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Jun 28, 2015|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's delicious mischief Boston's food and why radio group. A presentation of specs wines spirits and finer news and now he's the guy who loves to talk with a mouthful. John did mirrors. Hello everybody welcome to another edition up delicious mr. booted my radio program board Texas as always you're ready now. Delicious missed it is the presentation of specs wines spirits and finer foods. We have a show that's very near and dear to my heart today because we've come Austin which is a great place to come no matter what you do you know what you're looking for. But I'd been hearing about a so called black market menu at a restaurant called mama who. Who's Asian house and I just love Asian food and some days I don't know if I love Chinese that's Vietnamese that's I that's. On everybody Novella and invest anyway but I'm here at momma foods they have bits and pieces of a lot of those things pan Asian some would call it. And also. A really really great guy developing a lot of the recipes for Mac guy of course as you expect. Is sitting right here with us now James Clark is here. Who is in charge of purchasing development and I'm sure a lot of the great stuff we've got played around this table here. Such games. What do you what do we need to know about mama foods because you guys are not only growing in the Austin area and I mean the biggest possible definition. Of the Austin area but Houston's on to happen and and probably other parts of Texas in other parts tomorrow the road you know I mean. What what is making mama food is up. So. The recipe for success that mama foods. It is our insistence on focusing on fresh quality ingredients were cutting all of our meats and house were slicing all of our vegetables every day. And we're really just trying to provide the best quality Chinese experience and tie experience and Vietnamese and Korean. Toward dine in takeout or deliver. So. So I'd and I I forgot Korea and and now a lot of talk these days in in all the markets that show is on. I mean a lot of people are excited about Korean food may be who only had heard of kimchi watching reruns of match basically. On what do you think it is about Korean food that helps it find its place along side. You know Chinese. Vietnamese and Thai that are more I think more familiar by this point. Well I think one of the big keys to that was probably in the Los Angeles food scene when we started seeing the fusion of Mexican. And read him with the first Korean street tacos that started popping up in LA about ten years ago. And here in Texas we obviously eat a fair amount of tacos have anything on a taco is cut anything on it tortillas pretty fantastic so a couple of years ago we took that same idea that was that was going around LA at the Korean street tacos that sort of fusion. And we incorporated that and art menu as well and one of my favorite things on the new black market manual. As we've extended that into move issue as well so we're doing moves shoot tacos on this menu. Okay James don't get ahead of us here we're gonna take says moose you attack us but. Let's before we get into the black market to arm. What's the story on mama food because it kind of started somewhere else and went through a few iterations and and I'm fascinated by mean this is a story of the restaurant business. And that's a lot of people are interested in sort of understanding how the business works I think mama food's a pretty good story. Yes though the brand actually started back in Atlanta and 2002. And at that time. When we opened the first restaurant here in Austin we were franchise the of that brand and as we grew in this market. Our company and we actually bought the brand and now we're in Austin based company so we continue to grow out from there. And I hear there's some growth plans I mean not only around here back but other tech parts of Texas other parts of the US and even. In one of those bazaar flourishes. Quite a bit overseas what what what what are what's on the horizon beyond this particular mamma those restaurant. So we have sixteen units currently. In the next. Year we're really focusing on expanding into the Houston and San Antonio markets right now we're we're primarily central Texas Austin from. From Waco down to New Braunfels. And we have one location in Houston currently we have plans to open at least six by the end of next year hopefully a lot more. And we also plans to expand in the San Antonio market but as you alluded to one in my eight. Things that I'm most excited about is our locations opening in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. That that's that's a long way from Lugar helped me tell ya I'm so so. What's what's your story because I mean the EU have we were another those people that that felt a lot with the restaurant business whether he or she knew would at the time they were falling in love with it. And then you just stuck around and it went just wide divot the highlight. So yeah I got my first job quite by chance that they dishwasher at fifteen years old back in Atlanta where I grew up. And I just continued to work in restaurants and kitchens the whole time I was going to school for non restaurant related things and I just loved the restaurant business and I look food and I feel like it's in my blood. And I just stuck with a restaurant business and spent years in the independent sort of high end fine dining realm of the restaurant industry. And about six years ago I came to work for mom office and since then it's it's really been a great opportunity. To take some of the things that I learned in the high end world and try to apply it to. Something that everybody can afford