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May 21, 2016|

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It's now time for let's get healthy with bills well and talk thirteen seventy he's taking your calls live at 512643. Life that's 5126435483. And now here's mills flail. Well my hero Hillary. May nurses on the moon. Timberlake. Family marriage. With urban roots were you witness. There we go who I am linenger was so okay. Yeah wouldn't put a great career. So match. Closure training and our young people to use our commission on the future of our nation really. And he also providing good nutrition are cheap. Yeah actually it actually right to leave where people are firming up then. Can. You provide. Leadership property trend and then at six plummeting. We. Sort urban roots. Eight TX dot org is at the website the mistress electorate and he. Who. Well liked you can join most lucid joined her route COC to do me. Yeah see you say extends her community supported agriculture. And. That's right and that that essentially subscription service for veggies he can kinda get that share that so pulled every week that you pick up either from our farmer went as our. Litigation bureau Carol I'm in Iran and very July so there's still averaging 80% of sign up at their interest that. Just go to the web site and say they'll doctor Richardson precious they they got a good direction to perform up to her former three. And everything you need an honor I'd say. After. German crew checked. Over routes they TX Austin, Texas dot org is where you go. So what are coming there rude talk about today's song. We all sorts at any network fortunate that they were really phenomenal partners and making it either during a variety of events. I'm gonna tell us that's my. Shahal apparently trying to get like go to clay browser but at different ways it's an eleven urban area and a court especially my. First we haven't been out front she today on our farm. That we're gonna have rain or shine into that thing come out yeah they're looking to do it out and may not corner that's I can't get big and the and they can see the magic of the Arnold Hirsch said. Tush just an hour to have six to 7:30 PM. He's really quick and dirty look at Jay in and out and let it show you what's going on. Earnings and our field. When they're quick and dirty as a means to dig in the sore a little bit and Chris I. Demonstrate is how I learned earlier not an art so I think that's an. It says crawfish boil it's coming up. Yeah how he got a copy well I coming up Catlin who are expecting different being cherry crawfish boil it's benefiting us and our friend that's rebuilt farm. And that actually ready events being held this Sunday between ninety trillion the torch. And Tracy has backed tag announcement Springdale (%expletive) on people caught and she can't find a better dealer at a party. Should note that and opulent. How I was doing machine there. Who should charge them. I tickets are forty dollars I believe that you by the at a high rate now on line or are also did the I'm a little bit have a dedicated area real servers bringing your car dash and all your guardians. I'm making her 75 dollars. OK so it is true to did you say you are watching it for freedom of and taking no mercy this storm could cause. Trigger because there aren't people. Up where you don't you just there are began then continue on. That so real so yeah. You grow vegetables but you do have you do have to leave him. Grind oh sure sure you yeah. That's a good clay cross fish like dude and festivals. I don't apple corps course. Telling me that on the bench Armenian yeah let's do this tomorrow. But for the quarters yet that it's really exciting let me at. Let's see what else do you can't go and I and we welcome bringing its name and eatery is staring at breakfast party preference Friday when they're stopped opening. There it counts. Until well actually get ultraviolet light later today and the she's looking at how to train wreck that make it any urban area. I'm on Friday I'll be too lion. You really serious Fridays and make too long. Not every Friday just kept coming at Augusta that this is to try to. It's our spirit I guess there are protests all fall short. Well you sure do your job Imus is the richest. It free are you asking you get there and how much do you pay Boris. Well just so people know because it is a great organization you got here and kids are learning a lot of actually chemical money can take. The he would end it paid entrench it straight and oh and yeah how we relate to keep standardize it harder imparted on. I'm letting them earn money are they do it. Boy you got to still land up famously do you have a third. Off warning three. Yeah kill some of honor and let it eat very we have about three and a half acre that's. Layer into our land up there. And I'm only regret actually fact outlook from the suit each year that we do a lot with a little bit of space. When. So I guess some Lander and the room to make your donation land to push that in that we weren't tonight Lou that's right. I only did it anyway him I don't want to get it sure. Yeah I'm sure you know could we don't have consult but this is a great program you have because so you got a free breakfast. It's discovered Friday they took me 21. The first Saturday or Friday. Friday trying to mandate that they thought well okay. Constitution yet announcing a veteran of the Mexican cartel should mean there in New England coast there's good. Well I can come out and PS for sure yeah pinching in the squeezed. Important to yell or a little bit but there weren't set then pleaded. And you know. Two things one. When certain fish came out there at the I want to eat it too. And that's extremely expensive. You know Vienna. Is it isn't like. Laughter what snob I want to eat lobster. It didn't register it but now you know again restaurants certain optional laughter very expensive. And I guess this is not to visitation I lobsters and it does have a good taste and cross check its audience cannot like gloves serve but then again man. Suppose maybe a little bit maybe a little bit like a shrimp pennant. Mostly it's the boil in the boil usually hot and they put like corn and potatoes in it to him. And then a bag of spices and then it's good stuff port on the picnic tea. Cajun thank cajun way you know there must have a good time meet other people less agree thing about it when you're gonna worthy calls. Thank you cute picture you are suddenly jump you looked through solutions. A lot of shiny notably oracle really aren't that they are says get tear built friendships and they get to the connection with the community it's sure. We have a good pilot everything that we deal. Absolutely. Who. Stuart rose say entered through July 16 as we've got to log boom. And I disagree as to hearts are would have written to grow much. To do. You're but we're really Haider guarantee that right now looking for maintaining and pulling out sort of hardest out of our firemen until July. And we take a little break and I didn't get it done just get really aren't at that point we try to take a little. Before we start back up their programming airplanes thing again in the fall she. Snow right now integrate China currency effects are shield their full we have I'm reading and the Qaeda and you didn't agree Stew beef and garlic. Also or does or doesn't that got that I can't even in the law. When you can walk in your feels like crisis is Ken McGee. But you know who. You are. You're out there lane has been very plentiful which you know our crops need but it makes a little bit Latvia there. I do you have volunteered in street kinda elite corps so reluctant to come out and working our guilt that I. And that we started and your knowledge and that is at the end of today to thank you for your work. And yes that's what I cannot that laid off an opportunity we need but that's how we have a mustache and we rely on about how they aren't here every year can make that magic have to show Hollywood extra and. What do you just don't know this is front talked to you but but Tuesday the resource. From six to 7:30 PM you gotta open house. Do are run in this sort of declined to look at it right then you can go to web site. It's a harder time bomb rude off Boston's only three new ransom good direction should contempt. And then the big thing is the catfish. Most can't touch it crossed arms Vista is a difference teams across the Jay Gibbons actually I thought. Civilian aircraft and not tried so it's Boyle always moved here not saying don't get. The breading these are not news and I personally certainly it's a pretty healthy and it is Candice and toward confronting you can go to good vegetables to their fresh questions. I'm sure your missions organic right. Still not recovered unit but everything is done by the end of without chemicals settling down in Italy let's loving caring. Now I'll treasure reform winner or use chemical group one of our fingers do the walking through. We wish bush you're squashing. Squash bugs it's enough for. Ariel war in your way to be USDA certified I know it takes what 67 years or so for. He can meaning get your education. Great question I don't think that's an ever present threat right now we just. Yet everything that much integrity and I held around a little closer nature horrible. You're such an organic anyway. You. Well yes way to do it. Get there quickly made it possible these now. I am. I just I visited a farm up in Wisconsin. A weekend ago and they you're USDA certified 650. Acres yourself. And Dovolani it's a lot alert to state certified he really have to work hard. Sentiment there that a lot of work I guess I'll pay work a lot of testing. The soil the USDA comes down checks might just as good though. You visited these days and it's a lot of it's a lot of work a lot of lot of. So are you. Our thoughts external Danica got a court setting and just think we picture that part of it what you wish you. Maybe we got to run his system such a pleasure and I don't go to the website the website to make big cities urban roots. At her and it's been great AT extent possible that they TX dot org an orgy. Her roots to experience well thanks again and up. And good luck with Richard and we're going to struggle sometimes. I found very outlet that cannot ignore them. I and we thank you both case. I can have a nice weekend. I don't know about all right let's take a break can we'll be right back to we got a doctor Christine. Partner with a student. Brilliant health spacious meeting you gonna love this this lady and she's very well in rural donations so mr. Burton bureaucrats. More cutting edge health information is right around the corner you're listening let's get healthy with deals well on talk thirteen seventy brought to you by people's Boston's favorite pharmacy. We'll be right back. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy with bills well on top thirteen seventy crusty by people's Austin's favorite pharmacy college live at 512643. Lives that's 5126435483. Welcome back to the show that spills some oil and we have doctor Kristy harder with us today. Doctor Horner. Put a pleasure having you on the show where you are known nationally first as a surgeon you're good lesser surgeon right. Yeah. And menus you saw things in which you all these women on the shows and usually cosmetics and they're much better way to ease your way and probably better for the body to. To take care of the body with nutrition and what have you. And maybe have more questions surgery he's. So you did you kill you give your practice just to follow. Which of which are believed in him. That's exactly right and I actually like play the practice for a dozen years ago because you know I was. Watching me in my attraction here my patients are getting sicker and you can. You know I had to having to do for women in their twenties or breast cancer and then it's. You know just the general health of my patients are so that really on you know content to take a look at why is this happening and that led me into that area natural how they really discovered that. Eating there is proper foods which you know I had absolutely no training of more hot there in the changing course or anything you know and medical school but. I'm really helping to have the body to be as healthy as they possibly can hand. Is little secret really to extraordinary health center. Eight what beauty happens. You're right you're so right not a black holes today and these are two regular menace. The next thing or Italians they shut the next few extra fifth grade him innocent Ari why didn't he is very well known here in Austin. He but he was. Anesthesiologists. Before you. Gave that up because it couldn't even sleep he says I need to wake him up movement and withdrawal. Of and it poses what we're doing right happened. To her. Has there there are ways better ways reluctant to do things can it's funny how the suits is the simplest things that make the biggest difference. You know. You sometimes they have then I got trained and assistant medical can't iron it only to you. Initial system Edison from India and based on. I earned just kind of fundamental principle to an actual lives that I got an assist human beings that you know one of the things that we say about it is it's just and that's deadly ball my amazingly Cook County. There are. DL use in the and detox is like puncher Carmine and that sort of thing. There I eat out there actually that was my first introduction tire data as they want to one of the detox. Clinic says they have called upon to permanently to find thousand year old sister love. By getting toxins out of your body using a lot so oils and he treatments massages and everything and after being there for about 48 hours I looked in the mirror and I. I like ten years younger and never felt better in my life. And that's what I was like oh my god these people really know something helps I didn't doubt Dan Miller into the legislature about Ireland and got certified and at end and then you know decided hey this is purely my passion and has teaching people. This stay healthy naturally in avoid tonight. Right worker Alan Parker Kim is one of those one of the nice things of their. Practice round with these what he's doing them. You have to stamps and turned and turned the difference. You know Kuerten might that definitely one of those things that they recommended that you cup action your favorites list prices because his name has had cancer it's not only enhance digestion that also has just hung in just a different medicinal qualities get to them such. Definitely termer actually knows one of them. That is you know recommended for virtually everybody you know had to take every day. And another thing that we really focus on just trying to keep the immune system strong test that's the thing that we know with aging has become a little less strong which. And that's just more subjected to. Developing different kind of chronic diseases prevention and and there would be keeping a low interest and strong as liners the aspects of it's slowing the aging and there is no other food actually that is more supportive of the immune systems and I'm sure some additional my cherished. Tab offers a different properties that were coming new system. He's been healthy in our attempts whole idea country ripping you that's. You know you can't possibly eat your go to that live there full Russian every day or even you know data collection. So that's land and it makes sense to actually take supplements so that you can get the Madison from you know the term record medicinal mushroom salad you know every single day so it can't find themselves I recommend AM. I'm actually formula college age. These seats which stands for that actually correlated compound which is why we holidays these days. But if that is at hand. They've done hundreds of studies on account that helped the the board every single cell typing in the incident can go lower your risk and many different kind of cancer. I learned it also has some anti bacterial anti viral. Property did vehicle killing off stage PV virus you know that we noted. And switching costs last cervical cancer. So you know that's a simple thing to do you push the thing is there really concentrate on netstat has series dancing nutrients in them and they have all. Term Portland are called super foods. Superffoods. How are and stay in general have very strong. Anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties in warmth. I believe fine and then each one of them hawks don't have cash it's kind of own unique active molecule itself doesn't have what we call poly high school that he had Somali children they have very different types best. Medicines that are peanut them. So tell. By eight you present at least you're Beijing is bad. Would carry it. Cells or tissues under the deteriorate from damage from me. Oxygen free radicals who blow the inflammation they counteract that is by being here in particular people hurt like Nazi off by ear. Billy Jean theories. I'm like this Garrett won recently as LB cheese fruits. We experience I'm Meredith got an active politics well that bald. I live in all and a little not actually been and they have many different kind of sitting anti aging properties stood including. Helping to protect against ultraviolet radiation damage to this can and helping to keep the colleges and allowed to describe roles it's stronger so you actually have less. Cooling handle skin aging with kids can't. You always approached again. This car does well don't be Cheap Trick so. Our PRD TL YCHE. Eight and as it like at Central Asia and in the act. Poly I seen oral. There is called a little on that one you can actually get booed compliment the united do you think the capture all those additional knowledge he's an anti aging properties. Whom certainly cheaper it's actually pretty good you're meaning get tetanus and are out there trying to beat by a little thing and you see people leave interest on the train. Why you have to meet its us. Yeah absolutely and you know bigger we go from exotic things but actually kind of you know Harry. Ordinary things like vitamin deep friendships can be found that vitamin. We I don't invariably every single disease states which they can think up there's a low vitamin. We kind of found that the majority of American have a low level of vitamin. So by taking supplemental vitamin. As reactive for which you can help deter acts your risk of developing. An effect from taking us seriously ill. Are you riots here multiple sclerosis and you can do is gonna launch. Bird volley effective vitamin. Now that he's being all those stats aren't really no way for you to know specifically how much vitamin. I'm election have your blood level tactically metabolize and everybody metabolize it differently and how one person they need how little more units and another person and so. I'm the. Thank you shouldn't that you actually don't have to go to a doctor's office stats. Be able to check your vitamin. And you can go on there and order a cats. That's frontier and the direction wanted to basically are pricking your finger between all the dropped a blood and there are fended off sides of the organization and that may well check which your vitamin. So that way you can try to figure out how to do I need to increase my level you know or not. Lots of army and when you do that you're actually participating in an international study. That is collecting you know these vitamin. And then kind of seeing how important vitamin. Do you try to stay within. The levels of the army our labs here you know normal 3200. And you know write some people are pushing and have 25800. Sounds. Now I'm in the theater level that we see are really. And you know how a lot higher than what it means thirtieth actually consider how LSU McMoran oil such he would be sixty to eighty you know it's pretty yet. Now what the research shows though interestingly you can become toxic or vitamin. Vitamin turtles storing your staff tell. They technically get toxic but the interesting thing has dispatched. Actually documented. Symptoms of the toxicity. Are incredibly. Rare even people who were taking you know really large doses of vitamin. My understanding too there's not ever been reported case of toxicity with natural source like Kotler royal. Yeah I notice several summer since Zimmerman toxin can you can't finish was a gentleman yeah. Heineman OK toxicity can happen when that they have in our area youths. Whether the position we're talking about this but despises her recently this summer. I think he's so gore coming out where they've. That's a skin protectant. The protects you from the rays of the sun calls she must have problems cancer has returned because I'm from the less vitamin. Finished again so what you see in reason argent and Australia right now. They have very prone down there was only skin cancer. All right Mary G has improved each additional awareness and we'll wait and wait so effective way to keep this. I try and sometimes I did absolutely fascinating new you know vitamin. By converting cholesterol. And we have lots and lots of people in this country that we actively suppress collect Klestil parent abduction with drugs not to name