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Welcome to me let's get healthy with bills whale on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call and 39013. Seventy. And now here's bill swearing. All right folks welcome to the show does is goes well. MI co partner today my cohost of my partner in life because he's my doctor to. And he is frustrated. We still increased focus on the show you know I don't always saw his brush. Down here I Gloria likely KG. So but doctor ray or you why Jimenez accent in me and yes hey man this Hillary one you know. As such a pleasure real people love you tape as you can such wisdom. Right well rumors of wisdom tried to the hopes so. Right but we don't we don't somebody miracles and doing her own actually wanna do and miracle diet pills are now I don't know I don't know. Thank goodness you probably have time to say that what we say on the show warehouse usually say this some news in the show. Isn't that what we say is not an approved by the FDA and now officially here and so. Just so you know. There's published a research in fact everything I tell you just research it we don't you know we just tell like it is dry and some of it to his common sense right. Like get up to lose she you don't you don't see this. In the off. In the in the major news I take this treasurer present a lot of things like. Doctor would feel wishes he'd just been rector of the coast completely ballooned to you know even though. No I don't want to lose that. But but I still on the show us it do you believe that vaccinations Reynolds about twice don't show us for a quick interview him. He's just had been. He's just against attractions here just talking to myself personally you know he told me the same thing who who who who you know. So but if you listened to lose you know he's he's a double didn't. I think there's not a auctions are permanent coaching entirely. How do you know I really do think so and I think a lot of them get into a lot of things send our food supply and learn even our medications and things like that their toxic things in their end. You know some of we don't know about and who as we find out about it you know we need to make changes and such. Some of we do you know about an intense bothers me somewhat. You know who but some you know we all need to be careful with what we're putting into our bodies and well no matter where the source is you know even if it's just plain old food or drink. I think there's going to be careful there's of. I heard talk Thursday. Promised George all go to resume the horticulturist and what do you mean he's just I think a quilt for years now Gary old trees I do yeah well. He's got a product nobody found out in his studies possessed. It sees me coming over from. From. Those smokestacks in Mexico and Mercury in canned him are getting to the soil around us was killing cops who does he developed a product is working pretty well you put on you treat. Even once a year for about 23 years. It absorbs all of these all these auctions comes heavy metals him right those two particular machine and so he's getting good results were so. Interest and somewhat try this some I want to nominee who showed. Of you know a couple weeks or so solution even knowing about this product. I mean for 400 dollars relentless in our dollars you can you cover. Almost any treatment he is a big mistake to banks him books for less than two dollars. Compared to what it cost you. And you can say treasury. But you know he's had good luck with the so hung. So anyway I'm curious as we've talked about mr. Obama doctor Rogers for a minute here because I think is important that. That he he's making some really good statements and I think it was important to. Dad Columbia does support him losing his right to free speech. They may have made of got into a mess here the doctors that are going after him because. In. I think that tone here we should have freedoms. We achieved more than anything that's what I would support him with him he is in his right to say what he thinks is right to run as an opinion should be able to express that time I just can't see what's wrong with a right. You know using her goal was maybe Olympus or maybe maybe put. You know my deacons do bring you wouldn't you go after everybody and anybody who advertises. I mean I hear lots of claims and advertising that you know whoever they're not miracles or Monaco miracle strengthened recount. Ten and it cannot tell you were pretty well for burn centers and so it's definitely it helps healing. You told Merkel sprint. And yet they don't chemical then pinned. And the fact they were here's a miracle men don't come out for us true that's OK if well blocked his social on the phone. Okay. All right you'll go into the score ticker. Okay then. Or pay me. Jane. Hello I'm doing this again. I'm being great they very often and OK now you have a consumer of coal. Parent. Acupuncture is is a miracle right you can do miracles and I contemptuous don't say that I have. Actually canceled the theft and we will see you know a lot of people don't expect governor Arnold. Right right. To know doctor ray him and it's yeah we know each other hand you do know him and beyond I can't when he sees all far what you do name. Or lesser scale because. He does well he's he's more permanent doctor and him. End up which you can do some markets and thank you put your mirror that Cheney and came over and did some stuff with us at the clinic for little bit code shouldn't. Can. So general what what tell what are you doing you know what you have to now we need to brag about little bit because I know here. You're doing a lot for good trivia pelts of individuals. Yep I imagine the clinic's three days the neat and have been. People around getting our art scene I've been gone for a little outlets that's none and they are now very right. Once you tell us it's yours truly well in the acupuncture. I helped put every thing I think. Where you whether we're glad you're back. So let's explain where the where the clinic is so they can know where they confront you. I'm with T Islamic center up north near Lakeland mall it's right at the end section. When he street and fix tool. Why don't you intersection to summarize our picture right next to do to the people's forums you language. Right between the people trying to eat and are eager them think that in nineteen. I do you feel like it would be a torn out. University federal credit right now right. Did. And now I'm gonna be I'm here to talk about. The friend mark Todd and gene hears this coming Monday. At 7 PM about allergy is and who what I AQ. And how well. Our congress should go over very well. Allergies and what you can do strategies cruise. And that's good movies they put thorniest Monday. 70 am right. There so you can do a lot with the allergy you shoot it. Where they can torture. Let me focusing on CU RV is yet. Especially with the live oak pollen that just everywhere to the right now yeah exactly so. Talk about how I actually get help also. A lot of herbal remedies that can help the slowly so you can talk about how. I think he poked it combination. Really helped. We did. Symptoms carrying European and how do you feel register Bhopal under our law lord see you know thousands of different and I think that we have going on Iraq since. That people react Jim. And about her arm has not been beat her prevention because. It's really good for. You know. Getting getting you prepared for your career see your allergies. And really even eat. The county are not rocket pictures some people can actually cut down from just completely critics he has a legal he's. Well a lot of acupuncture treatments and I'll tell you and works people who are well. Fan and I think you can actually prevent it. If you and if you know your urge to have pollen. Can you'd like. Ragweed or whatever you can actually presented. The manifestation. Of the condition. Lou acupuncture. I think he can you know I think you can augment the system. To work better and your immune system works better and so you deal with the allergens that are there. And you know you make the immune system stronger and more resistant to it. And you know it Jane's talking about using both in combination is really important using the herbs news in the acupuncture together. That is the basis of traditional Chinese medicine just to use these herbs along with the count just the acupuncture done and lifestyle and what you eat and you know how urgent sorry sides there's a whole bunch of things that go into your. I traditional Chinese medicine didn't. You know when you use them all together it's extremely effective. Beaten by themselves most of them are pretty effective you know some of the components so that's usually Tom budgeting. He says well we don't have the. Yeah okay I mean I'm going out of business I guess what keeps this up because. I'm a young kid who I can't sells these girls are got to live in the pharmacy after a while. You know we we prefer now they have no trees in China silly you you got Chinese are sure. They don't kind of trees that are mobile plus the. I'm a wonderful thing about about this approach is is that yes some some things that we hear it but districts you what you are allergic to treat our anger over. Or bolder what have you to compliment that in March took about how your body respond so that especially how I look at it. It's a humble kind of symptoms you have been helping your immune system. The better be able to handle all they virus strain that's cool though. Possibly not vote could live but certainly what you have our fair share of she Colin irritant and ten. So we meet some other things are just mentioned other things in this seminar about the acupuncture can do it like emotionally stress syndrome. Like cone. Of tiny 92. I won't talk about whatever the people who would and you want to talk about trickle trickle an allergy but they're not equal interest sitting anything else. I'm I'm certainly hoping he'll do whatever they want helmets and here is how well. You know what person so I want to quit smoking. And others acupuncture points. That many years in order. So it's not easy saudis at all. So you can get into that you know which you have to do you quit smoking. Yeah I can't acupuncture is lying tour until I expect to appeal with a lot of things go in up front dean. It's definitely can't help I'm gonna want somebody like it is that you get help would you do the hard part about. Something like that yeah of the symptoms that we hear a lot of people talk about let's say what they made the decision to turn it. It's not good cop I'm sure a lot of people have heard about. But all those kind of it irritability that may come in with Augustine which can fight a lot of relief. There are acupuncture lighting. Exactly this good weather as often as at least I think if people get to know and acupuncture should just ask him. You know I've got this problem you know got a problem it can you help. There's very few things noted MD Anderson there's an acupuncture or department that MD Anderson for cancer. So you can do