once a week but I mean we can all afford to have a thirty dollar entree every week but. We can all afford to have a ten dollar dinner. You know how do you go out you know could we talked about these different ethnicity you know that. Chinese Vietnamese tying. Koreans Singaporean and you know I was gets put that in Malaysia are Amare. How how do you view your you don't look any of those things honestly James I mean how do you go about finding these flavor profiles and. Balancing. The and desire a certain interest in being what we will jokingly call authentic. With also just giving us unity that kind of stuff we like to eat every night and how do you do that. All the way around. Well hey there was this fantastic convention a little while ago called the Internet. I didn't want to try that. It's really an amazingly useful tool. And I also really like to eat which is a good benefit my profession so to every search reading and a lot of. Well by the we now working. And that is great so so what's. I'm intrigued by the black market. Menu what it says underneath in in in smallish branches off menu exclusives or either. Fanatic or find that ticks are lunatics I guess this being momma foods. Members sell so give us the overview of of what this menu is all about it's kind of like the farm team I guess. Yes though. Fanatics is our loyalty program which is you know Smartphone base you just can download via happens dangerous heat and build up points much like. Other loyalty programs but we decided ditch the plastic card route over the Smartphone. And so twice a year we roll out our black market menu and then the members of our our fanatics. Are our most loyal guests. And those are the people that we want. To try new things that let us know what they think of them because there obviously are becoming an. What sort of things they wanna try. So are black market menu is where we focus on developing new and different flavors that we that we think we might wanna add to the menu. And it's also responding to gas request as well one of the desserts on here at the the mango sticky rice is is in response to some of the things that are cast we're asking for. So. So in in your time with mom foods particularly when you got involved in in helping develop for developing really a lot of that the new dishes. On do you go away to some ivory tower aren't kind of think about it then maybe have a stole that work on it or or or what houses process happen for you. We'll. IA love. Being out in kitchen I it's it's really hard to create or developed in a vacuum. And there is that I also think that there's no such thing as a as what some people think that the magic Shaq where there's one guy who's the creative genius that does everything. Anything great to come out of the kitchen is always the result of teamwork. And it's from having the guy next to you take something. And or the girl working pantry what she decided to make yourself for lunch today after staring at the same ingredients for months and months and months. And and so. All of our development process happens in our restaurants we don't have AA test kitchen and that is. In a separate location or at the corporate office all of our development you don't Wear like a lab coats and I'll like kind of stuff. No idea where chef coat but no there's there's no food scientists and our in our development process itself. Books. I like the world of all pokes networks remain out James bikes they witness we need to take a break here are malicious mischief. We back with our breaking rains segment metal involves some tasty too I promise and then before the hours out we accurate model who's been on that and we'll actually take some of these. Beautiful looking gadgets that are spread all around the table. All that mark. When delicious mr. Returns. Don't eat that it'll spoil your dinner. Instead here's more delicious mischief with your host John the murders. Welcome to our great thing great tasting segment and we are feeling awfully bubbly this week. It's right there it's not just me folks it's what we're about to taste what we're about to drink what we're about to talk about. Here are breaking grain segment. Because I have a guest here. Who comes less from a very familiar name in French French champagne and and if your French and like champagne and you probably know them as GH movement. But if if you're from Napa Valley. Our love. Sparkling wines from California. Thing you know the ms. mom infecting other man's mom Napa and I'm here with the one of the winemakers their camera lots is with this Tammy. And down and now I mean. It's always so special whenever people have something to celebrate you can be pretty sure somebody's gonna make that popping sound from somewhere in the room the court will come out the bubbles will flow and good things or happy times will happen I mean. Oh I mean I'm sure that's not accidental what do you think it is about this. Our goal of the ugly that makes it part of the great right of celebration. People everything doubles everything actually you're one of those have been to brunch with people like. But it's true and you don't really need to celebrate just at big moments with sparkling entity can celebrate any little moment was acting mine. Even celebrates immunity Tuesday. Celebrate just Nightline it's hot day in line at a at some bubbles. Tickets here tailgate celebrate each team is not to win the big game. He said this stuff before and I like that I like that approach them even though my am I tend to be a red wine guy I have to admit that win when neither am in the presence of these wonderful sparkling wines are just with you Tammy. I get it I understand what we're celebrating here so so. For those who know perhaps GH movement France and in the