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Dec 31, 2016|

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It's now time for let's get healthy with bills well and talk thirteen seventy he's taking your calls live at 512643. Life that's 5126435483. And now here's mills whale. My folks welcome to the show this is real well three thanks for this is the day that you can Wear glitter and it was don't think you're super. Yeah. For yourself malevolent human form with a par you are literally you know they'll say. Ocean what you're going to a party if Annika which question is here below what did the strippers Wear today that she had a heck served with. Good how we will do that just kind of happened on the air. So let's see we have a we have some I wait for us there's going to be a short interview so we don't make sure we have time for her. George just go Manson. I don't know how you and what a pleasure to have you on the show. Thank you for having a player to be here were. Happy early new years ago you'd say okay you know we're monitoring and you can do we're gonna who would care if that's not not yet. Yeah ha ha manipulator aren't familiar long. Well let's let's jump right into it yet website about doing. I certainly do it WWW. Not often. I ain't old and the dot com. That's from my my practice integrative oriental medicine so it's often so I know him dot com. You want to do here in. You just do about how lecture. Okay yeah let's do yeah. Yeah. And I'll be lecturing on January camp about finally help and what you can be doing. And terms. Eastern and western method to help improve your thyroid I want. So women. So you're saying acupuncture can work with thyroid problems. We have acupuncture can't mostly. Herbal medicine is more appropriate for Bayreuth but we certainly can't improve metabolic health what acupuncture in some cases. I usually I do do more nutritional content herbal work for an ultra violet. Okay so that's John Edwards the tunes. Yeah. People are probably not returned to the store. Yeah will be talking about 100 RE doing and is. Why it's important here Howell how I couldn't figure out if you've got her poor thyroid balanced and what you can do to improve and maintain your current health. I failed to bring and I think there's a lot of things that Ira is responsible for a our listeners might not initially being. Byron how do it at all though most people know they keep a low thyroid functioning you might be gaining later he might be hold. Other what you might not know is that I didn't blow right can be responsible for things like sitting here or constipation. Or the overactive thyroid can be responsible for. For panic were poorer. Expected sliding so I'm gonna be kind of covering Donald information as well and I would also. Covering. About how old you know if your thyroid to balance despite having a lab. Batter in a normal range. Though you can always talk your doctor about. Brian Wright held in the county panel good serve your. Exhibiting some of these centers despite having normal range Bayreuth we can still do something to help remove your. Cairo late in the right direction in the nutritionally in our police. No I would doctor Bruce today. He's MD. Ready or you want Jimenez thanks you know yes regiment you know him Leon. You'll enjoy there aren't going to get greater super super low or the title of the talk I like it is anxious tired. And Hungary. Yeah that's right and actually other third installment of my anxious tired hungry theory. Our first talk was about adrenal how. On the second one and a lot mom what the crowd blood sugar. And then the mother about Irish. So all three of those and pollen count. How close naked people anxious tired and hungry lately once we get all three of those things that's in our those symptoms start to get more on the Dow. Okay this murmured gesture for my people and cheers G January the tenth. As some deal. 7 PM that people aren't people out there aren't other will be Bleier. The the word. People the people of the location and candidate they like they can also find the information lecture on my web site. Www. Often I know I am dot com slash free dash events. George. I it free of charge to ban anyone who wanted to come out and these are quite dollar off their first visit with me at my practice and degree of grand Madison. Added in my return patient he'd like to come can receive five dollar off the bear and that it Whitney so. I don't talk to bring anybody to come we don't have to register to show up. And I undo it here at new patient and would like scheduled that he would hand to how you explain how reported first that the. Well people tell me that they need to tell you because it's so good you go to dinner. I'll I'll thank you. They they can get schedule with me and and you know that doesn't more than enough thanks for me. Just go thanks for me you know thank you very much. Thank you for having me on have a good nearly two great new year and happy holidays to all our listeners you have and where they do if you can't. I certainly won't tell me you can remember I think yes I'm so sorry I. Thank you know but it's all right we got. Listen who have not Felicia stolen stolen stolen. And show them hello. I you depletion. There are either. We lost it there we go there you are you there ago. It's always something in their. The C. Yeah oh yeah now we need here's candor and here I go I would doctor women today doctor run managed his integrated doctor show. He's in the nutrition. Really big so. So this is going to be great. And you are quite well known. I yes yes you're not to encourage dietitian exercise physiologist and so you do dual status. Was out shopping