any but you know yeah. Started really we're starting to hear more and more about like the cholesterol were all wrong about that one I mean you need more in the news and yeah not that's not really the issue of information yeah. There was though listening with a fats of the you know there's no Lotta the data from the sixties and everything just. Really wasn't really that good right wanted to at the right facts out so pride. Yeah we do you know clean we have Alfredsson misinformation out there that's Daytona culture for a decade. It's hard to change dharma. And well I'll tell you on a pharmacist but I just have my doctors had to do was show due to shark Jarno so many people. You know words and you're so knowledgeable doctor Jimenez is my doctor to run already on the show was it today. And it's as you can tell you know you'll just have supposed knowledge about the but people need it. That's really the sort of true health panel I can't say when I went to medical school and dead you know 78 years Iraq appreciate you. I didn't you know I didn't have a single nutrition Christian I just can't really get or anything about health I learned about this either senator suppress them down you know using pharmaceutical medications which may or may not make their busiest worse can you. You know other horrible problems no. It wasn't until I started putting iron into that I actually learned. About how to create else. He knew exactly what. We we know what it was early into chemistry remember he's the one I don't in Houston veterans chemistry. And you know. Now I say things like it's about two how you eat. How you move him kind of anchor. Yeah absolutely you know you know with their research I mean can this not really get what did the food and everything that actually your whole lifestyle from. Yeah enterprises unbelievably important that tiny go to bed you know at 10 o'clock at night and getting up at 6 o'clock you're considered ideal hours you know that's tersely. And now or lotions. And our relationship has actually been shown to have more of the fact it's on our health and longevity than any other factor which so you know I have women who do consultations with me where there. Politically balance sheet though they may be normal way edu that they medicate and yet they've developed some horrible disease like breast cancer airline why didn't campaign I'm like why Harry your relationships foolish. Andy we just don't realize that our emotions actually Allen are so powerful that put them most. People thought optically that are in this you know particular area have natural health really recognize that underlying almost any big east. There's some emotional person. And a lot of them are things that you know how you're immune system to actually get tough you know because that still left solutions. Wolf. You know not inhibit the parity you're immune system. Ten darn Carter's salt. Stand up you need it can win that is you spray your great little thing your book as. For example you've got the best method to lose weight and the Caesars thirty something Sears. Torre truth is that right. British. Open wounds were that institute. Yeah well it's always I accident can make things really simple for people access is like the Chicago. Heavy information and it does have all their research and everything in it that. Comets really great to be a synopsis of just like here's some simple things impractical things that you can do that'll really make a difference I have a lot of you know different places and different chapters of right do that you know little helpful I. His attempts and then at the very end of that I in this thirty day program. Which is basically taking that information in the book and putting it into. Practically you stand very simple you know to help you to really incorporate these things didn't hear life. Well number five this promotion the end managed chew well that slowly but. Mostly I was that doesn't mean you know. You saw only. Alter so I'm just so emotional. The surgeon Israeli little bit Barry's stuff senate panel. They're tied the right yeah. Any insurance you gotta pay let's. So you know hot anyway you don't then you run your own doctor Ross to worship. And he interviewed me on Hendry yeah so when he did this Syria. Larry you can end up so I. And I know him now you know met Jimenez family and everything bad bounce house so you know he made sure that it's an envelope after her whole load time you know by agents to the video experiments. Christian and nurture come off her. Where you know warming but also call you Joseph reasons you derision is we cue the warrior goddess. That's yeah. And yet and it's all about the natural approaches to protecting against and fighting breast cancer that I actually want the best helped look at the here and split came out the 2005 Reynolds updated at three times has an idea that's third edition. Because we have to know much you know new information that I come out so I tried I really can't get up today it's. You can read his book in one weekend. He's got a call you couldn't blame but just can't take notes gave us us us us are gonna commission here but I guess that's a good programs Aureus a third day programs altering and I just what might do this program for one month. The good returns when there. Absolutely and that you know the thing if there's anything that make up about the human body that are amazing but it's. You know what I what I've just been done touted about is how incredibly. Aunt of the human body as I can be dead. If you do one healthy things tricky since it's terrible diet lifestyle ideally how do you think. Hiring can hang out. That's breast cancer by Finland healthy thanks. If he'd be more than one paying those things and multiply it together they don't have to get exception that becomes incredibly. Simple feature automatically improve your health and protect against. You know various different leave the bench or another example of that exercise I mean that's what I think we're getting with that where you know they'll stay I have to do is exercise blanket. You know one minute yeah. Please don't sobbing she. And they're up 40%. Reduction in the incidence of cardiovascular disease and the like are you can't. Make so I can do this money they weren't think about you know the human body we have this some inner healing intelligence center. You know better than it did he enter healing intelligence I personified in my first spoke as the warrior goddess states to keep this going on man you see anything you know. No more candidates in Ramallah. Or five minutes and one that would be good. So you need to do you if you do say so what do we don't know is that. Our Canadian health Asia as you put a great book come and your looks cover that social Democrat there. Yeah. So yeah. She's from the book connection isn't a good mood you know bowler. Presents you weary out is it O. You know how Amazon Barnes & Noble of you wanna autographed copy can get it from my web sites. Which is doctor Christina cornered dot com as a DR TH RI AS PI he has needs. HO RN ER dot com. Okay there's also don't you turn. The book. I'm you know I was just seemed to actually he and it's. I am going to feel they can do so they're gonna air it on ABC learned Wednesday that two trying to help because right it's it's. Plaza Tony that they. Interest and so is the audio version of your book available yet he did he not only need to do then yeah truth that I think. And I'm my local courts are you know. Forms and yeah yeah yeah you've done you've done a great Jones and appreciate very much I assure you know welcome. You know right now looks weak America. Let's read the book which just it is not a guy yeah. I don't know what I have. I just heard about it now works thanks a lot of things yeah well Ko who talked to some things you don't act guarantees and a half mile race. Through take a break two tournaments. Don't go anywhere let's get healthy with bill's wealth rescue by people's Austin's favorite pharmacy we'll be back in just a few moments. Thanks for listening to let's get helping with fills well on top thirteen seventy press you buy people's Boston's favorite pharmacy college live at 512643. Lives that's 5126435483. Well welcome to show. I'm a stroke Francis. The asserted Sakura. We judge him much cotton production cut and let the judge okay. How you haven't you known for some reason I'm doing. Current. Delusional yes well I tell you this is your third major book your room right. 00 source us live with me of course what kind of a tournament and they're all successful. This is don't build a best seller for sure. No thank. Disagree tennis it's a novel but it seems very dependant. And this gives us that we have a novel. You know this is in the death as you can lose your. The message hasn't national people's lives. Because there's transits and says it finished presenting. What you try to do. Presenting people to which I think about life and where they are 'cause you're not. I don't know where you you changed your whole lifestyle didn't. Yes but I didn't go to immediately mentioned that I was tied to this not us. Patrick who he. Soon to tell us what you do and you're in this historic about Max. Soros. A Wall Street banker but you're involved with with. A lot of a lot of the technology Richard. Oh yes so why he had beaten in the marketing industry sort of construct and I'm gonna move the ball a group could opt so I looked good corporation. And RIA embark on the old one the other but I come from golf and so random disconnect a commitment to open scrimmage. But up from going from Europe could get better order had been spending. Fought our Montana and Russia mean am I live in India people in my practice appeal that meditation. And then again making the journey back so I'd go home kind of console but you and me what's to. Basically be constructively or took my console. So bored critically martian expedition in their grief almost sold bootleg it was a it was to be. A great collection in the Jenny come and and and also live in extremely scared of physical conditions. So that I pay interest in heaven sent a fighting did he get it called a timeout educated and I'm like if I doubt I just to complete. And deconstruct almost goes bearish. Underscored deep and indeed the limited. Success so that was the whole concept which I think. So your alternate deterrence is when you went to the human Williams. I'm Hillary or. Even Europe to India by at George. But it's engine that rev Wright and I mean it was that he would speak at cheapest sort of troubles every day at lax and was because it. So did you know. The tea maverick