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Dr. Brian Smith Podcast 6/7/15

Jun 7, 2015|

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Who has access. Welcome and hello we appreciate you so much for joining us this evening for this edition of the Brian Smith talk radio show. It's an hour we talked to charity about today's mega trends and held. And the we're gonna give you some information from some of today's leading doctors. Researchers practitioners and scientists on their respective areas. Tonight. We have all the way from the gulf south of famed doctor Jack cruise season indeed he's a well known speakers and entrepreneur as well as the board certified neurosurgeon who has done. Probably over a thousand spinal back surgery she's the author of a book. The FB pay Leo RX prescription. Which you can purchase from Amazon books it's a prescription. That is for disease reversal and optimal health Jack is also. The CEO of his own health company called optimize health so he's a beat going to be speaking later in Austin this month. And as what is called the Viennese festival which you can register online at they voice an exit dot com website. And and if you used a promotional code my name doctor Brian Smith and just Brian Smith in the tooth in the slot. You'll receive a 20% off on this weekend pass so look them up. You're gonna like him you like which you can see so. And remind you that this is a call in talk show so our number here at the station is 51239013. Seventy. And if you like to call and ask doctor cruise a question I'm sure you'd appreciate that question and we appreciate all calls here doctor crews. Has lost over a 140 pounds himself feuding using his own nutritional programs so. I'm your host I'm doctor Brian Smith coming Dennis. And also dental specialist north and onyx and cranial facial orthopedic so I have two offices. Why here in Austin across the street from Westlake high school and I have one office in north San Antonio on the ball pretty spring branch area in dismiss and our school district. You can find me online at Austin north and our stock common if you need to schedule an appointment. To see us and we hear our number of areas 5123281985. And tonight. I have my two lovely co hosts co pilots on the spotlight we have miss holly in this Julie so let's say hi to them. Dolan saying and saying how happy to see here move that we're happy to have you here so is there anything that I've. Forgot to say or any thing right there right now before we talked after crews. 99 said frank Smith talk radio at gmail.com. Artist called and I want to 328198. Science our office web site is Danny Danny Danny Austin orthodontist dot com. Okay thank you so much I I can't wait to get Jack on the line here but a little bit of disclosure about this program. Neither I or my guests give out any medical advice nor do recommending medical treatment so. Don't changing current treatments or medications if you have a personal question about what you learn here on this program we recommend that you consult your primary care physician. Or your specialists so. My sole intention on this showed tonight is that we all especially guys. Eat better live longer be stronger and be healthier and avoid so many of those medical complications that come from bad food in the massive doses it produces in your body so. Let's bring on. Jack doctor crews give him a big shout out welcome and missy we get in my own. Here hey. I am just super fantastical first of all I wanna say thank you thank you from the bottom my heart for coming on I feel like it's a real privilege. To be able to talk with you end who can get some wisdom from. No problem anytime. We want to disseminate information and wisdom. I thought well we need some because I have looked at your web site. It is probably you're probably the most prolific writers I've ever seen with. Tremendous amounts of intelligence and wisdom and you take it everywhere from cellular function and dysfunction all the way to what we need to do to better our lives so. I'm gonna candy is handed a rodeo on gonna ask you some questions later about things that are close to my heart which is MS GM and glutamate and excessive glutamate the diet. And I'm sure you're just gonna get a handle that but what would you like to talk about tonight. Well I mean. Beatrice same training and say give people about and I will become an Austin actually shoot. Talk to compare it stirred them what some are. I curiosity. And I venture Mariam Al changed ten years ago. Conventional wisdom advice that I got Strom my friends who are my colleagues. And also much damage or should he blossom exercise more or. AA and that's what I did what they told me to do I want them gaining more weight and this congress really. Shall want a better term trust me off. And there's a famous guy who's always been my mr. trump common cause he young boy they've now put on its side and if you showed if you keep doing the same thing over and over again. And you get the same reason that definition of insanity Cheryl I'd describe it. A look a little bit. Differently at the problem are a major superstar actor and they're convinced that actually happened to meeting quality cultural exchanges from us in Europe. Our way back when shedding it for the Michelangelo's statue. It and the bullpen bench it was the main thing that separated. My current condition she Michelangelo's David. Which was may try our our years ago was they're environment was different in meaning. That mr. king's signaling back then was different eras and those shops close