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Dec 3, 2016|

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It's now time for let's get healthy with bills well on top thirteen seven he's taking your calls live at 512643. Life. That's 5126435483. And now here's mills whale. Well good morning folks it is it just turned fifty degrees who have been pouring now more tough enough. Go out there continued reaction was warming up and still get to 53 possibly. There was no sun that's OK it's mesa finally feel sequentially and he is scoop glittering. That's a distributor and then released over here and Wesley. It looks gloomy be careful hundreds of their. Pressure where it really gloomy. And Buick. Don't wake up now how could harness ticket let's. Route going to Indonesia and our first guest and just got. They are you doing. There are great aren't all there on the floor and do great we're we're going to talk about post some war. That you're doing correct. Yeah. That's right I'm not doing that talk about it eastern western perspective on love blood sugar and strap on Tuesday. September 13 at 7 o'clock without sort of. So that's a south from some of my people starve are right mr. luster so its own. Tuesday December 13 which is so weak from. That's coming Tuesday or not. Our Q&A time good. To make plans to go yeah I don't plan that's right you know it's interesting because we we understand these two people who live longer. And because of stress and diet and where they do a dream Wilson placement and I think that's yeah. And that's a lot of what would topic upon going to be at about how to manage your stress with your diet and and I'm mother and then let people might not even. Believe are associated with their diet like insomnia can be due to a larger issues are going to be touching on. None of the aisle lesser known fact though or blood sugar handling. And on how you can have or whether or not do you handle server wow. And I got an eastern and western perspective about how to improve your your handling capacity and improve your life. So she gave way Durham how they don't call on my must okay. Happened right before the housing starts this season and none of Jessica and continue back up until full of them I'd vote you in your backgrounds and. Yeah absolutely. I'm lightened acupuncture I graduated from Teoma. Glow of integrating the and then when he fifteen. I run my own practice called integrative or handle management. That very near the top soar on what turned trail boulevard right behind global markets. And I do. Very holistic practice to laugh. Complementary eastern medicine's side hill laboratory cut saying. You know what's terrible is an addition to traditional Chinese medicine. I agree. And so for those hurt and just and so again the titles tired anxious hungry combining eastern and western viewpoints on a journal health Tuesday December 13 7 PM. Where do they sign up for or do they need to sign a commander shot no. Just show up and what leader. 7 o'clock on Tuesday the thirteenth. Okay great than anyone his driving and didn't get the details we always have them listed on the people's access com web safe and our events section. And so the sounds fantastic and we hope give agreed to has such a common I just think modern stress sentence that so many people are experiencing. Weird Al. And then Kobe from wired around of people pharmacy store Kurzweil hope people don't get information barely carried. Stop by people then people requires is why else. Well thank you very much just do wanna put the plutonium and just one grabbed me now I appreciate it one last question is there Webb say where they can find you as well. But yeah it's www. Often. I think oh am as an integrative oriental Madison dot com so again not often I OMB dot com. Okay thanks so much Jessica we look forward our luck. Thank god that I every day all right now we have somebody else waiting to lose and we negotiated by the way doctor Stephen Parke. What part. Are you with us. I dare say I am with gusts as red weather here I'm not think there might just. Little in the disciplines or something I guess he had some good weather to discuss this topic which is avoiding cold and flu season. Well what against the predators villiers don't then you got to go refer you to. We sir we're sir would you start to shoot camera just. And so adoptive parent and tell us a little bit about years backgrounds we see here that years and the assistant professor of photo and go GSA Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. Yes I mean yeah he's surgeon. I didn't try to practice and hadn't put up there two years and then moved to mock gear up on time about five years ago. And my especially estate inbreeding some jerk I didn't get medicine and the other colleges and community. And how on my passion that I didn't tell people we didn't sleep better sticking to healthier. And the interesting can you tell us more about Billy is this some are we talking about people who have sleep apnea and and may need some sort of equipment like to see pepper other. Others say this is set early it says breeding. Abnormality. It is yeah it's a whole spectrum nicely packaged at the end extreme you could imagine such a nice for that amount of the iceberg. I don't need to tip of the iceberg but it can imagine most of the masses target and Nicki got water level. And so like people have these breeding Koppen. Content don't manifest yes definitely doesn't get access to. Until it America