cool so so we knew we need to carries kangaroos you know I received. I know about kangaroos don't think box you don't try to he would stuff I remember I watched solutions as a kid and Sylvester the cat he got knocked out by one did you ever get hit by a kangaroo credit vicious selling. No I don't worry can be motives and that is there anything to. Might people couldn't keep them and to debate your injury and they usually hit really qualified you know at the hearing that we can initialize Bartlett caught. That we would go to stabilize that manipulate them China on. But the trick which I'm a wallaby let wind being that you want to recommend a big how. I had to stop these hate crimes but it's great seeing in the united predicting indicate them more come into Cuba. While so so so you look at your job I guess at the guardian veterinarian but. You decided eventually to leave some wonderful Australia and all the school battle chants and stuff like that from your home what is the actual you know when you're from New Zealand German battleship is at the at a rugby games one of those guys do. And at that podcast and it is it is. Thank quickly and it kind of flake says the force times. Before going into battle with the traditional marry him what chance the portraits you know we intend and what they eat and they and we basically. A little bit like strutting around like a pay cut that would a guy I'm beginning you don't need to make and they you know they get up there and you look at the kind of comparable to be kind and showed no quite there eyes and really get a critically into it but it didn't think Dakota State. Do you do you actually remember any lines of the key key to why that's so powerful it you're just power woman. That leads other woman of children by example real estate. You are that person in cities people that way and a good way so you remembering that. I'd get a get a game we get it it. Lucky to how much he yard backyard. So you're awesome you I love that you actually just go along when my craziness but. That's how I feel like you why this warrior princess in my eyes of real estate investing because you've got involved an apartment complexes in the Stacy came over to America so. What made you move from Austria actually to the states and you actually moved to Texas correct. Sort of completely end seriously I'm glad my bailing out of my husband his am willing get jobs. Imus it's what they just a crook actually seeking didn't play they're across and that it wouldn't seem to have apparently about. Okay so you've been here a short period of time actually support 2017. So that's about six years you've been in America. And so a 2011 you came in the states. And then somehow you got involved in real estate investing in you found about a company which is lifestyles limited which is company I represent. You know where we teach people were real estate mentoring group showed people how can we turn themselves quickly to real estate. How do you actually find out about lifestyle plummeted. Even shifting story because I'm like waking up and being an at that time I was doing at collecting clapped my like foot jump. And I need another that's phenomenal lady ga aims. So he actually had a good cooking wood caught talking about remote site and time. You know I lab he's been let but it was the right place and the American empire or at least looked only at those. And she actually are into crime and a machine that actually I'm eighty indicate that I'm in Asia had a left out and she. We talk probably single family newcomer look at my comment I comment. And play another round of one of her comments that with a 140. Unit. And he's got in the kind of a girl scout what they and we may under on this property and she checked the around and you know I would get itemize I would like you are yeah. And he would do that might move many and cumin is we we I had to do that. And I don't I don't display alone doesn't blow like Justin might have viral cure even teed it seemed incredible and I should be able to date at. And so that she won't seek a column to. Cool so I see your veterinarian you're like oh what do I know about apartments nothing you don't need to. That's what's called a lifestyle you have people they're gonna help guide you through that process of actually investing in apartment complex and you've accomplished so much in a short period of time and that's what I wanna go over the next couple sections of how you do this how you achieved over a 100% returns and stuff for your investors and how you actually listen to folks are listening in you can do this as well what's really exciting about Kiley is we're doing this masters to work going to. Puerto for an apartment complexes in these eight pluses and I'm going to be leading one of those buses. You can actually go to one of Kiley apartment complexes all that masters or on the to give out more information about that. How you can get about how you can actually go and meet Kylie and some of these other lead investors it. Which are these indicators to put together these deals can actually meet and interview them and talk to them so that you know. Hey I can do this as well coached. Carly you haven't experienced an apartment when you can lifestyles that first time you. You know came through seven are you know in Houston probably don't want to see my meant to your mentor teach you how to do it. That aha moment when you what's that seven RC you know what I can