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Jul 7, 2015|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's delicious mischief Boston's food and wine radio program. A presentation of specs wines spirits and find her to. Us and now he's the guy who loves to talk with a smile fool. John did mirrors. Hello everybody welcome to another edition of the adjustments that included my radio program board accident. As always goes yesterday the presentation aspects wines spirits and finer foods. We have returned this week to bet that Dallas Fort Worth area specifically. To sort of in between those two great destinations. Next destination to the city of Irving where a surprising number. A great things in food and wine aren't happening in one of the great things. It's a small way. Humble beats now I'm wrong we're at the ranch at las colinas which is a large enough so humble huge menu. Great wine list kind of restaurant that nonetheless it's filled with fun and filled with taxes enemy with two guys to make that happen. Jet brilliantly as the director of operations to kind of oversees a lot of things and knows about a lot of things. Not to mention the wonderful wines and also Jeff did was seen Steven Kelly and now I'm. Judge let's let's get started here I mean. The ranch what's the story on this place because it is huge and boisterous. And not little quiet smarmy kind of restaurant with the very Texas got a place in every way. Absolutely we are at 141000 square foot restaurant that he is here that senator the idea that you. Love field. Right on 114 so we get a lot of your between not only cities and airports. We cities in airports Irving essentially located in this idea that you Metroplex really lends itself to good meetingplace. I guess coming in from Woolworth I guess coming in from Dallas are out of town yes and we get a conglomerate of all of those. So what's the story what's that what's the history of this place because I'm you know like a lot of things that are taxes that kind of comes off as vaguely timeless like you know it might have been built in the eighteen hundreds but. One not so much but also just you know what's the story of how this plays and indeed this concept came today. Believe it or not the restaurant was that we remodeled it was a on the breeze the location we thought was fantastic because it is in Irving las colinas. In the middle of everything everywhere. Right and a lot of corporate business and here. Let that the restaurant itself is about 500 seats 141000 square. It. Read styled theme restaurant. Got a lot of apartments to see you private dining. Regular seeding and that we have a soft hockey talk outside. Are portraits that closed their condition not too many restaurants come with Iran honky song and dance write him. We're one of them and we have live music every day of the week temperament. Let's get chefs even in here now now. I mean tell me about the menu in general we have a menu in front of us so in that sense where it would good ago. But it it's a very it's a vast menu in my opinion it's got kind of something for everybody here is that one one of the rules that's something for everybody that's one of. Rules and also one of the rules is is that menu is match just like the state of Texas and our DNA follows. Everything that you can find here and stay attached. Everything that we do here comes locally between them vegetables. Are meet our initial proteins. Everything comes in locally. And we're all sourced from form before appearance there. So when asked about that because at the bottom of the food menu and then of course my eyes always wander to the cocktail menu with a wide menu. But there's section called born bred and bred in Texas there. Which is a fairly lengthy list and maybe not even the entire list of all the different farms and ranches. That that supplied you guys in this kind of a shaft at restaurants go. This kind of new wish idea to have so much local inane words that comes from. Oh yeah it's it's it's getting on. A lot of steam right now. New issue it's been around on the table now farm to table things like that again everybody wants to start going more local the start helping out below vehicle. Local economy plus get our sought RR I. Up produce and everything else here all of our goods here sourced locally. And the coming threat from the source really fresh. Really really at the height of their flavor and everything else look back at seven haven't shipped over go out of season on any bars them. So so it. It seems to me if you're gonna drive that local path and you're you're becoming seasonal kind of out of necessity because things don't grow into any one place twelve months a year. How do you how much or little do you sort of played this season than your menu here at the ram. What we try to do with the seasons here at the ranch two different times spring and summer winter ball. That gives you about a six month window be evident take care of you know BM boat anchor season ability and be able to your product and during Nazis so. I do I presume and and we're tasting as we go so so far this is coming true but. I presume that you have a love affair with big flavors than not just big plates and big stakes at all once again that's part of our DNA here that you can find out more about. On line at at our web site. But our DNA. Describes big bold flavors. Just how do you match I mean how we talk and text next big boulder real agent big boulder. I mean big race we're just talk about fresh seasonal flavors. Bowl. Fresno peppers jalapeno and so a lot of things like that everything being made here on site. And it may French daily. You know that's what really I mean you guys are making from scratch things that I'm not used