during the day people at the problems breeding spot not even increased conservatives. I'm just. Drive the result of physical obstruction to breeding like new congestion moments console. And that's very and other factors that cause it pop comes breeding during the day and night. Okay and how do you fit figure that out so someone is. Just chronically tired of their giving federal and how do you go vote diagnosing. That like you said sleep apnea that says sleep study they can do. Right well before that because they continue to look a number of different things kick in until an own truth intricate reading interstate. So number one. Enemy to tackle a bit on the basic promises that I'm most modern humans. Actual meeting and I can't Dijjer artificial job structures. And can deliver tried known as cap com. Over the past couple hundred years. Armed guard Jarvis treating the future in your diet and being have a. And and so that's what they don't have the book I think amount could mean that secret critique. I'm basically at Union Station before it. So small amount of plod your way and that predispose people to various breeding problems. Which that has intrinsic problems. It does take surgery to correct and. Welcome back guarantee and you don't. When I talk about is. Seriously I'm non I'm non surgical. My albums dietary habit. That. It's been an intermission as the number one not making history positions. Many people generally don't people want to back because I actually have been more opposite nationally. Terrorists in Pakistan make it for the immediate changes that prefer tradition war what you're part of. And so should put your side. Right that that's one simple thing that most people do not and should do that on their own that you know the action on the side another round. I have been the most. It's important to predict altercation. Mr. avoid eating late and there's a lot of different explanations for what extra help keep publication we and standpoint. If you already susceptible to receive breeding problem. The more. I'm. Did you eat or difficulties that you need to vet can't and what usually have the stomach. And then we can do something once why you bring up your usual trip joke ecology to wake up more often connect content more technicians slogan of throw. But that's that low just equality which also obviously. It's not good do you do it had contends it's not a poor state is known to cause we can't. Hunger I don't picture we've fatty foods so it is because people in this whole under hockey skates you can get good quality it's about creating. Okay ring and you have a book that discussed that this indeed kill. Sleep interrupted. Yes the totality positioned to deal with the number one reason what so many of the sick and tired. It is described our policy being paradigm. And the fact that I'm deterred shrinking Pontchartrain that had a serious thought to think about it that you could imagine around. I'm indicated overcome Goodyear's attendance some years to bring getting bigger and bigger but there's certain mysteries is a job to get smaller and smaller. Well we looked like in the second mountaineers. The Madden Canadians they made the yes Palestinian blood but. I'm little and coalition OK I can 2000 years emotion that they'll still be years. I'm much. Yeah I yelled that inspired by gotten this done has been a collection unbelievable. Barnes and mentioned the histories of forty's and he may not have needed yes I'd advocate traveled the world and have been convicted these conditions cultures it off the brand. And culture that you optima and they're all like continents. To have nice wife to authenticate no cavities. But admitted certain about what should I pick up more cheap verification is smaller jobs. So much what sick anymore can't infectious diseases. And so that's just one. Perspective on on this hole yeah possibly being continuum where. I'm not exceed that are the only reason we're stick on the other issues like we're guy didn't politicians want to construction on the right side. I think it's more fairway just predispose you to all of these under conditions. And since yes fascinating a familiar with doctor Payson. Has worked so I think it's really it's in great that your. At medical college teaching sort of a different perspective though usually here which is usually to surgery take of the time. Full moon is now you're US are jealous of African American because they have such. Marsh miles and wide teeth perfect refugees. Yeah you know I think that all the time where I'm from the trunk of your analogy your bench the question is what did you make that. And that could diminish the fact that he helped when there weren't living there. They had that we do naturally and that is why jobs will be key to the very how can give me. And they compare. An option to get last night. So we may never got so many of these people I mean he's efficient and many of these people take on the job for Campbell chipped. Joplin health care I'm positions. And basically being weighed at this sort of music he's and they keep it up calling it critical condition. Upon itself and why he ambitions and conducted their study manually go looking at. I've actually got there have been various populations. Can be found that Caribbean African Americans have had to sit out. In the number two Asian. The genie is it because can't let limitations to our upper jaw is underdeveloped. In these cultures and ethnic groups. Actually be more susceptible to