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It's now time for let's get healthy with phils Whalen sock thirteen seventy. He's taking your calls live and time lines 039 and thirteen seventy. And now here's bills whale. Well folks we got one thing right this is me. And this is bill spoil it is are you heard the show floor removed they would go on a positive feedback from that and more positives tonight because we have doctor Calvin he's married Calvin any shipment was being monitored so have you. Haven't and I'm so happy to be back. Well you look like you've been missing something so. Maybe they'll just say health that you look at. Why it has its. Did doctors so they drove it always looks so good. Well. And hopefully we live what we teach. We try we're not perfect as important I'll just speak for myself I'm not perfect I had my share of Christmas cookies. And I think you're but it shouldn't sugar. But I'll tell you I really feel. Different. And not a good way and I eat a lot of sugar sugar. Cars and include listen to pay a price to what you you do and and I hear this from patients to it's like the more you eat clean. The Maureen feel when you don't. But also the others true too if you have something that's kind of not so healthy. Sometimes you can tolerate it lower smaller amounts. So it can work both ways yeah. He's a threat to. I think every now and then though you can have rules on you know and just appealed that destroy and have component feel that. Yeah and then and then you appreciate when you we feel good dog chewed right how would you know managers know. That contrast is really a win instructional. Do you think the wrong things and it's OK I think what's wrong yeah. I was just today I was getting gas last night. And this poor fellow always young fellow. Really need to compete smokes and he smoked I don't. You do they're all day's work until midnight or whatever and you know he just dying for. Company cigarettes or whatever. And so a bottom and I do about impeccable autocratic. And no I gave a lawyer too some by the dissident. If you want a certain ball girl whatever time. And so I gave in our cities are for cigarettes and it's your last and you know good luck. Yeah Merry Christmas and don't touch and how it's all it's generous so if you tell via B well you know I think that. You know you've got to do that in the Christmas spirit and not worry about. Always trying to do what's right for her body you know you'll. There'll smoked cigarette smoking and you think about it yeah you did bush was right. To their ready when they're ready your heart in your heart and spirit generous it didn't matter what each it was the generosity think that makes a difference right and I think we're portion rigorous is not who shortens life you now. What would with a dog after that out. You know for every cigarette you smoke you sure your lifetime limit yourself to clash and I think they figured out somehow you know about people now means. Poll found that well you know Frist is one of the things as you you learn so much on the show that. If you can't say I don't want foot for forty seconds. Trapped for sixty seconds first and then his second shot. You can lesson here and your chances of getting them to mature enough to congress. A standing on one foot to the historic brain chemistry working on that. Did you want to threaten any other motorsports would just tell us the first every good your partner will make it you know. Hmmm don't Torre eventually you will not as you do it more than you. Just trust anyone truly 420 seconds to do if you're driving okay. Specific. Event you know one more. I went to a a practitioner once and she told me she is working with my vision and she told me stand on one foot. And then close your eyes was this your eyes open but I know her as much easier your eyes open and then when you master that you can do with your eyes closed. And I think that it it does something else to the brain even further but I think that's that's good. Close the brain dump probably helps a brain neurons do with. Difficult task who is overwhelming so don't blame has some value doesn't it absolutely is essential. Her chains there. And worse or more of learning more about the study were about retrenchment urged I got a list of nerve transmissions depleted to. Are there will actually other depleted because of prescription drug plan so there are Jewish if we're ever you are now trickling I LO Israel if you're. If you're discussing something as a pharmacist and to please key nutrients. And neural transmitters don't you think he tells the person about it. I do but you know what to haul pharmacists know that you temperature. After the China and I don't think doctors know that either I see so many patients who are on drugs pharmaceuticals. And they were never ever told. That. Certain drug that the drug that there on either. Deep creases nutrients. Uses them up faster or blocks there used to blocks that are there. Use in the body. So it's a pretty amazing. It was awkward Ouattara both tests and more emotional got a good show up we got Craig Williams and he may be holding I don't know. Okay who take a break and we'll talk to Craig Williams you don't like him he's so he's got three cold and flu items. That you that you have in your house more than likely lose. That won't really help. With two holes. There's also things Republicans besides the turn he talks about two good. Hugs to jump hooks up to. And it's different goals. Ollie north Idaho you know audiences with friends and stuff like that didn't mean. Announced people look at the other day went on the street argue. They can't or people lose you're coughing and sneezing and haven't really done coughing and sneezing and then you hunt and yeah. You know what I do during the truce is I'm a pharmacist and don't go out there talking people who can. 03 is where the end and I shake hands as much as I conclude. The tree you know. I think this I think that February 2 you know I do get all these rich your homophobic trying to sat in the front I have to since you're so therefore that put into. Instant and I am you know we're worried because passengers I think our. Tested to see I want suggest people listen to it. You know got a fuel under an assumed his best of feel healthy and I'd go to sport helped write ya how's that estimate just shaking hints. OK so peoples and where you're crazy bill what do you what do you do and but I don't get too cold good to flu and I don't think you're crazy bill that I think there was one can be honest. So if you don't get crazy if you can why it hit but but I think that. Okay it was a flu shot you know it's its own discussions at the don't miss there world this past yeah it's actually active life. To lose them and so we get to flew from what I see a lot of people getting the flu from the shot unannounced. Trip to the nasty flu is like like ones that. Last fall like that are intense and that can last for awhile it we have homeopathic. It was on improved as you can turn it into Luzon there is something that were true well most of the year and talked silicon oxide. Front and they say it. And is it incorrectly but don't. Sorry guys Jackson hello I'm Sonya before a solo Cox announced some people say we're going but anyways Saddam pronounce oval on the EC in those little. Yellow and read tubes. It also Gregg Williams Kobe was this just loop there we're gonna take a break here. There is so old and bread free bread about it. Protecting his good friend and saw that a patient and other names from Hudson possess some don't oxy moron or something yeah Brit pretty brisk. Our. Government whether Colin double. And tundra tundra and the noise it's it's a good book. Doctor Murray warrant they will be on talking about. Inflammatory conditions. What to do about it inflammatory conditions that are really natural lose. And PH balance stranger she missed the boat killed the peace palace health and died dead or Gerd Abby is Deedee died management and recipes. Good to have. The value of these pelts you with those values are. PH of the blow the party now you don't talent I have a different perspective okay. The would you keep bush must show and I can't just trying to. I would do don't they they are they used to give out of social pleasant into evidence during the in 1918 and a bird flu. They gave up. I'm pushing soon Arm & Hammer. Thank you Soderbergh can permanent Burton baking. Soda soda and gave them. And you know. There's a reason for that and talk about attitude out pleasures system and they said it worked in many people here ago you know we don't we don't. Got approved by the of Kia and so. We just say that some people believe that yeah yeah. But don't they try to what you shot out clauses system is an acidic. I used to is and I don't you know but but after ranking should we study. I came to care. Opinion. That. On on a biochemical. Level. It doesn't make sense because in your body. There are all different kinds of peaches that are necessary link in your stomach it used to be sent back right. You know room cancer cells so there's a W two a challenge and a new idea is. Yeah and and I used to believe that and and knows what's true you know I told my belief slightly flawed but I think that. When you. When you do believe the alkaline. And acidic. Point of view. Generally when you do that you improve that diet. In general is like and so that is not itself. Can be helpful is helpful. Yeah. It's like eating our current your blood type you know. Hillary actually met but he can do. That you proved your god. Exactly and yeah yeah so I don't know are we U we're still learning a lot of Padilla. Yeah we are and it's just all points of view we all hold our plane since he liked me but I think not