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May 9, 2016|

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It's now time for let's get healthy with bills well and talk thirteen seventy he's taking your calls live at 512643. Life does and I'm 126435483. And now here's mills wailed. Well good afternoon folks and right away we're gonna wish happy Mother's Day to all the mothers have turned our mothers to be. For the most of wanna beat most of you probably will be mother sometimes so happy Mother's Day even if you're not a mother yet. Well we have a good show of the day we have doctor Daniel freely and he's gonna join us just who does he got out of them. I think I guess she's karma is a tragic and a business dinner while. You're Alomar. And you've news do you think is Christmas to almost a small business. Well we're God's Eliot Jones on the air and Elliott and. Poor play how you do too isn't he. I'm good how are you now. I'm okay sanctioned healing therapies for detoxification. You're heroes an expert and are you athletic medicine. Really I'm I won't competition aren't. Here in Austin, Texas. Okay. You look at most of your practice your Olson. I Hume yes I live and how they're scared and. Recruit you gotta Wear short commuter route carpenter just a little bit for people publicized their mr. largest employers to loose you feel Maginnis our unique. Dozens that is presumably coming. Brand of medicine he. It trillion. Thankfully the word of getting out. A lot of holistic. Practitioners. All the way around firefighters here acupuncture I feel good teachers are Powell. Learning that the value and the complementary. Greta called iron data. Home though thankfully it's becoming more mainstream there's Smart schools saying are on the clock is available to people all over the country. So yeah I think we're really we're trying to add. Get the word out and create a beautiful compliment a lot of different outlook validate litter out app ankle or other holistic health fidelity and it also a beautiful. I can't do it. As a standalone. How banality of myself and my family out. Briefly let's social people who might not know which everything about this or even emotion. Purchase and India quite good right. It it Barnett and it is indeed most ancient helped modality. No into existence and it from India. That early history writing about it to her about a thousand years old girl who India has come. Think generating cultivate and and you can find information about to come from the past because those are your data any city are probably you know which is one of the board. Create air India. With a very ancient healing that sound but is long captain bill today and India. A long way also of course I'll ask him about different. Wouldn't. Well. More current or horrible karma is. Is one of the detoxification procedures. As part of that that modality. Then your horse show up to journalists and he's let's have made the fifty. Yeah me to hell. The workshop and I'm a big picture you know day you are workshop the first and then Maggie may good paint could have ended June 19. But it's really an introduction to. I'm tired Natick. Detoxification. Which is very unique compared to how patient treatment plan. I'm sure karma is actually need the most well known that I hope intoxication rejuvenation program. Tire data and it the first. Workshop may fifteenth well actually be going over the preliminary stages of punch card on the punch karma is actually on street staged. He talks Haitian regime and the current state just called core car luck and that's certainly really prepared the body heat. You've written helped. Any help them build up whether they're still in there and gastrointestinal. Actually they've moved on and and settled it's located another person's body was prepared the body true. Diet has curved. Oh and for the other therapeutic process for those who are much heat now which is. My my point therapy. I wish in one of the reasons the parish sheriff that let really enjoy it because there's actually manipulating the body certain energy. Physical vital energy point could turn the body should stimulate healing old. Detoxification. And rejuvenation. Well yeah and though. You mentioned massage therapists and other practitioners to its they can continue your education right. Oftentimes there will be getting. Eight continuing education credit hours for each day the sixteen total. And I'm also if anybody here and opt in or near the area and have already practicing tired and it. Practitioner house clerk. The second thought date June 19 will be offering and I got. Professional liar made it continued education credits that are recognize my alma. You know talk her. Also in the senate just a 2 June 9 to use the moniker Grover Gruber. He had gotten a doctor Martin crew appreciate the founder of sun and one of the teachers at San Diego college buyer beta Richards. I'm also a teacher at San Diego college where they've done and get these workshops are actually being put on through the student. At San Diego college because they turn on line that distance learning college we have students from all over the country. And god be a portion of learning that happens to be done that through workshops like punch colonel workshops or electric sheep workshop. We do that we try to spread well between San Diego and off then himself. And she'll be coming in pretty. In nineteen. Workshop yeah. And we're you gonna have something workshops and. I'll be having them that often. A lot of east 53 street would you like he had gas used to. Think the address is for a widely. On east 53 streets. Suite 102. Did you have a good turn of chemistry 102. Yeah contention and Susan. There were a lot of people yeah we'll mentioned again and future shows causes and always know. Yes that's great I think and cordial the Belmont because that in 1921. Few wonderful thank you how much it's. Thank you know room briefly. I noticed a company will be talked about especially the second one. Yeah well pardon the beauty of higher beta at that it complimentary lunch there but how would validate who will be integrating. I mean that's an ancient Chinese let it settle it. Considered along with iron to kick punch Carmen techniques. We will be going over happened. Walk shop which is another ancient Chinese. Got me sick up. If he didn't know where we had to pay this kid using specific tool you. Releasing all weekend and he got detoxification and Healy from. Pathetic I didn't copying goes OK okay we'll hire campaign I will also be talking about mark Sebastien and and I was maybe a little bit acupuncture Life Partners and acupuncture school might get hello back up for the workshop as well. And those of my composure into the cup and also journalists and so that's great it's hard to say that so detoxification is so critical to take. So it is so if tomorrow sourced there was more than duke tell you kind of detoxification. They should take to score shouldn't. I believe hell I really think they would learn a lot about. When somebody comes Jennifer massage therapy a lot of times. You know they're looking at I'm holding a lot of talk and metabolic waste. In the muscle area and children how release that the government fires there could try to take it workshop they have a lot of other tools. And knowledge at their fingertips to help their client coming into help for at least some. How can that don't happen. And just days would be in our body if we don't care I didn't learn from it and really get. Brought to a detoxification is so critical to play. And in fact when you do and he talks we found that a sometimes. You just feel like. They have flu or something because it you lose all our oceans and store nearby saloon. You get him out your system and then they sometimes cultural problems materials executives in order so. Roy how to get guys you know well and they stay there linger longer. The longer they leave the keys to you bodies of the worse or you feel nor should get. Although there one of the benefits and higher than it can talk that compared chill a lot of other intoxication. Or bad. Well and he talks and the body of the deep seated atop the world which we call alana in dire need that. While we're already how could I war also making sure that. If you don't have to fire is strong. You're able to continue to hijack your food and also that help or elimination of that option from the body in a more. I highly efficient and better off and trying to get aren't exactly as I'm working well. He you know even we can hit the body was a whole bunch of guys get confirmed her car and then and we're not able to eliminate them properly because I guess but amid. He whether it impaired for currently those broad talk all built up there tomorrow because. You know we don't know what kind of food you eat or what kind of curb the egg output along with. I can't really focus has gone and I'm me aren't combining both Beckett are digestion and detoxification of the same type. Well they YURVGA. Are you psyched are you ready almost are your better Greta. I I hear Maine that yeah yeah yeah. Senator Kennedy who remember so anyway as soon disagree were sharpened just we're talking about some more. So just announced it is throwing your run your calendar. And the days of may fifteenth and June of 92 this coming up don't. Turning try to go to Kim you put your practitioner. Is not to the public isn't. It didn't welcome to the public. I would recommend anybody taking it you know that they have a little bit of background and I'm kind of helped modality. It would be beneficial to anybody sure sure but some of the concept cervical helpers. You know my TV a little bit out there for somebody who never you know never experienced. Any kind of how I got whatsoever out yesterday around study. Well we've just Google say why it used RT and t.'s. Are you PGA or your verdict the SE. Are you an a RK YURETA. Securities hugest Google that Utah loss from rush not this time I would obviously. Thank you went into also mentioned that aren't more offering a 10% account on our I they're they're both dated anybody who mentioned put integration. Yeah. Oh you know god but. Also available. Williams revealed to you. Just heard there where they made it Karrie and me all yeah. Leo thanks so much room to talk to him yeah thanks pleasurable you. I don't know how much I really appreciate it and I would talk to some. OK okay I can do about karma take a break here it is so Lucy about. Exactly yeah. What did you do there will hear about me. Don't go anywhere let's get healthy with phils well rusty white people's Boston's favorite pharmacies will be back in just a few moments. Thanks for listening to let's get helping the bills well on top thirteen seventy press do you buy people's Boston's favorite pharmacy. College live at 512643. Lives that's 5126435. Or a jury. Well welcome back to the show this is ghost well we have loosened and we just to use join me yes sir yes. 