to these. They got disrupt Irish movies times commercially. And and I'd like took a flight home I started to write all my different site is down. About what was going on and I like she's not school library here locally. Actually back at it was a national. And I started to develop. Dish theory. That Sergey involve used to key in and I started to realize after delving deep into the science. Really showed extension eight biology at all hubble's. Well he really isn't fundamental. Science and you know that's pretty shocking statement hello from me. Who not only had to battle degree at a medical degree but also went through her surgery ready let's shake up and I I really came upon it came up of something called a lot cheaper church and include but I'm just protocol. And what will then go to those worse you know fairly simple steps. Good news to wait but what was the basis of what took prescription whereas actual searching about your life. What was behind Cole Berman Genesis was actually. These are magnetic fields and ten magnetism. How much else and what I realize. About Thomas. No human being should be considered. And lately and care. Instead there's always environmental shortcomings that cost you impairment we there's a very different viewpoint. And kirwan emotion mediation when emotion told us that everything is molecular. They're reduced genetic and everything did you know election I will be good chip shot that I'm also a huge. Most of it is almost 99 point shot percent of them are you environments. So when you have this perspective. It becomes incumbent. Upon clinician and patient. And recommend treatments altered the environmental applications and charge all my patients now just as I told them keep more members are much a you can never get well in the same environment that you got (%expletive) lieutenant. Some machines like common sense but you'd be surprised. How difficult that it is short people cure except it he had just finished the bought. This is exactly were at each you know etched and you declaration Rachel did are not have been telegraphed and modern medicine but the problem is Paramount is not listening. So to keep orange you must question if you're patient. That's general wants to be an optimal Hulk or wants to chicks the problem that your. Well I agree with you a 1000% I'm listening to you and and have thought these things for a long time and reading your book. Has really helped me and enlighten me to a lot of things and and I'm actually ordered several to give out so. I'm a big followed years. You also use a term called bio hacking is is that you some do you talk about real quick. You know I'm a big huge shed about watching umps again she could give people. Specious shut I actually went through a biology conference in my opening a lot of my tacos. You know my day job as a neurosurgeon about my real job it is darker. Because aren't actually that's such excellent so if you huge think about medicine and dentistry everything that we call evidence based. Is believed trapped up there and that there randomized controlled clinical trial let's finish the retreat a million people starting them through no shadow variables that researchers shut out. And then look at the bad Kirch and what the curse that is whoever also knocked. One standard he deviation above and below the median sketch considered the gold standard wall. I have been targeted since I went to adults will not school not always bothered me because she knew that was a restriction from mediocrity. That resident. A prescription and truer to a standard deviations. From the mean which is really where everybody wants to teach but you everybody that you realize this is why. We shoot for in Madison and an ashtray and that's what evidence based emotional and is based on the problem without paradigm if you are so wrong questions you get the wrong answers and people don't get the real such. So why has found. And in my dealings over the last ten years there's the way the FB genetics were actually a software program runs a hardware. Is that everybody. Is an N equals one what does that mean. That you're 0%. And you're results will differ differ from someone else you got exactly the same thing she viewed but the interesting thing is that the results also Ron. And when I shot Andy Ryan they won't be exactly ashamed because obvious sheer there's people in your virtual environments. And it's an environmental urged the big issue in the big clue. I was on to something with theirs you know ten years ago that I started to look at identical twin studies where it at the exact same here today. But they lived and ashamed oxman different rooms also they ditched into the mid term that results were remarkably dirt track. And when you start to lead to type those studies. Sergeant realized that you know the perspective how we how. In what we call evidence may be our biggest problem and really what. I guess might come to Jesus moment back then was. I began to question everything and everyone and everything I believe. And I made no opinion. Should be. There out from my own beliefs like question every. Armed. And I realized really at that time. There's actually no coincidence and why racial biology. And not being nothing is changed at all. To be a mistake and unfortunately I think our perspective. Especially in researching a real problem because I'm sure most people re listening to us. Radio show. You don't realize is that every month 250 diet such get published in the United States. Have better books you'll have the Rosetta Stone we should have no DC yeah obesity