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Feb 11, 2017|

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    Co-hosted by Dr. Richard Massey and Meridian Grace, Naturopath. Guests include Danielle Capalino, MSPH, RD, author of "Healthy Gut, Flat Stomach: The Fast and Easy Low-FODMAP Diet Plan"; Dr. Cheryl Burdette, ND, on Xymogen's XymoBolX and how it can help to preserve and build lean muscle mass.


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It's now time for let's get healthy with bills wail on top thirteen seven he's taking your calls live at 512643. Life. That's 5126435483. And now here's mills whale. Hey good morning folks this is real royal employ him a look at the day up got a great crew here today with me. We have had a grim nature president and doctor both of whom partners in life. This we hope that foreigners and more. In living hell have you Leo fortunate to live better these social partners hidden camera the Muppets to have to protect. A with Valentine's Day they have protest day. You you you're the kind of person that was so I don't know much joke on Valentine's Day. We should say who's there. You're safe I'll listen. Can you say I'll live to a few I live unless you they're getting the other view yeah. And then and that's Soriano soon to chocolate covered org an extra here as far as I looked over at this time I'll let. Unless it is business trips there this car to sort of the words right Amanda. What bush can tell this is going to be I'm just to show and I do my job is much real good show to the mother always. Keith Foster. Yeah answer to cancer and he's got the book the answer to kinship. And so that would be great. First just by the way just a Manson who's holding just are you there. I don't I don't know if you know just didn't. Because YouTube you have to reduce American. Yeah got a hot army point first up are Chinese and Arab western perspectives on autoimmune disorders. Cool alien probe also coming up as soon doctor sure Burnett an extra pass Dorgan does Tom ridge's color. DH cute. A must to a DA's Houston shorten kangaroo I don't know what the sponsors. And filters and he's got. So tell us what got me slicer general works or not well let's get to your flat. And then Laura Lamar and she's she's got to. A very distinct. Concept and is working he waited blankets. Crane waited like do you use a great he's got. Actually my sister who specializes in working with children with autism. Just has been using weighted fastened blankets for at least twenty years that the cancer and it's just it calms them down. She likes to put them on something that spins around and can get them all weighted down it could on the. Well we don't talk about that crucial in this is made right here and ultimately to the blank his swollen and this is better than dogs playing when your blanket when you sleeping. Because dogs we room and knocked it and I can disturb sleep it's characteristic. Maybe some Paris I expect it's a hypocrite like he's going to be good if so. Jessica. You having good self sabotage. Combining eastern western viewpoints. On our immune conditions. This Tuesday February 21 7 PM. Yes tell us briefly this. You know this well yards off merger talks are really good. So thank you so your losses acupuncture shrunk. And so so she's gonna give us the cliff notes stuff here you know over the net. And does a lot of things that people wouldn't often think about auto news word elite here I don't mean any OG my. Might mean that it over there and ads attacking my kids you don't. And I have too strong and it means that the and so I don't think our demands the. But condition. Put it actually couldn't quite the reverse of what true. Usually win when the auto unit videos YouTube have expressed an antibody. But that's due to a weakened a little bit better. On I mean a lot of time due to this bio that Andy got track as well know are reelected and a broken bow. How do out of work or Mattingly and that's how do you rectify that got the bios does all the talk about Chinese model for her out of me this year which is what they await the heat. So we'll be content not an old. Did you grow that was your in this gray once again you distribute to south Lamar Jordan mr. lotion south Lamar. New intercession memoir. And then might. So try to go how we should chore shoo them away from us. It lets relaxer and actually for everybody who it in the aren't they need to show up. And that everyone who attended they'd like to schedule an appointment with my practice and great Corey button. The dollar bought their first appointment now indicted Eric. And patient of mine who want to it and and I cannot lecture you know get hot or not they're returning appointments look like. How well that's a dirty hit we will remember this is very serious we'll help us you know which a lot of people in my age group when I went to med school far she's go build you well know this really got an auto immune diagnosis they were giving chemotherapy to kill their immune system because it was believed it was too strong musher guest. You know could. I'm now and so ending they were here earlier says there's another way to look at that you know like that and I have pictures. Yeah yeah yeah we look at it and that's the good thing haggard but you know when you take it more natural approach your opening yourself up