to being made from scratching their vote. You can buy that you could open a restaurant not look at all these days out so epic that fact that you guys they're making Brad and making desserts will be yearn for the pastry chef and a few moments. But I mean they just all of these little things that. And you can I. What what is the motivation what you what you get when you when you ops. That to make stuff from scratch rather than by here's the motivation either way you do things that. Complete failure you do American Kleenex and that's what we're trying to we're trying to do everything an excellent. It's either this is excellent or we don't do it at all. And excellence does not come out of the box did not come out of an ordering system on number ten can't get to protect him. It comes from cook's putting their hands on food. Looking at it every day going with the seasons. And making seasonably fresh. Great food. I hand every single morning. We have a surplus yes it was a moment. That's that's it it really really shows now that let's let's. Little bit about you guys are appetizer he needed that here I mean that I feel so well started I'm pretty much finished. What are what are you know two or three of the appetizers here at the ranch that you. The UN nor your customers particularly love. Well our most popular because of what we do is probably the menial tacos. We also do a bracket that is to dive for. And what is the answer what are your question that you were just asking. I think he is it great global list of the food. It really that that a magical concept Crable bone mass is a measurable constantly says that the fact that we see are guested. Day in day out we'll have guests come in the morning and we'll come back at night. And it because I think they're called addicts at that some point right there it is your are that you know back on your ears it original question was. We have some really cool appetite. Really we'll start the cycle starters because you're British even though your tax absolutely. It would have created here. That that elk tacos are are really to dive for their perfect that the starters are are just that. They get it wet your whistle they wet your appetite if you. It started you know about it that's that I got to ask you were kind enough to get me kitchen tour which I enjoyed immensely. And I saw people making tortillas taco shell nobody on earth makes taco shell for the gremlins make them and they shopping bags and boxes and everything. What are you thinking make your own taco salad. It's I would need not a start. It's all about the details here and you know we get credit for it yeah the it's a thousand little different things that would we don't get credit for. But we know we do it and we gave credit let me guess comes back when they appreciated when they don't mind spinning it that little extra. Because we put that little extra in it. And I wanna ask you one of my favorite starters here starters the I am I'm learning I'm afraid of the alleged the women like thank. Amen is done cornmeal fried Texas gulf oysters that's a mouthful but then again they were too. What what all is happening on that half shell. And so we've got to oysters which here right we do our because the guy though that we put it there adults also prevalent. And we deep fry those choices for. Really. Again. I think what does that so about golf was so it's there. It's super and last but not. We have a section our selection of flat Brad which. Which seemed like kind of knew Texas in a way I mean now it certainly Texas was seen in 2030 years has embraced the world that I got flat reds game where they. You know we we love our wood stone added and it it it's it's a centerpiece of the kitchen. We make like recently narrowed to in the house and of course you know. It in the flat British just part of it it's a nice happy are these but it's an everyday thing. It gives it's perfect for starting get a little bit it this year it's terrible and most importantly it's capable. We're capable now we know we know. Secretive that make it favorable. Now we need take a break her delicious mess that we will be back we're in Irving Texas. With outlook we come back we do our breaking rain tasting segment. But I promise before the hours that we back here in Irving back here at the ranch and we might even fit in some desserts and a whole lot else including some really special lines. All that and more when delicious this ship returns. Don't eat that it'll spoil your dinner. Instead here's more delicious mischief with your host John the murders. This is our tastings segment we call a great thing grain and we have a good old time to an end to pump a chance today to learn about a region that I've been hearing more. And more and more about lately in California. I was going to be talking about the Michael David winery would hear about that too at with wind maker production manager Jeff bargaining. And and that that area if I didn't say yet is in and around. Load up and down and I've heard it's always an arm for a long time it's been a lot of wine growing there are a lot of winemaking there chaff but. It just seems like when I start your about it since I'm not that much of an insider when I start hearing about it means people are talking means people are tasting and buying. And enjoying your wines particularly those from Michael David winery. What is going on let's what is Lodi and how to get to be that way. You know honestly. I think that. But I has this this old time appeal in that there's generational farmers there that people just have heard about. You're in northern California and California in general is really farming Mecca. But Lodi as these incredible great farmers and you know perhaps they've been