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Jul 31, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for Cummins socket with your host Michael Cargill. Brought to you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And as the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine. Fox Business news CNN money AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael kargil. Good afternoon. Austin Tex is the live music capital of the world let's praise the lord and pass the ending mission. I want to start. Michelle by thinking Texas in US large shield for being a phone call away at three yen. As some of you may or may not know my parents were in. Victims and be home invasion on Friday morning at 3 AM outside of Atlanta Georgia. I want to preface this by saying the actual details of the shooting I have received from the Gwinnett county police department and neighbors. That word at the scene. I refused to allow my peers to give me ED chills and all of this incident. Because I strictly. In for my appearance CD exercise her fifth amendment rights and only speak to their attorney. Now according to the police around 3 AM it seems now that allegedly three individuals were involved in this home invasion of my appearance. I police state that it seems that. Act Sheen I'm sorry not 34 is seems that two of the four broken to my parents pull equipment she did. After failing to gain entry of the hole on the first floor. And they stole latter and proceeded to gain entry into the home through the master bedroom on the second floor. Now according to the police reports my stepfather told 911 dispatchers that he. And his wife my mother were awoken to the sounds of someone inching their home. The police report state that. The husband retrieve his firearm and went to investigate the sounds. When he went into the master bedroom he discovered email climbing through the window at that point. My stepfather fired one round that struck the suspect in the face. After calling 911 of my mother didn't cold mean and nasty series of I actually asked her a series of questions and I asked them to have appeared many check them out. And I struck condemned to not speak to the police at all in the exercised their fifth amendment rights. My parents word we're taking back to jail and questioned. I think DA received the local warrant and search my appearance entire home the police and DR are not going to file any charges against my appearance because this was a clear case. All the castle doctrine now according to the authorities these individuals planned this out ahead of time. My parents had to use everything in their safety box to protect themselves a safe room a code word and security cameras. Everyone should have a plan because it's not a matter of if it's a matter of win. And I'm so proud of my appearance for carrying out our safety plan perfectly. The insured it was on probation for aggravated assault in terroristic threats in 8 January 2013 case and had Jesse bin. Arrested less than thirty days ago. Ford dropped out edition in a roadway. Now. This it is as stuff still comes in about this you know getting you know more reports from the police department beard. At the scene and in more teens from the neighbors. You know I can say is it's turning now that you know for people actually involved. Because what I found out that you know according to the police the cell phone that was recovered. Out of my appearance. Bathroom was not the cellphone of the actual shooter. So. And that's why do you know that multiple people were involved because of the text messages on the phone in all that information there. So this is turn out to be you know I really. Good thing in my appearance taxiing you know. To cure themselves to care of each other. And did the right thing and it's a good thing we actually have security cameras we you know have alarm system and all that stuff that plays into that. That the bill safety measures encourage people would get and I discussed in my classes every single week. It's important to have it called worry it's important to have a plan to be to protect yourself and also protect your family has invent something does happen. I'm by the time the police arrived everything's over. And so you know my peers did the right thing they stopped the threat. Dow 911 immediately. Ended contacted me and I winning you know I woke up. Did sleep until destructive mode. In one thing I actually did I I learned something from this experience. I'd Israel are gonna have to decent things and we actually are doing like an after action to review and gonna take things to the next level. To ensure that you know that second floor and some other teams are actually a little more secure because my peers at every step they possibly could make sure. They know if you get into that house in these people were. Adamant in deep into that home that night they tried everything to get into the first floor they were very unsuccessful to get into the first floor so then they said okay they tried to get it's the second floor. Of the bathroom windows they're very Adam and get into my parents' home. There so today we have on the show Edwin Walker from Texas and US law shields. And we word scratchy scheduled to discuss campus cure which are still gonna do that which goes into effect tomorrow Monday August the first which chases. Which is that this has ever seen of the Charles Whitman shooting at the UT tower. Now let me welcome Edward Walker from Texas a US law shields initial Edward welcome to come and talk it sir. Koppel thank you Brad in my case. And boy take Awad says that the only good this year he'll capture okay. Absolutely in and I tell you sir I'm so grateful for Texas in US laws she'll. Because what I learned from this experience sealed the emergency number that I had my cell phone I was one digit off. And actually had to call you know several people begin their. The emergency number that taught me hey I need to make sure I have the creek number inhabit in my phone. And really go when something like this happens there's a net delays give nexus to the attorney because once I cut I had the creek number. And I called the attorney the attorney answered right away there is a voicemail everything like that that attorney insert. Here in Texas and in the Texas attorney contacted eight Georgia attorney who answered his phone. And I tell you the Georgia attorney. Was opened the way I understand he was on it on his honeymoon out of the country. And he was the one in that area and he answered his phone on his honeymoon in immediately went into. I'm when he went to work immediately contacted the GA contact the police department any need to start protecting my parents and I'm so grateful because I'm over a thousand miles away there's no way I can get there in time and he and you know yet the number continue to contact immediately jumped on this. And went into you know doing what he's supposed to do which is oh my goodness I'm just so grateful and so grief I can assure us that enough. Although that's great to hear my demeanor that's exactly the way it's goes to work in there and stand. But you know word of mouth and experience is the best advertisement. Actually US law she'll house. A lot of people you know what a lot of people are kind of skeptical Diaw doesn't work right exposed to welcome you'll be an attorney that you put on the trickle in the morning. Those sorts of things should say and you know your experience. Shows fretted that it works obviously you know it's worked for seven years I colosio the Serbian so now in the tests which were present in years but it's always. Young told good to have. Tab objective feedback. From people who actually experience it. It just unfortunate that