submitting content if you get if you if you can I get not try harder. Interesting. Said so do you feel and have you found that fair for a lot of people if you set that extreme weather having sleep apnea and that and just making some. Some lifestyle changes can really improve the quality of breathing in their first McKee said. Nighttime sleep then daytime energy and immune system for functioned those suits against. Can't tell I extraction starting with the that you left out of my education and got to not even late not to be an attack. These cheap even really want your nose do you lift to the to a basic things I tell everyone and that I'm guessing that helps about 2010 to 20% of patients significant interest on what they don't need anymore help. And then some people number 23% needs. But for their help because they don't get partial relief and that you know I can't continue on palm Demi get into a more formal diagnosis without yes. I'm gonna meet in China jackets and then concerted policy sort but I treat the whole spectrum of lessons should be eating disorders. I'm not comfortable being a book man what type on the other couple attempts but then. Some people have to continue to skirt for former and I noticed banking industry doctor. In can you give us your website. So that doctors can part dot com DOC trio are. And he'd be in part got conned. Okay seductive style though Stephen parts that come looking great and if it continues hustled him more about how the souls who topped the votes Nancy quality and specifically houses where tying it into the cold and flu season I know a lot of people are Ari getting says Claire worried about getting sick of losing time from work and school. So Aaron. And mark. Actually about the fact we're talking about way to avoid you're lacking the attraction conclude that. My perspective a little bit different some not to carry anything else got a desperate shape in my point is that this small your way. More susceptible you'll be contributing problems really collected that he had a wide fairways. And negotiable cordiality. And you have looked like he knows and you'll be you'll feel terrible for a couple of days but then you get older as well to coordinate better. But the more narrow way. Some more information and more options completing a pass which content more of the dusty tracks coming up at your local content more swallowing. We've been here actually after the truck that comes in the show hasn't found to go entry along and you know countries in years hello. The precious contacts send me to come again kind indeed Eric has actually does not sit inflammation and I'm pat what is. Too late this station cycle. Well that's what people would be smaller jobs. Longer or periods or did more susceptible to be an attractive lure for induction into allegation. Interesting okay. And I am. In this or any pathetic and mean. So you mentioned that one point inflammatory foods is that the sort of an individual thing to decide which foods or certain percent more inflammatory or just sort of a broad breast or certain foods that. Cause inflammation Sonia books do you describe that Diane more detail. Sure so I think we'll yep people hear your questions on some people obviously are more susceptible potentially cause and origination. And then found simply don't have more susceptible for permission to me though. You know it doesn't happen very challenging topic to discuss because it sounded terrible. But one thing I've noticed is that many more people are having problems. Actually for example no product should gluten sensitivity. I'm food allergies can and that cost a lot of food allergies and means committee epidemic another chilly Shea yeah my youngest daughter Sean no different ethnic accounting. I don't quit all my relatives shouldn't have no allergies. So obviously is something changing in and I never heard diet or something. I'm not content where I'd given these issues on and I potentially have a any parent he's someone with native food allergies and sensitivities. They all have these typical stage creatures and he did not only people he's introducing people to look healthy. But what I the gas to Israel or cabbie in now and people generally have these high court's balance. Narrow its remote gets the most every now broke 200 not a Turkish arched upwards of Thai military high. Com. And it had a very significant discussion. Found another important point is that if you susceptible when they're the suggestion. That I can think everything downstream. I'm so imagine if you noticed fatigued it's still called what happened just need to just talking to another part. So on what should be noted. The more of these pleading Kanye perhaps downstream of such flight very important to all record margin as a breeding in the starting with the training irrigation. Awaiting allergies. You need you'd streak that stretched its. You can do not sure anything you can do you can continue to being different in Russia the first step that I recommend the maker of surgical. I'm but the quarterback could actually this year armed. That might might get a paradigm is not so much focus on what's hard being looked perfectly content commission. But it's just you that this is your bodies or do we activity. To certain girl here can and the environmental. That you control bill if you lose patent to breathing problems. On the concession it would offer this type another ought to doctor Robertson Mikulski called on. Slightly but don't get