champagne region obviously France. And don't necessarily know about the story of a mom Napa. You know how does this come to be obviously it's a reference to that fan that great family name from from the champagne region that. How it welcomed the past. Very good question and yes there is a pig reference to in the name that's big part of our heritage. We're founded in 1979. As a joint venture between justice Seagram's spirits company in New York. And Jason and champagne house and Jason and decided that they wanted to create a sparkling wine in the United States. And they wanted to discover the best place to create that brands. So they hired a wine maker named key Devoe in 1979 sounds pretty French. Definitely friend she was born in happening in the champagne region of France so he had the important heritage from champagne from the old world. But he was working in new York at the time and so he understood the United States market and they gave him the mission of finding the best place to make sparkling when he United States. So he took four years to decide on the location he traveled around and made different batches of wind. And he eventually. Settles in the Napa Valley region of California. He decided that that was the place that could creates and the best quality grades for him to craft these beautiful lines. So Tammy before we talk more about the sort of corporate goings on and all that. I mean that's pretty that's pretty big deal it's a pretty big deal I mean when you consider the friends are so Terre lot driven. And so ready to believe as I understand it anyway that nowhere else on earth could make this line that line some otherwise Weathers the Loire Valley or Bordeaux or or my beloved grown. You know Howell how what this icy feel taste that made him think that Napa Valley obviously wind agent. Could could actually have something resembling the effort nay experience. That's a very good question because. We're not trying to make champagne in the Napa Valley and that wasn't his mission his mission was to make sparkling wine in the United States. So he wanted to climate it would be right to grow you know Norris are inning which are two main varieties. And he found that in the Napa valley's specifically in the southern part of the valley where we get the cool breezes up the San Pablo bay coming in from the San Francisco today. And we have. The right soils the rights. Location for us to be able to. Grow the highest quality you know Norris started name with the best asset balance to craft beautiful sparkling wines they're not champagne. They're different from Champaign to fit profiles completely different. And we like to focus on that we are mum which is our heritage. Now which is our own. Style of sparkling wine so we combined those in our name is says that there on the bottle. So so how do you you know you kind of touched on this by contrasting this particular sparkling wine with that that stuff you know from Champaign how. How do you kind of personify. Or profile the flavors. I know we're gonna taste 1234 different ones which makes me a very lucky guy but on how to. What kind of thing are you trying to make happen in the bottle with without mom Napa. We're trying to focus on the beautiful three that we can grow in the Napa Valley champagne is different champagne has to deal a hail on I have to deal with frost and in a much shorter growing season and very different beautiful talkies so I house and the Napa Valley. And none you know not not ninth month sneaking around turning bottle in the night I mean the the dangers out there they're crazy now in an up and. Ali we had a very unique climate and we can really focus on different we have this great thing called sunshine. And it signs from most of the summer so we can get some beautiful brightness adolescent level which we need to pick our sparkling wine. And that really shines through Arnold alliance. So so before we start talking about some of these winds individually but. What's what's your story I mean there's a lot of people on a lot of women in fact would say wow wish I could work with sparkling line all day jacket that bubbled. Any time I want you know how did you where you are different kind of still wind maker first there was always with this always kind of Google. Sparkling wines actually always been my passion and I am very lucky to be working in my dream job. I was born and raised in the Napa Valley and the first one ever tasted a sparkling wine my mom was always a fan so I grew up with a love for it. I studied at UC Davis at first I thought I wanted to be research biologist. But who really wants to stared a microscope every day for the rest of their lives and so I growing up in Napa Valley has started taking the winemaking classes from my very first quarter. Fell in love and ain't changed majors my first year and I haven't looked back sense. I I was able to do an intern ship them on now and 2002 and that really cemented my belief in my passion for sparkling wine. I've I've worked overseas making sparkling wine in Germany's and in Sudan. And also in New Zealand as an intern but getting experience with styles around the world. And so being ill to come home and build my career mom Napa has been an. In Contra. So so you know it. We know that was your dream and that's that's really cool that it is a dream come true. What do you like about it that if you woke up tomorrow and working making cabernet or or Chardonnay or any other one I mean what do you like about this it personally or professionally that. That makes this year even now your drink a lot of people get their dreams and their they're not. And yet you seem like you've got your dream and while it's better than ever what what do you like about it says. Went a little bit