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Feb 4, 2015|

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It's now time for let's get healthy with Phil's Whelan sock thirteen seventy. He's taking your calls live and I'm 23 night and it's easy insanity. And now here's bills whales. Okay folks welcome to the show does is goes well I've got. Doctrine Tyler joined me just a little and doctor Tyler has some kids and so they deserve her attention on us the most important as soon as she hasn't there should be firm by listening to your kids always come first until my employees that. You though is you have to take off because your kids that's fine because. You know what hurt the kids from prior out of people's pharmacy. We hope they do. No we hope that people's pharmacy goes a long ways with you know most of you take your your kids so this. Drew that no fault error by this got a business remembers that when I got employees whose kid is cause the kids have to. His hand to welcome first well this is a street in California they just raise a legal smoking age from eighteen to 41. I want to senator Edward Hernandez. Democrats. Death is true and I thanked us so that's not a bad idea I mean a lot of lot of people. A lot of young people probably don't care that too much for the tour. We know probably helped our. Definitely help our our budget and health care field so. That's gonna do. When we got a good show to say about the way you we have. James about if he is so. He's a pharmacist somebody's more than that because he's got. He's written about twenty books and he's so. And today. He's don't talk about things came from his book. His most recent book which is about your blood doesn't lie if your blood does not lying about testing that you can have when your Bluetooth. That would really help a lot so. Mostly to do that because he's you know he's you know that your blood. Doesn't lie in the you'd have attested. You can prevent many many many problems. You look younger. And has been proven that over cholesterol. She blood sugar is really critical so that's where a car repent because you say looking younger. Let's Furman. My yeah. Engineer today you know. Listen you're like 45 over fifty now I know you're like no Tony I guess or something. 2423. Okay good fairways so just so. He knew it was too easy. So so just to remember that you you you'll look younger and be healthier and dishwasher rusher and and by the way stay away from aspartame because that you as soon. I don't like and Richard. Musician too and it's the FDA hasn't gotten involved in that because induced early show of course I feel most of it is it is is loss of almost a broad estrogen. The room. Research is sort catchers from abortion school of medicine. Doctor John oldie. Reveals that they had holes in the brains of mice. After the consumption as part of Cassidy and my agent Greeley and estrogen. So. We hope does not happen to you this if you have your brain checked sometime you have holes and that. You watch it because it could be returned. And then we have a doctor Lange Sebring and we're talk with him a lot about diabetes because he. He's an orderly but he has actually put also nourished. Explain to people how they can reverse. Reverse diabetes diabetic if your diabetic can you can you can reverse that and it's pretty easy to do. And oh loss loss or ways to do it. Now we nutrition and good dilution says sure Gloria you know and a great that you have a condition that you can reverse. And we have Julius. Shall pick in her book is on this medicine. And she's she almost reversed disturbed her husband's problem. With a serious problem I'm sure she'll development and she gives me examples of how are you how she attacked. Many of today's health problems with. Then I know with her blog and was she learned. Julie is. Are ordering blogger on health care and Houston. And she. She had great success through multiple sclerosis epilepsy. Liver disease lupus rheumatism Ross throws at other diseases. So how you can on a really low budget. You know studies over the counter you on how you can reversed a and also there in the second hour we have. Or the middle of the first and second we have doctor Adam Pearlman. I'm nick the caller bring my equilibrium is the name of the book. Fourteen days to cooler calmer and happier lives. The caller burn so we're gonna we're on behalf of the talked about it's a great book my daughter was very impressed with. Professionals to book and we get through. Oh so please take two's that Kelly Kelly KE LO IK EL OU. The founder and he's editor director of a hand to hold can often based nonprofit. Doing great work in central Texas hand to hold you learn about that too. Or waiting for angry I want to go ahead and talk to you about some clues to avoid at all cost about it. Owned. We're not coast loft is not new surrogate for you because of all the man days and those things are put in. They would be good but it's known sister too much fat in it and it's on. Other losers health when you if you're eat cabbage probably the best if you can't if you can. People don't bread is moon the one that tone. Is permitted. For me coleslaw is better. Avoid canned vegetables. Busted BP gave us delayed. Is probably a good wanted to get away from the co producer reproductive problems neurological problems. And obvious to you or talk about that heart problems. So the EPA is a talk show that you really do need to point. The other thing is soda soda is where is thereby noses itself. These are good for you teach your bones it also can cause. Prof resumed. Neurological problems diabetes heart problems. So avoid sort of sort of and packaged sandwiches you know we know we say that because we have challenges in her story that we make fresh and they're packaged with. Or talk about his Pakistan which is that they sell it to the some of these two billion stores that. Are they don't they Buick as time whatever is just so be careful of those. Tomato sauce for postured Chile. Now why would tomato sauce be so bad well. Is sort of this or try to sugar. Gil Loescher English tomato sauces. But also of course we talk about soda diet soda has pertain. Itself. There's doctors say that that Coke and uses that pertain is as addictive as heroin. As they try to get to prices also have a great day the patients just to rebel. Tarragon mayonnaise ranch dressing tkachuk. Was again sugar. Sprouts. How can you avoid sprouts. Well because they. So they have bacteria and many times. And on you can grow your own Strauss has the best thing to do sometimes contaminated. GM if you're genetically modified corn we don't know do long term treasury note that. If a child has autism regular while we Jimoh personally disturbed and better. Microwave pop current and there's not a good. It's really opens his lack there of because it has. Lucy it's. And Essen it PS DA. And it is a chemical. Use a microwave popcorn bags to keep the polls from. Leaking through it prevents the bag. From catching fire is hot temperatures. And that's a talks. So just you publish good for you should Coca don't we just don't just don't do microwave. It is so good to Margaret Court. In the end white bread white Bruce Fleischer this convert sugar and pitching. Is refined. Carbohydrates just not good for you and of course you know Bostick margin. In a kind of margin covers tick. Because it can cause this trans fats and just not good for her. Protein bars because they have low sugar many times. Fruit juices and of course if you know a young child. You don't wanna have them drinking juice especially at that time and a bottle when you what you do you put a little Jews with it was lots of water. And they do just that of course a lot of people suggest as fruit to avoid fast food because of what. No the way they were they get to me more they get there. Much of their hero Prodi's wanted to so there's just not the best and then. Dairy products sometimes. Can have toxins and to do so so just don't if you went to atone. What we were brought up with some of these people that are. Let myself you're brought up an age when you had you grew your best those were the Sebastian go to farmers markets that would be easy answer right Herman. All right let's take a break code is fifteen after we'll hear about. Cutting edge health information is right around the corner. You're lifting though let's get healthy lead feels well on top thirteen seventy brought to you by people's Boston's favorite pharmacy. We'll be right back. Shall. Even those raised now Obama. Don't call me that banks soon. I. Ma Murray he's. Obama it is. I'm more cutting edge health and wellness information from your listening to let me get healthy with bills wail on Austin's top thirteen seventy. And Allen let's get healthy we're honored to welcome James Lavelle and internationally recognized clinical pharmacist clinical nutritionist and natural passing doctorate with more than thirty years of clinical experience live mail is the author of more than two ebooks including cracking the metabolic code nutritional cost of drugs and his latest book your blood never lies welcome to the show James available. Thank James and power yes OK okay is do you do okay. I'm doing fine well at dodger immeasurably elucidate. Our doctor Tyler. Yeah I think intraday and year. All those initials after your name is slowly Elsa and Indy. But yeah it makes the cushion is only