and I rent together and loved it made the decision that's the port stick flexibly to decreasing that he liked. And our entire it outlook to go four month journey was. Australian defense had restated neither hot soon doorstep and train stations are you are just kind of like Busch car since who could he vowed to not make decisions just comforted column. And then there are so that was kind of plagued I would say you're right I think that was almost easy because I've gotten physical and daughter except of course. In the usher among living in India was is hard because of many rated him a lot polish I do although I do. Part of that was like a puppy decided to treat so there was complete I'd give a complete try to show and then you start to the light. QRIW and peace of mind is that it's pretty difficult to get back to it. Oh and then is subsequently again. Discipline and the usher them. Segregation of men and women living separately Richards what happened in that right there for the folk art monk beat your. Register never looked good but it just highlands and speed putting up and respect how do you what the foot but it's actually Betty governor and Arctic and you're going. Well what you learn and and what actually learned is that the you learn to make sense of human suffering. Because it is universal right. Oh yes Ehrlich has to create and borders are built over the course and over the cuckoo's like a book called life is a little bit cold cereal mostly occurred anguish so even if you don't Arab. Posturing in the almost like you don't have an arm and a leg corn field tropical bird glaciers. She. Nature of the human conditions there's all of is going to be something. A feeling of something incomplete something missing. Ballots from being everybody's been quote cruel and that admission of a condition. And you know that and there was a popular book your few years ago called. The road less traveled. And the first set this in the book we've life is difficult. And that's really learn talking and you do lots of people that came into his office Susan was. Oops psychologist. Cara Black crane. No hasn't been I don't remember I don't second scan and secretary Scott Scott Scott that's right I can notre closely. But I didn't know I can't enjoy it but life is difficult any doubt as people understood that then they things to together. Think sort of better because if you fix alas the simple. Newser a washed TV all day or whatever. Then yeah it doesn't work. And I don't see there's a story about a young girl. Toned. Down a courier for Christmas. And so she got some fish and fish were sent. There couldn't have picked it just there's just fell apart you know maybe it's efficient cars it officially it was so dirty. And taboo that's father said you know this these fish you're gonna die that don't they don't seem not to do very well she sent a dead they're happy. Well he's how you know they're happy. She said because they're wagging her tail. You know the so if if that is Carroll is kind of true isn't there but Kennedy's way investors to see if people like him curtail. And they're consuming. They're they're they're very paternalistic or whatever doesn't mean that they're happy. Did you find that out in your travels. But you have an opportunity I think everybody. He bought three feet from the surface is never go to troop cutting everybody goes through some almost. It was picked current couldn't go to a resort cookbook and not such a meaning little is that. Suffering is like a balloon you know me Yule. It's it extends up completely sober yourself during news. Well I don't have enough like you know marriage Lincoln really helping history and culture like an all. Make an oh in addition accomplish something. Audio or something news. The Euro on not having an offender just completely different in the spectrum but it's like you that just seemed awed by it. So I think everybody is like excelled against some. Levin on the other. You know well my coaches deserve as a specialist and so you understand that tying. Deserved injuries while we have paid. It is not necessary so we euphoria thing and so you can control and that's okay within reason. Who doesn't but two other one of the worst disease in the world. His music is where your emotions falloff. With leprosy for instance. Really there's no time none was a terrible condition times mirror so having cleaned. And then having some difficulty there were Jewish friend the book and the book is called the yoga but you know max's discontent to. So why was Mike's discontinued. Actually needed so I'd like admittedly but physically he's in and then there's I guess support their point at a restraint to make discontent is clearly. I'd have very strict limit his. Questions of both. Existence in the light sessions occurred is. That beached like a burning going to because of his background of living in the dog housing project. Seeing maybe kind of dominant Omaha discussing all that I own him because the you know bird drugs from the public. And Leach's success in the formed a typical for its late here in the bag credit Portuguese police escort them but conventions all. But to they had mothers had to defect to escort him to start to. The lead painting everything you know realizing that people wouldn't. He could just like gun in his face relief from. Somebody had to do that he grew up Fred couldn't discontent and that he bit that like that metaphorical level that the discontent dot. Human sold last controller. What does the bulk of the flight from the seabed seemingly need English kind of access to chew it. Moved to his discontent. And then administrate your broaden your nor but that is I don't blame and assure him go in so many bad. There's. The kind of there's an innate need to go on the what is it exactly that the speed strength and dislike that's that's a product metal Olympic content XP has its back onto about. The fundamental human questions. Did you is discontents. Perhaps come from your own discontent which is possibly what drove you. To take your sabbatical. But again it's early in many days I think all in all the ability emotionally autobiographical even if they're up to the only if it's a very short of like if you can can be different scores that. When you grew up in India that I grew up of course you would have had Al wounded by a and lay up being mean it's more just called great because making it even I grew up in a little smaller. But Al enough in the mile didn't break even me nobody idyllic town underscoring my old school he is he I would see. A banker on the street could get ugly and so you read all of our seed. Like a you know kid didn't all your China dog could have got to what he elected he'd just formed a human suffering heavy lift. I was gonna trying to create disk addict and I've ordered it to be a medic and look at the US could have ordered to. Approach India from the blend of but a little bit I'd like go to our trauma yet to stranger. I'm going to get to tonight because. In the US somewhat sexy layers of your life becomes almost a little bit. You go to our schools questions often enough because he couldn't be completely immune to it. Because you know like it's almost like consulting and public he has been shifted to a section of the secure that you don't live in that you don't also scripts every game. So that's way I give him the bag sort of a housing projects abroad and shall become the most packed. Suddenly could protect every day connection tool being sort of questioned sort of become pretty dominant. But he they've welcomed me because I just grew up an environment where they've all without me. And so we can we can't shield ourselves jewelry from yet I think new for northern picture. Did you still believe in vitamin district scary is that where you can she just would like something you and I are even go to golf but they can be gains and go by and chimes soul. Occupied grid it's what problems if you will discover America scores to. And it's so that it's not present in the US and told president it's just not been trying to get each looks like it's it's good to go quite a bit singed but the machine that promised. Well it is your nose in this country we we try to go to gated communities and I just keeper shows shield herself from a lot of suffering. That people are having. Who we have quite a bit of that we don't know about it he's not he's not out about it too much. There's a lot of unit got to say that two four dollars and there are bankrupt. You think you see you know if they Unisys is serious thing that we face today with temple. Though we'd like to Shearer socialism and displeased at most sometimes so. Because the politician would tell us something different. In terms so that half as if she did out there what are what a great book because I understand your screen you have a lot of people. Do you or change some lives I mentioned you're hearing about it. Yes I'd like insisting that if you have been and anybody extraordinary indeed. Attributed touching her which is very nice I should put an Auburn because you see he'd be able to be used all her. Nonfiction books and I've linked to hadn't thought I was politically trying to establish Jody. Enrich. Like whatever happens happens in the got a good about my cousin has an opt out of giving up a match under to Google as good of edged sword in the knob and you don't have bad. In the Q you don't have that kind of reaction from there I attributed to got a major almond like change that is leading the storybook about the attitude. But it's been really heartening to see that they're just. On cash. So rather do enjoy your wife is if you read the book. And you're experiencing right somewhat you're shielded or shall I felt a joke but you can you have over here you have empathy a little bit. For for these people who we would for you and your wife which don't want to write the book. And it's good reading this could get get good knowledge to know meditation about you know meditation or yoga teachers that don't. So you do have. Looking Vick has some opt meditation right. Yes I think that's so wonderful thing that everybody should do we need it's attended tied into retreat gone over the past not a medication you toss and it's ready accessible you know because many centers all over the US actions and adults outside the US. Kind of ten days of complete silence no communication a convoy of but he ordered Jessica Miller make even through just cherish. And you're just like a Ito being streamed out of Medicaid. I'll put a clock in the morning good doesn't like the few breaks in between Korea actually taking medication for artists among the toughest things that you don't. You know the other part of it is that it's completely free of extending his. Eight fall despite donations and there's no pressure compete. So are so for those ten days you are. Given free food to give an opinion got a good accommodation. And and that's really important global quarter idea of cheers. And got a eighty you'll become truly among could've begging bowl and he'll tell him that. Are we can we haven't heard you know we have to run but look at the book to yoga of max's. Discontent what a great novel what are good and what a great program when you do a lot of research unless you asked to continue. I'm you put your heart and soul into and so it's a book folks is really good. It's only they know we're just real Australia who gets back on its account OK. Okay come all right I think he's okay. Forget about it. All right take a break. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy with bills well on top thirteen seventy rescue by people's Boston's favorite pharmacy policy live at 512643. Lives that's 5126435483. I talked to war. Hey bill Gloria I'm just dumb do better measure on the show. Does your real joy George Charlie do you Mandela Sharon George Jessica talked to Cooper who don't. Well I'm not in now tournament. Oh my goodness boy that was a bad mistake. Hot hot hot. Who so close and so far we have pro football games Dallas just about the June Dallas against her hidden element under country and oh my goodness you know. No dual this year. Ever done very well they've they've just continue to do. Progress an excellent way. Where you go what are our players and they're there. We will I don't want to refer to your to your toll went through your first open share for the perfect. Cup like you don't have the right coach will. You're the conference that should take credit for what they do. Listen I reserve Bergen who shares of the company. Yes sir because I've got to bottles lapels almost vitamin C a brought along here. And it is so tasty. Orange and apples and our products that are run across or not an interpretation just seconds for your retirement are we going to do it. The tremendous journal Gerry. I'm well and so here's again I didn't get a little I only see here. Captain could have so what they're value and lack what dorsal going to go we don't like it was on the news is good for you. The identities could mean now just don't taste nasty like some builders losing so. But we'll tell you have a new lap was a book coming around which isn't. We need to remember the story. We got several live below normal now and MB like Obama Kirk human Turkey human Longo I understand it on its way to you. He wrote us or just talk about Korea and whether people nutritionists as we have from India we talk to Becker Q1 much pop. But tone we had a lady Christian Horner and loss of books and I don't know less than normalcy shows talk about. Nice to you and the values. I move longevity. Right of the book is about longevity basically and we were just about longevity but I think for humans won't fix for the seclusion to longevity. It sure is and I creditor life as normal Foreman you're getting such a rapid release and and poverty you absorption in the sells its its amazing the delivery system like those arms. We'll start out let's talk about that a minute because poses archer notion that says. That he's done bottom and infusions injections and so instead he says it's better clubs almost better. Because the virus that goes you frustration of more than just American also you don't get the Daria and Aldridge glimpse of battles or possession better conclusion the sailors aren't. Well Thomas Levy it has the fifth chapter of his book carry me and curable says that exactly says. If somebody is having severe problems. Dubai visa and life is on the combination if at all possible but it. If what if it's only one or the other than life goes on is going to be the best dancer now hokey as it doesn't require energy so. But life goes on themselves wolf allow the absorption material as the carrier molecular life. To do not have. Problems with the energy or anti oxidant use that you don't wanna deplete in the first place. Who wish. Will another during I had to survive the doctor about trusted him but he took a license auction were so long. Thank you all aren't that tough for four days not enough for four days toward the military needs were treated right. Another satellite. Ultraviolet light ultraviolet light it's a bemused grin and a two different spectrums. So. Like there are some excellent light system I use. I use a program called in light wellness systems. And it's phenomenal but. The light goes home themselves. Without any without any energy source allows the bonding with the molecule on cells and allow the infusion. Of that particular substance in this case we've been doing vitamin C and been doing good and I don't. It's phenomenal and results. And a great. Because he's always been a problem with tanks was a problem. And now you got an important hi does how they do that but somehow. This particular company puts out really good tasting products. Well they've their very diligent and end all of their aspects trying to ensure that. They entered the delivery system itself was good but even if you have a great delivery system if you can't. Get past the ballot Bennett doesn't know a lot of good doesn't. You know life goes on themselves and make Blair is the proprietor of these life goes on formulas for dramatic and and I did dates back to. A lot of people know clamor. Kleiner was. Fredricka winner was an MD back in the forty to do on vitamin C and that's where a lot of line is appalling got his inspiration on vitamin C and MM Blair has these possible policy titled holy men like it was normal delivery systems just magnificently. So delivering that vitamin C to the system so it's pretty phenomenal on one of able to do. So you just you can take I tend to say economists say you could take ten. To ground shoots a thousand milligrams per serving. The 2000 milligrams first moon pharmacal out of serving and and the key is. Do to get the the relatively small molecule like vitamin C is to get it into the show the life as normal format itself. Can be used. Every dozing at the lowest thirty minutes back to backer. Or an hour back to back him and you're getting pulled absorption iPad as much as ten grams it wants. And you know you know all of either biggest problem is bowel tolerance. Palm doorbell and tolerance if you get too much of it. I've never had a problem dosing. 810 grams at a time. Which aggressively roughly. Two in Citroen. You drink two ounces or 110 ten teaspoons. Entries and 250 CC. It did what differences. To the sport built to you know as all of side and so many things out there that. That nutritionally we can support positively. Just for regular maintenance. Some audio wouldn't recommend that that amount but it is trying to support major health malady then. Then most definitely I would increase that amounts. Well I think bone cancer patients and attempts they're they're grabbing pushing motion for her what to do. And you know say if you don't her she you know. There's going to kill you like I can you know the absolute joy as she starter yeah I think things right. Because the other owners don't drug experts cancer was mustard gas and were born Williamson. Enjoy things similar similar yeah right. Well it Thomas Levy MD in his book. Curing incurable says. Because of this looks sick possibly toxic individual as best advised to receive. Vitamin C by boats they oral liked his own encapsulated route and the intervene Israel whenever possible I'm quote so. I'm their research is out there for so many aspects of vitamin C pac ten now the life is normal delivery system. Were able to help those health maladies that much more. So who attempted to these are telling business and redundant there's a country that turned out. Well I do them quite often myself yet certain you and I did I have patience you delight as the home and between the IDB's. So if we can hit it hard from all aspects than we're giving the body the best opportunity to overcome whatever the problem. So you've been doing this awhile is just turn to rescue or if you want so anything that's okay there mush you know it is part of Lucent's. But have you gotten some results just you know I totally. So we can say that it's not true by the FDA were recite the right thing. Have not approved by the FDA that Som I can simply tell you clinically I've seen some phenomenal results. Went vitamins seem therapies that. When he there is there is nothing wrong with supporting. And oncology patient was appropriate nutrition. Absolutely. I tortured that's what they drag you put so we knew we don't treated her support him with nutrition us already knew. Instead of London supporting actress like whatever I can help support. I. And though it is so wonderful and the go to violent itself I believe you all have the level on the board a bus and we. That then it as you know live glided go to trial and is necessary and every cell we don't have Buddha found we diet. So as the primary anti oxidant and and I have to explain to patients for years and explaining in mind. Anatomy classes trying to show Buddha violent into the cell like trying to show the bowling ball down our guard knows it. Then work very well and my babies have been the only way. We can administer it until we came up with a light it was all forms CMA Blair's been a wonderful job because it's excellent. Well let's talk a minute but about it until about suicide don't want to ignore never hurt isn't so. What are what are you when you see about suicide don't Charlotte arson treasure. Who had a file on is vitally incense is essential and every cell of our body and Shannon did as an anti oxidant has kind of traffic cop keeping everything running properly if that doesn't. If it's not enough enough so that must shoulder. Are we can be the guardian which is the electrons of these lipid violator the guardian has cattle let stuff ban on lead stuff out lackadaisical it. And the glued at Iona is kind of the traffic cop keeping all that operating well. When we have helped morality problems we get depleted included file and then it's always been able to do in the past is either give it intravenously. Or stimulate the production inside the cell and hope for the best. But now the life as normal within I only got a good sure way to get it in the cell. Well those are listening we we don't we have this in the store now affecting your gonna. At least a 10% discount if you when you come in the store just say you're