you catering to the masses Drupal line. But over the past maybe fifteen or twenty years you know it the farmers there have now learned how to do more of a premium wine growing. That type scenario for you premium points. And the of those kinds of things it really kind of brought load to the forefront. The firm and there is incredible and it really goes back to the people that have lived in this region for a long time. And the I happen to be employed by people that. Generational deep in the farming region of. So historically culturally are are there any things we can say about those people a real nice. I mean you know in other words mean parts of northern California where heavily Italians for instance I mean you look at. Sebastien Johnny Mondavi and of course Gallo and all these Italian names in the play. I mean in and around Lodi is there any pre dominant history that we need to know to understand and are or just knowing that their generational farmers who are rooted in this. A while to talk about shortly what are we need to now. Well. That's true is that. In terms of you know maybe the cultural aspects. You know California has always been these were all kinds of immigrants come and had success that you've mentioned the Italian but there's also German influence there Asian influence as well. Who have done a lot to do the they can now word that it does surface water for all of the firm that's going on their. Butts you know that the families that work for you again in their for an awful long time. I I would hate a sign in kind of you nationality here anything like that they have none their actions citizens of the war it was at this point yeah of course of course. But you know the fact that it's. This this particular one region. Has lots of fame there's two there's still doing business. They could certainly sell out as and the things happen. Yeah you get the sense of community. And I think that it since community in its special. So Jeff. You mentioned about you alluded to the B word bulk wine and and certainly. All over the world certain regions that produced a lot of Weiner not necessarily it's not necessarily the reasons that produced the proclaimed best line. So on the road from the earlier versions of the new version. What has to what has happened has happened in Lodi other than your wonderful Michael David winds of course I'm gonna taste. What happens when you go from one. Asked who won few. Yeah that's that's it really anxious question. Really it's just it's it's bad education it's about people that also want to shall with a can do. And I you know and I'm just fortunate enough to then it employed by Michael David winery. And brought to look at wine region. At a time whenever there is if there's a huge focus on what we can do and what we can achieve what we can show. Eight Ito in comparison to all the other great going from world incarnate sing hey you. We can do this team so. I think that's really where it starts. So so we were talking about Michael David winery but I take it there actually is Michael and actually is the date itself so give us a little bit dead they're Brothers right tell me the story how that what who are these guys you know I I can only tell the story a little bit. You know obviously they keep saying it way better but you know there are Brothers you know Mike it you know it's Michael David wineries into the mist like and into Wednesday. And at its best to have people be separate like that. You know but days in the sense there when the same you know their father. That great putt on he actually lives right there on the property. He has a home there in engram had changed right there. You know and day that you that there. Their elders to the community. And the united there in their eighties and their and in any split they're they're bright they're living and and instill participating in being a part you know what we're doing. You and Michael David and Mike and Dave are you know it's to island's sirens that you both of them are. Very vibrant community passionate about that I. Do you incredible. Work for the community on behalf of load either there or just ambassadors. Of this northern California town. In a great way you know there is that the kind of people that you really wanna be associated with the just down home guys. There were farming working hard. Doing cash crops for a long time it's just so happens that now that they're experiencing success. And in their sharing them with the communities that gets good people really good hard working guys that made it big time. On that that we wanna cheer for that absolutely Jeff now now. Talk I mean for for those listeners who are more familiar with other parts of California obviously Napa Sonoma. You know and other parts as well central coast let's say what do we need to know about the terror watch that to me that always means soil and climate but but you know what. What can you tell us that this eager specific to Lodi or perhaps different from the others that helps explain or the same as the others that helped explain what's happening in your vineyards. Well and in that that's a huge point in in largely. That is what contributes to the success of all the wineries. Is there's fabulous weather and tour there. You there's. Something we call the tilt of the reasons. Which is what they don't mean from Mississippi I guess like Mississippi delta no note there's that there's this Sacramento river delta. That is foreign buying and Philip Rivers in and specific to let that I you know we have them both local and which runs right through the city of love and yes it McCain and that is also applicants on this record. And these rivers merge into the Sacramento River. And all of this rivers all the river waters