news. But only United States from a two world wide problem it's a global epidemic. And the problem. Really if you look at it ironically. You don't you lions tigers and rhinoceros on to this Discovery Channel having dietitian nutritionist. Teaching them how to eat. They learn how to do. We're the only real honest this planet that fuels like it needs to be taught how he. And the reason for that is because we're completely disconnected. Try on the planet that which we evolved and that they can't run a bunch really. Realize how incredibly important. A light cycle ended tonight cycle really destroy our biology and I try to keep all the time if you really want to get. Some good insight ministers take a look at a tree. So are you during now realize that utilize. Just as you war. And just got to break somewhere down if it dermatologist early in the sun was our first I've never stopped Russia so the question more trees in the certainly porcelain. 260 try this year I'll commit Bosnia cancer. Right absolutely I know you're you're bringing up soon greatly. Yeah it's a huge issue and I'm gonna tell you this shame English true. On the flip side with humans you can actually do. Very much what retreat does obviously you're not planted in the ground and you don't have your chat via the hair but do you have protective chemicals and you. That you make naturally. Actually protect you bash but there's occur as sort of a larger news and you're living. Our did I should shake connected life fear connect to cure search is singles. They're out actually were not. And that's where. Things begin to get interest in actually and you need to structure realized. How you have your life and now I live my life. Dictates count out the kind of final perhaps you have to do is shrug if you are. A good for example auctions I know you're orthodontist you spent a lot of time. Inside bending wires and the girls that were achieved and wires. In a church in people's equations. Wanna rush urgent to reasonably common surgery around horrible blue light strategy not based allow non native electromagnetic fields. There today it's like a home. What I see is a radically different days I don't do that. And that things but I do too much salt. Those days are radically different this different than they would beach edition coming clinic. That there's software right now. I do changed tremendously yes I mean you could call me. I'd probably live like it should be on these days you could amount would no issues on. In the Sean walking around doing things that I'm not able to do during the week so what am I doing I've basically created. In environments that works. For my biology or shirk my job. But things that I do the way that I eat. Come but I will try to delay it that I need is completely based on the environment dialogue. Well I you know that in. I agree with you and factor so many ways we can go with this collector or medic electromagnetic fields to EMS. But you know really that he which are talking about is basically how do we educate the population and make individual responsibility for everybody for. For doing the right thing taking care of themselves and eating the right things in and not getting distracted him being taken. I'm heating things are put in front of us that are gonna. Run our our biological chemical imbalances and give us so we're dysfunction and hypoxia and and get her immune systems down and causes so be send. You know I've done so much research on Mara sodium glutamate and you can go to Google and type in MSG rats and images and C. What all the research is done and if we look at from a dental standpoint and a medical standpoint you know obesity is at 38%. And in ten years is going to be 50% of our population which is just. A huge paradigm shift to him from what we have for our grandparents to date more naturally and ended the thanks they were supposed to do. Yeah but this year is just saying and cheer making the shame I called conventional lead America it has nothing to do it shouldn't. No an and that's what makes me very controversial. And all of strange here in the regional eye shade. There as well a couple cycle and biology call you detonation most people have never heard. Do you declaration there's problem number one you declaration is a cycle. By couples directly to the senate cycle. It's central falls to the metabolic cycle just so we're talking. Apples and apples you're sure you get it metabolic cycle that's where. Carbon flows from chewed trump. So I just thought not only should not them the number one thing it's not even the number cheap shot. It's the number frequent. And the suit college when he achieved thus the live action retreat to achieve better understand most people will it push the process cult sort of sent to show us. Trees and planned shall not to eat they basically create early and then there and somewhat. Again we're back to that light light. Interaction as nitrogen. And nitrogen directional flows of carbon in all living things on this planet are you and includes trees and then whose office. Jack and getting oh yeah. Yeah we're we're gonna do is we're gonna take a quick message so we can listen to our sponsors and come right back and hear about that I'm on the edge of my seat I can't wait so. Let's literal listeners come back a few minutes and were letters that take break for sponsors are kind. Thank you. Doctor Jack trees thank you so much for holding on I wanna talk a little bit about he's going to be in town here. On June 21 and 22 if you wanna hear him talk he's going to be at DO voice and exit. Festival