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Jul 18, 2015|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's delicious mischief Boston's food and wine radio group. A presentation of specs wines spirits and finer foods and now he's the guy who loves to talk with a smile fool. John did mirrors. Everybody welcome to another edition of malicious mischief including mine radio program or Texas as always delicious mr. is a presentation. Specs were high spirits and finer fares we are in San Antonio this week so in general that's always a good thing but we've come here for a very special event at an annual event that's part of a whole bunch of other things that go on. And all kind of comes under the general headline of cool and aria. And and it's this is of course who a week devoted to food to to drink too. To find here in San Antonio so it's festival week I think it's what it's called the good name for a week full best of all I guess but there's. Other stuff too now I'm here with Suzanne Toronto etheridge. And and and Suzanne tell me that's the first thing people have to notice other then the Marriott being you know culinary in 11 or more languages. Is is this whole idea of eat drink yeah it's like Eat Pray Love that's both. But what what how does that mean I got eating part I certainly got the drinking part but how does this give and how does that all fit together. Well it's very easy client is and nonprofit organization injuring nonprofit organization. Thank you for that it's much better than San collect and it's easier it's much better easier on your joints is well. Mine that period. So we begin part comes under we have a for hospitality and that basically is three pillars of getting. One week shots the shots which is experts just entering personal hardships. We pick up their medical apps we haven't sat for a line cook at someone in their Finley is having a hard time they come will pick up the tab we LCD use scholarships. For the hospitality industry as well culinary school. And we split CAA. Along. The good CIA that the one that one Princeton has the campus here in San Antonio the Culinary Institute of America and need them the best teacher it's right. No I didn't know that teacher and I got on. They say I'm really at night. About that the CIA acting believe that. Now in its failures raising money you're doing things in a nonprofit format the food and drink and all that but it helps good people do good things is what I'm here. Exactly so it's very easy to buy a ticket to go to festival week where you can't and I have been into a great time and your friends and meet local celebrities as an out of sounds liberty shots and all that money goes back. Really to sports San Antonio culinary community in more ways than one. So it says Suzanne what's the story behind the story I mean everything has a history after I'll. I mean is it's been going on forever or or what what we understand about how the evolution they gave the world who the night. Well we actually started. Eighth in wine festival in 2000 and that was what new world that our car. Well at the party now I have to talking I know a couple things. Until the holes are. But immediately started as a group of friends getting together enjoyed great in line and it kind of got bigger and bigger and they decided that summer meal. You know nonprofits. And to give back the community in the statement and so it started off as it I think it two days in line possible there is exit ten days. I think they were crazy I I can't do wanna I don't even understand higher wake up on. And then they've really kind of decided whenever staff came on board many years later. That they've won it's it really do different things and so we sort of pre pre and that is 1 AM we became a year round organization dedicated to entering. And that we do many more things like restaurant eat. We even do that IK wine and beer run and it has since you last week we started out as I can do like a five B Iran but then I'm done. You know a lot of people that even run they just during. They show back and they get number they get their teachers and then we look for them and they just walk over the reception line it's amazing I. I love that it's it's like I always say why can't paying my dues at the health club be effective that's really only part I try to do I feel like just see. The action at paying your bills should make you thinner. It takes a lot out of me now now now tell me this last night for instance it was and it caught taste of Mexico which kind of inspired me to ask this question. In what ways is this event because many many cities in America and certainly several in Texas have some kind of food and wine festival whatever. In what ways do you see San Antonio's uniqueness reflected in Cleveland Marriott because I love this city and I think it does have. It is quite unlike virtually anywhere else any others major city in Texas. I couldn't agree with you more I think that CNN's Andy on what we offer. I met the culinary community is really the same thing this city has to offer and that is historical. Relevance and I think that there is a great compliments of culture that goes into the future