to. Invasion of market leader on top about autoimmune condition which a lot of feet. My motto being management would not pull down naming their benefit wealthy people develop secondary problem do you can you niece you know we can't sell. So we got it good to look out at primate they building perspective rather doubt it a big knocking down. Her name amongst the community that thing went to yes yes well. We we've Oregon over time we do we just we don't know super rarely noticed are opposite us. Thank you very much. Thank you I appreciate you having me on today and upload these are mostly due to our great while I'm retreat there aren't your data point first. At 7 PM at the top aren't sort happening today go. You advance thanks for doing that that's okay thanks area right about. All right we were gonna go to nice guess who's holding Keith Foster. Our phones and keys to. Her. I'm okay wanted to order a pleasure to have you on the show your very restricted. All the way fanning the answer to cancer you know obviously. PFL list and is far. Broker other poker room at work who. Okay we're sure we generally don't like command you just did riverbed connection is now would you say one more time. Sure. You remember. Oh really. I tell you what is the Euro focus I'm that includes both holes I really how I was repurchase out of Turkoglu couldn't hear the girl. Oh cool when you're at bmg. If you are not write a book titles in your to cancer. Hot hookup for goes up you can you do lose your life trip back or your license when there are no I'm not the but I don't know lukewarm or. I got up and poor what a pleasure one of great book and that and the national cancer is true. And I know you've. Through the book to mood and its really its biggest initially cancers is and so powerful title Antanas. In a minute check out his other these other books to know that he tells you where their felt less means I'm kind of intrigue to the ever think Leslie connector titles there Keith in that first one time I met who it was that. Aromatherapy. And curfews are. Growth could. If you're so good my editor. Yes it's yeah. It's an industry guy who you were dating about everything affecting you. You did a lot of personal rights Peru Peru are less how. I thought after your two years old look pretty good book. Local people what we don't know if I'm not okay. There's a friend who knew. There's a character here and in Texas named doctor Kelly who did that column one answer to cancer many years ago and I was curious if you ever ready his that. I'm gonna commit the I didn't so I. You read a great deal particularly. The work of cleanup O'Connell knows. I would call him that his record in my book I need to. You remember who were good but the guy who can you'll hear it. There's no legitimacy. And we want to colon who go to the locomotive want Timothy welcome to big time he'd been most of the in the initial work could be tendencies. And counts. I'm glad that it work well we'll look it's me. I'm built up a little cool berg and recruits only call if you could cure themselves. Where Michael to. But they've called my thinking very confident of its aren't able to reach the conclusion. Whichever convertible what you believe video that the counselor. Not the political. So recruiters from Durham bottom Assisi. Is tomorrow where. We'll go live close pharmacies. So if they would lose code word boom by the government. Should you go to the via boat and they he would call me but the deal were thicker than getting it into the pro. Where it contributes Julio who you know who smoke it's. To mix it where they'll take your words not Omega three. I got information on our league experience from the fifth of oil and go back and other Texas Southern University. So I'm I'm very. I'm. Kirk Kerkorian who. Half I thought well let you have a little Texas accent along with your English for I thought I had a good reason it bit him and we know you're from where your friends. You know my little little Jagger and India for her maroon. Color who actually don't. Prefer warm weather answers to cancers is just laughter and you have fun. Yeah it is clear. That could help the group didn't look into your mind it's. Wrote. It took how people who deliberately low gluten doom and gloom. Are good human people don't know who got hurt but I look in the growth of. This has been my observation and don't work. So I've done. There's another war we're just down the road to the Listerine you'd get the book focuses its easy room just the recent appearance at the book and it's. This got a lot of tables and information and it's it's very practical. And left unlike a lot of folks. He's here tells what he does. He gives his you're regiments and there are no errors not a young's spring chicken or you. Wrong group or. Where you know Bobby your had a mini you're more true than me I can tell you expect an obvious or not I mean for three weeks. Three weeks from now almost happy birthday time. Homer this bill UV on the show you would be a hot. And I thought don't you feel good when you're semi file used to to a good. Feel very good here yeah I feel great all these new coach and I. Former guerrilla girl from a lead the way I looked up. Mary again oh well like there are no sure I don't know enough and I couldn't put a foot I don't know Groucho marks could soon mother told Nicki. Because best doesn't