different from still line and they we're gonna go through to fuhrman's patients but does her primary fermentation in the tank and that's just like any other line you're gonna make. But we also that there is second fermentation in the bottle and that's how we treat those beautiful bubbles it's a natural fermentation process. So from any sparkling wine is a great marriage of art and science. It takes the artists to create the original blend to taste and all those tanks up to the primary fermentation. But you have to use your science the science side your brain. To be able to control that second fermentation. Because all those millions of bottles that we make each year have to have the consistent quality if you have bottle to bottle variation. An unhappy consumers. So for me that's where you have to really manager you're yeast cultures and take care that each bottle is gonna taste the same. That that's that's both the challenge and apparently. A delight calm you know and and so. For a for people. Of people say who still keep looking back to France and we talked about how this is not back. You know what does California have to. To Champaign even have a Chihuahua for an immediate people sparkling wines are you people actually taste Napa Valley in your wines and if so is that a natural part of the making of these kinds a lot. I believe he didn't taste Napa Valley in the lines I think if you taste sparkling wines and around the world. Whether it be champagne from on all of us are cop cars sect in Germany's. Press echo from a northern Italy for a sec a friendship like that from Italy you're tasting. The not just the growing region but also the way to the lines are made. So for us. This is the bottles in front of you and your listeners can't see. Our bottles of Napa valley's sparkling wine their bottles of the sunshine that we have to write an hour grace and beautiful fruit flavors that we're able to develop. Well now we're talking about bottles of sunshine Tammy I just I just have to try this. We need to take a break here and bullishness about when we come back we have we're gonna start with the blonde to blonde and move all the way to the cool thing camera. See what that's up about all that and more. When delicious mystery and we terror. Still hungry. Here's another helping of delicious mischief which are host John de. Welcome back everybody thanks for joining us here on delicious and it's just as I agreed ingrained tasting segment and we've sorted traveled by way of the old world that is to say the champagne region of France who ended up in the new world eight at mom and apple. And and it's a partnership that was founded as a partnership a kind of joint venture thing involving the GH moon family in and company in France but now. We're talking and it really serious great sparkling wine from California and general and from Napa Valley in particular which is pretty good line you know you have to admit I'm here with Tammy lots. One in the mine makers that mom Napa and down and let's talk blunt of long firth for starters I mean. This way that phrases always kind of mystified by Mike port friends like whiter whites mean what does that even mean. So it doesn't mean light of flights at the sparkling wine made purely from a white grapes then opening NY no you know ours so if you're familiar with. The traditional grapes of champagne as a you know our start inning and plenum and you ain't. So if you have you belong to block in Champaign that means it must be a 100% certain. But we're in Napa and we can break the rules because we don't have the same rules Americans and many gay. Exactly we can create our own style. So our block to block from mom now is actually a blend of start inning and you know green about 10% gain entry. And we feel that really adds richness and depth to the starting the starting me give you the acid backbone and structure and it bit linked to Al against. All of beauty is certainly brings. But just that little amount of pinot agreed to show a little Mallon in stone for character that really brings the richness inducted and I feel. So I. I noticed that let me make sure I'm saying it right aren't all four of these bottles are met followed tradition narrow now. I'm gonna guess that that's more or less the same as Matt's college jump in wise that is is that important in the process that this this tradition no Matt Vogt is being used here. It is an it is the same method it doesn't mean the same thing and what that means is that we're going to ferment inside the bottle and a very bottle that you buy when you're going to enjoy it. Is the bottled at outline from incidents. Now we out of respect for our. Compatriots or excuse me our colleagues in Champaign. We do not call it method something laws that continent that decision now. That's that's that's good enough for me Tammy now on you know we have a second we have bombed the brute prestige so when we moved. From a block to block on the wrong. Tu brute prestige let's talk about the meaning of the word root for one thing prestige it sounds like it's real good to me what does that name mean. So there Christie's is our flagship line it is eight non vintage blend. All of the four greats that we use start winning you know aren't. You know green and picking a menu. It's mainly start inning you know art but about 10% of Atlanta's made up of the other TO. So. Brute. Means dry. And actually the shop in laws used to drink very sweet wines. So the classification. Dryness in a sparkling wine can be a little bit confusing. Because you started at duke which means suites. And then you go to Demi sack which means half dry sect means dry and France. And then the styles shifted so they started drinking drier wines and started kind of extra dry. But