certain things to help put captured. Right. Yeah has a lot of we have had a great example on another line I just recently gave up a little introduction act at a childbirth switches back and I punctured. Is really helpful for a pregnant ladies. I think then as the the benefit that most people are aware of is preached hate me being able to Chandra imperil our own child for that goes much that there. I'll let somebody loose soil about a lot of women have trouble breastfeeding. And can you do Jack Pritchard who oppression. Let frustrating not so much. Like acupuncture and what's with herbal remedy is sure there are certain me. Herbal remedies that everybody familiar with its terms are not. Looks up at the moment. But you know western herbs that people actually went live there are not Chinese herbal remedy that's twelve for breastfeeding. Don't push education bus tour Q what Jones showed educate people what you can do. Then there's very few thank you can do you're right Doctorow who now they're sure if you know who Brian Prescott. That's why you study by the way doctor Jimenez is an empty. And that your paths. And acupuncture group is that you don't know who work with computers. Because we join the grounds they MRI. Wasn't genuine treat your good today. Looking. Aren't. Which are two really truly treat your good I can't retrieve good right. Definitely. Good being on any Ricky got. Yeah we we've got to treat you right 'cause otherwise you won't come back. And I tell you acupuncture really important for people allows you to know about it too. Our I was thanks again Jane thank you want us once again that's going to be. Monday April 20 at 7 PM right. That's right and their league UST RD peeved but very cute try to show up we welcome. I do want. Yeah a friend and myself I don't you don't you're right you don't charge you should Jorge from this but tests are. So that's okay history. And who educate people are so we want to. Well okay Jane especially on the show and end a term buy you don't have a good showing who won tonight. Are ranked and anxious to everybody can be able to come. Yeah they can't dispute hours deeply about Colin the storm hit. Lakeland. My number I have it right here and I want to do. 21986. Here a year down. Do I and 8600 easy you know all right. Okay Joseph thanks a lot. I have read what did you do but I don't caper about are we take a break going for a little bit later in my troll too much probably okay. Pieces species and no aren't I can read glass. High ethical. Our let's take a break gloomier about. Don't go anywhere let's get healthy which bills well rusty white people. Boston's favorite farm fields movie back in just a few moments. Thanks for listening to let's get helping the bills well on top thirteen 78. Rusty by people's Austin's favorite pharmacies. Welcome back to the show on what did you pray you're always seek time we'll get doctor Christian Horner was this doctor Horner. Yeah that's what a pleasure having you back on the show are pure a year to. So I you know I don't even know it then fine thank you and if so what. Right okay we're not drama to boast waking the warrior goddess that was your book till just. This it was a amazing. Because I don't have who each have a warrior goddess and a sister that you say. Then your book it is time to set her free. The warrior goddess and her passion I don't breast cancer you motion mother breast cancer you you decided to make that your Mon June. Make sure that you could have been a lot of breast cancer cause this to two million dollar two or three million Americans a year American women are not take him. They are if not the home. You know now today hearing it'd have to talk about typical candidates you know. Really definitely got into Iraq you know the prevention aspect of various different cancers. You know that's another one where we used to be a huge problem and that can actually incidence dropped by 75%. After we started their past there's about forty years ago. So it isn't that big of a problem anymore of that you know we definitely have had a lot of. Looked interesting controversy about that each PV virus than that vaccine. A bright and you say that you can. You protect yourself and your children. Just doing that can support thank you did with the breast cancer. You know what's interesting is that. You know they found out of. All the cervical cancer. I'm about 99%. Of them didn't have a presence so that HPV virus which is why we definitely know there's a strong association but woods isn't publicized alive is that. And 98%. Of people who get infections with HPV. Pirates. It goes away on their own if they have a strong you know a new system 98. 8% so only 2% don't want to be chronic infections than those of the as a potentially can cause cervical cancer which are they citizens that those statistics have dropped well known tremendously on it. So that people that are more at risk for having these chronic infections are people who earn healthy so the ones that are smoking or. You have a weakened immune system poor nutrition drinking to imagine that kind of thing that particular risk for is so of course keeping yourself healthy and keep your teen agers and pre pubescent you know kids healthy is it's. You know it's another reason is to really make sure that they eat well and let's get enough sleep then head don't think you know have a lot of bad habits that. Cancer really interest thing is that there is some research that just was I came out the University of Texas. At the Health Science Center in also named in conjunction with MD Anderson. And they cut to commercial formula called a. Each DC which they interacted at those related compound and they tested eight CC against. The HPV virus that we know that that particular formula I is actually prescribed in the hospital and and Japan because this survival statistics for cancers so much better it helps to support every single or cell type in the new system but it also has anti viral effects so they have to lead. Against the HPV virus so they found that it killed the virus at preventing infections from the. Occurring and then woods' actually the most exciting news is that if a woman gets a chronic HPV infection. I didn't know western treatments available that will effectively get rid of it. And what he's educated masses the and then Doctor Who is running any other tests on women but clinical study of women. They have this chronic HPV virus. As you put them on ACC and she found that in six months element to the women in Egypt ACC for six months. It cleared the HPV and explore and a 100% of the women. So now they're dealing with big clinical trial on have been like if that this is extremely exciting because there's no western treatments for Ed and you know so here we have. Mashal formula that has no verbal side effects like that vaccine deficits and Aaron and it can kill you know they have their actions so. You know definitely there's all turn seventeen notes due you know deciding to have your children vaccinated against us there's so much controversy about this particular vaccine. Because they also found this only when they give its cities. You know yeah I can't say only takes it quite effective little say in about 50% of them and it looks like it only lasts for a couple years than any kind of following up by the tigers and the tigers dropped within a couple of years so like a case that we're injecting our twelve and thirteen year old and there's been serious side effects including deaths. I'm a reporter with the vaccine hands. And that's only the last church cheers and then hit toughness and some of the senate that's weakening the ethnic that they have so you know. And I think it's it's extremely important you know to blitz that healthy diet lifestyle that she's. You can everything it talked about in my book is really the same for every kind of chronic disease is the way to keep your body is healthy as I possibly can learn and then you know the great news you received accesses finding that here we kept this simple question formula that okay well you know that HPV virus so. Now. But it isn't available that can. So now that army seat is available everywhere I mean I I haven't. I personally I take one that's made by quality of life and definitely it is just a check on the Internet and Google like that you can get it from Amazon. I don't know certainly like to ask me out. Is it ratio mushroom are reiki. No it's actually arable land they college sub species is I should talk to look at. Nothing has multiple different sub species and then they take them from the late helium or the roots of the Russia and so they get absorbed into the system you know better as more effectiveness you know within my guess that they don't hundreds of studies or so that are reduces the risk of many different kinds of cancers than the previous survival statistics aren't. And cancer patients quite effectively there's a lottery sites breast cancer prostate cancer colon cancer. And does some other you know varieties and then that also you know Oak Hill so viruses and bacteria and then let. I thought this racers that are really exciting and he mentioned that we have heard him HTC will kill ad age TV. I then it's fascinating even thinking you know because. If you look at the statistics and you see didn't the vast majority of HPV infections. Are are being resolved by the person's own immune system and a population. That's really not doing that much to help their immune system. And what if this population actually did something for their immune system like eating a healthy diet and walk trained in doing their exercise in every tank. She set 2% might become a point 02%. Act and I know I am sorry you know we got to we've got to get ourselves healthier and looking forward to an end. You know your biggest defense against cancers easier immune system who you know so north. What she's saying this couldn't be more true ritzy got a look at what you're doing and why you put me right. Most of the governors and through our governor was trying to mandate this vaccination churn out and the satisfaction sorrento is you know legislature children to now comment. I mean that's really great because you know they kind of area that they do have this government agency called the vaccine adverse events reporting system where the bears yeah they had twice that many and reported. Complications with this particular vaccine than any other vaccine are recorded her history like 33000. Reported adverse events so far and it's had. Over 100. Girls dying and you know I was researching this I don't think was her nose despite horrified or the scientists and I mean even has stories that if you don't like you didn't have to have Flores cherries or girls have gotten. Injections that I that there aren't you know afterwards. Stand we have is really bizarre thing in this country where. I think it was Reagan is found it. People cannot. It is the pharmaceutical companies for any adverse effect and you know senseless vaccines. Made it illegal to either Adam there's like a patient compensations turns. And that's