think that lightly is true but I think. If you've got a point of view. Go in store so it you know sure no doctor Ross is in trouble you ought to read read about you know. Later 220 trouble this strikes as the voice calls fax his confidence they checked about two thirds of them they couldn't. They could really substantiate them right artistically hump and ethics because he's had guests on there that were. I know of some nature as there were doctors there were called he called doctor there weren't doctors there mail order type metric are clearly where our. Go to juice or something Omaha so I think that you know there's that kind of go juice is good in the end and visit troll actually for the Greek coffee. Supporters who issued those groups always which is something. It's it's like if I cannot give a gives you. An I usually do on ugly she's just behind it I guess sources tell some aren't some. Neurology magazine or something you know and study and we liked everything yeah. Any doctor listening if you want those study put into that we get to the study. Based on this proved that being there right that's right exactly should we election you can buddy you can find research for anything what do we. What are we going to take a break here today Craig Williams whose purpose accurate cultures and and are you better as he talks a lot of because really there's been published in the Toronto Canada to just health and general cousins you're chatting with them you have you ever chatted with a we become more often used to check the let's take a break turn a thirteen 75123. No Turkey's seventy we will hear about it. More cutting edge health information is right around the corner you're listening to let's get healthy with deals well on top thirteen seven deep fried to you by people's Boston's favorite pharmacy will be right back. Designed for more cutting and health and wellness information. You are listening to let's get healthy Louisville's whale and Austin's top thirteen seventeen. Welcome back to the show we welcome back to the show we have Craig Williams with a snow. Greg is such a pleasure to talk to you after all these two like a lot to Lawrence electorally a couple of years ago. You know it's great you Beckham on it's always great to talk to bill. Well yeah actually I talked to a couple of nights ago career. We did you can reach a television. Oh and I don't think so. OK it's all right this thing you don't live airs here we are. This is the big thing is that they showed what are so high Craig this is after marrying Calvin niece and yes she's a nice Japan's here she provision natural things just like you do. You sort of talk about the flu presumably easier. The crews. Are well they say this rubric is spreading rapidly in view of this cannot just came. Out today. Those you know those prices for these days his previous last week south and midwest is. Is where there's activity and we announced they smelled. Most of the patients are hospitalized with severe cases of flu are either very young or very old. Which is usually the case right that's pretty typical. They have forced to outbreaks. As is the schools and Ohio Tennessee Georgia North Carolina so had a lot of pavement to close close crews had to close. And the virus is killed eleven children so far this year. So some very nice. No no mean it's it's always the home pretty serious stuff I think they have been although Woolsey just mean they always released dire predictions. Being received and that was it seems like the world about it and sort of always gonna take a little bit with a grain of salt so. Run well they they sell more isolationist and we're sure we're there Resource America. Budget here recently in the direction of acceleration support and more was on the right want. Just which is usually can still occur occur when you know this is CDC did you. Asteroid and actually apologize to I don't want to have some kind of quiet real release it was very social and a and then the next week to Kim and they're biased or this or warning her body due to social aspect. His position this business really lose it was there. Yeah. Yet and don't seem to can't sort of candidate. And also as well as severe you know appear to destroy the soul is you know so steadily you just have to be careful the Syrians and slums here. Yeah there's minister away a run up I'd really don't is don't want people to get all stressed out later those stories and living here current realities here of metal. Ruin your mute system more than anything else will. Because if you're stressed out more than lucky you'll get the flu or you get older you get to know whatever allergies and an indictment charges. Are pretty common right now in Austin but Cederholm that we definitely and let's have more stress she did to the fact they found a way to. As you know Toro stress is with a hug. So this or not it Carnegie Mellon universe does it say Corky for a six people. And hotels rooms and gave them nasal drops to take. A cold or flu virus. And then they started testing of this is an abortion opposed. There because top ten auction live through their noses things like that and they found. And this actually was researched and psychological sense that's. And that the average person received at least one. 062 times since Tuesday's. Act and and they fascism or hugged people got to the bottom line is. They all got better. And they and they prevent a lot of affluent schools by just giving hugs right so that reduce distressed doesn't. Yeah I mean I think that's a big thing to do we live in society now where people are quotes friends on FaceBook they don't have any real difference and we're really losing that one to one connects with people so I think we've that's even during the holidays seasons so important for us to have social contact that's a big part about the LT not being afraid he's NL that's healthy social context. Well you might have a problem that birth should cheer you how's he wherever. He got through this time a year. You give her a hug and. Grade students. At her. When I think also to its bid that coupled with the we don't we live in a paranoia of germs and our people are constantly disinfecting everything all. So on. And so I think that's the slopes of that paranoia. You know there's sort of think we need to you know being exposed to cinematic terms so actually do it. So it is it's an equivalent of the little things we can do is think about. It would we will have that can take us out of that here based status though giving it's -- and I think yet I think it's time people need to talk about a similar to what is gonna get sick this. It's okay exactly and eight minutes and saying you know Anita said. Constantly with my patients sickness what did I do wrong what are what was just my bad karma arsonists like no we just got a cold or flu that's been happening Trevor. Let's try to manage that are shortened duration or his assistants yes like that's sort of it's just it's just a normal conditions. Well that's how we've built our community bugged by getting these conditions could help her body and I don't push to unlawfully. But which is three things have talk about hugs his own things too but obviously but. These three things are on the house didn't really seem to help. Yeah yeah Palin ticket order things addressed decrease Hugo. Canada helps industry now is they're always trying to sell. Like magical cures zero everything is super treat each week and everything's a miracle and stability most amazing miracle has secure everything. And so I think in the mix of that people relief. Forget some basics and really work. And even in my clinical practice I mean I have all my patients. It's a good quality. Told her very extract or else. A quality. Liquid extract of echinacea. And the big plus it is and if they have that and home. Or that and that's going to be a wonderful confirmed to have those are safe for adults are safe for kids there's these seniors. They're not fancy. They're not superseded. But it works us as far as us being so those are street if things go like to have all my patients have around a tree you guys haven't as people tasks. Well he's another you to go stores garlic. Well it was a fresh garlic is my favorite series. I'd number wanting to ask patients seat on this day amazing anti viral anti bacterial. Under cardiovascular. Does so as long as someone can eat it and it doesn't bother their stomach. I'm eating fresh Carly daily article please he's in his 'cause it's wonderful wonderful things as it. Bill 1000 closest to we learned about. This video and dimples done. All right how about around their neck. And they keep the lowest onion and garlic might do the same thing. If you are goalie Chris young people. They used to have well. A. You know what I do and when I first killing them getting sick. I make myself this really yummy piece of post. Gluten free toast with lots of butter and raw garlic all over always so good. Thanks. That includes zero garlic Olerud do you just take their garlic can just didn't I chalked up the French police car and couldn't really find out on top it off line and it's hot and spicy but police tackled some butter is delicious really and also tough when Katrina. You also finally trumpets. And didn't. Just put that into a glass of wine. But let's just sit production assisting medical resident. Used some cheese cloth. Total throughout the pieces of it and sip on the line and it will make kind of a garlic confused. Tanks pretty amazing as well. While I never heard of that that sounds really good for. General it'll be like making. Sure only in China many drink the wine too. Isn't it. Great defense could not Obama simply logistical I don't think that was sell very well touted. The one chops them to. No justice