here. We have great Spanish influence German and Italian as well as Mexican and a lot of people really don't know that San Antonio is so. Rich and all of these various different cultures and it's very alive in the it and a lot of people really think it's only just Mexicans in. On the river walk and there's so much more diversity. And just the very fiber of those historical roots really shine through and have it. And I'm I'm the last that it turned down rice and beans right but let that but the fact is that the this spring rolls and summer rolls than Rahman's shops and I mean there's there's a ton of Asian food a ton of European food a ton of south American food which is totally different course from Mexicans last text slash Max whatever. So I mean it's it. You get this feeling since you're invested in San Antonio at the food destination that it is sort of expanding its self definition itself flavors. Almost daily. My goodness I think that our culinary scene has its polluted in the last year and I think that there's been. Many different types with CNET it just sort of come out of nowhere I mean you mentioned Asian and that's been a huge endeavor college in itself I mean. You know for instance tonight that's part of one of our events we have an Asian market. I'm just because they come so prevalent in San Antonia and so I think it's been lots that. Haven't Asian night market because that's prevalent in San Antonio who now that the craziest thing you might hear me say today but it is I don't know the magazine down. There's no tequila laps and I. Act act it's so so tell me this let's talk about the arrested the rest of the events that you have during the year because you know that's an important distinction to some of them. Festivals I know they come out there that Reagan do you know they come out once a year for three days five days and then they go away for a year. Whereas what are what are a couple of other things and tell me in some detail what they are and where they fit. And so we are one of the only nonprofit that has more than just possible these days we have two restaurant weeks. One in January 1 in August and that's great and I'm happy fixed menus. And are really reasonable cost so that's in restaurants around town. All over the city and into all of these reports menus and all that money goes back to you help on our hospitality and we also deal a fight they run which is in March. And BTU. The pay a challenge also on March march is very busy it's feast or famine over here it's marches native name is buried at the mean that literally it's feast or famine absent lately that are at least that we do that I challenge which is a fund raiser for the CIA the culinary institute thank you Erica in scenes and and so that in particular has proven to be a really great event for us as well it's one day. And as well but I keep wine and beer run and that's also one day bringing together all of the shots and the running community and doing all kinds an evening things. The running community I would know about that. If they do think this year's Buick just it just. The inmates. Freaks and I'm not let's let's set about Ideo what intrigued you about these cook off these competitions when every one column. For IA EO our result OO RR spaghetti and meatballs whatever a Caesar salad I've been to some of those I mean is that it seems like. Creative as the name of the game. I mean you know there are often people are always people who make a very who seek to go classic and and do it really really well which is generally where my taste buds go. But then there's always somebody who does some really weird versions and in Lithuanian players I just made. That out but in your experience is that what happens when you open that the gates on Isiah. On tea that we really can't we and we have three categories modern and traditional and wild. So the wildcard is where you see that craziest. Thing that I sometimes hear ID. Quite hack what's the most terrifying line is there one that you can think govern now. It was one that looked like at the words hit it. In the pay look at them as little scared it reminds me a little bit of it here on the beat us out when a child and pretty shortly or flick. And the coast. Does leave an impression exactly but then there was this amazing breakfast idea that was. That we are that we just relate wildcard thank you all day we left. Any any temptations that go way wild card went away now just about a minute lapses and that. You know in terms of cool and arias sort of relationship and end you know contribution. To see Seattle to San Antonio. I'm not even there. But but now telling you about what you see is the is that the mission statement what you hope to bring in terms of not only. Funding to some very good causes but but certainly awareness is always part of these things as well. Well our mission is always always first and foremost you really promote the city as a premier destination for these in mind and you really collaborate. With a lot of different partners so that they really understand the prevalence of the news and seen in Kenya. That's super well we went I think as Suzanne Toronto. Etheridge for joining