'cause you just want to be on the show that's all it's a challenge you to Mississippi you learn a lot hopelessly upon borrower from James you're just to move to discern true. So push your ultimate right to practitioner yes sir must pass you better positions mountain. Liquid liquid. And been there from Miller ten years soon and join I don't know how much your practice. We talk about it you just really talk about James and valor and I James. Below yet there are or don't sign Andre thanks for being on the show us. Always good audited on your show or you always seen always educate his salute you because your own top bloggers here. Recognized to the confront mrs. Alter. You've had. Thirty years of political experience. And you you look like you're like Tony chargers know. I gushing you've got to percent to aging me about no huh huh huh and do you also written to a torn books and. Well Tony marks sixty books free databases and I've got globe cartridges and nurture your. Really full hour tomorrow first book so high blood off my work almost one million dollars in my first million look at that sometimes. Know Perry does have given up to me to anything else. So what's your you have vote. Drain thousand health professionals healthcare professionals. And you were cruel pharmacists. Harder to your books crack in the metabolic code crucial was or who knows it the more your best which doesn't. Wolf thank you goes to a great character recognition coming out now. Citizen who does current hard when your when you do in this kitchen American owned. Nutritional cost of drugs. Because drug dude please keep nutritional and. They absolutely do you know what are now. And your last mood you're only talking about your blood never lies your blood never lunch. Yeah I mean I had not been a child abuse you people understand that you are or what I think happened to your health that you newspaper reader and then didn't scare crow for the longest time. You get things start to ruin your blood it's like trending glucose trend and inflammatory chemistry. That you can be doing something about book or your doctor tell us did it crop. We now have a problem. And now why not yet there's problems are great you know nail if you eat or certain Don people that believe it changed you know bear a lot of people out there really interest in trying to change lives and yeah it felt. It is it is your right is the thing to do today. There's people earning that you can live a long time possibly. But if you have Motown domain you're gonna happen to them in your field. And realistic look at Duval is the right straightened you know unfortunately more people watch out or get our audio like extended fight you know. Machines were not why not why I live healthy. Yard my grandfather. You know at 84 years old cherry and bricks up to zero to collect the steps you know lay Embraer. And you know yeah it'll tell you guys and now you're in six months you know after your day you play mediate this. Can I have to wait relive the good healthy life. Yeah we deserve this right that's true to your real institutions under that archer. And what do I what do what are what are their Illinois you'll get released blah no digital tend to do that. So that was who was so you talk north to super woman syndrome to what a great time to talk about that goes and a lot of these is tomorrow's Mother's Day. And what a great district to give any mother or need to be mother or whatever except telling you about her health talk about the health and how they can. You how to get to know who would be the greatest gift you can give somebody who. Yeah I mean it's so important you know what what happens is very thin thin thin and Jerrold when your practice street assault pharmacy you know women push so hard. Or China be mothers are trying to be liars they've got jobs they you know shared the ball pin and you know groups. There you are trying to make a difference and what we are now figure out is Paris you know women. More susceptible says anxiety and more susceptible to a depression then that's because your nervous system and actually more sensitive. Cash creating their fight or flight response and do it easier than the kind of drain your walls. Chemicals that we know relate to move didn't sit IBM hunger and and it almost and it also while being. And I want to sort of been you know the way it goes and the hunger and appetite triggers start to occur and you know the disturbance happened. The commenting did you find every day and they're not pick a lot of yards. No we just don't prepare people understand college you're cardiology work. So they understand their cravings go they still try to die at fort kind of a year not have any success. And we don't help them understand how the brain works and how they need to overcome these structures. Never met with a lot of frustration and kind of like this never ending spiraling downward and helps. Well loved nurses' first and so we'll work on my ships. And they found that when women switch from day tonight she can like shift this is an article just came up. How can our risk for women in long term shift work. And they found that when things you know an increase to there. There heart risk heart disease. I'm switching them from day tonight to this fallen from more than two decades. It's nice to have this to us some health problems led to that. I mean without a doubt I mean I think that she did they actually get people understand it's. None of us superb. Or not. Steve that's up. Right sort her keep that recourse to the sleep that night and wake up every day and you eat it up here to avoid public yelled you're an action straight. Yeah you care and try to change your chemistry that relates. They're working actually it if you have to do in order provides shale. Iron and because you know when you elsewhere we don't really sweltering correctly at the right time today. They're dissect your insulin receptors that are notice text mood in this area tracks how you're boring what Ayers. For the following day and so I think you know there's some there's some your real wind driven that study. And sometimes can't avoid it that you should care more party tried to rig repair as much as you can't picture forced into that situation. Well also you you won't mention starches something you're gonna talk about your foot jump you know when you work yeah. The only word I stepped. Up. When you were night's news it is seeing your stressed out you know and his 2 in the morning when you've you've got a spacious they're bothered. But other people in the real problems and so it's it's a stressful situation and what happens when you're stressed to. So you're gonna look for that Billups who love men. And it's. Not enough. You know it's not enough that you you did doughnut for you either cookie I mean honestly I said the people. Protect our did you get this yesterday I was ordered her to put a black our white board directors and outside the plot I'm metabolism missions are big and the installation fort diet but it major outfit that's global and more. Shoes and not. I say don't you have people would say. All he had sought an up but I 81 or two or three Koji did a migraine Chelsea he supports or bit cheaper and more so now or you know there's rubber core I bet. The you know fat and also I could just get it in my head. It will hurt all my can be also. Played in. Her. And that's the problem. I mean honestly that's the problem of dropped stressed we lose serotonin and that creates a need for our concerts sold compulsive desire. To eat starch. And that worries that we continue to drain or are simple and if we're happy called cheating and it's full thrown towards an even patterns. The whole war cascade and the dope raindrops are wonderful raindrops not only do I want to come legitimate. Semi nude scene she's four cardinal to get it checked baggage that little green or I'll like get jail you know. Love and we are you you just have to understand that he does. Neural chemicals patterns mean home when a woman. Actually. There after surgery in candy anymore. So here you do that surgery or. Developed another war cabinet and that's why are super woman they're so important to keep your stress under control because that other cattle will be. I'm gonna drink too much smoke from the shop. Create a little bored out of there so for super hopeful look that are forced themselves overstretched they struggled as. They don't want the word go up babies aren't all day long haired guy they get from my pocket church or chrome nor does not help but in the bitterly could be but it got to get one god. But now all of a sudden they're great buried in that yeah that back cookies are now merger and that I extreme more than sparked by the Irish people with the east. And it band and that leads to a lot of unity and destruction right considered the US population diabetic diet better for us. They're 38% it's one assistant 12% diabetics 70% overweight. L and women now birdie trying to get negative saying statistics is banned for heart disease and you're in a resistance doesn't it's two there's a big cause. I'll read a lot of these problems and so you know whether I'm learning how to stop thinking about diet manager guards. I keep a lot of people are used race to some big countries to start or control the transit it'll wake you defeat extract your claims that you consider the person. The FDA in Moscow ensure weight management and product. I had to get important. They have because it's not a stimulant. It did produce a seed last persecuted your bloodstream so that you create more resistant starch which is good trigger well. Our and then nothing has Phillies played are there any help women didn't manage what we're trying to process wanting to eat but arch. It helps them to manage that process and I think you're brilliant assert strategies for people that work. Instead giving them these idealistic thing so we wish what pork. Well also that vote you know you usually you have to have