how these people have to get paid you know forty. Getting kind of compensation they say it's just you know nearly impossible to get any money out of that dead you know that's not the point that there is some of the kids' lives here where I'm Dennis. Sought to neurological problems like younger days in multiples for assistance. You know we're definitely seeing ads that they use heavy metals interpreter events like aluminum and we know little women in this toxic to the nervous system so. You know like you know how this. Story really didn't majesty and we don't know what that does. So I think that this is really really serious simply put is no more than distance. So you say quality of life is a place. One that I you know personally take and I have it available on my web site it's. And then the best thing and it does this does not it's not like quietly carried and retell stories just you know bettered that just can't get it on the Internet they can do but there are multiple different places yeah. And we don't carry them. So what is your web site. I'm doctor Christine Warner dot com is that the ER CHR I ST IN EH OR NER dot com. It. And this is called the. The season. Eight HCC. Didn't see this act this access correlated can't handle it civil and these are things when we. ACC. Humanitarian ACC. You know this is good information. So would you show you just if he had a young girl you know toward about it just to have her start taking. A couple of councils and near. Us. Mean that's what I would do I mean I take it every single day because I just think there are China's third grade and you know I've not had a cold not a monolith here and a couple years you know that you almost flying in everything that's devastating event. I mean if I had a teenaged daughter you know just based on all the stuff I read about this vaccine and the fact that you know it's not effective than 50% and that it looks like there's not any good after a couple of years I mean it just makes less sense suffer shirt you know I would encourage my. I and you know teenage daughters just take on this and many healthy habits of possible error and wait Miller had typical teenagers can be that. You know definitely taking you know 11 did you capsules. Twice today. Snow is you know can be extremely beneficial any day you like it did what they do it's infectious not as. Scary anymore because now is Gary you're showing that you can actually eradicated in jail if need be whereas you know things you know we're at that time. And are great and so are these states that mandate to special mission. That's just ridiculous I mean pick and to me it's like they're doing it live and listen to those government I mean come on I mean. Yeah and some of them I mean that whole controversy within these old you know acting to reflect well. You know what they're really thinking that there is some genetic. Kind of predisposition towards her little kids can't have neurological. Reactions like babies develop in the not too there are other neurological you know issues and and sell you know instant watching this horrible stories you know or they were talking about my mother who had a kid that you know had a you know a serious reactions to that Max pool in hand you know without. On normal English as a second child and they're gonna Forster does. Back to sneeze at child and the child may very well I have you know that failing or the Prius whatever genetic predisposition Kurtz. They're having your reactions good and has played well I mean that's just criminal. Well wouldn't object might. Out of the other good news is Californians just shares today declares. The two measles outbreak is essentially over the senate. And I are can't just. People reasons you back and it wasn't even less so like last year I mean I do sirens now to moisture. Their kid relaxed this year don't let last year and it was making national news every single night yeah right no one's done. Nobody knew nobody you know he's spent his Christmas. The fact that try to measles or the background growing up and then measles parties you know we didn't some kid Gupta measles or I want to their house to chicken pox two complex the. Together let him make yourself let me and then. Yeah they do out there knows this and that their party and I'll lump all moms would get. The other and bring all the kids together and have a big party in the and we all get the chicken pox to machinery automotive. And mr. Nasser Al Thornton then yeah you can't have you count how they know what they said the police or you have extra benefits. What's curious is my chicken pox party was on a government installation. It's called a military takes really react when I was a kid my mom my dad was in the army and so we were gonna wanna government installation we had a chicken pox party. Bristol and still allow you to looser we all got the chicken pox and good for all of you know yeah. The rest of here alive and betrays you know. What do we know much theory here engineer just so you're so good to. Once again you know you wake him the U warrior goddess to your book is still available right. Oh yeah I did I just you know with the third edition of adherence go and you know the first initial and the best health book of the year can you sound like you know with the third edition and add it a 150 pages picked the there's there's such an explosion there preachers in the head in this area looking at. Natural. Not only natural products and also even like how things were understanding how. Things like. Exercising aspects. Our genes you know turning your hinging volunteering your thinking about that we have you play. For more detail understanding about how all of these you know different things are highly protective so you have to ride that's available Emery where he now. Well yeah actually they do directory the only the only doctor DR Christine Horner majority in Europe dot com. He has. Clean platter you know certain kind of for the newsletter and hand out I offer consultations. Looking for breast cancer patients but also for the people that are just wanting information about how to become a stay healthy and naturally that. I'm yelling my specialties are working with the newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and helping them. It was an integrated. Approach to cancer care because the statistics from the integrative oncology showed us seats. Outcomes or three times better when you do that combination of an innocent lives complementary and alternative medicine techniques. East you'll see here. Especially here I know yes I'm right that things that are increasing your risk is nerd all the things that are highly protective they have some phenomenal outcomes from that sense yeah would have. Doctor doctor Rashid listened to show what good at math and so it is a miracle two weeks. Stereo as saying miracle diet so he didn't speak. To apply its cost divides us and he was above the other pills do you session. Company yeah and other companies that make said this isn't. They chassis track tape ACC it's that's a good acting good good to mushrooms. Insurance no I'm Sharon. Wouldn't. So much you know we're going to tobacco more often. I don't give me your nerves duhalde's. I haven't that if you hit theories and tell your left. Are you gonna chapter you rerun of the book and check your viewers to text is only studies and an assist from distance contract. As. Soon as you have your rights you know Rudd doesn't. I'm in the process actually you know I just kind of more than halfway through time but proposal as a with my agent right as we speak English. Score may be out you're out there and interview her casino I'd love San Diego. From the that's where you're at a news San Diego up the analysts look beautiful town good. Is there live. Very him hell why is Manhattan. What's nice our Christine permitting only arrow automotive thank you know. All right have a great weekend needed all right and try to. All right route to Cabrera cure her not to anybody too premature to current and we got doctor Sean Young coming up. She's. You talk about you raising optimism. The book you wrote you racing heart doesn't pump to some sort of control New Orleans truthful we secure. Thank you can do actions. The the things you can do. For a guy and what have you if your emotions child. You know that will help so that's so important are listing because Q all right does this we don't you have to get to do you can have a key to conduct yourself. I was always denied that stuff the safer now don't realize that all right our let's take a break and will be your best. Financiers. You're listening let's get healthy with bills whale presented by people's. Austin the local holistic pharmacy only back with more cutting edge news and help them out. The. You're listening let's get healthy lead feels well on top thirteen seven. 51239. And thirteen seventy. Welcome back to Michelle welcome back we should know. Where doctor Shawna young where this. You have a sense of humor. Yeah you do get it okay let me just say this pass off Ph.D. NC TN. A CT and if you text mes can't talk now. And then I'll know more about this company discovered animals after. Look at there after I don't know I don't know I just had to look at. No actions in my notes here but oh. But I just had to do usually because I thought well if I read. The machine can Tom Reynolds so we can she's older she's only there how can that so yeah. Among registered uses humor. Because I'm telling you you've got a serious so. Program geared to help people. Politician Charles preventing him trying to reverse side of that. Pretty good diet it keeps you follow the protocol that will prevent it but. This is also about children that are already affected. It has a lot of what's going on now. Yes you know a lot of money that they're racing for earth you know researcher on how to prevent it and they are doing all that they're not doing anything about the people that are already diagnosed. And though this is. This can actually bring them back cut. You know these kids I had they have diagnosis here we worked with adults scale. And with people that happy specific things and it says about retreat in those people as well I'll. You know it just seems like a lot of what's going on right now it's throw the baby out with the bath water. Oh yeah Bryant McKinnie and right and opens the book is collier racing autism spectrum balanced protocol. Cracked. When you visit there's a protocol that you recommend if you I don't know course. Call like I started working with about ten years kick out. I had a little effect almost exactly June of 2005. I had little boy commend the artistic but we didn't think there are picking what to do early with back his mom rademan because he had. As non Exelon you know stomach issues specific about the Colombia. And I detached you know we just happened Q. Finest iron and manganese can balance. And I just dial up maybe if I bring it fired up a little bit bullet bounce that manganese Salem you know his entry into it won't be as high. And it's dead it completely and totally reversed about