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Nov 5, 2016|

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It's now time for let's get healthy with bills well and talk thirteen seventy he's taking your calls live at 512643. Life. That's 5126435483. And now here's mills whale. Welcome to show and in this kind of soft music didn't. He asked me that they should be we have like him who's always people that was Fuller so I don't like to read okay just a couple. Career. Now just teasing so. Doctor Corey shooters go enjoy we should just a second but you know poster was something a little humorous oh. Bill I think first and doctor Bill Thomas told doctor Thomas okay great we're so we cannot since I don't know why because I'm sure that you're. In LA doctor Thomas suggested those are good darn guitar machine from bill. Hello hello morning good morning I don't know why I had to be reversed or mushy your Richards. I don't badgers first drew us for some time with you for sure I'm I'm my head in my term. Well I'm turning 75. In about three months so that's a milestone. The red orange shorts and spend school graduation torture do you realize. Really learned a lot in fact remember seventy. Dollars to notice the warmer seventy. There's a tour coming told the age of disruption to your. Program. Now weighs just have to do politics disruption. How. You know we've got there could not sightings of politics served pretty well covered so shameless and you wish list here's a Halloween and run after Halloween we get this election night. Here's the worst for Gary and I hope he can thank her for. Can we are giving somebody Thanksgiving we had to come to town on the return after the election and I'll be talking about Ito restroom bureau. Saw him go it's concerned that that's my topic but I mean the rest of your life Barbara. So drew tell us more about years. Tour in what you're messages and you've done some fascinating work around to help trigger Simonyi in my vote yes which are doing. Well you know I'm a medical doctor Marc Cherry nutrition specialist and Angel and east over the years I've come to understand something really. That changed. My life torturous. How people age. He's due in part. That you how they feel about age and a look at think about it what they believe about it so. I realized that even though I spent years taking care people. As a doctor. I didn't hear people who were agent tight could actually help people think about pitching differently. And think up to rest of their life differently and create a much more talk so that's. Energized. Upbeat to condition of what's possible so. I it's created this tour now I travel around the country spreading happy news about Pedro. So we waited to hear that especially me. He had absolutely. So yes have you tried that Israel wonder full page yum. It isn't so novelty of it if I can tell you quickly that's statistics show that. There are statistical level but happy this decade of portraits of something it's. Engineer and smack dab in the middle of the hapless power. Lies just just to be a lot of emotion happiness. That's right that far beyond holidays shortage that's really a big positive thing alive he's two point every ten point eight. Second span American paper turn 65. Yeah. I got that from some real reason to internally sentence. Are so so doctor tell us can tell us as being Helen there early ninety's do you have a change in years. Career in some ways and viewpoint of aging and he tells you are happened at that nursing home and doesn't. Let's stay here. Yes so I I actually started my career as an emergency room doctor. And have thought that was here. And that was the whole package trigger such that I took apart termed job they're nursing home just stroll for extra money. And I wonder just falling in love wins elder son prince caring for older some cash I I came to realize that. People living in nursing homes weren't the way too long what. Wait to board which would help much. And so together would Mumbai type sounded an organization called it he didn't alternative. Hence we really different you know like cheer ought to be more orchid garden human cost little. And and that move led died last DR Madison became injured trichet and they're central and just about every day sentence. Clausen is seeing that you part of what he changed both the nursing home was he brought animals since the exceed even that led to a lot of passing and Europe stare at allowed animals and well in nursing facilities and also the garden send. He daycare so there's children around so that's really fascinating and there's a big shift in the overall Unser. Atmosphere of the place. Very big shift so bill what we really founder and our researchers at times was stressed. You know. People. I'm surrounded by likes. Steele likes more intense simply let people who are. Not stronger and to my life so in essence this being the living in a place for plants and animals and children in last current strong. Makes you happier than putting in place we did that has none of those strokes she did yeah yeah I mean. Yeah it's a race or seems like an obvious thing Revver dot obviously. Professionals at a time summed. Right he says there were like cool people fortune who chairs like strong Truman had no front of our. Most everybody that's sort of you know. So tell us about the green hosts projects and what's ghetto girls and