run anatomy. If I thought now about. (%expletive) (%expletive) would you agree and I thought I thought so you're gonna enjoy these mountains and I can tell them. Who can deliver a longer under scrutiny over the oracle. We'll get looser issue because it turned professional you track on this. Recent charcoal and story issues for people that. And poise or something but yeah I heard you say Charles. He looked at. The British consulate here and Barack yeah Gordon quickly out of the system. The opera I'm talking about the pure natural cocoa which I costs through growth and Coco closing. I'm his ability. Really in the molecule C sixty look at the basic moment jewelry that comes on earth somebody there. And hoping he would activity here now molecules. Hi enable it to uphold the city options to look at system. Now unfolding near city so yeah you're allowing me. The line humvees. Appeared. Come up the level which means that need broad concern Abul moral view about the very important step. In the I can count them because. Moral community who have the more vocal and put them means that the Catholic cannot thrive in the years. So. And into the car the vehicle look at his handler whose goal it could explain to people in simple steps. Because you're not going to look at them to picked up the other defendants simply about what I put in my regime. You know who also wore the look to remove it immediately to get it into the post. I have now. I've been vocal I'm not trying to claim that in two ways that people can then go to the live video calling mansion pound. He's the right move great. And so the world was supposed to recipe but charcoal to get to know we have tropical storms don't think Tucker talking about. Are or who who who earn. Who who who would. Good choreography and doesn't think I'm thirsty tiger if an activated charcoal and also has folic acid and it. Does that sound like it might be there right former I can you say potent ties to U coat and ties in with on the Catholics. Coming camera. I'm burdened by the blue ligament I think you're at now. Kids did you deliberate thought you know income in the moment who little bit more. They would look at film because we've thousands of people. Good thing that fits him well I kind of did that go into my idea of the government couldn't. It's gloom and coming program for people probably thought the principle that is maybe because of course there're there are not political it's simply take the cold enough of those get. From the stomach. Yeah I thought about northern. We all did you implement shouldn't they think the. I speak well and every night in the middle of the night when they wake Kapanen just curious when you recommend that people take it because I think you'll also. Full year your nutrients out of your body to right. Couldn't do. They activated Coco would remove the characterizes it luck call it the crowd over the moon. We'll go good enough Cooper who don't don't call them I'm. Face it who did how come you can recruit Goldberg when you can call it. They go more to look. If you take my pixie cut to really not. Great the war not because. I'm getting him. And anyway they're not the father of my you can forgive her now grown a bit. But I put the and I. Sure I take it's certainly not looked at my time they're great. I don't have any over 100 million of them looked a little on the cool right. Isn't possibly get it in the states are only in England. Well you can move. I believe you. There in the UK because we kind of crime did the technology that goes into the it. It doesn't do. Indeed close of where you can get rid cook didn't have a look at that worked hard to get you the prime yes. Yeah it's. WWW. Golf. I don't care who you don't call a personal these people even believe I'm gonna go. Content such Kitna told SE TT LE dot com. Is there a little scanner at this and frank. What the good. News for you find that we'll be broke home. Did. You don't digital world still remove is that okay we're here we're gonna take a very curious to know that I don't start this to a stop as people need to know since. But who are quoted tobacco sometime this weekend. And our merchants are talking to keys pollster. Knows the answer to cancer and so we're looking at waste the minutes primarily right. How do you treat you when you get it Munis are indeed three rehearsed dimension illnesses in his own bodies so that's pretty good testimony. That the regime is working so. I'm sure. She's still. Could clear with a seven and Valentine's Day. The right one democratic opponent for fifth. Pretty the I can be dangerous and nothing to celebrate hate every day you ready you're a woman right thing I thought but I'm thinking of momentum. Naked okay would have pleasure I don't know for over. Like English people haven't uses humor don't think. I think simple primer. Concern. Obviously not climate. Well Erik I Texas has come sometime because of and he does not how I. You got me on the I want to increase any requirements that time that pension and she also talked about a couple of the things if you can't mention recent. People stood by the book because there's. Do you sources zone where they can buy these products from doing what you just. You know not only. What people who are in Spanish you can. Good good regardless of the chemical Norma who. Oh great great OK but not the book is on Amazon