so that serves. On the house fresh garlic is literally and that is the one thing it is a real super Saturday. Sure there's really really has no better round he says it's a pretty basic. So would you cookies and then you that you would destroy Ellison's yet you when you could you lead. Look a bit of Pittsburgh anti bacterial anti viral it's still does keep a lot of the cardiovascular benefits for circulation and heartfelt. And of course it is great. I don't but you do miss a lot of it's been that you want to forget it was cold to slip. We got to be careful he showed no doctor Oz got in trouble returning to action after the show. And it seems as always doctor Oz we talked about garlic that's my point there he is just ramble on about these particular squad super suits ten and talk about just literally could have. Things are right exactly yeah he he's got. It from the show that I tried to know what they're talking about. I don't know how you doesn't really don't. Screeners are well I think he cares so much Josh green very well and I'll witness list and you know credential and does that say they have they don't. But I don't know that like these so green copied these are supposedly. Got his point. Also wore some weight loss thinks that he hasn't had to put words. In of people spent a lot of money on I want to do anything formed. So what somebody who has that opportunity helped so many people kind of machines to ignore that too literally you are just good quality information to really help you. We're we're told by an and I hope he stays or earlier and penalties just things are there's a little bit because our river what do when he first or the show he was working with the Oprah. And he took questions from the artists that don't do that more you know they're all count. He's got all these joys of that so somebody do this for him. Which is a lot easier boot but still I ask him how many cups of coffee. We because for wasn't my phone number of cubs person shooter today. He and his partner pulls at six. Yeah it's tough today. And auditors Cornwell oh man that's so great thank you so much thank you so much you know monitoring and that's okay. Well you know you can't tell a national audience is taken drinks there's clubs and coffee date with all safety. The other guy blood pressure or cancer problems are still out front so it's certainly doesn't have a fairy. Profound and powerful. People on his cardiologist Susan. Close to go to freedom treated great cardiologist but I don't think he knows everything else. Quality outside of little should be yes and if so I don't think it's gonna work. You know what you do or don't garlic and older very during the cold proceeded and blood sugar diets and now these diversions or something like did an amazing. That may be a little bit boring but they should condone it but I think when you say you've got something like green coffee beans or something you know let's. And though people look forward. Do so I think people want miracles and media right exactly. They really do you think that's you know acupuncture can miraculously cure them her daughter's it is a miracle cure for whale officer. System in those things just aren't there's there's not a more miracles and telepathic medicine's miracles it is a miracle on some levels of course he said he someone's life. To miracles but other levels for chronic debilitating diseases yeah it's kind of substantial lifestyles change a lot of different levels. What to tell us so we're back to where we we were. Over as far as flew. Another another remedies. And prevention to throw this flu is caused about a month. The session hormone. I I don't days Dakota Dawes vital causes from the sun. You don't need to buy me you can buy did you want to register and the sun mid day throughout north and forty minutes. You're guilty and do their vice is like gushing looks so good. Yeah it was this a steal that which is one of the there's not a lot of it is just talk about Trimble. Leads connection us and that I amount of vitamin DC editor basically that these systems basically get too isn't it doesn't suit. It took a few. Mushrooms you can actually need and then that's a nice thing to do to them as well hearings get out. It's and sons considered the Texans or counselor winners are actually not a events. Now you and raw emotions orchestra gear and so you can do like garlic I guess you could come. Yet you just rehydrated this Kentucky to deepen its soups are still user stir Fries or things like this is deceased and her party's. Students spices incident. Took you put that in there as well to have a Big Ten if you think spices and you miss you mentioned. Paying current society doesn't. That is huge crises in aggravate the Serb you know any chemical carefully types of things and I. Tumor and part of and consumer advocates. You know good garlic all these things that we used his daily just full of antibiotics as well yeah it's. So there is a good source and we really lost that is an American culture to we basically have to like give. Salt charter. Doesn't spices so if we can Blix you know expand that is really really revitalizing here also as well. And he was it chicken little clip of him. Yeah over the determined soul but I think people about spices and then assumed there really amazing. Yeah. You know there because they don't through local Kennedy can use those traditional recipe chicken systems has the resources. If you're not budgetary were doing chicken soup every day during the wintertime during his elusive and so. And one out chicken noodles chicken. The chargers something that's a sail vegetable soup. Is vegetables vegetables instant noodles. That is correct her tasting great tasting so. Suddenly it turned out soon. And a course I think gluten free you know just for the front of the and nothing else because he's glad it's fun thing and get through three dogs if you want to spend it. You can handle the gluten. To me think of that's on on election. Well just pick in the sugar bush or keep your sugar coat spew your key third down onto the total tackles don't affect your assistant. And maybe Carlson. You can get sick community. Am I deaf when I believe. You know the lesser read the better. Or business ethic you can go a little bit to the extreme are people. You editors think things like we can eat bananas again here it's because there's too much or remain I've yet to see in my political participation. Getting diabetes are meeting to be bananas. It's typically coming from really simple sugars carbohydrates soft drinks to his east. It's. The united yet really so let's have called this simple cover hundreds chips cruisers this kind of things don't and it isn't just those brits have sugar attitude. You know it is printing crackers besides just being white they have sugar added to that is. Craig Williams you're just a wealth of knowledge is just outrageous tones did you know or you know so much did you do the talking tough sooner you can we are took. At the time but I'm kind of so busy right now I don't have time for talks good as they can go to my web site which is ordered it often dot com or that you Google Craig Williams acupuncture. Greg went renovated and that'll link to our web sites does that make it economical. Question matter. Until my comment that call that's easy to do well soloist. Well you did that so you have to spell are you better probably because most people are doctors don't. Did that solicit it spilled its assist the medicine from India that's why you are but he DA. So bigoted there's a link you want take you guys have been looked on you know most practitioners. Of the people's homes who web sites. And links from there is ultimately. He was charged a Con Ed also I just concluding that Craig Williams and and you're the first that comes up and Oscar and I didn't come out yeah. Gregg Williams acupuncture currently observed a little that we come up stories about. We'll Craig look at almost alone most of you gotta get back in particular you debts are always thank you so much Craig all right thank you very much. The holiday. Or Christmas okay about. All right we're gonna take a break here here's a lot of women music stars that's when I stop. Normally what I'm hoping this trust for historic. I can't dance and that was enough to write so. So noise so if you're calling through and a thirteen seventy the other really as you have for your earlier this cultural thing you can do for the threw himself. 5023 out of Turkey's seventy new development. Don't go anywhere let's get healthy with bill's wealth rescue by people's Boston's favorite pharmacy will be back in just a few moment. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy the phils well on top thirteen seven deep breath CU fight peoples' Austin's favorite pharmacy. So whose talent so it was tough and I'm relation to screen. I do whistle. Yep so Melissa. Some muscle there isn't a reason they're assessed their recess means to hold them. You listen to me yeah are you with us. And what a pleasure talking to you and you're you're live for us out of Austin and should. I didn't I live in my belly. You won't welcome I'll remember early. Contention and there you go up. And John Battelle as your dog and your your right. Right then he's answered to. Really. Can we tell what he did what he should it we'll program news we are losing. Just have a secret isn't. Always I think Laura. So that was numbers from the but he youth we're just talking about this is a really collar Republicans lot of good recipes. What prompted you to write to us. Well I had my hands content activities that are unemployed actually help a lot better. I had to learn how to cook around you might change sensitivity because I'm seated. Cremated without cheer he eats. And other things like my early as hard. And. And and so and that process is that's clicking on a couple of prenatal and bread products that I can eat that's as simple ingredients. Cannot grow intolerant like peaceful until Miami should average about. But those. Brent are very few and far between and I grew up. It's eating out as an anchor at beating Turkey is tiger repeating actually do it and so I really needed to act. Experience. Yeah the closest thing I have to that was rock crackers didn't that you make it and I straighter. And so. Oh I started making rock crackers and there's a woman concrete cracker lady and she made her first rob bread. And I went oh my gosh. Oh my gosh that's all I wanted to you know she can make Iran's president I can make the kind of record aren't even thinking about which is potentially. And they form of rock you can imagine that's Pataki's. You know rock and when somebody's about garlic you know who helped prevent and treat can flu symptoms Colson closely sent down to you've got to garlic concede cracker. This a draw the conclusion Tito who Syrian degrees. Incorrect. All the rescue debate. But they're crackers or remain lit. Rob comes in seemed that you can grind and a little coffee mill arms I anger. And I'm at ten year old and how to kill a little bit of water and it mixed together roll it out flat. Act and didn't you once you roll out each action dehydrated garlic pieces. Candy sprinkles at on top and kind of gently pressed as CNN and take. I'll so good. And you have yet so many interesting ingredients and recipes in your Buckeyes find that fascinating. So how did you end up you know. Creating them. Well Aaron because I was experimenting with my candidate and make my name's Brett came up to about any great eruption east and then from there I always able to shore proposal is able to secure Capote agent and she actually eat and drink publisher competing for me to write about that can tell you need to bread and. And come. So when dad. When I got my contract and I was under pressure and one to do is come up but I'll get your flavors and all the other French I had been lining it. It has really. Hadn't really had a parent doesn't add to pressure and deadlines he's eyes I'd like tricky. Can't come to that I was able to pick him up but the church is in the best kids. Yeah. And enough and that's the. Extremely wonderful. It looks grade I definitely wanna go around buying it I didn't know about it. And you can you hear it does Amazon bookstore right. Yes it is and a source indicated on Amazon. And then I'm in a couple of red categories best seller or a few weeks now and they keep going you know. And then Estella spread so it's a special treat allergies and it's a special tour this I'm not the case not a disk don't shoot until I think it's. Boeing got in there. Lies largely out merged to chocolate. You people don't complain much you know. Yeah they they don't mind being allergic to gluten because this week gluten free products out there in fact they say a third of the country now. A third of the country is eating gluten free. I heard it on your show. And. They're there's definitely I have been surprised myself at how much interest there has been in this book. And so the fact that a third of the country couldn't free it makes a lot of sense to me. We were recently and explaining and I'm Joseph and I were both doing that trying him as I respect and I kind collection that's. And basically he was trampled by people trying to get to my cathartic. Yeah. I see. It that there is really a neat for gluten free products out there and I think of that as. Minor saying nutrient. Dan there's no vegetables and fruits and does not stand it's it's just an unique and people are CNET. Down so I think you're which turns say is that your book is selling very well hold. Because they were trampling Joseph to get to your book. S open cup is now Archie here emotionally. We get in tackled that test. Does he is eating me up on the scene in good nature read edit this that it couldn't very well. First I'm Chris Carter I'm Mike has never ask for better. And it's just came out there. I'm gonna. Or. Okay yeah so it's reeling him because we know some pages of her. Can run a little bit blueprint to tragedy not. So I thought that that's what's interesting is that if people. Familiar jolt there going no place. He's scheduled to confirm. You know track is so if you're a housewife you know in neutron you what's your Kennedy write your kids and your husband know that. If you feel right he's not going to place. A secret for dinner at. Yeah exactly urgency and knows where to go first Hurricane Ike. I'll let you who think. But I was break. Yeah this is pretty good citizens. A couple of. Nets didn't think he does some very reminder Ali opt in and they're backed there's going to be a cheap ticket reminder I'll mention this to him. But also I think it's an also a you know you're get the kitchen once in a while. There's a doctor's. Strike up a as the doctors Sebring on the show where there isn't he he's a good piece I don't know who these people these are what you're doing for sure Clinton pretty. He's entertaining us. Yeah and tracked and I had and one of and a publisher's marketing people tell me she would really appreciate the Palin told a crowd because I have to implicated. I have to risk peas and beans and I just can't do Muppets like thirteen at assembly site recipe can be in the so it can actually Palin joke who zillow men have to have a talk with the. And a and a they're Leo is big and I'm really sorry. Yeah. I'm not sure that we college diet but really the people way back when they're eating and they look at as a die they just looked as survival. You know just trying to understand there's changed and he tells us some. This particular she's got the book she's look at the book is there a particular recipes that you just. You just love and joked can't live without or whatever. Sometimes there's no. We we actually eaten good bread and I once announced that they often double X pre baked pizza bottoms so that's his favorite. You like that garlic onion sandwich bread but don't cut it up and prices are just leave it flat on your pizza ingredients come out of that. Ending you know he didn't get itchy so we don't usually cheese but does pepperoni. And spices and made its case. And at least thirteen set up. Well so he's taken to. A sensitivity I'm Alex made the majors and opportunities to carry. Top and right up. Am privileged. What this does do that to them. You know you find out what causes your sickness is because you weakness what causes. You possibly get the flu and all that 2000. Yeah we're winning did I was afraid. You don't have to worry about taken lower bottom which is thanks to attend. I agree the important things that don't work well which your body. And definitely help your body stay healthy. Is that so. Well we were to about hugs you know that seems to be. It is studied the Carnegie and they're showing that hugs are what the best thing to ward off. Well Coles. Just hugging people. It don't register by or chemistry but you know friends and let's hug really. Redo work well so. That's good but along with hugs I think eating the right kind of bread Massachusetts accent that are. Are critical so you have regarding their by the way you know trip which brings. You know I I don't gardens I'm just something nice you know had an interest and that. I'd just get into China is locked in that direction yet. We're too busy writing books. While I wasn't here. We have a yeah. So you lied to the duke the bread to this onion. I'll tell you though and just instead of macabre more than just roll out like a piece of pizza to. Well well how works as you bake at first that he organ and make it you know president and what he pitched it that read free bread and spreads are big flat on harder kicking cedar jelling real pain and you. And and so when they called Honeycutt and happened to whatever site where do you want. But if you want you to create big peach bottom conduct cannot. And L eight. Pete he's bottom and so when you add your peak ingredient on top he just popped back into the apple on directly onto the action. Like you would wonder straight impeach a dinosaur. And you get pizza for like ten or fifteen minutes stopped depending on how crunchy like you crust or how long it take your shopping is done. Well. There are so we can just go on the moon and this is such an amnesty laden. The new York and this event but I'm Amazon. And I are all. On and I thought they can get a break bread dot com and they'll take a direct imminent change it they can tight end Brent Brent on Amazon in an attempt Britain tapestry. Today. Greg sent Braintree current and past and I. And they can go into bookstores around Austin and. Skin and purchased under the lights are carrying them. Or you or your husband are great examples of this talent here in Austin so I can say to jar bulls for it to the and as the reasons and so we which is tell your dorm room okay. Now after the I absolutely not great great. We US it was time that a lot he's very large camera here in oil pleasure talking to you and hope bucket to seize some day and and don't you come to Austin do books on the or something. Other sound great as sound cradle you know and that's thanks for having me on your show are really appreciate it and sharing might trip which you list. There you go in Joe's got a book to Lucille ball's gonna. C 72 hour Christmas and and especially. He's got to do since you that's good. Arrogant okay if we are great evening and Merry Christmas. In thinking OK okay I had night. Aren't used to break through and Turkey's 70000 can turn and no Turkey's seventy got a question or possibly you missed