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Delicious Mischief Podcast 7/12/15

Jul 12, 2015|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's delicious mischief Boston's food and wine radio group. Our presentation. Of specs wines spirits and finer foods and now he's the guy who loves to talk with a smile fool. John did mirrors. Hello everybody welcome to another edition of delicious mixture of the food in my radio program board Texas has always solutions mr. is a presentation aspects. Why period and don't forget finer fruit. We have a wonderful show today were in Austin which is always a pleasure right. And a little bit later in Britain brings segment will be Hastings himself in on I never know what's gonna walk through the door it might it probably is usually wine. But sometimes that spirits and spirits carrying cocktails and sometimes it's beer can honestly these days all the happier stuff going on. Beer isn't boring anymore but right now in Austin. I've come to a new place a new place called liberty kitchen and if it's if it's a new place to you in your Austin if you're in Houston and might not be seven at liberty catch him as part and use them. With two guys I know and like and admire a great deal I land speed and it's here I chef friend of mine from way back and partner in the old liberty gets an adventure and also chef crash at Cox were helping to kind of define redefine the Austin version and have to say we'll talk about this morbid but the restaurants are not cookie cutter it is one thing you notice that liberty kitchen. Whether it's the look of the place or about the menu with item after item it's. It's different and we'll talk about that we'll take some things and our next segment but down that now lancing for people maybe you weren't lucky enough to have been the B kits in yet. What's it all about and what sort of the business model year because it's it's fascinating and I would say it's already gone places but it's going a lot more. I think liberty kitchen has become a process of all of pluses and you know Lee and myself especially in the in the hospitality business that the lessons we've learned over the course of a few years. And that is valued choice. Com. It's always like having a menu with five million items on yet having if you go back to my colossal visited eight Ada on treason and appetizers and that. You could see there was a limitation there in the guess sort of limited to that. And then he sees huge menus and any civil there's almost too much choice and there's something right in the middle and I think we found the model to be. A lot of choice with a lot of values in but there's also a lot of perceived value news there's extensions of that where you can get a 35 dollar pound lobster or you can get it. I'm a six dollar appetizer. So everybody can be happy and then the reality is is that you you wanna you wanna check the customer can come more than once a week. Actually a lot of people just in his rhetoric towards it maybe once a month. But we have repeat customers throughout all of our units and that's the best part of our model so. So this is like trade secret time but how do you do that I mean what I mean maybe the choices part of it having a lot of choices. But I'm. You know what kind of restaurant makes people show up once twice three times a week as opposed to that many times in a month or heaven forbid a year. He has definitely and I have talked often about do we tell our trade secrets but we're just you know we're sure we're not telling anybody here and keep a secret that anymore it's real simple you give the customer of really good environment and we take care run by always been a lot of money to keep our place clean. And we spent a lot of payroll to keep him clean and morrow is updating and refreshing. And and every unit that we build are always has some sort of component built on the neighborhood so the customer feels good immediately when they want it. Then they get the customer service part with the culture of yes we don't ever say no we rarely ever saying now I'll keep that in mind. Africa and then and that's the so much easier is it to manage that crashed president's idea. He's learn from us that yes is the saudis and now. A cut and then you price it right and then you give them the things that you think that they want and actually what you know that they want is it best for. And and then you provide that sort of chef driven through word nothing's really out of a bottle. And and they go what I you know I'm gonna get this every single time regardless this burger here in Austin. Will be just about the same as the one in Houston as the one in the heights and I think those things in the development of the vision our values system is all about. And again about the customer the community and an even taking care employees that's something that you're gonna find to be lacking. A lot of smaller restaurant chains it's hard it's really managed all three sides the owners. Of the customers and the employees and we try to do that. Well and and certainly a lot of owners would say yes they have you know I can't afford to take care of the employees are sort of sometimes the