yet I tried it and punch club yet to actually go hand in hand oh well now it's really only have one without the other I think. Jump living as skinny. This is and I'm the book you've got. What can impact chainsaw calculator that memories. Yeah. That puts a strategy user I guess there are some geez it. That make you gave way to the best you can. That's what are there actually are stretching into it cannot it's about our habits and behaviors which as you know a lot of what I actually in the speaking with people about you know people believe that they you know do we Epson propensity maybe two or have some impact on our metabolism. Based upon how do you. Probably slightly but it's really more related trillion physiologically illiquid we. You know what we have in our bodies and how much. Muscle mass you know wait at least that is what sort of weeks inherit from our parents not to you know a catchy impersonate. Right you know I. I would our am looking right now at two guys I think everybody is it you know we have these genes in there there but. The question is whether they express you know the FB genetic at influences on whether or not you're bring in these genes out to do what they do. And I think that's what she talks about with living with a fat jeans and living in a good way with them is not. He's doing these habits that. That expressed these genes so to speak. Yeah yeah until the very cute story in the book about. PowerPoint presentation I had seen early on in my career where announcement at a cartoon could still have to do that puts somebody sitting across from the doctor saying. He got catch in front of my family and the doctors says no nobody near Stanley Iran's semi and that's really what it comes out. Right huh huh ha ha ha yeah you know do you actually relevant to as usual and each person's us. There really isn't that what washes over the genes that makes a difference but believe almost anything you can have all kinds of veggies but if you if you be right. Maybe maybe you can no sugar and. Eating and physical activity it's stress management sleep I mean it's a multi track Toro and. You know that sitting at what sets us apart from the animal you know we can make choices. I like to tell the patients it's about how you move have you eaten how you think. Where did you think cry you usually write the thinking is important mid term you got to move he got a stir the pot and the confidence that literally hundreds literally right now. They remote tires these seven McIntyre has the remote test that anything into the tie was a pot. And that's that's a lot of yeah yeah. Let's let's I did mrs. you're really. You really won't know your dietitian nutritionist and can you've got to the stellar background. And passing to the picture view in the book and we don't care this book in the stores because I think it's. Is good people know because what they do they say if you get a lot of weight. You think was my jeans you know people are brain than g.s for everything autism you name it means just mostly genetics. I'm hooked on justice genetics again and amateur player that plays the plays a part. But there's nothing who answered him. Right well I also just saw people just feel like they don't have a choice but to no I don't occupants killing Indians because of that that they can't you know. If mom and dad are overweight or had any therapies that means you have to pay and perhaps I'm not situation and then it's not it doesn't have to be. You know me and every night look at quite like Eliot street cart and the united you know aren't ads I've gotten older and each. You know learn more in my career I've I often wonder well is it really about it being AIG or is it really about my family's lifestyle habits and behaviors you know. The way my grandparents to aid the fact that they didn't do physical activities that they go to you know an alien like what we know about food. And it's impact on health today is very different then you know fifty or hundred years ago so you know we we often have people back in the history about. Perhaps turning around and asking them you know a little bit more into the bottom up to Salem to you know grandparent or parents died of heart disease. You know it's a really high saturated fat foods and they didn't move very not send. You know all of those other things that may have contributed towards heart disease and that's really your genes that's really that's the environment. Who we do learn to eat from our families. And yes. No we also taught we're talking. Pat how he differently years ago you know when different both know these guys should know that we're misleading I think you have that sugars okay. It's not addicting and forget you know him and now we're finding out who also probably should I consider shattered leaving gateway drug. You know in my adventures with the addiction medicine and I look at sugar and I. See it as a white crystalline powder has no nutritional value it produces tolerance dependence. Dosage escalation the withdrawal syndrome. I mean what are we talking about drug down you know would nurture minuses I the specialists in pain management. And he's very aware of what's happening when in this country with an addiction so. When you're aware of as a dietitian nutritionist was happening or country with who's overweight and has been soaring health problems in this country. Yeah yeah well you know I think the problem is that there's so many people that called themselves expertise that they don't really understand it is theology about the human body works so. You know it's here it's because it worked for me your read some study and I misinterpreted it I don't understand that that many