know. True restart and in Eden alternative are we started helping turn personal that a district change. We realized table what what do you didn't ever heard so much you just shut outs where our elder structure. We return elders and have a big kitchen with a big old wooden table. Everybody gets her own room. And new utility other share her hosts. Wouldn't people it's that sort some people that would lead right move them because straight would. Get to support they needed but not living in institutions so that we can something we call them green how it's. And that has spread around the country government socially at southern Austrian yet but it is an X it's. So multiples and tech. OKM accident looks as we have one in San Angelo and then Aslan Obama and for a moment here and it's six. So no there you go Austin you're trailing Beaumont dump well I don't know about air. Pricing will have to spend the Wear if so then then any an injustice can go to the greenhouse project out or in this instance you know with the locations are. So how would how do you like the look hastens to sign in as someone who has consistently bring her. It's just our community. Work you know people people get excited about getting here now and just start. Learning about it bend down it's all month process the way we levels so. Mr. Hitler didn't do so excited. We do where everything we can't help. Bring our greenhouse collection. For example in Austin and and found so it's not a mandated fingers no community Dutch tasks to do it. Start and no credit crunch you communities have chosen to breaks. Am I think there could be good fit for our city. So can you tell us more about the event so November 17 the Scottish straight theater looks like there's accede to different events happening that day. Yeah that's right so in the afternoon there's some really start so worked up. Called disrupt dementia. And what we're doing there is bringing in some of the nation's leading experts errant. Helping. The people who come and have the chance all people invite it's not a medical strengths is not a layperson thing it's designed for. All different kinds of folks including people who are living in dementia. And what what you get out of it. There's a brand new perspective on how to look at the experience and dimension different links and a look at a person. It differently and for people living with dementia to see themselves differently so the change in perspective. That's really distraught dementia risk. And then in the evening. I do something called life's most dangerous came. Word I put storm we had a musician. And together we catch hell onion story about agent. A story about aging that is really upbeat and arduous and complicated and real. And we challenge changes on basically a group I'm coming to town and has some strip. Just strut down the gauntlet on binges and then lost so much and say there's a better way. We you know you really are yeah we're better Ross together when we. Don't don't hold negative attitudes toward older people. Gasoline Canseco and cultural paired in the needs to change the so many other cultures and it unearned revered men's wisdom and knowledge and experience than John Nash and support them in such a healthier way for everybody. And so that's exciting until that part starts at seven and it looks like in between at 430 this. You'll be in the lobby and there's some real opportunity dead in trek to see there. Oh yeah outlook aren't I mean I'm unsure and come in your child there's a lot of people have a meeting people. And blocks this year she. I guess some would say were moved up the but neutral solution. Not people who are interested in new ideas and your perspectives and in Holland. Way. Yeah that talks about who. That's a little firm Pamela I let's. Most sounds great so they can you go to doctor DR Bill Thomas Scott Boras pretty easy to say don't. Or they can also go to the Scottish straight theater and serve and I think it's don't environments listed under events so those seventeenth of November. Meet in the afternoon for the sentiments. Or an evening Fredricka relates most dangerous game. Really Barney thing. So tell us alone and I can't yeah that's created in the form. I have friend Austin before who love everybody tells you that he. Thought everybody knows some of them and it just it should deliciously weird. Yeah. Well that's it. I got. Well you'll you'll love fuel may not love the traffic that goes by the end to a. Yes I have a feeling it may not that hard it may not allow. Yeah and it's UWB from the oh departure will be there November 7 to upgrade that to start here are supposed to Scottish right theater. Are the elderly or what what's going on why why you know you've written some books I can win. We're all people form you know attack election you don't look soon for some time now that. Are you know because they're definitely for something you have grandparents and distant time would you talk to value. They were out hunting and then wrongfully removed from the family. They're. The house and Okinawa. Little son who speaks Japanese is not to have somebody speaks Japanese we go there. It utterly older people in their ninety's were out fishing spear fishing yeah bring in food. And I think that's where they live their their hundred jeweler. You know they don't they don't traveled to live a long time I think to just enjoy life and they