available to throw the ball right. It you know what as you look depend on New York a ballet LaBelle I always loved now. Yeah well that was present where you're in the country to a guess. Carried out you know I just feels your written eighteen books or maybe Torre by announcing she says twenty. Yeah yeah it's been awhile. Yeah. Well I'll tell you the national cost of prescription drugs that's going to be you know the great but the week we're gonna talk with us some day because. Many forms is like look we're both pharmacist. We know the value. Of the information that people need about depletion can do choose right when you take medicine. Although I doubt I mean there's so many people that don't understand that. They're they're undertaking certain medications that could be depleting nutrient that want to Wear even five years later and creating another condition. Our earth changes that would make beer or some. And yeah maybe it's because they didn't get its all time her keep her rapture you know ala. Yes major hit happens. I should make it but it raise it's pretty Q okay. Who who. Well you know there were drawn but today. Is your blood never lavish. And I like to time. And lest they really messed up at the left someplace and you know and I guess things happened and conflict. But it doesn't lie. And I like good Mark Twain says to you clinic had. Analyze it is a cat only has now lives. A lie can have butterflies I guess you Renault said this is a my allies have had this generous a lot of trying to overcome that. Or its own blood does not life. And innocent hard because it to reveal about your health how you feel. And it did and you can do something about that price. Well I mean the whole purpose for this book what is really cleared to direct people to reject career. Engage in discussion with their doctor Arthur loud that the more than just what do I have part of these. Exactly these debt or have cart community yet. Because that's what happened through thick. You know basically people get a call and I mean I bet you know I don't go properties 6000 patients over the last 32 years and out how many patients currency. And the other classic you know why and it comes back to what what alliance is nice bottle absurd normal. Well Alastair well normal just means you haven't had been diagnosed disease yet doesn't meet your chemistry. It's functioning as a basket can. And you know one of the biggest machine surrounded you know they'll take a watched a virtual boy you know let other sponsor party five. Now you're at 60% risk of being a person what I'd be if the next decade. Saying yet what people have a 95 what you're earlier this box may be to dock and case may be out of their watch a little bit stressed or wait for it. They certainly don't album you know he had to outreach at the beard. Sherri yeah and how well the reason for the book was really start to empower people. And traded Allen what they can do. What's director Debbie get dormant they don't change your ways what you know what are nutritional options and of course what your lifestyle guidance she's. Well probably the most important blood tests that we need to do in this country is. Is that a blood glucose diabetic too right would you say that's some. All you know what he's computer how many people argued primer pocket of course the year very ugly you know honestly it records to have. A year I'll pockets aren't they teach your 1000 positions. And I always ask. There's pretty Rick and many of the act your conversation liquors around kind of biometrics and other important as how many doctors that are Borchardt. And you know very rarely more than 10% of the doctors streaker here. So you know we're all around look at Maria thank the F perhaps her clothes are our guys Peter I always there really are. 10% of the US population diabetic. Predicting 40%. Of the US population problem for the release controls huge data comes out. Get him out August. They can attribute 40% are featured. But yet but our health care providers don't take something as simple blood sugar seriously they know. There is now president of bearing interest at things because I know aren't bigger look don't apply. Diabetic grandmother you know Italian heritage. I'm like followers diabetic all my father's Brothers Edward and his sisters spirited guy apparently all of them end up diabetic. And are seeing those complications play out in a personal level little horse and practices well we just don't educate people on. Why aren't you getting up Fletcher got a little understaffed. Exactly bribe now look here here's what is important is suing duke he was attention especially when around. This protest is far more important cholesterol and determine how you look yeah. I. Snuck it is that's really truly is autumn and what what what your glucose goes well. They're gonna start attack in the later underbelly you're gonna get the birth of a stroke back doors and academic complications start hypocrite you spell magnesium more. Now you feel more tiring your legs get cramped that you go steps relates nobody had. How many starts going to Caspian and same thing you know a certain noticed changes in the way he feels. If it's a it's a really insidious problem. And die trip did little slippage and everybody either so already outbreak you know what Serb problem. All of a popular little thing that went around and learn you know kind of dropped for a while too. Are barely look at the barbaric corporate Albert can really help you understand we're itself collect your watch certain. So those sounds like the primary emphasis here book is cardiovascular health and all these different actors. So we can look at the catch things there earlier before their progressed to the play like you're saying when there's an actual. Disease that has a name. Well I I'd like actually the focus of the book was patient people don't like how do you read CMP you re a metabolic panel how your BS sees. Look for things like information and Europe's failure complete quite cal it may be hidden. Obviously indicated she you know some people you know cardiovascular written the great thing kill everybody. It but really the purpose was. The great part about organic app they're toxic metals pursuit organic pollutants all these great stance peak at what happened I you're provide again. But the problem isn't that people don't even understand what they're pretty flat panels me better that are directly correlated to a tradition Gergen how. And so the real purpose of the book once again what credit you can got to laugh coach for your doctor. And you didn't know oh what a serum potassium meant. You can read on and go wow I didn't realize the record perhaps it was below the Specter or Al or below point five. That is burned a fourfold risk of being diabetic in the next decade yeah hate bureaucrats that kind of problem trying to get across the folks. And it and it really whether it's from on your help Carty about art help. What sort of regulation and just try to maintain your health that was the purpose of this book not nearly as a bought guard. Her via our forward because what metabolic purple which can't sell real way to a lot more about Bob I'll become more. What I call metabolic issues that it pervade our our culture. Well also are you know it is important measure aren't a total pro to the hidden and tell your cholesterol or vendors at Bellevue moon you know it depends on how do you wanna be. And there's many many tests out there. They're available today. Associates a minute we're gonna we're talks more about and obviously we have time but. But no would you say you. The don't. If some ice you know limited time reserve where there what are their problem might be more just say let's say to us through the most important testing need to have. Why he would you know it's funny I get the threats depends on who they are I guess that a lady today. I just got results that you know see pat groans Chiba on the year and altering drugs obviously on the biologic slower qualms. And nobody's measured her irons and she's got a piece of birth and test them taken out. And you are level one he. And you know 480 and 165 with a range this particular lab sushi was below the lowest sport out. Am complaining of fatigue and so good program at the parent of what's going awkward but it you're looking at just the general population. Snell are still go back and say you know what if you look at her record report count. You could find out of people were in the rec center of a lot of people that may not be arbitration. But they have all these problems or B twelve problems. And what you elegantly have a standard equipment Nina it's gonna affect the way you feel good but walked out we got that they're in our culture. Is energy production and a lot about what they did it all out there CDC because it's got some people have adrenal issues. Some people are worried issues. But really our committee as you know getting at CBC is cheap and the ease any clinic can do it. I think it's just that that's why it's important and the other what is. Because we got a big population are obese people you've got to get a PM PR director liberate our elevated because. 