it didn't stop after the style continued to shift and we have other styles as well. And those it evolved down to the group level which is what we're tasting today for the most part. He keeps getting any drier we won't have anything in the bottle and that would be very sad so so describe from you. What do you as as as a person makes this kind of line. When we get to your brute prestige from mom Napa. What what kind of flavors are we talking about. Talking about strawberry cherry golden delicious. Apple's. I'm maybe a little honey cycle where we're going for richness of the fruit palette and we get just enough contribution from the east to give you background of testing us. But eighteen months on the east at this bottled water focuses not on what the yeast brings on what the fruit can deliver TO. Is is that is. Somewhat. A signature. Then the mom nap I mean do you guys in California think more of the fruit. Then they champ and wide as those people in this case I mean I'm just thinking of some of the French champagnes that had that. Have been very easy for instance and and it's not something I love although some of them are very expensive and revered as it's not something I love. I'm really enjoying these because they taste more like the line them more about grapes. Well thank you for that and what we're tasting today's or non vintage. Portfolio so these lines are more focused on the fruit and they do have less time on the east. We do have other lines than our portfolios sold mainly at the winery in on premise accounts for. For example are TVX it's made in honor of our founding winemaker Akita now every year. And outline how five to seven years on the east depending on the vantage so we make that more in the style. Of the PG ST east. Winds you'll find in in other regions such as champagne but again it's from Napa so we're we're focused. But the core lines that we're tasting today with their non vintage portfolio we are focused more on the fruit because we do have that unique climate and we like to show enough. I'm I'm glad you do now and wedged it now now that the next whine is is a brut rose and I and I have to admit I was very slow coming to the rose party at all I mean whether you're talking and still line or spark lines and then something snapped don't know what I hope it's not badly but on something snapped and it happened to me improve on so it may be deadly like I wanna live there forever but tasting in the heat of the summer and Vermont's tasting as wonderful children's day I got it. And then I went from there of course Tutu rose sparkling wines are sparkling rose's. And I'm now level mall so tell me what your take on this group resonate from mom mom napping is what's special about it. I'll talk about resonates in general first and I think response is very good place to be converted. But to me a rose is all about balance because you're you're adding you have a a pink line for all intents and purposes that's what we're looking at. You're making up from red grapes and red grapes had a higher tenant level and so you have to really balance. You're extraction from those skins to get the right color but not expect too much tenants so if you rose is not balanced. That maybe what was turning you off the floor and for me and I love Rosie sparkling wine is always one of my favorite lines to blend. And the blend is not all in an alarm as you might expect the plan actually has about 20% Chardonnay. And that's just to give it a little ass its structure we need a little bit extra length that the certainly gives the pinot noir. These two varieties really work well in balance with each other and we just have to figure out what the right balances for each wine. And then when to get the beautiful look color. We do is we ferment a small amount of pinot noir on the skins. In my piece you know grape skins and the of their somewhere house speaker it scans in order to get some of the red color so. What we do is we ferment a small amount just like it still lines commented on the skins that's world color comes from in your red lines. And then we add back to our baseline just the right amount of red line to get us the beautiful pink colored it we all know and love. And that's usually only between three and 5% of the plant and we're able to get us that and nice blasts that nice paint Q. So so if I were to go out and get a bunch of different producers. So called pink champagne or in this case brut are or rose champagne. Sparkling wines sparkling like. Why that. The tense what I would call T I NT like and the camera hour on out why these are different like some aren't in the summer peak in some really pretty red. Like some in the Italian. Sparkling resonates tend to be very read what's that just in a moment for me help me out here what's. I think every winery crafts its own style Atheros and once they find a style that works for them and for their consumers than they stick with it. So you're gonna see such variation I think it's one of the most of varied styles in the sparkling wine world. That you'll find. I think you're right it says that Tammy got one more sparkling wine here from mom Napa called who they am. So I guess that's to bay mom sort of and but what's happening when we made this progression which you put this last what are we get to implies that there. It lasts because it. Is actually a little bits and off dry so the other winds that we taste corporate style lines and we talked a little bit about the classification. This one we would call sack SEC and mentioned earlier that that means strike so this would be between Demi second an extra guy. So it's about 3% residual sicker than Demi sec. It is it's the it'd Eckerd and any effect. So this is about 3% residual verses 1% on average winds. But