alternate. Ending to try to access the search news in the classic books. I think you describe how when you're under stress yours you know addition and you any interest in just over reactor everything. And get these two big problems obviously you've bought into this solution distress. So your body will open the actual normal food you regard Mench allergies weather changes chemical smoke at the end zone kind of things. Racist stress notifications as another key which is. Definitely sometimes a two Q1 to people's us tackle clothing is pushing December a year in the room blustery here nuptial manner. Or is when I'm talking snow Google had good. Still don't have given that did you like it put a stressed that this is huge external current distressed like. Psychological and emotional physical stress. So you might add extra stress comes around that it couldn't be consistent on the Castro. Honda and so my my first parity is to breathe. Better not connect during the day. Pot and then got war. Lower your affection about actually instructions like psychological or emotional stresses. Okay that makes sense because you're saying that it's just the poor quality of breathing in that fatigue that it like a baseline a physiological stress is anything on top of that whether it's you know just stated they emotional stresses it's gonna be compounded they have in the basement level of a stressful this is really good at yeah this fascinating stuff so. Sosa Simmons instant buying a book to learn more about a year. Approach in this paradigm. You're discussing so sleep in chances. How did they find the book. What they can go it's on the armed conflict in the bush never saw or heard if not talked to more traditional networks are practicing the art taught. Well we've we get a copy of the book remember how everybody come. We do get breaks sometime soon because we like sort want to look at the broken we need to get this book because it's sleep is so important. CNN and the problem is especially good or recently of in February. So I was Augusta corruption and ordered. There's no way to measure during the night so bad they don't have a full device on your finger you know and other than god couldn't do don't you gotta. You gotta printed or what are you doing your dishing it that'll still someone can do things social architect I. Plus he had to have what they did their app can measure movement got so that we correlated to exude quality. But that doesn't hold its increasing discussion itself are contesting. And I mean I didn't at least because he didn't know what I actually got yet but. Let me just finished I think that you can shut pleading to return to power has not happened Scott. And this is greatly appreciate tests are on our communities such action because obstructions that the country in the long. We don't make the Pentagon press told you had a happier. Chassis. So you have to have a device soon measure that the length of time. Yeah just up quick vote that would get you back don't cause sleep his religious and timelessness Brodeur the book and we didn't learn about it and and pick and somehow points. Yes somebody had to back at the end of them apparently if you look thank you so much into the lets see you doing and so we'll definitely sends people you waited to read the book and learn more about. If the tenure let's say. Here are anything you miss thanks again I take part thank you can all right route to your break and Wu B back can governments. Don't go anywhere let's get healthy with bills well alrighty thank you. Boston's favorite learn CD that he's just a few moments. And I'm. Thanks for listening to let's get helping the bills well top thirteen sending you proxy fight peoples' Austin's favorite pharmacy college life by 12643. Live that's my 26 point. 35 or eight entering new. It's. OK welcome back to show folks still swim by the way in my coast today. Is Amy tattered doctrine we Tyler who is in nature pass. I'm doctor Musharraf I think that's very when that your board are tortured to question like how our group talk about it. Board problem we're having here in Texas. After this so. Which are can do to contribute to to help prevent so we have very. Our national word Dave. Jones or you're this and RI unit departures and burglars. That used to it and in the US and China do you stick you put your most. All of McDermott goes I usually is a reform school in the good. Indeed it is it's it's one of the best schools in the country. Which so what's the impetus to here's Kelly twenty good duke. The Aleman. They graduate school of integrated medicine. Okay the suicide idiots great. And you've studied Chinese medicine. And you develop product and several product grew a real mentioned the prussian and developed to just don't you just those who essentially to return far. But. Busy breeders who won this popular right now. We used to about to have actually learn Ronald learned scholar just and he was talking about. He's easy breezing freezing easy you know. Part that is for a career and prevention of flu and colds and please don't go. Absolutely analogy can be huge factor sure viruses. Right and so is so popular there were out there I don't want people we don't have India south of Norway or maybe when Arnold. Was they can serve little Brothers turned producer robe again people people who they're buying a lot of soul. We cannot take down people's names of some and ones that we can make on the name in congress comes and so the debris and it's