but the caution you mentioned that may be hard to get. Most of the others I think are pretty common that I saw on the list or or who. So sort of right sort of pressured us don't know I don't ray disc district of the have to pardon really. There wasn't really helped you a lot so would be another we got vitamin C. We got to I'm victories. On the charcoal. Turtle pool and it would take or can about a minute. When you look provision one more quick. You're poor girl. Yeah let's do one more and that would take a break and we'll give you back you will finish up so is selenium and if your most of partners or something more important TO. Fernando who whom Gordon who own the name. Celine certainly sort hooked on the children who go to. You're playing this. Remember. So there's. Technical conference. Regular contender women could be seventy. I'm not it is absolutely. Go to becomes themselves. So we can. And those who wouldn't go to California when you don't the bridge probably look so promoting. We are you have substance that we in the store literature were given the pharmacy because. A quarter and we can respond the way. A pharmacist and your country in my country so poor but maybe purchase limit Bucky takes six kernels is not a there's a limit to what they recommend puma repercussions. I don't think I'm really confident I think core but whenever I need to you'll never do women think that if wonder what cascade of whom little if you call only. Recommendation from call home mind. My that's the thing that I played. Did rattle coming you you've got to pick go to war deliver them I don't know we'll help you god coming up and let me to become world sugar. And you think we'll see if you review the computers. Oh how you feel but we're finished doing the right thing. So we'll have the third in connection to go who go to my house. Who and data published this right. She can sell that we're gonna take a quick break your mortgage and I can hear you hold on just a little bit. Her who report all right okay. By the way folks you'll call in. You can call 5126. Forced to eat half for a 30000643. 4830. Logic effects may not give them. So let's take a break and. More cutting edge health information. Right around the corner you're listening to let's get healthy reveals well on top. 1870 brought to you by people. Retirement. Thanks for listening to let it get healthy would bills well on top thirteen 78. Rescued by the people's Boston's favorite time. I'm missy. I was like yeah I once used six point three live that's live once you feel scored green eyes 43. We'll come back. It's. To continue talking can cost. And the Buddhist all the answer to cancer in his prime probably prevention we're talking about a lot here because you can prevent cancer catching. Work right and a half sister who targeted heads up about half of my guest today about hormone most of should say. Is doctor Richard Massey. And his lovely partner in life liberty grace well. Who's a measure passed so we know it's a great team we got good reviews are to you now. It's we can you can we can educate people love to go resale first as we say you educator Medicaid in this country. Who suffer or can very well because a lot of more medication and education unfortunately so we're trying to educate people now. How to prevent cancer and it better than treating preventing. Cherry is from my point of view. So I'm not I'm wonder in there Keith what do you think it is the rate of cancer in England about the same as it is over here. Here it is increasing exponentially. We are certain to hunt them. I think it's one of the major killer if I think growing demand home movies. You can ever. Well I'll lose I'm going to let you look at the abdomen there. I hope to give people hope. But today people complain and ignore. The very people Monroe. The third. Hey thank you very Manuel or did you back do you come back some time. They're so that they don't know who Oakland record Williams who I'm way he's. Probably right. Do you're United States so nobody recruited into the United States with a cold a cold call in both. Well Colin can both Google Chrome is well first I'm talking about it is. And come don't sort this thing come up over time make it buckled. They're right on the money go to kindergarten through third removed good. Very good thank you I mean we don't have many toxins in the US but if we ever get some. Ground up a quick I don't know I. And I looked up from there you wonder he's a doctor. Push smoke this Debbie you talk to shift I think that I thought they'll we have someone talks and you know were dropped out of the notch in the world by the W joke. Yes you really didn't you know I saw us angry at the bottom I'm not sure I think if we can dropping more than use words like information. We're there at six that we spent trillions. Yeah in this country. On medical care. And even more right to pull it is all it took so I guess nobody really promised which direction all that money was gonna take us in the ratings to be fair. The politicians to sit we're spending this unhealthy. They don't say it was them make their rating lower. Him humor to. No I think we we have a real problem here really emotional no clue. Which is that the instead of doing preventive medicine. And crying continue to secure thing. Lower than educating the population have some regrets now. And there