employees seem like the last people to come up on the rotation you know you guys whether you've got more money or not I don't know but you guys have made it a priority. To make this a wave better than average restaurant two theories or group to work and how does come about that you reach that decision that mean like 90% of the other restaurants may be not. It's a value system and. And you know Leah and and Carl law have sort of different values and it comes to business operations but we're all believe in the same thing about valuing armed police. This isn't happening without them. And then it as a happening about the customers and lean in and arraignment in the partnership we can all throw as much money as we want at the problem but if we don't have everybody in balance. Then that's that's the issue and so decently and we have I think over 500 employees and by the end of next you're gonna probably have close 2000. And I have that's achieved a commute to get a little emotional talking myopic of them very frightful path. Because we have done that Leo asked specifically have done a lot of special work with with gaining a point where we feel really good about the community that we're building within feet Texas and we're really proud of that. It's a program that. And he Texas is sort of blew her name for all of your restaurants and and bars and probably every other darn thing now that crashed at a little. It would about the menu because on the one hand there is the consistency element here where if somebody gets X by this exact name in Houston or Austin. I guess we presume they wanted to be the same thing but. This menu for instance and talk about the specifics later on but. But you know I'm surprised at how much knew how much different. Because there is the cookie cutter temptation to say we got it the formula is complete banged up some chapel have to bed to get one dish on the menu. Well this is tons of munitions. Is that kind of work for you and what you guys thinking about why that's important to have like the Austin restaurant the quite different really in that sense from the Houston restaurants and maybe other restaurants that you haven't. The future well it definitely keeps him on for the shots in the cuts that we don't have to do the same thing over and over every day. That you look at the many of the apes I don't wanna say it's less refined but it's a lot more or whimsical and and fine. And you know kind of going forward I think that that's you know we have been more restaurants we look at. What that's what's what needs to be fine what needs to be just kind of direct and to the point and you know will people keep changing. Listening to people or stopped by aides to develop the menu it it's it's a lot of fun. I certainly tasted enough things to say I love the mania to what one of the fun parts about it. I mean the food is spot it's funny eat you know and that's one of my favorite funds anyway. But but certainly there are any number of references on names in other words and I'm getting at. I mean you guys have sort of chosen particularly here in the Austin restaurant. To kind of homage a lot of Austin things I mean how does how does tell me about the process mean that the names come first and additions come first. When you guys realize you're opening here what happened. To come up with a new foods knowing that the existing foods were pretty awesome all red. I've. It to panic if Lance. Credit for all the names and everything. The funny guy yeah and it again 88 makes it fun and it makes you think it makes you ask questions and make you get more involved. With the restaurant then just sitting there and ordering it did she mean when I talk to the server unit topped the show if you wanna find out. You know that thing inside jokes about it the highs hamburger and and that quote it is today you know where that comes from either giddy don't. But it's always. Good topical pieced to talk about and a you know again that's part of being in a neighborhood it's not coming in and just. Ordering it is that you know it's going to be there every time it's being of being a part of it asking questions getting to know people him. Yeah that's that that's what's great about or company. Well and and and Lance I mean what might as well talk about highs in burger I didn't get that I have to admit I I didn't. I'm sorry what's the story on Eisenberg. Well I gave one unless people ask what my secret is especially these larger minions are basically don't eat for two days. And then sit down and I it's a process at this take other takes over yes and I write all the protein that I wanna start using and then I start reading some angry sub ingredients. And then what I do is Annette I go to Kroger or like central market at like 10 o'clock at night when there's no one there and I just start writing stuff down. And southern have a whole another list and every Minnesota campaign in two days and I sit down and write the whole menu comes from starving. OK so that things that that's for the high as a murder comes up from like markets we got to do a different burger this Austin. It's getting a little crazy out there so you know we're gonna do is double