20%. Of the obese population more Havoc fatty liver and fatty liver no more literature it's going to be cows are fatty liver. Then buys hepatitis C in the next decade. Because these are some basic screening told the CM Peters ever basic started up a double persecuted million today you have your 65 year old looked healthy. Third circuit NATO ratio much as in the PM PD cop was well. I mean they were staged to real failure and nobody bothers trainer anything. Both have tickets can be integrated picture of what they have low spot you can't do a lot you know that that covers a lot of territory. Again absolutely. Well it's not that great book MO he's telling my claims to keep copies of other labs and to start getting friendly with them so the sounds like a great resource. To point to so anyone to insist they want to really become their own best advocate and understand. Let's Glenn Beck insists United's interest it was scrutinized the numbers themselves and just because something hasn't been flagged as higher load isn't a swimming it's optimal. Murray exactly does doesn't it make you feel apart as a practitioner when somebody up there and actually thought he had biker or lapse yeah. Think it's empowering it's like wow I've got to look at what's written or else. Brain may via. And I I look at that as part of my job this you know all of buses and the more integrative wellness it may seventh just isn't -- sit there and explaining to the nerd on the on the forehead just really. Helped them wrap there their minds around it and number this sounds like has agreed to cool Forrester recommends that that they can either have it as a reference. All that's that's great I appreciate that here in the big thing to remember as I got guys I've been asked this quite awhile and you know we. We need to explain a lot face the folks but we Augusta remembered they'd lose about 80% of them what can 48 hours he's still hasn't. Reinforcement tools for them to look back on it just helps him. Right today they may have to stay on track for good support China each of I have you know you know why I absorbed he Apatow much to help people want it to educate them sometimes for hours of possible. Yeah I got out there. After about thirty Bernard Barrett saturated yeah. Many many. Just so we just regarded that would go a little bit should get a good resource. Calculated to out of the hide it but it is a natural product that you know or LA actor. Picture filtration your kidney go down what are the key here he can help out or you really get into trouble are you prepared or are they go it. I know using Mac in and using chord it steps. Copy or we could track trying to keep people that I go oh OK well there are things like and it helps or hurts. Remain. A sounds great well if you're watching Jerry Springer. He says. Well Billy Smith is your child. Assumption because of blood tests. You know their vices is yours you know there's there's doesn't why doesn't he didn't notice you can learn how. Here it shows interest and I know what you're seeing here. No loud people Rick answer questionnaire edit out all right the problem. But yet it hasn't shown up from the lab test as that there's been flagged bad yeah. What the doctor in that spirit I realize you're still normal but it just looked closer. Yeah he created the problems you're having a lot of time is right he's out blood out what they're made of first degree don't stronger arm way out I mean I spoke ordered bullet for easy you don't already have wanted to know whether or get away happy every the Zurich is still starts to. Do those things. This and that's business up the big issue right because people thought all the time right you also are quite jewels as you. Know what we know Gephardt I may. And that's why you need to have some some professional like doctor Tyler. Go over with you because you can't get labs all over town do you have Canner the winner right so there's always Jews make. To find out more about this so get to vote your lab your ball you can talk to your blood never lies your blood never lies. Jeanne. Where where can people get a if we it was didn't wanna get hands on it. Well sure I mean I know they can go to Amazon.com. You know very proud get a five star rating at Amazon. It's a good most of the bookstores now so orders and you know the other other bookstores as it is being carried. It's actually been getting quite a bit of popularity. OK gray Indian a website to people who wanna learn more about you live near other books. I'm sure they can discourage it won't now back from this LE EL LEX. Okay great book June's fall thanks a lot harder in your blood there's a lot of us think it looks like thanks here you have strong show. I want my two or at all. All right thank came about I. Sorry we're gonna take a break can I hear the music that may something done. Sort of take a break three and out thirteen 75 want to turn on a Turkey soon any questions you have. Think that we talk about it because this can be complicated sometimes sort of Take Two we'll be right back. It's. Don't go anywhere let's get healthy with bills well dressed you by people often favorite pharmacy. You're listening to let's get healthy with bills whale presented by people's austen's local ballistic pharmacies and now on let's get healthy we're pleased to welcome 1 of central texas' top functional medical doctors and experts and Haley a diet as well as anti aging medicine with a practice in the beautiful hills country of wind really Texas welcome to the show doctor Elaine Sebring. The beautiful hill country. Is that true. Are considering doing beautiful there. If it's really beautiful I've you know I there's a lot of places that are. Considered beautiful but I I have this transistors is it here at the change in many many years and about twenty years and not. Colorado came here to visit me think you know and lived in the mountains there. He said you know I really I really like this is I'd like I would rather live here and there and I could just pretty spirited reply what he's saying daddy will there you're you're kind of in a bowl. You know you just until he's not spending goes down too soon. This is if I'm so here the hills are nice to see get to see the sunrise and sunset and I thought who I'd like us live here. Yeah it's going to oil and it'll cost you you know we'll tell people how they can. Reach you at the end because you're very popular with a lot of people say that because you held tomorrow we're told us visas and you you actually you were talking you can reverse it. Well let's say the this is safe to say when can still keep your license looked. Is to what I say you'll below researchers showing you nor that the doctors and practitioners can reverse diabetes it's right. Well that is exactly and I think I'm one of the things I can tell people that I can make your blood sugars. Normally yeah education. And it's it's diet related and I may be if you supplements young little outlet oil gas and Omega threes and things like that. And and so you know some of the major sound nutritional supplement companies had some beautiful products that can work wonders. And they're all very helpful usually if they help you you you're actually kind of neat isn't some other athletes as well as tense worked up. Well I do crush. Are crushed to begin with butch and know when she gets healthy you lose weight do you if I usually you were an exercise obviously this is very important. The first thing I tried to get people to do is build muscle that Sebastien I think that's when the best thing to us. You can do for diabetes because that's sugar becomes. The muscle becomes a beautiful red support. Just store that sugar after a meal so it goes and they're very easily if you worked those muscles. Is if sugar takes very little insulin he has to go in there. Are you saying is better to go to the muscles and just commitment to deliver. I think so this out could is that it's actually a bigger a larger Reza war if you put on enough mosques. We'll also have to burn you burned sugar through today just existing you know muscle as a metabolism animal itself. Until researchers. And you I think you'd agree this producing the results will do so it's always Iraq and other countries about medical University of Vienna. They discovered that testosterone is linked to decreased depression. You know I've my answer that is of course. Insists. So many people come and I had a warmup longtime patient came in he says that I need an antidepressant and just this you know I'm not I'm not. Really as enthusiastic about this or that I should you know. Well we went we check the testosterone levels on the first before it kind of messed with here. Her nerves. We've faced and with us. An antidepressant yeah. Here's a little reluctant he's pretty well determined that this so would I have. It was very low on testosterone and I've put on some testosterone in the form of compounds screen that you don't have been more. And I think he came back in three weeks he says it's great adds in discouraged years I am not depressed. I've had good next this as a collaborator deal this year on chemistry. This is what you needed that you weren't making enough on your own for now we pretend to normal healthy range. And you're symptoms went away. And so it's it's kind of nice you know you think of a time when you really felt good things were working for union just trying to recreate debt metabolism. Asked how Smart is that that's a lot smarter than than you know putting stuff together with duct tape which that with the pharmaceuticals. Run. Well also wouldn't depression can lead to dementia. And