bring home the nothing pretentious it's around him they bring you don't together so. The older people mean a lot to them because the regular flu could kill us. You know but but is say they all enjoy that just enjoy life. Right actually I wouldn't you know concentrate church Howard straight. You know one of the big lessons in my career school lunch is meant she'd be insured get every case. And what gets in the way sometimes is just storing the American society Tulsa so it's oh no used to here's fast yeah. You it has all the virtues and ages there's just so much for over so we'll have more true. Is not true. And you know there's some great things in my use and some terrible things about Duke's. There's great things about age and younger are terrible things about cage off. And it's better not so would have to resolutions such federal lived in the church doesn't interest is being needlessly complicated. Right. Did you enjoy the enjoy I enjoy being seventy and older parent you know itself. Okay I'm pretty content to seven so I. It's a big under her mind. Two on Q you've gone I would love to be able to lift to be in my seventy I'd love to have that experience should send him. He in the world that way. And I also know that I can't understand the world what you do because. You've got you know almost twenty years more experience and I didn't and that's okay. You know if like if I get there and you know from day and seventy current and I'll I'll have earned my question. And bluster on through to here's an independent service. An additional two. Setting up four forms is journalists and realistic type. Our arms so it's it's been a I think our two children a little bit now. And I'm not you know I have every day he's very extensive doing running the business sending us. Huge part of division in the and wonder and all phases out by knuckles it's people's RX pharmacy I'll really get great food healthy foods in. Oh yeah donned Asante I may just come here before or show her something to eat. User and his on the way from the airport almost he had apparently been. Yes married so. But it elder who what's what's happening in our country want more elders normal respect to possibly. We believe the look the reason is we've lost it's not concept of elder. On and therefore. It. You know what what happened is. We developed the idea that I don't tread last sort pepper she and around the world entry industry you mentioned for example Okinawa. There's been in this notion that you can outgrow don't turn it. That adulthood is fine but some days you need the kind of wake up in yo I'm I'm over that now you know. I'm onto the next layer blu banks. And that's really elders and older and so there's no I don't. There were all stuck in the adult hood forever it's such action on health can and that's not happy. So what are the things we support them argue or is this notion that. You get to grow up complex. Note first time you looked childhood and your intranet to Alter the networks these very interesting. And the second time you grow up do you believe. Adulthood and enter elder credits so one reason. We don't think about and sort of respect elders somewhere we. Crop insurance in week they're invisible to us what we're not seeing them all we see our. Or do adults. We will achieve elders. And of part of what I write about them and talk about this how do we get that back could actually valuable. Well we needed because it children's to help our country a lot to is nice yeah. No children as we were talking about. Our politics so one of the one of those things are going now where politics is that we're living in other cheek. Won by adults without elders supervision. And we really there could very much you use. You know millions of elders. Served thinking. Advising. It is peddling the adults found. You know and then what moved taking the long view and that's for older so darn many currencies across two streets. But they're not. We're not there yet in American society of Delaware to go. Well you mentioned to you that. Ridder slow you to order about how as people polled feel older and say they don't. I get in bars 1% to five years old. And I have touch and quantify fresh so that would probably lead to more peace in the world wouldn't. Yes will you know you're there you I'm an hour thank you your serve much fun to actually have two boys in the military one in the Coast Guard and one Marine Corps I'm. There and you know you can bet that tech agent to China you work and America's war you know you were much protecting our freedom. And then there chemical and we are concerned I'm done being a war you know now I'm a peacemaker. Now. And that's that's what we're trying to saying we've all this work here is such. You never know one thing you're not just one thing you can Egypt could be many in your life. And for many older people not all many older people can do trying to. Peacemaking. To be an important Arcandor on the Angel. They're. That's fine that's invaluable. And I think in some major here leading. You're thinking that I'm an idea. What are you and bring them what you're doing in the ceiling we're bringing into your community so. Soon we'll thank you very much and thank you for your kids for serving two engine. You know you hope they don't go to war such. And I always said if out assay dim because I had three mortgage. And not a top go to war I'll go to war