somebody has to go to something more bowl preview experience that but you know this unfortunate news world news is formal. Horrible people and horrible things and need help fortunately there are many more good people. Like your parents. Who. You know who were able to support. You know deport these things I'm all blacks that goes. You know the thing about it is simply these people would have broken into somebody Coleman didn't have a done there's no telling what would happen. And you know obviously the individual who would kill you will never ever commit another crime. And you know perhaps he is his associates show within. Maybe that'll at least it would take a moment to before act. All of the damage repair lives of crime has caused the shelves and others see him go turn away from milk from the terrible way. Oh absolutely because I mean it is just like just like we talk about the classes. You do you do to protect you yourself your family you secure their home begin alarm system yet camera as he you do everything possible. To make sure that you know your family safe but if something does happen like this. I am I'm so glad to Texas Russia was actually veered. In mansion that phone and immediately. Know took over you know blew the legal aspects of this in and start protecting my theme we legally. You know talk into my mother. Talking to my stepfather. Tom what the you don't need to do insane just I'm just so grateful so grateful. Yes and that's I mean not corrupt what. The other took action lawsuit does you know I had a lot of people said well fire perhaps she's somebody come and beyond should justify it I don't need any. Bodies helped or anything else will be used. You don't know what you're gonna go to or you don't know what your mind is going to go against. And most people we almost good people who find themselves situation they don't know what the legal system has in store for them so even if you have a situation by compared situation where. Eventually the person is 100%. Justified. The thing we're dealing with the police do prosecutors just due to legal system. Just due to legal system in total. He is enjoying the experience and it's it's it's a bit of control. Just how bad voice of experience to help you through the process. Even if you are a 100% justified. You're absolutely right because. The police department made a statement made several statements that. That my parents were 100% justified in what they're doing in protecting their home. Tom PDA is not going to prosecute and all so there at like their 100% in the in the right here. And still. But be processed a way to process works in what I explaining class my parents did go down to jail they went to the jail. In my peer into words you don't question at the jail. In the end. Taken back to their home and there was a search warrant that was issued in my parents' home was searched thoroughly by the police. And this is the procedure this is not that my peers do anything wrong read you like to add the raps will begin the right. But this is the way it happens the the home was thoroughly searched by the police department after hours and that body. Laid on the root for my parents' house for hours. This incident happened after 3 AM. That body was not removed until twelve noon for my parents roof of that house. And you know all of this comes into play you know now my stepfather is having problems. That sleeping. Every little noise that he here's a round hole he's jumping up you know going to investigate now. He hasn't been able to eat too messed up a thick Sheen no sir there a lot of things that come into play in is nice easy some people think. Yes sir you're correct and and can not isn't the police do a thorough investigation because. Keep in mind that when you're going to respond to a situation where. Somebody's been killed. They usually have no information whatsoever whatsoever about the circumstances. So the reason that they do. Such a thorough search and made look to everything. Is they don't know if this was the result of some sort of Ohio relationship between the the shooter in the deceit east. They don't know if I you know impact in my neighborhood a few months ago there was shooting wash would not involved in it it was in my neighborhood he took kind of alarming. But it turns out that it won't lose you know some sort of you know it. That was it that was derived from some sort of other criminal activity as a homeowner. Would accuse some criminal activity as well as the home invaders so. Feel the police the other they're they're cynical and skeptical wanna make sure that. That this would be the result of some lower your criminal. End so I you know where we can go cougars stay. Nobody could. They should understand that is part of the process but that doesn't make it even less lofty. To those folk like to present to all of you know a 100% innocent victims. But still have to go through. Go to the system basically everything troop liken her all the men. You know do this to this fund water act they have their home Curley gone through by the police could well sort of kind of up. It is kind of a the second victim of sanctions. Yes right we're talking with Texas US law shield we're talking about. Not if but wind do you have the tools you need to protect yourself in the also protect your family. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. Just go on the war and you're listening to come and talk with Michael Carter. Welcome back to come in socket. And now here's Michael Cargill is well tomorrow is August the first which is the fiftieth anniversary of the Charles Whitman shooting at the UT tower. And that is when campus Carrey is gonna go into effect. So let's go to Edwin Walker and did tell us what is camp this Kerry here in Texas. Oh and what should we expect August the first. Well Mike it's kind of hard to believe that August the first dude yeah I mean you know we've been talking or camps can or can't he has been. That that bill was signed over a year ago. And of course we're talking about it for the past year receive August 1 was so far away but I. It is clear tomorrow goes first imagined that Mel license holders and that's one thing that people should realize that these. Very first qualification to allow you to Syria can get on to a college kid as he is let you must be enlightened co breeder of the older protections likes to carry or a state that has to recognize it is. Recognizing that there are licensed to carry. So you must be election's over so pure life is over then. You now get to carry a concealed handgun. Onto a college. On to a college or university campus to ones it's a forty year. College or university or a technical school public junior college viewed. They have until election your book or they have to allow campus carry. And so that is the second requirement is then asked if he can PLC after we like him over McCain got custody concealed and it always has beaten the old. It is not even allowed to be a good trio are areas where you can already legally carry him down on a college campus so big part of what I'd walk walkways on nor do go on boards. So can't Lugar total complete old theory only his own. But starting tomorrow individuals would be a terrible Terry into the building now. Cafeteria food the whole ways to classrooms. Or laboratories. The library. The office who's. They'll be able to carry no. Private universities have the ability to opt out of all this and they even have the ability to coast there and I don't want us. As an off limits area public universities can only had very limited areas as being off limits and build a car that. Universities and public universities. You need off limit areas have to be posted to where. And thirty dot com or the person