which is a festival future it's talking about other future technology and society and culture. And there's some real brainstorming going on there and Hossa has always been in the center of things like this analogy common. And listen Jack we're getting a great perspective from a intelligent man whose and those just about a little bit about everything so Jack. Welcome back and let's finish with what you're talking about okay. Oh man we're talking about and that she and you choose NYT and I would just pointing out that. Most people conventional wisdom advice which is virtually you'd. Diet and exercise are the primary determinant screen not optimal halt the won't mention it turns out. Better in a Dutch punched one of the big false you judge sort of the big fouls she's out there. Looks light chuckle determine how carbon clothes and all living things both compliance. And announced and the point that I was making before we went to break. Was that. One each interaction with about who called nitrogen. As in trees and plants determine how cauldron slows the name. Enzymes called her Disco and I root Disco and I'm controls sort of sent a source. In terms of how well it worked Shalit don't know were to occur when they announced it has found its cycle one of the mitochondria. And there's true. Chemicals that one's called an eighty positive the other one's called an eight VH. One lead carbohydrates. And ADHD issues Irish. Yeah and we are more each shot an eighty out of it goes up well at the end stand for. And that's article nitrogen. And chuck comes in there and here's where people get crossed up. When you look I might account to my account you're most people already powerhouse of the so virtually all energy may. Well when you hear dietitians nutritionists and doctors talk about saluted those talk about carbohydrates urging that shot short I got some news for everybody. There are no protein carbohydrate or shot transporters. As B input or output mighty try under its called electron. Change transport. Who are broken down electrons. Or does that mean I mean you've got to leave all of that dog mapped door about. Our macro nutrient ratios. Start understanding what an electronic it's just sub atomic oracle part of an. On every electron batches of proton what do showtime it's light Ameristar link. Wait and how they're acts I've shot a chrome on an eighty Bob and they DH. Is what determines how carbon. Shannon and its food clothes and units. Now she gets she reported about MS she's do you want to talk lot of give you the best analogy I can. Can't someone do redux potentials get meaning if they are. Very healthy at stake out a lot of negative charge in their shell not a lot of positive charge but again popularly charges inflammation. And that she generally well my church the problem as most people today do not have a good redux attached. And here you analogy you know you'd like chattering. A big do we around your mansion. You know and you have been a really bad neighborhood well the bad neighborhoods not a real com to use along church eight cheeks all the crap out. Unfortunately won't soon as you get a hole and those gates or. That's an analogy imagine you can bet the leaky gut. Where you do don't develop a leaky. Blood brain Barrett because you like but shot torn up your head a 150 times today are you check your child smile some years. You know that many times today than get shot then you know created. Older and your friends and then ten SG and you changed. You former pressure it's each you the what do coaching in your iPod downloads. And it can do it sure does your office. But first someone just say or think. That enmeshed she bought itself. Is immediately halt full as long as you're protective barriers are out I would be not sure actually correct. The problem is people can get away without. These days because most people are not. Are healthy they don't have good redux potentials. And tour the reason why I'm stickler about each else. Election and you wanna open yourself that everything in biology comes back to choose next. And I think most people know they talked to dentists and doctors failed this year. The disease is so we talk about. IE it's on you and I pitched basically is session of implementation. Implementation. Physician and and for child murder charge content storage. Comes from Roche owns stock shall pay out. What you might might congressmen out in their site from staged at our approach shots just fortunate bought a lot trot out and get rid of the net. Positive charge into much your car you just get more negative charge what that you negatively charged things that a shell needs to protect itself passed. Water. And DJ from she tree. And fundamentally that's really what my blog is about that's my book is about. And basically the more things are you allowing your environments. To create a net net popular charge yourself seems that you have to do more on the net negative side. She used shakes the balance sheet and that you you know that's which actually chronically over time. Then you can reverse many in these diseases you have you can also reach com. It sure England. And here's the irony that I did in my bio. Ten years ago I was actually able to eat more and exercise laps and restore lost a 140 bounce. So. My perspective is decidedly different than most other people you're gonna hear. Well that's fantastic two things I'd like to know what. Your daily. Nutritional. Program is that you each yourself and sexually. How does this solve working your practice of chronic pain and how do you educate your