are more healthier life but you're kicking me and colder. For life and it's ready. Learn well you really do they have it is there's there's there's suited for anybody anybody area agency to make money with sickness. That's probably what if we solve our problem is it's not a if you make money towards sickness like some doctors should I guess I don't know they did or continue to treat people who think can help him. But I amid Caesars is to make your money lots of money was sickness from there we are. Yeah. How would that both the book won't. Unless they're gonna have to hit it hit the road looser Medicaid. Yeah well. Yep no no rumor not what we know. Grim. Groupings Oakland. No I don't implement sort unit order for removed when you go nuts we are did you guys talk should mustard dot com is aware of such Iguchi. According to learn about how you can bust up these talks in junior money get rid of them. Our number of analysts say congratulations. You rescind his child cannot be there with you got a couple weeks yourself. Concern is that the actual effect an effect and have to have a people's pharmacy party trip. I think that's right and please don't. Then we gave me angina the last time we had a party for a little jump out from behind the door or yeah I thought well. Enjoy my we have a nice birthday when next when my senders experts think. Aren't you Romer who you know we enjoyed tell you must let's get you back when you do have some time. War hero can't conclude that a parent thanks again. For any investor dot com Paris thanks ready to go to and a book by the book Amazon.com is called the answer to cancer. The answer to cancer and I we are findings. With ice again keys. For sure you have a great weekend. Well okay YouTube can buy back our list to list. OK let's go to the ice gets you ready to go let's go. Do Cheryl. Burnett. A lot of us. I see Airpwn mission assurance a couple other current and being. And any of us she word lesson do you look at the what are. More than you want to. Best your university and your company was southwest of yourself pushed him. Yeah let me let me ask you now. Yeah I don't I can't remember at their football record is this kind of fun. Well I was delusional you miss the last modem can I think it's a little old and perfect fit within the so excited. God is love that Japan us. In this doctor we need to do eight. Is also in love for Valentine's Day and his partner in life and Japan's. And my son just murdered a major test until now I am a good group companies that make good mates. Or. How long. You know what's the secret Cheryl Glenn led an out for everybody and it's not. The thought your candor from all successful. Bali and she maybe they're you know. You know look at it and I think it is I don't think anyone's going to not a puppet master and really to land any kind of trophy and how I'd like I'm the health they had played the most KL girls. Yeah. What do I but I think do you work you know when you're when I'm called outlook going on your body than your label earlier passion Marshall and whether they wanted to precautions should you know the Super Bowl are you listening to music or. Whatever you and you I think I think there. Make sure. Children. Maria and passions juncture where he's from the money you make a found out I got a good compared overmatched that they. It's just the hole holds its hello sentiments I'm happy to let the other rigs and. Now does that the real the real world is you don't get into something to my you don't get it to nurture pressed to make money. No because this tough enough. Yeah I certainly because what you mentioned though that's been copied it from the part of the conversation you guys are a tough election. That standard of care. They shut up and a certain way and then when when they're so I I'm it it it still an urgent care it's hard to change and so cash. Arm again and they're just not going to mean that came. Chang crop that centers that they and that vitamin C Eric Fisher what else. A poker actually shut it even more thorough and accruals. Oh yeah good news asked who. So do you have any. Apologies a lot of your practice your note or look to recommend a lot to your dollar. DHQ. Asked showed an empty and in Georgia our honoring our tracks that are having a little bit at an early strength actually and chant coming out right now it looks like you guys Berkshire. Having so much that same kind of leather and connections or just share some things which Indonesia and other areas like out of the most allergies out Blair and George really is that's weird. 