us here she being the honcho of this incredible festival week put on by a group called colon aria and on the big fan I think I'm kind of like a regular now I'll be here every year forever and that but we got so much more on today's delicious this will let boon we'll have wind left on all from San Antonio all cool and Daria. And I think we've got some good stories to tell so don't go away. Don't eat that it'll spoil your dinner. Instead here's more delicious mischief with your host John demur us. Thanks for joining us everybody we are as you may have heard in San Antonio that we one of my favorite cities in Texas and 41 of our favorite events something called colon area. Devoted to the art science and of course pleasure of eating drinking and giving their strong charitable underpinning to cool and I area and we try to support that anyway we can plastic fetus and give us drinks so I'm for this particular episode this segment we've come to one of the participants in the event. Which is called the the Esquire and I'm intrigued Gary baker known as the GM around these parts. It's as the oldest bar on the river walk now where we're sitting back and the rivers I guess this is by definition the river walk. But everybody knows the report barely even existed you know back in 1933. I mean people were just coming out of probation so. What's kind of the history of the Esquire and and what do you think it's important for us to know. On the Esquire tavern was actually around six years before the river walk was. We are the oldest are therefore on the river want them opened up right on the heels of repeal. Repealed prohibition out of the river lockdown whenever repeal river walk never well. Yeah we opened up right after prohibition was repealed. Men have been opened just about ever since. So what. Tell me who the recent history and so you know everybody sort of that everybody knows her name looking kind of place. But but I mean when. A lot has happened in the world what has happened in San Antonio including the rebirth of downtown and certainly a lot has happened in the world of cocktails and taverns that. That both take us into the glory days of the past but also point us toward the future I mean. What's the recent history that explains among other things the great food were tasting right now. That all comes down to our chef Brooke Smith I'm she's been with us since we reopened in 2011. She was around these parts helping to renovate the place and designed the menu concept before then. She's just really kept their head down and kept doing you know what she loves which is bringing farm to table for it to the aspire tavern taking classes and can. And putting her own elevated what's the amendment. And she's enjoyed a great deal of growth past. So we're both elevating and twisting that's that's the physical lack I wanna watch but I'm but now tell me about this thing. Know when we go back in history I don't know that taverns automatically were revered as culinary destination the match of my life that they weren't. But now there's kind of this new who. You definition new genre. That that definitely has an eye on the traditions but also it's very can be even shaft driven you mentioned farm to table that wouldn't be tavern and gently speaking. What what happened that convinced you well your your ownership as well as your management and India ultimately your customers. That the Esquire tavern with a place to come not only get a good quality drink but a really fine meal. You know taverns are. Kind of a staple of human history even on a global scale and it's kind of a universal concept that there were always known for fruit tree lodging entertainment. You know. That was kind of city center. And so I think that we. No the American revolution was blighted by guys and probably white white arrow light weights but always in tavern. Sure it's there was. You know for us I think it just boils down to the hospitality we knew we wanted to run up our program that was really fantastic. While we're gonna help people in sharing much here we might as well accident you know some food offerings to the loan. It just really is about. Being hospitable and take care folks don't let let's talk alcohol Gary shall we yes we shall. And you you talked about the Esquire tavern opening just a few years after the repeal of prohibition. In terms of style of cocktails here I mean there's there's two schools are so extreme let's say. Of those bartenders who view themselves that's almost militantly pre probation mean to get these books filled with a ancient recipes and they don't depart from the but there's definitely a room in a place in the modern cocktail mentality are as aesthetic. For people who worked creative people are making may be drinks that were based on those that didn't necessarily exist that sides. What do you guys at the Esquire see yourselves heading into the pre verses I guess modern cocktail movement. We enjoy at all you know certainly those prohibition or cocktails were delicious and I think the academic effort. You know translating its recipes to modern standards in it and the research that comes along way. You know mailing us this season giving