patience if you and they are all about changing their diet to. To help with their pain issues. Well. Are a total store opened the second question because it's way easier. When people want me to question how does this. Out of this program more. The application of the program is pretty simple there's nothing controversial about telling a patient keep Morsi cute drink your water up without fluoride in it. And and then avoid blue eyes or non native feels Dutch pretty much ultimately all they need to know. And I use an analogy put them just has the same analogy I use YouTube earlier I troubled troops think about their car. And they driven this car everyday kitchen years in particular and also to say it doesn't work. So they got it on the they look under the currently under battery and they open up the terminal and they show that there's no water it solar water and and then they try to turn our ritual of internal mission accomplished and also when you jump. So they come out joke the car the car it's jumped and it's a little sore so she you're left with a conundrum now. You have a dead battery of this adjust it to be charged. So Brian I think you know the answer this can you charge or can you joke of the matter answers no you can't now. And conundrum gig at Firestone. And he chartered territory or knowledge to charge brought to you it works. So what are used the analogy of the battery in my patience all the water apart most people understand. And since I am neurosurgeon one thing that everybody comes to you at. Is an MRI and what do you ever I basically its approach on shout cast. It told me what tissues or dehydrated. I basically know what they're. Hydration Lola just by looking at Fairmont I don't even need to talk to them. About about fundamentally what each candidate ditched disease it's. Arm. They Jack we had a we have we have a call in so well we're gonna have a question from. A phone call in its name is dale. And would you entertain that question source. Sure okay let's see in this could nail on the line. I'm Brian is they'll Williams actually it's not a question. Truck from him this is just the testimony that I shared with you during the week to be a better term course calling him. Jeanine keep it short because. I know Jack's got a lot of things in his talk I'm really into a lot of the the electoral manic mega nice stuff he's doing but you did tell me wait. But there. We can just right so it's finished. Like turn. Yeah let's let's do this and at another time because I'm I'm really interested in what Jack's gotta say. And we'll pick this up another time but thank you so much for calling in appreciate Iraq. Thank you. About. So Jack I got a question for you about the floor right state when you say why you who not what Florida new water. Well this this country would be nourishing controversial three years since your best and I didn't know she knew that I used to be an all search and I used to believe children conventional wisdom and eat it. Because that's were taught golf school. At what do you understand shed six behind water chemistry. You're the world changes and I'll explain you very simple. Give you a good analogy water has this very special property called I lecture they constantly what does that mean Indians. How much electromagnetic energy can be stored and water shall be analogy I use with my patience. I don't remember when you're young and your mom told you not to listen to radio lawyer in shock because. If it falls then what what happened she. You got electrocuted. Order to catch restricting. Sure why is Gingrich so then the periodic table actually most electro negative small atomic a home match at a moment table. Didn't destroy this dialect church constant in war so what does that mean it means that water is less able to carry. Electromagnetic radiation students from. Brian here's the key that damaged an Andy's need to real watched. Drinking fluoridated water. Removes more net negative charge from salt water and anything else should age you know it's very small. It makes 99%. Of the molecules in the shell. So let's think about this if we used chloride in all water Archie based. Or art treatment should know Oscars already do in fundamentally something really good or really bad crushed. Well I've done Barak's comments I've done. A lot of different. There's in my own house. But I attribute troubled water I put a bunch of Florida and it gets like sound. You don't then transmit electrical signals of support I draw also experiment. That really anybody in grade school to do. I challenged many of my friends who are dual school me about this. And I have one good friend named Johnson on you know deduction Poughkeepsie New York. He now no longer uses lard and doesn't recommend it. It is Sean mentioned and the problem is if you really look at. Works Laura came from 88. It was basically what others it's almost the same kind of story that happened which stands. And end. The American Medical Association week in which could range because we don't go back and look at the fundamental science behind it and really resent. You want to understand this week because if it is. Well basically should ditch. Chemistry experiment that is as it underpins everything chemistry. And anybody can do this which are the problem is we've all been taught and elsewhere that swore I'd. You know make sure enamel charter all of a better way of dealing with best. He's teaching people what increases are net negative are letting them avoid carbohydrates. And rushing to launch in addition there's no need for sure. Because it touched