11 inch layer we don't really get schnabel look at go to Y financial parentage yellow pollen. People that AI Obama got a pound. And there goes your favorite color in the mood oh you didn't. Don't be jealous you know that's true the things that I'm. Did bitter guy yeah. Right sure shirt yeah. We'll let you come near Austin would you come buy and sell loans. The debut show and litter whatever you want to do that yeah our our share of yeah. They shouldn't do you write -- yeah where all our mantra I'm sorry I let her low forms are so well now. We can jumble to show. Yeah yeah those are surely seems let it leave her passion you know I we want to just talk here and she's fully engaged and I'll tell you oh usually yes she I have so we're talking to somebody who's really really go one. And so nicer stuff so I like to listen to girls as you say you. Yeah thank you can actually she's used to lose. It's Stanford guy I've got a question can men and it has certain ebitda format quicker than to anti out the bench I like Lawrence. Just like that yellow pollen that actually gets regular with the onion they're yellow color structure quick and he comes from that you many things that we. And it's a great anti occidental a lot of anti inflammatory properties it's great crew got. But many times that natural compound to one of the struggle just figuring out. You can be great studies have outrun me and they gave them each. Million kilograms per kilogram and then you think we'll know how to translate those jailed a dose or people they passed by the time it's going to be. Twelve capitals that the capitals little bit unrealistic in terms trying to mimic that personal that you stopped. That what PH kid I had sex secrets than at a special form of course that and that overcome some of those dishes and makes it more soluble in more. File available and so they play Austria collect it measurement and Manuel clips out of you'll get about twice the anti al-Qaeda potential from the former president of Egypt from just us a standard course. About some good anti inflammatory. Drugs too late anti inflammatory great for allergy can tell you our leader of one of those struggles where she. You can call it live here more kids seeing the and then maybe years. I'll take a Benadryl and you're even more tired arm arm maybe you're gonna make it. Usually softly and you're gonna take. I'm not mean there really necessarily graves. And their pension and for the people have something like pressure then. Delaware this year allergies but also after anti cancer properties here it reduces inflammation in Atlanta Hawks last. Home nine point mundane quality of life for something good plus. Doctor Purdue what we can run but does this out or take LL PR DH he's he has his own. Millions we will sperm have that the stores and women are natural and this helps you sleep and we'll use this so many ways. Yeah absolutely the right have fun over there in San Anton. Sorry picture guy Cody. Well I hope you're all right we'll have to talk to next time. Relax okay about. All right you're gonna take a break can I would love. It's. Thanks let's say let's get healthy but still well tell me thirteen seventy plus she's like. Often favorite pharmacy college lives fun once you six point three lots. 26435483. Well welcome back to the show so. Smokers Jordan show we have little laughter week we think the laughter really healthy. And but we take your health first your shared by the way so we're going off blew all this is seriousness of what we. Who were trying to do. And so we have not only on the line right now. This going to talk about. So I waited like its way to do blankets. But before you do that are you where the so Marin. Yeah I am good morning good morning how you can't just so we've learned we've heard return you to move on time Joseph shear because I think people. Needs. Because I still waited Dell sometimes you know what it was dressed in all that I can affect the that it is you can't remember the purse is whenever the date and that is what Tony and you complacent I can remember your name the rest and I'll destroy Izzo can tell you and me. Nobody got their own date. Also have to act like a fresh machine and they give affection she oppression and they've they're beating them in the fifth in the restaurant. While there are unraveling the baskets from their Macs. So it is zero she got somewhere honey is some Valentine's jokes are OK so be careful on to be careful OK okay regardless be careful you do indictment because it was a camera reuniting him more guard Danielle might think OK you've got to get the wrong thing. So let's talk about waited blankets. Eric does dot com mention them and they see why it would have been like it's. They're lending apostolic become owners upset that countries like. Having silky hair or something a comforter. Yeah I had felt a wedded blanket is. You know like quilted squares. And inside that it has. Colin Powell. So it is what it has certainly can't hurt your high and weighing. And so we create. Wait many people relax underway and and I started my company would be when I was in college at university check certain offense. I probably have mild 8880 excuse ADV. I couldn't come likely to go to sleep and I could and I reversed I'd like they're just not that big a heavy Riverside six here. And it would make me relaxant and the sleep and then. I'm glad career I got older kid. I had handbags made it could end here. At quail and he also helped me. And then in 2011. You know lobster company around that concept former you know with the idea that a lot of people lacking under way. And cut that down Cabrera getter people say it. I'm lending and the dentist chair and they cut acting automated data X rays a lot of people that a lot Wacom believe that Eric you know. I met her. Look like him. Yeah Muslim or there's. Yeah yeah I grandmother you know habits will Wear well Andy well knowledge but that have not gone up. Because those are the kind of thing you know behaviors that we see that people want a weighted blankets. You know all have you know you can contact us now that you're just help me rope cut kicker Leigh. So it