we're crafting this line to be soft and supple and to have the balance so. Much like Eads German riesling weary yet there's more sugar than you might expect in the line because the acidity levels are so high. Were crafting this line to have a similar type of balance in Paris sell well or spicy food. With any Thai food Indian food. Anything happen has just a little bite to it is an apparently well at this line. I'm in Tammy because I hate lol because I love spicy food I particularly love Indiana and tie so hey maybe have found the sparkling wine from me in the come from mom Napa of course and Napa Valley. And that's a pretty cool idea. Tammy Lott thanks for joining us here on behalf of mom Napa you being one of the winemakers there and one of that one one of the most Bob. People I've ever now. Thanks for joining us here on this great and great segment will have one more Biden delicious and it's. And now for one more bite of delicious mr. Future host John good words. Welcome back everybody thanks for joining us here on delicious mischief I'm your host John de merits and we were in Austin this week we've come to mama foods. Asian house ways and you learn about a lot lately. On some very exciting flavors including what we're talking about today is items off the black market menu. These it's it's interesting an innocent black market sounds very romantic and almost like being Shanghai eight or something like that. But the fact is this the rather creative way that mama foods as. Two of developing news. Improving and offering to its guests. You know new dishes dishes that you know like like the minor leagues to the majors like to get on the big menu in the future and you wanna play in the in the biggie in the big leagues. I'm here with James Clark a guy with a lot to do with that process and and and and and James before its taste much here. What what is sort of pure idea of the magical that she said there's no magical chat I get that our magic Jeff but I mean. How do you know when it's a home run how do you think at least that at the home run. Well there's. There's a long development process normally before a dish ever hits the menu. That recipe has gone undergone at least ten versions before it ever makes it to a man. And usually it starts like I said with a couple of cooks deciding what different they wanna eat for lunch that day. And there we take those ideas and and and sort of refine them and work at them again and and really it involves eating the same dish up about ten or. Running time it's. I'll I'll volunteer if you want based on one on look at that here so let's take some stuff it. People love this whole sesame crusted tuna thing these days and different versions different slightly different flavors but. If I see it too and now I automatically think I want to go to Asia with that I don't wanna go anywhere else. Tell me about this station and since since as you know James on radio we don't see these beautiful dishes. It was so kind of the description of of what that sesame quest it to an appetizer on the black market menu is because I wanted to make it on. Allah cart shirts so we're taking. He tuna sought to block and work. Coating it with sesame seeds and coriander and salt and a little bit of sugar. And steering at a really high Temps that yes the very outside of the tennis coach and it's still raw on the middle. And one of my favorite components of this fish are they in house make pickles that we're doing with it but oh well he you guys are back there Macon pickle now. I think it's it's really exciting and and it's an easy process to do it's easy to do an house. We are already cutting fresh vegetables and house every day we've got some vinegar and some sugar and salt back clever guy that cuts though. They're always so we started doing these than Allison and that's really I love that that crispness and freshness of it and I love the color on the played as well. The little green of the cucumber with a pop of Orange from care. And a lot of that talk about color you talk about freshness that. You know also texture that great Asians sort of like Nirvana at all kinds of different kinds of popping crunching amount. And and you know we're talking about the pickles I think one of the most. Exciting things about the way that people are accepting pickles more now is that can be more than just cucumbers you know we've got we've got carrots and here we've got a little bit a seller. There too. Yeah it's great stuff now. Now we we touched on this earlier in the opening segment but I love it when that the taco catches a plane Asia. And them move shoot tacos I mean who'd a thunk it but then when you think about. Those pancakes that come with my issue port it's not that far just go tortilla right. Exactly and you know adds that in Texas especially here in Austin who weakening talk us through three meals a day. And every once in awhile you want you want something a little different from that Tex mex that you had for. Breakfast and lunch are ready man knows that he had no self they need apply maybe you have a different taco dinner. So. Like at that we were doing the Korean street talk is that we introduced a while ago so we're playing around with the a move she recipe ever like it we've already got these tortillas why not. Make some tacos. So so what all of those that don't look at it this is fairly lengthy list of of good things Ameen says that that make it happen and of course again make it haven't really bunch of textures going on. Right so we've got and here's some hands here or. Which of course if you wanna we can make the check in with stake. So we can chews up protein basic that's one of the things I like Obama foods as we make every dish to order. So you can customize your dish