leg thing let's get doubled its on the of that and the gonna change the way we do the burger there's room and do this and at the white American augment. And we saw a lot of po boys so we're gonna do that any of bacon gentlemen it's gonna be really special is no one knows what they can jam in Austin so I read that on their and then it just artsy. So that stuff that makes cents. Right in the good edit and make sense but then like we put rotisserie Turkey and MMI oh. You know let me put that on the burnout and so that's how that goes and then. I figured Eisenberg was always an MO wanted to use that then I just sort of watch in the the replays a couple weeks ago. Plays at what we got to take umbrellas are of breaking bad. Assad to breaking bad rep friends that I got to watch that summertime grass and finish as they but it I am the danger seen as one of the best scenes agreement should go all twelve million hours of. Breaking bad guys stay with us we need to break here on delicious mr. will be back with braving rain and then finally back to Austin. To liberty kitchen and talk about some food and eat while we talk OK all that in my car. When delicious mischief returned. Don't eat that it'll spoil your dinner. Instead here's more delicious mischief with your host John the murders. This guy breaking grain tasting segment and today we're going to a place that I love to distraction somebody once put it. A place I love it as much or more than earth. Any place else in the world that places the country evidently the region task and. And then as we narrow that down a little bit more to the world the land that turf if you will that gives us the great Chianti classical lines. I'm here with guy George Acosta DO whose export manager for a winery called the left trust squat. And and Georgia mean for those of us who who you know who love Italy. We know that wine is made everywhere in Italy I don't know if there's a corner or are nook or cranny that doesn't make line. But but for all of that over the last years decades centuries. Chianti and it specific sections has sort of emerge her come to be a place that more and more people know me. What is special what is unique what is. Iconic about Tuscany in general and in the Chianti region in particular. Well I'm not originally from Tuscany I'm from the media among also the first time I such Ascanio was my you know all about bowling gays. I do I do indeed. The first time my such asking me I was nineteen years old and I had a backpack on my back and I saw the city's center and I thought I'm never going spies and that's what happens so you came to live under the Tuscan sun just like everybody else I did. So fifteen years have gone by since then and still living in Tuscany obviously I'm a student I am working now. That's if he can stretch that student dig out as long as possible. But there's something very special about the place and does something special about the lines and we've found documents that are 350 year result. Wine from county and on classical being exported to the UK so the value of the alliance's recognize that has been recognized for many centuries it's not. Something that we have only just started to do something that we think tank for hundreds. It's so so it. In it in a wine making our RO wine drinking cents. Why do you think people love it so much because I mean like I say it's not that there aren't quality levels of wine that. I think that the the mystique if you will of Chianti particularly the Chianti classical. Is is beyond just anything you can really put your finger on your taste buds on. All what what what are we need to know about it that would help us understand why people initially even decided this was a special line. Why. Think for most people whine it's also associated with memory a lot of people come to Tuscany to visit the place because it's so beautiful from. Artistic points that you unnatural points that you and I think that when you tank a class at the wind from Tuscany. You will you remember that you remember the Rolling Hills of the Tuscan landscape. You remember the restaurants that you might have enjoyed the wines and and you know that the sunshine of Tuscany is on the line. So it's it's reminiscent of that as well. And certain. Niemi for those maybe who who think I don't know if I've been in Tuscany or not I mean many people who visit Italy have been for instance in Florence and friends at. And an even though that's not the rolling countryside where you might be growing grapes are making line it certainly is a part of that culture. What what about grade so I mean you know I think of of of Tuscany and and certainly anything with the word Chianti anywhere near it as being an ass and your base in fair I mean is that is that what you make exclusively or or what are some what sort of the range if you will wines that elect trust what makes. Well we're located not far from for arts and sciences. Really worth the attempt to classical Pickens. And then it goes south towards Santa and where much closer to Senna which is fifteen kilometers north of Santa. And we Grohl a lot of sense to visit because we make a lot of time to classical but we also grow some