it. And that immigrate. They also say the sooner you get to each of new researchers came out this last week the sooner you get to a child. That has autism. Emissions suspecting thing start something and your program be great wouldn't. Absolutely because all it is is there really healthy diet. You know it's not a lot of times when you have a kid that protected like you know there's apparently there's mom and dad and two kids and only the one child is affected. And that is so a lot of people think what you know we don't have to Ali defamed paint. But that's really really hard on that hit. You know I have to eat totally differences in what everybody else the fan. All this this this spectrum don't protocol is that it is a very very healthy diet. And it they believe to Caylee died it's just that it's targeted to reverse this mineral balance that account as well. But I eat like this all the time you know I mean it's not like you know you have to deal happy you know the one child have to have all these special to that could help this regular. I'm curious why was it originally called the Popeye protocol. Yes met with Mike our particular are coming in a different. Lettuce spinach in there. Yeah absolutely yeah what happened with the first look at it is that you know I just. I came up with that you know they're tired thing at 930 at night you know after I put in a full day at work out. When I called his mom please suggest it's good to be mighty I had sits in its prophet then that's because the tire iron you. And what we down when we started working this on various kids because that the kids that they've brought their next. And then they have a lot of olive oil though between spinach and all of. There you know Craig who who picked. We know. You know it's funny were just talking about HPV. Surely a little. Let it go into being the same kind of thing you know you gotta look at what you're doing with torture eating in your exercise and all of that kind of think of clean died a strong immune system goes a long way. Absolutely huge and you can't happen aren't immune system without a clean guy that's right yeah yeah it's just impossible and you know it wicked people understand that about their car you you know you that you have to put the right grade gasoline cars the carcass to run. But they can't seem to equate it over to their. Except it's the exact same analogy that I use every day in my practice is talking about. Putting the right fuel in the car if you got a race car you're not gonna win unless you put the right fuel line. That's quite new and you want to Carter ran better than you put that better you know that's did you balloon that you absolutely. Taxes beyond the hardest part actually writing the fact this is actually my ticket back. Dan does does it the hardest part the whole thing was peaking as the case studies. Because. I could have done a whole book just with autistic cases but then. That would have left out ADHD and those Phoebe and obedient all of the other things that this works west. So I will I wanted to try I mean I have this some case that if it's text from my short list. With 77 cases. And I had to bring other people and to figure out how to make it 26 because. I remember all the kids that it's hard for me like roll out you know what I can remember there's another face to replace that and it all back and I think. But. What I try to do is hit the whole spectrum and I've been getting a lot of phone calls. People calling into my office contained wolf you know my child which is exactly lights and then they pull up the case got it. You know Mike all right so it was just exactly packed my daughter was exactly like Rebecca or you know whatever and they're really feed themselves. In it which is great and that's what are trying to deal. So but these are there it is covered the entire spectrum and build everything is in the book. It's very anecdotal so it's easy to read you read the actual case studies at the kids that we're also putting the science behind it. And then the entire diet and how to do it and everything else it's all included in the book. Or you're gonna be in Austin to on this Friday your children. For the Austin yeah I wanna treat secretary and secretary commercial pretty forthright. And he loves Austin Helio. SX. Conference. Which is international right. You know I mean this doesn't like doesn't he obliged in Austin this listening is just didn't feel the people getting involved daily you know and in which you're doing a great loudspeaker don't take. Oh my gosh yeah appealing aspects of my speed electric current is that Palin's ex really covers the spectrum I mean they had everything from. Here nutritional speakers you know like me Q people that are addressing specific conditions you know what part cholesterol brain. They have people that talk about working out. You know and how to most effectively d.s that it's it's just it's huge and it's gotten excited because there for a couple of years and it's more than doubled in size. Moved to depart reduce your. Palmer and his center is where they'd rather hear most of us and I knew this try and I paperwork resource charges Sundays with a torn six. And you get free last dream to live. In the tickets are likely to dollars a bleed. Yet they're inexpensive and it's it's a shame because there's a lot of what they called mastermind groups. And what did put a whole group of people got hurt and then on a particular subject like. It you know weight reduction detailing how to start. Specific questions about you know. Cholesterol specific questions about working out state you know and still be like bomb four or five of the expert speakers to snap. Who should be no arrest him. Then he. Thank you go to Boston. Tennessee pay our video SX dot com. And remember about the consumer. And I think doesn't come people on the consent because it's right here in Austin. Well I I couldn't agree more I think that's that's usually the kind of thing that I recommend in the I would like to also really emphasized the fact that the paley you know type guy it. Is not a new phenomenon it's not a clear it's not a fad diet. It's a half a million years old you know. Pat I even goes as far as I just say it's a human diet. It's what you ought to be eating you know. Pulled out its oil what I with his. You know we call it organic food here grandparents just called it cute. They concentrated and drive because right when you sit down he does yup I'm with him for the family was organically you know they concept. So. It's a special guy and you're booked. Is zones is based on us more of a special diet even for Helio right. You can correct. Holiday targeted diet because it is a Caylee or diet meaning that it has. No brains militancy is very very limited to Gary. But yet it also has specific things like for example foods like blueberries. Pineapple. Nuts those kinds of things those are generally healthy for you and those are eaten on as regular paley a diet. That they are ticket out of this went for a period of time as the timing Guinea is. So what we're dealing is is we're trying to target that iron and manganese factory site iron manganese he's that they were separate type your brain. And silliest ever captured site is full of manganese and then you're not going to be able to use your ire. So with the diet is targeted to do if you kick out the excess manganese. And build a bridge tetris sites with iron that are supposed to be told let iron. And it creates it does that you know the balloting other when you're may need if you hire causes extreme sensory inputs. Like if you break down dispute loud Texas too hard. Somebody has capped the salt you think that they're mad at you you know if it's those kind of things it's an exaggerated. Country anti and that's because of the enormous amount of beyond but the symptoms of the heart of the spectrum. Well I'm kind of curious we just have a consumer is left here but neither is the ministry syndrome that you discovered. Crack the pin on the one that name date yet. Other week I got tired of staying manganese and iron in ballot this so we sort of got to the minute he's. Posse of Essen Germany is that manganese and iron I guess. Correct and yet I am man enough to ask. I would really really like people to understand about this book is that is there a little bit of misunderstanding when I was writing it. Do you think it already happened this is not a theory that I have app. Not well if you balance your bank meet your irons and that might have been. We know it does we've been doing it for ten year. You know I've got file cabinet couple of you know people that had been through that's there's not read this this kind of question that. That this state is doing what we needed to do. You know it in terms of balancing that iron to make it. And a lot of people they wanna go get a the only tasks state it will what should they get a blood tests to hair analysis you know I figured that's what awake yet to tell my lengthy high. And what I Kellan has just started eating a diet it's just that you and the very worst thing that can possibly happen is nothing. You know in in the case scenario of an attempt to start to go away you know people start doing better in the absolute worst case scenario nothing happens. So do norm do no harm. Six pack range we're supposed to do to harm. Lose I would imagine do or die like the incidence of nothing happening would probably be pretty low most people would probably be doing a whole lot better. Yeah I like I you know the end broad. I not many that I had heard up quite frankly now that no harm foundation which is not for profit that and then medical about a which. We've had the tens of thousands of downloads in over seventy countries now. So there's a lot of people out there a better downloading and you've seen this diet and you know I had I don't know what exactly their results where leg. In the one that I know about you know the ones that came into my office who once that I talked to on the phone. The other incidents of nothing happening is extremely well. Now. Aren't they great wealth who you congratulations this is really good program. And folks that's been sold has been sold out the last two years. So if you wanna go and drink. That's premiere tickets are sold out now. Now that there are other tickets left but all the premieres are sold out. Tell the premiere tickets saucy it is yeah so who was to premiere this firm. I meant at all. Stages and all of you know that's like accept everything that's going on. Say okay. Let's listen the embargo the web site check it out. Doctor menace who released today he's an he's an him to eat. But he's taught you to put indeed he was in putting people sleep and I would you welcome. Yeah I'm also CT end. Your tray saying he's CT and Austin. Powers but it is now I think that I can't effect can talk now run through. But the guy cutting as speaker urged innovative fitness demos. The what are your social networking right great way to compete and is that there's an experience and a. Doubt they even have this meeting this year called Palin a