something also adjusting his commonly used drugs. Like cynical wrong. Look at proton Benadryl over the counter drugs. Even can calls. Actually calls. Depression and dementia. So people have to watch for that to. Dementia at 3036 million people in the world are little dimension of they suspect is a double by 2030. And triple by 2050. So you're doing much an apprentice to prevent and treat dementia. Well packaged. Ice it's a very holistic approach. Dementia is not normal to human beings it's it's appropriate sentence. That is not living. In harmony with your own genetic. Or it's. Becoming too toxic in the world that we're not designed to live and nothing else does either. You know we have a hundred times more heavy metals and bones and ancestors did 2000 years ago so if you can political wise. Where you have you know some daily exercise of some sort. Work hard once and awhile know in your exercise. He's concludes that humans are designed to heat. And ends and to do something to detoxify the heavy metals and pesticides and fertilizers and and since last society and all these different things it. We've created to cause a lot of these diseases and and and make them show up where they they would never show up before hunter gathers typically do not. Get chronic diseases and our ancestors. Everyone on the planet 101000 years ago was a hunter gather. And that's what we're designed for. And step by exile so all these diseases basically. With what very few exceptions very rare exceptions at all recently manmade and began when we started living. And disharmony within genes or even you could say living in contempt of RG so. When you go back into the direction he realized that we've done this to ourselves. It gives you a template on how to avoid these chronic disease and that's what we do here. Least he says patients how to do that. This sort of sidestepped this. This onslaught of old age where you start falling apart by pieces together to maintain their functionality it. And much more of a square wave designed so that they maintain you know if they may be in their nineties and dancer tonight. That one day they're dead. And so special it seems to be. And now we have a template with which to do that so we can avoid actions and sometimes we look at our our physiology and we have we recognize specific deficiencies that we have some of that some of the genetic things show up. Because it's a second to insult not. Along with our lifestyle and diet it's an insult to our system and so. The genetics. Carry weight now they they can make things better are we had some bad genes. But if you're living under my argument is to be led to hunter gatherer lifestyle those teams would not be causing death. Yeah second themselves. And so I think it just. Get you can you can teach people. You know. Out at a live that life now if you need some supplements or something like this for depression we completed attitude you know he'll monitor. You know. I'm. That's kind of investment philosophy we have and teach people had to do that often don't need those supplements are necessary as long time. Try to HTTP little seem like Allen needs you know things that were naturally found in the body anyway. Soul I guess the bottom line is doctors like you and and doctrine in Thailand with me today. We all can do Kent is really help people stay healthy because it's so. Is predicted that the year 2000 towards we're gonna have a lot of people point four million people. Will be uninsured. By the your current 2000 prints out toes so to give him insurance or don't have to spend about one point. Series 35 trillion. Don't thereby is expected to be insurers should the should be so you know that it's so. There's going to be a pretty picture and refer to him. Well I think what we're doing it is that about as patriotic constrain as we can possibly do for us policy in respect of the human body respect of our fellow men and women. For how they're designed we're not here right and prescriptions for each one night I got three cents and I got street prescriptions like what the real problem is and teach you to fix it is no longer a problem. And that is by far the cheapest way of avoiding this chronic disease saying because we just think. We're supposed to get these chronic diseases as we age as part of any you're getting old and doctors have told that to their patience and I just shatter every time I hear that. Couldn't you that they don't understand health and life on this planet. Wild animals on pristine parts of the plant is the time they don't get chronic disease symptoms is. We saw one like that would be like I'm I'm sure there's something wrong here to rewrite the that we expected in ourselves and so there's a clue right there. What to do about it or they or is that he's something can be done. And now we know pretty much what to do. So look live as organic alliance is you can't. Isn't easy and detox period. And two efficiency. Did you are indeed. An image that I don't think Bjorn and Tim. And I don't know if could be careful out there might lose I think the majority and so you so you. You help a lot of people. Was holistic medicine like you just say Augusta that's a solution to solve your problems like notre Tyler. You know yell or together. And by the way this could give those give your phone number address what how they can reach your your website. Climate Iman we're really Texas which is about 35 minutes from downtown Austin. Me and I'm not I'm a little bit so out and and west of downtown Austin and it's pretty close to dripping springs if you know where that is. But my web site is C bring clinic. SE BR I NG. Such as GBR. I NG and so his free clinics dot com. And my phone number is 512. 847. I've six point eight space force 756 KD's it's a beautiful drive here people find it relaxing. And kind of and get away from the big city. If there's a Indiana and concrete today. Whereabouts or about terrorist 600 feet up the major Rancho twelfth and that's a nice little winding through the woods and you come to my clinic. Looks like us kind of rocked and log cabin combinations. So it's it's a lot of fun it's a different atmosphere and it's a very different way to think about your health it's very empowering. Patients. So where about thirty seconds left but so what you would do. You would you give them that I have a blood test for diabetes you do that. Right okay LSI's it comes at a certain number that shows that there they got twelve full blown diabetes or other Borland. You can person. Why had a patient came out of the bushes. 400 and for the seventh two weeks has burst a blood sugars. This is it is exit and it's wonderful to get this is that he has exercised consists of riding his bicycle one mile every day that would. But if I went out critical so much better is writing a lot more miles and remorse that is yeah out that's that's yet to open Leo died Omega three's good bacteria can get him out weightlifting are like two of resistance exercise best. And he and it's done a deadly takes this type of medicine takes someone who's ready to a lot of people. I'm looking for something different in line to be more proactive with their health so. Right they have to eat pretty much cheaper piano much long term housing news MRIs of the cleanest and run foods. Or exercise related expenses the long term in health care extends only so much lower. Do drugs or 600 dollars a month. Dodge Sebring we can just go or don't really give you about an hour dollar and yes. So once again your website. Didn't see bring Clemens dot com Sebring like a car or the racetrack. And CBR I NG. Sebring clinic dot com under oath and the phone number is 5128475618. To. The secretary just go check you out you know you can. They kissed and I in the cabin but she can certainly. Going to see you write I write this. That we got about a mile blocking pass through the woods secure lines only just stroll around. And Camilla should you get there like maybe you. I can't see the rest time that's true threats against us savoring my pleasure you have your team and I and I like it's okay about it. All right let's take a break your take a break you list a to bring throughout Turkey seventies. Throughout Turkey's seventy would remember it. You're listening to let's get healthy with the bills whale presented by people often local listings are. I see we'll be back with more cutting edge news and health and wellness and a few minutes. Things relive things so let's get healthy with bills well on top thirteen 78 breast do you buy people's Constance favorite pharmacy. And now we're pleased to welcome to the show Julie showed sick. Patient advocate award winning blog writer and best selling author of the book honest Madison effective time tested an expensive treatments for a life threatening diseases here to discuss how to be an empowered patient welcome to let's get healthy Julia show sick. Would Julie show. Hello hey what a pleasure having you all were great book in which you rhythm. Thank you so much bill I really appreciated. As his son. Is just so amazing you know which you did your husband. You do a lot of things. You're blogger and got awards for all your a lot of the work you do there but. But so you're winning blogger own health care and healing. And commuters were good people and you find out that the this summer now if there's something that we're just talking about during the break