do this I can replicate this map what. What made you wake up I know that this was a career that you can look forward to doing. So I slept well I we'll see different type study which adequately get a couple of people out authority cabinet and they record lady could be called Mary and added she's cute lovely lady should mean a meat of course each announced out of the court named in humid. You just being down inside and I'm actually talking about it 59 unit should score. Mean how are seeking to compare it. I'm an imminently to the truth they would tell the game is on single family and be in single emerald. And the secondary is multifamily and just when Dell call that Burton went either the number it's. I just. I knew that that was the white guys. There you go so we're gonna pick this up after the break another so live call in show if you want you can call it an 877. 7-Eleven 5211 that's 877. 7-Eleven 5211 Kylie and I we back after the break we'll start going through. How she started with a little seventeen unit and essentially doubled over a thousand units. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles in just a few minutes. Lifestyle some limited is the real estate investor education and mentoring group that is taking people by the hand and taught them how to invest in real estate for over 24 years our students have been so successful at creating wealth and passing thing come that they want local state and national investor in the year awards nine of the last nine years it's easy to see my personal real estate investor magazine named as the best in the US if you're ready to add real estate to your portfolio go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to access our free live training events scheduled. Wondering who the free workshop is for we did amazingly successful with people who are pressed for time. Doctors lawyers small business owners and corporate professionals. Who are grinding their lives away four earned income and don't realize they can start creating passive income today. Within that confines of their schedules and commitment. 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So restrictions apply for completely to squeeze as ultimate actually got a the Sean Hannity show she's seeing Ford quote you're seeing Samberg had Dino you're seeing the whole night club in Orlando quake that held up. I'm sorry that some people are gonna be inconvenienced that's not our problem we don't have to let you went to this country. And how so many on the left are so willing to jeopardize Americans because of this politically correct. Vantage point it makes zero sense to me. I catch the Sean Hannity show weekdays at two on talk thirteen seventy the right choice. Hi this is Jason Hawes ghost hunters and I MTV Johnson from Chad spare magazine did you hear the news a new overnight paranormal adventures on talk thirteen seventy. It's beyond reality radio Monday through Thursday nights at eleven when we talk with you about everything paranormal ghosts zombies bigfoot the asteroid aliens you get the picture interviews your calls and discussion through our chat room and taste okay. 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Welcome back now here's some more unconventional wisdom to set you free. The men on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. No one's going. Welcome back to build and sell real state. Investor radio show I'm sitting in for my mentored Dell wanting my name is David Fisher are retired myself and two years our goal was to retire you have five years or less from lifestyles. We are real estate investor. And mentoring group we take you by the hand and she had to do just that my guest today is Kiley should step and Kylie is an immigrant from. Originally New Zealand then moved to Australia and now she's here in the states she's in Houston Texas she bought over a thousand units which can be able to retire herself. Very destined very effectively come to re hosting this protesting she jumped right into apartments would you join our program and she's never look back so highly. Now that you have just joined lifestyles a little while ago. And you worked at an area that was outside your box but you learn how to do this now you didn't do it by yourself did you. When you shot there and you bought your first apartment complex let's talk about going through that process and about the size of prop property and a little bit of doubt it could put you might share that was highly. Yeah excellently. Played my little property I'm not doing what I crow I am lifestyle and I immediately to Scott Scott can it you know older trip to old information online all the courses. And just admit to myself and that and me to every you know everything I could. And being into a company came out and it with a little Steven king CNET and they would play a 43 unit and the fellow wouldn't Obama got the other. But we can't come even encased in. And what they're really cute little property it was all one story and it and what do break and I hate it meter race in concrete parking lot. And it looks smoky little unit added that it would the current run delicate needed a little bit of rejuvenation. And we and we couldn't computer Kuwait and taking in just fixed just a lot of things are tight you know all the hope would hate is French. The type of mailboxes in just a lot of whip coma prop eight. The company owned that I've been really fun to my good guy I college I was. I would