pocket it's kind of call it psychic you're going by yourself and you want people to hang out with then you know they'll they'll put his other public people. It bit it's a wonderful program pillar faxes to my favorite episode that shows his. It's just so much fun that the people at those key congressional minority run under amazing and biggest Hugh Reid who really good job with that. Where you're doing a lot of work you know we appreciate is very much in your book is available or just an Amazon. It's reversing sizable tourism. You're not racing coaches and run but still it's entitled to. You know you can't secure UC arrangement. That cannot do you know you can answer I have learned that you hit this. Okay well thanks again to bring Alan and how many looks or you talk go go this is weekend. Thank you thank you Miller go to a tremendous I don't know Tony force than through the 26 Ryan who. Now. Well Brian Friday night price and Ira destroy not a blatant. As well and they're happy for that that's cute there is that there is a charity dinner. Gosh I believe Friday night. And there's another event it's kind of lay on Thursday. So you know there's there's the that he can that he can't help you know those are great places where everybody networks. Hey Leo FX. Dot CompUSA. To come with thanks again for being known Sean thank you are great weekend. RA provide a gigabyte back. Sorry we're take a break king will be news break we'll be right back. Mark heading into health information is right around the corner when you're listening let's get healthy with bills well on talk thirteen seventy brush do you buy people's Boston's favorite pharmacy. We'll be right back. Time for more cutting edge health and wellness information you're listening to let's get healthier bills wail on Austin's top thirteen seventy. Welcome back to really show the second hour by the way we have. Coming up in this hour or we have. Doctor Cheryl so moon and choose who care about women's health and a couple of products that she sounds very beneficial. For women. We're torment that in the Oregon Sheila have to know she'll talk about. Smart meters and why we needed to learn about us these so called sport readers. Have you seen as oxy moron and the way what they say it isn't that they may be Smart to make you ill or create problems for even. We're well let her talk about their life so must take I think we've got so sure doctor Cheryl so when. Try him here OK you put a pleasure have you Harry Dent. I'm great thank you for having me I really looking toward her conversation. So were you Collins is an eyelid and Tulsa Oklahoma OK. Just down the road to peace. After her her mom way. So this is a witness health measures they're British houses and there's a big issue today. And I'm and I think it's just more in tune to their bodies of men. Well I think our hormones definitely has but each role to play and how we think and how we feel and what's going on with our fertility into our aging process but you know I have found that women are so misinformed. About what is really happening with your hormones and I like to say if you don't understand what's going on how can you really make. The best decisions so we need to get the story straight. Exactly you got I don't know what's going home. And and testing is important. I think has thing is really important and it's certain things that are critical to test we need to test for things like her fight and he leveled. I like women detest their C reactive protein and fat measures inflammation and information drives all sorts of hormonal imbalances. I also like women to be testing a full panel for their thyroid. Yeah I was diagnosed in two years ago with Hashimoto virus died at 80% of women who complain or have been tested for thyroid. And balances particularly high profile rated that actually has. The origin being an autoimmune condition called how she noticed I irritated. So if you don't get a full panel of testing you need to show up with a hyper thyroid condition you can be put on center rioters some third at. Hormone supplementation that you know what you're not hitting the nail on the head you're not getting to the root cause and sat. Issue that's driving an autoimmune condition wolf potentially. Drive of their. Illnesses and problems with its not address so we need to get more specific. And the other tests that I find critical for women's health. Is doing a saliva tests to assess the cortisol levels look at the adrenal gland which really are. The big player in all harm on home issues. It's huge you know you know I'm pharmacists. Got to tell you and you know we see a lot of prescriptions for our oil than many other things what we don't. Some prescriptions original clinched. Oh. Yeah and I have I remember right I lecture a lot in Australia and I remember when women. Name is Jill and her doctors saying I think I had originally adopted and his answer was what's that. And about the state of things with traditional medical model because if we don't have an organ that's really falling apart in totally dysfunctional. They don't really know how to address root cause issues can restore. These the these functions had to get the body working optimal way you don't ever wanna get to play through things fall apart but. Before you get took place they fall apart. You're not feeling really well because the body is not working at a 100% so you're only working on two or three cylinders he should beyond you know all six. It was hard to treat a number one. And the only drug I guess and it's there's no of course all cars all engines and nobody has had the last of the Wachovia marketed cortisone. Any don't really need you don't want court at all because you know how it how many side effects are certainly are worried welcome you blondes. To support and energized and nourish the treatment plants and I I I think maybe we didn't just talk a little bit about life I think DG official reports. Let me just say I separate from adrenaline exhaustion a separate from Hashimoto aspire indicted by hit leaky guide I had insomnia hot. Clashes tonight's lead to arthritis. Severe hate Peter I I had at all you know and by the way if anybody said to me back then how are you like a lot her. You can't don't yeah yeah let you know it'd sank to your make and then he just people instantly whenever it doesn't you didn't but I know. What was a revelation for me is that when I learned that through the extreme stress that I look under for many years. And that was exacerbated because I was eating a lot. Lot of gluten that that Thailand many eating related deny aid and just a variety of things created a perfect storm which just exhausted these little glance that sit above the kidneys while the adrenal. That actually are. Absolutely essential to maintain hormonal balance. Can help with blood sugar regulation helped with your immune system helps with memory helps with sleep helps with mood sound familiar and. I kind of central everything on thing. And they aren't you know I had to repair that new and you know it's like feeding them they're did I. See most people treating marriage we look lands like. There'd be no cut that Dirk. But which like flogging a dead horse you know he has seen. They get used there are five hour energy drinks whatever it is to try to get there is drain those which generates energy. Too good to produce. You know yeah but it but like flogging a dead horse to get kicking a dead horse that dead horses can kind of move any pasture it is not like Gordon's. Yeah bell eighteen accelerates to the degree are tradeoffs are exhausted all kinds of Beijing accelerate. Filly daughter restore them. And that is where natural approaches couldn't you know acupuncture. And that's a tactic medicine internal netted says. Functional medicine approach we understand. We need to really get to the root cause and rejuvenate and regenerates. These key functions in history when it comes Obama. Who and with the Bayreuth you know with Hashimoto as being one of them blew. The top. The reasons for high authorities and in America today. Are you seen in the same connections Swiss. We gluten that I'm seeing. Absolutely you. That you know. How she manages they think you know when people understand what an autoimmune disease is the ballot they can start. Connecting the dots. And by the way this statistic I was told I would say 80%. Of hypo thyroid conditions are an autoimmune condition called Hasheem has merit I guess I don't know if you had seen in my sister. I've seen the statistics you know. Yes so at stake and it's all about. Getting to the root cause of an autoimmune condition and one of those true 'cause issues appealing. And it. I highly inflamed. Gut that now has these little micro chairs so. A day just to see it gets into the bloodstream and staying in system goes crazy and that's called not immune disease. And when I was unbeknownst to me I was gluten sensitive unbeknownst to me that's what happening. Joining an error that I guess that I would say alert carbohydrates. Were considered health. Food do you remember that how since. 2008 little diamonds and you know at the high as high carb diet I would be eating those big sold the pop staff and you know and little did I know. That I was really dealing with this back inflammatory. Response to gluten which is damaging my gut. So the aches and pains they are tried as the depression I suffered the anxiety. The even the night switzer all related and I pay taxes. Begin to unravel this process since. And I did you know aside star I gave up the gluten and you know gave up this year and gave up those Gary which is very close to include him electorally. And then begin a regiment of preparing that cuts and that Howell I eventually. My health back on track in and I was able to get my thyroid functioning again I don't I never went on thyroid men I just decided I was panicked so gung ho on healing my body. Yeah I was able to do that. Mean I think now more than ever before we even have more strategies. To repair the lining up that got ten all the consequences when her dad is so chronically in explains. Yeah I see the same kind of saying in you know. What I see a lot of it is when people's adrenal scared weekend. They functionally shut down there Bayreuth so a lot of times thyroid function tests look okay. But they're beat hey can you say it's their high post tyra white and they're having the sentiment topology. And that can relate to the injuring Knowles functionally shutting down the thyroid. And so when you get the adrenal Sporkin right again you know hopefully. Then. Then the thyroid kind of kicks back in and starts working in camp. I'm really agree with that I would say Vijay another primary is like a domino effect. Minutes does the dream will start getting this regulated. Then that the high right we just kind of like one of those dominoes that gets. Thrown over again and you know and it begins. Chain reaction that they're about the fact is that you know most women do not make the connection. That their PMS at their hot flashes and night sweats there insomnia and mood swings. 