nutritional sometimes and placed it was a good nutritional. To help you Jim name or something else if you join Jenny Mattel wrote. Gonna bust our process the mutation a sure goal you feed or don't know something went very taste it. Mean that's the answer to some of it but to the more you can help your body to better. And what do greater gift we give people the women to tonight or today. Wherever your own country do listen to this show then to understand the value of good health when you're working nights as a nurse or anyplace. You don't have access to really good to load times. So other people bring you don't does come with those oratory or whatever you know and so what do you do YouTube each song when used we need one night this time and then the next site much as twelve conversely you. Have the same cravings for the same product the same donuts right. And so it is that people say race. So those who feel this is going to be there and so you know usually things like dealt with four coaches up magnolia extraction. Our natural compound as SDA allowable range. Or that and I mean I'm told it's hard to get those greens you've got overly cruel. Lauren really like oracle reducing breeding patterns while lecture eight judicial managing now what checkers I. Reducing the amount of carbohydrate burden and like she makes burdens and the blood kids. You know bill as you well know immediately. Got my number one thing blocked arteries as it I. Post meal butchered or show anything we hear. After an outpost grandy old blood sugar factory is going to be assessed. It's so these are really good. You know solid strategy sure people can take an alternative to actually well mother board really like it featured the top story regulate the search idiom patterns. Love how our bodies boast of a way to frame commercial break right away in this order is all of the morning and sleet rain has not learned my. Think there's a big gas. Barnes and pull that out there right now that talks about both awake brain and actually start leads I'd get pretty. It turned it turns off the pine hill man. Or the rice for a second term bush won and also owner and helped destroy the perennial innocent on all switched from sleep. So I don't tell us exactly it's like he's in our particular woman director Miami news near you La. Yeah you're you're you're you're trying to regulate that old saying when you're playing when it's time caress that you can you can Rico during her travels in your first. Other verticals you until I began hearing to be alert and extra acres. The other Indianapolis or the women. It did it start to complain out my memory is get shot I feel like I'm pushing up Bob grew jello. You know I can't thank him we're not sure the problem memory saying that Robert Moore and gave us the game right remember out of it anymore. When you get under chronic stress you're really track. Your ability to remember. Carol Kennedy yet you don't lose those molecules of Manchuria to coordinate. And Mac and outsource them that well. Who you know ephemeral that weren't. Nose cone ten and so reduce your stress. Amount to only as good. Enough time that they'll see in these are just drinking. Great caddie Kevin agreed to you can help them. As a result the end. I loved creating a mad are you seeing any apparent practice and absolutely sick and there are people that you are stressed. Naturally get. No I mean another one it's interesting it's getting people to be who are great great ability China you don't get in three feet get breaking news app called in our balance of power and help our maps. But they're really they know we're so anxious and moreover committed now are great job that can be argued arrest. I'm or hire nit pick about using that now and Matt who really can help so re training. They're nervous system that gets stuck. In sympathetic to overdrive which is what happens looked women and JJ can't stress day in and day out they think its stock. And now white tiger. Nervous system and that means the heart rate doesn't regulate as well and you know your pulse stayed a little mare and the next thing you know you're feeling anxious or nervous or you'll engine shop. We hear you also mentioned about. The chronic stress talks about his obstruction vitamin. And ever knows about vitamin. Yeah it actually court result at all to vitamin. Natural organic health association's scientific advisory board and and surely track you won't tell them people in multiple countries on vitamin B rating outlook outlook so that's important. And that's important it'll get. Another vitamin. Armadillo hole oh are a lot of people realize that their vitamin B receptors you're nobody paid attendance therapy I mean we are gonna mine and hey you can't make that vitamin B receptacle close. But. Yes so sometimes you have take a lot of wedeman via low numbers locked door well. Do you deal wedeman radio where it used to be in peace be on this show all unveils a member. They'd be together now Ellsbury got here about an ordinary you know opt out that this started call but product ever made it back on. Exactly Willis organizations folks that I saw communism and Tony years ago. The silver along station he is eighty years Caucasian he looked sixty. And needs and condemn such provision so we're gonna sit anyways 50000 doses of vitamin and it battery today. And yeah yeah that's a thumb that's not typical of those and I wouldn't recommend it for everybody but. I some vitamin a for everybody is isn't essential nutrient. I mean you got to have already. I am so I'm glad to hear you say that there are so right. I mean everybody did your brother that sort of look at the usual lynch you've talked he's got out there. Bullpen weren't afraid of vitamin 80% of people or that we check we check it everybody every year is not and shall cancel my practice is harnessed as all of you know as as well as our number about a leak. But we check in every year with that either Boston harder something like that. And literally if you've never been in my clinic and borrower had a great video natural president's position like you that is checked it. Everybody almost a mark on our low. And it's I didn't do it even got into the creek is yes very well. Student my people they want to I. Had it done sir I never hear the gas. Pump our focus is I didn't universe it's sort of a paltry. You are supporting the basketball game. Fourteen out of sixteen players rate at 401 vitamin B in their and the subtle sign right there. I got to see the red or amber. Greater hero police oh you exactly how hurt he got a incident it's short corner restaurant where sort all the guy did good but you are nobody hit enough nutrients. No really no way to assure admirably but AJ ticket total. Well let me ask about you didn't resolve or ansari and repeat Jim and I got to ask got cortisol does your morning her son from a show and are you talk for a high core results from beings do to do with the sense that stress that that blocks vitamin. Okay desist hardcourt results but I according to Jonathan yeah. Absolutely. So it's good you know it's one of those things where. I think there's people just don't appreciate the fact. But globe awards I bet chronic stress has on the great break here or stretching go and feel stretched for a it's your body's nervous system seeking on that that balance static load it all right now much. Stretch your body Dick Armey and all the sudden circus starts charm. About your release a more just creating your belly and he started you're allergic reaction just threw drinkers are valuation too much as I mean from all the quarters all district burnout from the brain. Right and so you get back or on your original ones out in your financial interceptors search. Well becoming much activity your growth hormone is dropping you're just you owner dropping. All the snowstorm but it doesn't rebuke. We elaborate uncooperative what you saw some don't ever really get this on our spiritual women in particular because they have so many things going on one. Clearly here opens debate today I end up saying. I'm tired at gay soldiers are in the morning our energy I'm 25 billion pounds overweight. You know and and I'm you know but basically I'm not very happy I can't control my duty in. There are great conjured up not so every game. Hot hot so so what's what's the best book that you wrote that would explain this to people think. Why don't go back to metabolic heard it here to kind of explain all the people who are well I know that post publisher 2004 bit. Everybody and nobody is talking about it. It's enough blood there and we are forget anyone else but I mean now books still mourning 9% of what we're talking about. Crack in the mount about a code is of cracking the metabolic coat. What Jack you gotta tell you can you come back show like every two weeks are we can't just how how how. Well I got back it's what you guys anytime had a great run nobody knows what Rihanna pharma LP here. We do enjoy it we can't tell you enough or spend what you're doing for the women listen to go for Mother's Day and a you know this is a very great Mother's Day present and correct in the metabolic code be good when newspapers and so. Well actually been all right Jim thank you thank you had a losing the white. Well apparently Jamar white today yeah do they just. All right OK perfect lunch. Privately very little for. You're listening to let's get healthy with bills well presented by people's. Boston global ballistic pharmacy fully back with more cutting edge music health and wellness and a few minutes. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy with phils well on top thirteen seven deep breath do you buy people's Austin's favorite pharmacy college live at 512643. Live that's 5126435483. Welcome back to the show fashion why are you with the us. I certainly am well what are what are great book you go here's the chair Roger what a great gift. Then knowledge that women need to have for. Ballistic. Because you know you don't care detergent extreme. And they actually talk about these Turkey necks you know how you value your wrinkles are neck as you know older. Not so much I think we need to learn to think that wrinkles are opt not only not ugly but you know they're they're the math oh. Our white van all the things we've lived through it so I'd like I've written a beautiful. Right. Because you're the manifesto against ageism AGE I assume you are at their word ageism and desolate like. The book is told that chair rocks what a great book you got here. Yeah oh. You know it. People know what race to the mayor certainly we know what's actually declared stressed. The idea you know we like particular I don't vote where how you look. Doesn't determine access opportunity and I think it's important to add you know Turkey neck and gray hair care that let. You know on the data not have opportunities because Ari this. We'll say allies could for you to. But I managed to see how how oil. Women heard Tuesday you know you just got to remain perfect to you when he. Personal it's just so amazing. Well Betty I mean people are living a lot longer everywhere in the developed world and it you know as a permanent global trend. Yup and then when you see a woman that's been on the sun a lot of 'cause she's been working with support people and similar countries or whatever. And they just and say they're happy elderly Mother Teresa was was upset about her wrinkles are pushing didn't. Finally got a lot of time in front of the mirror lessons. Oh. I think that's news. Bill doesn't do it for her than what what a great Mother's Day present her or she can read dispute that Chirac's because that. Because some fish Camp Lejeune busting a rocking chair. Well you know it OK to let you know I injured the point is there as you know the ways. Everybody ages differently in a socially biologically. Baton physically and you lose all you can do all you watch alias at that rocking chair that's OK I think there are a lot of messages that this society that say oh you've got to jump wanna jump out of an airplane hurt. You know give a limbo and a lot of people don't want to hear that and a lot of people don't have access to say airplane or personal trainer. And we you know each age in our own way. But my point is the globe you realize that we live in a culture that collages luck with messages that folded up going to a bowl that you were finished. What exactly get a hold. And actually get so we realized that's not true. But we still haven't colonel I can Malkin get those that are older golf is not as. Word or not as beautiful or not as important in the world as our younger selves and we really need a push back. I'm getting back. And be in the world or purple so I'll know a lot and you'll walk me. While like Richard which you send your Romo coaches here read this chronological ages and increasingly. Reliable benchmark are pretty much any thing about a person. Yeah like literally guess and that's. It Jerry attrition that's what I say. That if you need one here well you've seen one radio all right advocate of a debate your quote of course. Teach what is incredibly different every tournament is different but they have a lot more competent. And the club just 28 year old. Add the more there that look further out the likes and we got older and more get our current one another we've become. Which is why it's so bloody agent that is the did discrimination on the basis of age. As all stereotyping. All discrimination based on stereotype that break at a people who belong to a certain group are certainly wish. And Luke of course it's never that case but it's an especially bloody. I think that way about eight each week our creation we get toward different from each other. So how old I am. No you absolutely nothing about what I like to do well what I'm capable. Or what kind of person I can't. The loss relative. Pilot to quote my favorite quote is don't rush your age. You're right there where you when you get older dude you know just don't act like your old. But that apply to that there are there certain weight the old people act the rental people act Culpepper waste no way you. They don't act your age paradoxically. You're reinforce setting. The agent notion that there are some weight old people act. You know some people I think we think wait let me you know you just he just sit at your rocking chair or you just listen to the same old stuff. Blocked a thirty year old wanna sit in the rocking chair and listen to the same polls are right he's not actually a function of our age. Don't listen as Richard mentioned the buddhism but I class talk about it before it becomes. So it's just enjoy your life and and trust a healthy there's most of their permission anomalous things you can do distrust usually Hilton. However I have worked a doctor with me today in peace and you see a lot of you know. Getting bigger there's a lot of research fashion photos that our attitude. Towards each and it actually affects how our lives but by dysfunction. Is and that people who believe that AJ means becoming invisible and useless. Still of course they don't take good care of themselves can write people who have a positive attitude toward aging which means green lipstick. We hear about agent popular culture right it means it means. Coming up with our country is about age should it they walked faster to you recover more completely corruption here at fidelity. They have better memory and they live longer they actually live an average of seven and a half years longer. Settled what I say you know either. Imagine if we eat agriculture challenge these negative stereotypes about aging let me put it because they are not true they commit harakiri site. Imagine what it can't pass the public health initiative that would be because people would take better care of self. What did you think your distress run out experimenters they won't do that to good that you want sees as an in their commercials on TV. That goes talk about wrinkles and you know lecture. Doctor Olson former like you should never. Well I mean it usually is but are you on TV you would think that older people ever bought anything but prescription drugs and they get crude virtue. And it and other creepy thing about ageism that stopped it marketed. You people over 65. As though everyone for 65205. Did that set stuck. And bought the same things that's forty years imagine her thinking the same way about a particular people of a 26 the it critically. Ad that's not a regional we need to push back against the notion that you at some point. What a tip though granted the hairy yucky please call all the old and become that they let everyone else who is old old Erica stopped doing fun things. I thought experimenting at subbing in the world and it just didn't play our true. Oh. Well and and or a good doctor can somebody good ticket check your hormones are innocent and sometimes your your you know your hormones are certainly as younger. And then get testosterone a limited to get more you know blood bath has its own. You know with our partner benefits put me everywhere you know that awkward that physical changes that accompany aging for everybody. That cognitive you know what can people get are have been declining entirely. And it's really left the question of whether. You know what what not working out well you hear. But I guess how we adapt to those changes and in an Asian culture we have a tendency to blame. Off on aging. Instead of thinking looking at it was that you know. Howard half price and gardening or cooking for ten people apple create a my back hurts because I felt all well you know. I say you know that you're any other getting hurt it's just so dull. Yeah. You have delusions that. There weren't threatened to go that easily fit I am what I would say is. Do you support our armor around differing amounts. Osce fact position you're only greater post Austin I. You know region. As you know there's some does a lot of things are natural unfortunately Alec acidic. The specific nature of her not a civic nature of that in the past in the stomach will make you not absorb Beatles well but he supports acid. Who is supplements you can keep dead meat balls going through an end of sort of dissect that. There that there is a lack a lot we can ditto. But yeah I think. And I'm not disagreeing with you. At all does a tremendous amount that can do how. Our help matters enormously how we age but I also think we need to watch out for the notion that is viewed it and you know eight KL get enough B twelve what could jump on a political whatever it is. You can help stop aging. And we can't stop AJ and and so. And as long as our metric years. Has hit it as long as we measure how well we're gauging how the degree to which we can still do the things we did what do we what are you ought. Oh or later we're not going to be able to do here. And it took punishing. Metric anywhere mush sadder topic we you know we keep doing version of ripping through the ideal and we all want to do those things. But not clear hold or sell the sub impossible standards act if we just to check out all the boxes. We're not an age because we are engaging. Currently the dignity we airport. Means Olympic credit line that you can no locker you can no more B if he aged home and debris thank. Brett. Defector thank you if you had a similar to be embrace. Embrace as you enjoy your time. I idol that I eat I think. I think I would the awkward have to accept it which as you know accept it. Hope it so long since in a culture that helps you you know we don't see what's left. Asian messages to try to bore a look less bloody messages. We didn't look black. Full of passengers everywhere. And that is bigotry. It is not okay. But we're late normal Wear and merchant everywhere have to look at who really do you will form shopped to try and rethink how. Have to get all the way. After that it only horrible and we got to stop it. Chu embracing that if you're actually right that's my goal but I would be really happy with people just. You'll see that taking it accepts her look at where all those messages that agent it at a terrible and ugly word load masters cup well. Brutish America owned this chair rocks isn't in the book this chair rocks. Rationale employed to that is available at so we're reporting noble and. Pop up is available I'd Amazon. Act is the best place again that they Oakland audiobook is that I read myself if you listen. And it's available on my web site which is that share rock dot com were you get enough you know the all life. Feel like every church I also have a blog that you might like it's called you know we've that they just did and it's a question and answer blog if you. Have heard something you're seeing something and you wonder what are they get it may help let you know when it. Okay passion thank you so much for being a we got a runs and we're back you don't okay thank you forget about. Things are listening