very Kabul it comes out of the mountains. It's snowpack water that cuts for this year and that is and also this Shasta mountain range to the north of us. And all forms a giant river. Body of water that flows into it seems as though it. In all of this water is fairly close the luddites took the juxtaposition just to the west of us. Maybe ten miles so as the crow flies. And all of the air condenses. Because it's cold waters so it cools the air out. And as the media the TV he sighed as towards the Sierra Nevada mountains as that. Body plane heats up. It creates a vacuum that raises and pulls all the cold. Since there's it's hanging on San Cisco in this river delta pizzas here is the right across Lodi. Directly across you know this one region. So that creates the temperatures we received forty to fifty degrees Fahrenheit some times how do you know what to Wear in the morning to have happen. You we were we late layers you. Larry it's it's all about the layers but you know they we get to exercisable thing you know it's like in the summertime where where in swimsuits. During the day and you know our sweat bands where Ramona lines but it in the evening time. Yet we grab a jacket we have a sweater. And use those kinds of things are. That that's creates the temperature swings that that the great points actually need. But then there's also this really deep soil you know this routine. I county and the root for that matter the whole central valley California. You know it's very deep effortlessly as it actually used to be ocean water millions of years ago and now we have these really deep. So whales. That are well trained. Senior loan. And those kinds really nice training factors plus we have adequate ground water and with all these rivers we have surface waters is a lot of water there. In addition to that there's also this full sunshine day comes across the mean that you. The coastal regions in maybe north bay. More. Feel popular regions like it happens to him they're dealing with the marine layer that doesn't exist in in blue guys at all. And who we actually experienced couple's insurance to those in as the sun comes in here and about it mountains. Regaining full sunshine at that point. So are pointers for the synthesizing. At 7 o'clock in the morning during the growing season and that's a huge differences are the plains they're actually they're the more vigorous and more vibrant and if you formed importantly. You look I mean that we need and you get these. Really vibrant plants and they can reduce. High quality is mere fact they actually want to parties to meet its. And so we send them the props and it there comes the cultural practices in the form scanning chat with this incredible like natural conditions. It Jeff Hartings they went as we want to taste some of these marvelous line than just second we need though. Take a break here and delicious it's will be back with more Michael David wines right after this. Still. Here's another helping you don't lose this mischief which are host John Denver just. Welcome back right thanks for joining us here on the wished mr. IMF astronomers that. May be your mother warned two outs but we're here tasting the winds of Michael David winery in that load in Lodi California the Lodi area if you will and learning more and more and more about it I'm here with a good got a taste with his Jeff Hartings. Who is the winemaker production manager now Najaf where I'm just gonna jump right into these winds have in front of as one of them has. Although I admit sin and zinfandel is the source of more good and bad puns on wine labels and any other great in the history of the world. You have one logically but but also cleverly called seven deadly sins. Tell me about this why outranks you talk. Okay well enjoy. You know the the origin of this. Really that starts with the growers that are there and there were seven initial growers. That Mike gates sat down with to make this line at seven different vineyards. And they had that going for themselves and so from there. Whatever it was maybe it is a few classes Weiner or whatever they outplayed ponders that they're Catholic. And and there I know it well. That stood. And I hit. And anyways so they they they played on this team. So vineyards in in in their Catholic upbringing to create will they called the seven deadly sins which it turns out to be something that everybody can identify with. And so you gather the catchy name. And then you have Lodi zinfandel in the bottle. And this is one of the main grates that are in Lodi. People who kind of associate with to know and so they've they started this morning. Started making it and then as if it as as they it grew an interest. People start doing the work a little bit more obviously the grabbing the model for the label but also joined the wind it's inside. And it started something is very very small and has become one of the most successful season the bills in the history of American wind making quite honestly I was. Raised I think that's the stands for Zorro but apparently these dancers and then down I guess does at this point right it's certainly for yourself. And and tell me this I mean you guys started with with like one line lending grapes from these seven wineries. But then now you have like what seven reminds of some and it's just interesting how that grew well you idiot that's that's but I knew it's it was is actually seven different vineyards in and you know Lodi has this incredible network of growers in the sort of Brothers in arms kind of situation there. And these growers you know all of whom I can game and they grow with these guys in the many of the growers have been there for a is as many years is that the the Stanley ads. It's my candy so