for the I didn't not do it there if I had to feel heard them and I think that's who we need you because actually. When you get when you go through it when we go through with war. You learn is a very pleasant start the movie so new and so our voters learned that the condition that they can actually. Those Verizon. And been the very advertisers to the main lines Dmitry than other work right exactly ears of the past. So you don't want to know before you leave let's talk about chrome system and you mentioned what are the other crohn's. Because women to know they're there but they can play a great part in an aging you've taken to the country. What you know what are the things we've just got to protect. This topic turned to look at this work closely because she's one of if you talk about and ageism. The people who experience the most danger is among the most discrimination. Related to age women. Are much more than that. And so there are women across America who are saying OK at had a notion that. And these women are actually changing a word. Thought that this has been used to diminish shoulder. Women and taking it over and making it to our work so there's a word called her own she RON each. What do you look at upper Saint Louis a wizard old act. Sort of trip in the dictionary but these wind and I have a ceremony where they give to each other look like a lot chrome and she. And they say the word means a woman why is it's time. So there you go abductions that kind of thing about creativity. And stirred and groups. You can take to bring bad. And that kind of language. It's really sexist or just transparent. And you can turn it into something good sport people saying. Actually I am. I'm important to them valuable. And to be a crow he's used to being kind of what you are saying earlier that elder who. Elder who can advise and support our community are scrambling or congregation their neighborhood. So one of the things we do we travel around to tell the story to women that day did you know that there are so hardened or over here. And you walk out that door and become a chrome and walk around it's good news local pride. And helping yes and get some sixty. And so protection from the ages of our culture. And now we're really pleased about that and it will receive the show. We actually due out a little bit of form of the ceremonies and extreme weather is like commercial flight. Stay in his grandmother's counsel I think that's information we are thirteen in Minnesota introduced reminiscent of fury your Brimelow. I'm my help us do I have to bring my mother's love the yeah. Yeah they're comments if she can weekend and how we don't want to say when you're changing the the country. This is just very good compete with people thinking that's just common sense to build comment I had always picking on underneath. Thanks for listening to let's get help with the bills well and talking thirteen seventeen and breast seemed like people Austin's neighbors are missing Gonzales lied and I want seems extraordinary life and that's I'm 26 foot three combined 483. You can only. Welcome back to show. A lot of coaches and it is starting pitcher and the tires you know what I'm using doctor. Okay. It's. The Josh. The toughest section you have back we're doctor Corey shooter was just doing the doctor shooter. Oh you wouldn't matter I I I don't get a good now you're Europe Ph.D. is a current. No I am but I talk to you didn't. There we go there that it never authored commissioner I guess but noise so. Your fellow the American association of integrative medicine. You're on the faculty the initiation New York chiropractic colleges. College and school Lucy years health science and education. You have a practice and then what suppose in Wisconsin don't should. What are your ordinary always like to talk you have practices because they they want to won't have to want to walk. And he spins things that you're talking about today I'm sure you try your patience. So is not something that you just trying to sell. Yeah that's different reading about things and seen studies during. And then actually work for people who you know things might worker my network or assaults. So can you tell if a person's stress from the coming office. Is that is that you look at people who didn't know that two stressed turn to talk tumor but you have to talk yeah sure who. Usually here to talk to her mom one of their fingers that I have. People themselves are very good indicators that they're stiff they are stressed themselves so might turn out to different types of people that come and those that say. Yep I'm stressed and I know it's. Or those people so yeah I'm not really stressed at all for the little folks that say yep I'm stressed and I know it typically are the main house. Do geologic consequences to that stressed and those that don't. May or may not how. So up whenever we get in that situation we. Maybe want a decent further assessment and figure out what's going on over there with their life sentence if they are being affected by the stresses that the. Turned out to should can you tell us a little bit vote what sort of testing couldn't be helpful in terms of figuring known whether or not. It's starting to affect us justice into affect their functioning and their symptoms. Sure I'm back I mean we can look at content. Cortisol levels themselves so core result. Furnished by the