speak to admit that I got out of the carrier's a great that the property of its flight school at different looks like now on until it not thinking I'm gonna live. You know I knew today because I had all the health. So and so you know just folks out there listening to hear even that seventeen unit you know. Themselves huge you know here's is expensive property you know I'm just a nine to five worker I have some money in my. 41 K or IRA and how can I ever get involved with this so. You know just round numbers you know you didn't do this by yourself you actually have partners in this deal in the syndication. And just so folks out there listening to know is this some realistically if I can do. Did you have other testers about how much money did some real good that did have a lot of money put in this deal let's first deal. So lesser extent that the title at a poker that title amount of change we need to get into the deal with that that 160 happened. And I put in that that 80000 and I had one other and it's just wonderful how that I hate. You know it is but it couldn't be with me in their little deal and Gary Moore had the heat button about 65000. But it won't be huge amount out of pocket with a little couldn't see you know. Right so so regular guy out there hey it 65 grand. You can invest and you can actually do this to say don't be intimidate when you hear us talking about eight she just bought a 500 unit apartment complex or somebody that. You gotta realize it's like minded people who get together and by the syndication Zeke you don't whole bunch of people from all across America. Get together and do this you don't have to be based out of Texas we are national companies so folks up there listening. And we invest everywhere all all across America so Carly you bought his very first apartment complex. But you ended up buying a package deal this and another was so you you bought this seventeen unit. And then how long did it kind of teach you to. Turner round picks it up get a nice before you close on a second apartment complex. It took three months. Very good about streamers that just meant to clean look at things and people that haven't been eating animal techniques. And and you know the green on the outside I don't mean it Elaine kicking in he's been saying and eight cents. Indicating the supporting the occupant the today and annual look at the things that you would expect it took about three months and then the company which are really coming along and being McClain don't actually kinda inched you know it was such a big early test by clicking on it even came. And I knew I could do it at that point it was just the same card to purchase certain principles but the big. And I thought I can do that split it don't need confidence to move on to that makes one. And your loan through this process you know you're a lot of people here is you know we get you get all the education you watch a videos and all that. But to actually and mentors actually that walked these properties are helps you to a certain mantra that you work with Tony's first deals. Yeah all the kids play and Adam Jones graduate with my knee toy and he wouldn't get phenomenal and I would just cool and antiques spin and I would always can convict let them in bench he actually lovingly call me it took a nap too. Six Corliss thought and I touched them. Yeah I've played big so. Right and Ed that's always a fear of people you know they should do or say we have these mentors you know and there's. All these properties are behind the weekend that hands on mentioned we actually woke up the property will actually. I help you through these deals we actually teach you how. But that's so you know it's it's it wasn't hard to reach out to Jon you know lots. It's funny cause you know I I I heard a funny story about this actually you know because that John's wife for whatever what did she refer you was at the other woman what do what does he mean. Well I used to Colin low match bit he would eventually or vacation. Driving a moderated that they would that's what its bud and and I quote about. And he looks at the burden is bringing in he couldn't do you what did you guys that hit the this extent and hit an unit let in it they're the other woman. But we see that virtually you know people out there listening you know the actual lifestyle is about it's like a family when you join this program where we actually. Take you by the hand and walk you through it these men are literally we give out her cell phone numbers we get out you know our email I just you can call us and talk to us in Milwaukee through the process as we understand. If you're new to this you're gonna be nervous but that's what it meant to or does he walk you through the process and helps you and so you can understand all the PL statements all these crazy things you never heard about before. We make it down simple forms in simple terms that everybody can understand so he went from seventeen unit then you booked us a little bit larger one. How long it take to turn around that property. Talk a little longer like that with a bat and the next month and just you know debris had been spinning around. I lose but we did really well that one inch lead truck. It talks given pain mountain title that we don't and we double because money. Wait hold up you've doubled your investors' money so if there's somebody didn't like so they put in like fifty grand turn in like a hundred grand that's sort of