many other systems. Well Jack and not. I I agree with you on summing things because you don't know enough about me knows that I'm all about PH in and electrons and medical electrons regeneration and how it needs to be an extricating rhythm and how we sleep at night to recharge your batteries so you. I'm I'm on I'm on with you on on a level that the pro Islamic people aren't so. Appreciate that in and I did not know you were an oral surgeon a one time and and so this is all news to me and I. I yeah I got no question for you and and once again this week you go on and on arm I think the listeners are getting just a really wonderful. Idea into. On the on the direction that that I think medicine dentistry she'd go because I think sometimes we get in these areas where we just go in and and don't really are not educated and Ayers who we were we should be going to be able asked a lot of questions it was there that there may be we we need to know. But getting off on something else about tricky rhythms are talked UNC was your pin is on sleep happy because I know that is AM. Is an epidemic in our and our society and our culture. And though we know what you think is. Happening there so can you can share something your thoughts. Yeah I actually not nearly huge factor. I've Bootcheck who use. I'd do it it's very complex motion locations that I come to me that wind out of surgical problems usually kept co morbid and about ten and you have to understand a little bit. How mitochondria works at a fundamental level and you can you describe pretty simple. Attributes broken up electrons electrons move down this change. The your money can't remember any such a shortsighted crumbs on it gets that protons. The end of this chain. Is more oxygen. Is reducing other words those electrons are avid Sox didn't so we can deliberate torture issues. Then I'll mitochondria. Cannot deal well because electron shed being transported slow. We get something called pseudo hypoxia. And an additional hypoxia that means all local actual level everywhere and Archie issues short and happens leave mitochondria. Everywhere in our body. Get this problem. And he rhetorical art to be initial story that you and I talked earlier on we're talking much trees and animals. What gets back to this nitrogen story why didn't we should hypoxia. It's almost always associated. With a very low and they keep positive levels subside at all want. And that didn't shine to commute the clinician. But the conditions and environment it's horribly mismatched. Source stating that I ask every single one of my patients or obstructive sleep against how many times you they chuck. So hopefully I can actually medals do they watch TV at night and do the lights go off from their house. I missed some shots and certain there really is no. The second thing I'd do is I grabbed her leg that should be out there most people who position and while these might parliament pressed against us. I would say probably 75 to 85%. Of those people. Who almost choked up my chair what are you know that's the should be a compression just such that told me that they're vitamin. It's like go to Firestone and the analogy that I gave you earlier challenged me out of bed their battery years. Can anybody wrote to obstruct actually got more out of bed the million dollar. I tell me that they have a very low now that you're charging herself. So loud and we can get to a much trouble usually. I'll all of you gangster. Well somewhat such but the number one thing I told mr. Doyle and by any commercially introduce ourselves alone and put it on there. I also told to get on. If your computer when they do it right there's a free program on on the Internet called ash got locked W Iraq. They can upload it to their computer and now blocks all the blue light. Based on the latitude longitude where you are actually anybody can download it should limit certain until you do. Is that it's they're gonna watch gee you're gonna watch the the computer at night. As to why we're watching glasses. And do that. Are also told them that they should. Why they're so unaware amber in her house or stay out of the lights on what they lecture read and an eight I have actually dish well. That's got a little owner. Laser beams on that but I read it might or might you re sort bet you don't watch night. I can't wait to hear much. I've got to go do us station break again Jack in just one minute and I wanna come back and hear all about that I've got a few more questions also I wanna ask you. About. Baby formula that's something done that I wouldn't I'm interested in and so we'll be back in a written with doctors just cruise thinking. Thank you for hanging with a review of doctor Jack trees and he is just a wealth of information and I estimate time of the break if you talk a little bit about. Another thing that. But Jack also you know beat a neurosurgeon. I know that your how involved with concussions I had with the I would expect and sports injuries. And you know we just. Are seeing so many more of those yeah. Face to and I don't know what what your thoughts are on on that I know that in the NFL and and you have someone your blog she had written extensively on. On how this awareness has come with us the CT. Types of injuries in and I don't know if you wanna talk about that if you'd like to talk about baby formula mom I'm curious about double what your thoughts on us. And argued and argued in my opinion on the low. On military quickly. Chichi here contractions although we are very misunderstood. Especially in neurosurgery in neurology in my