them exactly right. Is great but you know we like to have something for everybody in this big Lucy provisions filed drinks are necessarily for everybody but. I'll take the ones they don't want a cat who. Sounds great. You know I think they've. Are you know more contemporary modern cocktails are still kind of based on that prohibition our blueprints. Then we just really enjoy a working with great ingredients. You know care creating a great selection. Talk about a great selection tell me about this cocktail that you made from me here you guys because it's it's a little different it it has. As some interest in play were flavor profiles. Even though it certainly has boos and you can take that and I love that. What's going on in this last. You know. Our spring summer cocktail menu really. I mean it was about just that we wanted to make him you know is he drinks but enjoyable suffers a light frightened. Couldn what we have here plot device the Chelsea's flowers based on you know pressed eyes. This is Martin. An example of one of those really interesting uncommon injuries that we've enjoyed. Replacements. Well tell me about him. We're turning to food now because I of course I'm hungry as I usually am there's a lettuce wrap here and this is still not PF Chang's I mean tell you about what's going on because it has. It has so many flavors that that are perhaps explain partly by just the quality ingredients seems to let those be more than maybe some dishes might. But you know what's what's all going on the these these little leaves of lettuce that are made into Iraq. Yep that lettuce nice luscious buttery Atlantis. Holds up really well. And we have used putts that river ranch land which we enjoy great partnership with them were from Texas. Wants Texas media. Enjoy working with those guys we do so very closely and then we've also you know kind of what when you take hero so. I'm a little bit of the site Tiki there's the better we've got so launcher that little bit of a kick to it. With a little bit Greek and and that and it is really really delicious that. The pickles I might probably my favorite part Italian you guys make a lot of this stuff right you're right we do we make are technically it's sweet and spicy pickle and little different and fried pickles but still very good. I'm English cucumbers. Right right so one of my favorite things from their whole Western Hemisphere the Caribbean world if you will. Is is a sandwich kind of Cuban sandwich also known as the coupon which doesn't take much translating. And you guys have translated it a bit far thereby making it. Better than a lot of people tell me what makes a great what makes you work coupon program. In my opinion coupons in what you get one is all about them Brad and so we work really closely with Lucas can't who. It's a bakery known as red box we asked him when we decided we wanted to play acumen on the menu. And we spoke to him about. You know getting the bread exactly right I think he's done great jobs I moisture bread and girls really really well we can process. It's not okay. But inside. We've got our Archie out they rubbed pork bots do little bit my whole marinated pork points and Swiss cheese mustard and our house pickled cucumbers. Really really amazing sandwiches and I have to say that. Since on this tickling tag here you've got some carrots and peppers that that are a little bit burned out the bad eye level I can't stop feeding them what what's the story on the out. I guess kind of art take you know in the northeast you would hear tartan aired on this year's new call estimates and that's. Condiment that accompanies a lot of sandwiches and burgers by default in those things are all of course you know locally source we use. About it so so one more this year and if you think a salad is by definition just the salad then maybe you have a thing or two to learn here at the the Esquire tavern. Tell me about this this it's got a lot of different things going on but they all were together which of course is what your track shooting four. Yet that's there. Heirloom tomato salad you know we first release that as a special. I'm a little over a year ago on enjoyed great success with it decided but it on the menu and it's one of our favorites. You know of course heirloom tomatoes pickled shallots a little shaved fennel and we toughen up with some that it season and hopefully it's just really great for the stand here. I just it just about a minute left scary that you mentioned hospitality earlier as being one of the main things I mean. He described the hospitality whether you're talking to a news staff member or or whatever you do it. How do you describe what you want the feeling in the welcome to be like here at the Esquire. We just want everybody who comes here to enjoy what we do as much as we enjoy doing it. Hospitality really is the you know first and last motivated for every move that we made we love taking care of people food and drink is how we do that. Whole wanna thank Jerry make. Are joining us here in San Antonio all particle and aria celebration here and got this place is described itself and I see no reason his degree at the oldest bar on the river