to let's get healthy with deals well on top thirteen seventy rescued by peoples and Austin's favorite pharmacy college live at 5126. Or three lives that's 5126435483. I would talk to blue wave. You were this. And here you with a student how would you rate disarm this is you are you and James Von den. Yeah I would do do you think you have a liking. And I I actually need to bring those. So you're you ever talk coming up. Monday may the twelfth. Own ventilation mutation you know yeah so let's talk about the ventilation mutation without and try to. Targeted to too complicated here. Because it's just you statements coalition mutation were losing their drawings are supposed to Seneca. He was say the word like exercise used to reduce their thoroughness but I think people who know her her or introspection us. Well I am entered would you take something complicated and make it simple. This this that's worth a lot. All right well I can give a little bit. I think it's simple explanation we actually have a little bigger treat for those few Carmen Alicia how we're going expanded talk about. More gene suggest Stevie Mac related genes can only. But I really simple explanation pack and you're talking about each patient I know that that catches people attention. It. Well let's think about the body out of body work pitched. Let them and keep it from Tyler he got an outside at the derby all day. Moreover it diplomatic action. And I've been out fighting with every allergens in the world clock got a little bit at allergies right now. Oh ya know still logo Clifton Padraig can move Dustin after two. Bit of in the past and horses and everything else where you are girl that's never gonna keep Buick Bernard. Her current and not let us us regular purses. So you've few you sound good though. Thinking thank you so I like to explain it is. Something like this. Our bodies are. Undergoing. Thousands and thousands of chemical reactions every second of every right. And that's how our body cleric there undergoing chemical reactions. Do you reproduce how can you maintain. It different arm on and that brain chemistry and everything that we meet our bodies do you live the way that they do. All of these chemical reactions they all require ingredients that are much like baking in the kitchen. Do you take this ingredient plus that ingredient and you had a thirty breeding immediate catalyst. And you end up with a product and as a hundred byproduct. And what are the body years it's. Is giving oxygen. Water or part of water right like hydrogen molecules. And you being amino lasted. I'm fatty acids. I mean not to get a cooking up Scotty after we get from healthy fast. It even mineral. The vitamin is keeping all of these things for so that it can survive that is how the body works is undergoing chemical reactions all they could be chemistry after it. And did you learn our genes. Are responsible for driving all of these chemical reaction. He heard. Hello. What happens if we have any patient in the old. Heard some people that scared the mediation oh my god but I explain to people that's a part of our coalition got the part of Howell. We evolved and how we have survived and sustained over the years we have. Our genes mutate that happens the plant that happens or animal that happened. But the government obsessed. We'll have some things that. While the gene you'll need pay for survival and will get from strength out of it from I'm in the process of revelations from time pool and that was from week it should chill. Help but be genetic mutations government. Such as lithium ths are mutation which is lineup and escalation meet patient. When you have a mutation you can't absorb all that security cell membrane. And it's a little bit more complicated than that picky picky but really simple compared we can't observe all look at that and Pollack acted as needed. Performing any room for many and product farm any and get things and our body or example. Armed if we can't have their folic acid. The body cannot produce the amount of opening a pair admitted he's in the right. And get I mean it's kind are important. Brain chemicals. Need it to keep appealing to her and keep the paranormal will be able to function normally. You also can't undergo 81 and based duty cop they keep her verbal Catholic. Because the chemical reactions that are needed to undergo people are afraid you'd eat are involved be obstruction of folic acid at the right ingredient. He's I. Mean. So yes all right so do it took output at. This it was we can't know if they weren't too. Do detox you get to your body can eliminate it. If you don't don't don't go face to detox and you're you can eliminate things. You'll ever handle and never even send as far as the Adobe winds are tolerant if you get depression don't shoot its usual it hasn't can't convert to. Or can't do work on producing border governments are totally right. You're absolutely a lot of action severe anxiety depending on how bad in the nation and omni and he is can have you know. Don't I mean you are. Gas is here in each year actually blocked up I mean he usually. And I was here in Allah I aside from having adrenal stress and your body to actually get a little bit ID. Oh my gosh Alaska don't mean congress. So many different issues that can cost. Motor in coordination issues. It can cause a lack of memory issues picking odds are 88 act and armed. Armed black about the mean can cause a lot of problems. Yeah so if you look at the bill and I can you know there's just there's a problem the government and and so. Birth control pills are any hormone. Re read it doesn't destroy is low told McKesson. A depleted at least a full McKesson. Pretty close to please these. The ability to produce and or whatever so period depressed when I take hormones so you can take folic acid bonus it's not what you lesions and if you can't tell them. Well I cannot absorb it cannot if you have been operation the patient. And I'm taking had to act any of the F manipulation each patient which are. You know a sequence of four or five different groups actually and the you know different gene control whole series of an escalation. Chemical reactions. Behalf thank you can't even in the north of all aspects. So if you can't absorb Paula Cassidy and even how the ingredient that should immediately what that critical ingredient Jeannie under growl. The opposite of escalation and if you can't. You can't luckily properly then you're gonna have these issues people at our chemistry and keeping your rank amateur about art and they'll also have the issue is with your ability eighty Cox and look at a lot of inflammation in a bottle. So were you when you when you take supplements do you avoid fully tested. Because you campaign camps are better you can utilize. So you feel that if you got communication. You know that you have making our that you have in the cage and then what we do is tweak. 30 lead bypass the body's inability to absorb. Paula got into the cell membrane by giving the body have. Broken down form alcoholic caffeinated amount related folic current typically can actually absorb and can. And audio and another thing to note is that here there are a lot of women out here. Dear how miscarriages. They're having a hard time they know carrying. Through there you know through their term there pregnancy and we have had many patients come over from the fertility clinic upstairs. Over to our office and meet tested there not just there and teach our Jeanne because he can have other genes from an escalation group. That creek C their reactions of the actual and Egypt are. Anyways we will find out if it's it bit of ventilation issue and let me find out and we can verify that and we can get their bodies and operating properly by giving him a broken out or left related. I'm rather ample gas which they didn't banks had that they get pregnant are able to carry their pregnancy guitar. Tells it really necessary for a lot of functions in the body. So Maria what do you do what you give them just a little McKesson. We give them a meth related former full accounting and and then it got more broken down formed the template. Are they like him by phone when they about the nutritional and about mentally. Fully tested. Actually playing OK and release and escalated. Other little paying easily. Over eight innings typically it will prey like and ths. Lol are you know it's labeled differently if it had made time you know what branded you know how it's being labeled by pushed. It tells a patient you can go like I think are to people to pick up that political massacre myself a couple of years ago I'm sure I'll had to deal at 2 o'clock happen. Ask when heavier people aren't saying hey you know orchard wrestling at all aghast at a try to Vieira he and yet each each brand labeled it a little bit get. And who. Lara did you seek to just Fuller gas hasn't been a prenatal vitamins and assess a good idea. Not to not to just a Fuller canosa. Just more aggressive to governments and informed consent but yeah. What is more market. Says it's isn't it anybody know if you don't know if you have our. I mean you haven't been kept explore it and it's not gonna Margie you take an inflated arms. Exactly that solely to infect on undersecretary in print on church street we've met before we get yeah our our. From a multivitamin that I do has atlas holy Muslim. Meatball on purpose. Because we don't know which only are. Well and most feel that you don't know until then most people most in this in what is still wanna do the test but you know not not everybody knows about it. So it gives them the right somebody told fully right after that. It is I think if there. The way to do it and it ends up partly to be nozzle out and I think you should know you're a great job of getting that a minute information out there because I'm already knows about it. Well thank you yeah and I totally agree that you. We get the same thing out of our clinic as you know we just didn't know we try to may elite try to make it more practical we did give them how. Supplement that already have stopped form of speed escalated a look at and the escalated the. Exactly how. So what I should it take to see. Well you know there's a V test for the MGH at our Jeanne has been out Carlyle yeah there are a lot of doctors who now know about it and you look at explore it and it can be quite possibly. I'm looking it up towards what are the scene at Ford got passport card. Street 400 