straight and so they've been there and density they bring up this line. You really a fund starts as a community wind. But that success that the label and then now there's this winemaking style that's gone on this incredibly successful. The he is now. District distributed. In about twenty plus countries he'll I don't know exactly the number there in elements in check it today you know I'm a sales guy Amylin and make it I hear you guys are more famous in Sweden anywhere else what's that. At about it he'd go out for whatever reason people in Sweden loves him and you know around the world cabernet is keen. But he goes so well with smoked or cured pickled fish eggs either that or maybe it's just because says that bill has its ability to kind of work you up with a spicy and it's active I don't know maybe people Sweden need to be a little bit warmer. You know it certainly has been huge success in Sweden as opposing candidate and you know here in America is it is the top grossing as the Indo. In the country right now so that that's that's a special thing to be associated it. And it even though it's experience this huge growth that we have large keys production that we can get this wind it around the globe. It's still has the quality of being me like he is small you know small winery and that's the way Michael David has had success in making. But wines. Almost like a boutique winery on the scheme. That's nice work if you can get it. Well it's hard words it really is Jimmy reporter Herat and it really. It never stopped him in we chased the wind into the bottle and we were never satisfied. It was it's more of like that the tying the constrict us. You know with our desires of what comes that you're looking for our state is much to me that I. Figured you're joint I have that Alex. Let's talk about the heat Petit Petit is that's kind of a cute you guys are also clever out there you know but Petit Petit I. Looks like maybe the teeth Iraq has struck in some fashion but it's called Petit Petit. Yet when you know it's a blend of it's variety 5% to teach dropped 15%. T. And even though that sounds like you know and and and just a huge overbearing to panic wine. In reality there's something that happens in artistically with these two grape varieties whenever you limit the right to the proportions. They actually kind it in themselves behind such a way. That the wind it's still very masculine kind of bravado style line. But it it has its ability to no but it gives you this nice guy you kind of full field lots of tendons. Jeetz raw. Yeah it's. It grows so well in Lodi and you know I tease tease drugs from all over California and a regular basis and that's something that is required me to be aware of what kinds of oh ones out there in the streets Rome world. And if you ask me out jeetz rot in it is. As good or better than any of them it's it truly is one of the unsung heroes. Maybe maybe you aren't singing its praises right now right. I'm targeting our Jeff sorry. Right now now here's here's why I'm I'm really enjoying the one call in plot what's that all about because. I'm always kind of afraid of inning blot test because then sums therapist must figure out that I'm demented or something back that's what I think of anyway. I that tells you something. What's going on in new bottled at the label called imply. I would you know I mean obviously world commitment to cover Michael they are entering a certain sense but in beautiful kind of way. And there is a psychology experiment it's almost like we're in this. Relief and experiment and Michael David waiters right now and this label reflects that you know means is that the blood test and all of the labels and so you can. You. You can choose what you think of that label. But they cabernet Franck as you know the board over idols are this cabernet from not not even the more I guess common cabernet so yeah exactly exactly. A pretty strong really doesn't get its praises in traditional it uses a splinter wide particularly in order out yes absolutely and import and it it seems to be something that accompanies. The the cavernous on and on in blitz a regular basis that this is a varietal cabernet fraud. And it just goes to show how well load I can grow all kinds of ones you know cabernet from traditionally. If you look at who large swath of cabernet from it's grown around the world. Every phone has is that tendency to be a little bit under right people call me people call her issues. When you have. Well that that kind of growing conditions exist and in you can actually. Right in the freedom to actually show the reason is that cavern function that execute. And it can be voluptuous big line much in the same way Cameron Sullivan who can't and that's what we're trying to show with you plot. You know I guess we go naturally from in plot to freak show here that you have a wind here call freak show cap and I love the name I love and I'd love to label I love everything about this including what it tastes like. But let's tell us what you think it taste like or and or what's unique about freak show cap everybody loves. The label this wind it is seems to be the thing the process that everybody knew that hard in the headaches that that's what causes the biggest label is its. And to apply it to the model. The bottling ruling guys absolutely. Go to war with the sun has just applied the label to the bottle but you know again. This is and others ran. That is in this twenty dollar cavern is so you know I expected. If we can do that would you do we can really compete at at these. Very competitive prices which is one of the things that makes little right you need to we have. And inventory right now. That we're sitting on 80% of our inventory which is like you