if there's something that you could do to help somebody. This chief. Safe. You know the one job. He's still badly does exactly the key words. Because there are so many treatments out there there really are. Two days. Inexpensive. And effective. And so many doctors don't know about them and because of personal experience as you mentioned my husband was taking care of my husband and finding treatments like best and like DeJuan Blair wrote about in my book and on a better plan. I just think it's kind of my mission. To tell people about these treatment didn't get the word out there. Because you you know you talk about multiple sclerosis epilepsy liver disease lupus. Arthritis route or throws which is very difficult to treat. You know. Role of those are autoimmune disease does not have deep. Rheumatoid arthritis Luke didn't multiple sclerosis which. Crohn's Disease fibromyalgia. They are all. Autoimmune diseases and there are 170. About and all that have been counted so far. And one of the treatment and I write about. Cold logos shall tread down. And does this have to be made by compounding pharmacy ads pharmacist and I know that you do that you're in your pharmacy now. That that is one of the treatment of that is very very effective we it to. Our auto immune diseases so. The treatment and I write about have they are very effective for life threatening conditions not just for the cold I didn't I wasn't just that many things are common cold. Because you know you're gonna get over that anyway right. Bright bright bright. Bright. We're we're about to meet corporate. That's a big thing now. And there's so much controversy about whether to vaccinated are not in the news the big thing but it is it is coming back at things. Long. And so what you what you found out with your husband dude you had great success you and your true life with which you do it. This is a lot there'll I have to point out and I I sometimes they don't wanna take all the cricket. That's because he had the best attitude how. But the truth is that you know we had a brain tumor he was diagnosed in 1990 at the age of forty with a cancerous brain tumor and does bring is bad bogey and I. We're terrified we just you went in lock step with everything the doctors recommend the best you know we had to have the tumor removed it was besides aren't. And he had radiation. Miles. And I began to notice that he was getting every try to act and every complications associated. Not with a tumor. But with the treatment. And back with what made me decide to become empowered myself because I wanted to keep this guy or reality you know. And I need only been given three years to live by the doctors. And he without living at the prognosis even without doing holistic things. But then I got with the program I am I started to look for holistic treatments you know. Diet change news nutritional supplements and things like that and what I noticed was that yes he was feeling much much better and it began to outlive that prognosis that he lived for 56 feet finally live. Fifteen years. The time when he was yeah out what you list. Diagnosed and his doctors were and other school interest did in the treatments. That was a heartbreaker eighth. Well we have we needs has been around our because you've got to both many many examples in the book. Own well what now for forecasted. These are all of those things that can help so many people with their problems. Bush server law for instance. Oh boy still rely on political ones. Sad to I found her to him because I actually he has very fragile skin do you have radiation to the skin especially on my head. And where is is a success against you know and when he had a recurrence of the tumor in 2000 Juan. Indonesia Chile had to he had the surgery and essential line would not here. And doctors plan and they did the only thing they know how to do which was to do at another surgery another surgery another surgery curry hit eight. Extra surge youthful. I know I know collapsed wanted to bomb was done by his due to give graft over his body was rendered exudes. And with each. These surgeries he got slicker and slicker and more more heat BJ. He ended up being. Completely brain damaged and very as the but the guy who walked into the surgery. You're telling jokes he the great shape dude dude all of the treatment we had found you know ballistic I things. And when he came out of that. The last surgery you know Andy he was just very bed bound dealers and finally threw it holistic doctor I've found a treatment called silver lines. Still rely on at the end of the material was impregnated it was silver ion breast she. And I do I found out about it. IE got the the head of the company it on the phone that Blake you know let's get help from my house certainly kids. I don't know how pointed at but I got permission from the doctors he of course was in the hospital at this time to put this treatment that they didn't know about honest ahead. And it's stopped him from is is to stop the but he breaking down at the Afghan lead within one today. It again started healing which has not been the case after any of the opening up ya it was opening up and there is one hand I do. That the company was really wrong with with the American medicine because if I would but I did would you be. I'll bet you any right yeah. Telephone call it the latest. And I found out that the doctors didn't seem so I it is matter of fact I was very puzzled big name of the kids. And I was like what's going I'm here doctors told me what was going on here. He came over to me before that I don't think it was the treatment that you found and it was the act that was and you. It look your husband with a cannon and civil what do you think it was I was puzzled. So anyway says. I don't think it would include Banco might internationally idea debate attic. And I have but he's he's been on vancomycin first six weeks at least the document Banco my opponent like that it takes them. Lead after six weeks but the creativity. At and that's a miracle. Stay on the very day that week at eight. And there is a very threatening to have this unknown. And disease you know fit a lot of times there's such a strong. Ego tired of medicine and you know to have something that they never heard of that was working and it's scary from you know it's this new thing that's none they're pharma co PS. Yeah and then nodded their not in the hottest earlier than usual. And I think but I think that we really upset me you know today they didn't like perhaps that's not true they did you know he was. You leave he was a great guy yeah but. I didn't they want to help other patients who have been kind of not feelings for him tell us a common problem with brain tumor patient that. Feel. Well I would had a heart broken and I do an angry. Yeah I didn't come today I was going to try to help other people. Because nobody it helped me to my bat treatment you know I mean I founded eventually if I had found it earlier I'm sure. But his outcome would have been different case. Well you did you hear you say you. Asylum matters in this very disheartening because you know you can there's doctors have something you've educated them something they were for your husband. There's very safe inexpensive right. Different defended doctors a little bit you know you probably knows as say the they'll also want talk to you that you mentioned the book you know you'd try something. And they just show you a little bit you know our right. Well there are standard of care that they have to practice. That's partially Wall Street and draws a lot of I don't talk about drug companies primarily on a pharmacist. And so and that's kind of sad because those that they've had lots of money any view on. Well not tricks faced and I think they make money on. Because there's no Pat Boone and so I think that what we're dealing whereas as a situation that needs to stop. They were the only cure for all this is what you wrote which you do with your book is transparency. Thus of isolation. Brought this corruption that probably got collar corruption is going home to what you think is corruption. I do I'll still it is not only could erupt. It's it's just not forget a bowl I mean am and I hope I'm not sounding too strong about it says that either patients patients who need help. I mean for instance one of the treatments that I talk about him I'm Betty not at Madison is that you did you it diet for children with epilepsy. Now. Doctors you know with children to put a child on many pharmaceutical. Anti seizure medications that want. It shameful. If there's another solution. Look you know like like I got. Yeah but don't let it die. I don't know I I guess we only talk more doctors to see. I don't know there some fear in many doctors and doctors write journals and lost a license. You know because lay your prices holistic medicine. And they were great doctors you know the great very intelligent very good doctor shouldn't. I have to tell you something you are in the state that has a medical board but it really goes after him. Right right Pierzynski and treat cancer and Houston Lucy says he was having so you know it's this national this is just not FDA and all this there. They're tied in with the many of the but well as you please visit drug agencies there and elected so they don't have to do what's with two what's best for the duration they just get down from a drug companies