given otherwise 36. OK now I know that UT San Antonio UT El Paso UT health science in Houston and Elton UT. UT Austin. They've actually opted tune to allow the professors to you. Prevent. License ocean carrying concealed in their offices. Cochran that is correct and I don't know if that's going to pass Muster him obviously. You know these tools can mean ultimately challenged in the event that somebody is arrested but that's so obviously the Bob Dole claim is that. Pretty much have to be elected to all of a challenge these good challenge these billions I don't. I don't eat double think that it is a good idea to allow professors to exclude their all of us. They're one of the interesting things this is that I know a lot of universities like that mercy Houston. It has a rule in place that the university employee. Are not allowed to I have to get somebody who played like some colder Karina got a trip to the police department police department to an end so. I don't know how I perform a search you used to is gonna attempt to enforce this obviously post student. He's given his life he's older. Period to conceal things got into an office and the professors not even allowed to ask whether or not they have laying down or whether Berra likes older. Graham. You know how well compressors going to loan could've sued and would carry him caucuses but is kind of the ministry had no idea. I guess you know they can look at metal detector but. I don't still don't know how to how that would work and so even though also may be off limits I don't know that we'll be the government position but what I think it is. Not allowed is that it does have an element of arbitrariness to it. They're wondering that the legislature did income per disk is too true create uniform standards. And so clearly allowing one cook our salute to say no no materialize out of my office. Bill could disrupt the uniform most of what the mood to post a big. Okay now what about activities houses gonna affect attendees are run as far as the university's. Educational institutions. Well actually got kind of interest can because womanly area it's weird university set top. We have got a great way to regulate or we're going to be just to try to regulate are the billions more to the legislature is kind of in the trade. That prohibiting want to go from being done. He is is either already or what prohibited drug samples sporting activity. Sporting activity. Collude activities prior to this year completely off limits it would have been destroyed by election law does require election. Well luckily his collegiate activity sporting a period they took off the lips. And they put it under the general can't put a ball control the university should share the if the legislature already told us that in or scholastic then collegiate sporting and they should be awful Ahmed. But then they gave up the power to make an awful and that's the and that's one thing we're gonna date also other areas that the legislature said all limits. Can be long at her post good. Places like structures and collecting the school's career will be comparing him in you know apples green like that. Hospitals. Are so they're gonna declare that all good medical facility. There on caricature or be off limits and cool. And so the school you know I think every school this OK our daycare so it all well that's. And so those will be areas could go looking at one thing that you will Lachey and that was kind of unusual I don't know that took a pass Muster. Is that basically all the revenue and calls are all limit to accept a one under one resident called but not off limits. They're metal and a whole general caters to older students can graduate students. And so that's their thinking is that we'll be out of the 21 to have a lingo like he's. Then that these residents dorms where Lou a majority of residents and PH 21 bad apple really way. And and I don't know that's going to pass Muster because the legislature. Had a collision that happened yet but basically more common. What got me. I believe that students could live with carrying gunmen were going to go to grace. Eric said that you heard he's kind of cool regarding the origin of the handgun not to prohibit handgun in Ireland. Since oh it will be entry not think about what he definitely will be challenged and we'll see now one thing I wanna remind all your listeners. We met a lot of opponents of campus scary the one good good good forgot about it I want to go billions of the woman to be the one could immediate cease to gravitate towards interviewing. They all have won that very very in colorectal fundamentally incorrect assumption. And that is that. But there's going to be a majority of the people all of them a majority of people how to carry. And that issue is simply not true only like people there's going to be allowed series. License holders generally have to be over 111 older. Texas does have a very very very small limited exception of folks who between you do they even when he. But you know you're not gonna have. He'll he'll be home run of the mill flat. But I know frat guy running around Orlando on the coast is clear between the 1821. Under not a lot about it. So so that's when the book. That's one of the key misconception. Also there was a lot of fear that it was scary it was code somehow more academic debate. And was going to. Called people who got into emotional argument. And suddenly you know act out with during the time which is the debt actually so good it's such a ludicrous. Proposition that if he doesn't even really need necessitate your response echoes. I would like to go with series like he couldn dollar bite support Barca are the most law abiding poked in the state of Texas. And so to believe that somebody is going to basically destroy their future. Like pulling out a gun because these protests who chooses to debate them on some sort of academic subject. He's just like so this is not even within the realm of reasonable possibility. Okay so in most places that you're talking about like churches if there's a church looking in on the campus. They're gonna have to post a third double six signed here correct. Yes that's correct and polite and any current course completely purposes what are we talk produce more generally talking about we're record generally about public university. A look at private universities they have authority to make the most sweeping prohibition. The only requirement is that they do have to close to carry out a kind of hit some other sort of go the optics noticed. But your private institution on the public institutions where you can go from the car brought to the library to the cafeteria to an office and some other place. Those there aren't specific areas where. Like he told her we'll have put him in normal stage. You know say he. No got a particular place is off limits like a couple. Or like Gary you know some sort of clinic health clinic medical facility. Daycare they know that they're going to go they're then they're gonna have a plan accordingly and so will be able to sharing site call out. But they have to take their gun back to the call unsecured before they feel obligated health clinic from the bay Cuba cultural discovered as. And they shouldn't be in theory it should become fairly well known because they do have to be hosted would appropriate thirty also cut and now I want. To go to UT stadiums tomorrow. And they don't want to be carried Emmys at the stadium now starting tomorrow multiples of their double six side. That's correct amount of one of the biggest changes is bad. No quietly this year stadium wore off limits they were statutorily prohibited they didn't have to post signage if you walked in Yankee Stadium. With a handgun you were violating the