Fisher calls. We'll be right back unless they were sold. And documents and yeah. You can. You're listening let's get healthy with bills whales presented by people Austin for local ballistic pharmacy. Slowly down with more cutting edge music health and wellness and it Jimenez. The steam. You're listening Alessio healthy Windmills well on top thirteen seven deep right field by people who are not just a favorite pharmacy he's taking your calls live at 51239. And thirteen seventy. Welcome back to show we have darker wars with a shrug you know. Hopefully my bill say doctor Roy were put a pleasure having you back here as well surgeons doing well thanks yeah you're just seeing a patient there or shoot. Yes sir you circulate in your Oklahoma as a writer. Jim thought so high. When driving up from the great state taxes and he needed some care after that long drives. Now you say that gray says Texas now we played truth Lebow good because of that right consistency. I took so you save precious telling archer. Well only in situations where. There's there haven't dire straits and he's good friend and patient is known him for years and trying to give him and. Is that great to which you can do. You know how you gonna people so much during the holiday season to this when people have the most problems you know. Spill it distresses me no it is. I see so much at best dressed like a college student stress syndrome when I'm. Teaching in classes because like students tourists missing down practically and and it's the same high stress and holidays. Kicking up all that inflammatory stuff we have to DOS. Whether there's a doctor here in Austin doctor Paul Headley a cardiologist who hasn't done this what we call the holiday heart syndrome. Is the only common among healthy people. And it's because people tuned to consume a lot of food alcohol testing in salt. And they can cause abnormal heart rhythm. And if he gets skipped heartbeats or extra heartbeats. The aware that that can be the beginning of ours today. May not last long a threat. As she might just get one chance right at the top and so and that was an fox nuisance and unfinished version you're KP you week. They think I was talking about it to learn so if you have a rapid pulse rate shortness of breath chest pain swelling of the ankles. You know go to us ghostly doctor warranties are working right now I confess up and down. But seriously though me you know he's still especially in young healthy I think it would hurt too. To check yourself into one of these have these are my neighbors and resolve the pistol to now. They do today and I they do just that purpose say it's not a full on emergency vet I need some care right now or ago. That's right just like you did and I should just end date you know they get definition Russian lived there her speeds up and and the capital alcohol and other things too so. Isn't my kids say the circus has mainly between dissimilar to resist. Are determined to surprise this and then December precision German to first write a lot of occurs on Christmas Day. A lot of depression than they used to say or worse. So you people just really suicide during his time here. And how can we do anything. Besides give them hope I mean we can give them supplements we can be they're forming give them open and there are so many supplements that affects this brain stimulation that. That. Facts I put down less and I'll make area. There that's why I love doing what I do. I have to say that's just say a study of riders or otherwise. Obvious to TV doctors you know we're getting in trouble. So there's a study showing that men are the most likely to be idiots. And that while that Y chromosome. And so they'll they'll put a gun to there has showed just how loaded or something. An end and it is loaded and so there are very day your opinions or something you know that. That shoot certain things so yeah I mean discovered Tony chick thing that. There's issues that were meant to take more risk a second thing they don't think about it I guess that and. I tell my students and an anatomy SA you know that there's this Bridget between interior ministers called the corpus collage summoned. When we do brain studies that lights up on a female with and I look around the perimeter guys are not trying to pick on you because are too but it's a lot more active in them and desire. For. Well let's let's hit you know mentally prepared don't don't let. Well and women women say you know. When men that what's on your mind and the other than it does not then they got to believe it this. Think that's it to yet you don't get much conversation out of that's one of the food. Anyways so until anti inflammatory news desk throughout Ibuprofen. OK I saw what my students brought it to me came out in October. The news crews. Channel. ABC I think news crew and San Diego and that was the study of UCLA's very small study but. That's the only news I saw picked up on that it was so incredible because they were doing a small research study on my alzheimer's. And all they did is non pharmaceutical treatment. And 36% of these diagnosed alzheimer's patients went back to work. And all they did was give them fish oil to Emmerich melatonin and have them sleep do yoga or Tai chi. Does that assist doctor Oz we do that kind of show I think he'd be would be so much trouble are you talking about these. These green coffee days to lose weight or whatever. Spare us this I saw them. Batteries don't lay out but I don't know. So so Ibuprofen. May Kris I'll spend about that because anti inflammatory. And they also says that did years ago spent 56 years ago that two. I read that and these drugs through a cholesterol. They also increased Celestica then that's a filter par Princeton. Oh my. Scottie fish oils and help support him coconut oil on special oil and and you know more positive. Supplementation. And I would necessarily. A Staten because it has so many backlash as of other things sometimes as well. The other is how high cost I guess that you're senator's side effects I'm a former situation at his side effects to his a lot of pressure on bell. Affair scenario for the fact. Is watching on the body. I'm Lou on the bulls who listed firms is probably in the country don't have. People people could come dramas of other business. That went well and. Or that we were not drivers other out of business if we're doing what we're supposed to be doing with the right intent for the right purpose just. Yes your patients die you don't look you don't get much younger you. Have so our terms is capable android as it and I thank god for that. So. So this is this true I believe I agree with the 200% but. That aspirin you know 24 horrid conditions. Prevent heart heart attacks and another sunny out it's a it doesn't effective. In the recently what I just a few weeks ago they came out that demand. Exactly and in fact is more harmful. Listen you can only do these things have a price tag and then it's. Yeah it's it's it's hard on the body to take its pharmaceuticals. There's an Zarko will be a sound that I like a lot of time. In the time that that would works well you've got some of the things you like to use to got you but but the what was it is like you could take you actually with comfortably in about it it helps you. Portion of the Tony processed often blunt. So worship the cloning process so that isn't this he has taken don't interest on what you take it was so you do not to judge mr. troop. Well I use a lot of product called Turkey com that. Is very highly anti inflammatory and it's all based on on I think probably the best natural anti inflammatory exist and that's Kirk human long got. Saw this Turkey com. Is excellent in helping inhibit synthesis of Dropbox aim and prostaglandin that is affecting not only. The whole body but joints connective tissue muscle and supple well. Are there is so bush didn't in the news today about curriculum a pitch today. You know can just do wonders to help protect your brain from out timers and what have you. But anti inflammatory. Anti inflammatory you know at inflammation. And I kind of feel bad because that gives a bad rap but inflammation is necessary and positive zip we got to cut the inflammation that's what helps it heal but. It's when some other switch some other trigger is causing it to. Rear its ugly head it's gonna show up somewhere. Kennedy chronic Al Anna and Lance chronic sensor problem exactly match. Well we did though there is information. Okay and so that's where I think Ibuprofen area thing and any drug you take. And it'll skills so growth and a solution to the tennis which you won't because you want to feel the tiny you know you have information. So you take something more natural like. This Kirk you comment that we saw a lot of is a great product. Kirk humanized as soon but dollars and Indian now. Was a 30 boy who actually did for three weeks who just left couple days ago. And so it is it's so it's amazing what we're learning about. Spices and fruits and nuts. Well and I shall go under the one of those things as well as she's over the she's gonna get it front line possibly fought strong Gandhi is. An incredible. Hole to get an anti inflammatory type. Adapted and it's an excellent product as well and that Kirk omens. That's one of the other reasons I like that I. That the whole key is what how we put out a fire Bill Russell atomic patients where if you have a raging fire here are you gonna put it out our bases doubt it was water but you there's more than one why you can coverage you can smother you can remove the combustible material. That's what we have to do remains highly inflammatory. Treatments says hid it from every side. You also like you talked about the past these are degrees and wind what can be