adrenal cortex. Can be measured in a variety of different compartments so nobody thought probably the easiest and least invasive as salary cortisol. Stellar record is already contestant one candidate can past four times today I'll look for terms they tested interest income you can kind of see that tire knoller. Daily pattern that they're going through my little patient and working with here later this morning it's gonna happen where. It's going that fast I could also look at it in urine. We can look at. Cortisol production over the course of the day X com or reduced to one time passed in the morning so that's good options. And you can tested not blood but that's usually designed for more visit east it's not stressed states this trillion recorded all. I'm Madison's recent cushion. I'm usually not looking for that I run into an occasionally. Out of. What grade. None the most common scenario so old dream is fatigue. What does that mean you know drew fatigue. Yeah I think this has started to calm while ago our Australian connection are taken into integrative medicine I charcoal and I'll certain guys go through but I conventional. Medicine and and then got sort of accepted a little bit fight certain. Aspects of commercial medicine then got. Cuckoo bird or African immigrant. Medicine and so this term. Gets kicked around must Paramount and so I tend to not use it your idea is that it. The the adrenal gland these structure response gland don't want. Working isolation right they obviously you'll take marching orders provided different tissues. But most considerably they take care. The signal from the pituitary collect and and the unitary landed a worker isolation and that takes its orders primarily from the Bible Belt this and I thought well that's sort of that. Filter your finger like a shelter from the outside world enough in China and dodge and it's circulating around signals. That kind of feel there's everything and so I say you know what maybe idol polished fatigue is maybe a little bit more appropriate for the whole idea is there are. I thought polemic pituitary adrenal access is just off kilter. And that's going to be a better way of talking about it real fatigue as a battering do it that's only a year. Younger friend about it. But you don't hurt the reason that there there's not really drugs is a big thing for drug companies to have drug of course all about don't deductions and doctors give. If they give since say yankees. As opposed to these. Drivers are lower cholesterol whatever you know that's a big industry. Friends train to new problems is is not a big moneymaker on distance. And then there's a big lake failed component to it which takes work educating and explaining in helping them understand how they got there and how to. Get out of it. Ready to many drugs inhibit. Mechanisms in the body's great pit stop things from happening my mother load the certainly broad kind description but that's sort of that. The main idea that it stopped actually happening on course stop an enzyme. I'm not a lot of drug sort of build up tissues or breaks somebody stronger. I don't really meet couldn't insistent stronger you didn't mention you can actually Caylee case. Court at all there's their medications out there that are just low dose. You know aren't records on such a good or bad you can do it that way but there's not a lot of enzymes to an end that it really helped where it. Ox HP actually this problem. We always artist Chris many drugs will be crucial prescriptions until you. And junior well what we don't do not do not 000 are very few so it's it is a big subject and very much needed. But because drug companies are without calling on doctors and trying to get to underwrite fresh prescriptions for sure things. What to do auction content by the way you know we're strong we're big drug problems this country. You know it's it's. It's just are you so much. And that's unfortunately the A they should there's there's been some work on this because. There's over the counter preparations you can group torment that in just a minute but the when you have a problem. There's only came in the store never had this happened there today and she couldn't stop crying. Has taker in the constitution. And of course I'm not that I'm not trained on how to handle that but under the mr. cushion he so much to talk to basically. But she was having a caliber regular guests. So how do you avoid that how can you voice is Jewish is free just can't stop crying just you just don't. Here you feel like your life is over something. Well there's obviously there to be psychological approaches to it I am not really trained you know either. But they had a ideological protest that is really just sort of your connection. Trump and the little technical but I think you're shares are sore so well thought out China's religious leadership from our. Sympathetic dominance that's. Fighter plates reaction of the nervous system to there's sympathetic or that tended to send and end counselor. Soccer side of our current system the think its slowest of our brakes and broad variety of ways of doing that's. And one around here is I'm going to be greeting exercises sometimes let go as well sort of person and that's situations sometimes it can result in our correlation sort of the older folk are. Major recognition. Here aspect that we can think early as well as singing just sounds