law now you're not violating the law if they have not post to disarm so they have to post a sign. Now what kind of odd because. High school then still strictly prohibited professional sporting event. Still strictly prohibited. So if you look at who can look beyond that you're gonna cry if you go to your local Friday night high school football game with a gun you're committing a crime. However you go to UT yeah I'm on Saturday and luckily nobody else excited you know breaking the law. It's OK now when it comes to mean the and the activities and so what about these school bus. For colors yeah it. To bring are allowed to prohibit carrying on vehicles as well school provided vehicles and then if you don't mind your cargo colleges universities so. I know they have vehicles I don't know you know about. School bus and things but they are allowed to. Prohibit in those areas. If they want to draft rules if they don't pass the role Guzman hit it. But they are a lot to you to make that area off limits if yeah they want to could provide justification. For a woman he mentioned part about the law that the legislature has declared that these institutions. I have to look pork there polluted areas through the legislature. So I'm assumed that do what you can use that information to. Possibly look at modifications to the wall work trip to look at. To see how would be implemented what sort of areas are off limits and my wife and I also want to throw in one other thing you bet your boots from the audience may may or may not be aware out. One of the big changes here and these three year old period law. What the lowering of the concrete I think thirty got the violation going past the dirty politics are now. Whether that's trying to Domenici be your convenience store department store or some other real private property be Julie Andrews is going to cook Dubrionsky kind. Choir to legislation last year. It was a class three misdemeanor one of the big things I would change is without actually got lowered to a class C misdemeanor. Could violent material to climb however that the lowering of the penalty does not apply. Two college campuses and so if an individual doesn't violate a dirty up the kind. And that pretty up to kind is all on the university property whether public or private. Back colonel could still is a collapse site. Okay well it is actually a little low because it I guess it on a college campus it would have been a felony. Now we've always a record low open what are what are proud to work know what. To announce it so now it's if staples of their doubles six cents a class say. How can wow and can correct so then what about what about 46035. Daily everything this listen 46035. It is listen 46035. Mini posted thirty that'll six signed ward they're that'll seven sign. How would not talk Michael's kids right now but if they both that they got a six and they're channel seven sign in his listen in 46035. It remains a class a current. That is correct and so those areas are. Turk who played in the warship hospitals nursing homes. He government meetings. An amusement parks. And so that that that totaled one of the interest in the little nuances about them lowering the Coca he would step. Prior to them lowering the pelting you know already opposite violations. Whether it happened in an area that's covered by Portugal 35 or happens just simply. General so private property out there we're going to collapse site. They changed the law and I'm glad they did it was a very beneficial change. But they only changed it or places that are generally a little bit generally prohibited under text Google thirty point 060 political yield seven. Not force those places so the code by 46025. Which. Now campus is university campuses are now included in the areas under forty should go to. Now who. Because that's a lot that's a it's a lot of stuff that's that's changed you know. Affected are outdoors. The various the issue it is and it's kind of you know if folks. You'll folks are very very concerned about this one thing he should do is actually how much are that I. Purity won't be you're really concerned about. He'll go the end of some of these places and saying he believed he. Delicate and I couldn't charted out saying okay HEB Marc Cooper have seven trying classic miss your front door. However if I go into a church you gotta go he also signed a curiosity at all. That's still collecting misdemeanor if I go into UT in the hospital and is Marc Cooper real excited but actually mr. Nader however if I go into private. So they bit. You know however. You're going to some private area that's not on the 42 to provide sweet bliss. Still a classic. OK and again online question here this is our policies such as prohibiting concealed carry throughout the campus recreation center. On the bases that people. Who are working out might have difficulty concealing a gun or prohibiting concealing concealed carry any common area. On the basis that tour groups populated by any children. Often visit the area or prohibiting concealed carry in a library. On the base is that it houses rear documents going to pass legal Muster. Well I think it remains to be seen obviously many universities have gotten created it. About why they have cleared certain areas off limits. Any and all those shut all the loose. The purported justification that was mentioned in into question you ask. I have all been floated. These areas are off limits because we have children as. Fear is off limits because. We have you off campus folks who can be you can. And in the whole thing about accidents but the negligent displayed destroy didn't that has been a lot of universities are claiming that as well. There's an area where they believed that there is now higher risk. Or somebody accidentally causing no gun to go off such as took calling out of their pocket go back. Or perhaps even the risk of getting stolen. That you thought could justify. And so the only way that we will have no this is all confused. Possibly body quote system. Either. You know either there's going to be a place that post off limits that. Objectively shouldn't be off limits or is a general probation or you're gonna have somebody there to actually charged. Four I class a misdemeanor for carrying prohibited area and that's going to be part of their opponents instead failure should have been prohibited in the first place. You were out content. And that that's it would walk with Texas and US Laura scheele and we talk about camp is Kerry was goes into effect tomorrow August the first. Which is the fiftieth anniversary of the Charles Whitman shooting at the UT tower. And that is one campus care would go into effect license holders will be able to carry concealed. In public universities. In the state of Texas. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to comes tosses. This is the boys' junior executive director of the Texas State rifle association. You're listing to Marco per mile and come and talk radio. Okay. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael Cargill I'd tell you it's been a long time in trying to get champ is Gary passed here in the state of Texas and its filing gonna come defense that's ranked tomorrow August the first. 2016. Hi everyone with a handgun license that's recognizes Texas or Texas came to license will be or carry concealed. Inside of a public university. I in the state of Texas. And they are some places that you will not be able to carry. And just like it would just told us some of those places that he will not be into Kerry did and capitals at their that'll sinks signed. To let you know that you can't hear you there so we got the playing your route accordingly because the punishment is very. If it's on a college campus staples of there that'll six Scion is gonna be a class C misdemeanor. If it's a private business that post that there that'll six signed thirty doubles six signed port there that'll send signed. Then it's a class C misdemeanor and in just like it when citizen who is longs does not fall in 4603. Well 46035. Does 4603 it's a felony. Anything in that section. 