know 500000 plus cases is. Been rated ninety plus points by either the easiest. Or spectator or Robert Parker reviews teaching in a mean these are like the Miami. Do you give us that many points. At least I think 97 point five well you had to do it yet again I'm sitting here waiting it and yet. You still can. But it at that thing time. You were able to show these Lloyds. At incredible price points and that's we wanted to do with freak show. It's you know there's other wine regions California that kind of like put the cavern is something on flag into their terror watch. And we'll die says. The flag belongs here two news at night. Oh that that's very good and now I'm glad you guys are. I think flags and all kinds of grapes and all kinds of parts load I am really glad to make it queens of Lodi and also Jeff farthing. Who's the winemaker production manager Michael David winery if you love whining hey if you don't like he's listening but you know it's an amazing line if you haven't tried it it's an amazing line winds plural if you have tried it Michael David winery. I've big sum up today OK we need to take a break we're almost out of here one more night of delicious as you coming up. Right after this. And now we're one more bite of delicious mr. Usually host Jon deserves. Welcome back everybody we're here in Irving this week I tasting wonders galore but particularly the wonder served. At a restaurant a big. Boisterous wonderful restaurant called the ranch at las colinas. And for this closing segment I'm not only. I'm here with Chad Hurley director of operations but also he he Clinton went back in the back and brought outs Errol Louis that the corporate pastry chef. And lo and behold when Cyrus show that pastries happen and that's the good things Barack. But before we talk about that Jack let's talk a little bit about the entrees here because I'm. Among we have meatloaf we can't say we have ribs you with either you personally are the ranch professionally love me is that what's going on. We are Texas. And he is what we're about and me is that point in the round. It is it is it is the quintessential. Cornerstone. Texas in big bold flavors. And tell me about your states because they've they've run a pretty large wide gamut. From fillet you know which in a lot of people favored all the way up to big things on bounds right so are our favorite most popular state is seeding has a bone on it. That is the Bonaparte a lot of flavor. Again local sourcing with a lot of states out there we view our tomahawk are. Cowboy Rick bye we do our bone in filet of bone in strip. Everything from aim is to our whack you. Tomahawk. Now and the meat loaf it's really great I'm I'm a huge meatloaf freak I have to warn you and this is really good meatloaf I thought mine was good I have a couple clicks but this is amazing. He arm meatloaf is it has yet to what lately actually do little to believe sauce on it. So people who alert be close lovers and love spies they're gonna absolutely love our. I have to ask you though for all of this carnivore stuff going on and I'm pretty much of a carnivore. You have one of the best red gulf red fish dishes that I've ever had in my life. I mean in I know you're not back in the kitchen making it the tell me why you guys love this nation why your customers seem to love this particular read it somewhat. I think that is red fish is. Ultimately the best labor base that we had here in Texas. It you're gonna put the best look forward to literate is out there. In the ingredients that are on there we really we don't smother it in a lot of sauce and like we we want that this stand out of it soon. We had jumbled look at the week we had Lou. Things that enhance it but ultimately the great days. And one of the things yeah I love about it. Is that in addition to the gulf read this is a bit of citrus happening which connects us to the valleys so it's it's kind of taxes twice over. That's correct that needed it get you got a lot happening on small little place. That is cool let's play. Let's let's our talk and without going Ethan dessert. So does our. How do you see you know the desserts. I guess you probably think that their program but what does that mean big of course that's kind of the ranch's middle main event at the middle name. But. How do you what do you think your guests here at the ranch loved best about dessert. I think they love it just the sweetness of it happening in the meal right. And everything big and pull back its hearings accidents that is presented on the plates bearing on trades at sweetness that would jets as big of a dessert. And so we have all the flavors about the fact I'm in the Bergen and answer both lay and those are all in the desert as well. I'll back going on and desserts let's let's talk. The. Let's not let's save the chocolate cake that's rockaholics out there they won't be able to change there's the station. But in my honor all I'm guessing I'm thinking that anyway you have a pecan pie that's kind of round. It's not usual like the pecan pie what what makes it great but I'm I and why is that round. My I think what makes a great time I have to be great cons outweigh. And NASA have sweetness but it doesn't need to kick you in the teeth with its treatment you need to be able dictate the flavor of the opposite on the BD get some practice of course. And it isn't grounded because it is easier for you to eat it is the hole I just for you. I say well believe me I'll. It whether it's easy or not that's that's me on the subject at the time by. Now one of that one of the surprises here is a kind of like a British style sort of spice cake sort of thing in the sticky topic. That's what I'm thinking that. That's just what. That's sort of the in thing