however you want you want chicken annual report you want tofu you want vegetables. You wanna beat the vegetable outer at something and we can customize every dish on the menu. Estes and it's just rate now now a lot of people we we didn't say we didn't mention Japanese flavors yet and down. But I mean that's certainly figures in the modern vision the modern American vision of what Asian food is thanks to sushi thanks to have some other things. On you guys have a version of who Don noodles that that is as they say that I four I mean it's really great I don't know. I don't know exactly where where you got this idea or word this wonderful sauce came from James let. It's it's really terrific tell me about the what to call yucky yucky you done. Yucky you'd on this one of my favorite Japanese street food than. And this actually came to pass one of our one of the managers are up our store and lived in Japan for three years and his wife is Japanese and she made pretty fantastic version of this fish. We had they our annual competition we have they are culinary challenge. Where every stores submit sedition and they all come together in one place that sort of a top chef style competition. In this district judges. Me and I'll. I lot of other a lot of other members of our our corporate team men and we invite him some gas does some cash after judges as well to. In this dish actually came I think you need at least one media giants I'm sorry. We can certainly arranged out on the on this here that'll be this fall and now make sure you get an invitation. Now to fill I invited myself now now let's talk about what all goes into this because it's. You know a lot of your dishes have a lot of I don't know comfort food aspects even. Even if some things are not traditional American we think of comfort food meatloaf and mashed potatoes and that's great. But this is comfort food to mean what about these somewhat traditionally on the unfamiliar flavors make them seem so. Warming and homey. Well I I think it's. I think that Chinese American food hasn't evolved to become just an essential part of American culture much like. Much like Italian food spaghetti and meatballs and lasagna are as American as apple pie so spicy general south chicken. You know all of those things in this great melting pot of American who has seen it's it's the part of the the American comfort food. So what one thing that that really had. It's not as comfort food aid because it's new and different to me is. My Locke I'm saying that I guess right mile las stir fry now now describe that this H one classic. But it's different from the kind of typical hot suite combos that that at least in this country we think level over and over again I love. This this is different in the hot it's kind of like hot on top of pot a little bit at. Yeah that's that's one of the things I guess and a lot of times we focus on guest feedback. And it will more of looking in developing new dishes and some of our guest feedback let's. I want something hot but I don't really want something sweet I want hot savory. And so I took that gets back and did a little bit of research and a lot of eating and then a lot more research and then moderating that made them. Absolutely and so that's where the monologue came from and and I love the combination of Sichuan peppercorns which. Give me that sort of slow pitch complete feeling that you can feel on your lips. And via Chile is as well that that combination I think it's just really. It's it's interesting and it's different and it's not just the standard hot it's. It's hot and and news hot again and and team DeLeon garlic in and kind of mysterious and away I mean there are some moments that I didn't I couldn't put a name. On some of the other than pot but but there were some really fascinating flavors that happened when you touched down on the SS let your mouth around back you know that was really really great. So so after this afternoon that particular dish the Mala stir fry. It was time for something sweet and cool well cool in several senses of the word cooling. Soothing even. And and this this week sticky rice with mango certainly qualifies them. I'm impressed that you guys have sought out yet is Asian desserts are a little weird to a lot of Americans mean we want the con I want ice cream on the and this has its feet firmly planted in the real loser today Asia but it's really easy to love. And I think what makes this pitch so appealing is is the warrant texture on the stick here right so what we've done with this. As we've taken the the short rights which is the type of rights that you would make sushi list. But instead of going to see these sushi rout of salt and vinegar we've gone with coconut milk and sugar by the both of which can it's smooth out the experience and I think it's. It's traditional but it's also approachable especially because of the mango coconuts off that's on it as well. The temperature it was a delightful surprise that you have I think cold rice or or cool rights. But then the sauces actually wore them in sort of lush yeah I'd like that that counterpoint of something warm something cool on the plate together in the way they play off each other. Well this is just super James thanks for that tasting thanks for the talking thanks for joining us here. At mama Lou's Asian house certainly in many many parts of the Austin area and increasingly gonna be found in Houston San Antonio and all kinds of other good places including Dubai. I mean I don't even know what that's clever about. But that mama food station house and that about that today is malicious mischief as always the presentation this back. Wines spirits and binder boots until next time I'm your host John de merits and IOC you've. At that next meal.