46035. If it's in that section if it's this long just not a 51% which is a felony as long does not mean. Jail on a jail it's heat it's a felony. 46035. In Naples that there got a 68 out of seven signed. Is a class B misdemeanor. I then get that right in one. Yeah okay are awesome so I would look at Ford did an in deftly get you know to a Texas law she'll seminar. If you have questions and doubts about this does this is a lot of information. That we're putting out here it's a lot of stuff. He and classes are in the class times are smaller now's not a timid fifteen hour courses of 46 hour course. So it's a lot of information given out really quickly so definitely get to the seminars and around the state of Texas. Where we're in you know given this information now and you can ask questions to an attorney also a police officer. I will be easier these seminars in you know helping you get educated. And so you know what your rights are. And and I wanna think Edwin Walker with Texas and US law show from coming on the show today and lay an older stuff out and like that's it I'm so grateful. For Texas in US law shill for being the air and just minutes away to protect my family when I'm a thousand miles away. And I cannot think text in the US law she'll enough. He's what he did not have Texas and US law she'll are encouraging if you're going to carry a gun. Do you fear you knew you had begun at home for self protection. I any other type of weapon I encourage you. To get Texas and US law shall get something to protect yourself and your family because you've done everything you could do to protect your family. And now shots have been fired. Now what he got to do is there's a system visit. But a series of things in place. You're going to go to jail that's the fact even if you did wrong 100% wrong you're going to go to jail. You could possibly be fingerprinted booked into jail are you may have to deal yourself out of jail you could be 100% right. These are just the realities of Busan Ned gun. And you're gonna need an attorney because at that point in time your nervous you've steered your shaking you watch this person take their last breath. They're laying down on the ground their eyes are wide open in looking at new this is going to affect you and at that time you do not want to make any statements at all to the police. I can't stress that it enough. And I really wanna think from the bottom are hard Texas US law shall will be in there to defeat in my parents legally when I needed him the most. He's my game and you know I think. Your parent you are your parents they have lower our guard deepest sympathies and our. You know our our condolences that is terrible thing happened to them but thankfully there are okay. You know this is some good murder the other only true and it's traumatic experience I would want me you know the wish this on anybody but. Understood that that's the that's the reason that actually brought studios lot shall be Pierce's help good people. Make it through these terrible accident to. Awesome thank you very much sir and you enjoy the rest your weekend. Yes sir my plane travel media always play speech and got on their morning. Yes sure. All right so now we have CG Pearson. A viral teen in YouTube star as CJE. Welcome the common talk in how you do insert. Hey thank you Michael put in this year. Palestinian out I want guys to listen to CJI here's a little clip about CG earlier and I bleed lash yourself. My CJ pierce and today outrageous to us all a mayor Rudy Giuliani for his comments about president Barack Obama. Here's the truth of the matter. I wanna be completely rash correct I don't care about being proven correct at this point president all you don't love America. (%expletive) he's really do look America. You can call us is what it really is this yes all regime. An assault on America. Can't downright. Pain for the American values our country holds the freedom of speech freedom of religion and it every single thing guarantees in this war. If you look I'm Mara got President Obama it's. Fueled America. You try to take away. What hardworking Americans. Have or fourth there are. I so CJ you know DND still believe that even today. Visteon that the president doesn't hear about America. I didn't he didn't literally. Question. They know that that's what I. Classic also a loser and I'll be them that administrations. And then hopefully I'll I'll bet. I'm all medically how he's very people into neutral people a lot on the dotted. And let alone and I didn't America that I know mobile. No one people that know when she's so forgotten action and I think you need it right all along the hate America. Yeah well he's he's right now I'm asking. What you are. So maybe yeah hello there primary maybe he loves you and Burton. For the hair I had been there and did today and on the idea of freedom pension Brady threw up yet they're 58 and leave them vulnerable. I don't think he loved that and yet they're not about the log off. Now on the video you did earlier. This month he said that he believes the presidents is suffering from some type of mental. A guy. The crowd there it certainly you wouldn't leadership that it ignition here and call and it. And at how well do you really. Happy go lucky and good luck pattern of incompetent how can you beat because they're. Armed and machines you you know it certainly. I don't think hey if you look at what this earlier her arm and then you look not only here eight. I like new rocket end. They. And certainly did the question and attitude edited it absolutely should I guess I'm home welcome back. Are in today's birthdays see you're actually how lead today. Fourteenth save fourteen year end and aid and that's Ali just you begin a lot of lights on YouTube and and a lot of people are deathly listening to what you're saying. What are your thoughts about the Democratic Convention. And the rhetoric that we heard from the Democratic Convention. Was. Not. Is beating you is really the words gun control dating measles words and also a matter fact it is a gun control they actually use the words. Common sense gun legislation. So what are your thoughts about that. Yeah they need be mentioned more we all have basically what a lot of people excited to see how well they didn't say gosh remembered BA if he had any sort of loving America again a lot of these other. Ali and me because it. This car and it can't get eight armed hate our pollen dot born here Paul Dunbar important. All he's always done this world and saying hey we had our struggles and how he got that and initial hole. Into the world to victory but now they're all below where I'm mr. Rahal pitted out here I think we need mayor Reagan. And then does he need. But it armored you'd call it not a problem way beyond god I think yeah. In politics and got a lot a lot of Americans don't try to belittle should be walking deal with a gun if you want the control. Help people here produce. Some kind of cover up don't have a lot that we'll try to it is and it. Silently got a lot of new helmet and probably yeah cook. Okay now. That some people say that you you know you gotta go back he's back in force sometimes with and which direction that you're leaning windier conservative you're Democrat or. It does it mean you'd. We're supporting Bernie I'm Sanders I believe at one time in now you supporting neutrons. So tell me you know what what's