doubling. Eight but it doubling Politico audio. I know so before came lifestyle were you making that type returns she's. Did you do anything interesting that these people mistakes do you know where we uniform KBR array any of that stuff did you do the stock market stuff forks when he had similar to that. Had we had some money in the stock racquet. And it would not take it added that but it was just sitting there can but not really going out or maybe a dying but why don't treat it each bank badly it is very very play carpet of both. Added a couple of leaking like you to kind of get away. Right so so you found out apartment is a better way and you know those of you whoever comes to lifestyle you learn more about you try to we make money for highways and we'll see investing. And one of the big benefits is to tax benefits because. If you do correctly the weight I teach at Dell teaches it. It'll be tax free which is a really cool benefits that the cash flow coming in did you find some good tax advantages on your property as you were gone through this process is well. Lately anything lately because we put so much I'm capital into them to the extent mapping to the money well. I am greeted the depreciation and really really good that week week. Yeah I I just got started to pay eighty X eight and on any and income. I'd it'll at this critical I love it. Look folks you know we're gonna take a break great now but if you have any questions for Kylie or myself as we go through this process all the way up until you receive. Got a thousand units they want a national work can just call in today at 877. 7-Eleven 5211 that's 877. 7-Eleven 5211 or go to lifestyles a limited dot com. You're listening to the Joseph wants leading radio. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles and just a few minutes. Long time lifestyles member Curtis. The real joy for me looking back. Is helping others and I wouldn't be able to have done it without the support of lifestyle ladies can't please thank you enough skill for that's. If you were asked people if they could vote on the top ten guys. That help other people you'd be one of them you're no doubt about it fear and. This road map both wholly success stories on this one I'm just. One person out of look thousand's fantastic success stories that each and every person can learn from that's my life. Take Curtis Haines advice come meet go like minded successful investors who are helping others just like dale helped him. I attend the workshop getting your math safely and quickly build wealth and passive income so you never have to worry about working till you drop. Losing your job or retiring in poverty. Call 18669718974. Due to lifestyles and limited Austin dot com that's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to register for the workshop or change your life. News. CBS news updates will drug administration fights for its immigration ban in the Supreme Court maybe not. While an official says they could dictate the executive border to the top there are other options among some the president may be considering from CBS is Jan Crawford. There is a chance the entire California based federal appeals court could review Thursday's ruling by the three judges. Mr. chalk it also asked the Supreme Court to intervene the at this preliminary phase that's unlikely. Justice Department lawyers arguing in federal court in Alexandria Virginia today against a preliminary injunction that would put a longer hold on the executive order mark Herring Virginia attorney general. Virginia and Virginia residents are being harmed by this because we've got students and university. Employs a professors. Crew are unable to travel abroad. Because they're basis will be canceled his visit go drug international conference and present their their work for example. CBS news update I'm Jim Taylor there. I started my business in 1986 and began paying employees. I would hand right Jackson safe here you go don't cash in until Tuesday. That came to a screeching halt when a teenage employees citi's Dan wanted to see is pay stubs paste tub we don't have pay stubs to work. He said yeah works for the government and state law requires a receiver pays out well. Right how might chapel CEO patriots software after many emergency calls I learned how to correctly withhold payroll taxes increase pay stubs. Hi avoided handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit mandate barely. That's why greeted patriots software to help small business owners do their payroll taxes correctly with pay stubs. Our payroll start to just ten dollars a month in if you need help we will help you for free. Go to patriot software dot com and enter promo code radio and I'll give you two months of payroll processing free. That's patriots software dot com. Sony Parker John easily Bernard key it's just a few weeks to ever hit real hard wouldn't move. And why it's fun for gambled. It's an entry for. Mean we can name for themselves this year. Pulling no place here called the Texas CNN sports network. Boston sold for taxes NM basketball. Talk thirteen seventy saw right choice presented by paves tractors. This is moment. Kind of flooded the market applaud Telecom that would money do you think there is they're kind of like I and I love you technologies. Well I think China's supplies 24 sevenths FiOS 365 days here. No question in my mind I think we all know that look when you're talking about a country and that