people that have been very successful. You know. Quote unquote diet book you know that called themselves the science journalists and they're not you know they kept trying and comic really understand the basic physiology the body which I find frustrating so. You know unfortunately I think the mass media is responsible for part of that you know misinformation that's out there because. You're the human body hasn't changed very much it's just what we couldn't do it though you know I can get there's something. Tools that we haven't sent I think we know they can help people can make healthier. Let's have choices didn't you know in the new year and and every day it army has just cost containment a colleague toasted about New Year's resolution than. I think I don't think we need January 1 attempt to make decisions. You know every day you know we can wake up and takes a minute try a little harder test. Make some choices for my health good or bad they're better for my body you know once we start to think about. Think about it like that you know because they do any truth to live and you know the question is what it is that we put into our body. Exactly and makes a big difference and a. It absolutely status so this is where it doesn't mean like I have a private practice and additionally other stuff they do open. You know I ask people about what they're looking for and you know lot of people control weight loss because I just don't feel better they wanna have more energy. They might want improved got function energy iPhone Shen and. Get closer and closer and pulled the update is. To look at not just numbers it's how do you actually feel you know fact I try to encourage people to eat food closer to the way it's found in nature rights are cutting back on processed foods. You know again recognizing that for some people they're not going to be able to buy everything trash and make everything from scratch. So that they have to. You know use some pre prepared foods such as sort of assemble and make him better for you in the armed and you know they can do attitude been dining out and making country choices trans Soviet failed but you know so much about it's about what you choose to eat too. You know the portions that you put into your body and. Q how are you regulate. Well what I think of fundraising is that your working with kids and having great success for the kids. And TLC honey we're killing our kids. Can you talk about that a little bit. Yes to that mr. reality show that I did it's where we actually looked at entire families who looked at their habits and behaviors and it's a pretty much told them at the. You know they continue to wait Eric on those kids are going to be can't. Had to have back. Have. You know a propensity. Oh listen obesity let me get older because you know there's Stanley capital mediators as we said before that kids learn from their parents so. You know parents need to model could behaviors to kids don't often go grocery shopping for the failing to the cooking until they have to learn. Somewhere had to do that and. You know it's really it's apparent attempt on him it's collapsed programming and they're supposed to advertise saying and. And. And other. You know messages in the media we don't work they're getting mad that may not be different healthier foods you don't exactly see a lot of fruit and vegetable commercials how. Yeah. It's just not theater you know produce for better and also very it else. I don't know this Google hasn't gone out there Domata commercials to their credit you know and market distributors and growers so she you know. So that's so that's certainly where again like his parents content model that being more physically active finally stepped. GOP physically active clearly becoming very sedentary culture. But I gotta I'm I'm curious because solve our own YouTube or something how you would work group. Kids and you if you show them what they look cores or look like in the fans watching. That don't like to. Step but more that they used to have sonic it appears that we get the fab app cannot you know my kids had this fat that's an hour on the under somewhere. He'd take a picture and employ you up and chase fifty pounds heavier cut down. This is sort of afford that agent have to send you know it's it was very powerful for people because you look at your adorable child told that you have so much and it's. You know it's apparent you have pretty you know we have those instincts trying to protect and do what's best for our kids and give them a better life and we have them. Hill I'm. You know when you see the reality of immunity may be harming your cat and you know and don't mind could. Killing kids say think that that's pretty impact talking announce officially can't delay that was stepped in the studio. A lot of the day has started crying when you saw as his child. Know. Did you use big hit all the sudden you know. Is a tail it's no secret the kid out so they can get more open to look a lot like it. This for us exactly right more scary yes right well I was taken from this doctor William doctrine minuses. Is working was drug addiction. And people that are hooked on drugs and things and and if you if you don't get off of it something gonna happen you'll look like some of these entertainers. After about twenty years and there's lots of stuff from an emotional and so is television turned him down so maybe you can do that was so the patient so well you don't get offers widgets you look like this are smoking same way you know your skin gets all. Drive them from Brinkley and all that. Yeah when we're trying to do is we're trying to take these people. That have addictions or drug use