including known and some privacy and the ballots are traditional great for axles from Tuscany. And we also grows some Murdoch and cabernet sipping on. And cabernet franc and I think that these are all great right tools that people will recognize because they're French group pretzels that are growing everywhere in the world. And then we also have some unaccounted for. Ship. Let that's and that's a lot more different types of grapes are great for idols and I really expected and that's that's pretty at from a marketing standpoint I guess that's quite useful to have have choices out there. Com tell us about the the terror lie if you well I mean what you know we talked about the beauty and of course we could talk about the beauty for another hour to but I am but in terms of soil climate that kind of stuff I mean the stuff that sort of signed its name cross the line. What what what would help us understand what we're tasting in what we're about to taste right here on the wished mr. So the soil that is. Traditional and typical for the county obstacle we called it gonna stop an Italian and it's actually a kind of stuff. So when you meet technical seats that often sent us a mixed transcends. But the truth is that we're on the status that a stone and the the soils that quite depleted they're not mineral rich soils so divine suffer a little bit. And that's gonna say the French I would say is he behind us nothing else you know there you go saints suffering dying again. Well it's definitely true. We also are not able to irritate the cats will make that obstacle which is that DOC she whines so it's a line of control and act origins and we have. Since standards that we have to meet until we have rules and regulations. And every phase of production. And then vineyard that means no irrigation so I've been a trust well that we're very lucky that causes on the high so. And we have this very flat vineyards which is natural water management for us. It's if you can see it here at this beautiful image of it. It's it's great to have the mines then that's premium location because they received the sunlight from the morning until evening so we don't have. Any fines eternity planning and yes I said with the water management that's obviously to. So with with designations like DOC GM and probably several others the way European club to classify and designate. I'm what are what are some basic things about that that that tell you guys wiped. Because I know a lot of that has to do with with where things have grown its course what great can be used things like that. I mean what what would be a primer on the things that that sort of like the most prevalent. Rules if you will in Chianti classic what what what allows you even call it that. Well the first thing we need to understand pathetic and I suppose not panties of the Canty has a much bigger production area. And the camp classic pose a much smaller production targets for the classic though is is actually place not necessarily an award if you. It's the standard of production that is net. And the grapes have to be growing within that production area which is a small area between Stan Florence. Whereas you might find it county as far as peace assay and peace almost you know at the seat so we're very far inland. Attempt to classical. The rules Adam the production code I wanna comment and in the rules and regulations that maybe six page on American import small print I'm sure yes but basically. It's a minimum 80% signs it isn't because the science is it reprisals would be the king and Tuscany. And and the other 20%. I have to be other red great for axles whereas in the county you're allowed I think 5% white. It's so that can't classical also is a line that has longer and jet Petit compared to the county. We have very high density. Vineyards so high density plantation would have very low yields so when you have. Low quantity you have a high quantity that's. But you know always the case and different wineries that in different ways you know with Adam green harvesting or their different ways to do that but certain me. With the number of pictures of vineyard that we have. We end up with very few models so they're very concentrated lines there. Very strong lines and say yeah. It. An intense let that thing and and do you find it we have a minute before our break I Georgia but do you find that the winds of Tuscany of Chianti classical region. Are perfect for the foods that there alien presence in general what would be the ultimate food from that region your region. And there we go perfectly with a Chianti classic what would you African. Well it's funny that you mention that scientists are talking about that yesterday. Some some people it just drank wine but and count to classical we don't just entwined in the afternoon laxity always stare at the wind with it. And don't we got a lot of game but we'd a lot of meat and general also. You know will have stay cool well. Port. We'll have Jesus we'll have vegetables. And certainly these are wines that are Titanic and act in nature and what knew when you have those proteins and you have those facts in your mouth. You'd you're drinking the wine and and they've really