so it's kind of a concept that but it really does work what has. You know out of that happy customers and I'm good what we Danica wedded wife get it we try to 10% of your body weight. Yeah and so like if you're 120 county wanna try upheld blank. Or their children. It's pretty matched a typical. Idea would be pretty blankets or that you want 10% of their body weight putts wonder you don't start keeping your childhood and the county. You know you wanna get at market not count one cat and the sizes that we Kara blankets to her children are forty you and just for a little can't. 36 into the they are netted. What we can get answers from them again sixty answer which is cocky and then we do you can't really parent or it just XP. You can see how that her children and adults Holland America category each. Well that's good and we were just had a an englishman on the show he would talk in metrics. We understand the yards and six inches. Salaam and check them younger do not with a metric listen to us segue because here you have actually have your business journals don't you. I'm new widgets and made our operations can carry out the carpet warehouse. How can cater parks so we're out Ernie Allen leads. A big workshops in the back we have about fifteen employees and you know could serve grape machine and we thank our blankets he went. I'll let son's flag. Heavy threat. So that yet if you very go to JoAnne that he got number that you cited a poet a party. I'm just the regular red that we cut commercial break heavy like Brett and I am here. A great like did you keep telling me. So we can do high production and and her about it very good product and how we do offer about 35. Fabrics for customer that you. And we do a nice throw heavy cotton tents blankets. Probably carried solid current one hot weather pattern on the other side. And you know for golf that cannot happen and that's the feeling you know mankind candlelight class rebel order like the color of their favorite sports team. Women like a lot of the different colorful fabric now we have flowers and write the event. But the pattern that app chart pattern amber teenager we are firm. You know. Different. I don't know likely that pattern that is similar to. Think about. In particular has turned we have light step that popular routine like peace sign and and then Dirk gently opera like many in Italy opportunity ninja turtle shouldn't hurt a kind of black that maverick at. That lessons did you know Joseph messy I don't think it's. Can you make some dimensions tie he wasn't the most just talk. I think we have I don't know how we need only check out yeah right come on average every apps start portal to their number ten tonight not a doubt paradise and I'm going up her Adam you know and doctor parent when you're young Baffert so my parents OK still pretty cool too we jerseys. Our information of people come in the store they they have trouble sleeping. And they won't get steals some over the counter. Urgent thanks I tell from slate so there's there's something new somewhere we can direct people to you. We turn him sir. Do you choose them. That can go to steady Eddy at Evian dot let's say what her life gets dot com. And argue no we got our address there are more out at twenty. Parents out in Cedar Park which is not happening Andersen L 620. But that but I think the main thing about the waited blankets is that the market that we really can provide comfort here is. Traditionally viewed what it like it's our starter for people that were on that spectrum auction them. ADD ADHD and ask her purse. And show that about a real recipe for success Serb children are dealt production turned out to think that order. Because they're seeking sensory and Kurt and that some kind technical. But what they want that they want some pressure on them. And then and then you know I sort of started blocking and and who's got connected with some people. And talk about how good these blankets are current panic and anxiety cookie EST on omni has. And cursor around. So it should end and there's a thought processes I don't know. And it invalidated you know interest rates steady or not that. That I served a what a blanket make Serb wine produced just some incremental Malcolm and Eric turner and melatonin. And that's the best thing that you can unlock and your money you know connect you relaxed. Can you don't have to take a pill oh gosh you know it's just the natural thing that you grab it take you. You don't mind that are stressed down. Photo about a minute left some wanna make sure people can not get this content once again take. Demo. They see. Weight tentative blankets. Com we'll have that we will have that in our and our. River drawer for people who come and won't certain. Don't remember who knows if you have a child who have trouble sleeping you're. And let's see. Well lamenting asking is that parents you know it is that they can hardly tell mom and dad are straight into the cat commend you know enough to try to. Let the child will get the ball get on. And then I got a great and then and I got Melvin not scarcely need air if somebody that put a blanket economy and I go to sleep. And so you know and they can't personally and then I think the whole family you know planned a lot better. If you want to find out more about the product we have what three under Turkey's complex site. You