problems. And we're trying to. Who work with them with nutrition with exercise. With cognitive behavioral therapy in all of those kinds of things so that we can produce. A better body. That works better so that maybe they won't need to. To return to the drug to cope with things or whatever. Everybody's kind of using something to cope with the stretchers of life. In these people just have to use drug her behavior or our food or food. And you know let's put people eating disorders in the same thing he's a different place jury should take some of its seating senator ever besides saying I mean there's a contest could rituals and other stops and hopefully come across him. If we can get him feeling better and healthier you know like it may be. The little injury healed loose and they don't have as much anxiety that they're not turning to the drug as much. And it helps them in the long run to you know I get away from things and lead a better healthier life. If we're forced to return Austin we should put to smoking in the store I think because Antonio. Roy you've you've got your picture on the front cover and sure in the jewel to walk. You ask well I try to practice what I preach and you know I look at is a return on investment not suspect also that two chosen their hands you know teenagers I'm on the college and. You know it's it's really about you know I I hope so Islam and to see them into the area you know thirties forties and fifties and and shall be around then hopefully I'll be able you know pat myself on the back into that it should step. CNET that the foundation for a lot of the tilt this piece is really as late in the first two decades of flights so. You know we usually look at ourselves you know when we get older and you have to go out like two different you know again the first twenty years to life to see what your ridiculous. Quote a disaster because this is now known that many parents rather of their kids. You know it and then sought to Cheerios to suffer no threat you know just wonder what last week. Debbie Reynolds died a day after her daughter to. Miles and can manage really set limits a lot of must be made you know heart start break and then a broken heart and women get broken hearts and drowns and how much different protocol on the. I'm women and heart disease dish. Before getting rattled guided them and she cannot issued a stroke in the morning my girlfriend had two minute you know I did she she yanked the guarantee issue is gonna die. And it's it's that. Broken broken hearted you know yeah down in your kid is what so yeah and medicine amateur doing a lot to help your. Education. I try you know he knows about it again and he quotes delayed you have to stand in nature except portion control if it is allowed to be such about a you know for people that's sort of like and John. Destruction carved and hand that's sort of you know eating and BAT's eternity Andy your tech red addiction that is about what Covert eat that every American that you can do. Sort of cut back and that they can choose trade issues that are versions of it or whole grains and hence something else like church encourage people to at least try a lot of trying to you know paper down and circle cup packets. It's something called phase two which is a wake kidney beans extract which is the car blocker which helps to taste it. It'd be absorption of up to 65% of starchy carbohydrates to take him. Within twenty to thirty minutes before me also to basically see. This table BMI am so that done mystery just really passes through without being absorbed and you know that's something that also helps to lower. You know what the coach troubles friends and you know under the skin getting absorption and the calories held. People that if you said you lose weight and that wraps it is about a rapid weight loss told you know what this could immature little plus that is something that can help. Somebody needs to you know twenty TV as all of you know anywhere from have to know more than two pounds a week completely off. We'll look user profile person where to go get you to back some time but what are these motions storm. Worship practice normally. How I'm in red bank securities NN Jerusalem people virtually anywhere salacious story can find me all over it. It looked to dawson's and she might do it do scenario I'll put it lets you couldn't. Very good return all right Lou we have Aaron what was Jenna near beer you lilies in nature and strategy it's so great. Computer stores in pleasure to talk tonight on everything okay thanks a bus. Our listing breakthrough. We're heading into health information is right around the corner you're listening let's get healthy we feel well on top fifteens and. It. I'm not. Things relive things so let's get help pay the bills well and I'm. Often favorite. During. Welcome back to the show okay we have Jason Mitchell was used to make. Jason. I don't ordeal well this this is too recent ruin business as usual newness and then you must be pretty popular. Math is tough but there are elections team. Yeah so. We to a Thomas of the difference this time we're talking about something that will help people lose weight. You believe that he can lose what you. I do believe song about it's clear role and they just have helped in such a way a lot of the research is leaning that way towards understanding that it did could potentially help in some pretty amazing ways with metabolism so. There's obviously some really good evidence that emerging. That shows that it's quite possible probably got X not only play a role immune open but just to help and so many other areas of our lives. But also may affect metabolism so it's quite amazing actually