called her blood sick and it's easy breeder. And. And I can tell you did have a lot coming from the way. Yeah idea what tell us a boat the formula why did why do you think it's helping the way that it is and then why Matta bid good alternative to some of the it's just some people don't do well with those conventional allergy medications for various reasons so Pete hustled them more about. Why you developed it and what you seen. Adult in my practice because. So many in my patients word. I mean not go beside the fact that it's just huge problem for so many people. People would express food that they eat. Besides wanting a sort of I'm more natural approach to it did get a lot of lip service conventional. Thing that you do crowd there outer. I'm Levy's feelings out and it's. I am and that sort of drug dealing and something that they wanted to get away from. And one of the criticisms that we get about the degree there is that you are yet. EE sort of don't make that association between taking and getting better because it doesn't make you feel weird yeah and so you you sort of forget your relatives throughout in the Arctic come back at least where doctor nearly colony. Do you beat oh yeah that's right and they need you know sort of takes more bullish but you know part of the reason that the formula. Worked so well as at least started wish. Want to and a real real simple classic cold in Chinese medicine the culture and street. Stands it would being just a three year. Ended the whole idea here to help. Prepare protector bodies from external influences and in this case that it'll all. How can the and then he added herbs to that. Source sort of Maurer action dramatically so you use something like a combination of magnolia and champion and that really helps drive and infopath just. So where he can breathe yeah. But then you know a lot of times when you use trying nerves they can over draw you to where he might end up which a nose bleed or. Excessive thirst until we. Put her generic sort of temper that trying so he doesn't overdrive. And then I'll be honest to be one of the sort of magic ingredients and here is. Something if you can Chinese minister and a lot but essentially to a lot of people that came animal thing and it beat literally is the shuttle from the. Oh god I could've given you left from my years this year. And what's interesting about that is needed a lot of people think zen like YO. When did that something like that but doesn't seem like it would be. You know chemical eat. Who actually you can look at just a simple thing like skin or something he quit this particular insect. About 50% of that slot that shot it is made up of a chemical called kite who. You know idea that a public sector ranks second only to Loudon cellulose in terms of how much do you find the planet literate and fungal cell Walter shrimp shelters can show and this this. I had been tested a lot through its ability to moderate immune response especially extremes. Though so wouldn't you try to admitted he might find this animal in formula LP this contractor I didn't come. I'm not that you would admit. It would. Okay that's a fascinating time. And you. Oh I just curious. Did at the did they come up every year I'm just curious I know that you know wrestling with the clicks and herbs that are fascinating insects does that happen every year that they come up and mold. Democrats some of them are seventeen years ago. All of ray they're tired they're skating on seventeen encouraging news cycle but there are also run. Deep into the matter anymore. And that is. You even need the one big you can check out OK there's 200. Media angle. The super interesting so do you mentioned that when it wears off some may feel the symptoms returned a what is so during the high doses some on the suffers a lot from cedar. And they're really symptomatic what pennant and seeing are you talking about to keep their symptoms that day. It I will look over a couple of don't know Wikipedia link at the liquid and a cap or the liquid form what I tend to recommend for people the end. And Indian distinction in general unless there's some reason why even change that since I work for our attention in the concentration that we use wouldn't we make some. I'll one milliliter of so that we can't hurt you pound the body weight is a good place to start my hands and everybody's going to. A little bit different and you know super people particularly large. And that. He's gonna do that dosing regiment breaks down a bit so if you get over 8350. Pound like. You don't need to take it that much yeah. And you know you can you can change that a bit for people to you know follow longing. You know from that 122250. Pound range. Milliliter per Puget Sound and consistent start. After people who have now one of the things that he'll work really well. These are people who have really severe issue. If I recommend that they have both the liquid. And the cap so what did they tell me hate and a good solid gross com. And liquid and then hollow look to caps. And what you get is he get there immediately. We know so little administration of these herbs which gives you really. Are very quick response sometimes even minutes. And capital that they digest and give you that much longer. Relief and so for a lot of people that coaching strategy well actually taken through the majority of the day. Oh really so it's just so it's not like several times today it's too. Regular viewer. Read it you are you giving