so. Snag and it also a revolving door. You know kind of people will work sure drug company and then go work for the FDA. The FDA in battle or addressed to a. Ryan Moore just just read about ascertained. I don't know how that happened so there's lots of problems we do address us with the show's about so that's why does load your book on dismissal by the way. It's a broken and learn what was going on and helped her friends and neighbors. And up to doctor. You know to overcome this fear. Just tell me I don't tell anybody didn't do this and it does this rise is less compelled to say hey hockey hero quiet in I don't know what you do if. Well I'm trying my best you know you. Agent or calling me asking. How do I get my doctor to prescribe this treatment you know. And I'm I'm I'm now conducting tele seminars. I'm doing coaching sessions. And trying to teach people how to communicate with the doctors and the doctors need to be. Made more obits. And you don't make a more open by throwing piles and handouts from the Internet you know. Runner up Bruno understand can't profound shift in a statement licenses snatch a Catholic doctors like myself so that's another avenue for getting these sorts of things with Hulu does not Texan most attendees in a world first minute and supportive of it. So that's another resource fair people we're talking to. Yes and god willing more skates polite terms smasher pavlik does. And now we can't then I will tell us we didn't usually need. It's a local or they were fighting boo we will win the public is a stupid they're learning so the website is honest medicine dot com. That's right. Loosen its books and units available as hard cover Kindle Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Nook and she took off. Out honest Madison dot com and to create great looking into. You learn a lot maybe they'll be something that you can use for your own free nude yourself. In the book to help. There are some very very interest in treatments and the book as you pointed out right I feature four of them intravenous now full appellate gathered for a liver disease. Don't rely on for the non healing wounds. Low discount trips down for autoimmune diseases and the leader genetics diet. For pediatric epilepsy actually not only for childhood epilepsy. Adults can do it to the new details. But for epilepsy and I hope that more people will become educated about these treatment that's my game. That's still at the end of transparency is what we're about and does this is a great book. They get today started I doubt I'll bet you pick a book star rating and BR to put down because you're just it's a very well written by the way. Well thank you ask us you know what we'll go to is so wonderful about it not me. But that I got so many patients to tell their story. And as you know. People stories are just so interesting and so engaging. Hence. These people just poured their heart you know you just. In about these patients is that they once they found treatment one of the four treatments that are wrote about. And on offense and once they found a treatment that helped them win by the way bill and any. But got the treatment for doctors had been giving them about that working. You were so excited and so happy about it. That they went they made it their business to become advocates for the treatment that the treatment that they found and and no profit to themselves and it bit bare their passion comes through. In the book I feel blessed to to have had. We've got to run but I tell you honest miss is not an oxymoron because you've got. You illustrate the honestly that we need to have in this country regarding medicine did. Well you are pleasure boat that you. Much they're rating lessons and spreading the good word of votes these their season. Interesting Republicans do to woo you go so toxic side effects. Would you come back sometime Julio we just need time where at every URL. ODL thank you very much. And I didn't have a great utility day. I can't thank you OK thank you okay about our let's take a break and we will be right back tree now about Turkey's seventy if you have any questions about we're talking about this time we do such a good argument I'd question the three miles Turkey's seventy. Lugar rubber. We're cutting -- health information is right around the corner you're listening let's get health daily deals well on top thirteen Kennedy's brush a year by people's Austin's favorite pharmacy. We'll be right back. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy with bills well on top thirteen seven lead breast do you buy people's Austin's favorite pharmacy now on let's get healthy we're happy to welcome doctor Adam Pearlman a recognized leader researcher and educator in the field of complementary and alternative medicine published in the archives of international medicine and the New York Times in 2011 he became the executive director for duke integrative medicine he's here today attack about his new book new equilibrium fourteen days to cooler calmer and happier welcome to the show doctor Perlman. What are they see a doctor for a moment what a what a pleasure having you on the show. I'm trying to think of anybody. Listening right now that would probably interest in what your book is about. Because a lot of people that they were slightly cooler calmer and happier. Thank god the whole motivation and actually I'm equilibrium is clearly a recognition that. The way we think about it sort of strap it becomes in some ways the new obesity admitted something that so many people's struggle list. They tried a million different ways to match. Managing yet very offense. That they failed in an indication stress bill me Jewish people. Well do you thank you for your people read this book and they they learn something from it was they were all. To be cooler calmer and happier that we can save money where their healthcare system. Oh I think that's clear and it's usually look at her to date Aaron Eagles there's been all kinds of studies looking at for example stress and and usually step in the 7500. People or dealing sat and feels trapped with a major issue and out and then when you look at the physiology mr. We seed extract is connected to things like it is I'll miss not only of obesity itself which just mentioned also I eighty art is he depression. And a number of the leases. Which are sort underlying being easy call for sculpture holidays management of these are just he's so it is stress is clearly one of the keys. So to meet. Their real me. Was I mean it just came out like a month to go to than its brand they are tomorrow tomorrow. Oh yeah are on Dell got a copy and leak is kind of smear it on my hand on just these. That's a fresh that's a fresh vote this is this is really you can be the first to know brought to read his book. That is very true yes isn't. This I wanna assure you know it's available to our bookstore isn't. And also what I will be it just comes up tomorrow. Not to wait a little while but Amazon.com hasn't right. I think is that correct yup and these to your notable that it'll be available as it off it's also an equilibrium dot com books available. And new equilibrium. Collective. They equilibrium dot com me QU YL I BR UN equilibrium. Is a proud country you know we don't turn against all forms of. That's right he'll likely equilibrium bobbled an app and I think you'll pardon Marc Collins. There is really the whole concept change or. Together will be looked really pretty get a positive psychology. And a little work Bechtel won the opposite of booking in Russia Asia but species ecologist was doing around resiliency. And coupling that was some of my interest and I were Barack integrative holistic health. And trying to melt batted to a program that could really help people. Just sort of deal would be at this stage manifestation distressed fuels feelings but I actually look at kind of response. I don't wanna have. How around the stressful event this leads to the experience distress so there's some way it should try to get it will cost especially the Q what we're trying to do here yeah. Com that's sort of equilibrium how people define themselves put themselves. But Israel what we're look at his dealings and an art manage stress and a very different way. So going. Bush this is sounds like it's organized and there's like a two week program to and help people. Do different avenues such as nutrition and even numb cognition just what is the thinking caps that. That I am accelerate that sort of stressed cycle that sort of thing. It's true we we would have thought we organized and it is sort of a fourteen day. Program so that if people want to commend her fifteen to thirty minutes but today for fourteen days did you begin to sort of move the needle. I guess you heard your entire life around in fourteen days I would never make that claim what many people. You know it feels frustrated they've tried different ways of managing stress. And and we don't want our guys' souls are there I think. With an equilibrium program because we've really we've we've had this as an online solution can be big Albert people back shown. But they can move their needs you or they can actually. Improve their stress management their resiliency. We were able to congress and we'll go fourteen days it's real estate in China there's a way people do. You know get it quickly begin to shift the weight rate. Deal was stressful