is willing to ignore copyright law. And trademark law in that sense you're talking about a rogue nation. Money talks with the Bob Brinker Sunday nights at nine on talk thirteen seventy. She's so Savage Nation. Many of your are you are angry at me for even mentioning that you think that I should never say anything negative about anybody who works for trump I disagree with you I don't work for Donald I want them to win I wrote Trump's Warner helped him but it doesn't mean after severely his votes delegates fingers to I have to do that is that what you want is that what you expect to me everything that he or any was back to Odom singer who is great Michael Savage all post like no other. Why did you become a part of the Savage Nation week nights eight to eleven on talk thirteen 78. The top thirteen seven. Welcome back now here's some more unconventional wisdom to set you free. The men on a mission to retire road America won her. No one's really. Welcome back to you don't want to show I'm sitting in for the host they'll want to be I am David Fisher like ginger. I retired myself than two years are golden lifestyles to retire you know five years or less. By the special guest on today who did it just like I did retires so very quickly real estate investor how our goals retire your fighters are less well guess what I've highly she's gonna wind. And she's telling us about her career in lifestyles. Of her being up syndicator apartment owner owning over a thousand units right now how she came as an immigrant. Change her life was able to return herself quickly along with her investors she didn't do it by herself. But she did it for herself and for these other families and test it with her so. We just talked about her first two apartment complexes and how or blue on tour third apartment complex. You know so Kylie who you know now you started getting it into the door saying to anyone to move a little quicker he put a bullet bigger so. You know you can too small ones what's the next size apartment complex you decided death by for weeks for yourself and your investors. I had 71 with a hundred and Cooley CNET and what are you really ought permit but really can't how to do it properly on the little ones you know I. I've seen and I I think on the ground and collected money from Keenan cannot find places that I knew I had to delay in play. It was a natural progression to the adopted at a hundred Alina. And it would spread over clock. Right so special folks out there listening you know if they're like look at their 41 K and their ire raider looking out. Is this a good alternative for meat in Destin can I make better returns and obviously your first deals where you said hey you were able to actually double people's money which is pretty awesome you know compared to the stock market but. They're thinking hey I'm in California are on the New York or whatever. Kiss do it all your apartment complex route you have investors from other Ares and other than just taxes is that correct. Great idea I had quite as he added on and he is an ability is the punch from California you know a couple could not take credit Florida Georgia. And Mississippi at Montana. They don't have I I had people from all over the country. Well let's see and that's that's what's great about this you don't lifestyles. It's like the melting pot of American you know your people from all over the contest from anywhere we actually pipe. Properties and other states as well you've focused actually in the Houston area mainly all your properties argues Mary correct. You. And for the folks out there listening just truly understand that they can get involved in this as well. You're most tests are an all your deals just just so they know our starting point where can I get involved how much was your lowest investor when you're deals. I don't look can be stay at a C twenty I've bout. I am gonna put my deal you get paid and what can get together around a hundred some you know quad Q that state and the identity a couple of weeks but could it much but I didn't stop with a huge you know to keep telling. And that I lightening up to help people out and I didn't give people a chance that funny cute and it made me and engaged with. Right that's right it's so powerful about lifestyles about how about these people put these deals together they. They get that everybody starts out somewhere so people even if they don't have a lot to address it can still get involved now this is a live talk show it's 8777115211. That's 8777115211. Virtually go to a full caller right now how. We have Samantha from Sonny tells America how we do today. I'm doing well how are you will scream study built by the way. I'm stunning audio is that the next candidate going towards Adam. But just days dammit can't upset and can't. That's in California. How. Did you go to that site. You'd like your estimation so California called simple facts are right Samantha would put your questioning from meter or hurt highly. Our iMac that's been doing a lot of research on my purple I'm about 45 year old. And I'm looking to retire should there had been later Anna I have I have my money spread out in fact E*Trade from the back. Merrill Lynch I rap I wanted to act about a subject that I rat and then added to the dowdy and what I wanna do is start taking heat equipment that many are real estate and that I don't know I actually do here in Silicon Valley it's very very bent bent. Our branch out and I just