dollars. Detest this specifically Abbott as he goes through moss and hard work we do. There are sometimes opponents actually knew cost. Cal might not actual that's amazing. It's yet to do certain way MI this exactly how on an error because it's legal thing I can't talk about it. But it there are some ways of actually getting covered. Yeah but has he now you can actually be caught caught little things I don't know I was that's a year ago that it would not paying back by and it paid for mine and the problem is what what what we realize is that they actually put their reactions happen before the impeach him on what is the IR reaction that you have a genetic mutation in you're at well our water to. Or your DH FR gene. Go to pre feed your reactions happen within Egypt are they come out. And not have any need acacia tree and he kept our faith but. You'd still have an escalation problem if you had the HFR each patient are a well our water gene mutation and so what what. Even able to deal. We studied under under doctor yeah Africa and the doctor Kendall Stewart. Elton yeah. Yap both doctors do are who are. They are amazing. Playing are passionate about the at PG panic and and we are now able to offer. Where we can catch more 26 different gene. Or about the cost them what it costs CD and just the anti HFR loan about undercut and we can check Burke when he sixteen that we Mel. How to fix them. Leno you know how they ending what I think how to fix them is how to shut off the expression of the Jules great. And yes liquid and Egypt are or any of that relation genes you give them escalate it comical look at our map for late or love B trial. Now we can check. That your current mayor Jean. We can check their mitochondria ill get beat posture and the inflammatory gene have a lot to do it you know people that have a lot of food sensitivity a lot of gut issues. Ahmed Nikki getting worse and worse I'm Sherry. Started out having good that the committee for years ago and now either be an and they hardly had anything bikini without having her sort of pick your reaction Cilic. And what we're dealing -- genetic past the hour we can look at these when he can pretty Jeanne we're finding several of those genes in particular meet hated. And Phil and and now we're able to actually help them. But somebody I ain't got prepare alone isn't gonna work. We've got to be more than that. Sounds like did you learn a lot of your similar to what is sooner have. Eight. Coming up on that. Well could fit this next Thursday Adelaide. Joseph Thurston raid drills and our governor audio only is she your boosters to withdraw after. Entering that in. And that's going to be a good similar to you to put your words your purchase rather ruin. Into golf club David can melt actually meet except actually Guillen and a chronology careful. Davis and multi compared. I ask and they can locate you sure your. You got a website or something to go to your. Often holistic doctor. Dot com on the baking out Checketts out of there and we've been adding more and more charge medics page. On Thursday I'm going to touch Arabian HFR bytes that I'm going to pull out a pimple she's had a report and go over. Probably wide net or you are at each of the Jean Kenny GB category I just told you about her that. That people can't learning about what these genes are possible for driving in our body you know what operation to be irresponsible to get Eckstein got everything. I'll even do a little bit of a odd duck and talk about how their PL MP Jean. Which is responsible or. Your transmitter breakdown. They also determined personality so that'll be a little fun little. Art to talk about on Thursday as well. On organist Joey your general psychology doesn't some. This does so that's why you're crazy it's an offensive that's our detectives everything I have to thank you so much stock go up. But our great English don't work so well so neat about this so yes it goes to a morning confused after a once so threatened. Refugees don't change of making mutate but not usually like to. Do so is that trend. If Britney app that's well. That's pretty much on target end up paying interest that could be able to get that. Give up he'll look at how many of the jeans actually are affecting large profit easy for body for 600 dollars you know a bit. He got out of something like different cost thousands of dollars. Right as she grounds are in a sense of period. Price for that sent those sort of testing. Actually I am currently he was your immigration norm. Thank you I thought about it a whole new. And I didn't tell people about this. This is urged her to do third to may the twelfth. Yes haren made it are tuned right here so. They're good they're good Mother's Day present some some analysts and you know he's got a the wife of my view be good to this person or young mother you know as they beat by having children right. Good must present. That would be great Caribbean great Bernard decrepit epic great presents from the hole and ranked you know to be able PP discuss how to. You know I I've got I got her I'm stories that I can tell you about that we don't have time right now but. You people that I've. Did taking care of over the last year and how we finally got Toronto Eric genetics catch your last month and she. Everything that we've worked with that and we got them courier and got the feeling better but while we look at their genetic has to go almighty god the theater like oh my god the totally. You know correlation everything we've been working what governor last year which you exchanged it it's amazing it really big key. Q is it the master key your bottle. We're you know personally do tons of such an honest and wise. Because you are you just you very compassion. And passion emotion during this. Things yeah. Pretty excited RL will this have happened in the name of the clinic is what do. In an eighty wellness center. The intensity and so you can lift when he. Asked how he has in this on this front in the hunt of DeLeon beyond just look at it I'm if there. Yeah I you can just bet it'll infinity while the Fed her and you'll see. Yeah PS pop up there are three of there's mean. There doctor Massey and there's doc towards. Thank you the founder of the of the add a bit of the clinic and and we both joined her and would be excited to. You know Q get help anybody you anybody across our path to you know needs this type folks stop our lot's been said. Where a where I am excited to help. So for Tony is that it is Kosher whereas and so that your focus on news. Particularly your. Now our focus is you know we practice holistic medicine based on principles of functional let it shut. That's that's how we practice and how. Clean air they hill if you're gonna practice based on the principle for functional Matta said. It it only makes sense now that this technology now that it is around that we're able to give it tricky it's it makes sense to. Let's look at any regular so why not Indiana history of depression yet energy anxiety I have I have this and that lets look at the gene therapy what's not working right. The objective about it. Yeah. Absolutely. And that's that's the way of the future this medicine today including some people who need to go as were were better on the show. I'm a pharmacist you know when I think there's a place for drugs Israel no. Actual I don't know but to have my goodness there's other places you can go to. You do go wrong. That's definitely want to do they see no harm does lack bison that all of us you know that's what all the plummeted practitioner. It doesn't matter where. What profession. Health care that weren't. You know we all we Al healers we a lot of help and McCleon that we all have something different to bring to the table it we all can come together. And collaborate together as that it would patient can get you. We'll talk to Norway rogue app I squeak is she going will control reduce I don't choose to stay in your pretty quickly but. First in May the twelfth folks try to get him by his compute DC Baltimore location right. Right next door to come for sure there. So Lou what a pleasure everywhere got to respect there was an okay. Almost to a all right thanks again for being known. Totally hit I think you've been a lack of a pluralistic break we'll be right back. More cutting edge health information is right around the corner you're listening let's get healthy with deals well on top thirteen seven days brought to you by people's Austin's favorite pharmacy and we'll be right back. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy with fills well on top thirteen seventy crusty by people's Boston's favorite pharmacy college live at 512643. Lives that's 5126435483. We'll see you though what drugs you know where we're just jumping from one to the other you know we're we're no we don't. We have very few as of this could have sealed up CIA in LA right short. OK I like. What cuts. So. It's weird the book is Calder is his choice of how we people who. Polio postal execs and appeal to mothers should. No because in the past few Mosher we know you don't care you know ridiculed by some church I'll take a chance. I am much are you should I send your child to. Because as a risk involved there for you personally. Course any medical procedure carries a risk. The gift shop you compel the flu plus elect a child. To come don't autism can. That there might be or should we we don't Reynolds facing directorship that we there's enough evidence to show determined to run. There are many studies out that showed that the stuff evidence yes. Right right and so to say. It was before the FT bricks in her room I'm huh huh huh huh. But but there's alternative as a mature about that choice as usual rule I don't mean just on just. Something somebody just to a recently. Zuma struggles. And use her to. They used over 200 years. Right and vaccinations. Which is in a way you can say is a former army officer because you're just he remind you amount. Of their product testament to the you know. And his sister right. Well correct. It's there's still a material. Antigens in the air where they have to feel tradition has so much and it's an energetic level. And that does that affect your. Nonexistent running normally not a thing. That's correct your side effects. Right side effects don't think. That we're not saying this to be recognized. By the powers to be the governor its language and get out of new vaccinations and you weren't used home healthy there's a way probably you can do that right. Well in those states to have these philosophical exemption. Parents can choose whatever they like no you know no vaccinations they can choose Tommy prophylaxis. They have a choice in this particular states. Who. You know us and we'll talk to a guy you there was like. Our program where we want to tell you where where's your practice or you were you resigned and. I'm located in Minnesota asked by the Twin Cities. It was not a suburb of Boston. I'm glad I'm not a good that we can certainly we know what to those communications with the sudden that much shut your private practice. I do have a private practice now to teach at a community college education a few different on the LP conference. Now your pediatrician. These are not a million non classical army I guess you can look consulting on certain. Well and that's discrete diskettes and oh. The deal for pediatricians to us to promote his movement. Will it be wonderful that's my next goal to make bridge into that medical world found and that's my case my rationale and holding a conference. The issue here in saint Petersburg Florida. For our medical providers as well as laypeople to introduce them to the evidence behind Tommy prophylaxis. Now let's moratorium on its right. And then that's going to be October. 