88 you know the exacerbated. Aspects. From I mean I would get hot flashes when I had. A glass of wine at night or are some mud that chocolate cake and you know we just don't get it was happening in our body. And how that's all connected it's. Sue these systems that have been so. Compromised due to our lifestyle and do the stresses were under into the toxic food consists nutritional deficiencies so. When I worked with women the message I give to women is that all hormonal imbalance sufficient to report helps if we can get that and then begin the journey of unraveling what needs attention. We not only will. Get our hormones back on track that we actually will. You know I call it rejuvenating our body we will yeah. Feel younger and healthier and free of symptoms that if we rely on medication. And hormones. To try to fix the problem that problem is still occurring. And to what would do other things so people will eventually. Kerry got a star over the basics you know you've found a product didn't use it works for you. For your adrenal stress. Well there are you know like a drain on our. That game I elite eight regional needs to be sick and they are her that there are certain vitamins and there's certain. Herb stepped particularly. Feed and marriage between a glance though one of my favorite products is called Katrina med by new medica. Because this is such an amazing product hits Scott one of my favorite sound effects they kind of election difficult part of that. Lone hit to facilitate interns. And vitality it's been known in Chinese medicine that's one of the most prized. Mushrooms it's. Kind of an interest in Russia has limited cut other bare earth like rodeo land American ginseng which are really panned half tickets to adapt again. They support the adrenal sit. And get back into the balance that is needed in all along with other key vitamins like some of those two B vitamins which are critical. So I will never be without Katrina support for the rest of my life. One of the products that fundamental I had I I tell women you've got to understand how important each regional authority need to be fed. The need to be supported and the older you get. Then that they're very active aging is weakening the adrenal gland so you've got to look after events. You had one of their success they greats protocol feels great formulas that I like. And I knew you know the adrenal one of their primary functions is survivable. So you yeah I kind of follows they're pretty important for the if you are there involved fight by trees and they'll let you know two they will let you know than they always win. The panelists and they win. You and maybe we should talk about some of the symptoms of Len did you Reno are giving you a message dateline I didn't know this. You know it took need doing my only searched assists twenty years ago zealotry not to become very popular. You know it was it. You know being talked about practitioners please step alternative practitioners only the taking of but when I had to unravel mine health crisis I had to do it myself. And on some of the symptoms that are classical. It's getting up around. Three or 4 AM in the morning. You wake up and your little heart is beating and your mind is going and you're up for a couple of hours I would have missed this went on for a year. To do this this this condition which is totally related to drain out. And then you have high Ville place ceemea though you know you'd get these swings during the day in need go and get something you know candy party needed. After lunch you know need ye Egypt adding he'd get tired and cranky he can't saints. And that whole cycle goes on in your readership here. Until like Pena's part of an aging exhaustion and I think if you wake up tired in drag throughout the gay and then maybe get a hate it and I eight. Suddenly you have this little burst of energy in your up. On the computer cleaning it 101112. Classic sign of age real dysfunction and its regular U. She should be winding down and mood swings anxiety attacks panic attacks. It's finding that on your memory is going yanish short term memory could this courted oldest. Hormone made by the treatment plants when it's an excess kills the cells that make here. The party your brain that's. Stores memory short yeah north short term memory. So. These are some classic symptoms that we need to pay attention to. And you know I know and all of them are really easy to figure out you know even the memory saying when you think about it. Well what use is short term memory years and you're about to be eaten. You know and that's what the adrenal search thinking every time they fire officer is. An emergency response with course also courted so shut down everything. And that's what it's supposed to do. It that's the function of cortisol and you know if you're gonna you're immune system one why worry about immune if you're about to beaten him why worry that your god if you're about to be didn't. Your body were shut down everything she can channel all your energy and a fighter flight. So you can get away to survive another day and then work on your immunity and everything. But we in this country we tend to stay in this this stress response is low. State and tell. Our adrenal scope is why we see so many adrenal problems because. Our culture promotes this constant stress thing I don't. And other nutritional they have really in the product we have talked about as ABBA who who. Us must sector were taken care of myself for awhile. And she just boy just it just might wonder should pointers thanks for him. Yeah that could shift things so. So we you know we want to be sure we're getting nourished because these three notes require minerals they require vitamin stay. They use that more vitamin C than any other plant in the body. And you know really wanna bring in those adapt again that I you know there's there's a couple of other things that I. Feel a film porn I thought I I can do some testing with my patients and I can look at your nutritional status and you know the old saying is it's not what she is what you have Thorpe. So when you are under stress. You're digestion is impaired. And if you're already dealing with squeaky your black teen. Digested and dying and he maybe he had this diagnosis future not observing it assimilating cells we lust yes. High quality nutrition. Into ourselves. So we can rebuild it. And repair. The and so so one of the things that I take that and you know and you met the district has such. Stellar product so one of the formula is this called foundation essentials for women I travel a lot so this is a very comprehensive. Formula that comes a little packet right so I just hate these little packet with me don't have millions of bottles sitting up here counter. Right. And it support my eight. Bone held that gives me that basic vitamins and minerals to support my heart hormonal balances. It supports the harder and it even has some on nutrition for detoxification. It has is he is is essential fatty acids to you know make isn't there that I really get cookie can't. I would be without this little packets and I just taken in my persons on throughout the day I have remember when I'm traveling this. Selling unit and from one state to another overseas. They come with me because I know I can just pull out a pack and get my basic needs met. And that's critical we need to basic need that not just a multivitamin. And multi mineral we need to have anti oxidant tinian may gang is sent. Support for bone health and it's great to have been in one. One handy little you know packet that doesn't have to be easy thing to cut. Will we talk about the women. But really begin to tell you were told to stay right ocean to ocean breeze in. Well they do you have here this is without turn. The foundation without earn good. We should get wild wind. The well you know men are just pushing the envelope these cases well and I and I and what we did mention is one of the consequences to lend those Katrina hurt really getting exhausted. It starts putting up on the belly track. Yeah now I'm really had to deal with salad myself so you when you start comparing these systems he'd get more insulin resistant they adrenal have a major role to play with managing butchered eleven police start storing it. And not being efficient with how he sure you're. Your blood sugar and you're in helens. Yeah I just does not getting their response than I would put up on what I did I don't anymore but I put it. All on around the middle. And I see that with my patience and they complain if carrying excess weight that Billy sat there are all dealing with. Stress can no time. And one of the things that I see a lot of resist that they're elevated cortisol levels tend to create the conversion of testosterone into. Estrogen in men and so we'll see these guys who have low testosterone levels we've never heard that on TV have we never and and then we've seen them more testosterone they convert more of it to estrogen move. And so I c.s so I see these guys coming in and they have estrogen levels are higher no wife. Yeah yeah out and they're in trouble. There is there in trouble they've got a lot of problems because of that at. The conversion going on and you can't just fill the tank with testosterone he got actually look at all of it. And see what's going on and make sure they're not really converting. Yes that's a hit it pretty good point because slings that part of the level of timing is gonna create readers' peak rates for the Bruins respond to all kinds this is in our estrogen and low progesterone ranks. So that's where all these hormonal imbalances. Are hard this. Downstream effect doses for little intrigue all you really struggling. They take the hit and I him. Well that the two Padraig talked about the blast from foundation. ESS okay tune let's have their packets right. Just good insurance and there were two of its arm Audrey in a moment. Which is looks like that's the most student I don't know where she could take you more valuable. Yeah that covers the the king ish ran and the key adapt again so I'm right. Putting the herbs as well as the vitamins American youth vote to support and strengthen these tree in a clan. Well this doesn't just he was actually spilled over ruled we were OK here's where we get through it was for its good to have you weekend did you buy it. Thank you just let him share via a change if I'm right. Are you have a great night thank you Karen gave Obama. All right we're gonna take a break. Is. About Raja when he eight tornado after the hour no matter where you are. Even Oklahoma Disney is always five point eight somewhere or someplace that's real literal or lose. I statistical fulfill our listing your break you would hear about aren't. Don't go anywhere let's get healthy with bills well brush seems like people. Boston's favorite pharmacies will be back in just a thanks for listening to let's get healthy with bills well on top thirteen 78 and brush do you buy people's Austin's favorite pharmacies. Well this let's talk about approach our administration. Exercising walking