started listening to this great it shouldn't pretend that you think your lifestyle and they aren't like very. Pool of people that you and I need to go and that's an apartment which is something really need to lead so I can understand a little bit more about that and I mean if it makes and how I could have possibly get and invested in bad and what it takes. Absolutely Smith that's a great question and the answer is take a look at your stock portfolio look at all those different things you mentioned there. Is it doubling its money. Probably not. How would it be great to take what you have if you can double every few years that's what. You know investing in real estate does we make money five different ways and you know in an upper down market I want you think about this matter to people need a place live. Absolutely. That is the one necessity every person out there listening needs need a place to live. And whether it's apartments or houses if you invest in them. People always need a place to live an upper down economy and that sort focuses on middle class hardworking person and that's what got Kiley does she actually provide departments for these people. Which that changes their life to live their but it also makes us great return and she even has a lot of investors actually from California so it doesn't matter where you live. You can get involved in this way you can use your higher raises well I can't go and all that details right now Samantha but I its once you know this. Why don't you go to lifestyles a limited dot com they have a free starter kit. Learn a little bit about the F we actually actually teach out there aren't taught Latin taught in San Jose how last year and coming back out there again teach. You can actually come to life similar learn how you can get and Bob. If you what are you know about that you know you can call 866. 9456565. Call the offices get one of those you know free workshops they actually have an online version for folks like you Samantha and played out this. This is a better alternative to what you're investing in now does that sum it up good idea Pete Smith the. Yeah I wanna educate myself first before it starts sledding around when William B entrapment case. I don't know I don't know the exact high mean you'd have to actually call the office and find out when that is going lifestyles a limited dot com it has all the information there. There's three dark it's just do the free stuff seek seek is just something that makes sense for you Samantha what amount they're teaching hey I'd love to reach out there. I. Match. Policy it. Alright so cutting let's go back to. What we're talking about you know you can go to your second apartment complex now it's a little whip bigger you to economies of scale. What you tell us a little bit about that when you went up how much easier was do you that. I was actually not too much media because aren't allowed to say tonight for a hundred units you can actually afford to highlight what kind stop. I'm about the sixty unit that I was at that we can have gold on that bench. You look at Goldstein manages that rain and that the company out of the cold kind maintenance got a little cold training after I was saying. And I know agents at which if they get property with mutated system like higher cookie that it dated a lot of the bookkeeping. And I think it was a really great and it was. It on rehab because you know that whole that they actually. I'm emptying carnage that quite a while on the play you know we caught many until it making the call not concluding a bit cooler and doing landscaping and I'm putting a business unit off but then you know it was a fun project could create you know have really make it not there and I'm in the app I really enjoyed it did little. They reload deal. And folks you totally listening Kiley as you hear she gets experienced as she gets his comfort zone as she gets. You know the confidence as she grows as a real estate investor there's also some call economy of scale that's what you bring up as she goes to larger apartments. If you hear her usual what she's saying read between the lines she is buying back her time on a smaller apartment hey you don't have the same size they have put as she goes bigger. She's buying record time we're now she is a key isn't units at Seymour -- death doesn't handle that she bought back her time. She goes bigger and faster journey that we're going through. Go back to lunch right now when it talked to one of our callers calling and hey welcome aboard how you doing today. Not you've read yourself what we found today. Period Arizona Phoenix Arizona also I won't be out there teaching mirrored this year's Welsh so you know what your needs. Mike should terrier actually we let you are related to our presentation. Also might that's pretty okay what's your question premier Kiley today. Quote. More of a comment I just urge you referred the previous caller to the workshop. Which you also do it for me when I was out and Jose and I just got to stay that made only one of the biggest impact it is. Is a good way to gauge you on the right my mean and even just the books you guys are recommending they met workshop it's. You know it's if you have. The prisoners because you don't quite understand everything that's gone on it so great first step Q it into the real best that real estate investing. So I just want to achieve you know and cheer point as far as you know people who are quite