7 through nine. In saint Petersburg Florida. And Kevin Anderson and received an hour ago October December through the ninth. To sink deeper. That's cracked and yeah why you had more and I assume since he's burden. In the now that I have here in October in Dallas. OK you can tell this first. And be in saint Pete we're going to have to hit Chernobyl Connick choose and meteorologist. She could keynote speaker. We'll have bicycle and his Ph.D. from Australia. Talking about fifteen years study that he didn't. Alan Phillips will be there it is an attorney. And the premier attorney in the US. Four vaccine exemptions. We'll have more on the refugee who's a doctor from India. Giving it scope of army prophylaxis in India. Plus Sally Fallon morale Abu except what to Weston A price foundation she do that nutrition. And the immune system. Ronald wit Mon is an MD who is going to talk about the cut tire on the human gut I am an app that affects. Immunity. Will have to. Peter disaster who is an MD will talk about a year and a half fear affects community. Sure that the blue does do Google is an MD from India will talk about Japanese encephalitis. And the study that organic India British and Japanese have tried it. But Debra Graham brown is not do you asked. And she'll be talking about the future backed technology and she is seeing her practiced with the children receiving only prophylaxis and then I will be. Talking about the scope of army prophylaxis service studies and also Hot Springs and training for people who have taken the prerequisite course. They can be trained to put on the prophylaxis and their practice. So is this something that 'cause I think we're we're carrying this in the storm possibly but there's just something that. Somebody to listen you want to recommend it to the nation's. Spray. And need supervision. So they need to went to supervise the match something comes up they don't understand it is. Parent loan because they take on the kids and they have appropriately they keep notes. And then typically I sit down with him to do that in our. Instruction teaching them how to implement a program. And then I provides support throughout the duration of the program so they can contact me if they have any questions. So there's so there's so it's pretty. Pretty safe obviously. It's weird just to do you mean they never gonna debt has never been that injuries pounds. I've been involved into programs with over 60700. Children have done it. Doctor golden in Australia at 3500 children that he worked twist. And then some of the epidemic studies in Cuba India. Brazil have had millions of people in their studies and they've ever been attacked for any injury from those studies. But what we Jewish person altars and things like that where there's been government and a. Known if we're not seeing Mac are so so the advantages of all the benefits of natural disease and none of risks. Basically. Great so. What percentage of success we juice in me. Because of flu shots are not a person we know that we saw him coming to get a push on the command lecture was later and they still get the flu we noticed I am. No method is 100% not to not vaccines for army prophylaxis nothing's 100%. Policing and very good numbers. Between. 75 and and 95%. Effectiveness. With meningitis in Brazil. Which protests this would collect dust rose fifteen Q. So they've been since very good results with so large studies that we've seen. And how would you compare that about solutions and. Well vaccinations vary depending on the actual vaccine. Don't flu shots we know anywhere between forty and 60%. On a good day under the age eschewed you know better than placebo. This study show that fear that Cochran collaboration which is doesn't meta analysis of all week. Different studies coming in so flu vaccines very great deal and it's taken a hit great. The strains aren't exactly exactly arm and then the others it depends we know we see. And embark. Mad at them honest portion of the MM Barak had very low efficacy and there's actually a legal. Act didn't taking place against America. Because it felt kind of what their original square. If he moved moms actions portion of the ML are. So they vary a great deal. You know that there the difference is between army prophylaxis and vaccines are. First and foremost the absence of any toxins in vaccines as adjuvant they have antibiotics they have. Urgent and they have. Foreign mediums that there there has been made on shows that dean for viruses that DNA from these foreign substances whether it's. Monkey kidneys or human lung tissue. That's becoming part of the DNA of the recipient. Com it's all of those components are in vaccines and without these prophylaxis it is just. The actual. Dizzy just scared there's no other ingredients at all. The other difference is how they're gonna shake. You know we have immune cells in our biggest membrane and the way we catch illness naturally turn noses arm out. And that how HP's administered an amount so it catches for mucous membranes emerged. As vaccines are injected directly into the bloodstream. Went out there that degree of attenuation attenuation means to weekend and vaccines are attenuated to a certain degree. But it still material substance there. And I mean prophylaxis. Is diluted and traditional molecules certainly original substance. So you have an imprint of the actual disease. Substance but it's not there so. You cannot catch and give that disease to someone else despite taking only prophylaxis. You know what I would look at an MRI ominous is that the position you're in liquid are the most awesome. He is exactly but I'm never form prophylaxis until today. Is he now knows the risks. In has some benefits aren't just just as in your room just scientific that they know approaches that. The day it's a whole lot of those positives. Yeah a line not the question is why not and you know what doctor golden crown in his fifteen year steady with 35000 children. He compared vaccinated and vaccinated and those with HP I only prophylaxis. And what he found that the HP kitrey even healthier than the unvaccinated kids. Because they were getting all the natural and easiest. And that's how nature intended. I think to occur so they were getting the disease with the benefits but no risks. And it was exercising their immune system basically. So that exercise of getting their duties and that's what we teach parents. When we give them they can't get in the booklet given instructions. If they're gonna see the immune system wake up and respond to it might be. A few hours discussing this might be Randy knows I've even seen a fever of mild fever for a couple of hours. But then it's just disappears and it's gone. And parents are made because the anatomy and system couple wake up respond and then relax and that's what we're aiming. So it's it's important because of my goodness attenuated. Highly you ever in Australia got a got a number go to remarks so you've got to squealing you know content all kinds of things in the vaccinations a couple of problems. Obviously and so which Huey says some of our percent success who's meningitis vaccinations. Whatever. I don't know percentage of managing expectations I can't quote don't. I don't template but. When you look at the percentages of success if you are measured. It's just a success that you don't come that was something you don't condone and Jan Stephenson to you and maybe it is there. But don't data showing that it's about the same or better or worse or whatever have. Yeah I'm just looking for. This study in Brazil quote she nukes in Brazil. There was. The initial caddie. They used 181000. Individuals given the HP. And 6300. Who were unprotected because fur they didn't intentionally and protect them that's for whatever reason they were not able to be vaccinated for various different. Concord to cancel on me yeah exactly so the 181000 they've got four cases of meningitis. And in the 6300. They had 32 cases of meningitis. Since the government gave permission to repeat this study in 1998. And they use 65000. Who protect and tell me tactically. And 25000. Unprotected. And again they had only four cases of monks at the 65000. Who have protected. So. That's about a 95%. Bit hectic and I. Reasonably take to that basically. Correct okay. And up. 65 they have four cases of meningitis is due 2000. Four cases of meningitis and that 25000. At twenty cases of meningitis. Vaccination. Thought you know there are Kucinich because she says comparing HK unprotected and protected okay yeah I know that in 1998 impresario. Good to have a test between nature do you Tyson I should. Look right yet and I think that that occurs like even income families where our parents have actually is their first child second child and the search how they've changed their mind. So they do HD. And what I hear from those parents is. That their child has no colds they don't have sore throat which is not ill and they have to pump more robust. Immune system and that's that's what we see generally. Com together and they still let this person study I can. Touch a little bit about that. You know and it can before epidemics there's nothing