so ridiculous. He barked it's actually may be one of the best things to do. Bouncing stimulate Steve biggest nerve which is I'm very nervous. Paris and protect their peers and vigorous system and so you're crying here your destroy our current very typical time at that moment. Tom knowing that this will ask most likely the lieutenant I'm in your life. Find the place and find your favorite song and try to get a few can go to her and I'm. If I say well if not sooner when I'm happy hugs the pure and happy weekend. And I thought I'll also say there's also. The sometimes just letting someone cry and then lit letting that be OK and today there's a release of the result actually released in tears a runway in getting rid of Mitt and allowing some and to feel that it's okay you can let it though you can cranking up its Louisiana's sometimes or stays very. Afraid of emotional display isn't it. We'll tell us if SOC you get there's a stack and someone has high cortisol sea even there crystals had an eight and they can't sleep because of it. What are some things that you can do in terms of helping correct the physiology. Sure yes there is there aren't coordinate all the time all the time bomb that's one scenario they have court at all that I didn't thank you just described clearly do you have trouble sleeping and of course is obsolete they're a variety of beefing up. Wit that our founders to act spectral that we look at and one news. I'm combing that system now net Maryland recurring portion of the system down and the others actually trying to. Pushed our own path IQ Carol. EU those tracks of course as well I'll and so they're conservatives are two pronged approach there we always look at. And that's Serb structure responses issues generally we use different herbs for their. Com probably them my favorite one that seems to be a comes up over over over again. Here are put under Tom Marshall gunned down trees talked about numerous times on program is. Just a very powerful and academic herb and there's one other. Cast in my opinion and comment and not just American Unix I. Backed by significant evidence I'm here to help people. Still there through those environmental signals that are under construction and environmental signals. Defected does that and Natalie that you just mentioned. We're not stressed because of environmental signals exclusively sometimes we're stressed about the fact or stressed and we don't think that we should be stressed regular waiting that they acquired those sorts of things but I would garner no matter where those stresses are. Colin Howell can be useful to sort of certain at all. And there's a product called cortisol manager. Tune has asked of London's other ingredients that can help. Lower that high cortisol. Pray for you right now myself before. We. You actually garner in court at all managers typically recorded a manager's sort of our go to product or stress response to what they don't have passed and I don't know what's going on with individual com and I know there strapped they respond that they are stressing. I'm Matt is one thing and start with the help them get sleep. His sleep wake up well rested and we've taken a variety of 1% had a that you can't approach it sort of built. Conduct. What's possible at a hearing which affects escorted off. You mean. Opponents drinks either helps me just go home. I'm a variety of different things magnolia as well. And then again looking at hopefully approaches or how many systems out there as well sort of dealing with the it's sort of. Are safe and it works very well you refer patients who have him you know in English to put any more time with different had to come back on. The big topic and very common problems so I hope you can join experience this do this again okay thinking that's suing. Stylistic break. Information is right around the corner here listening elect is helping rebuild Cleland thirteen spending my privacy you invite people. Constance favorite pharmacy and we'll be right back. Welcome back to show folks this is this is crucial oil in my coat today and shoot out of Ramona. It goes okay. So is doctor NB Tyler flowers talking about you. You're your Roger master university and doctor of metropolis because saints and do you you do consultations. I do and at the people's pharmacy and cell phone there you know emotional constitution room yup root. Yes so feel different Brady different things that Lily just techno with the stress then cut in packaging also do a lot of work helping people at that. So. Yes I eliminate do they get to really get to know people who spend a lot of time with them and help them figure out some of the underlying. Causes rather than. Just providing. Symptom relief. Whether something Yoshi can do and just ago Manson. Jessica you with the us. Why don't we order class as salsa more children. Yes that's right November 15 at 7 PM. Is that listen that was two times known as. Futures Tuesday okay great. Good. I had done it going to be about a trail golf. Stress and how to meg you're stressed both from night eastern and western perspective. What traditions Tressel but folks we remember we lose we get an hour. So this we can you don't then our shores and joy that I try remains daily deceiving thing they had. So Jessica you have a class a south throw Bruce was a class was a groovy. The topic that title of the lecture is anxious tired