improved both some. So. The lion. Is really showing its best and then. The wine lenses your pilot and the Naples he also to eat more meat so in in many ways the two. Are ideal together. I knew I liked Tuscany and if if that's the place for the winds allow you to eat more. No wonder I like it so much. Georgia's stay where that's going to take a break here and delicious this beat Beckham takes some of the wines from village Roswell right after him. Still hungry. Here's another helping of delicious mischief which are host John Denver just. Welcome back everybody we're here on today's rate to bring that Georgia that the yield I am God's house Georgia a good place to come from or go to as the case say they. You are out about the electron squad a winery in the Chianti classical region of Italy a Tuscany is to place it on a map of Italy and an and let's talk a little bit about the history of the winery I mean things and Italy tend to be old. But then things and Italy are often quite young as well at the same time. What's the story of outlets prosper as a name and also sort of what's the story of the business. That's half. Is the winery that has been making wines we think for many many years we were able to find a map that is I think just over 200 result. And on the map is marked. Large home all that we have. On our property itself is near the net ain't a minority actually and honest man. This large home focus marked as the dates or and it's only a means art home alt and and an Italian. And just behind that it's on it is. The vineyard and it's our vineyard today. And it's Martha's vineyards on the mat it's called so that if Sony which means below the vineyard below sorry that pillow the large home poke. So we think that there has been wine making it on top spot in the spots so for many many years but we don't actually know. Whose property it was or what kind of winemaking happens. Back then. We know that the vineyards. That that we replanted with Sony or from the beginning of the sixties. And the current ownership which dates back to 2001. Did a lot of work in the vineyards and in the Sutter so. The winery itself the buildings from the sixties but nothing inside the building is from the sixties so we've changed all the barrels and changed all the pumps. And the vineyards we still have some factors that act that the sixties but most of the vineyard has been replant it. That that certainly sounds good and since I I have the Virginia wine export manager here. Where where is this wine distributed I mean here we are in the gulf south so certainly we can get our hands on ground here. But but I take it that Europe is a major market as as well give me some senses of places in Europe that we can help to find the trust. While we've been exporting maligned for many years and uh oh we are reversed and Germany as a market and Switzerland. And our planet in Poland Belgium and Holland. We're also in Denmark Poland and the Czech Republic and a little bit. Now all over Europe Britney. That in that is super on Tony grab this battle here and see what's going on am also tasting this is the Koch. Try loot not to sky and a what what's. Trouble and a what does that even even mean does that Lou and obviously is is moon in mostly languages but what's going on in terms of what the name is but then more importantly what do what do my taste. We make to different kinds of lines on the trust that we make ITT winds and then we make the county classical which is it DO CG wine. All the wines that are IGT begin with I. That goes that reminds us of Oslo which is really origin. Of the wind so you're very correct in saying that title now is an owner means moon. And we have a partner once the swine it's called us the which is a white wine. So to not as and I GT wine which means that it was grown on past and it was bottled there. And it's assigned to visit planned with a little uncomfortable (%expletive) now in this vintage in particular it's 5% to contradiction. But on some years we might use as much as 12% a week on the auction. Now it's it's a very dark. Great it has very dark all. So we used to edit and that (%expletive) to give the wind this beautiful Connor because otherwise young center is it tends to be a little. So little like the local clear rodino. And accountable says often used compliance act concert at the line. So so did struggle now he how would you say that you know for those who know particularly Chianti classical and and we may even touch on this whole notion of some protests and at some point. How would you say this fits in on us spectrum of flavor of may be a weight or something. As easy as we move toward those lines that are our our you know even better now. While this is a very but it. T approachable. Policy front line it doesn't have the panic structure it doesn't have the bloody. A ten to classical it's a much more for a tip in line. That is also very light it's fight fart like to wind that we make it's twelve and a half percent alcohol. Some years it might be thirteen but it's easy that's that the range. And we also recommend serving it a little cold so obviously not for its cult because it's. Red wine but may be you know a