walk. It's called the Esquire cabin tavern on. Commerce street you really should check it out all that and more. When delicious this ship returns. Still hungry. Here's another helping you don't lose this mischief which are host John Denver us. We are in San Antonio this week I'm. On the ratings cool and our and annual event devoted to food. Food drink and giving that as they charitable giving and it's a great event great excuse to do a lot of the things that special things put together Beckel and I aria and also to kind of get off the reservation in between though discover some of the things going on in San Antonio. Right now I'm sitting in a neighborhood that probably a few years back ten or fifteen years ago. People wouldn't recognize what it as the comets known as south. And and you know now it's an entertainment district it has restaurants a very it's all kinds of restaurants have a lot of bars that would be entertainment to you may wouldn't it. And then also just a lot of fresh new life here in south I'm I'm I'm here with the guiding mild Donnelly was sitting in the restaurant that. He operates call left three Belgian beat stroke left freak that's like. French fry her I guess Belgian Fries anything in this instance what is the story because for all the Thai food there is an Indian for that and of course Mexican food everything. I'm Belgian was a little off off the wall firfer anywhere in San Antonio yes me. I totally agree. In San Antonio they're it's never a Belgian style restaurant effort lucky to get a Belgian waffle around here and we do have those as well it's great out. So own one. When they six years ago my mom and I decided to open the belts and be stroke and and it it began here but we wanted to make reinvigorated town of the doubts in my arm doesn't heritage and really enjoy over Jimmy. So you grew up. Thinking to yourself I mean obviously in America that. But you know thinking that the Belgian way it was something that you recognize what I'm sure a lot of Americans don't have a strong sense they probably figure it like. French except make. What would you say hmm what are some the script errors of Belgian cuisine that when you set out that. Kind of read your invigorate laugh read what what kind of labor's what sort of ingredient to. Did you figure you'd have to and a bully would have to do the move streets and we decided to me to do everything free and start Saturday night but wolf Frieden that they freer just amazing and we decide to go. Almost worldly with our our muscles and being created seven different passes sauces that cover. Any part of GE geographic region around the world and in Europe. And you know miles this is for me and I mean I eat out alive this is the first time I've ever seen. Basically choose your mole I mean I've I've seen muscles are actually pretty yen overall but people choose to do. Mussels marinara muscles prevalence dollar sometimes some sort of Basque name with a lot of sausage I don't know but but this one kind. US seven kind not not not to rule out ties with red curry in coconut milk are. Or or even a so called Asian with sake ginger garlic and scallions. I mean oh. How did you go about I mean all these cultures certain many of them at least eat mussels and somewhere another. How did you go about kind of refining what muscles he would want what you threw open the doors also we start out with a list got fourteen styles not surprised. So mediated yet slowly but certainly tasting each one and really tanking the narrow. I came into the narrow and women like to go with the muscles so beat up on seven Getty with a traditional we had to go with a promise solace tomato. In the past though and and they realize how to get funky with it which needed a variant would make it would be here. And they also do they Asian which I think with sock cases site. I've never seen it. So at bay navy and you know to and Mary I need any staging areas you know and you see that. So we're aggressive when a kayak and went kinda match and the fast also dispensaries are great. Which I love as well so so how. Good how is this experience been for you and your mom I mean you know he. IE I gather that you didn't set out in life to become you know a restaurant guide but like so many of us we became something like that halfway by accident. You know what do you think what's the best part about this business you. The best part of business. Meeting the people that come in and that doors as well as working with my mom and having that but the family charities that we pad and continuing Nampa. What we're doing all that I'm getting married in line reality chairman my fiancee share with my children. The whatever the renowned culture of bells and Europe and has actually said that. Belgium is actually on the sun owns and Texas Europe BK is the melting pot nature radius from the country surrounded. And so like right there and senator everything Luxembourg and France. And it ain't so it's with a lot of fun to ski that Stanley. Style each stroke though in San Antonio when he gets so beat. There's so much to do ten town it's he could keep their home in small that it wants Iran. And you know one of the cultural treasures