the liquid I would and you had severe symptoms and that's the thing that helped you I would keep that we during the day. OK so they could maybe take a second dose of. Second third I've heard people can take it PRN that they want I mean if you just start to feel a little itchy you wanna take a couple words and and that gives you believe you're going to be high speed you're not likely to shoot eight. Too much although. As soon as they say that someone could take that as a challenge. Railway system usage doesn't tell is better off to an attempt is good good luck to you get these herbs or what have you teachers and they don't introduce chief. You know put in water you thought you should. That's history taste good. I recommend people take it. Ticket absolutely straight as literally the dropper you mouth. Good okay and so you did you tell him a time when your pre sleep. Even greener it will it will not. Help you sleep in that if you actually destruction ordinarily. But it will certainly help peacefully if what is keeping you from sleeping and being able to breathe through. Right okay and and OK and so speaking of cedar excellent people again engineers distinct in a motoring now considering getting closer to the senior season. And we've heard some predictions that's gonna be a record of the year for cedar unfortunately do what determines whether we're gonna have a good or bad year he knew I. You know that's actually really interesting question because I was sitting Jimmy. 'cause I like numbers and I was trying to figure out like how many green the pollen are there and on a bad day. And it. I mean these. I made a lot of attention than I generally made them very conservatively. You could be looking not a bad day like lax early last January we had their own high of the day last year was. Almost 9000 green strategic leader. And if you apply that to this and to actually you're looking at. Basically. Three followed by CT zero. Break so end and that's an enormous. Number any peace think about all that pollen in the year I mean I did I see you can't he would talk to try to micro metres to you know diameter and the other interesting thing into the Clinton and Singapore are allergic to. On around cedar is the cookie cutter on the outside of the policies. And it's it's an academic related protein emboldened group five of that I don't know music and there was study that came out about sixteen years ago but it showed that. Specific part of cookie to hold an allergy. Can. Change because of the way that it express because of environmental conditions Serbia so depending on its you know. And how hot it is out variety in. All these factors contribute not only choose whether or not clear trees make a lot of pollen or a little poem. And also contribute to how much. This protein is expressed on the L and it can change quite a factor why. So you couldn't how soon he you know you look at all of these other conditions there's him there's a researcher in Oklahoma that I haven't even. Faster if because my observation that and that if you. If you see it looks like all color and don't protect this. If you drive and Alomar and you look at the peace articulate well mostly kind of looking. Same condition that would lead to. We haven't color in the men's central taxes are also the condition that leaps forward favorable production of a lot of pollen to release. And can even be read I can't even beat. Influenced tirade. That direction of the weekend let's not rain so there are show many factors at play eight. In determining how. Adequate going to be. OK so say well this is this really do we have to run you gonna get you back. You got another drug code decompress. This woman to have this time a year to a that he and real quickly because we have to run. The Ed noted. It's good stress especially stressed the need toward frustration or anger. And during the holiday and a lot of people who experienced stress and frustration and anger. Just because all it can be very difficult. And brought it up for the largest cement the concluding he's been through there we saw so much around himself tomorrow. We William. GP LC a season ends and show a couple other people so. Flustered us so that's why do it yeah. There are so much dreary time explaining how where exits there instinct so he's learned you know mechanism behind it. We appreciate your time and hoped have you been asked to discuss some you know there. Obviously David this I want the people noticed on their commercial gonna pay me desist would you analysis so well we want people who know about Gasol as we're doing. So thanks again Ivan thanks for your work. Okay torches and they have agreed a bank I were to break it would be rather it. Yeah. You're listening let's get started fills whale presented by people's. Often through local ballistic carmody is fully back with the morning cutting edge music helped them. Things are listening to less than helping the hills mail on time thirteen and seventeen rescue like people's Boston's favorite pharmacy Collins live at night once you see. Real life and I'm Lindsay and six point 35483. And by the way I don't call him because some people call my. Cellphone or whatever word you can tell who's sure to include. You'll be on the show religiously vote question of where. About we're 643. 