senator senator Kohl temperature on a nice hot day. This goes on reading welcome it's really nice and refreshing it says. Nice lights and fruity wine that the wind just plain Angel way and not necessarily to ponder for hours on end is trinket and be happy. Yes and it's not alignment necessary means to be paired with that because it doesn't have is cities in botanic structure. Arctic and classical so it's much food you wind it goes very well with them. With nothing at all or live with lights and don't wanna say yeah. At that that's great I'm really enjoying it too so the next line up from removed from trust unit to the actual village Roscoe I love this name first off it is the Chianti classical it is the 2008 it's a reserve up but all that. It's got one word on it that really love and that is why not ego but not ego it's it's who who ever named a wine fanatic. Coming really but for Matt because such a really interesting word and what does that have to do with what's in the bottle it's only four to four fanatics to drink. Or does that imply with fanatical about quality years something along those. Yes something along those lines. It loved it came out here what it means that it. What they think it. Well it's a classical with Oprah and liberty are fanatical about that's those are and where fanatical about. How well we treats the science is it. Vineyards where it fanatical. The sorry dissension is that comes from an artist make the fanatical. And so that's that's what we named the wind fanatical proposals are fanatical and meticulously working and the pits with such fanatics about the swine that such great quality line. So it's 100%. Scientific. It's can't classical pieces but it does 24 months of age and so it does. Six months more aging than necessary because the plan to classical tunes CG rules and regulations state that. Reserve wines must H for. Eighteen months whereas this eight is the 24 months. And it's. A mixed aging will use large barrels of Slavonia in all which have fifty activity that are also we have 6600. Bottles and one large barrel. So that's a large barrel. They aren't gonna get very slight. A roll my sense of aroma from the lion. Whereas the other half of the the wind goes outside the but he barrels in their French but are also it's just 300 models outside a toast the barrel of woods and you're gonna get. Much more of that of those toasted spicy aroma as it's. It's really really delicious so we have one more it's another reserve that Medicare anti classical and Heather do that throughout school app called never and though and down this looks so beautiful I really have to try it the tell me about noted that Georgia. No rent does also it exit out. But it's a very special is it about the cause it's a crew with a single in your line. And because I liked it's much he had a lot of people like this might elect because it's really a very Alec young minor has great financed. And it's it's a wind that we make. From netting the summit and is. A vineyard on that a trust. And what's particularly and cultivation system that we used the suns visit it's it's very low yields so we have. It's about 900 perhaps the fruit provides stocks that you're getting about one bottle of wine. Her Irvine sounds impractical to me. Well let's accident at such a great wine that's it's it's full of of it's really very very complex that political Ramos and I think that that's definitely coming from it the extraction so we have them. Yeah we have this very particular vineyard where we have this very special sense of isn't. And then we do these thirty months of aging that's it's a wine that ages for thirty months in sight barrels and then you get this wonderful complexity. My favorite Tuscan food memory have 21 is of course be stake ala Fiorentina which I would like to laugh and say it's. It's state that passed about a block away from fire you know. And then of course anything routine key ally with wild boar even something called GE Alley with chocolate sauce which at that sounded pretty weird. But it turns out to be delicious and not a course chocolate he Swedish at all what's your what's your favorite dish for it let's say for the north and the. That's actually great citizen. No recipe we each in Galileo lots and reaching down and not with chocolate so it's by no means. An unusual read some crazy channahon I don't know it's something that we eat a lot and we had a lot of games so we also eat like tunnel which is pheasants. Touching god is definitely up there. And a lot a lot of meat in general also state colossal yeah I'm. Good to me we wanna thank god George Acosta DO village Roscoe for joining us here on the great great segment. Will have one more bite and delicious mr. indeed I have. Few more tips that village process hawaiians in the Kia classic a regional that in my heart will be delicious mr. And now for one more bite of delicious mr. Here's your host Jon to murders. Welcome back everybody thanks for joining us here on delicious mr. In Austin. At liberty kitchens with two guys who can certainly be eaten alive kolbe. Let's begin its here chef friend partner in the whole deal here. At liberty kitchen a restaurant concept whose time