it's not surprising but quite amazing. Well it they can help you if you're depressed may be you know you got some problem for the mind to the my body. My gut connection especially is really a pardon. That's. Actually is you know there's a lot of companies up there today that are trying to market products. On the basis of the gut brain connections when in fact what most people need to know is that all pro by chaotic. But it doesn't look good bacteria in your god has actually does. Help to address the nexus between the mind body and in the middle it's kind of funny and I just say it is like that didn't move the antibiotics are kind of like it. I guess you could say pat. And then like dogs and cats I mean if you look at what dogs and cats need to that we haven't realized that he you know they need a safe place to live they need food water and love and support well that. Chaotic are much different because there is alive that you and I are we can't live without them they can't live without us. And they need a safe place to live food and water and they need love and support I mean it's not what we walk around rockabilly thing you know good bacteria and maybe we should. But they in Iraq without them because they're alive it is not been in an overwhelming bridge to gap. Just say you know what they're involved consciously and I mind my god can chart my body are skewed mirror got brain connection so. That research has been put out there I believe it was like doctor Gere Sean a long time ago was putting out this idea that period they got brain connection you know there are phrases. That we cannot take for granted. But it popular you know we ever had somebody say you know or you don't we also edit and I just had this gut feeling more I'm tied up and not. Well believe it or not those are literal expression of how someone feels like when someone who really stressed out and they say I'm tied up in knots it's because there explaining how their guts field. But it is an emotional reactions to there's clearly a gut brain connection I mean you know I know they're researching it like crazy but. There's an amazing connections and it definitely valuable and probably the future of understanding how we might even be able to improve health and well being so. Well probably seven if in. February so I just think about it removes himself back at half so so Israel when you certify you know you just have to slow down a little bit. But but but I but a lot of touring up nobody talked about. Bacteria in your body you know taking renteria down so this is all new everybody thought you were sterile. That's I think you know a century sting I was reading some stuff about the micro bio dome project. That they're doing and they were looking and had DNA. In the body in cells and they were talking about how. You know there's approximately one trillion cells in in the body. And that there's about ten trillion. Of these pro buyout of bacteria. And the real question was who's writing who. Yeah let them know they are really important and they outnumber us and more than tests yeah and then they talked about this back to Roy he's Fermi keep tees ratio. These are two types of bacteria. And the ratio of those who was determining how the rafts. Gained weight. And some of the rats actually became diabetic. And then when they took normal rats and transplanted. To normal flora back to the rats the diabetes went away. That's what you know doing a weekend when it comes to weight management. I'll there was a research study done on rats but believe it was at University of Florida I thought I'm apologetic recorded exactly right now but. Com where they were they had in bomb identical twin might. And they get the job now to experiment where one or look up obese and one was then. And repair what they did was. And they transplanted fecal matter of fecal transplant from the LP skinny mouse to the overweight now in the overweight or else dropped weight almost you know not immediately of course it took a short period of time. Well when there were during the washout period when he bacteria would be washed out after a period of time did not melt within get heavy again two it is clear. That bacteria played a significant role in so many different things you know if you were to break it down. Just a word probably audit itself means pro life so that can't be about it. You know and then as we explored even further these bacteria that live in our gut. There are able to produced just event timed to help us disassembled foods that we can you know ingested food and then break it down and use a fighter nutrients and things in the food. May they helped to build defenses against bad organisms that means it's just it's like your own little private pet army. And it's really quite amazing in the more wee bit more we research it more we realize is that it's becoming. The future of organ a word about what is probably the best way to deal orbit a potentially improve health and quality of life. You know also I've always put by the out of the disease start I got you end and so when we know that improving the god improve everything. And that's just the super important thing. So this companies that tell you work you were those pro popular program bureau do you realize them. We've got to know her ear and we are selling selling very well we're people get a good visuals from the and I want to use Tesco didn't. I had a chiropractor rudeness or won't she found them to most of best school we have like twenty or thirty counts of robotics and was of justice just pick one. You know because you can hit it I think is that your average between the different wants an own. And then does there is a pro vices