5483. To appreciate about 126. Were 3542 years or 643. Her decently. So right now we're gush you have to awareness and more she got some talk about. Sheila. Good morning good morning welcome Goosen. Welcome thank you so much they are punished really cute your audio. You gotta we gotta run coming up the members should go to. Yes sir the name of our organization is an excellent track you know elite has taped an expert medical straight donation it. It is addressing the having defense that commission hearing on detectors medical port. Kind of like fighters which I would encourage everyone I don't think I know you're much greater is Iraq originated in your connector. Their numbers and Margaret that are indeed coming up on or legislate that shoot between 78. Tiger makes all can be they have certain I get these sheiks to establish rules that all should be carry out. Well the easiest Texas medical board. So it's a big debate. If I interviewed just a second to find out who your legislators. If you go to Texas right to know dot com. There's some apple now have a link. Week and I hit wrecked just make though good. Strategist medical break I'm gonna happen. I'm sure that the commission is get David evaluate the performance of different other agency though the technical bore you repeat it. I eat or taking public testimony to help protect our borders perform. The situation we have it set when you re evaluate the performance of the medical board they did statistically. Carter's number 8000 positions at Texas bill I have a question for you you have a field trip there. TB yeah they hammy integrated doctors there are candidates picked as anybody any your audio. There is real simple not be enough. Not exactly. Hit ace memorably ten I don't know there's there's a few Hampshire. Well it just actually very very small community of doctors and it would even pop their head out of the standard of care. I try to do something outside the care and Medicare it terminology. What is not strictly a message about Tripoli use. Well I just really this traditional requires you don't do the standard of care. You gig is serious trouble. Exactly so consequently. They are an integrated document tab I don't wanna add even retired that they are at state college to get their head day. They eat probably attitude and we are all on the car. Edged out any chance are not checked it's 200 protector to district which stayed extra positions. As being complementary and alternative that a sense. Stayed hurt we check in at all. Doubt that cheques that eighth position and tactic regional powers up the latitude opera can't bury an alternate defense and and abort. I didn't think I kept Iraq peak peak complementary and alternative medical. Our dear are heard that you'll. I did not I was Jose Maria. Yeah we'll have that number. Titled one Jane Park Aaron chapter 200 at the exit demonstrate courage and he can albeit. And practice track star dot com medical freedom you'll all of us all slow in our state constitution. Actually explain. It. They'll try to fix article sixty. Tension darting like it is. It could not alleged attack Iraq established all jeopardy practice the better parent. I have the right to establish up. Let the dog it to Egypt and invitational not to establish a track of once looked at the culprit am insisting. All the curtain call it probably has. Where an eighth practitioner get a complaint against Al I do not have cracked open one out of complaint. Know what action what. Very many in that it will cut its eight. Not thought to to care how told him that need to get better. An educator. The profits as they're called a shore eighty a initial. Review helpful. In port eighty informal we keep. It ain't think they bought off I have to lie you're up. No I could curry statement we're hearing integrated doctors wanted to do. I had a Gingrich went Tucker flyer it may change nutrition. Aiming it means support and talk may help your help. Well. Chapter wanted to work. You rule it out of opposition ever happy. They cannot predict integration that it's all McGrady chipped it. Doctor can take to teach creation and Amy import it could. I Yelp or else what caught yet under that all people asleep at. Well. And even said Maine health care health and say will treat sex lazy conditions. Now that I did that may help loan out. On another and another doctor got brought and he would be at a thousand dollars for a similar straight bet she tripped actually paid proper academic etiquette on the top eight. And that representative Andre talk just have to get to the court we'll just what I'm not seeing any here also is planning expected. What are your eye and the what what happens. This straight and it all display that ditch their response let's wait out at the ticket. And thanks for their offense that's really. Like a frightening that they had to compare option outlandish it'll let Patricia many Arab. She doctors are evaluating I told her to care practitioner. That they each get correct. And doctors actually think integrate care what you can change at all complementary and alternative modalities which should be should. Like Britney an acupuncture. Eight trot. You share in Iraq your nation are. That's what we call console great treat it went doctor integrate that with yet shall he at all or just integrated. The bishop. Don't land they get caught up toward authority. C reviewer. Eric your I don't get included in a very different modalities distance and out but potential let him. And now. I'd very disturbing. I that would grow doctor tree caught the page two outs and bill I have three get ideal audio all those people don't act as they. Yes. Google and it. And