has come let's just say and got two restaurants in Houston now one in Austin. And and then a bunch of others captive they just never stop creating stuff and also shaft. Crash have Cox is here so let's let's let's talk about some food and Lance let's get your take first and foremost I mean. Looking at these things mean it's the seafood here mean that there's certainly a certain liberty kitchen doesn't say seafood house Irsay but there's a lot of that. And it's not some of it is very Texas Gulf Coast the normal and then a lot of it is East Coast Pacific coast. I don't know off from all over hot Hawaii yet. How how does that kind of come together in the end your inspiration and you're talking I get in real hungry and going shopping but how do you figure out what kinds of seafood work bet that. That's a little that's a little problem it's a little bit more sense people so it might surfing its positions that I do on several times a year. Indonesia Hawaii Central America Caribbean place like that. That's where I start picking out these sort of very specific dishes that are very culturally significant. In places that where you would do certain things so like it also that this I was one it is spam is to be. I'm which is basically their version of like I don't know beef jerky that's that's on the countertop. As silly is that. Who does that where does that Kauai in Hawaii and it's just it's just spam on top of that sushi restaurant the seaweed but. We take it one step further we put a fraud was drawn and we displacing mail us caviar. Yet so it's always taken that thing and be culturally significant to that place and we try to doctorate just a little bit to make it that. The liberty profile which the liberty in and it's census that's the much about com. Our American Heritage it is a little bit about that actually we're about freedom of eating. That we in the treaty whatever you want your you can't find something of a 120 items on it there's something wrong. Wrong with. You seriously needed drive through somewhere else now what. What's what's the deal in that crash let's get you an honest. What is the deal with devil that I have loved devil they expect you knew you guys have been doing double bags often in my in my life with Friday it fried oysters on top. Here you have something called the devil egg trial I don't know if I'm up to that are not to tell me about the devil that trial. What is what let's just set about it. Not being kind of an American. Thing but some of the menu items are and the double legs as one of those comfort foods like that Mac and cheese steak everybody's familiar way. And always you have stuff like you said from Hawaii and Asian influences stuff we do have the Americans think the thing without liquids the last time sat down and made double clicks. I'm not recently though that their grandmother does that on Thanksgiving and that's and so it made it's very simple. But it's where those things you're not gonna take time to do and so when you see it. At home. I would add to this pressure on the right course but ending enemy talk about our food so. We've been doing Doubleday seven Nolan menus for years and years juniors and and I don't claim that is as a badge and just I know what I know. Possibly you start to see it now on menus okay so our thing is will we're gonna push them one more time we're gonna keep pushing until. People that people in on my peers to how the heck do you guys do these menus like that. So we pushed it now so do led a really good double legs rate will we do for now on one play this good or is better. There and we're putting proteins on these armies doubly slick spots most salmon. Grilled pork belly Friday was too soon gonna do. Buffalo chicken and there's something else. Sell it. So so were gonna push we're gonna keep pushing and everybody comes back as is let's do this we're gonna. To push a little harder and our guys are could still on though for different cuts addicts but it but when you when it goes out here a minute with a. Crash said that made it marked by yeah I'm sorry he did at. Now now one of the crash one of the dishes that that om I haven't tried yet but I can't wait to because I'm a huge fan of of you know Caribbean pepper Potts do which is one of those. Gumbel style every place makes it different every mama makes it different. But here it says street style Terry Ebert Kara Maxi pepper Potts do I think that's a lot. That's a lot of adjectives what the hell does that even mean. A lot it's kind of a fusion dish it's. A mix between. Me NATO and Ike care of pepper Potts do. From the Caribbean and we take. Just the best of everything that we we cut. Tripe we cut pork belly lots of vegetables at least do it and Mexican locker. At a Friday are puts stack on top of some three dozen summerall freed us okay this is getting better and have. Yes again as this comes from a political issue that I'm from up north and needs to have a pepper putts at the Philadelphia. And the stop making it Campbell stop making it and so I felt sad about that you know and it needed more you can get it down here but. So what's the blog gonna make my version and so and then I'll love (%expletive) And I