orchestration Erica director. A certain wanna say. About treated and used credit orchestrates things you probably know but. So pocono was really popular. You know December remarking I used to but it was really is really working well when most people. Yeah what's good it appropriately you know but this post it all started with some about five years ago. Bartlett Upton told us very briefly bottom. About five years ago that what inspired me to start this company was so I was diagnosed with the disease it was very unexpected Manama board certified Dutch about a doctor I should know better right so that's you know I always go let a lot of times when you put those initial up your name you get rightful. End it reduced my pride down to nothing what I was diagnosed little strip collide at the problem with the budget the system that is pretty awful. And electorate to look at it and analyze and I think you know I can understand now I had symptoms many many years before. But I just did nothing about it ignored it I think we become our own worst patients so. I started the company with the spirit and inspiration if we can just get people to improve their digest of health. I can't think you'll live longer too little above my pay grade but I can certainly say the have a better quality of life. And so we started evaluating all the proper etiquette on the shelf and the good news is for the consumer. That probe play onyx are so incredibly powerful. That there is not a bad choice on the shelf every single probably ought to put on the shelf is going to help you will be good for you you have to. The bacteria are completely dead they've done research to show that even dead bacteria supports and stimulates the immune system. But the question was how can we do it better. And how can we improve upon what's already been done and actually make it work and think about the person. And what benefits they could achieve by using a problematic is that it's done correctly. The benefits are profound. They truly work they improve mobility they do a lot of things. Let me make you healthier and well and so that was what are they want us proview and is based on three clinical studies into patents. I run a delivery system that assures a larger number of surviving bacteria because if they survive there's so much more work they can do. And we didn't focus on this whole idea. That more is better in fact there is a meta analysis I've met a research study that was just put out. It's dangerous thing they showed that only had maybe two or three different cases where. It could be shown that if you take more it would work better but these are very serious disease they conditions but for the general populace taking. It be a 218200000500. Billion or whatever it that it doesn't even make sense because the improvement sport. Any admitted there was no major improvements and taking between. Roughly about ten to forty billion was also someone needed tax. To take as long as it was delivered correctly. And so we could it's very expensive to buy the higher potent so it wasn't necessary that you take more what was necessary to make sure that what you give and take that it survives. And so that was our primary focus and that's why we're getting such great results is because we we looked at imagine what these are living bacteria. And if we can help them survive the batter. The results will actually be better chip so that was the primary driving force behind Kroger and it was more out of inspiration. It's certainly wasn't out some capitalistic dreamed of would have rather not gotten sick. This was more out of inspiration. I did make sure you understand that I'm not paying you know paying me are you. Which I really hope people educated assault. And this is working for us you know we know we guarantee them. You don't know what Gingrich years and we are accusing us. You don't feel better each day went Kelso dinosaur you time growing. Would probably in PR OB utilize them. Well assailant here pretty soon so yeah. You know what they also say to tell you mentioned we do a lot of you know we do the marketing. We actually have not done it any. Paid marketing since we started the company other than what we're doing little social media not only started two months ago. Our primary focus was on education like your team and your staff. I came there to the stores myself educated them and they gave him samples and that lesson if you don't like get do you take our product and don't sell out. But if you do please encourage people to know that there is a difference and probably ought to. I focused on education because I believe it'll as long as you are empowered with knowledge. And if you take the product and it works for you. Then we have a combination that is literally impenetrable there's no metal marketing that. You could ever do to gain that type of confidence. And good education and experience that I I think speaks volumes and what we've focused on. Being a pharmacy is a must sell from being you know being in the pharmacy recently educator Medicaid. Right and you can avoid medication. If you if you're gonna strike its own right so what do I mean I don't know of course they're similar in Austin you come to store we should look me up so we can. Have a cup of coffee you're absolutely but our secure perimeter in the hunt but after the focus of most of tequila. Yeah yeah right don't not to play we I I actually collect favorite places to come and I'm not just saying that whenever I come there always make sure. But our team make sure that we did that your store is whoever often keep your team is just amazing they're highly educated. And there are spirited bunch that really wants and aimed at helping people love about that encourages me that what we're doing is right. I'd love to thank you live now got a prolific offense and this is what a pleasure having you on and then there are great bureau do you alliance. Our staff will help you with the so one can of food food. And there's several different. Types it's a good. We would you go alone don't move we're room controller who is an old saying when the die it is wrong medication is ineffective. In the diet is right medication use them know you have the yeah. Exactly right now it is. So thanks again for being you know we're know we're going to recommend you think and retarded because they think it appears here are happy you're happy news. Mr. Cabrera can. Don't go anywhere let's get Hollywood Hills well Bryant seemed like people. Often favorite. It's just a few moment. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy would still smile on top thirteen 78. Frenzy by people often favorite pharmacy college live at 512643. Lot. I'm 26435. Morning during. The way. Well that's just. Taiba convinced him throw that you know. Now's. Greg got one assignment and you enjoy this just she's got a quick announcement to make. But. We know about those coming up we. Just a mass and invest don't be but once again crusade. To January the chance Tuesday in and then good free dive. Free easy and free and easy with doom for dozens barber guest on Monday generous and I took the lesson wellness and our Norris. Clueless and north. And embassy we have. Another another one thing Amy Nelson she's really good doctor may trump think. All you didn't want to know about your well. All you wanna know about your Nobel central. And so earlier what they're talking about to try gluten free irritable bowel. Leaky gut syndrome. You know this is the guy at the guts very important and also I've been told to announce. Death is oak tree will be up through tonight all right so. How to go look at him before you if you get under the tree and you gotta sorry after after your after you've been drinking. You know I sent to all the Connecticut. And just within under the tree. There are there any nine. Here's a good toast may all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions ethnic ethnic going to be great. That's that's where all these resolutions and we. Cute rediscovered the difference can he wants and needs me I have fallen agent and won't all have. This are you go do what all you have if we're lucky centrifuges. I think Sheryl Crow said that. The sentence and on about what she wants or what you need it's about what she got to we've you're older you get the lists you need your yeah euros sent him. Many thanks can be preserved in alcohol. The New Year's Eve. I'll call. You may lose we carefree may lose your dignity that is preserve yourself trying to preserve yourself a hundred million jobs have been away. 26262007. To may your neighbors respect huge troubles neglect June. Angels protect you in heaven exceptions and and made a window ways be it your back. If you can have your my used to go downhill mostly huh. So. You don't think tonight by the way. Yeah I'm an go buying and C my parents that we live in Austin they live in Austin they're right down the road there and assisted living good place. And there have and I'm a New Year's Eve kind of dinner saying there so. That should be good. And then. Gonna go over to my brother's house afterwards. And ring in the new year it's my niece's birthday so happy birthday Carly if you're out there. Carly is Carly is my niece and knees and it's her birthday. She was born before so they got the tax break if that's a fact that there's something else to think about. But a resolution to stop hang around with people who ask. You about New Year's resolutions. I think if you ask you which a resolution as you might want to know how he ran right in. You know why idea. Think what what they were trying matter earlier. On the show here about moving and exercise and everything. I just know wanted to say that. We're out had gold creek park. Tomorrow at 1 o'clock. And we're doing Tai chi to ring in the new year for New Year's Day. Anybody interest in its you know it's it's free to show up you don't need to know any thing. You don't even have to be able to move if you wanna bring a chair and sit in the chair and you can do that. So as a growth slow movement is very slow movements are very easy to do but very good for you and in the long run much better movement and you never think. It's a it's a wonderful way to to really do an exercise practicing you can do on a daily basis. They're entertaining to hit really scores are going to be. Bull creek park. A broken right over there off a 360 end I think it's so Lakewood drive okay and the in the park and which whole bunch of different anti chief people from different. Places and schools and everything are common where all sharing different kinds of Tai chi. So I'm I sure hope you're absolutely welcome my memorial we got to please commence your. Great. Greg Oden under this. Yeah it really put a pleasure having your own. Here you know Tomas Smart housing is such a who will resort to talk about my thing. Good you know that's one aspect of it in the mainstream there won't tell you it is an extremely DOC you're. We are part of this morning helping. Program here Darcy but what we're curing it straight to build a sustainable. Shelter model which can dating residential community. Touch screen shoot guns. From the beginning of community. That are totally urine. In creation. They'll deliberately and emails were played. We'll sourced as for American and safe. Mixed income accessible. Reasonable price and