your status today you know. Who put it in not supporting as far as as far as president I guess they are. Yeah yeah and he'll allow a little flexibility. And the other inadvertent and you're at eight revolutionary impact but as an adult help and that it hurt in reported. Rich person you know all registration color and I usually limited are not block blood alcohol. You into saying Bernie Little Rock solid that the DNC are in pain and then there he would go to America. We want is an important step forward and of course hate. Probably more efficient on other longer hell yeah I'm actually do you think about what lucky to have a good news or Linux and the situation got the usual I mean today showed what I'm sure she you know what in my generation and for the most part you can get a humanity that the insurgency encourage ordered you'd be always in the right all the Cadillac it the more you watch more. All the call will be captured national war. I don't want to get it all in the future in the day we hit politics. And think about Google. Affiliation please please see what Ali are and what I'm talking to sneak in a bit odd. But he dot com which in my agent he can't hit. You basically my other great anger and hate were required. Believe only kids who love trawler and loved Bernie and well and yeah these. Which is the evolution of how are they not all of these dark Black Liberation Army is changing. In anger always she new generation and that he won the pain. How old you know all they are art we'll call it. Okay and hold on hold on 12 CJ. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come is talking. Welcome back to come and talk if. And now here's Michael Cargill that's right across the matter would deal wounded both what Darren dealing. This election season. Not so don't forget that we're talking with CJ pierce and called viral teen in UT star so CJ we have that a question for you incensed the only. Still live in true grit. Young Muslims there and you know I'm from the show and co host for today from the and for some people I just got a question for you are heard some things that you're talking about the kind of resonated with he said. You were fiscally conservative and socially your lean more to the left thumb and youth tennis supported. Candidates on both sides what you stated so and I'm just curious I mean me personally I'm a libertarian because. Again fiscally conservative and socially liberal for a more left leaning so. I mean what's your opinion of that why haven't you come over to be the libertarian side the cool side over here to go to curiosity. Well very very happy very doctor that you can hit it I. Heard a knock the ball you know oddly made that ingredient and he's. He had none of them that charted a new job Eden and yet it I don't know. A watershed are you rich you don't get much credit option deal I don't much alert into the bench and it's an absolutely. An 80 they're not here golf will be there should be no link and are getting more than your dog that you can't be shall I wish you all the relevant third or is it that the good evening I ordered the pitch and yeah I think they'll repair and they. Eight for me and I'll be mainstream and it. A lot of pain because you call it that made sure that all you get back there ain't here. I don't even period 88 came more ancient in the eighth. More talked about and and and and below market under the gun on a lot of young people all. These. Well yes and I think I mean that I do like that I like the idea of having more younger. Conservatives like yourself right. If I mean just because there's some more diversity in that but I mean as far as it not getting. A lot of press and a lot of I mean there's no you can make the argument that they're not libertarian like crescent medias like on the same level was. Democrat Republican but I mean you for example you have. Almost 34000 followers on Twitter and all of these tweets and you know you have a lot of attention so I guess what I'm asking you is you're saying that there's a lot of press from different but I mean. That's who you are like you have a lot of followers you have some of that influence of is that going to be something that you might directed towards or is it more just like. You're gonna. You guys there that I need that our political bloc with the latter part of yeah. That desire that you will appear at a blackbird and lobbying for creation marijuana should be the lions didn't actually it I would walk out. Another caller is Marty and completely you know and I thought she ended the third issue like that. Certainly do you agree that the libertarian law they are a lot a lot political law that he would be more. Even more. Closer populism and all action and dollar pay me you know that eighty million people look at you read some of the year they didn't bring it into the fashion but I'd say more than one part election. I think loud one and what I remember all started you're lucky it never try and the potential to do abandon them just. Then being petty and did and I'm sure and then move forward actually gave me an opportunity you thought it. Should have been and he bought the military are. I don't look not all that never comedy than what we're looking at and political communities bogey you don't PGA and I I'm a little. Literature are not allow me all the Honda man. Ended up being bitten the way you led the but the essential to creating a lot of people are already the military already and the brand and under the glacier and I think that obviously the most I think that people here they're unable to go public any alternative. In their job very well in the and I. They did look elsewhere and I waited too long not impede their and I mean this shirt and bar and edgy. He looked and couldn't find Bush's a little bit. Kind man. That's a UN thinks she's CJ I really appreciate you coming on the show and Dana let us know what gives me thoughts are. And definitely land the south force and we look forward to talking you again down the road for sheer. Yeah capsule and once again happy birthday exceed. America you're. Actually I appreciate you spinning your birthday witness that what do glibly pretty way to spend your birthday on the cover its socket radio show live to tell you better. But hold on let IMAP to DC has something for ya can't parent thanks CJ. Are ranked so NFC JCJ's. Awesome on young man there in he's given us his thoughts and on what he thinks. About this upcoming election in his thoughts on being a conservative and then. You know you know less staff and now being returned and not dealing with the help. We will get in the killings around maybe. Maybe come into libertarian side a little bit and he announced he may support the third party gimmick a lot of people are upset they're not. Happy with you know that now I have to didn't rank him in Manhattan with a revolving gimmick they know there's a third option of the churn out amusing and a fourth I'm. And the libertarian Burnham and we have a lot of people who are another storm might not throughout the risk Johnson world so it's a moon that's not just like him. Unilaterally one party oh we all want this guy so there's definitely some discussion can be heard about it Ashley and definition Gavin is gave themselves little bit you know. Just on his long term birth clintons know what it's like trump. Don't need not we'll stump for trust. How tough I mean Clinton's one thanked both. What what do you know what what do you not like it like about Hillary Clinton. And zest and I knew I leaves us I'm just like you know I'm poking and prying here I mean this might be less well. There's not really like what I want strong American awestruck by can play you know listen what he says. Clinton is just like it. I