ensure. That what really gets you motivated. Awesome I appreciate kudos that's that's great I love meeting everybody I love going out there. I love hearing about the stories how they're taking action that's what's cool about less customers. Close group of friends and actually intestine and get to know each other very well you know what I'm sure he made a lot of friends are weakening needs are networking and I hope you know when I go to Arizona you'll you'll actually come again because remember when he joins membership. You come back as many times you want to some hope I get to see you out there it. Oh sure absolutely and you know right now I'm just upset people it. I'm I'm sticking with that to get you know to that end game and now lifestyle so. Really created elite but also meant so I think with that in their mind you're on the right path you gonna step up. Folks this is a call in show 8777115211. At 8777115211. Next we're gonna talk about how she wanted to national war Carly did. How she changed her life. She you have to break. You're listening to the Joseph wants leading radio. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles and just a few minutes. Did you know that every dollar you put into a piece of real estate makes you money five ways. Cash flow of money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars you create when you have the right team and by the right property using the right map. Appreciation for real estate doubles in value about every ten years. Equity build up. Renters pay down your mortgage each month and finally this tax advantage we pay almost no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains. These are the five ways we make money in real estate. Which is why real estate accounts for more millionaires in the world today than any other investment vehicle you should have some real estate in your portfolio. To learn how to attend one of our free workshops or call 18669718974. Go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718974. Go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com. 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For the next couple of days for a week a couple of months a year and how long until you lose everything you workforce in a fraction of the time it took to earn. Keep this fear keeps you up at night it's time to learn the strategies we teach has lifestyles unlimited starts with a free workshop and go to my parents didn't come workshop dot com and find your true financial pieces like so many of our members already have. That's my passive income workshop dot com. Thirteen seventy. Welcome back now here's some more unconventional wisdom to set you free. The man on a mission to retire road America won her. No one's. I'm Dave Fisher I'm sitting in for legendary dale one sleeve of my goals retired people five years or less through this thing investing this is. The lifestyles are limited Dell once he radio show where we teach you how to change your life through real estate investing Michael retired people five years less and today I have Kiley was meat shields over a thousand units of property in the Houston Texas area she is in national apartment award winner winner. And now we've been talking for the first several sections about how she's ramp up from a small little seventeen units. They're going bigger and bigger to the economies of scale and growing and then she actually won a national apartment association more so. You talk about your grove community portfolios three larger type properties that you've now done. Can you explain to people kind of what that process was up which would you acquired end. About those properties Carly. Lately and so it makes. I am that. This spring gridlock with that they'd be elected on what the plan that we are planning on leaks he can beat me by the queen all of these. It's money and that actually I had argued in and money and we go buy the property and we took. Entree to distribute talking defeat the EF. I am an addition to giving them all the money day. I got all that money back edit Jefferson returned that's awesome to. Yet it's Cody goes. And that this good they're really really we would start on that too when meat man so what happened but creation property be here would. That deal because both know I've been underperforming. And when we got it into just sit around and Michael and we're really appetite to lift the people. And pay an indicator really performing in and we actually we would bow on it when they award and I'm glad I don't it was just think if state. And say I did get one in the night I hope I'm going to spring garden with the new deal that was due to the minute drive from Spartanburg block. And to deal had that the triple M brown political office there it's crazy game man. It's that it it. Detonated the real how can revitalizing it Gila qualitatively different beautiful it's kind read it and Steinway all the property encode and Korea would be that it Corey kind of fame. And I don't think he with a lap at a tour is going which it is gonna be really critical. We don't want to bring you coming girl. You really really quick Miley we're gonna Gloucester distance apart accomplish she's talking about so. If you are actually going to that. Go to multifamily masters toward dot com find all dotted. We have eight toss is going out these properties actually not just highly but a lot of my other national award winners would not so just so you know your interest