these days I mean a lot of people are doing sticky copy this and that usually calling it putting which apparently with the brits call it but they're calling it sick topping hit. Here and it's amazing no matter what tell me about what what what's going on in that in that sticky topping that makes me love Osama. Well at the sticky toffee cake we do start with dates like you would find in this sticky toffee pudding. But add a lot of substance it's not just the sticky topic betting it is the case. We parent with eight permanently. And eighty Caremark positive or add a little bit more out pollen just wrapped for you here at tech and. So obviously it's very tax then to be bombed I mean this is like. This is like you know have your dessert in trinket to time but most of all I'll just tell you it's really really delicious it's sticky toffee cake is amazing. And then when you get to I mean I see a glass of milk sort of I don't know what's going on and that that god knows when you when I see job that he would Horry goes czar or some place from Switzerland Belgium. Definitely matter I want a glass of milk it you've given me one. Tell me about this this wonderful. Exactly it. Our chocolate cake is again taxes eyes and try to make it the biggest like cake that you will see anywhere around. It at and chipotle peppers and not to vote would never even in the topic today. Absolutely not enough you to burn year and an art Cabrera but just enough to where you wonder what it back fight back. The male babies are undecided is actually haven't known enough in the sweetened milk and Vanilla beans and is well that way you do you get your milk on the side but it's not. Your average. Not your average you know what that's good enough now now when we talk about big desserts I always have to laugh here in Texas because. People a lot of people at a restaurant with a dessert to share. And then everybody gets what and nobody shares I mean I hate that these are big because is because why we did it is like to eat a lot of desert. Well that and I guess you could share it added the possibility but the. Yes it's like it's like the NFL draft you know you basically have to trade chocolate cake for sticky topic sticky toffee cake and. And I and a and that second draft choice I sure hope that it did not eat a hole in my ears now. That is amazing now now before we got to supplement few minutes left here but but Jack. I have to tell you that the one thing I expected a great beer ads because it just feels like that. You know in Texas that's granted that while not only do you have a great. Interesting fascinating wine list but I mean you have even an owner's list. It's pretty much over the top I mean start let's start with what kind of winds in general on on any list you love here at the ranch. So we're all about big bold flavors of the wine I've heard that winds apparently. It's. The Marines plus is you can get things. That California can't nickname lines forward so keenness in red. Which also you know if you wanna come in in and added that the fear they'll vote this one anyone I that's always a problem for May have always had just too much. Right in you and you wanna go live stream. We weekend we we have a separate us all you voters listed we have everything from in 1959. Just looking you're all jobs. 1970. Ovary I mean you name it we've got to come there. I mean I know the concept of owners list proprietor list you know that sort of but it almost seems like this is the secret list like some you know. Poland along Mexican restaurant that has their I think that green goes can't get we've created the ultimate version of that in a wine list that. That only people who know these these brand these name. Mean these magical things not to mention some cult wines that are super hard to get I mean how does this list come the path. So you know we always have he. They commanding in it we have a lot of regulars and so they say what's new on the list of one thing that we like to do as we'd like to bring in wine and exploring and look at. His is something that possibly make the list so it was our originally started as an awfully. And then we'd like an audition. Right exactly that's literally what it was a validation for the regular list but that we found out it if we can get some other things and hands on. And pretty soon we have at gravy again. Courts have really over the top wines and some really rare wines civil war symbol but there is some intense things that are out there that. This can't get anywhere else. So I think there were two we visited your one room and and do things really caught my guy I mean one was you're a Madeira I believe our report. From 1863. I mean that's not even 1960 great reveal that not. What's how do you even fun stuff like this. So again that you have to do a lot of research it and that's something that we wanted to hear something that if somebody comes into the hands. They could get a piece of history it is if I think about it 1863 was before Lincoln was assassinated. So it. Outline what's bottle during the civil war so if you want you can you can yet that history lesson right there on the United States' stake. If it's just amazing especially not nice big stake part we want to thank god judge Roy if for joining us here all director of operations. Four at the ranch at las colinas right here in Irving. It's Errol Louis corporate pastry chef thanks a lot think that the there's Aaron really really good. And earlier you know I had Jeff to cuisines Steven Kelly chimed in with some great stuff too bad about that for another day that was dismissed it as always were a presentation aspects wind spirit and finer foods. That's the next time I'm your host armed Americans and IOC. And next meal.