transit oriented. And I say this really great for older people to do something much more house. We don't housing problem decision when I was growing and how prices and all that. Yeah definitely use in any sport has put me it is a good program should be put on that yet reached particularly in the option. So we we don't you just to. Some people who might not. Normally be able to afford health seriously you should. Are you still doing your your personal training by the way. Oh yeah governor Tim you were integrating it into the community and that's really the big the big thing that we got going on here is that we're integrating. A wellness program HR community show she's so. My journalist political cultures part of the Austin community. And nowhere. Offering. Should access Q. Different modalities should Walsh. Talk by a professionals have been studying cruel joke. So exists there was a website by the way. For you to find your. Well defined media ignores political cultures which HEX ginned up character on. In the area which can finally there's an actress you're practitioners. Or or just go there is Turkish army source here is served it well coaches are strength training coaches don't like yeah. In India to you can sign on there. But he. She. Integration. Sort of physical culture in June Mia and community issues. So we're really excited amused and delighted you mr. chairman is a lot of really good ginger are. It is the first time that. We've really integrated shelters here in Q. A community. Carnival stuff. I bro appreciate very much. Gray Richard during with a Smart housing because I think that that's a big parliament and in this city people. They don't feel like they can exercise you know because there are time because they're working too few jobs trunk with. Pay for reporters are trying to put four. And here you gotta yogurt producer placed your transit. If you if you don't get I ouster transit. You know mass transit you can have a problem in the room him. And a Smart housing is a way to. Was it was suicide for them. To get to find out about Smart housing. Air pollution your questions were asked Syracuse tradition to lusty Terrence you know they get he's going to be. Still a lot of room so their web site it actually more about sort else's program and look. How did or bring your cause I know you're involved within your company is and I think that's disagree pilgrim. Oh couldn't be any better if you can any great getting shelter for these people and also health. So they can reach shoot at atx. Jim. You why am dot com right. Current. Julian how I thought that they ticks jump. And well you you've got a lot of people have talked to your view can Alter your program and you do a great job and helping people who are very you lose a low budget this summer fancy gym is it. No I get a candidate cause a red yellow we're pretty good but we're going to be ending in Nigeria 3000 square foot facility. Well yes and who. What form awkward body in this certain words for you are looking to. I guess or certificate about a human lives. We can plug you keep your price is low like you have never get after it. I. OK well thank you atx. Jim would you they own dot com. Well what a great program you haven't been no congratulations forgetting about this morning housing that's a great. A great program the city of Austin so. This gives a very this gum or doing something right. And thank you worthwhile if you attempt to locate with thanks again for being owners who announced that we tobacco soon okay. You bet OK okay you're okay provide all right well we're gonna close up to show is too bad this time already know what you just started you know. Fifth when he gets into the fifth about to bring all Rooter you every resolutions you're gonna make. No. I just I don't pay any you know something that I would just. Try to do myself as well as advised everybody else's you know. Take a look at what you do with your movement with your food in with your mindset. And when you run across something and that you say you know maybe that's not the best thing for me. Just try wants. Maybe just once if you can try to say I'm gonna make a better choice this time. Then maybe you'll make it easier for the next time and the next time and the next time and just take it slow. And keep your mindset so that your doing the right things you know what they are you know what she should be sure well and women grizzlies justice chain ourselves to want change myself. But just be yourself just be yourself be here now. You know secure yourself yeah. Live right you know I've often said to patients you know if you have a race car and you wanna win NASCAR you better put good fueling. If you put kerosene and you're not gonna win the race. What did Jauron for awhile it'll run bad not well. Hood and we're the same way we're. We're about chemical machine and we need the right fuel and we need to get to fueled the right place you throw fuel you have all kinds of handles the right mental environment surrounded him. So doctor ray you mandatory while wearing humans what a pleasure have no thank you pre deserved place they can reach you. Right now I meant bell companies paying consultants. And we're affiliated on the medical director routed the driftwood recovery. And we're integrating any pain management. Fiction program together so this week can help people with wellness to beat. Their pain problems can do better with their addiction. No right. Well what program. Think tennis tennis and you'll have a great weekend be careful and though we've seen actually drive here so. Tennis again next week Saturdays and 910 and from work heading as well. News and wellness information from people.