TE. Weird because we got our next guest. She and her creature she says and penicillin Larsen my business she could get her way around. She would have no phone the Smart meter. Walking for three hours a week. He knows prostate cancer survivors and just walking in. I'm just not even surprised jet engine also today you're talking about. In fact I've been doing I do like. Tony push personal against a table right picks or shorter so that's no problem right where we're in no rush right here exactly. So whichever ownership program yeah we did that on my home QB Jay. And about and it's your name is that the father of this program my control panel thank you appreciate it and we computer book about a museum. And make some money left. With the Islamic value you know what I get out of it is if people do better. I'm happy when you know and to feel you know them the money aspect of it is is such that if people do better maybe they'll come and see me in that brings people television ceremonies are over the government yesterday they'll take him anyway from me so I naturally by the suddenly. Padilla Wi-Fi if we get people to do a little bit pin and and get a little bit healthier we're all oral better off you know our premiums or go down. Everybody gets healthier police they should. Extra staff not half the Los Angeles will shoot we're good but right now we can. You know them. Try to get a gun and do so basically what everybody would know ensure security. You can help your ovarian. Oh and what I'm trying to do with people is given something that's simple. Easy to do doesn't require any equipment doesn't require any travel no special bags no special clothes. It's just cult thirty times for. And what it is is thirty minutes or walking. Thirty pushups. Thirty crunches. And 230 squads and this is a graded programs on the beginning. May be a kid 230 pushups who care still want to know who can watch a lot of there's producers of the show today if you thirty push Australia South Korea. So and I do I do it every day because I figure I could not. Tell people to do something I could write myself so. I started out and I ended but I struck I have people that start out with a one bed push up you know Cellini hence the bed. And they worked themselves up to thirty. What I do is I don't do one every day seven days a week. And then at the end of seven days due to. And at the end of seven days do three. And then once she can do thirty then we'll start on the pushups you do one and then two and then three build mop and when she's thirty of those. Then you Starwood regular pushups and you build those up there's no rush because. You should do this every day of your life and and the idea is to do something that's quick it's easy. That's a core program. And if you wanna do other kinds of exercise by all means go do that but this is your core program you do every day. And on those days where you can't get out and do mole or you know Kinko's swim can go right that's fine in at least you have under your core program to allow her more must squads and for instance you up for your core muscles well you want it to do did you why did I pick those three archer sizes because their large muscle groups and exercise that because of resistance exercise against large muscle groups enhances your ability to handle sugars. And this is such a problem the ability to deal wishers with insulin resistance. Which is why aren't out of hundreds carbohydrates. So you actually are fighting that that insulin resistance has caused by the carbohydrates by training large muscle groups. And this is an easy thing to do it's an easy way to do it you know. So we've had a lot of good Lockwood that we had people that started out and one lady started out with a one minute walk. And one. The one not bad push up and that was all she could do. But you know men took her a couple of three years but she now does thirty times for some what are you finding with people that still on the program. To a certain part well in the end I think their health improved so I think that's that is the key message overall. Health improvement. Can you talk to me about it doesn't start for athletes know journalists just exercising for health just announced her performance right. And we can get off and that subject to union and on another day this is just for your health. And achieve its supposed to be easy it's not supposed to be something really difficult to do and you just build it up slow and you get there eventually. This lady maybe three years later today you know it took her awhile to get their but she doesn't have fibromyalgia anymore. She's done. Okay and or at least let me put it this way she's the symptoms in country Australia and so she's doing her thirty times for. She feels good. I'm an image here anymore. Combine she's doing well only you know. Tough truck producer will Syrian or either but yeah impact on have you on the show and girl I actually had a lot of drugs drumming up just pleasantly you know. And if they wanna go that way they can go that way but I wanna get better and they went this is a core program that's part of a program for your health thing you mix this with a good clean diet. And this exercise drinking good clean water and taken a few supplements to give you what you can't get in your diet. India you're gonna you're gonna deal with 8090% of the problems you might have. Would you still may have to do a little sound and and is still a good idea did you know. Keep in touch and maintain your you know your checkup and everything but in the long run. Most of your problems are going to be resolved there's people listening because of the possible Robin lumumba seventies I mean friends. They can walk to the mailbox you probably don't so just start you know like that they should like two or four minutes to try and doesn't take a long way and now take him. And then walking if you all thirty minutes then that's great. Well and I tell people you know if if you can and who do this you do a little bit in the way that you measure this. He's you do your walk you do a couple of things if you are sore the next day you probably did too much to back off. Because well we want is no pain all gain movement crank down are trying to hurt people and give them a metabolic load of repair. I'm trying to get them to justice. Build and not break down and do it slowly and easily it's about consistency it's not about intensity. And then if we wanna do more after that. We can talk about that but this is to cork. We'll just by walking for three hours a week three hours a week which I was you don't that's what are you talking right through a farmers who produce. To help prostate cancer she's Irish. Just doing that just walking just walked nothing else that you you can do the other little things to do. You know it's a proportional exercise sure sure and it would help to you just isn't enhancing your immune system what this study just for walking. Him off 51000. North of 2000. We don't. We're pretty time two or three years. And and that they they all got better dispel that notion you know validation of exercise or just talk about prostate cancer and now. Pusher or other things to know. You know it's good for prostate cancer. Preventing health. Else. Health that's it you know who so that's where I start with everything. Else well that's what we're about Pelz on what you want to listen the show you know let's don't just we got to come right for the before we take a break here but. Let's talk about your we're gonna come PSA is coming up until he and I assumed things in the news about why they recalls a popular flu vaccine would you call ecological why it was called position while McConnell. So. Your office's own what's bankrupt or the West Bank it became Schroeder of the caves and I'm 3701. Me you have any openings in your practice guy jokes they're opening so mean sometimes we have a little trouble getting people into we try to make room you know wouldn't soon. You know we are very popular know that because you've got this. Such an array you're just so. Washed up shopping. My home credit and you're right am I can pull jewel box you know that should fit right. But the junior your knowledge is so. I know you when I first bench you retarded. Listen you see these in your car yeah education here if you continue to educate yourself oh yeah you know. The Al I think once you once you think you know everything your lost. Yeah you gotta keep Conan got killed there are about nutrition here really is it's an endless thing that you can due to learn more and more and more and we learn more every day. You know a lot of men your age in my agency at least. If you're just not true and I think you're crazy you. In hearing you know you know I just thank you just got a new testament just I we learn no future. Injuries stressed out which man is man which which personal gesture if so if you're stressed out you're Karstens got behind him young converts. Just thought drew did you convert your testosterone and estrogen. And remind you there are men out there who need. Testosterone who are low on testosterone and also have a low estrogen. But it's curious the majority of the ones I see you have the low testosterone and high estrogen. I have some patients that are on chronic OP going to therapy. And they come to me and that often we'll see a little lower at this little low testosterone. And a low estrogen because. The chronicle PO it's therapy can create a situation where they don't produce enough testosterone. Bruce Dodi and Myanmar since I don't almost all I am curious who almost all of open your way drugs like hundred code Conan who are Mexico down and methadone in the spiritual roads were dispensed we disperse and listen to her cruises scheduled to do you know him. And that's not a bad idea. You know it started out as a scheduled to I think it probably should have stayed there I mean no effort was made because they felt that pain was being under treated in and that may well band but they created a monster when they made the heidrick so much to do the release of the health. Conscious thought. What I was playing well this sons can help certain designers can help digestion can help putting the right foods in you know I see a lot of people that have food sensitivities. And that creates a lot of inflammatory. Mediators in the body. Keeping your weight down can help just because it fat can create inflammatory mediators and things that you have in your body that are being you know a little bit and degenerative change can really flare up when you're in an inflammatory state. And we have ways of measuring this we can look in your blood and we can see which are CRP is. Your new your C reactive protein. And two we can look at how much you are inflamed you know the reason people are taking official. To try and modulate inflammation. We only get rid of an entirely inflammation is not a bad thing wouldn't it but it's when it's in excess that it's a problem whom inflammation is the first step of I know so you want to thank you all that well champagne is what protects you he just wanted