I do not have been let's do it takes ten drugs and you don't take to continue to get them via. And that's and I given many options like conventional doctors allow these conditions don't have great answers from the conventional medical community. Well he got a complaint. The patient combined make it thought he was eager to get up and he ain't. Attack on it was issued go out and confidential IER and are coming out patient. An insurance company are your competition demonstrate. Bet that medical board didn't get that deputies initially. Kitty. In this can't get started cutting and romp with a couple of art medication regiment but I candidate doctor was giving a lot of changer. But it's not mark. Very I'd say. Public colleges to pick a lot doctor evaluated as I compete crowd copter get a lot of K meet meet stricter. Take a well OK I'll stop I wanna pick me yet. A magical combination it retained right JD. These patients with these expenses. Are eloped report its fleet of did not expect not kind there'd be kept to be a lot and not turn. They adopt the true on the tarmac we under sell pinch all our. That girl 200 dot journey it's the typically. That's. When you are you wait. A neat idea up. Integrated doctor. It's bad. That a lot too suspicious or not they don't guilty of spiritual contact we got committed or additional failure to practice that it's good genetics at a month urged. Shall only on the bright. Appeared a bit of copper Gary helped critic medic and he maintains. He can't be about he lady and integrate doctor. I took on a conventional standard are. You get entrenched it. Remains. Bullish talk about will musher terms Toronto rally coming up. Oh good that the people we got to people's attention now. Well police need people. Just show up at the capitol in theory I'm going to be checking flight got caught in grand. On the wet but. Yeah that rally started yelling at 2 o'clock on the south that but the tropical weenie or creep in his church means edgy show up. Don't get me a transparent. And then our legislators. And eight yard situations and that's actually medical board should understand that we as tax we are here to to the end and great doctors and you think here that we want to have our people. And the Zimmer I think I'm the news at four. It's got a computer ports and people are outside are they a opted area of our. India Debbie area that is going to be traveling. It's like an app people coming for any large metro area we won't each year but we won't change your today. Well let's double edged really crucial that everyone got to do I keep cage can like take contract and I don't. If we're going to help you Sheila forgot good healthy we have got to but I got to make your parents on the show doctor I think returner. But if we're gonna Hilton is accused who just dropped another notch by the way up to grow Lester in the world rather W show. Forty acted the last I heard. You know we'll jump to another notch just last week. So we get it going down and then we're not getting better so the answer could be something other than just prescription drugs from a pharmacist there's a push for that. Well look either way. I'm doing drops I'd in a critic English great small population pledge I under I country with a lot I don't get laughed and played Texas. Not about I mean in a week that you get it here and get into adopters she came right isn't trying to cure why. And can I determine what to treat it as aren't they aren't we want freedom you have have an obligation. And so Hulu incorporated a real on the shore but only in the go out there and makes us so Texas straight snow dot com and also on FaceBook did he says Texas medical freedom on FaceBook. Dell attraction I think that we need a lot we can't we need to pump as much about it and get a picture and get people became not 2 o'clock health. Debt at the capitol concede. Okay thank you so much so thanks again all right. They're both Europeans are still to come when you're aware of sight to be can. If you insist you remember him we can gentlemen to a few moments we have coming up in December. We got a minute left you know we can do OK so the sun's coming up in December this week Monday the fifth anti candied and period day at the wellness tension north. And stand tall against osteoporosis. Is also Monday December 5 at 7 PM so you can do back to back. And and other communion that we want to mention tonight is holiday sing along in downtown stroll. But it also leaves at the capitol building because look it up online on 6 PM tonight. And sounds just to reiterate Friday December 9 at two we're just talking and she would compel both says Texas medical board don't Chan mean rally on the south steps of the capitol. So we have a congress on the other and finally we have another lineup of great toxin to Skoda let's say people's acts that common sense to see you we have Linda for the rest of December. Great. All right it's such a clear view doctrine yes the sun so is always learn so you juggle video sophomore store that's say no special offers there's so yeah just call him and get deployment and c'mon Tokyo right. Yep sounds great Kevin pedigree we can be safe on the roads. Yeah we love you all thanks for listening though. We'll be back next week. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy and it feels well off and talk thirteen. Again next week Saturday night at 10 AM for more heading into health news and wellness information from people's. Boston's favorite pharmacy.