feel terrible and try to feel like I'm just dying inside America listener but can that not something that you feel. Well you gotta go to Dow using what you think you know would me I'd vote for the Second Amendment so I you know there's no way I can vote for Hillary Clinton support Hillary Clinton because I know that. Called it layer Ridder this coming out of the convention the Democratic Convention they're gonna come math in my secondary right so actually not going to go that direction and off. And then when I look at Donald Trump. I have to looking at trump I do it meant I. I really love Gary Johnson are supporting Gary Johnson. In the last presidential election cannot vote a figure Johnson last presidential election I have been this time here and I'm looking and the Supreme Court I'm looking at. The numbers you know what we needed and this Supreme Court level we are. Nick Supreme Court just seem we we could have three or four. Action retired maybe two retired I mean you saw when some disruption caused when absolutely super Russo noted south and the supreme court's gonna be very key. You know in in a lot of things in this country so the next president's gun to nominate the next few Supreme Court justices. So yes I I'm I'm looking toward trial near because of that end. So anxious one of those things but I like us and I do look like scared I love Gary Johnson I really did you but I have to look at you know the big picture unfortunately and I wish more people were actually looking at third party candidate. Hopefully numbers will go up no. Because I act if they called me today and get into surgery for me I'm gonna tell them PM hey Al support Gary Johnson Brett. But when ambles down to a league is down to the end bill's numbers are not here for Gary Johnson in and have to change a mind once I walked into that Booth in closing curtain. Right I think I mean this is definitely one of the more. One of the years where it's like both candidates are very. Very heavily dislike him especially now I got it now I don't. I don't like 8081100%. Right they're Lotta things about trump I just like I mean obviously hey look at us and best option I mean if you listen we're about. Even Gary Johnson I mean there are things about him that. I don't necessarily loan I mean he just. Did you sounds like a very moderate and let me beat up about this I love Gary Johnson Maura you know. It's very few things I dislike about Brett had no effect I don't know anything I disliked by Gary Johnson. No but there are things I dislike about trump but unfortunately that's direction had to go because the numbers on there. The numbers with the that's it sounds like my nose mounted on it does sound like one of those voting for the lesser of two evils that we always get your kid and I love and nesting then they take the wind blew leave in the in the big quandary that we're in. Okay well you're the one is known for Charles. I know and I'm gonna get some hate mail from its us hate message in FaceBook in texts tweets and all that stuff are alienate anyone mishaps now. No no no way you like one of those who make America agreed. Again hats now than meager but like a fate there are always in I'd America's already agreed to do so megaphone that little thing that's one thing I don't like America's already great we're great nation with a destination on this planet. There's another nation greeted the United States of America don't forget about a search will be is an army I travel around this world I know this country's greatest amount scared or just talking. Okay all right so what has. We're gonna we come back we're gonna have global venues I come up. And we're also gonna talk more about the Democratic Convention. Hoping you hugged looking forward to you can't escape which goes into effect tomorrow I know I am. And I tell you it's it's it's a great day to see all the hard work we put into this. And getting legislation passed. Where weekend start getting greedy rid of some of these no gun zones. This is Michael Cargill and youth are listening to come and talk. Hello this is Gerald darting around the precinct three county commissioner here in trials animals and you're listening to comments I'll just. Welcome back to come and talking with Michael kargil. We're talking all things firearms now here's Michael Cargill and now it's time for GG Indy. Global brand new music. Oh good news sponsored by central Texas gun works. The largest online guns stored in Texas. In the knees. They met shooting took place in the come SI want prefectural Japan on the southwest border of Tokyo. Police say a 26 year old ex employee of based center for disabled people broke into the facility. And attacked residents and staff would knives. Residents in the normally quiet city or shocks. So peaceful neighborhood of one person says I'm extremely shocked. I just want to know why this happened and others said it so I could happen anywhere. The call for authorities came in around 2:30 AM on Tuesday a local time. When the suspect broke a when doom on the first floor to gain entry. He may have tied up staff at the censored but what it is known. Is that he stabbed nineteen people to dead and injured 25 more. With twenty of them being wounded several link now doing his employment the culprit had voice prejudice focused toward disabled individuals. And was committed to a mental hospital after voicing his willingness to kill people would disabilities. He was released on account that doctor stated he was doing better. Unfortunately months later he committed the attack investigators stated that they believe the attack had nothing to do with the Islamic terrorism. Another ice is related terrorist attack occurred this past week in Normandy. Two individuals claiming allegiance to the Islamic state attacked an 86 year old Catholic priest and his flock. After injuring the church and taking hostages. The parent take their priests and made him get on his knees and videotaping a series of claims and statements and Arabic. Some describing it as he sermon. Before slitting the priestess throw to. One of the killers was identified as nineteen year old I don't commissioner who was under house arrest for trying to travel to Syria twice last year. French culture monitoring him via an electric attack on his way but he was allowed out between 8 AM and 12:30 PM on weekday. It's one of the nuns was able to escape while the two attackers would distracted. And the police were called. One police arrived the suspects had already started attacking another victim. Then user remaining hostages as shields so special police forces couldn't safely insert. After the negotiation tins were unsuccessfully made the doors swung open and the men charged at police would defeat gun. Both were fatally shot. Father Jack squeeze her medal was a reverend member of the community and blow by many. He had been ordained since 1958. And stated that he won't work until his last breath. New year left wondering if this could have been avoided. As both men were suspected terrorists. Once under heavy surveillance and on the ankle tracker for attempted to join crisis in Syria two times I'm what happened to. She recruits who was primarily her. There was struck with another mass casualty incident one month after the massacre at Orlando. Reports of another Florida nightclub shooting the ball rolls early Monday morning when two teens were shot did. And sixteen others injured and the vets for early. Teens. The incident occurred in the city of Fort Myers Eddie parking lot of club blu. Where a party was being hosted for children range in age from twelve to seventeen years old. Investigators are not exactly sure what provoked the shooting. And who exactly was involved. Multiple other