to be appropriate you know. And sometimes when you get and these inflammatory stage your pain responses or inappropriate and their exaggerated. And that's not helping you know so. Your body's pretty Smart it it knows what they just do that you know worst disease in the world I have a percent. You can't field can't feel candle and I think also you lost your hand you know. Didn't hurt it's sometimes people come in and I ask him what level of pain do you want now tell me on zero. I say are you sure about that I said he probably would die with the pain level of zero did you as you wouldn't protect yourself right exactly so clearly is he would just he would rewarding him. Now I'm not saying you know people everybody should be in pain no I don't want fat right. But if appropriate pain is when it's protecting you you know. You and I are walking down the street we come to the curb. I turn around and smack you in the face and you fall down on the floor and you look at me like blood bank AG just do. And a Bosco Smart. So in my the enemy. Just saved your life by creating pain is right you know and your body will do that to your body uses paint to let you know there's something wrong. Yeah and it wants that addressed it wants to to talk to you and say hey I need some help here with you that you need you eat the wrong thing you. Doing the wrong thing you pushing too much or too little. So your body communicates with you that way. So Walsh is so lucky to have you here who want to come Monday to be in Austin right then you know. For people who come see you because at what point you have a close practice. You know that you know this you know as a partnership and do you know could you just too good. Let's take a break. By the RAZR phone or give up for 5123061515. Through your 3065050. That's if the city's number remember him now we got to remember the other of the three digit initially and the phones got too busy did not know they did OK okay all right let's take a break camp no fear about it. You're listening let's get healthy with the bills whales are presented by peaceful. Boston Globe poll holistic environments. We'll be back with a more cutting edge music health and wellness. You're listening Miller let's get healthy with bills well on top thirteen seven deep fried do you buy people's Austin's favorite pharmacy she's taking your calls live at 51239. And thirteen seventy. They welcome back to June folks. Them themselves enjoy the music again. And I think that's my favorite Huey Lewis song there it is is we got Cheryl on the phone. Jason Jason Jason. C thing I'm Stacey. And her way for sure wouldn't reassure older we. OK Stacey what a pleasure to have you on the show. Thank you like to be here thanks for having me. Yeah you don't you have a PSA your religion to children. I am I you know grandma during a workshop. And that Saturday warfare it stopped well mart people pharmacy locations. I'm Ken Berry he's Kenyan. Actually my dollar fair pay act into our our twenty dollars fifty K I had had thrown. I need it again and cheered that he at the end it got positive parenting op and dot com he can't get that you can ask. Well that's a nice and a bad he didn't. Your last in his blue right Stacy Lou. It and I thought he all the time I come in there and get my youth being calculating and very much. I'm as pretty met. So it's not a minute workshops to look we have dollars since Saturday at 2:30 AM. Right. Right. And it's not even this will be over in new right. A moute women do for your people there's two and they don't restored to the Delhi's. If there was get a salad they wanted to get some juice or whatever you do you like who causing damage. So the difference on the cost. You know we're gonna do and a hostage parroting. Boston.com. Zone with who have sons. Scared kid created skidded then you get it yet again. Dot. Positive guaranteeing often dot com. Or you can contact Bill Lawrence rhetoric and at five Lynn U 775. Three be ratified very. Kind. What are you going to be talking about in Lou the workshop. Wearing gang can be seen Hank you know the workshop that empower parents and educators. And you have earned awards aren't going to be really enter active where they leave it on hand for strategies that he is. That single parent led man. Brad and environment can help. Children that are having owned and carry Crocker cool. Aren't they re practicing their order issued. Aaron go for example and lifting and I'll be curious where he lives. What trying to Brett is helpful but it houses all kids. What kind of breath how to promote comment. Look up and the greatest strength and clarity than my grass. Did. A lot of bad as workshop will be apparently on air act they're the only really. Hand on an exit strategy he used in your hound. But opt I think it really important pieces. Have a lot of connections a lot of information. Terror giving them that information connection you read sort of an up or let community. Online. That will hatred and example like where they write sorry before my how the school age letters and cool that I can. Captain here he's sort that out won't support me. And that process before my child at school age so what do you do you Wear Nike cap on my tablet fully Asia upper elementary great yeah really they young. I was sorry does a great man well what you're doing is you're reducing stress for Paris as this are gonna do. I don't hear we've been told by terrorists who says you got to ride aboard a pleasure talking to you though and the tough questions. I don't have to turn right now got Greinke has a lot of drinking dressed up. All right so you have a great evening and thanks to thanks again for machine that once again this paper torn resist. As soon Saturday. At 10:30 AM and if the utmost to read laughter south tomorrow they actually drew people's lives accomplish sooner. All right with Michigan's Jason thank you Stacey McCaffrey Milton Wright then I heard. I. Aren't bad they'll be. Harmful and played well yeah how your health. Yeah that sounds great right thanks again thank you tell you OK I'm glad I it's all right you. This new. Who knows. I don't I don't think this I don't always brought me back again isn't as you. Aaron. That Brennan had a hand up and lock perky Katie. And cheered when it got out of remind everybody that it says barrel. In the next Saturday that pretty bad. I'm pipe that he indeed there's very. Donna and how that he that it wanted to 500 people and there's no sexual acts are treatment right now are our arms. These block that we have. Actually there's a lot which is that sex shop and other trailed. Likely Carolina left Williams and try it. They say that I couldn't hear amount of money chill how I'm. Researching and find a way to treat it. No above familial disease. That I did what I hate get the word out cookie carpet trying Darrell. It is either unable or about how arms and accept the rule that turned out great crimes are able they'll. But good luck Aaron that trail there aren't that the fair trial there's a one mile and denial. I'm young that you can hear that sixty people direct is there look at it three predominant. Turn. Playing and it's nice person nice video and and we'll show you have an extra donations I guess for the room because it's a worthy calls. Yes certain donations but I'm for that I hit it he did he are being sent. Yes I do it my head he acts are and Xperia my kidney transplant. And you can Barack show resolution is banking on that but luckily you've heard it I. You know leaning towards Allah sit the last stretch and ancient and so. There was really our look at. Writing all at once again this is let's give our web site her phone numbers on the content. We can tell that were brought to us. I don't know website is. Www. Block but TKE dot org. Slash I them. Turn your walls or. Watched DK DRP. Katie. I'm sorry that blacks are then. OK Walter PKG dot org. It's a go to BKT dot org do they can pound feet. Actually can't find it and you're going to be Katie. Smith we love what you do you sought cardiac you know this is great which is doing. Yes thank you don't you know are they ever thought actually Andy Pettitte. Or the highway and getting back I really tried that yet to help out and earn. So thank you pray and really let everybody know I'd much. Rubin thank you so much all right here are great weekend okay. All right guys aren't. All right to and grew to about one thing you're nobody. But two minutes left I want to talk about wanting you go see this is news. They're they're talking about. Our government saying that they're hungry opportunity. They were on the side of Texans dinner products and coming out of state. My future he has caused this is what kind of triggered. Now you know. So have you ever you well it's kind of interesting because true homeopathic stone really have dinner. Ingredients that are thrown in the oil and water always request inside there's nothing that right now now they're saying that now there's something in it. This is an urgent. That's interest staying because you know they did the same thing with a product it was out terror but I called Troy meal. And he's got used to say the trauma you wouldn't do anything because there wasn't anything in it and then the studies came out to show who is actually better than many other. Right you know products and did have something and then they said well then it's nonsense it's crazy so. I don't know I may be we're just not ready for only outlets in this country I don't know. If it definitely can work very well all. And I would question if there were in hurting agree hints and homeopathic good solution. You know I mean if it's a true homeopathic rides that are probably the the problem is is a lot of people will look at herbal things and such like that. And they'll call them homeopathic. This this is studied this is so. You don't go Beijing this you know now. They list her boy wonder they've gotten it right or wrong or whatever but I wonder you know supporting. Okay those twelve people's pharmacy for prescription drugs down. What you gonna hit. This yeah so I think that. And this doctor Austin or that he wounds he knows that the news stands up and I think he has and this could you pass those are biased. We can we got to the show we'll continue loan until somebody shows me up. But I don't have you had a tough. Now I think it's good information valuable information right everybody saw Bristol Salma research you know as massage is we know who knows. Thanks again doctor Gimenez thank you really appreciate it easier you know the right. How are our pleasure. Well if you don't have a great week Cannata great weekend and watch out there rained the other race coming is our right to raise coming here. We just got to flash flood warning against. They're putting all right. Great weekend love you from seeing actually found by. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy with bills Whalen Austin's top thirteen seven lead did it again next week Saturdays from 46 PM for more cutting edge health news and wellness information from people's Boston's favorite pharmacy.