that's. Well you do is say you don't disagree by a brother wave so let's talk about tone. How they each of these dress. You talk about that I don't think you can do easy to be stress. Visitor is that people don't eat the right way at the right things. Me too I have. Well right correct so. You know a lot of it's timing of the food and it sort of two way street and disregard a lot of people they are stressed me reach for call for me certainly. And that can be a problem for people. The other side of that is they don't they reached the ice cream and candy or whatnot. The other side knows well stretchers there are things contention that he. That can help the bodies. You geologic respect response to stress and ask Garth tells you he's more serious distress so. Certainly needing more helpful in general. Which tends to be needing more fruits and vegetables. And again not being used for red tape but I certainly limited read these days of that nature. I'll. Try to get a whole grain and those those kind of thing that shares today and hydrated that's important. And there are certain supplement. Are countries supplement their absolute evidence to suggest that you be helpful. And managing stress things like your B vitamins. Which can I help wit to our create. More certain neural transmitters chemicals in our does that help us manage anxiety. And help make us feel good. Max you know back to the other important ones are fish oil and Omega three fatty acids. Those are good link to things like depression. Panic and low levels all the way to treat caddie after you perhaps being. Eight risk factor for depression is to make sure you don't you know. I'm good caddie fishes and hikes and an apple or supplementing with a bigotry. And then vitamin C is another one which. Can also be helpful. That certainly could take it as probably you can get it and I got a boost from oranges broccoli. Brussels sprouts so you know it did at all. That's one patient at a get reviewers are very sort of holistic approach wanna be exercising regularly. You wanna be eating appropriately certainly that supports its culture resiliency. And then this core of what we're doing is really looking at the way you think. And helping you to understand. Your particular page and style and how that leaves distrustful reactions. Well also big column you know and by the way Bob coast today is in nature has doctored attracted. But doctrine they trust the doctor Abby Tyler association Chiming in with you shaken her hand agreeing of their so you're saying. Because both are patients and most of our patience has come in the form resisting. They didn't process and how they can be calmer and and let me tell you mentioned. Nutritional that meet many of the drugs we have today. Are depleting can be tricky nutrients traditions and our transmitters. So you your place and these nutrients and under transmitters. That will help a lot to lose so. Tune to maintain your comments. Well without a doubt I certainly talked all my patients are al-Qaeda and as much as possible. I you know I encourage them to get the boot but nutritious they need. Truly whole foods but as you should dated off and on medications that may make it difficult for those items beat norm. They may have other car issues that made big technical but that it had issues with the bacteria they got Cora. Armed and and sometimes it's just not practical to people they just typical American diet which. Often doesn't have all the new trick somebody and supplementation can be very helpful. We collect up. Restarts well this is just emphasizes. That if you really complementing healthy lifestyle you know it just either not healthy you know. Diet all the time and expect the vitamins are gonna do all the work. He also you look you got three different metric used to com. Now I think everybody's trying to get to Boris. Do they think that's going to be is the way to get used to accomplish getting out again on the planet someplace. To get away from the frequent. But yeah well they're booked in did you just hear you say in two weeks you can turn happier calmer and cooler. This sort let me talk about recommend because. You know obviously calm peace and it. Is important but it's not a court of what we're trying to do so you know there are a lot of schools that it can be very warm. As tools to help people manage stress or stressful that's been like these creating progressive muscle relaxation. Are imagery all of these. You know initially body of literature that really shows that you can be beneficial for people. What we're trying to do and actually recommend and certainly you know I think everyone being here are a little Sheen. That did that help them to manage stress initially I enjoy exercising. The crazy people would enjoy it and I find it Ali. Good for keeping in shape and really obsolete as sort of manage stress so I like started market champ. I think for everyone we only to find what works for us they think we're really trying to do don't equilibrium is not only give each other schools. I try to get at some of these waves today and ultimately and it sure motion. And I tell you to learn to take control your emotions. There's really key. To building your resiliency and can be able to deal was stressful situations that may arise. Bryant fourteen days well we shall we have more time. Fourteen days to be a cool guy it's cool lady calmer and happier right. And fortunately it. Take us. Are you journey. Right and then you don't do that yeah and sticky traps to the distress and out of or just taking trips how asleep smarter yeah. And and that's critical so all these things that you can do. As it is easy to follow a great book you know that. Would would make you. But cooler person. Can relate to release heads in terms of just fifteen minutes a day. That's similar to do that for two weeks they committed to you know have more tools toolbox and that's a manageable. Amount of time and commitment for a lot of people clarity stressed it won't. And Cynthia people feel like it's going to be too much of a monument and monumental undertaking to. Learn some thing like with this program is teaching but I think that. Sounds like it's really well organized and found it easy then take little weights every day attend. You know get them on board with the programs that sounds great. Thank you and I and I couldn't agree with you more now on sort of a goat is people that yeah it does Peter. Feel overwhelmed so they don't move forward with things where you called an iceberg believed Shelby station shortly but leash out about the world leaders shall also talk about this in the book we each you kind of undermine your own success I can't do batter. You know I won't be able to be successful. They need to learn to appreciate knows what they are finally to break suitable. We talked about that it book but also people pretend to overcome it no he's not registered exercise and health care and go to the gym every day per hour this week's poll. You know going from not being 200 miles an hour you know an office in the best place for people. Mean if they can start with a small bite that you suggested and as we're suggesting fifteen to thirty minutes to be consistent with a. That they can begin to make changes and I hope we don't believe if you really a life time we'll continue to grow and add and development. Can't come live green these are settled a pretty decent and people. They get it so I think it's fair rating isn't such a bra congratulations as a great book go to great. But we very much we may call you to give back home. In a few weeks ago. You want to learn from our thanks for being clever and have a great evening have a cool Culver has. IR client do the things. Part of. Our let's take a break. His own. Well at least after a break and well. I see is. 50620. Let's take a break Woodruff. Don't go anywhere let's get healthy with Phil's whale rescue by people's Boston's favorite pharmacies will be back in just a few moment. Time for more cutting edge health and wellness information you're listening to let's get healthy with bills whale and Austin's top thirteen seventy. Now welcome to the let's get healthy show Austin's own Kelly Kelly she's the founder and executive director at hand to hold an Austin based nonprofit doing. Great work in central Texas can't uphold provide support and guidance to parents of cream these babies born with special healthcare needs and does it have experienced a loss dvds and other complications. Welcome to the show Kelly Kelly. We'll tell you welcome to the show look into the show. Oh thank you patting me did you barrier Kelly KE I looked bad oh yeah did you do that purpose did you. Well I'd Ellen I don't try really thought oh my god she's tough case it. Kelly Kelly like it's not your first name is KE LL. That he had any murder KEL only wise and that but I just try and replicate it does for us to other news other guest is really nice. So you're the founder of this organization machine. Do you Newman who had to get involved in this intensive care units. Well aren't backing from fountain I was chatting home from where can I wait until later with my current. I first baby and it's 24 we know any full term pregnancy is forty weeks. Semi and Jackson was poured in Wayne Cunningham. It was twelve what happened to worry me. We were in the neonatal. Intensive care unit Tareq reformer in Switzerland and it was a