shootings occurred in Fort Myers that night with at least one of them thought to be connected to the club shooting. Three persons of interest had been identified one of them was accused of having bought a gun that was shoes in the attacks. And given false information in the paperwork do in the purchase. Five other guns have been recovered in connection with the shooting including one that was suspected to have been used in. One additional shooting not far from the incident. Back in Austin, Texas on six street. Reports and information are still coming in. Injured four others in downtown Austin earlier this morning at around 2:17 AM. Boston Police Department initially thought the incidents were related and classified as an active shooter in progress. Officers arrived as you can imagine with this being shortly after 2 AM in the large crowds that we have on sixth street at this time. How all the individuals leaving the bars. It was a very chaotic scene a lot of people running in different directions. Later information confirmed the shootings were not connecting yet coincidentally took place in very close proximity. In time to one another. One shooting took place at a garage parking lot with none injured or killed. The other which took the life of 1830 year old woman and injured four others. That injured were taken to taxes only level one trauma center. Breckenridge and medical center just north of the occurrence Boston Police have yet to find this suspect and are operating on very little information. And conflicting bystander reports. And data showed what we're gonna support for the little this summer 2016. Today after all this is going on with my family was really difficult for you Miami LTC clashes today and I caught myself almost crying like two or three times in class. I got to the end I got to the point where. We're talking about piece of fortune daily forcing got really emotional. Rank in your trying to did you know. Explain the use of forced daily force it was a really difficult class issue today. And it was funny because on my staff was like being with us you're gonna cancel class sort. You're going tee you know he's someone else came in you like can't touch your gonna cancel they we know what to expect and like we we conduct classes rain sleet or snow. So he would even if I die a year to roll my corpse into the classroom for prop me up and play to take. Okay no matter what happens we will conduct last of that you know this is something that actually believe in I believe in person detection. I believe in getting that information out the year and we get criticized they any negative comments that you see. About central Texas gun works is probably gonna be because. He'll do an hour class we actually give the you know we have illegal presentation in there you're doing that class and you know a lot of people some people get upset by that. But if I tell you there's not any. Tonight we singles by Arab get a phone call from someone they need some titles. Hill area you know duke I've been in your office I urge you get from calls from people Austin. Do you tell information about it. Hey as is so there's this crazy hand and in Emory last week you know get a Cole got a call from someone whose interest county jail. You know they're locked up now like eight. You know this just happened to medium interest Kenny jail terms like (%expletive) up. Chat option option upset talking not sure he can hook get a call is being recorded right you know you need to talk to attorney sold (%expletive) up dole seeking I don't wanna know anything. Let me dvd telephone number of the hot line you contact the attorney you know. And who you just put it out there now an irony is going to be calling you from jails on my colleague from quite at some point in time I get current chair arms in a car you prominent Khalid who filming out. Yeah but the but the this and is this one of those things this crazy. So yeah. Yeah man it's been there it's been a rough week but we're you know we're coming through pain like I said if whenever you something happens do you year. You know situation we have these. Forced her daily force. Definitely you know make sure intentions are good. I call 911. And then call your attorney and listened to your attorney. It's important Coleman attorney Ben is an experience in dealing with the whatever situation you're dealing with. If it's you know hey here have a problem with taxes or something like that you called tax attorney. He had problems it would self defense he's a force and did before she may wanna get a call like a gun attorney or someone like desk definitely. Deathly deed that. Which he had goes back to tell. It's a sloshing over again in the and they provide so much service and so much like quality customer assurance. Ford. For me not much of anything I mean. No I urine is actually really cheap you know it really cheap. You know expert some just person you know it's it's something that cover your family in the Vincent there was happened and I tell you and before getting even emotional on the change the subject. Think yeah it's it's it's been something has been definitely experience in the last few days because that you talk about it. And you you teach people you train then they didn't win it you know when it's so close to home roadster family you know that really benefit she. I mean I didn't you know. Literally come into tears every single day you know thinking you know what would've happened if I'd lost my appearance road you know over something like this. And it about how prepared. You are an extension about a how prepared your family is and steal. Did I mean it's a big big deal like there's not I mean so. If they haven't been prepared you haven't like been the person who you are. I mean. That's exactly why those companies feeder system it's exactly what people need to be able to defend themselves. Absolutely I agree. Parade at this year's Democratic National Convention more gun control rader was thrown around the usual following recent shootings. Multiple guest speakers talked briefly about gun control and how the prospective madam president is going to take on big gun lobby. And finally putting into gun violence. How is she going to do this. Well no idea since not a big guest speaker is ever really lead out of play and about how the process to keep guns out of the hands. Of criminals. Now senator Murphy of Connecticut spoke mostly about gonna re formed to support Hillary Clinton's platform. Use in the same old rhetoric again and colon out Republican candidate Donald Trump for. And I quote witness he when he sees gun violence he sees it as an opportunity. In quote. Now a tactic that is wildly and commonly used by anti gunners a lack. Now along with Victorino would that you know to relatives of deceased victims involved in separate shooting spoke on the convention stage. Advocating for Hillary for her getting control stances. Not time and time again the use of emotional leverage is used to twist our judgment. And if you still don't believe that it's all just sitting up forty more drastic Gundy and it's all explained in a video. Of delegate Mary Bauer stating that Clinton won't take any obvious extreme positions on gun control. But rather she would just take a more moderate stance in new safety of children as justification. A serious conversation. About gun ballas has been long overdue in this country. One without emotional justification from either side. Well then maybe we can just make some educated decisions about ourselves. Instead of just having some liberties and lawmakers make decisions for us. As always it's more guns equals less crime caught by yourself again you've been listening common target. With Michael Carter. You George.