of Belgium and it doesn't necessarily coming up later rebel but it definitely comes in at the last. And I've been so impressed by your attention to your seriousness about. Belgian beer and I'm now we have a very the year culture where beer is no longer like a stepchild to say wine or you know as it was for a long time I'm. How did you go about building. Not been sort of designing your beer list to celebrate you know a country Belgium that is is one of the world's great beer producing countries for sure. So yes the we wanted to start with the track sales we wanted to make sure all the Travis l.s election made and it was done and and trapped were all kind of taken in accordance and then. In the silly wanted to do have a couple Beers at each. Varietal. Votes in style. Along to accompany the rest of the menu line. We view it's applicable to classic boat trip polls that come across it doesn't Amber's and then eating you know to the new aid societies. Where that hot BI PH style. The Belgians are really thought process that mr. he relieved that cited Beers well with a lot of fun they can follow as well as Lee exactly. You noted though I think at the press that you know all for a little while and then. But try to everybody else or I have kept that and yes. An NN and its interest in talking about the following part I mean the world has really I mean certainly under the rubric of craft beer. People here in San Antonio as well as all. Every nook and cranny of Texas and the rest of America really there's always a local usually local craft your movement that even when the beards are from Belgium. That movement is a rich and passionate world of beer loving I mean so I'm guessing that your customers here at left free are just all over the bears are all over it. A lot of places. It's our listeners that we have with its account again no laces for its opposite seat over in San Antonio for all the doubts and they want tickets to. So it is nowhere else that the expansive list of media which is really amazing so. It's it appeared nerds Dell's impaired eyes act at beard nerds Belgian paradise. And and I don't having been to Brussels and prove myself that that that is appeared parents Belgian paradise as well. An amazing place up so let's let the other issue have here the other savory dish that is. It's it's kind of cheese tart it it's sort of would remind some people of a key nations some way that. It's different also mean tell me if it's cut and a wedge so it has that thing going on kind of the pizza cutter sort of look. But I am it is just amazing flavor what else going on in this time. So we had. That's part of the day it was going to be a rock in the Milan it's related to French cheese. Mean mobile home France and now it's it's a sharp style which is kind of more of the on the way it's not across the border into doubt. It is that's not a third car stuck. After wealth that is not even grammatical so we're supposed to method and now right out so. And leave immediately every as as he goes hard so and Damian. Couple days couple things but pastry and then serve it with sites is an. It's really really lovely and and you know I I what it's not my normal Ike kind of food that I really really really loved it and then for desert. On we had one of those classics kind of on the lighter side that. If either called English. You know floating island of course some people divert rack back to the French and call you float on. But what it's all about I mean it's it's got some stuff going on that's not your typical topic. Definitely not it's almost the deacons are decree away. In the style the current long ways and it's a ring. As well as on the eyes and I need around you accompany the end calm place but added this feature that users exodus from place. And that makes sense that's where a lot of the flavor probably Vanilla I don't know but it's it's really really delicious. So but I mean for all that all the tasting it goes on here army guys have some pretty significant dishes I mean you have. You know I salmon the Asian and days you have of course as you mentioned me. The armed Le freak that sick freak you know which is my favorite thing in France and free for decades my favorite thing in France with basically who's who's from Algeria. And then I discovered state freed an active finally each eat French food in France. All these dishes have Fries with them let's face it what makes it truly magnificent pride because you know if you need prides every day the way I do darn it. These are amazed. So that we definitely devil write him meat plants before and then you get them back to the coldest temperatures possible. And you re. In the V France order so that makes them light crispy. And a little puffed up and little puffed up and down a designated an over cooked and India than ever be. Recall the hour two too much oil as well he's in less oil. That's at least you know thank god for small favors right miles we'll update miles Donnelly for joining us and for taking us in at life REIT. Belgian be struck here in the south town section of San Antonio all part of the culinary colon REF festival but also just part of my life I love the food in Belgium. And