in that go to multi Tommy masters we're back -- there's a special they're going mischief anybody's open to go to it. We're gonna do that march 17 to this year so. If your statue that website but pick it up from there Kylie because we are gonna be losing their apartment complex. Shot they put extra guards with a 140 coal unit remain a hot spot on flight day and we could one another deal Campbell Chrysler 280. Left you know that's. And today it would also about why that striped it got a little cluster of companies in the same up my racquet. And then I hit a good one Clayburgh and you know we did what it could curry put out 152 unit just asked how. It would. When the Fed says it was a huge deal and then double up portfolio I. And that what would be really cool that they're in such a big deal is. We've been able to look forward to actually couldn't punch it or the kid so much needed eight to click to go Google market children all property and play. The putting in this fleshed head they can go and relay and slasher out of the finals appearance with that it it would keep denial man. And Republican could anger community can be seen and which can be a lightning. And what would an awkward went immediately turned and I'm prepared I'm out of reach that I had have to go. You know Alex and typical is that normally couldn't afford to teenage kids to have to unite I'm in Taekwondo listened to a ballet lead until about. Can patients in the kids along and they can be cool and we how could be tactic meant. I think it's it's going to be my amazing thing and I'm really into eighteen and that sort of thing about grain being old properties together encourage communities. Click to create the united opportunities to take food to eat they community in fact I'm an old Lleyton played. Crane bid and in their quality a lot of people really couldn't playground we couldn't you know cement holes with common unit community. And Donald here is that even you can make I might get geared to making people's lives speed action in if you can't achieve key change to come who is they wanted to properties. You gonna repeat equality of black and Nicky. And he's going to be opportunities that will go PA type I really love and speakers are helping you know at Kenan. I'm and they would be the second guaranteed until they went could be eating district patients. And then I know that community unlike spring branch island community really love fest could be common and we really helped me cleanup hitter on the company's. And and make that are really lovely place to live and play they re actually went instead to keep people that helped. And they are decorator recommendation for the national capital or in and they helped them I guess when next they spent a good one McCurdy went in and but I greatly neatly at the. Yeah that's what it's all about us not just about profits and whites and accents were actually change people's lives. Not only for justice but like you said for the community were making a better place for every one. I mean that's what it's all about and you don't wanna go back to the call are still wanna bring in windy from California and you know you change it like I changed my life read any book we do to change your life today are you doing today. Yes through the question of mortality and not much you can walk but family afford Alpharma. What team they're not all property. Well for first feel he does that people always meant that it improperly anybody doing together for all of their work. So are reading hell you today Phil holly hills. I didn't get it. Yes and it must feel I need him one other in the death. And the deal got Vegas he was more was out of capitol mall Manny made it Jacobs couldn't redemption and play. Now we and I have the I have a whole bunch have been beefed this country get action. And we pull out money together and get Alley by the comment until it syndicate at money today and and tired they're basically pass as certainty is that the deal. And I guess I've seen that monthly amount that is and also the 8 o'clock today. So all did you know Randy and everybody can get involved in this you know a few of it and work with the other grand you just put it in chunks and you get great distributions. And it's a great way for you to get involved if you what little more about that when any go to lifestyles a limb to dot com that's lifestyles unlimited dot com. I am your host to date David Fisher I had Kylie along with me I have many other callers on the line but I can't get cheated they send me email asked David. At LE YC dot com Cecilia or Georgia I'm sorry I can't get your calls I love having you on board Kiley. We have to go to Dave but folks get out Darren did it's not the money it's a lifestyle I want you to change your life like Kylie do you. You can do this is well have a good day. Radio show. Can obtain the results of join us seventy. We can't get enough. Still once the radio show access pass your. And okay. The information and a poignancy here on the Dell wants a radio show or those of the hose still wants Lee has gas and is collars and do not necessarily reflect the opinions at this station its affiliates its management or advertisers that don't want to show is for entertainment purposes only please consult a professional regarding your personal investment needs nothing presented on the Dellums show constitutes an endorsement recommendation offer solicitation to buy or sell any product or security.