long and complicated journey into. I just felt I'm at a loss where you can write in tears and support and information that I needed and so that's kind of a spark and let me you know many years later I could starting your short initiation test help other parents you are now. You know having those early pregnancies are babies born with complications. Well they cost money and daughter by has a kind of insurance to cover that he isn't so sure she's very expensive. It inconsistent. And really you know not only IQ how are kind of forced into a new world and it's a whole new. Charging willingly do and I you know medical quick name can I only seen as the new purity weren't expect Kean thank. And of course it's it'll start coming right away and how unfair it is scary complicated and stressful for the painfully. EMs sought out and our position and you don't give talks are going around Alston took different organizations. Drug because this is used this coming out front Wheaties and talk about this all over shows and tells her between six a birthday is twenty days recommend against. Right out of yes or no presence would only give presents to you guys so so. There it tickets are on sale. Soon. Yet we are having an award extraction Vista on tabulated when he fixed. And each year weakness this practice can you couldn't get doctors did not medical professionals that support are extremely. Scary and long after the need to stay as you can imagine. I'd maybe be a lot of different doctors fanfare that went terribly my friend with. At this six different specialists and so these doctors have a profound impact. We're alliances are babies in the higher cleanly. Food deal we buy can earn more than twenty years cute you know hold action. Our family can learn many doctors that Katz has had spent my life with their children. Didn't we honor an official witchcraft and. And we'll doctor Tyler Krugman today she's a doctor of natural for zillions sushi. She's had a child and so Earth's two children again both of them did well. So but it you know this is. This can be very common for some people also I think that this is a good program and what a good name. Had all I can at all. I just felt like I really needed that I needed that he can tell hold. I heard Gary in the experience and other innocent until light and Wayne and help me not feel alone in the journey. And at trash in a holding cell without we provide peer mentors who had a very similar person experienced. I think helped support EU and tearing each day an actor your baby can't trust. And can I ask how do you get. Paired up with someone associated as a woman that goes to something likely UNC duke does a hospital. Call you in nowhere how do you. You really did you contact the hooker or at least have that national website seem to hold back or it's. And caddie clicked a button he needs support Richards and partly achieved is not an information she can help out. Still I harsh social workers. Do. Many of them until I appearance at pre leave them out there had a sneaking experience stay where it can find another extremely little or database. It has had a very similar dirt experience so. Do you like me had a twenty per week really different Jay another period case had a twenty clearly cases that you have this very common experience to share. And it's gray and so that's the main premises since build a community for her. Yes for the people going through this so that it's some taking some of those instant questions and displaying support. I tried and we can't and we pushed libraries educational materials that we develop came they didn't do. Her endorsed by the national Peri Natal associations. And currently 54 hospitals across the country are you people are we could try to break. And this year read it make eighteen I get I looked he graduates in Turkey it's actually thought they had given the current graduation for a little Q. I don't know how does this with the topic that you're going to look at Nigeria that first year out of the hospital took. There's very kind to us that is piloting a mysterious car reported cashier and it's been very lousy T. Because we'll be Lily had Allen actually starting on climate. There's there's a service organization to have his be listening somebody in and you know provide. So my commanders talk briefly about what's this about hopefully get them some money okay. Yes we are happy Palin don't finally can share and build awareness about. Her grandson we take every opportunity to defense. We're glad your back don't its analysis again because it's going to dismiss about 34 weeks away so we got to end. And any senate finance international organizations who started here that it's now available there at the ends. As tightly slowly started here we started over hospital where my son was born into began a pilot programs there's. And has to tell us partnerships with corporate we're going to crest attention he had her work hospital second call accusing the president and support services can't. I'm very stats are celebrating our fifth birthday this year so it's very proud of the work and of our organization and actually having. Not only not a meeting that we're all across the country. A lot of a lot of people person doesn't know him as the distances tickets things happen to know Kelly Kelly thank you so much to thank you says that world where they have. And we had a can we have you on my tweets his analysis again. I'd be delighted to it don't take Kelly thank you thank you can't hold down current okay about. All right lists. Let's have that the union met. Yeah you with us. Out or work under the announcement on Soriano what happens that you weren't you were scheduled to be on the show. I don't know what that there was this talk about briefly key components week. Well our next week. What. Same night. Same time yeah I don't want to respond to life okay I'll have a I'll have my colleague soaps but tell us briefly though would. Which included two chances to those two is you don't kernel around glacier which you talk about. Well I would talk about a million helped basic. To help people who can't. They did OK okay nods now you're practitioner journals to her you know I'm in Minnesota and so on Kenny told us there in the. It is it is actually it says it's extremely cold right now though we haven't had much notice no one's confidence over the weekend so. We do or don't get it compared to some doctors and so difficult so no matter how you start wrestling. FT ER NER. Has stunner okay. You don't last week so basically the medical camp does what. The basic political candidate is a great product it strengthen your key immune cells in your system a McAfee is new to fill an actual kill ourselves as does a very safe manner. I know ferrets have over the immune systems and we are we compound topical. That it took him appointments with parents and this is very powerful powerful way to. To treat auditor content. I used with my children to my son asked for it he's he has he announced that run these three he says Iowa might be in a blue candidate. Who. And it it's. This is you know we think it's one of the best to a new products on the market. Because it's you know you know you you need to. Characteristics of strengthening the immune cell looking to move the bottom my blood so having a system that safety of that and the broad protection. Yeah so. Less than two or three things that people need to get this far right now through would be one. But who would be one I mean if you look at any type of chronic issue especially and I can look at your immune system. It's really depressed by a lot of different things you got weather struck. What looked like a nutrition and you know where there's smoke drink or whatever but what's unique about it is our product. Is non specific what I mean by that is we don't care what that academic challenges of a unique mechanism works can be viral bacterial parasitic it doesn't matter. Actually I try to sell as a daily supplement because your immune system of confidence. Suppressed throughout the year. Doesn't hurt you nothing else. And it's shouldering immune system doesn't function or you get chronic issues would get common cold most types of things soft yeah. Yet but I'll have a birthday coming up here and about. Three weeks and so maybe I need to think about. Is trying to you know I think it's for seventeen years jumping out at a coal and probably eight years. Early you can bet you do OK I'm all right and the fact is immune health be facing Korea took them. All right listen listen you know usually we talk about this pokes during a recent weeks this and ask for for next week's show they have the preview a that's right we're charged. Everything zero M. Greg great okay. You know great evening OK we are about so they. Yeah. Well I hope people or are happy about a game last night and if you need to be calmer you know Larry's this book the equilibrium. Would be good. Well the Seahawks fans. Who left it. And deflated playing are opportunities to. Well let Milton has their big speeches since that a flute and piano for four years so. I didn't have either way. Either way users construct and run hit there. We'll follow social listen to show Rebecca next week same time 6 o'clock six to eight. Another author's note this a good show I think people he. You know little of both. All right take a break for a weekend would be back won't publish your.