I've rediscovered in where else. San Antonio Texas. We that was one more bite at the adjustments you right after that. And now for one more fight a delicious mischief. Future host John emergence. Now if you had a bar in San Antonio and it that would call the last word then it would be absolutely given that it becomes the last segment of today's delicious mischief. We've been having a terrific time here in San Antonio all parts of the colon aria festival week an event that's all about who are all about drink. At all about generosity giving I mean it's it's one of those things as we heard in the opening segment. That's that's all about helping people and of course having a good time doing it so but we have come to a a very very popular and new bar. With a extremely popular respected mix colleges bartender whatever word he likes to call himself Jarrett Pena is here and and and tell me Jared I mean one of the things that seem to be a theme in your career are that in of of slinging cocktails and making these wonderful drinks. Is is kind of a love affair with downtown San Antonio I mean I don't know that you've ever gotten out but a lot of your projects have been right around them in the middle of everything here in downtown. What what do you see happening here that that makes a place like the last word make all the sense in the world. Well. Big thing is is that. Downtown it's always been the epicenter. The cultural part of San Antonio for the longest time. The differences is that back in. The right after World War II. Everything stopped the Santonio downtown stopping the center of the universe for him and he sort of expanding. It was until the last 45 years that. There's been tons of development and tons of money it's been it's being spent downtown San Antonio and revitalizing it new restaurants the bars downtown living. Industries coming back into town. So mean with that being said there seems to be it to record relation between the rise of us he's culture. And a cocktail culture. And and that that of course makes many of us are very very happy and certainly you know since I guess for him it's fair downtown what might be loosely called downtown was the river walk and it was all all the tourists than. And that was good I mean that's money money in the bank as it work. But what I see when I'm around when I go to the show it like the majestic theater or any number of great cultural and an entertainment activities. Is is that San Antonio itself AKA local San Antonia and have re embrace downtown. Which no doubt is is part and parcel the you're you're business and your cocktail. I would say just about meters. I would say it a good handful of people that are really push the bounds of food and beverage in this town there all. They all believe in Cincinnati eat green live downtown San Antonio and I think if it wasn't for this group of people that believe in downtown that we wouldn't be seeing this resurgence of a culture cocktails and food. So what's your story basically I mean you know guys who do cocktails who works in. On fire with and of course it's a national thing it's a regional thing I mean virtually every significant city which. Takes in San Antonio has some kind of cocktail culture these days but. But certainly will not everybody's into the cocktail culture how how did Jarrett and you get into the cocktail culture. By chance so I've been working downtown so it's just nineteen and it worked at this really phenomenal fine dining restaurant call loose at the Fairmont Hotel. And while I was there I was introduced the young age to great food and beverage. And it all love with a wine. Phenomenal feud cocktails at a very early age. And because of that I stayed downtown night I spent all my time downtown and there are few major events that led me to this place Mets eight. Working Obama first bar hotel Valencia. Speed being picked up by a really wonderful tequila company parts here now is whether all of our ambassadors and I got to travel and meet partners outside of San Antonio. And learn the car to world from people. It other interest David in other cities other communities. And so where they're where there are two or three cities that back in the day whenever you consider the data be. Whether to a three cities that really had a cocktail culture that inspired use and certainly. A lot of people in San Antonio would say you inspired them I mean where where or who or how that this did you find your inspiration. So I would say first and foremost the one that the person that. Most influenced me the most would be Bobby you'll at the end Williams he's one of the owners and operators of the gamble in Houston. Our member media for the first time in. I was completely and all because he's a phenomenal bartender like to use fluid behind the bar use personable. He made in the meeting treats you agree presence in the bar and I don't realize right there in the end it. She's just here you really don't know how to Barton and funny thing how that works yeah I was deeply humbled quiet tonight so I took with me that night there. The wanting to be better because Bobby was such a great. Bartender. And that he was one of the first people