better than. In powdered or good vegetables you know. Well like I used to say that but but when they came out with this company came out with expresso flavored immense. Better than sit better than the prior dreamed ever was so I thought it can get any better but now but it. Affects my taste buds positively as well. It does there was a chocolate are agrees but they got express so now. I know the exactly what I do the Charleston dodges mix that I have one of these Brothers you know the selector for others out and they're vanished just like the hot chocolate. I I do that would express so in my little nurture a bullet blender thing and make him here in the off aside make him a moment. I just use that as the so flavorful and and be even people don't. I don't care but good form it taste good kind of attitude that. Gosh when I can cramps 25 servings of fruits and vegetables down like it that's just a plus. Are you getting Cathy Nelson. This is a special flavor correct and they used to heat. PAT. A protein right. Right in pea protein you best. Ryan this protein is rich impression of me nor has since I was asking him. Very much and great great cookie taste good. Talk about. I do that the pharmacy you know with his Delhi's we deserve. Some. Espresso. This. And a and I had a bartender. I'll buy him. But one of them my patients and he is gone oh what's that stuff you gave my girlfriend potential good. I think I need to make got a power drink in the bar you know it was not oh. This is good for you and the mix and alcohol in that Red Bull on this stuff there's a whole different animal they're but it. What it is which you know what. If you Thomas before they wouldn't drink they would do it analysts agree. So that's good so that's the other thing is home. Innocent till assistant. Basket for this coming year ripe for a constant things. Very good help inflammatory cascade help. Allergic reaction I use that in and that. And Mike gold standard crutch and I use almost on everything that peer. Poly prep died in a lady her thyroid at a bodies test came back thirteen 177. The day I got a flag from a lab and that lady came to me Friday she's been the seven other doctors. Before me and nobody and I I and all of this blood work no one Rana diary and a body or symptoms just. Jumped out of me and before she left. I'd start a ball appear peace prayer and it sits start using this now Som. Because I've I've seen even thyroid out of bodies allergic reaction since all kind of things come down what using the European. Really does is drifting. Let him know that fixing the things that product to. I have I had and backs I test it'll trial just. In my office asked this one patient if she would allow me and she said yes her. Our and a bodies were 12100 and we over a six month period Todd brought him down and a 388 doing nothing but. Using FDR peace pray three sprayed three times today. Doctors tell where they've they've their children and wife stood every day. You know that they may feel good but just to prevent things right. All of got a two year old grandson Elizabeth Meehan. And every morning and when we get up its the years may open refrigerator door any looked like a little bird walk and. It. I do my desperate couples is for me in a couple strange for him and he loves that means my daughter lines that she got five kids in the oldest. Helped the youngest and latest line up in the morning sprays spray spray and they they don't do anything out of the match for both care and their very rarely sick. My daughter's anywhere with her three boys you know they'll they'll come home sick. And their friends are sick do so should use a European the first day. She had their back is doing their their friends are out of school for a couple more days and Andy yeah so I think that the Europeans do. And the last run real quickly was a minute left dual talks DP oh. I use a lot of that for phase one and phase two delivered intoxication. Bill I. Everybody well liked this one person that has that siren and a bodies when she comes back from Christmas vacation. I'm going to be. Working on deliver detoxification. And people don't understand that thyroid function and so tied into the get mad so tied into that liver function. If I can put out the fire ends and trees that deliver up and get it did talk supplied were able to take away erratically take away those signs and symptoms they're having. Let's send a dual talks EPO. It's a phase one and phase to liberty talks and it's protect capsule. Bit you give. You know two capsules twice today is my normal. Treatment for just a combination of of B vitamin that's got artichoke and watercress. It's got to slimmer and and it now pull away gas sit and and a single Sistine. Man. As got a bunch other stuff I can't tell you that the main weather. Pension you know herbs and mutual sold. The news is the optimize. The activity. Of the liver but help detoxify both phase one and phase two. And so good way to maybe prevent the flu and so weather conditions. Well at least it's because that's the problem we don't address. It's just like whack a mole that game you play and and arcade is stuffed little mole pops up you whack it with a mallet I'm just not want to keep blackened symptoms I wanna knock out the underlying condition is caused the problem in the first place this is one of those things that helped do it. Yeah how much it was kind of fun I remember that games. I felt when you're when you're them all too often enough to some was found to have somebody don't let it. You can what do you do wedge down the someone's front. So DR Larry that Karol ward dot com that's your website run. Our doctor Larry at Cairo's CH our award dot com. Nobody got the web site people who can and I'm sure you've got a lot of its relations with courage to do that. Well that's my email bill and natural health associates dot org the web site. Oh natural health associates stunner look at her. But all and are you males do. Okay metro health associate I didn't have I don't you're so I can't see this good okay great. Was always a pleasure dart toward to talk to you and and don't give a Merry Christmas happy new year and all that tend to. You're the well it's always a pleasure I appreciate. I know you're gonna do very well because you're healthy you're Sammy Sosa that two year old grandchild who's healthy indeed with a pair people think. That's great thank you so much all right thanks again be bless you can't thank you to thank you about. All right we're going to take a break through channel thirteen seven lead to the home industry just listening and that's fine too weak we just got to share. Plus a little political pearl certainly help you get to the holidays. So you'll take to be Rivera. More cutting edge health information is right around the corner you're listening to let's get healthy lead deals well on top thirteen seventy brought to you by people's Boston's favorite pharmacy. We'll be right back. Signs from. But against health and wellness information you're listening to let's get healthy with bills whale hunt Austin's top thirteen seventy. Bill now he's. Don't miss out but dismissed or are you with the stuff. Yes I have I've built what look what a pleasure talking to you good evening. So that your friends whose right now posting this. Doctor Marianne. And Maryanne is a Hewitt two of the best air crash last year right yeah she'll also push companies talked companies almost went to the screw you you went to right. I did that I I originally it was so I grew up in Philadelphia and so Toronto I checked down the Toronto school in nineteen. A that is too. You reread it and here. It was very known and and I chose to go to bustier 'cause they had a few more years on it. I. Graduated in 1988. As a good school she's you like to school. We've had a lot of contact with doctor pursue our though that in. Oh yeah it's a great great aren't there is a wonderful international school welcome and so glad you're on the show. Great to being. You know that the up his balance we're talking about the booked a tissue just wrote it right. Yes myself in doctor Ken Richardson is a pharmacologist and nutritionist tends. This is an Anna Lee are artists throughout this summer. Learn Craig congratulations and say this looks great. I know that there's a product. The U poses I'll totally your keys is not giving kids as sweet taste. And the gross things it does to help prevent tooth decay. Is it keeps it mouse. They seek you turn your mouth from the seat to basic and apparently the bacteria in the mouth. Don't do so well in a basic environment is that right. Eight Ito I think it's more of the case the bacterial over growth that happens once we follow that puts. But it is you know stick it in the amount. What happens with it's too much to crow success addressed is that they they they thrive a little bit too much and that is a more acidic environment. You know what we've. We don't want this is an older growth does carry a check bacteria that. You know to give mineralized certainties and design but I also attempt to. Com into habitat grossed. And keep out bacteria count. That that might be good for people who have to go a long time without brushing their case they. Can't do that it worked but. I do the majority of people get a fair amount of I'm cramping or some kind of GI effects from. Using just a little bit of that during the day it is not a very tolerable it's a sugar alcohol and. And you really. Aren't. You. But. Gerd. You mentioned. And also Nelson two got for Gerd yes BG. That management got a lot of good recipes and her. I learned that dirt you know and s.'s don't look at you was kits that still looked as soon. Detached for vinegar because Val will close a few concessions. There's not enough has finished