can go read what people are actually written you know like. Must say this too we recommend everything we sell we do. Then is guaranteed so if you get one and it's been done worse for you very well we give your money back is up Terna. We have a seven day what we have a seven day return policy because that there is the Betty Crocker. Earlier request to not know animal hair and her stage now where cigarette smoke but if you get out the box you get per couple like that doesn't work. You know she ended backed chairs and of course we have never return policy we do honor that obligation met a lot out of the country we can't I would say often developed. I percent of our market. Well. Yeah we appreciate you Britain's congratulations for being archer Dakota mob premiere the risk grade your mom. He's got a lot and they are. And they left single mom I'm you know out of adequately debt and then you show that you shouldn't hit a great story thank you completely you don't buy some time we want everybody can use them. You've had relented Cochran really heard graze. Smuggler Japan's. Co host has tried descends worship will want to know how I mean my sister in particular. Strict with hundreds of autistic children and they had rallied to best in their classroom. There was not turns people to deal with explosions is a grade I tell her. Just one quick caveat paid for better down conversing here I came up with a way to a blanket I'm not Eric and it only score came around. And you could get on her lap I heard that the lending facility. It feels like somebody touching her all the time and they are all these yeah elderly if you go to our wet that we have a section curse seniors. Because that then the older was he on potential fractures or fall. I'll only recommend them up until about sports talking out. That there is their section on there you can research which showed a lot of that stability facility the altar people cannot act like after great benefit for them well. Well has read he's taking into that looks like so much regardless of regular is okay. But the company and again I'm. All right okay. A good gift from aren't done and I could use the you have maybe you can data Richard Dickie retention I believe this I if I cut us. It's right there are sheltered life and have not had a great staying here OK Laura go are great marketer you are miss a lot I just keep your territory not targeting her I think I hear a gigabyte. All right. This presents the nets turn their data coming in history to offer quickly once you're coming up. OK so I'm at people also dwell on the senators ignored. We have natural beat heart disease cholesterol and blood pressure. On Monday February 13. Goodness and then next Saturday the eighteenth we have there another month. As PeopleSoft because it is coming up so we gotta get Lyme Disease is the support crew right that's great if you know somebody Lyme Disease go to about Lewis a great support group to go to. And then on the 21 we have self SATA charge combining eastern and western viewpoints on autoimmune conditions he heard about that earlier today. Tuesday February 21 at 7 PM. And also the same day same time. Up north fertility women's health and oriental medicine. What a great tune. But what are great lineup and I think to people if you go to peoples are stuck combo if you missed leisure driving. Can remember all this just go to peoples or start comma we actually. Bob wonder choose to you can listen to her show. Obama people jurors talked to. Also there's going to be an evening with pianist that where encouraging people to go to because they have such a great. Support pairs I'm benefiting the university high school he can. And we invite you to look into that in this tiny tech cost he's going to be playing February 26 on Sunday at 6 PM we're gonna talk about these next week too so crowd the way yellow notre involved do you believe in the managed. A certain diets not a diet the way of living in a way of eating moose yeah Hillary promoting. Ms. Like John accuse you tunic diet and people start with a lower carb diet higher fat slowly build up their fats reduce their carbohydrates. And mid to that place they can actually benefit IQ Tony we're gonna meshed and our own we're gonna give us fifteen minutes so we can get into them because people are really heard about it yeah and they. Mean you know how they there's a hot topic these days yeah it's replacing paley known to be the most important diet out Kennedy's case. This great. You all are walking the walk I let it you live and live in the walk. Look at this little dance limit the size that is coming out real soon so. If you don't have about time you are free. Tucker strawberry were off of that and I'm gonna strawberry people's consciousness combined. Did you see her on the show. Good free chalker stronger remove your Valentine people aren't necessary and we'll keep you healthy go check them out it's okay were Deseret for the day so tough. Thanks for listening folks and Joseph have a great to have a good weekend and they're great germs. I'm all right Tony you're next to him about it. Yeah. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy and feels well enough time thirteen seventy didn't get next week Saturdays from nine to 10 AM for more padding his health news and wellness information from people's Boston's favorite artists.