love that sort of interactive news. Reserve building your thanks so much like you limit after putt that way but Steve fresh Albanian reddish want true lines avocado onion. And that freed us and you just build it you get the broth and the vantage and an egg in the meat. But then you get the side of the free does the rat you start tan that all been there and he's got this crunch chunky. Theory ports. You know stomach he thing and it's just amazing and it's on Saturday in river road there's ten days and over. On the river it's really hung over and yes all ten of them just face in the twelfth. And that's what we want quit that's exactly the kind of food that we do here and that's the stuff that it's for people in the gods can't place it but it's always feels good to eat there. You know. Having having that very detailed. And even sensory description. Of the the pepper pot reminds me of your believe base which also mean you know that's kind of with a lot of places like throw away sort of pitch at a fish do it can be good and let you know what's not to like basically but he. He earth I mean I. I haven't had sort of that he constructed approach to leave base since I was sitting by the Mediterranean in the south of France which is. One name dropping but really really really mean that was short they are right now what that means tell me about how. How you believe bases at because it's both kind of different for Austin Houston anywhere but it's also the way it's supposed to be. Right yeah it's not it's not different it's the traditional way. And it's it's fine it's in her legacy and it's it's two courses he hit it just drag it out a little more and enjoy it and we get to educate the people and this is where the lines I guess at some of its whimsical. And some of it is straightforward and traditional and it's kind of an easy dish we just throw everything together and just get it out. But we take time that we do it in two courses we do it you know it the correct way. All the effort. The little extra effort is because people misunderstand about us that they think armies or big and we just throw everything on the plate that. This is like legit I want you don't have brought them we're grilling fish phones to make this broth amber toasting orange peels. And then we're service in the glass pitcher and report that at the table like its old school it's table side. And then you get this beautiful broth and this this group we with a real bread and then you eat that and then you get the seafood later. You know this is not this big bowl of stepping over cooked in that Ross sitting there. That they don't work part yeah I did it and it and then yes the people haven't understood that but once you tell me what's happening this hour ago Connecticut it. You know an epic that's the way it's supposed to be. Before we have to get out there I have to ask crashed I came in for brunch you're an Austin when you got a barely open barely walking like you say the kid right. And I couldn't resist something called cajun sickle chicken and waffle it's weird enough without me it's pronouncing cajun chicken and waffle. And then it's even stranger than that once you get a now how does this happen in what is that ground built this press ground up we about a minute or so lap. I'll take credit for this Taylor I know you well can you tell me all eight states that now I want one more current stage and it was this I used to do awhile ago and it's everything loving cajun cooking the red beans and rice that we actually throw in the waffle mix. And we just around it and not doing gravy and from fried chicken dies and again it's whether there everybody's got chicken and waffles now and remaining but what can we do to take it. Just one more step. Like step up yes and just this. Use them in a minute so what do you hope for this where do you help liberty kitchen goes from here Lance I mean what sort of the vision. I think we have a great time and also I think people in Austin will have a good time hears them I'm happy about that division of our company is always an ever changing. And we're not rated these things come. And I've got a I've Getty culinary team that I am building here that second and and in the state of Texas I have legitimate shifts in this company that can handle two or three kitchens. Dom that handle their employees with respect and professionalism never seen before. From our our potential is limitless of the company as long as we keep finding and hiring managers chefs like that. Team building is so important as all of the best chefs learn if they would go on to great success with multi unit to multi concepts. It's all about building the team even even if one guy's faces on it you need those people. Well thanks guys Lance begin crash at Cox for joining us here at the new liberty kitchen in Austin. A wonderful addition to the Austin dining scene and certainly on my agenda slash itinerary whenever I'm in town I'll tell you that thanks again thanks for joining us also for today's delicious mischief has always a presentation at its best wines spirits and finer foods. That's the next time I'm your host John de merits and I'll see you. And then next mere yeah.