a book that I vowed Monday opened. You know and that's where you can tune to dispel. Do the learning Syria I guess sort of personal. So both passive system which is just ask him the facets PH in the whole body is nothing good run. When he lately we want some and arsenic or you know breaking down. The first are supposed circumstance and breaking down proteins. In your absolutely right winners started out our our food gets retained puts a lot of pressure. On that Felton can overcome that thousand. It's sometimes difficult explaining the patient. You know even though UT staff who do you. You know the task or Rancho that he might actually not have enough. And but but a lot of them have the opposite problem metabolic please take her out. I diet that he has to us on and it includes stats. Put a lot of stress on the bodies as a buffer systems and other words steak they when they get broken down they create a lot of Arabs into the body. We can mop that up. But it's expensive to do so it's a stress on the body to do so. And it seems to make a lot of conditions worse. Well let's just and so you want to have that PH. I know of seeing test run for his newspaper was on the store. And people have seminars in people's scholar by tester PH and her mouth. And it's a PH is a city was supposed to have acidic. The late day don't have people work on these three arkansas' surplus for the substitute for. For PH. Oh yeah you just said. He ER you know you to do you continue to you can pick out when nightly tablets like that. Which you'll certainly. Take some hydrogen alliance out of the stone backed his there's really what we're seeing across the week is the most important thing. The arm in the key concepts here isn't that. You know eating some chocolate can Irish take during the holidays or someone is gonna. It's unifier but it hasn't worked our way our. Our body can keep neutralizing that asset put. What. What we look at is is that the food a person consuming and patient about. The potential real opposite bloat so what are the Kennedy's gonna have to do and and how much passion dedicated he's attempting to buffer. When they're eating out and it's just a spectrum of food that's all that and calculated. Scientifically in terms so what foods. Metabolize into more Citic buy products and which are more out and rising and a lot of guys that we see. When we had adopted is actually our creates a lot of massive burden for the party so. Typically. We should have about a one to wind kind of and Al colonizing kind of food purses so to work for every acidic Food Network. I think defined through that were eating in a lot of diets it's completely reversed there's about five or six servings of some sort of find food like we each. I protein foods. Sugar. Vs something alcohol and I didn't like to go leafy greens so they're not they're not even getting a you know. Leg during that they're really doing a ratio to about six or seven is certified fruit Al applies to understand. It's it can exacerbate some of the things that are bothering him. Lose. So what can I tell tell me doctor Smith what inspired you to rate your PH balance book. You know we we wanted to look at some common conditions today it seems Torre could. But a third of the people that were talking to are getting less and look at it from a novel approach give a lot of this information. Some sound. Information on an actual medicine approach and also did a diagnostic option the people have but two to look at it from. A different perspectives Lotta patience which is. What that's what happens with food after you read it depends what does this. Which stresses that put on the bodies are different system so we have we didn't I. If it was really fun challenge to write this please help. I didn't want to champion any one particular diet. Mediterranean or pay the you know that they don't every which don't have their merits but it. We just. We wanted to focus on this idea that well after you eat it and and say those substances and actresses sulfur containing amino does get broken down. We know. What kind of demand is that maybe you know that the bodies are different system our body is amazing and its ability to transform ambassadorial Klein's. Talk and I think compounds and and neutralize that or work kind of a chemical factory that way. But we also know that a lot of patients with arthritis or. Irritable bowel syndrome or eaten bone density loss would. Would never stop and think that. Don't see it as simple as as as. Our organization our PH. Might be another hole. Another nail in their issues are part of saying it's it's it's either root cause of all their problems but it's another nail overshoot it needs to come out. Yeah it's created it definitely is a more refined. And in some ways more fundamental. Look at nutrition and a and an approach. Does EU can use no matter what you know. Quote diet that you that he yourself you know you can apply to. Even paley a diet although. We have seen me civic. Just wanted to just do it a lot of articles here how to. Talk. Is it to higher protein diet doesn't help to stabilize or what should occur and and they seem to do. Pretty well a lot of it I think it's just a reminder that it's not one size fits all listen to you know. The worst thing that happened and all of this and as you'll get a lot of platitudes and lower your risk of cancer are so yeah that's that's. It's it's. You know does seem healthy eating that. I'm sure you know here discussing. He's yeah it's interesting how it does cut across a lot of different traditions. So to stay healthy you know that Warner also told you things like this were exposed to the flu so your out through the system. Right. And and the best way to test for that. The country's admission test that is. You can look at some here are very. Urinary apps that don't pay if you could use you can use statistics that. But we would look at it hysterically and I think having pain certified nutritionist or an anti you're keeping your organs can actually focus medical doctor. Analyzer diet. Do very good. Dialogue. And just take a look at the choices there because. You know other workers already been done to. Itemize so those boots and and what their metabolic Burton will be put their parents and local peso. There are tests that it is nonsense the to really itemized what some of these it was a very good diet bars this traditional and also there's still the gold standard Taurus. The book is called a PH balance to the NH balance health and died died for incurred and I BS and RBD. I mean this does exists you and your name and Communists just you prevent cancer you'll and you'll be healthy and not. And not to come down with the flu and some of the conditions. It also vegetable dried fruit and vegetables. We keep getting that message is. Because they six. Yeah absolutely and it's great to you have a lot of really did recipes that's very helpful of people. Well ice you have countries around the same thing in early in practices. Giving people the advice on the general. But it's always the specifics of where the battle those what are Barroso recipes are important. Specifics are important and if it is time if. Good and it brings you together with Cecil or family or friends. So sure that put together and it's delicious. You're gonna want to do it. Yeah definitely. Are they with his Indian chick into shops there's just some great you know he's got a low plateau plain yogurt grated ginger root curry paste. You can buy that most of us I guess right curry paste. I just don't I don't their salt pepper but does the governor we're in and enjoyed. Perhaps least of all the kitchen tested and so the kid tested them. And I know that some truly. Carlos and he'll put his sisters who like to do I'm up to us as. That's important that he vetoed it is amazing you know he's it's something like curry paste you know we we know how beneficial that Kirk humanoid aren't zoos. Those specific compounds from the two Americas. Spiced and it's it's it's amazing how many. Health effects there are from that and stand aggregate streaks you know if we eat a lot of these things it's like taking an insurance policy of ourselves so. Lieutenant. Well you know a lot of our patients hosts say I don't cook can you know. It's a whether men or women sometimes you just don't cook them they're used to eating out of their minds focused. So distance this vote with the with the rest as you guys here that are very healthy they're easy to cook. There there was telling him. Broad and. We would put them entertaining ones and some appetizers. Because that's great to question the timing here but we put out for a lot of people like me who. Come home of the clock starts ticking so he needs to do and one part. And don't do and so it's just thirty minutes of I I think that's important you know again assists out of region and we try to emphasize with the meal plans that. You know you know what altitude here to this 100% are trying to keep you an idea of what. Colonizing type of venue would look at so someone might eat their favorite recipe three times a week. Not rotate all these things satisfying aspects to try to show what that would look like it diplomats are options. They hear from a please try your Toronto in that area. Yes I originally enacted here in the Chicago area with national pork ten years. Yeah it's the other school but I just wonder why you have to assist our barbecued. In your contract up after this could well. Well why we're gonna put barbecue we wanted to. We wanted to real Barbara are right. So hopefully we could just destroy human a lot of the smell you people who everybody who bushels to show us. Yes and Dervis is decent and great information about the value PH who are you to assess a protested