and hungry. And how to. Help your notes Bernie turn western perspective. And I know what it's going to talk about our. What you're derail plans are because my plan a lot of people. Don't really know what adrenal borrow what they did so we're gonna talk about some basic physiology. Also how to identify whether your adrenal. And then the recommendations about how to take care of yourself both from a Chinese medical Champlain and from a western medical standpoint. I'm great affirms that. Really good and just Agassi and acupuncture is an I read a that this is fascinating feel beginning the flex her that people's pharmacy but years. Journey to become an acupuncture is actually started attending election infect people's can't tell about that. Yet I haven't heard about on the radio show about ten years ago. And I think it was but Shirley and she was given a lecture about a real help and Israel are out and my mother heard the I didn't. Just like not gonna front like you know and does not like OK I won't go in and Billy likes a lecture and learn a whole lot Aaron. That's that the software is not some other practitioners might be able to really start my own healing journey. And that's not come along way since then and so actually got me they're getting the help there come a practitioner might well the change my life so much. Oh wow that's great alone more reason for people to come out and enlist since we have to say we're just to tuchman doctor Schiller about the topic and it's just. Seems almost like. Epidemic it's just so you know we eliminated constant bombardment technology and information and stress and it's just such a common problem antibodies haven't really adapt in the anyway NN. And handle the stress there's so it's tools that have to be tied and support that needs to be given. That's right and I think a lot of people out of. Don't realize there's a lot of factors other than you are a motion that contribute to the strap her body and contribute to. Your overall a great help or detriment. Don't know why it's so we're going to be talking about some of those. Ideological structures like say did quite lenient that there would be we are there Fletcher are fluctuations your level dual. There's negativity at how they all impact agree on how you're struck well in addition there are your emotions can play a part. Sounds great and so this is that people sun's south Lamar. As I correct that's so we're you have your office were you practice. In my office does the very close is the south Lamar people or is about. They get a mile away and I'm right behind them to market but but well tomorrow. I'm much entrails are you. Yes. And I actually. Although wanted to lower personnel on it and they come to the free elect sure if they want this schedule would mean I refer patients though it's white collar off their first that it. Are returning patients will get five dollars option. You were trying to do it for coming to the lecture so there's a lot to be gained an addition to several great integration. I think we end this aired what should they call certain number to sign up for just called. People's posts. They can call people though were disturbed to show up looking around. So yes this golf Fareed delegates at the right NG there and that will make sure everybody. Get their credit by signing and he had come on why everybody welcome. So it was a date again. November. 20287. PM and so yet and it's an enemy hears them we topics they want them. Look at the their driving in camera and down euthanize go to people's RX dot com we have an event speeds it's a calendar with all of our. Talk that the different locations and so meant just good do you have though let's say any other contact. Might do it so often. IEO. And most of my business to call integrative oriental medicine and so. I had in the degraded early then oriental and a dramatic so often I ON dot com. Did my web site. Found I don't know what to share what the listeners are right now unfortunately my opponent having some problems so if people need to contact me. Doing it through the web site or app via EL is the only able to contact with people until iPhone get our quick should hopefully be. Then a day or two could step OP that a little bit difficult for doubts I'm. Any way to to share that with listeners temporarily skateboard a try to coney today it's probably not going to work. Oh OK says they listen week from Tuesday right. Yes yet at a rate. Somebody's time consuming and from grinding underinsured. Yep. Beyond that Lleyton clambered up the pink and then let your trail copper from. Tonight we are Lucy solution I'm sorry. Yes it's going to trust you learn this country you know. Every every patient that comes that my door there's always something struck all of it happening that I need to be addressed which is why I really wanted to have a drink at all and indeed a cabinet my first lecture and then I'm hoping that they've recurring theory also got to China and the number of us talk about what sure how fracture strapped as well so. A gonna be a bit of the theories certainly going to be about thyroid health and how black can also affect Strauss. No I'm going to be starting a monthly lecture series that people. Are people so attendant get some good information. Taught us an extra push to work for his pitch yesterday. From soldier. Who you know and I didn't produce cleaner image is this