on the show my own good news site owner and vitamin C you do that together right. Absolutely they Orton and a man who. And I are human when it comes out. You just. Because they're all working hand in hand for those health maladies but I tell people did. If there really so trying to support something severe they can do vitamin C and go that far down. Hand and hand them and those as often as every thirty to 45 minutes on an empty stomach to get the best absorption. But. Generally I have patients taking it. Take it has been every hour to support something or just for maintenance spoon two or three times today. Here again and so what these students of the sub absorb vitamin C would be tough thousand milligrams can. It's 1012000. I will tell opportunities to run looking. Correct so 11 Graham first first did you it was more concentrated or distant. Thank you so position they don't like him comes you shouldn't news. Well it be hard for that taste factor trying to get a pass the balanced the. Yeah maybe so. This year unless the ability to change your dose group he didn't want so current chairman and chief. Do you were to be. And similar dosage. Of. Yes sir. And being above the natural anti inflammatory Turkey a minute it's gonna be phenomenal there. Do when you guys get them to be able to support even that many more problematic issues. So for anti aging which is kind of we're focusing on that today anti aging. Present you re you can go to the colonies diet no cousins things you can look you know we and you can stand up and by the way if you're shorter you know longer death so I appreciate literature and exhausting bit hurt her. Got it to me I got scars on my head round and in the stuff. Ha ha let her head as pricing you don't listen walk into so but there's no chasm of theories about. In living won't tell my people live longer today and healthy. I just longer we live longer but we know we're not hills and kernel will no longer live better. A wanna be healthy along the way is. Some English church human has such a positive. And I anti inflammatory when you get it it's great to inhibit. Then the social stuff that causes a detainee stop. And it's also amend its delivery systems so you're getting. Good amount in the system and an apology didn't return for the for the amount you're having to take. What this nature of of this not can not lead to improved from. There's so many since so many you know. The other FDA's job growth pharmacists now because there there. Are claiming that for a his drug. India is saying no it's not a drug. The way this has not approved drug is not approved its drug was not approved. Are we please okay put in the more supply. Yeah you look at a bit more like Soledad there is some. Fifth parallel back every us town where they had to call and Hazmat teams we go to the chloride. Barrel dumped when they were put a nice city water that was leading the concrete and you know and that's what we've got to water's not blessed. Yeah but there's so much research builders articles and articles dating back in the sixties and seventies and eighties every. Every year on the palm characteristic so. Of how the vitamin C and how the life was normal aspect all these are well researched it's it's not just a fly by night thing that's come out. Well we were talking earlier about. Competition fish tank could just be. Enough to have properly in all kinds of auctions and all. And yet they're in their tails ragged you know so they look like they're happy to run for their person looking out of so what we have to lose maybe there's some analogy from Russia from a careful. And so what do you do to protect yourself because you can't see you along the problems we're just in portions she. Very seriously went when you get cancer or something so it could do when you take detector truth I don't know him. I do but take good violent and I think I'd take a lot of power greens that is that is anti oxidant by spurring the fruits and vegetables. I I do that I do a good clean pro team. Total begin proteins. And and I didn't drink water that's filtered. As best I can but you know the most important thing for any of that forming bills where I just I pray a lot. Right and that's part of a good thing to do. So Henderson writes this goodness there's. Very Ganassi anti aging and so no but in northern groups I don't curricula coming out you know. They wouldn't make a list of things that people should be doing. I don't know why. Elect is almost coming down the pike one of the possible lipid complex you know I've been taking less of them serve. Well for twenty years anyway sprinkling out on food and taking a spoonful let that's. The vets now are doing that possible live good flight was normal forms of that even more there's all kind of research on my apple sclerosis and cholesterol lowering aspect so. Well that comes out that'll be exciting and well. Fossil lived it as an awesome bird Michael don't alert an awesome delivery system no matter what they're delivering. She got to reassure tobacco. Yeah look obviously the researchers you gotta have that otherwise they're gonna have programs some of the left in government implements a. Well there's clearly. And and not keep referring to Levy's book because he's got over 12100 scientific references and that curing mean curable book. And he's got a whole chapter on what goes on that that I referred to quite often. Sure do curable Levy early terrible relief you want. Elliott you are correct and you know it's gonna matter that books in my that the UT and to read so. Because that's that's where were we're facing right now a lot of anchor Wilson's run. Yes sir and I'm not archery tournament you've got people with so many problems and and when I talked to was pharmacists. Because they're getting a lot narcotics or can you name you know. And enemies. And not talk to try to turn on what they're doing is just it's not a scam reserve this legitimate prescriptions but the doctors don't know what to do. Because it's just they're just immense. Well and and it's so hard to figure out and sort out. How to support them when when they're so toxic from so many different. Areas of their life. I'm getting enough sleep they're not drinking quality water getting enough water. Five stood election that if I could get my patients to drink more water I think up to improve their life. We can get a life below normal forms to help support even. Even more rapidly and quickly to make those changes and they start feeling better then they're more likely to make those changes right. Exactly. Where's obesity I girls there's a study linking through packaging chemicals to obesity in girls and I don't. Between nine intruders on BP and apples. I'll see a lot of lot of articles about BP A in childhood obesity. And so that's facts that affects the elderly as well bill what got us 84 year old man that. And is. Can he came to meet two weeks ago. Is granddaughter told me that. They were the healthiest available live in the country there were extremely healthy and their lives except the last four years they've got to make quote diet kick. So every move to America I'll ever drink of their house everything they're ingesting now has diet thanks Federer. And diet soda diet crude. Diet program food and standards that they've urban life they've been healthy up a double after four years. There's a core relations. Well there's a study and Merck doctor mentioned talked about it you can Google it Coke cola and Diet Coke and and water to study showed its Coco did the study showed that Diet Coke is better than dirty water. Diet Coke is better than drew Q yeah but not where my sister Venus don't you interview water and as you can Google it. You can find you can time the study is not a hard right they Washington from the stone is going to be so arguably. This got to be because of the stockholders not because of that helps. He's been you know. Our oil well thank you make a study say anything you want to say I've got so most talked to a pumpkins and condition content. That would test the northern British soul but there's us to do studies on this and coaster can of the will only have a couple weeks is an anchor. I think you're probably ought to have a tutor and that's. Okay well we got murders and Kanye doesn't yet know him the study was by the American Beverage Association. Well it's include the truth got some films and I found it isn't easy and there's multiple. Maybe an established an obesity movies history the headlines you know really further now. You might say well what doctor thome get off everybody's crazy yeah almost they aren't just have a good but the drink your water. And maybe better than drinking water or. And songs hidden in some locations in fairness they didn't say was better than water and they said it was better than water for a weight loss. Which I also don't buy but tonight yeah. Typical but there's another study that showed its sweeteners though rats gained weight. So I. Right well then why they why they allowed Diet Coke to be owned the house raccoons and am contesting. It is I always found it fascinating that. Why why is it cheaper than water. I mean do you then take the Coke now. I hear and understand the afghanis costs more I water then just to buy Coke right interest Automator yeah. It is usually good deal at least I guess he had extra stuff for Hillary. Mean we're doctor or we're gonna take a break here we're always enjoyed talking to you but we get in trouble because your refused to interest him. Oh my and it's always a pleasure. Yeah so. What's your budget during good. Football games OK yeah. 150 labor NN bring about real and will spend you don't most of. Although why he's got a good read I don't want these days. Yeah you're gonna you know what did you notice you like to talk to audiences who have been we can do that you only too much now or is syndication Diet Coke. Ha ha ha ha ha ha brewer into the all right okay with Tyson can learn unless it taught me and I tore it to you OK I give up my. Are we take a break and we'll be right back home. You're listening to let's get healthy with bills whale presented by people's Austin's local holistic pharmacy we'll be back with more cutting edge news and health and wellness and a few minutes. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy with deals well on top thirteen seventy press do you buy people's Austin's favorite pharmacy college live at 512643. Live that's 51264354. Victory. Well I folks welcome back to the show does is goes well in the show's call list is healthy. When we say let's get healthy from my standpoint it's me included let us get healthy Haiti we're learning. You're learning to Russian include the archer you mentioned you learned some every day here. That's important to stay healthy. The struck his head and tried bush. And end. You know you I just learned the source firm and strong most of your news from. But his big bargain pressured into on this bothered me from certain vendor and other vendor clue and then suddenly. Well they're factory farms are also look if you learn if you know the source of more than meat comes from you UConn would because when you treat the animals. And I think that's really important come tie myself I don't have any problem with an animal protein needing that it's what we do that. How well what's been and what there is an antibiotic or hormone or some kind of other thing that is in there that don't belong in there. I think that's a big deal so you think you shouldn't. Try again for your. An animal protein eater which I think we are physiologically but if you are you should try to get the best she can get. The cleanest seeking yet because it is true that. Animals do concentrate. These things in them you know takes whole field to make the talent counts Gupta content of the whole field. So here I think you should get the cleanest you can get. It's just better for you. In his first two trees and grass finished among all counts of grassroots solution extra here oh this is grass failed count can put. But there need to be finishing finished owned grain into you know someone comes from Teresa in. And they're given antibiotics emotional voice control or have to thank goodness knows it's tough to endorse him pediatrician gave although this probably important to approve this which you read. Mean she read. You know contend the effect that that can have on the micro bio mom and they're looking right now to micro bio menacing didn't produce huge effects on the he guided self end. We do know that you know if we look at the literature going all the way back to hippocrates you know he's had all disease begins in the gut. And it's and we're looking at if things turn now the so called leaky gut this is have been a big problem. The Sawyer but he's looking at pro bionic snow and pre by onyx and that sort of thing. How can you wonder how you could do that. What used to 2000 years ago or more. Well they ain't done differently Gino like right now on the in the United States eating organ meats is it is kind of polite in quote gross you know. People wanna do that that we know all all primitive cultures that have done well. Eight organ meats. They knew you know that was part of the diet. Data in the in South America there are still certain tribes when they take down. An animal the first thing they do is they'll take deliver in the that's given to the young women because is sacred food. And is sacred truth because it's so full of nutrients and everything they're worried about the survival of the tribe. And the survival of the tribe will depend on the children they have and health of these children so they want those women to have the best nutrients they can get. They make sure they get delivered the kidneys his spleen. And there's been in this country and we throw away at 10020 essentially just just having you here because Pam. They're the vehicle cars just fills that every account as the number of talk auctions now it's in this is under I think is under a hundred produce insulin toxins. You know and the BP A with the BP is doing both low and these plastics and all. Then. Bruno was who was coming up we don't even know we don't even know there's so much going on I mean we're at the tip of the ice we are pretty good idea about that Coke. How I'm not saying. I've been there but anyway it's a lot of doctors so. Get upset about this argue women to get off from captured us you know because it's someone as it pertains. Can be addicting you know we don't know what could be could be you know anything can be for a community things that he's been. Well anything that does taste hitter has an effect on news that today is seen you know sort of up positive kind of effect on a one and make too much other word positive birds. Any news gonna cause surging and opening in the brain. Can become addictive you know you know you needed drug to be an attic timing you can have an addiction to shopping or gambling you know addiction to sugar you can have an addiction to sugar there's no question so I now. It is a white crystalline powder and and does produce dosage escalation tolerance. Dependence. Addictive behavior. Withdrawal syndrome. And entrusting substance has no nutritional value really. There's no nutrients senator vitamins. Burger month. A lawyer who who come this pretty you slid in news can be kind of come a calming firm Italians. You know. And they they sullen quiet then that was over here doing you week we get it in nonessential oil spill though we'll have burger month. Do you bring nothing include the renewal you know well known and seen that too much we know what food would have them and then mouth. Do you know you mentioned earlier this subject of anti aging are discussing with you know doctor corner and doctor ward and a unity among the way and the way that I end up looking an anti aging I'll use that term actually I know it's a popular term and I don't suggest AG and I can't tell you went on to drugs against staging area but but I don't think you turn back the clock. I think what you can do is live better you can be healthier. And through it you can actually improve. Your health from what you were mean now I feel like I'm doing better now that 120. You know because of the changes that I've made in my diet my exercise and the way I think carrying. Beijing on the other hand to is something that's cumulative damage. So if you can reduce the damage in this is why they always talk about antioxidants. And that sort of thing. If you can reduce that damage than you don't have that cumulative damage and that is what a genius and I think nowadays you see. Chronological aging the years is not the same. As physiologically changing. I have people that are forty years old that seem to be going on 2000. And I have other ones that are forty years old that seemed to be going on twining. You know. So I I think it has a lot to do with letting your body do what it's supposed to do and given it don't nutrients in the materials that it's supposed to have. I think that's more and more important than anything you can do. We talked earlier we said you know it's really about all how are you eat how you move and how do you think. And duty you know everybody in this country could do a little bit more about meditation like doctor version Irish was was talking about. You know we've we run this machine. With the penalties the map. All the time but sometimes it probably be a good idea let the motor idol. You know. We have disparities shown often do well we'll ownership and also entirely. Huh huh huh huh that's everybody's season letting Seattle down you know because we we're in fighter flight all the time the opposite of fighter flight to stop and he all. And if you're always in firefly ear telling your body. Don't bother repeal don't bother to digest don't bother to make hormones why because you're about to be eaten. And you need to get out of dodge and that's what his fighter flight system is for. So it shuts down everything else so you can get away and live. Up to another day. You know and if you don't. If you don't shut that process down. And what ends up happening you know you've you basically don't Healy you don't make torment to his what we're saying we're seeing people that are chronically stressed. In this system is just being fired off all the time and our stress response systems are going into fatigue or even failure. And if we can stop that by you saying wait a minute when we let's get out of this firefly. And let's you know stop for a little the Paris sympathetic system as well we're trying to look at. And when you do things like meditation. You go into pair sympathetic dominance. And your system the heart rate slows down the blood pressure goes down digestion gets better. You know and repair his better so your system can work in this. Leads to a stronger immune system and I think doctor ward was even talking about hadn't hinting that. You know one of the most important things you can do is make sure you got a good immunity. So where are things we can do it through you know knowing I think balancing. You know you've got to have some trips you have to have some otherwise the system will be a week from now responding to anything. So you do have to have so men. And you know your your system is designed to go to potter slider once so largest not constantly. Well here's a study that. That's. It's just do studies suggest that about three to four edition of cancer cases. And about half of cancer desks. Could potentially be prevented through them notifications. And top adaptation to healthy lifestyle. You know I don't know what the numbers would really be. Ethier very hard to predict but I think it's absolutely correct yourself to last don't. Well we can't concern when you think about what we were just talking about you know if you couldn't slow down a little bit let the motor Ronald do a little meditation. Get rid of some of these sugar starches and Indian greens even. And hey you know he denies that help the natural diet and everything your body can do what it needs to do and it doesn't get insulted so it has that time. To build an immune system. You know it's been said that you get paid a little cancer every day of your life every day airlines one of the cells in your body will go. Haywire if not many. But with a company and immune system you pick that up and your immune system identifies these cells and says. You know you guys got to go but you're not all right and we we go we're gonna make some that are right these are defective cells and so your immune system goes and takes him around. Then one day comes along we together dip in the immune system for whatever reason stress certain dye and herb whatever. And when that dip in the immune system occur so cells are able to propagating getting to be more. And grow and pretty soon they reach a point when they have a critical masses he immune system can handle anymore. And then that grows into a mass and then that that's what we call cancer. But those things are happening all the time and our immune systems are picking them up and doing better. You look at people with deficiencies in the immune system never higher rates of cancer. So you know if you wanna prevent that and asked looking at and in general