know that it's great book doctor Frazier. Congratulations. Here's a pleasure to be here and sure over here practical solutions and Jessica thanks you're go to Austin. Got to come down also trust in Texas barbecue with big that we well we well. Are are sure well also is a great place to visit so let me know you can die who have these social book maybe. People need to get these days about his books that's available at Amazon. And the Barnes & Noble. Some of the bookstores state. Who bought two copies out there in at Amazon. It is very easy to find. If you Google PH balance since mr. PH balance concurred it should operate our. The PH balance health and died gonna put a great book. What's nice again for being audition Michael sometimes. Pop a great guy I would look at the end. Bill marianas great great to speak with here. Hey Merry Christmas is thanks so that's OK I couldn't give us. All right we're gonna take a break here is. Got up 45 after what we've we've that are 46 after. The quicker we get out there the better so we got to we got a so David modesty coming up but you heard him deal because he's local awesome person it's a break we'll be relevant. Don't go anywhere let's get healthy with bills well brush you fight peoples' Boston's favorite pharmacies will be back in just a few not a. Yeah. Thanks for listening to let go helping with bills well on top thirteen 78 proxy fight peoples' Constance favorite pharmacy. Welcome back to the show plus what a great show vegetables. And doctor companies thank you for being home yeah I'm I'm so honored to be. We have. Doctor mostly his doctor Lars to you should be. They've been mostly favored or what would destroy your doctor's OK. What you should do honoring doctor because of what you've done for this. It ever go unit you deserve it because you've got such a great school. The molesting Conway massage school I don't Vernon road journalist and the other day and welcome Garrett thank him you know it's really a pleasure having you because of because it was you don't. To directional many people into the field of massage therapy that is so valuable. There. Thank you appreciate you and do my life sport could matter a lot to me yeah. Well right now this tell your people could use the such as to how they're not any time contributed to it can't validate and you know. Nowadays are good. Time. But even though they have a good time a lot of times good times had stressed to imply it's an addition to just you know distressed cook. Still overeating and under her family. Which can have stretch sometimes. So yeah off the size and color relaxation modalities are like essential. You're. Yeah your freedom I give you massage your. Girlfriend boyfriend whatever but it's not the same as the official. That those doors to hit balls that can pressure points things like that. Sure not copy coach is always a good thing but so what it's owned by a professional thing you're dealing with someone who has medical knowledge. You know who really understands nurses in the academy. Now under who spent a lot of time looking at skill. Let it David I tell you David Wright or a huge recession our Persian rusher mortgages. I had to so. But if so why has the flu. She could get a massage several of her that is thought I was gonna do to get massages if you read through sick. That's right generally is Chris says the flu you know they don't want to be next we'll roundup. If they've got any any you know fairly serious inflammatory condition could go blue this. Rheumatoid arthritis are all sorts of inflammatory conditions. It's good to leak until alone. That has passed and then me and recuperation process. Is very helpful to get an Assange. But you protect your former students two from the flu. Yeah positively you don't want viewer winner in either drugs and thicker students for sure who can. So what year or years your county tossing. Are your pregnant isn't that isn't this did you give massages when you're pregnant and yeah it is a. Let's look now at risk pregnancy car then you know what needs to be a little more cautious cautious particularly during the first trimester. But took no massage and preachy generally. Is that terrific because so often there's back pain there's pastoral shoots is you called Davy. Now under the mother just need to also for the treatment and nurturing. There often is gonna go neo towards the baby. So here are pretty sure it's it's an excellent for pregnant should we have occur this year we're gonna have a court date. But he worked for the child bearing years certification program in pregnancy massage. Support totally. Yes wonderful yeah I think it's important when you're pregnant to them. Have a massage therapist who has specialized training. Spirit scanned. And I just do you order a great job there it's it's a school I don't look at our border road. You know we're 4701. Beat Bernard real correct kind of Tunisia bakery. We've been theirs is kind B seven. And and we started to school. In 890. Screech is pastor twice this year we're real happy about it. Great took so long is the massage curriculum nowadays. Are well in Texas and in most states to massage cartoons 500 hours. Which takes anywhere from depending on the schedule anywhere from six months to a year to finish which is. Pretty incredible to be able to have health career. You're now a short period at times. On the other hand when we started actually stayed low which is 250 hours per week we start with a 750. Our curriculums so. We still offer the hum could 2% more than what still is Texas requires cause we've always known there's there's more to it than just the basics. He's done so we have. Seven and fifty hours of the the program 500 hours which is required from state licensed and we probably have an additional 500 hours just so workshops. Or professionals. Yeah. So those were shot you got coming up her pregnancy. He is set to like cutting education or is that adding something to do. Because not good emotional month people that works for music that it written once a school related is the health field. And they do massages now so they would know about all these different tone. Sure if you're within our basic curriculum we have un oh number of class and not pregnant in the sorrow but as a person wants to specialize in that. Then they need more detailed training. Now undone so that's what we provide in that case. That's great associate basic training. Just like you can markets you can markets it to practice some massage therapist Lucy right now feared if you specialize I will be happy to mention your name and do you feel the show sometime. Because there's so why listen right now this pregnant I know 23 of our employees are and so. They might wanna know about that you don't. Oh sure and we're happy to help them and their strict is part of the printing so we're up this can happen in November so is quite a ways away but it is really exciting to do wouldn't. That's one of the workshops where we. Have the clinic where we bring in Mexican people also great not only learn about it go contingency seeks. And the academic programs but also they actually have a clinic it's supervised by the teacher working on pregnant women. Oh so that's I concur we have been may be coming up. How similar workshop but in that case for oncology massage physical much more common now. For people to become skillful and knowledgeable about working with Q school cancer. Envelope. It's a real. A joy to be able to offer a certification training and then oncology massage their. Boy do you have special trailer that we can't let us know so we could. You that you get on the show we. When they graduate so special to. So we have we offer the only offer usually about three trains every month from her you carry it raised anywhere in six months or so hours to car. Like forty hours and we don't wield this you know all the time. Right we have this special is graduate we need to know about that so we can. Since patients let people robust as they can go right. Jeffrey does something gospel. We have like and advanced training our veterans 250 hours and that is in 96 hour. Orthopedic besides certification program built into it. As well as a yacht certification program in deaconess wish could slow you know there's all sorts of stuff but I'll be skeptical I do know tricky. Yeah Cuba with a total of solitude. But David judges there's been a pleasure talking to you and ambush of what you're doing for the city of Austin winter massage school and keep people hills in this town for years your great. Time to get the most such. Russert great gift because somebody isn't. A current wonderful list content. You know IR phone number I'm there already is on. 512. Car. 3749222. On you know we're still in the get certificates I think are tomorrow then we're gonna. We ourselves are gonna take off swollen during the week between Christmas and New Year's time. Dessert I'll yeah okay well David thanks again for being known. And I turned it matters to you when tobacco Ciara new Holiday Inn and thank you gave it their all right you to exercise all right let's go for a week grant to go for wheat and actually we're gonna talk about. These are important that occurred. These therapies things I've fed during the year new drugs may be you know invest and reinvest in the early vote for the for the year well today. Yup I won't be a ULT and you'll be your spirit and go up against yeah. All right well thanks for listening folks in Europe are great. Holiday season and we'll see after Christmas. Press forty years and god bless you all. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy with Phil's whale tuning in again next week Monday's spent 68 PM for more cutting edge health news from people's Austin's favorite pharmacy.