opinion. What estranged. Come. Up in bringing actually in 1997. I mean Stanley procedure. Won the Nobel Prize short describing pre on this season's which most people most madcow is huge and it's become very obvious over the last twenty years. This guy can cautions. You know he's when you do there are some people and she geez. You can never find anything but one of the things we do know is not the Obama itself. Actually changes in water chemistry so that it doesn't carry much. Home. Our electricity is what we said earlier and realize that the brain is suspended and spinal fluid and that's why it's such bad. That's where most of the brains energy on the New York cortex comes from so when you get a trauma what happened to change the size and shape. Approaching this inside the neurons specifically in our my own goals each and rebuild knowing about. These are links to area lash. And bearish due in June grew up watched Obama so mad cow this Easter parkinson's in the most common one. Well are all these coaching opening missed disorders such as. We bodies and about your boy tangles and alzheimer's. Encore legend chi chi he's the things that we need need to NFL players you have who kill themselves like they do or send. And junior Sam all of their brains are examined we saw guys are thirty or forty years old look like their brains of people that I just he's earlier on. The key trend that these diseases are now showing up and people are 2030 and forty years old again it goes back to the environment and they allow. Do I believe that lights fundamentally used to argue that she touched and about their stride anytime NFL player. Judge concussion what you wanted to go well things are almost always complain about terror connection and actually get anybody would bright lights. The shipping you sure did look migraines. The problem is medicine is not looking in the right place. There which it is a net on match. Oh level the years and we're not gonna solve our problem. Until we realize. That things that we need to do is we need to increase to redux potential. RV dot bleached. He's clearly going to play can't they have any. Issued a call for example if you partially injure that danger reductions lots and much more likely to get a concussion. And I'm I'm. String chair order a stray that we're not that level yet. In the league and agree. OK to play her not because the show must go on there's a lot of money out there. That would do any formal things are really interest earning issued a may because just remember the law you maybe. And he. The issue came up. Pressure Sherlock who happens you're nurse. And I'm a huge believer if you thought most controversial about sure I didn't cheat I can't stand being formed. And I think if you've had your baby babies formula you're starting that off on how. You allege that's going to you do I'm getting wallet I achieved in a doctor's office. And I'll tell you Irish data. He'd have to understand when the baby is born. It has no luck and signal. From its its own body's got to get it from smallest freshmen are. So the first time the beauty feeds leptin from the mom. Action as the USD. Oh did strive to go to they disciple Thomas and share. Exactly Powell might account you'll programs social work and this gets really complicated. We get our mitochondria program. And in terms of how we handled like trump are canceled through. Ramon love that's called maternal. Mitochondria DNA. And what does it mean that changed at all beat up mitochondria DNA comes from Mulder side only. So tomorrow there's. Actually provides the best seat in brush leading. And niche films might economy your program. We found in humans can be. Mr. economically. Over the first six years or so likes. The problem Lee Jones and you know why this happens you but actors should shears or what is it becomes hard wire. So if you give a child. Should make formula would control room and great cheetah oil and oh crap that we credit and it. Few are basically it's it's akin to buying a Ferrari for children Turkey thousand dollar to put the cheap gas. And in what is going to be a long term deposition in that story it's gonna run like in each nonsense. And it's no different when needed to change the problem there's these states everybody loves their lifestyle. And what they want it or hear what they should do. And there's a reason that limit how she brushed and there's a reason that Davey shock a lot of and that may region is such work. And demonstrate what her future they would choose her trip shorter all that bad baby needs to grow restraint. The other place women sort of similar trips and bought. Mets or the reason why nurture wrong to women where it's really nice triggers why because it's an evolutionary should roll. About woman had a lot of Vijay and can make your child limited brain. Mendez look at satellite dubbed the but actually be evolutionary reason. But it's like that and the problem is. When our belief spark coinsurance trying to believes that in the way of achieving that child. You're basically giving that shoppers some optimal range of the Russian bit sluggish. Us. Well. When you talked earlier in the hour about it. Studies and stuff I've always wonder why people who who people are twins. You know that he seems like a great anywhere that we take one and put them breast feed him and put the other one on formula if they wanted to do that. And see attitude the difference between the two weeks I think you would be. Truly dynamic changes between the two that people could actually then. See you know and and aunts and and seeing is