you know I mean a lot of people are gonna say what kind of cancer what are we talking about them they're all different. But all of that is the body's response to chronic irritation or some sort of thing like that cancer is you. Mediate is part of you release your own cells but the mechanisms for control of gone haywire. And so normally we need to take those out. Tend to under such as much you can do you argue determining where slots you've got Indy pro and that's a healthy lifestyle. Right. So you were talking. Sorkin you off the grew to see you know the night. He's about decode mobile I'm dinner and how that works down. It's a fascinating herb Ritz it's it's come Sherman tree. One of the oldest trees that we know of that it's still managed to be around the non B exchange. And it has interest in properties should do it seemed to more than anything to be a flow drug syndicates and anti oxidant. But it enables flo to occur in the end blood. Without necessarily altering. You know pressure or anything so when you take ginkgo doesn't necessarily lower your blood pressure. More than anything and normalize is sent. But blood flow to a brain that Scott a lot of Afro scroll schooler Roddick planking or. Vessel disease to the brain sort of heart disease of the brain that's where we get strokes. When you can get better blood flow in your brain does better and that's why we sang and ginkgo is really more of you know helping memory helping you don't think better cognitive improvement it's more than you're getting better blood flow of air yeah. So sometimes you younger people they'll take ginkgo and they'll think they'll be smarter with didn't. Sometimes it works so well. And they think there's something wrong there's no wrong you know you really are resistant to take ginkgo. During those are great they're great herb has taken him into evidence so far looks like. You can take it pretty much ongoing and it's not something you wanted to us do here in the air to boot camp it's a good one on took take ongoing. Well we're gonna we're gonna this summer we take a break her bottom and it would just to move or take a break who don't listen to you can do. Through malicious Tor beverages water water district underwater your body is about 6070%. Water and two cents or drink juice or some such as opposed to those bodies on ask him for that assassin for water enough. And your skin looks better 2000. You may not drink overtone that no doctor Horner who learn about hydration right. Hundreds print time. Green T has also shown to northern mr. heart disease cancer and we should retreat times are we looking good again any accidents polishing all's. Things like adding green tea that are very good for you hand held moss EG two and everything you know usually with content. Coffee which showed kick some you know can be harmful conjecture truth depends on which week. I think you know coffee comes in and around. But there's properties in coffee the worst part of coffee is again when he just says what what Clinton and it grows as shown reserve shows you to know lowers the risk of type two diabetes and this is costing this black who who tries to blacker. The better the darker the better. Parkinson's disease dementia stroke concerned can cherish. You know so Cosby is there's not bad camp and then wound restriction all we know that I'm aware and remind can. I'm pretty used to shut down those two things. New York Ouattara the streets can already indeed too much I mean anyone entering you know four bottles every night of red line. Trying to get reserve troll your barking up the wrong tree with an alcoholic can't come back on you but I nicely too long but here if you're gonna drink a one night. Advice people drink a red one 'cause really sure gonna guess rather troll yeah. Where we're gonna take a break here is that time movement we got a guest coming up Barack. In the open so let's take a break. Stronger girl until the stronger girl lady real talker who was supposed to remove your about it. More cutting edge health information is right around the corner you're listening let's get healthy with deals well on talk thirteen seventy breast CU by people's Austin's favorite pharmacy with a I think we'll be right back. And thanks for listening to let's get healthy was fills well on top thirteen seventy breast do you buy people's Austin's favorite pharmacy college live at 512643. Lives that's 5126435483. The way. Welcome back to show room we give Q where this is that your campaign. Her I don't. How you doing like him out of our approach is called formed a girl who normally we don't talk about Marshall show them much this is on the commercial because. I'm not paying you not in me. This is their permission to use the Nobel guru Tom and anti aging. Yeah this is in the do you have anti aging product solutions to the skin. Yes. Lee. You actually are what are you earlier you are. How I'm a little and it is I can work all over the world are burnout and what are your pilot in the yep. Yeah and the local ladies we're talking about different things that you don't wish you in your country here hundred NASCAR and the Warner. Who aren't. Military I didn't that's why aren't all rallied from their marker confirmed the ranger a lot of Europe and under but it is. Where are all well these are up 60% in war auction and an art or law and it is strange he delegates. It really works and how we incorporate that you are neatly sell off we go rock or. And we are fairly incorporated issue. All the excuse. And I'd say that crispy cream counter to our hair out who or how can. What. About your parents and actually I do. He Texas oncology group. 'cause actually earned yeah and forward after. Where each answer you get great and it seems it. Really hope boundaries are on their parents to let the pretty straight and I'm not so. Internet I don't like AMBER Alert oracle oil and we get it directly on absolutely eerie how much security. Work it out and work your return. Our profits back to its like your group and they very. On that night scholarship recruitment goals in the villages where do you what you're making deep sea here I thought he. So. This figure some things you can use his power the system as aggregate. And we. Got bit. We have. Our work rarely are all bad blood out of we will hear or I'll turn to what did you were. We recommend that you near a couple little things work I don't like complete it can get pulled. Artillery or really. Any air power a car really starting off the days that you do a little about it. More secure. A worker heard. It here why are do yes. Do you even. Know what we sort of interval. Haggard what you do how well I don't I'll I'll morning hey where we recommend the record for deeper hydration it. All cool record who supported. Me here you people got caught. It's who nearly blew you. Are asking you work for years to. Each team which you have the patriots hopes. Now pig Kim and this is is are tremendous. You got to tell me a little bit about the here mania oil because guess what it's he spelled exactly the same as my name. Now. It is very clear where do you owe him my name is the same as team in the ass. He misses he mini but act. That her purse for me. Yeah that is. Really got to know more about this oil now so who cook. Well. If we usually corporate ritual or Delhi and yeah I welcome it. The need there are good that Aaron Kelly come on in Africa oil oil companies from the blue and actually which do you. It's a fruit and they're basically elephant glut on. Didn't get them well EG oil you import the New Delhi also Bernie. Irish for a lot of you know a billion in Delhi may take or leave I let Cheney or her or compared to help. I cannot. Help all who. The burning of the problem you're probably more currently there who should it won't fit current problems it jelly like we are there is actually very good for our. Honey compared to remove oil which is extremely light. So home is to free money and new there are other than elephants are mean. People yeah I think Intel Core area in South Africa are very well known they're a pretty cool it's. Erin. I didn't tell the truth I'm currently can't concentrate or poor all right I'm working with Paul I I work Africa how electric car and or there or where is good news anchor and like her. I'm very good here in any chair he'd you know actually I act until I could go first. How cool well it's like golf cart world records list stock you know I'm out there who you know are under. Are you who pulled or larger cheers turn nature and how do you try to keep it legal permanent religion used to. I think it's certain to a new all time. Well I didn't need nauert it's good under it will actually turn the broker told me a lot about helping women better. Pre seed oils. You know I've heard I heard this company to help women and small billions more are I worked a lot we're doing merchant marine biologists. Who who's the most appropriate. Some of the profits go to help these these poor people. Concerned villages in Africa right. Yeah yeah yeah. Territory purely for the record. The boy it certainly by. How do you. Are we're aren't readers that we wanna do a lot and how we enter it for example going to be here all. It worked. Agree that you aren't a bit but there you have formed. Part of what we also are you. Are corporate. Call and I felt really relaxed. Are you didn't know you enjoy it and appreciate trip that trident concepts do little art you can't walk her attorneys argued that conservation and so. Yeah. Yeah. Q are. Not alone here where do you how charter golf. I'm and actor between different cultures chick is her do. It culture. Was a great oil and and a world citizens store I'm rusher for Easter reserves Shia. Only do. Who who we get an issue we got into remote mountain Vernon show. It's an easier and we're 200. Can you and so all the history. You're a world respect always Thomas More is okay. Okay and what's I suffer being owned and getting in some sort of you know well we all learned well we've pretty when we're okay. I'll be pretty and all else that some of the many at united cheer certainly can do but at the trio are compact where it. That is interest anyways I just inflicted upon the on the Internet there always is named after Frank Francisco Gimenez among. So we may be generally tell us don't get we've got a right Jim thanks for nine talk and think hey I'm like well. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy with bills Whalen Austin's top thirteen seventy today and again next week Saturdays from 46 PM for more cutting edge health news and wellness information from people's Boston's favorite pharmacy.