summer uses up then. Yeah I acupuncture I think. A lot of adverse stress that helps release they'll be hidden door into the which can help people just really a lack. And get into more about Eric sympathetic they'd rather than us. Sympathetic firefight mode. But so acupuncture you really great for helping reduce Stratton herbal medicine can really cult status like the people he had on earlier and I got a great one so would you Amalia liberation. A lot of really greater doubt there church kinda help mitigate Strauss. And magnolia can also be protected or. Four adrenal helped as well. So we got a lot of really good tool to kind of help British strapped. Right well this is good and I can you give the address of your. Are you or phone number one against the former rebel against. The other end up phone number is it is. How often in the air right now so yeah I do in just into an IO NN dot com. Okay and content rather I'm supermarket shelf can. The actual address that is point six point two. What star trail boulevard. Suite one outs next. Great OK well thank you so much that's on street and we'll definitely spent the word about your talk and copy of the green attendance will be. Thank you yet but I'm excited to good to get an election what do you guys. Okay just give thanks for being out of him and bush are familiar. All right Andrea we can think you can keep it up right about. All right. And so lonesome. Want to talk about events come out of this system okay so we always have the lectures and all of our locations are just talking with acupuncture is Jessica Manson about her upcoming talks Tuesday. November 15 at 7 PM the people's pharmacy and south Lamar. Some other events coming up we have met so wellness center in north we have a gluten free dairy free easily with one of her great nurses carbon gas and that's Monday November 14 at 6 PM we also have speaking as the topic of aging we talked to doctor Bill Thomas earlier. Some our own Jim Meier will be giving a talk on brain health and aging brain. Also Monday November 14 at seven and so if interest in both topics he goes go back to back sixth and center in this electro store actually trust or vote. Six Troy when he's three OK great and so and that people south we have Thursday November 10 coming up this Thursday 7 PM a cleansed optimizing your health. November 16 at seven and then move your fashion again at pains attacked him at the connective tissue around on our muscles and how you can help loosen it up and move easier and have less pain. That the November 17 at Thursday's 7 PM a south Lamar. How to prepare deceive every plant based holiday meal still make it delicious bird sounds good. It's an upcoming community events there's a grafting cheese lectures at the natural Garnett started November 12 at 10 AM. Learning about the fundamentals of grafting fruit in that she's sounds fascinating. Found is a movie called farm flicks Tuesday November 16 63830 at Alamo draft house south. And amateur and about an Austin based nonprofit meeting emergency funds for central Texas farmers so sounds like a great event. Some at Chris age of destruction tour that we discussed earlier detection Bill Thomas Wednesday November 17 that the Scottish straight theater. Really not assert an all day event starting at 230 US disrupt its mention. And the other production at 7 PM. And so we also just once mentioned veterans day as he talked about a few times is coming up Friday November 11. And some I had a friend challenged me to do Tony to push ups returning to days on FaceBook there's awareness campaign going around very you. Distant raise awareness to the fact that there's a PT SD and suicide risk among the Mets. And down Tony to that so once we once they estimate trying to vets commit suicide every day. And I didn't fill up so the pressure up so instead I needed donation to. Hope for heroes I donated 220 dollars. So hope for heroes which has a local organization that provides integrated medicine services and counseling for vets. So I just encourage everyone to think of some way you can reach out even if it's. Just talking to let you know it's taken until lunch sure you know volunteering time or money to any sort of innovations just to. Let them know we we appreciate them you know whose organization. Hopefully heroes that so local organization and team down the pits into sync has its integrated medicine and counseling. And so big goal of there's has to hope that PT SD in the emotional health of our returning vets. Wish you know them Diaz it's a great organization there's so many out there there's a lot of good organizations but just a good time pressed to you know veterans day coming up remember. And think of them and how we can support them in China's decrease that risk in the suicide agree that it's really troubling. Well I'm a bit I'd rather I don't really get to mines and then see you do trying to push up. I have to think that they'll articulate Tillotson. It will arrange it all right we got as close to show. Jim and to that Mitt demand kind of goes by zest lemon have a great weekend and turned a club I'm still hollering and cut good seats fallback public league in Eugene an hour tonight preliminary enjoy that extra hour yup you've been turned back. Now that's all you gotta do. Are you folks you have a great week Q and doubly sure. Only now. Let's get healthy win. Well the information.