I met that really changed my perspective of being a bartender and a second would be these talk bits and who now which Ethiopian descent. What act which has been for such a long time yet to really teach yes it's name and he's out of San Francisco a ease he had pastor reports Q tequila. And I got to meet him immunity speaks in wonderful cocktails back that so we're talking about seven years eight years ago. And that today. Okay Jarrett let's let's talk about one of the things that that it seems to be I think these days and certainly I am kind of slow on the uptake is this idea of cocktails. You know on tap. You know well how does that kind of come to be what you and what does what rolled cocktails on tap play here at the last word. Cardinals on tap Mika the majority of our sales up for the reason because it passed that distance. We. You're supposed to be. Seeking art takes at least twice tonight and making sure there are things mixed up. Everyone should shake their kegs at least twice tonight. Literally. Your speech when they take it doesn't that tell me about what what is them before we taste this Negroni my favorite cocktail it turns out your favorite cocktail. What are some things that work particularly well and can't format that you know. That people love your at the last word. So typically the best things are working cake for better and be cocktails that are just spirit or it spirit or alcohol oriented. Beings that have a different gravitational. And density than others solely line she's blonde she's had to settle wary and hence why you shake it up more often. Bangkok's in each car to such as the McGrew he. The bull or gay or drinks that actually. The gravity works differently and you're not gonna see it's huge. Separation of a lot of the spirit and removed well. I don't like gravity because like when I drink a lot and cronies that ball down. And it and it really works hard so it's a tell me about your Negroni what makes for those of us who love the cronies. What what makes the perfect Negroni for you. I like Plymouth. Plymouth gin this one of my favorite spirits and favorite scenes to use in the grammys for the reason being is it's it's not as dry as some of that up London's rise. And I love the aerobatics behind it and we he's carp on only Tico T which is my favorite for me to use and groaning. And it has this little kid soon of the orange peel which somehow manages to it. Too well to kiss and I mean it's like that just that there are looking pretty it it you know that's a little hint of something that I think it's. Aren't cheap I would call it kiss it's more like a full blown Mika and I. I think I'm coming here more often. So so now here's another drink from I guess your signature or less than not you know whatever you call it it's your signature cocktails out cocktails. And and it's not one I've ever tried before and indeed it's not really made with stuff that I typically choose and yet it's really delicious get this the blow by blow of this cocktail which is called us sacrilege. The sacrilegious a cocktail that our calls or Greece or trees being one of my favorite the course used in drinks it because it's IA BP it's cheaper for basis. And it also uses and the middle peace deal which army he's been at peace going camp and you know so what this the inspiration with this with it was Syria eight whiskey sour. So it's basically whiskey sour. On steroids in the sense that has green shirts Russa has alignment has honey sit samples are. And BA quiet and its top cracked pepper which is also its own paramedic. And. Well the app pepper does that in out that's not tell me what EU what what would you like to see the cocktail culture I believe there is such a thing I mean many people talked about it. Here in San Antonio. What would you like this place is seated to know and believe in come to love about cocktails that may be worked in the process now but maybe not all the way there. Puts the you don't more more places are taking on the whole car so col tripping because. It's a viable business it produces something that is not new when he cartels have been around for almost 200 years so it's not. We're not reinventing the wheel we're just. Patsy no we we're reintroducing. A beautiful we'll let access to 200 years ago and the more and more people are coming to our bars and experiencing. Great drinks. And great service because there that worked side by side with cocktails that keeps you come to carp to bar you should be getting. Great service as well. I think so and I think here at the last word in any of your bars Jarrett Pena that would be the promise them and everything I see here tells me that you really deliver on that promise. That about depth and other days delicious mr. from San Antonio we have greatly enjoyed our time here for Colin Harriet Colin aria festival week. We've been hosted on the visit by the hotel Valencia on the river walk and certainly a big thanks to them for a wedding as many as sleep there it's really really a nice place. And as always this is delicious mr. presentation of specs wines spirits and finer foods until next time. I'm your host John Americans and I'll see you at that next meal.