to be on the prophylaxis. Because basically. You can do you can distribute it without licensed personnel. Because there's no needle. You can. Basically give it to our pages where some vaccines are aged dependence that you can give the same. Vaccines too intense or adults or even. Animal actors because we can you change things they could put it in the water. For animal and populations. And it is very brief production I'm two weeks there's no refrigeration needed is extremely low cheap low cost to develop. So it's really amazingly. Adaptable. Not age specific. Danger rapid clinical results you can combine with other interventions and here's the main thing it's effective with a muted Genesys. So if it is strange if something and communicating. The HP is still going to be effective because it treats the symptom. Showed the symptoms are the same in this strain of pertussis or bad strain of pertussis. The same HP is going to address it. Well for the through. Any of Luzon where as you know that's how we attack. We found. We do we did our own load test and we have two coming in the store they were getting used. You know something for the blue because they get a flu you know that the vaccination. Sort of the same studies using a close eye on them. Any courses very limited number no binary thing and don't we tell nobody in Gupta goes on and got the flu and you know there was a 4000 people obviously. Right right out of yourself statutes various malls and tonight we wouldn't say that's a do they actually did a double. Lined study that's in that period he journal. That's 600. And what they found was I don't have an enemy that is very below. Parade of people getting the flu but at the best part was they were no side effects no injuries. No it was inexpensive to distribute out looking good is mentioned this. Oh yeah well everywhere you lose a lot of my own table we'll go real for farmers is journalist and as Tim too familiar. Do in my pharmacist permanent solution it's because you make money doing that. I know and that's how we're about you know wished I should be about making money you of course. You you're fighting the uphill battle in some ways because because this goes against the big bucks to make it corporations. And I don't give a time monies and you know. And so that's why you have so much respect him doctor wait till you know him. He was that my last conference Susan Austin right now supporters. Yeah I can we wonderful individual. We know we have a couple books in stores we have people who. The came in the store and they say we're fortunate portray would you because she does look. Yeah it's. Second fortunate. Yeah well you know if I do everything to please everybody okay I'll have to go broken and I should. What were back to burning books that were bound and I know I know you think about what he did he's granite that are two exonerated and everything but you know as I. But the structure used to fortunately though. Now series you were up against and I know operation whoever was Richard during your book is called there and get the book we have in our stores there is a choice. Romeo prophylaxis preparation either of these yeah. Over an appeal to mothers. Because if you get your Charles something that's safe. This to me is affected are more effective. Why not too. Why not and Texas does have the app personal philosophical exemptions so it's. It's very possible and the web site for people to take a look at the conference is www. Worldwide choice dot org. You can see all about the conference and sign up for the conference in October. Current humdrum December through the nineteen. Since we entered Florida run. The set and I listen mostly to visit to a new. It's beautiful young beautiful October. So there we go price okay. Has he talked. No I don't know though is gonna be altered to. America older person who cares. And there was a good a good count should go to you homeopathic post election conference. Some through October 7 through the ninth in the book is available because that was on her. Condit Amazon and Richard pharmacy. There we go. And the nice thing is there is always remember we have a choice in this country we better keep that choice. Right and listen the sessions as. Was accused seal that it is I guess you are a Malaysian. Still. Presents so our guess is so you know get some of what I what a great person which is your hero because you're this is a greater good yeah book can root permissions are. Thank you for having me on to it and I really appreciate it Judea and they speak click. It just doctor you turn to move to socialist he canceling conferences yeah okay how close and let. I didn't see the training the initial change by doctor golden. It's like twelve modules that you take it home and your time and then after the conference I'm gonna offer. The training people to help people put in a practice this apple at the very least. To give evidence to medical professionals so they can lift confidence recommend it if they feel confident about and they can take. Garcia on the past due this. If you if you wanna have destroyed she don't wanna vaccinated so that's that's my goal to just to make after age. We do that part of it was our heart Buckeyes between the other clues as to please doesn't hurt you to comment I mean that you were submerged Klestil fasten your work santorum's I don't predict what evidence. You're welcome Boston as snow okay. Actually have located at options. Brush back on my during the flu season. It. Thanks again thank you are OK you OK can I had a mother and I had the cash but if I am I. I'm list for all the mothers out there I hope you enjoy this hope you enjoy the show every week you know mother's Mother's Day what a great Mother's Day present to know that there's alternatives to a certain vessel right. Okay. We had time. Our listing of breaking Woodruff. Don't go anywhere let's get healthy with bills well brush you like people Austin's favorite pharmacies will be back in just a few non. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy was fills well on top thirteen seven deep breaths do you buy people's Boston's favorite pharmacy college live at 512643. Live that's 5126435. Score a victory. Well what a great show folks I hope that you enjoy it there's must have win we cover a lot of things today and then don't. And I think pushed a lot of trouble I don't think we're going to try not to you know we talk about things that sound. And I'm not a million or so they can commence can be pretty easily probably correctly can come out to try to do just call everything come after me. And I maybe I should run for president needs doing to our dream we don't know but the folks but if you're involve the government sometimes they can't get to seduce so do we we try to. Tell the truth and good company would disagree that's okay you welcome to call anytime we should do about it. A number of more often do you ride down now 6435483. Year. 643 lives are allowed to eat so if you're driving your car in order billion Henderson's one don't think you listen or you don't than. Now though they usually in listen podcast now it is so we'll probably hear it you know we can achieve from now our growing current and New York on this are nestled in front. The doctor Jameson he's. Then you'll enjoy James. Who say Daniel for you mr. Rooney rule absolutely Dan I'm very content. Well I mean you are provided as cobra command. Enemies so I mean is actually I'd just come out of them not a formal. My contempt that says we don't contain an OK cancel your practices in liquid liquid Texas a west Austin. And in there about ten years and we. And do more cultural innocent or not perfect you know perfectly strict on social menace like he's out of finds. Find their traffic folks. Kind of wish we could be in some ways it since we have a medical. Approach. It's difficult to be perfectly functional I wish the sometimes it's been. I'm part of the bridge liberal votes maybe someday we'll also some 'cause of the bridge for folks that are the the corps medical. And they don't know anything left socialists NM NM. Bringing them into the fold as a horror you know I doubt it's a religion Friday stressed put it in some ways you're changing. The views the people have looked out else. And it sometimes take years so I I'd I'd take to approach or won't he spoke crichton. They say you'll dissident and I stop thus the stuff there and are there are surprised and don't give them that big bully pulpit and beat him or ahead of them this Aladdin. A civil war and she say anything and so that's your dealers and Russia and Italy and you put on your own when everyone helped halted. So whether how they reach your gun in likely as I want to 2639072. Hard website became sustain the practice Tata. Did case then we try to talk to never agree reputation by the way wolf thank you envision it and just having too good to have you showcase. We've got through we're gonna come from this well so it was later body had a good Wednesday to your 100 most is Jerry in my corner full blown points and she's so. She's written written waiting for me is success is a costly error and I kind of give the home of the new for your health otherwise and take a dinner we should get dinner assistant that's just gonna have to have some Indian with powerful friend bill we're some good we will. Move forward and we'll do as a consultant astle and some so there's one thing ornaments or equip georgians and DNA testing just like though that the the an expert we had earlier. That one of the new DNA tests that we have is on cancer. Cancer risk in Nebraska that to talk about that there's been a means toward 5000 dollars or four. Now it's getting to the point we're sort of more affordable. Probably has been used more. But I did my ancestor on this from my clinic in my out of pocket costs for all accessible bracket the whole bunch of things it's because I have a number of people wanting only. They have cancer. Most 2003 is out of pocket cost doesn't list those with insurance that. But I would encourage people to loosen it wasn't what you have to watch a lot of time and you have a geneticist and help you with the risk zone right and they will have a couple second solo alternative bill. Well you know we we just gotta we gotta run here but I and mr. Bloomberg went what do what do pleasure to have you. Dan Freedman and that's right now and a family's history huh huh huh all right. God bless you all folksy next week and.