believing an artist in that would be one I would love does to see she's not not because I I would hope. Anything other than the best but I believe that the baby formula as one of the reasons why we have so many of endurance did you hear did you diseases. These days. And downs you know the other thing is cells getting back to certain types of of nutritional things I know that Nikita Jeni diet. You had written up also says something that would. Is. When you have a confession you can have epilepsy. Or fifth something like that it is. A byproduct of that and then and then changing the diet helped that is certain is that correct or not. Out in the recent that is who is Q chose which fundamentally do. To the human physiology increases NE ER that are trying to cruel and action nitrogen in lake. And actually keep it light these guys let's go to phobia. They accuse. You don't think they're bigger had excellent light shined into your eyes is because and they didn't serve well. So what this key coach is fundamentally do it's like putting nitrous oxide. Into a car to make it run faster and increases. The speed at which electrons can well. But these are not happens once someone needs Russia younger. We make 36 ATP from that once someone needs to Sheng a little flat. Make a 147. HE teach towards third leg out to how many electron do you think. Oslo and between 147 and 36 what got answered lobbyist cash towards 47 and actually do I'd. Teach us just make sense for anybody would emerge dejudder does sure. You're you're you're getting more things through for us to try to write at least an eighty positive but here's the key point. Everybody forgets. We can't fix our problem is pure and blue light environment where I'm. Because blue light position and playing to a minor conjure up thirteen fourteen cheesecake today Dutch. Is we keep. This year and most of these guys charge in the NFL guys. Ernie and darker rooms watching film all the time constantly bombard the blue wage certain shot at all week the only trauma they're out. After time this junior partners or to apply. Not a big problem a real big problem. Are saying there's been several teams. That have actually changed their that you I was back in national Archie had talked to. The she trainer for the titans and then you know its course dealers in 2009 media obscure one. The pirates that was the first time in Pittsburgh steeler history. They're actually had everybody's vitamin. For the shot and in the shop or many people and the region furious and aggression to what I had to sage is the every at bat. There's Chicago Blackhawks hockey team grew up I aperture or avocation who's married to one their star players. Cut your extra vitamin do you know what our niche issue that she had lived for Barack. And she wound up telling her how about that skier before they wanna try out. They had tremendous amount of injuries tenant. They were not chops and all the guys on the team and they found out that each one of them have a level below parity which is a toxic rubble you know meaning it's well. So the next year that all optimize that they were announced and short term and son gets up and there was really trial. Our policy that's not a direct our cause but here's Beatrice intact. Do you want a cup they would help used to in the NHL in the last game list yet reform that the most dangerous. I don't think. Is it coincidence I think they're actually jumping to let that. I told all those guys just sort of telling you the special anime but I mean being slow getting fifteen minutes of sunlight reaching any Intel in the morning. And it and especially in the Norman and mr. where we are right now end it's 68 at night and the reason that you're getting rid of though don't rush. There are. I would be shown what radiation which and most of us we need a much Haitians are American or dark skinned Mexican and need a little bit more if you're also the melon and understand. That you should always try. To get your vitamin. 35 and sixty current. And I would tell my patients come in and you need. All items seeds and I want around 6065. Let her. Jack you are just a wealth of information and I've loved every minute of it are are went so quickly. But tell me what days you're speaking at the via via an eve festival when you're going to be on in case somebody lost command learn more from you. Why are these your attitude really special and I'm gonna. Unleash my latest are such rare which you'll probably enjoy it it is actually tied true you'd be an infrared light. Delivered through your skin. Actually improved so that they know we talked about today. In an when days are you worried they're talking. OK so you don't know what to exact schedule as well. I know everybody is going to be going to that and I'm on pins and needles can't wait and I would love to have you on again one more time. Sometime in the future price I never got around to my questions on autism I know that it's stuck. Fastest growing developmental disorder in the country right now going ten to 17% when I was on. He got out of high school as one in 5000 but I'm doctor Brian Smith. You can call us a look this up front costs in north Donna start com we'll be back next Saturday. It's been a joy and pleasure to have everybody on with a tonight and doctor Jack screws you just it's helped us so much you of people and we have. Great listening group here in Austin please come back next week join us. One more time and we'll have a new show on mega trends and help thank you so much have blessed you can pick these days thank you crews come by. Yeah.